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Projects at Oracle
Advancing Solutions and Your Career at the World’s Most Complete Business Software and Hardware Systems Company

Do you want to know what people just like you do at Oracle? You are at the right place. Welcome to Projects at Oracle, the most current, comprehensive book of ongoing development projects at Oracle. This book is published annually exclusively for you, the Oracle candidate, and written by Oracle product developers and management across the company. Prospective Oracle employees, including top graduates worldwide, turn to this book as their primary source of knowledge about Oracle’s development organization... So how about starting by scanning the table of contents or index for your areas of interest? You will notice many teams responsible for developing and enhancing Oracle’s wide spectrum of global products and services. We introduce our development projects to show you how Oracle can solve just about any business need you can imagine. We believe that no matter what your interests, you will find challenging opportunities to develop your exciting career here at Oracle. Our business is information—how to manage it, use it, share it, and protect it. For more than three decades, Oracle has provided software and services for organizations to get information from their business systems. Today, Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems. See Larry Lynn’s letter, continued on next page


blogs.. Oracle supports social networking sites. Larry Lynn Vice President of College Recruiting Projects at Oracle 2 . With these and other Oracle products. Interested in Sun servers. enterprise search.Larry Lynn’s letter. and manage the applications and systems they need to succeed using Oracle’s stack of integrated offerings. the world’s greatest businesses can compete and profit. grid-ready database. Oracle’s rapidly growing family of middleware products. highly available grid servers allocate resources and share information more efficiently than ever before. Oracle turned yet another evolution into a revolution: computing is an ever-present commodity. providing even more flexibility and choice to customers. Take time to make the right decision for you. Acquisitions. Recent acquisitions position Oracle for continued success in the enterprise market and super-fast growth in the midsize business market. continued from page 1 Hundreds of thousands of organizations in just about every industry imaginable use Oracle. and On Demand hosting for accessing software as a service. operating systems. A leader in grid computing. and through global employee volunteer programs. and more. We also take responsibility and contribute to our community: we run Oracle’s own business on Oracle using self-service applications. storage. and we support environmental protection commercially in our solutions. New York. digital media. generates huge product revenues in the billions. We can find ideal work for you at one of our popular development centers. whether at our worldwide headquarters located in Redwood Shores. a suite based on open standards and integrating the best of our application product lines. and servers: Software and Hardware. If you would like to meet talented. Do not be surprised to find yourself responsible for essential aspects of new product development and existing product improvement. wikis. and other locations. New Hampshire. Oracle software even powers companies making Hollywood blockbusters. And who says work can’t be entertaining? Internally and externally. from database to middleware.. portal mashups. Database. Massachusetts. Oracle has produced the world’s first commercial. applications. Important development work is behind Fusion. Behind the scenes. from concept to implementation. With years of using and providing grid technology. Oregon. we hope you seriously consider Oracle as your career choice. when many small servers act as one computer and computing is a utility. run. and virtualization? Oracle combined with Sun transforms the IT industry. deploy. virtualization. podcasts. Applications. sharp people like you who contribute to the full potential of our innovative technology and to our bright future. We invite you to use this book as your career resource and to browse through areas that interest you. internally in how we run our operations. businesses make requests and quickly obtain precisely what they need. We look forward to meeting you. from application server to content management. storage. including mobile. operating systems. Academic and research communities initiated the idea of grid computing. California or in Colorado. Global business users develop. Middleware.

. Data Storage. Quality Assurance Collaboration Technologies 1 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 14 15 16 16 17 17 18 18 19 20 20 21 22 22 24 24 25 26 26 27 28 30 31 32 33 34 35 35 36 37 38 39 40 40 40 41 42 42 42 43 44 Projects at Oracle 3 . TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Database Technologies Advanced Queues Automatic Storage Management ASM Cluster File System and Dynamic Volume Manager (NEDC) Berkeley Database and Mobile Server Cloud Infrastructure Performance and Availability Management Cluster High Availability and Manageability Clusterware and Real Application Clusters Data Access Data Mining Data Rescue Data Warehouse and Language Technology Database Development Tools Database High Availability and Recovery Database Resource Manager Database Security Database Server Manageability Database Test and Productivity Tools Database Upgrades and Utilities (NEDC) Enterprise Replication (Oracle GoldenGate and More) Exadata Information Retrieval Platform Manageability and Diagnosability Infrastructure Team Maps and Spatial Location-Based Technologies (NEDC) Multimedia. Application Performance Management Enterprise Configuration Management Software Provisioning and Install Tech. Application Grid Business Intelligence: Technology Platform.COM/COLLEGE Projects at Oracle Page Advancing Solutions and Your Career. Software. and GeoSpatial Imaging (NEDC) Net Services Online Analytical Processing PL/SQL and Compiler Product Development Information Technologies Replay Technologies and Workload Intelligence Secure Enterprise Search Semantic Web Database Technologies (NEDC) Server Technologies Performance Storage Engine: Space.ORACLE. Hardware. Analytic Apps Business Process Management Complex Event Processing Data Integration Enterprise Content Management Java Products Security and Identity Management Service Oriented Architecture. Transaction Processing TimesTen In-Memory Database User Productivitiy Kit Virtual Operating System Windows Technology XML Database Fusion Middleware/Application Server Application Development Tools Application Server.0 Service Bus Systems and Applications Management Virtualization and Cloud Computing Enterprise-Ready Infrastructure Knowledge Management.. Application Management Middleware. Integration WebCenter and Enterprise 2. Complete. Ops Center Performance. Medical.

Bangalore. Communications in India Retail in India ORACLE MEXICO DEVELOPMENT CENTER ORACLE EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (IRELAND) USER EXPERIENCE CORPORATE ARCHITECTURE Global Product Security. Sun Ray Thin Client ALLIANCES AND CHANNELS Partners and the Oracle Economy ORACLE ON DEMAND. Noida Oracle University in India. Communications Health Sciences Primavera Project and Portfolio Management Retail Utilities SERVICE ENGINEERING Making the Complex Simple ORACLE CHINA ORACLE INDIA Gurgaon. India Development Centers. Bangalore. Bangalore.Projects at Oracle Projects at Oracle Continued Page 45 45 45 45 46 46 47 47 47 48 48 50 50 53 54 54 55 56 56 58 58 58 58 59 59 60 61 61 61 63 66 68 68 68 69 69 70 70 71 72 72 72 74 74 75 76 77 77 79 80 81 81 82 82 82 83 84 84 85 86 87 87 88 89 90 94 TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Services Demonstration Solution Services Server Globalization Technology (SGT) Server Technologies Curriculum Server Technologies Information SYSTEMS HARDWARE & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT (Server and Storage Systems) Developers.. and Applications Microelectronics Netra Systems and Networking Product Development Open Storage Systems Platform Software Solaris Solaris Information Documentation and Globalization SPARC Enterprise Systems SPARC Volume Systems Systems Revenue Product Engineering Tape Technologies BUSINESS APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Application Product Lines: Introduction Fusion Applications Oracle E-Business PeopleSoft Enterprise (Pleasanton. CO) Applications Development IT Application Development Teams Cost Management (Fusion) Customer Relationship Management E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management Financial Management Functional Setup Manager (Fusion) Higher Education (Student System) Human Capital Management (Fusion) Lease and Finance Management Manufacturing Operations Center Pedigree and Serialization Manager Procurement (Fusion) Projects (Fusion) Real Estate Management Supply Chain Globalization (Fusion) Value Chain Planning INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS. Hyderabad Oracle On Demand. Bangalore. Performance.. Bangalore. Hyderabad. ORACLE UNIVERSITY MARKETING 4 . JD Edwards World (Denver. Hyderabad Global Consulting.. CA) Siebel CRM JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Linux and Virtualization Sun Labs. Hyderabad. SUPPORT. Noida Advanced Customer Services (India). AND PRIMAVERA..

