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Published by: orakotoarison6598 on Mar 28, 2011
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w.bloggar is a gratis software for Windows designed for "blogs" (web-based

If you've confirmed that blog support is enabled, here's some steps to get going:

o Download the software from http://www.wbloggar.com/ and install.

o Set up a new account. This is explained in the w.bloggar help files.
When it comes time to set the "Blog Tool" selection, choose
"MovableType" (and not "Drupal"). This is because (at time of
writing) the Drupal support in w.bloggar is outdated.
For "Host" put the domain of the website you're using, then for
"Path" put the rest of the address, if any, followed by
"/xmlrpc.php". So if the address was "http://www.gworks.ca/site/"
you would put "www.gworks.ca" for host and "site/xmlrpc.php"
for Path. The "xmlrpc.php" part is the Drupal file that handles the
blogging input.

24iX Systems, Alte Kirchstr. 11, 56414 Steinefrenz
Web: www.24ix.de , Email: info@24ix.de
Tel.: 07000 7000 850

Now you're ready to start posting. In doing so, you can take advantage of the text
formatting functionality w.bloggar offers. When correctly set up, posting a web
page from w.bloggar is as simple as opening the program, typing in some text,
selecting a category (the "taxonomy term" to use) and hitting post.

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