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Yr11 Course Work Checklist Web B324 Blank

Yr11 Course Work Checklist Web B324 Blank

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Published by Julie Thrasher
checklist of things that should be in the B324 Web Design Portfolio for OCR GCSE Media Studies J526
checklist of things that should be in the B324 Web Design Portfolio for OCR GCSE Media Studies J526

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Published by: Julie Thrasher on Mar 28, 2011
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J526 GCSE Media Studies OCR - Production Portfolio B324 ± West Hatch High School 16807 Year 11 ±Coursework

Portfolio Checklist Production Portfolio B324 TOPIC: WEB DESIGN Focus: CONSTRUCTING your own website showing how you used the codes and conventions (rules) of Websites, specifically those for TV CHANNELS RESEARCH± evidence of your investigating websites for TV Channels (sheets done in class) PLANNING - plans and drafts of your site and other sketches and µscribbles¶ DESIGN PROCESS ± evidence of different stages of site and what decisions and revisions made and why
EVALUATING your website ± how well does it work as a TV Channel website

and how far does it meet the brief ? NAME: WHAT Your website Evidence of research into other TV Channel websites ( sheets done in class) Initial plan for website (taken from Mock exam ± or re-done) A plan of how time will be managed (sheet given out to plan time) A variety of plans of your website ± in sketchbook) You may use screenshots of various stages Website that uses codes and conventions (rules) Use of terminology such as µconnotation¶, target audience & WEB specific words ± µsearch bar¶, µnav bar¶, µmystery meat navigation¶ ± in notes and sketchbook + eval form Notes on how your site reaches target audience & how techniques/ elements you used target that specific audience ± (in the eval form) Controlled integration of words, images and colours ± in your site Analysis of your made up site ± notes on plans and sketches and eval form for final site ± label plans/printouts Evaluation of your website form ± covers the analysis and written aspects of brief (the rest is plans/drafts/drawings etc) Completed Coversheet

CANDIDATE NOCovers The production ± check how many pages Research to meet brief Initial planning response to brief
Evidence of time management ± part of planning and drafting

PRESENT? 1. 3. 2. 4. 1. 2.

Shows drafting and process of construction Construct a website using codes and conventions Analysing using specific terminology

1. 2. 3«..

1.Analysis words 2. Website specific words

Evidence of planning for a specific audiences

1. howreaches target aud? 2. howelements target targaud?

Show control of medium Show you have used codes and conventions in your construction Evaluating your work and how you used codes and conventions and targeted audience Exam board requirements In Sketchbook? On Screenshots? Evaluation form fully completed?

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