transformation. including publish subscribe. including Oracle Application Server. Here. Collaboration. and unique replication 5 ... Linux. and cheaper. Oracle provides the complete infrastructure for deploying business systems better. midsize businesses. Oracle also offers InnoDB. routing. the most important and popular transaction engine underneath MySQL. We work on the most exciting Internet and grid technologies in the industry. Advanced Queues Oracle Advanced Queues (AQ) is the first database integrated messaging system providing a rich suite of features. and reliability on a choice of clustered or single servers running Windows. SSL. rules engine. reliable choice for large enterprises. from transaction processing to business intelligence to content management and more. With unparalleled performance. to Oracle’s existing database products (a line that includes the open source database. we describe our technologies and solutions ranging from Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware.. Oracle is the most secure. If the newest. including mobile computers. Projects at Oracle Database Technologies Introduction to the World’s #1 Database and Related Technologies The vast majority of the Internet’s most popular sites and of Fortune 500 companies use Oracle. faster. allowing effective pooling of a large numbers of servers and storage into a flexible. Oracle Berkeley DB). and SOAP and is continually enhanced to exploit other advances such as flash and cloud technologies.. Oracle servers allow Internet and grid applications to be designed for all kinds of systems. and most profitable technologies interest you. scalability. XML. security. consider these development opportunities.. enterprise servers.. an open source transactional storage engine. Oracle Database is designed from the ground up with 100 percent support for Internet standards such as Java. event management.ORACLE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT: INTRO Database. Management. reliability. notification. LDAP. Oracle Database is the world’s first commercial relational database as well as the first relational database designed to run on a grid infrastructure.. Oracle Database delivers innovative.. Our products and services deliver the industry’s highest performance. and security. Java Messaging Service (JMS). most exciting. Fusion Middleware. and Services. availability.. Powerful database options such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) provide enhanced availability and scalability for customers’ most missioncritical environments. MySQL. Services.. and departments alike. Collaboration Technologies. and UNIX. on-demand computing resource for all enterprise computing needs. and security for thousands of popular applications. and cloud infrastructures. scalability. industry-leading performance... Comprehensive features easily manage the most demanding applications. Oracle provides the • #1 database • #1 data warehouse • #1 database on Linux • #1 embedded database Oracle has added the open source database. to Systems and Applications Management.

We focus upon competitive market and customer requirements. ASM Cluster File System and ASM Dynamic Volume Manager New England Development Center We design and develop OS kernel-based file systems and network attached storage (NAS) solutions for Linux. In addition to its own programmatic API. application integration. Berkeley Database and Mobile Server The Berkeley Database Team is responsible for the Oracle Berkeley DB product line as well as for the Oracle Mobile Server. • Berkeley DB Java Edition is a 100 percent Java storage engine providing all standard transactional storage services. The Oracle Berkeley DB product line is a family of fast. Our ASM Cluster File System and ASM Dynamic Volume Manager engineers focus on enhancements to existing products as well as new product development of both features that complement the Oracle database as well as features for competitive generalpurpose cluster file system and dynamic volume management applications. technology advances. AQ is used as key database infrastructure by a number of database features and products. The Oracle Berkeley DB product line includes three products: • The Berkeley Database is written in C and supports C++. and so on. and petabytes of data. and efficient tools to solve customer storage problems. Algorithms patented by the ASM development team provide balanced I/O even in dynamic storage configurations. UNIX. with more than 200 million copies running in applications ranging from cell phones to LDAP Directory servers to stock market and other financial server applications. efficient small-footprint open source storage engines designed to run within an application’s process space and provide all standard transactional data services. and many scripting language APIs. and extends these products in service of its commercial customers and the open source community. messaging hubs. • Berkeley DB XML is layered on top of the Berkeley Database product and provides native XML transactional data services via XPath and XQuery interfaces.Projects at Oracle integration. Many customers. scalable. enhances. ASM’s unique position in the database software stack provides developers with excellent opportunities for continued innovation. We are crafting the next-generation database messaging system with focus on new applications. The Oracle Berkeley DB products are among the most widely used open source products in the world. ASM provides versatile protection against and efficient recovery from storage hardware failures. and Windows platforms. new hardware architectures like multicore and flash. millions of files. Java. use AQ in a wide variety of ways: writing distributed database applications. AQ is integrated into Oracle’s WebLogic application server and used by Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications. product cost. 6 . and time-tomarket factors. task schedulers. including leading technology companies. product quality. Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) serves as a storage foundation for the Oracle enterprise software stack. Our team maintains. workflows. It provides all standard transactional data services for applications. Berkeley DB JE provides simple and efficient persistence of Java objects using a direct persistence layer and the Java collections framework. and extreme performance and scalability. including a high-availability option offering high-end scalability and data availability via replication. Customers use ASM to manage thousands of disks. Automatic Storage Management Our team is responsible for building highly available.

