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Published by: orakotoarison6598 on Mar 28, 2011
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I've migrated an ezPublish site to drupal. Here are the steps:

1. I performed a basic installation of drupal, and created the first user.
2. I used phpMyAdmin to extract the entire ezPublish database, then installed it at
the target site.
3. I used sql statements to extract articles, links, and users from ezPublish and
insert them into drupal database.
4. I modified ezPublish's "printer-friendly" article template to insert html
comments showing the start and end of teaser and body.
5. ezPublish maintains articles in ezxml. I used a perl script to fetch each
ezPublish article with LWP::UserAgent, extract the html-formatted teaser and
body, and update the content of the drupal database.
6. I used a perl script to extract user's first and last names from ezPublish and
package them into the users.data field for use by drupal's profile module.

Here are the sql and perl scripts I used. Please note the following limitations:

1. Doesn't know how to access ezPublish pages that require login; the content of
these pages will be left in ezxml.

24iX Systems, Alte Kirchstr. 11, 56414 Steinefrenz
Web: www.24ix.de , Email: info@24ix.de
Tel.: 07000 7000 850

2. Doesn't do any content except articles, article categories, links, link categories,
and users.
Doesn't fix internal links (links to other pages on same site), but does identify
nodes containing them.

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