What issues face exhibitors and how are they responding?

Cinema exhibitors operate cinema sites – single screen and owner-managed sites as well as the largest circuit and multiplex operators

Multiplex – 5 screens or more Multiscreen – Up to 4 screens Local – Single/ Two screens What kinds of film do they offer?

How many cinema sites are there? How many screens? Who owns them?

At the end of 2008 there were 772 sites comprising 3661 screens – or 865,599 cinema seats in the UK. 72 per cent of screens now in multiplexes 60 per cent of screens owned by top three companies



So it’s all multiplexes then? 

How healthy is UK cinema?

UK cinema admissions 1935 - 2008

The cinema exhibitor enters into an agreement with the film distributor to show their film the agreement is for a week at a time - negotiable the agreement is for a share of box office (ticket income) - negotiable

 Typically

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Screen advertising Concessions – food and drink Other income streams

What are the key issues facing UK cinema?
     quality and diversity of product other leisure choices demographics technology – digitisation piracy


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