We design and develop technologies that deliver this solution. we want to talk to you. We seek creative. multitiered policy-managed solution to efficiently and reliably deliver various models of cloud services to its users. If you are that engineer who has the breadth and depth of understanding of modern complex systems. and Windows Mobile handsets. manageability. and database technologies. Working with the Mobile Server code enables you to challenge and expand your knowledge and skills in C/C++. Cloud Infrastructure Performance and Availability Management Team Projects at Oracle As cloud computing begins to pervade the enterprise. correlation. RAC. and a development workbench is a Java Foundation Classes application. C++. and analysis of accurate metrics and the application of workload and network models to ensure the optimum allocation and protection of virtual and physical resources in real time. and prediction-based learning algorithms to develop complete Oracle technology stack solutions for release in Oracle Database. This requires the collection. The source code for all Berkeley DB products can be downloaded from otn. dedicated group provides state-of-the-art technology and support to application developers. low-memory footprint. Writing highly optimized.Our small. diagnose. SQL. design and development of high-availability. and Web technologies. Therefore. and other Oracle products become easy to deploy. and Oracle Enterprise Manager products. BlackBerry. Candidates for development engineering positions must have significant experience implementing in C. We work in the challenging areas of demand and performance modeling. We work on challenging problems in the areas of distributed services. including such products and features as quality of service management. based upon established grid technologies. and prediction-based active failure prevention. We are always adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of mobile computing. In a world where mobile data access is mission critical. and diagnosability infrastructures and tools that help the cluster database server. The Mobile Server solution consists of several components that rely on a variety of different technology stacks: the sync and device management server components are written in pure Java and run in a Java servlet container. scalable and reliable server code are our top objectives. we provide a complete solution for capturing incremental changes and synchronizing data between a local client database (either Berkeley DB or SQLite) and the Oracle server Openings exist in product management and quality assurance. the modern on-demand datacenter needs a comprehensive. or Java. embedded device development. its infrastructure. self-motivated support and development engineers to work on all three products. and manage on clusters. Cluster High Availability and Manageability Team Our team is responsible for verify. hierarchical 7 . Java. Oracle Fusion Middleware. compression. It works with a variety of devices and smart phones. needs to provide stable performance and availability to meet service level agreements. and network connectivity is limited or not always available. Experience with database management and operating or storage systems internals is highly desired. object-oriented client software and multithreaded. including Android. We are looking for engineers motivated by the challenge of solving problems in dynamic environments where related interactions between various software and hardware components add an order-of-magnitude complexity to the problem. autonomic and elastic computing. cluster health monitors. Oracle Mobile Server provides critical infrastructure to enable enterprises to extend the reach of data and applications to mobile and embedded devices. the corresponding client is a native application on each of the supported device platforms. implementing and enhancing our existing solution based on the latest innovations in encryption.

UNIX.We have also earned several US patents for development work. concurrency. The work in this area is a confluence of clustered filesystems. we interact with a variety of people. cluster high availability. If one system isn’t enough for you. database server and cluster management. UNIX. exposing the lowest-level. distributed systems. configuration. clusterwide deployment. cluster repository. and Windows. then we want to talk to you. and secure operating systems. Our engineers gain valuable exposure to leading-edge cluster technologies in the industry and work with both hardware and software systems vendors on lock-step performance characterizations to ensure optimal new-product integration with RAC technology. workload management. and monitoring and tuning of the Oracle clusterware and RAC. including Linux. supporting a single system image. This flexible API enables developers to create high-powered. The Oracle Call Interface (OCI) is the C API to the database. algorithms. storage and network discovery.Projects at Oracle clusters. Our kernel development engineers focus on designing. We research and develop access control models to solve real-world problems such as internal threats and sensitive-data protection. RAC technology enables Oracle Database to achieve its highest levels of availability and scalability along with extreme performance. Oracle Clusterware includes a high-availability API to make applications highly available. database administration. which is at the core of the enterprise grid software such as in the Database machine part of the Exadata family. Oracle Clusterware is portable cluster software that allows clustering of independent servers so that they cooperate as a single system. failure detection. testing. Since Oracle Database relies on the infrastructure that we create. relocate. cluster verification. very efficient n-tier applications to control resources used on both the client and server sides. and connects the database internals to the outside world. and characterizing performance of the RAC database server’s integrated product stack on Linux. UNIX. Data Access The Data Access Team designs protocols. building. Oracle Clusterware combined with Oracle Automatic Storage Management provide the Oracle Grid Infrastructure software. highest functionality of Oracle Database to the external world. some of 8 . Clusterware and Real Application Clusters Interested in parallelism. implements interfaces. including groups internally and customers externally. and/or grid computing? The Clusterware and Real Application Cluster (RAC) group is responsible for R&D of the clustering infrastructure and RAC on Linux. and recovery. Oracle Clusterware also acts as the foundation to run Oracle RAC. Clusterware functionality includes mechanisms for cluster messaging. and you’d like to use the latest in high-speed interconnect and cluster management to make multiple systems work together seamlessly. Our team is instrumental in building next-generation security infrastructure and in providing encryption for data stored on secondary storage and automated key management for Oracle cluster file systems and storage technology. locking. Our kernel developers design complex cache coherency and concurrency algorithms. We work with several teams in other Oracle divisions and many clustering groups and industry standards bodies. and Windows. grid plug-n-play. then pay us a visit. and Windows. If sophisticated systems interest you. It can be used to monitor. and restart applications. We have the following products: OCI. The work involves both user-level as well as kernel-level development work on a wide range of platforms. Many of our customers’ largest mission-critical OLTP systems and data warehouses run on Oracle RAC today. massively parallel processing. Besides writing homegrown OCI applications.

and Python developer communities to create the highest-quality access to Oracle Database. Oracle develops an ODBC driver that is MS ODBC 3. Oracle is committed to providing efficient data-access drivers to all developers. and SQL*Plus commands. and object access. Data mining helps users find hidden patterns within large. SQL*Plus has its own set of commands enabling examining the metadata of database objects and formatting and pretty-printing query results. server-side embedded script execution. Java. It can be used for database administration and to execute SQL and PL/SQL commands. such as C/C++. clustering. and Solaris. Oracle C++ Call Interface provides a fully object-oriented method of accessing the Oracle Database. and security.Oracle’s customers employ OCI indirectly by using OCCI. globalization and multibyte support. Apart from providing a public interface. Currently. along with generalized linear models (GLM) supporting logistic and linear regression. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is the most popular database-access API. attribute importance. This platform includes a new user interface. regression. PL/SQL. ODM’s algorithms support classification. As a platform-independent. Cobol. a PL/SQL API. join Data Access! Data Mining Technologies Projects at Oracle We provide advanced analytics in the database based on data-mining technologies. JDBC. SQL*Plus. originally designed by Microsoft for Windows application developers. ODM provides a JSR-73 standard-compliant Java API. feature extraction. OCI is used internally by the Oracle server for distributed database access and data access within the server. Oracle Data Miner 11g. Oracle precompilers are ANSI compliant with Oracle-specific extensions. association. This classic user interface provides guided analytics through the use of intuitive wizards and methodology-based mining activity guides. including those in the open source community. OCCI. ODBC. OCI defines the internal communication protocol for client/ server and server/server communication. ODM provides state-of-the-art algorithms. we are developing Oracle Data Mining (ODM). including support vector machines (SVMs) and nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF). and anomaly detection. scalability. and SQL language extensions for prediction to enable complete programmatic control of data-mining 9 . complex collections of data.51 compliant and available with Windows. We work with the PHP. Precompilers provide simple and efficient data-access mechanisms for embedding SQL statements in applications written in various programming languages. and ODBC drivers. OCCI provides seamless mechanisms to map Oracle objects to C++ objects. Perl. Precompilers. implemented on top of OCI. SQL*Plus is both an interactive command line tool and a batch script processing tool. SQL relational database access. and Fortran. All of these applications share key features. our group provides a predictive analytics package that automates the data-mining process for immediate results. To be part of a dynamic team working on core Oracle database technology. easy-to-use interface. It also provides the ability for developing and running batch scripts composed of SQL. Oracle Database provides a rich platform for in-database advanced analytics. Placing data-mining algorithms in the Oracle database kernel realizes benefits for performance. Open Source APIs. including scalable connection/session management. To make data mining more accessible to non-experts. data caching. but now reaching beyond. Linux. runtime binding of input/ output data. implicit and explicit data conversions. which supports powerful transformation and data mining nodes that can be connected to create analytical workflows.

