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Galileo Manual

Galileo Manual

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Published by: binod12345 on Mar 28, 2011
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Galileo Manual


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3/27/2011 6:37 PM

com/doc/38216558/Galileo-Manual#open_download Settings Help Log Out QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE Release 1.scribd.Galileo Manual http://www. / 18 Document for Free 2 of 23 3/27/2011 6:37 PM .8 – Januari 2010 – COMPUNEL N.V.

2@ *P TICKETING FIELD (BF6-7)- T. 10@GEOT*4633245 HELPDESK TRAVEL HATO AIRPORT P.@FANNY R.@ *RV Change received field Delete received field Display received field - | = New = Correction -1- / 18 Document for Free 3 of 23 3/27/2011 6:37 PM .T*1196531248765 ISSUED IN CCS 23FEB97 T.T* T.PSGR R. N = No contact.I/SMITH/LIOMSTR*27FEB07 N.P3@* *N GC*200/3 Change of Name field Delete Name field Change Infant - Add/Change Name Remark Delete Name Remark Display Names - List Airl.YY*PBMH/4626708 C/0 DEANNE Other qualifiers: B = Business . H = Home . P = Phone Nr.ELSITA R.P3@I/SMITH/LEONARDMSTR*27FEB07 N.scribd. Tktng Change Ticketing field Delete Ticketing field Display Ticketing field - RECEIVED FIELD (BF11) - R.@ *TD Ticket on Q for autom.2SMITH/EVEMRS/NELMSTR*P-C08 +N.Galileo Manual http://www.1BROWN/ANTONMR+N.PBMT*4636175-76 HELPDESK TRAVEL HATO AIRPORT SI.P1@*P-C11 N.P1@ N.P2@1JACKSON/MARLEYMR N.TAU/23SEP*Optionalfree text T. Allowing Name chg- PHONE FIELD (BF4-5) - P. A = Accommodation .Unknown Change Phone field Delete Phone field Display Phone field - P.com/doc/38216558/Galileo-Manual#open_download GALILEO QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE NAME FIELD (BFl-3) - N.@TAU/18SEP T.

If different classes used To check Flite stops in avail.Galileo Manual http://www. 3days ahead Avail.scribd. To check Flite stops in BF BOOK FROM AVAIL.1600*BW - Avail.5-7 XI XA XH XC Cancel Itinerary Cancel ONLY AIR segments Cancel ONLY HTL segmentsCancel ONLY CAR segments- -2- / 18 Document for Free 4 of 23 3/27/2011 6:37 PM .com/doc/38216558/Galileo-Manual#open_download SEGMENTS (BF12+15) Direct Sell - 0BW977K13NOV GEOMIA NN1 0LI 222Y12DEC POSANU AK1 0PY781H13NOV PBMAMS BK1 0BA OPEN Y LHRPOS NO1 0KL OPEN H CURAMS NO1 Passive segment Semi Passive Open Segments Full open tickets. Switch to Carrier Specific TIMETABLE (AIR7-11) A#3 A-4 A@#3 AR12NOV*KL A*GAL A*AA TTAUAMIA TT22NOVJFKMIA/AA TTPOSCCS@24 TTL7 TTB3 N1Y1 (N=need l=one Y=economy class 1=line number) N1Y1* N1Y1M2 .If both segments in same class . 4days Previous Extended Avail Line3 Return Availability Switch to Galileo Avail. (AIR12-23) Connecting flights (AIR17) - - ITINERARY Cancel Segments (AIR17) - X2 X9-12 X3. first segment must have date of issue of ticket: 0PY OPEN Y 16OCT PBMBEL NO1 0PY OPEN Y BELPBM NO1 AVAILABILITY (AIR1-6) - A22NOVCCSCUR*VH A12DECAMS*KL A13DECPOS.

scribd.com/doc/38216558/Galileo-Manual#open_download / 18 Document for Free 5 of 23 3/27/2011 6:37 PM .Galileo Manual http://www.

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