analytics and warehousing queries. networking. database internals. and massive loading of data. as well as a background in computer science. security protocols. storage. data mining. our group is responsible for PL/SQL that provides scripting and extensibility capabilities for Oracle RDBMS. We are responsible for the SQL Query Optimizer that caters to such diverse areas as OLTP. new data-protection system that will take data protection for Oracle databases to new heights of scalability and functionality. and aggregation. If you are up to the challenge of designing and writing software that will be used by hundreds of thousands of Oracle’s customers when all else has failed. Data Rescue We are seeking bright. both real and virtual. and operations research. and documents our products. selections. The group includes algorithmically complex components like Materialized Views.functions so application developers can automate data mining and integrate data-mining insights into business applications. and Web services. motivated engineers to invent the next wave of disaster recovery and database restoration software. we work with the world’s best software engineers on solving these challenges. and Java/ Java EE development. If you join our team. Data Warehouse and Language Technology Our group devises and implements technologies that made Oracle the leader of the multibillion-dollar data warehousing and business analytic market. we develop techniques for extraction. Our sophisticated metadata management is key to minimizing downtime for application upgrades. We are also currently developing a game-changing. enabling seamless data mining within R. ODM provides a package RODM. which is integrated with the R analytical environment. Because data sizes grow exponentially year after year. Do you like working on intellectually challenging projects? You may be a great fit if you also have skills in C. and analytic functions. Protect data in all kinds of environments. We also develop algorithms and track research in the area of data mining. and perform complex business analysis using very large databases. Recover data in less time. We provide parallel execution that allows for massive scalability for SMP and shared nothing architectures. Our group plans. writes. Our team is responsible for Oracle’s existing data-protection products. Access Advisors and Database Designer that are essential for efficient processing of large queries. Finally. One of our marquee features is a comprehensive partitioning and metadata technology that has become one of Oracle’s most popular features. as well as Oracle Data Miner features and enhancements. tests. Our software is the last line of defense against data loss. Projects at Oracle Currently. This is an extremely challenging area. including the algorithms used to implement fundamental database operations such as joins. scientific approach to problem analysis. Backup and recovery in a real-world database environment presents unique challenges of concurrency and scalability. our team will always be faced with the hardest problems in the data-recovery field. execution that covers standard joins. error-free operation with the guarantee of recovery in the face of disaster—with no data lost and minimal system downtime. We are also responsible for most of the upper layer processing in Oracle RDBMS. SQL. as well as sophisticated statistical. our group may be for you. preventing disruptive outages in our customers’ systems. We focus on improving customers’ abilities to create. machine learning. manage. Use the latest in storage and database technology to create a secure. you will learn OS internals. we are working on new data-mining algorithms and tighter integration with other Oracle Database features and applications. transformation. Repair data before users know it was broken. For large data warehouses. The group has 10 . Our work also requires a meticulous.

Our products are the “on ramp” to Oracle Database. users can visually create a logical and physical database design and then implement it by generating the commands needed to create a physical database. software must work even when the system is failing. and our products are among Oracle’s most popular tools. India. oracle. and debugging SQL and PL/SQL. Our reputation is built on delivering high-quality. First. testing. we are constantly looking to extend our lead by pushing the boundaries of the possible. and Australia. and it is used for a wide variety of purposes. If you want to join a fast-paced. For example. We are a customer-focused group and actively work with our development community. Our engineers have developed many database concepts like window functions. If you are interested in the challenges inherent in building lifeline software—code that can function even when the rest of the system has failed or is failing—please talk to us. our designs must scale on multiprocessors containing hundreds of CPUs as well as clusters of many computers. our code has to be reliable. our software must be easy to use. High availability is an area where Oracle excels. and pattern recognition that have become part of the ANSI SQL standard. XML. and SVG. Java. We are regular publishers in database conferences like VLDB and SIGMOD (where we have been recognized as authors of best paper). JavaScript. flashback technologies that can rapidly repair a damaged database. data failures. Oracle SQL Developer also contains tools for migrating third-party databases to Oracle. Database Development Tools Projects at Oracle We provide the tools that enable developers to productively create database-centric applications. Sign up for a free account at apex. Oracle Application Express is the technology that powers the Oracle Store (shop. We are investing in emerging technologies for massive scalability. Some projects that we work on include self-healing systems.made significant contributions to the database field. Finally. including writing. Database High Availability and Recovery Development We are responsible for developing core technologies that underlie Oracle’s high-availability solutions such as clusters and standby databases. fault tolerance. unit testing PL/SQL code. and copying and comparing to see the excitement of Oracle Application Express! Oracle SQL Developer is our tool for visual database development. PL/SQL. helping developers to easily make use of powerful Oracle Database Our goal is to either prevent failures or ensure that we can recover from all causes of failure—be they system failures. subsecond recovery of a database after a system crash. CSS. or disasters. and parallel recovery that harnesses the combined power of clusters of computers to cooperatively maintain database replicas for disaster recovery. Ireland. The software that we develop must meet extremely demanding requirements. In addition. dynamic team. and new processing models like columnar and vector processing. human error. Our team uses the latest technologies and is made up of highly talented and motivated developers. highly intuitive solutions to our customers. To meet such needs. whether 2 gigabytes or 2 petabytes in size. our group has been awarded well over 150 patents and has helped make Oracle the leader in data warehousing industry benchmarks like TPC-H. 11 . We use languages such as C. we are building intelligent fault-detection and self-repair capabilities that can detect failure and automatically figure out the optimal repair option. advanced query optimization. We produce a broad set of innovative solutions. SQL. With Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. We have a distributed team with developers across the US. please consider us. UK. partition outer the software must perform well during recovery situations and impose minimal overhead during normal operation. HTML. Our latest addition to the SQL Developer family is our data-modeling tool.

identity management. key management. and more. much like an operating system scheduler. ad hoc queries. You would shape how the majority of the enterprise customers would secure their data and enable a fully connected secure world. internal caches. 12 . and NUMA systems. identity management systems. database auditing. application servers. We pride ourselves in building security technology that is transparent to the applications. including applications. such as OLTP transactions. We hire developers who can convert ideas to solutions and make Resource Manager a go-to product for all QoS and resource management needs. We develop database security technology that provides defense in-depth for sensitive business data. talk to us! Database Security Data security is absolutely fundamental for today’s connected world. data masking. parallel statements. transparent data encryption. and whether the next attack is going to come from well-heeled external hackers or informed insiders. secure configuration. and long-running complex reports. multilevel database security. most importantly. multifactor authorization. We were the first in the industry to come up with innovative technologies such as protection realms. and data classification. we need to control resources such as memory. and operating systems. data privacy. and integrates with customers’ existing infrastructure. customer. If you like solving complex problems and learning about new technologies. real-time audit warehouse. The Database Resource Manager provides DBAs with the ability to manage how multiple workloads use server and storage resources by specifying workload priorities. to name a few. and utilization limits. Resource Manager manages how multiple workloads use the database’s CPUs by scheduling database processes. or citizen data. The stakes are high—customers are worried about the confidentiality of sensitive data. Our group is the perfect home for someone passionate about building security solutions that scale. Developers also benchmark workload scenarios.Database Resource Manager Group Projects at Oracle Today’s databases typically run a variety of workloads. intrusion detection. compliance controls. For future releases. and OS workload managers. stay many steps ahead of hackers and malicious insiders. It also manages their use of the disks for Oracle Exadata storage through a sophisticated I/O scheduler. fine-grained auditing. and more. They will require product development on both Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata. adds negligible overhead. These implementations require devising sophisticated. operating system and storage system fundamentals. Enterprises deploy sophisticated tools. and proficiency in C or C++. they often host multiple applications as DBAs seek to fully exploit their server and storage systems. perform. Today. virtual private database. Their implementations should have minimal overhead and should include optimizations for specialized environments like clustered databases. embedded database access controls. performance evaluation and tuning skills. operating systems internals. scanning software. and interact with hardware and software vendors to address platform or vendor-specific challenges and roadmaps. privacy of the employee. In addition. and. We work with many other groups and technologies. We are working in many exciting areas of database firewalls. publish best practice papers for customer use. I/O for non-Exadata storage. They require intimate knowledge of today’s server and storage technologies. virtual machines. all with just one goal —to protect data. resource allocations. This reality makes workload prioritization and resource partitioning an important issue for any database. innovative algorithms that are portable across different operating systems and different server and storage platforms. We seek strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Net. and I/O resource management to backup and recovery mechanisms. advanced queuing. we help shape technology that has been important for a large number of Fortune 2000 companies. We work closely with development and product management teams. Our Database Test group works on upcoming releases of Oracle. and building data interfaces for innovative UIs to empower DBAs to navigate the wealth of performance data captured in the database. Cornell. and IIT are facing this challenge daily. validating new Oracle database features by developing applications that simulate expected usage scenarios. Consider that we are a small group of highly motivated. grid computing.Database Server Manageability After decades of industrial development. backup. high availability. multimedia. Real Application Clusters. 13 . Our group tackles such challenging problems. all in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually. In our group. data warehousing. Our projects touch all corners of the database kernel. We have developed technologies in Oracle Database to automatically speed up execution time of a SQL and to self-diagnose performance bottlenecks in slow-running systems (even high-powered clustered database environments). Our Productivity Tools Development Team focuses on design and development of various productivity tools. enveloping a wide range of technologies including RDBMS. and release. work with seasoned architects. most database systems have become feature-rich but cumbersome to configure. COM+. We also are responsible for ensuring continuing high quality in existing database features. memory. XML. coding. CPU. headquartered in the US. messaging. replication. simulate real-life problems. and developing tools as needed. We learn new technologies while reviewing functional and design specifications. UC Berkeley. We build self-tuning and advisory technologies to integrate all these separate components together in order to provide complete solutions to our customers. We seek intelligent. . MIT. from investigation to design. bright database system engineers. Oracle GoldenGate. Harvard. With our state-of-the-art development infrastructure and practices. and we boast an unusually high number of fun outings since the group formed several years ago. We take charge. we have filed around 40 patents for self-managing technologies released in Oracle Database. We are currently expanding these offerings to cover exciting new problems such as cross-tier performance diagnostics. and test and ensure that customers get the highest quality database. security. we regularly publish papers in well-respected database conferences. such as measuring database server code coverage or identifying memory leaks and security holes. engineers from top schools like Stanford. designing technologies in the database kernel so that the database can manage itself out of the box. it is a serious but fun-filled challenge to predict customer expectations. constantly exploring fresh ideas and always focused on providing a complete solution to help customers unleash the full potential of Oracle Database. automated self-tuning for emergency situations. from query optimization and transaction processing. recovery. tune. data access. gateways. motivated engineers to help build world-class solutions. extremely widely used products like Oracle’s. and test. self-diagnosing database. data storage. This concern resonates with our customers and well-respected database community alike. having fun as part of a team! Database Test and Productivity Tools Development Projects at Oracle For complex. and are part of the entire development process. Our group’s vision is to develop a self-tuning. and more.

or within Oracle databases—and this is the group that makes it happen. and most importantly. A dynamic branch of Oracle Product Development. This includes flexible high availability with Active/Active configuration for continuous availability. unique way to stream data changes into and out of the Oracle database with high throughput and low latency. We work with technologies such as Hadoop. continuous movement of transactional data across operational and analytical business systems. Oracle Audit Vault. database consolidations and hardware migrations. and data distribution/partitioning for horizontal scalability. We are using the most advanced technologies. hundreds of developers work on all facets of many Oracle products using a variety of technologies discussed throughout this book. reliable platform for deploying Oracle GoldenGate. including Oracle GoldenGate. zero-downtime application/database upgrades. We are doing something simple 14 . the city twice rated “Best Place to Live in America” by Money Magazine. DB2). flash storage. a massive parallel apply infrastructure for any database (for example. Real Application Clusters. secure authentication. SQL Server. We have hundreds of Oracle GoldenGate customers with thousands of implementations across Fortune 500 companies. please join the world’s leading Systems and Replication R&D Team! Exadata Development Exadata is one of the hottest products at Oracle. and Oracle Change Data Capture. Future projects include building a highly scalable. Oracle. XStream. and multiple varieties of parallel processing to achieve world-leading performance and help customers meet their mission-critical processing demands. LogMiner. and more. including grid architecture. obfuscation. Oracle Data Guard Logical. encryption. smart scale-out storage. the New England Development Center is located one hour north of Boston in Nashua.Database Upgrades and Utilities New England Development Center Projects at Oracle Nearly every Oracle customer has a need to move huge volumes of data at extreme speeds into. XStream automatically computes the transactional dependencies in the stream and uses massive parallelism to keep up with ever-increasing user workloads from the source database. we are integrating hardware design and software design to create a new platform for running the Oracle database that provides the world’s best performance for both OLTP and data warehousing. query offloading. Oracle Data Guard Logical provides zero-data-loss full database replication and is the platform for zero-downtime upgrade of Oracle databases. It supports heterogeneous replication and real-time information sharing across different operating systems and different database vendors. between. GoldenGate gives you the ability to use a single technology for multiple needs. Oracle XStream provides a new. If you would like to solve challenging problems in systems and invent new enterprisewide solutions using replication technology. operational reporting for data warehousing and real-time business intelligence. GoldenGate is the strategic platform for enterprise replication and the future of data integration. With Exadata. XStream has been designed to minimize client/server round trips for optimal performance. Enterprise Replication (Oracle GoldenGate and More) The Enterprise Replication group within Oracle RDBMS is chartered to deliver the base platform for all of Oracle’s logical replication products. InfiniBand networking. Oracle GoldenGate enables real-time. At this software development center. New Hampshire. We are one of the RDBMS groups with the most patents filed. Based on an incoming data stream. extensible infrastructure for supporting additional operating system platforms and database vendors.

Oracle Text provides all the necessary building blocks for users to easily and quickly develop applications. spread workload amongst each other without the intervention of administrators—even as appliances. scalability. the database engine. HA. and more. entity extraction. document format conversion. are also developed using Oracle Text. 15 . You will have the opportunity to become knowledgeable and work in layers ranging from operating systems up to SQL planning and execution in parallel clustered environments. we are offloading a lot of heavyduty grunt work from our most important application. such as Oracle Secure Enterprise Search. concurrency. high availability. 10GE. For time immemorial. TOE. I write. I read. CHAP. visit us here: oracle. ontology. text mining. RDMA. Most importantly. information retrieval. I2C.. I seek. As a platform. from fundamental such as full-text indexing to more sophisticated such as natural language processing. Dozens of Oracle products. such as transactionality. We want to populate the disk farm or grid with intelligent appliances that are inexpensive. SATA. SMART. IPMI.” Our basic idea is to make the disk farm intelligent. New technologies planned for development are significantly faster full-text search and graph search algorithms. Oracle Information Retrieval Platform Projects at Oracle We are responsible for developing the Oracle Text product which has been Oracle’s search. SSD. Such applications range from the simple kind such as keyword search to the more complex kind such as automatic e-mail response. I write. conceive but actually quite challenging and interesting to execute. SAF-TE.. Solaris (and we haven’t mentioned anything proprietary). IPoIB. SNMP. You will experience a wide architectural range. and self-tuning. content management. the disk farm has been populated with simple creatures: “I seek. OFED. advanced natural language processing. C/C++. backup and replication. DEE-Dee-dee.html . I read. RDS. UDP. we are making these appliances application-aware. Oracle Text technology is used today by customers in multiple industries. Thousands of external customers use our platform. and giving it to these now-smarter storage appliances to do so much more efficiently with the disk drives plugged into them.. Once you get the concept. SDP.. data warehousing. There are an ever-growing number of cooperative processing optimizations between our world-leading database server and our new storage appliance that we want to implement. FLASH. intelligence agencies.. We also use Web technologies for systems management functions. and in their first incarnation. Java EE. including e-commerce. maintain data redundancy for each other dynamically. data mining. Oracle Text is also part of Oracle Database and therefore includes support for traditional database features as well. It’s designed for exabytes. security. are added or removed from the grid. visualization. IPsec. LVM. SES. relational and hierarchical data modeling. Oracle Text includes a multitude of technologies. Linux. These are the technologies you will learn and use in a hands-on hardware and software environment: For more information on Oracle Text. the possibilities are limitless for innovation. We work cooperatively and frequently with our collegial hardware engineers. and natural language processing platform for more than a decade. enterprise search. enriching our experiences. or drives within. RAID. and more. and you can help us. and more machine learning-based solutions like information filtering for personalization and recommendation.

portability. highly motivated engineers with a strong technical background to help build them. 3D data structures (point clouds. flexible first-failure analysis of software errors. we provide a state-of-the-art diagnosis engine that provides dynamic. and we seek intelligent. As different database components and other Oracle products integrate with our infrastructure. Why not join the discussions? Maps and Spatial Location-Based Technologies New England Development Center Oracle has produced the world’s first. technician. During this process. and more and more features are added in each release. you will be expected to take ownership of different projects and work on the entire development cycle. TINs. Oracle Spatial supports numerous spatial operators. efficient access to shared resources. from requirements analysis and investigation to design. For improved diagnosability.. georaster imaging. We develop the infrastructure that supports that goal. It indexes geometries with fast R-tree structures. containment. Technologies continue to evolve to include spatial analysis. most widely used database system that supports spatial objects as native concepts within a database. XML. lines. For manageability. 16 . coding. abutment. Automatic advisers use this repository to provide tuning recommendations to users. it’s often expected to be available 24x7.Manageability & Diagnosability Infrastructure Team Projects at Oracle Managing the Oracle database can be challenging. We work close to the OS layer. We have many exciting projects planned for the future. or pipelines may contain topologies. and our engineers have published papers at different academic conferences describing our findings. leaving our competitors to play catch-up. making us a key component for managing and diagnosing problems across the entire enterprise technology stack. and location-enabling of Oracle’s packaged applications and BI offerings. you will have the support of our architects and other team members. we have provided features including a repository that automatically collects run-time performance data with minimal impact to the actual performance of the database. It’s a very sophisticated software product. and tight integration with the Oracle Virtual OS layer. These technologies are considered first of their kind. Java. A table about land parcels. A table that contains business information about a customer. Members of our team enjoy solving challenging technical problems involving concurrency. lines. and points. In the Manageability and Diagnosability Team. and unit testing. distance along streets (linear reference). can also contain the location of individual entities. we constantly interact with other teams and have stimulating technical discussions across the organization. regions. We use C. multithreading. and more. DTMs). and polygons. including distance from a point or a line. polygons. such as points. and SOA Technologies. supplier. our goal is to create a self-managing and self-diagnosing database. and so on. We are faced with many problems that require creative thinking and new solutions. As a member of our group. Oracle Spatial stores and manages geometries. Our tools enjoy high visibility and are very well-received by our customers. Other Oracle products such as Oracle Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications also use our infrastructure. It supports spatial maps for Java and Ajax-based visualization and embedding of enterprise data within maps. We have filed many patents for those solutions.. facility. We work hard to provide efficient and elegant solutions. networks. so we require our engineers to possess strong knowledge of OS concepts.

such as remote sensing. DICOM. GeoRaster is used with data from any technology that captures or generates raster data and images. Java. and security. The network stack provided by our group is portable. and thematic mapping. heterogeneous services. and application server technologies. and RAC users. It transparently integrates a wide variety of clients. servers. For example. We constantly evaluate the latest networking and OS technologies. such as filesystem and NIS. It also supports various name-resolution techniques. distributed computing environments. urban planning. defense. Session Layer Abstraction provides full-session management capabilities with security and encryption support and other advanced features used for enterprise grid computing. along with industry-standard directory (LDAP) servers. including common document image formats. This network stack includes support for several services critical to effectively managing large-scale. such as InfiniBand and IPv6. environmental monitoring and assessment. ultrasounds. geoimagery archiving.html . Net Services We provide network programming interfaces (NPIs) used by products throughout Oracle. pathology images. We work with developers throughout Oracle. enterprisewide. For maps and spatial development. gateways. XML. Medical. and GeoSpatial Imaging New England Development Center Projects at Oracle Oracle Database has native support for image and other multimedia content. please visit oracle. telecommunications. database.Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer is a Java EE map server that supports advanced interactive and thematic mapping capabilities and Web map services with Java and JavaScript products/multimedia/index. emergency response. and work with OS/hardware vendors to enhance database connectivity. including the RDBMS. is widely used by clinical and research institutions. the medical imaging standard DICOM. and more. and operations on maps. from CTs to 17 . remote sensing. Some major consumers of these NPIs are data access. Multimedia. and incorporate them into the Oracle network layer. provide networking expertise to various divisions in Oracle. natural resource management. or Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. customers may need to develop large repositories of DICOM content. Using C. For more about Oracle Spatial GeoRaster. we seek developers with skills and interest in geospatial data management. and geospatial imagery. Every client/server or n-tier interaction in Oracle goes through the network layer. Transport layer provides a generic pluggable framework for supporting various Interconnect technologies.. we continuously collaborate with major networking vendors.. and network protocols to deliver a conglomerated information resource. including location-based services. photogrammetry. distributed databases.. visit oracle. x-rays. map visualization. In this area. transportation. It is used in a wide variety of application areas. Achieving high network throughput on a broad variety of platforms and exploiting new technologies is important to maintaining Oracle’s leadership position in the Database and Application Server markets. scalability. and homeland security.html . geological engineering and exploration. The network stack spans various OSI model layers. aerial and satellite imaging) through Oracle Spatial GeoRaster technology. Oracle is developing native database capabilities both to meet the requirements of users of DICOM and to address the needs of geospatial imaging use cases (raster. middle-tier and client-side products. For more about DICOM and multimedia features. along with pharmaceutical companies. location-based technologies.

consider us! Online Analytical Processing The OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Option is used to turbocharge applications with advanced analytic calculations and dramatically enhanced query performance. compression. If you enjoy solving complex problems and learning about new technologies. multiuser caching. and secure network access control. compilers. In short. The Core Engine Team does highly sophisticated work spanning a broad range of technologies. HTTP server. optimizers. parallel processing. parser generators.Projects at Oracle The OSI application level components provided by our group include the Listener and Connection Manager. failover. These include cube-based materialized views where all possible summary combinations are maintained as a single database object. presenting a seamless development environment for DBAs and application developers. and integration with the SQL language. challenging engineering opportunities in a world-class development organization that is part of Oracle’s BI strategy. compilers. It’s the analytic brains behind the Sun Oracle Exadata database machine. The Unified API Team is responsible for maintaining the rich OLAP multidimensional object model in the Oracle data dictionary. Listener brokers the client’s request to an appropriate server (such as a database server. and performance tuning in the Oracle database. We write and manage large utility libraries. We work on state-of-the-art OLAP areas such as advanced indexing techniques for managing highly sparse data and support for a transaction model to support what-if analysis in conjunction with standard SQL operations. byte-code interpreters. debuggers. from GUI Administration to cube storage management. security. We create grammars. and virtual machines. Connection Manager is a multipurpose networking solution that offers increased scalability. This integrated environment will enable them to easily extend their data warehouses with OLAP cubes for enhanced query performance and advanced analytics. as well as the development of a sophisticated SQL generator that is used for a wide range of functions. a complete SQL-like language for expressing standard business calculations in dimensional terms. and multiprotocol support. code generators. firewall/proxy support. We have three teams. debugging. yielding uniform query performance and simplified summary maintenance. and automatic generation of parallel cube build scripts based on OLAP hierarchical partitioning. our combined efforts yield a full OLAP stack. If you are looking for an interesting. we provide everything a customer could want in the way of programming technology. PL/SQL and Compiler Technologies The PL/SQL Team provides complete programming language systems for application development. Large organizations worldwide use Oracle OLAP and leading BI applications to understand their businesses and markets. and developer tools. complex business calculations. including database storage. A major focus is integrating our current tools with Oracle SQL Developer. 18 . Oracle OLAP’s multidimensional cube technology makes business intelligence (BI) applications smarter and faster. multiprotocol translation. The Listener also performs load balancing. It’s the only OLAP technology in the world that is embedded within an RDBMS and blends relational and dimensional models with support for SQL query of multidimensional cubes. consider the OLAP technology group. or e-mail server). We build languages. The OLAP Modeling Team is responsible for the development of end-user tools used for designing and maintaining OLAP cubes.

We know when we’ve done something important! Some of our recent projects include the following: • Online patching of applications. companies exploit every new database technology. PL/SQL’s idiosyncrasies make this a challenging task. a development framework for SOA applications. They demand our help. From data warehousing to data mining.Our multinational customers run business applications with terabytes of data. Oracle’s huge installed base immediately uses all that we build. Intel Westmere servers. • Hierarchical PL/SQL performance analysis. it supports the corporate e-mail. This groundbreaking database infrastructure allows online patching of application code and data. and additions to the SQL language. Also. consulting. • PL/SQL Conditional Compilation. human resources. and much more. product lifecycle. Peoplesoft. Sun Open Storage. improve application performance. • Native code generation for PL/SQL. operations. Their systems must run 24x7 and be robust in the face of the largest disaster. and field service processes. Database. Application Test Suite. finance. Real User Experience Insight. develop new language features. Enterprise Content Manager).0. Oracle Virtualization Manager. we are always working closely with product development teams to improve the functionality and 19 . WebCenter Suite. Most development is done in C and PL/SQL on Linux. Future work includes profile feedback code optimization. secure enterprise search. SOA Suite. and more). This infrastructure supports the applications for managing the product lifecycle. Oracle Enterprise Linux. sales. This infrastructure supports the development of all our applications (E-Business Suite. content management. The Business Operations group within PDIT is responsible for the implementation. WebCenter. supply chain. universal content management. Product Development Information Technologies Projects at Oracle The Development Operations group within Product Development Information Technologies (PDIT) is responsible for the implementation. support for XML and XQuery embedded in PL/SQL. Hyperion. and heterogeneous data management. and support of the infrastructure necessary to build. Identity Management Suite. Field Service. Agile. Some of the key initiatives currently underway include enterprisewide implementation of Enterprise Manager 11g with Sun OpCenter. Enterprise Manager. Solaris. and collaboration technologies. semistructured data storage. This project creates machine code generators for popular chips and platforms. Customer requirements propel us to invent new ways to minimize application and database downtime. This project helps application developers zero in on performance bottlenecks. the introduction of proven features from other languages. and release the entire Oracle product line. test. parallelize applications. and increase developer productivity. operations. all our middleware (such as JDeveloper. GoldenGate. and support of the infrastructure necessary to run Oracle’s business. product lifecycle management. JD Edwards. We are in a rare position: We solve real-world problems with unique computer language design and compiler tools. Siebel. marketing. supply chain management. exploit distributed systems. and so on). application and database consolidation. support for event-based programming. This project invented novel language techniques to let developers manage one body of source for deployment on many platforms and versions of the Oracle Database. and platform technologies (Exadata V2. Finally.

performance of our products such as Exadata V2 for collaboration, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and data warehousing.
Projects at Oracle

If you ever wanted to work with the most advanced set of technologies to ensure that our products are developed faster in a cost-effective, controlled manner, take a look at PDIT. With the breadth of technologies, you will have the opportunity to let your innovative spirit take flight, see new technologies that deliver business efficiencies, and contribute directly towards Oracle’s continued market leadership.
Replay Technologies and Workload Intelligence

Technological progress is rapid and inevitable. Hence, change in modern IT environments is the only constant. Companies must stay up-to-date to maintain competitive systems as technology progresses. However, the reality is that adoption of new technology can be cumbersome and risky. Not many effective tools can reassure companies that new technology adoption will not negatively impact day-to-day business operations. The Oracle RDBMS is the only RDBMS that provides effective tools to help with new technology adoption. Our mission is to provide tools to allow IT infrastructure operators to answer the following questions with high confidence: Will my system continue to function properly after I apply change X? How much better performance can I expect if I adopt feature Y? To accomplish our mission, we have developed technology that allows the recording of production workload containing the full content of real user interaction with a company’s IT infrastructure. Using the production workload, our features in Oracle Database allow the replay of the user workload on a system that represents the new technologically more advanced system. Repeated replay sessions can identify and remedy problems. Starting from Oracle 11g, features such as Database Replay and SQL Performance Analyzer give Oracle customers a competitive edge in new technology adoption and a glimpse of the exciting future work in the replay technologies area. Using SPA, the user can proactively assess the impact on individual SQL of any change in the RDBMS infrastructure. Using Database Replay, the full force of a production workload can be unleashed on a staging system that uses new technologies that need to be proven reliable before deployment in production. Replay technologies closely collaborate with Database Manageability to fine-tune operation of autonomic technologies using real workloads. Our group filed at least 10 patents for the technologies released in Oracle Database 11g; we regularly publish papers in well-respected database conferences (SIGMOD, VLDB); and we have many fun outings (annual ski trip, rafting, go-karting, and more). We are constantly exploring groundbreaking ideas. Many problems still are unsolved; a lot of research is still ahead. In our group, you get to take charge and be involved in the entire development process, from research to design, coding, and release. We seek intelligent, highly motivated engineers to help build unique technological solutions and have fun doing so as a team.
Secure Enterprise Search

Google may be known for delivering search technologies to the individual user, but Oracle excels in enterprise search. “One of our biggest announcements in many, many years.”—Larry Ellison, Oracle Chief Executive Officer, introducing Oracle Secure Enterprise Search at OpenWorld Tokyo 2006 Would you like to join a team of search experts and change the way everyone in the world finds information inside their enterprise? Enterprise search is a nascent field which is growing rapidly, and Oracle is poised to take advantage of the strengths of our enterprise

platform and our Information Retrieval (IR) platform to present a simple, yet powerful search paradigm to the enterprise. We seek software developers to develop the next-generation architecture for search. Enterprise search has challenges beyond standard Web search—unique issues with accessing all the content, auditing, deployment, and administration in the enterprise. For example, page citations are typically less reliable for enterprise search, as Web page cross-referencing is not as prevalent in the intranet, and therefore alternate techniques must be applied. We quantify precision, recall, and hit rank based on both objective and subjective measures of relevance. Based on these quantifications, we identify and implement algorithms and heuristics that improve search quality for enterprise search. We also work on a wide range of relevancy improvement techniques such as social search and personalization based on your role within the enterprise. We constantly publish papers and develop intellectual property in the field. One unique challenge in the enterprise is security. Secure search capabilities place Oracle Secure Enterprise Search ahead of the competition. Tough to solve: how to deliver highly relevant results quickly in a secure fashion, honoring access privileges of information sources, and using user identities and roles to further improve search quality. Our applications are developed using SOA, making use of Web Services and associated Web technologies. From an application perspective, we focus on high performance through distributed computing techniques. We also use emerging technologies such as Ajax to devise unique visualization techniques for bringing a highly intuitive and useful enterprise search experience to our customers. In addition to developing the search application, we work closely with other Oracle IT to deploy search solutions throughout the Oracle intranet, tapping into real-world experiences to improve our product offering. For more information about Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, visit us here: ...
Semantic Web Database Technologies New England Development Center
Projects at Oracle

Semantic Web database technologies make data smarter, allowing machine-driven understanding of the relationships between data and discovery of new relationships. The W3C has introduced languages to standardize the representation, vocabulary, inferencing, and querying of relationships in the data. Semantic technologies are evolving quickly and moving from the domain of early adopters to general use in a variety of industries. Oracle Database provides native semantic data-management capabilities to do the following: • Store rich relationships with data that go beyond traditional rows, columns, table joins, and Boolean relationships. This allows users to better model and discover complex real-world relationships in the data to obtain more semantically complete information for decisionmaking. It is accomplished using the W3C standard RDF graph data model and the rich relationship semantics of the RDFS/OWL languages, integrated and optimized on the Oracle object-relational model for scalability, reliability, security, and performance. • Natively inference among the predefined relationships in the data to discover new relationships, guided by ontologies of related terms and concepts, and use RDFS/OWL and user-defined rules. This new inferred data is persisted in the database for faster querying. • Query based on patterns of relationships, using the W3C SPARQL query language with partner and open source tools or relational SQL queries containing SPARQL-like queries.

Projects at Oracle

Work is ongoing with C, Java, XML, SOA, database and application server technologies, and W3C standards to address the needs of a broad range of industries, including government, defense and intelligence, life sciences, clinical medicine and research, banking, publishing, and telecommunications. Oracle works with leading third-party semantic technology tools, applications and services providers, open source technologies, and active participation in the W3C standards body to meet our customers’ business-critical application needs. We seek developers familiar with W3C graph data languages, including RDF, OWL and SPARQL; reasoning, including first-order logic and description logic; network analytics, visualization, and management of graph data; and domain ontologies, taxonomies, and vocabularies.
Server Technologies Performance

Performance is critical to all customers; our group helps make Oracle the world’s fastest database. We are responsible for improving, measuring, and analyzing the performance of Oracle Database. We focus on database algorithms but also investigate operating system, compiler, and hardware issues that affect database performance. We look at all kinds of workloads, including transaction processing, decision support, data mining, OLAP, ERP and CRM applications, Java, and customer workloads. Our projects range from low-level, path-length optimizations to high-level algorithm changes that allow Oracle to scale well on the largest systems. We also produce performance-related white papers and demonstrate record-setting benchmark results. Are you interested in getting the best out of the latest hardware architectures—SMP, MPP, NUMA, or clusters—using the most sophisticated database technology? Do you want to work with the latest and greatest hardware under development? If so, this is the place to be.
Storage Engine (Space Management, Data Storage, Transaction Processing)

We design and develop the storage engine for Oracle Database. Work in this area is a confluence of systems (particularly file systems and clustered-server systems), algorithms, and database technology. We provide the unique opportunity to develop new algorithms and then apply them in the world’s most successful server product. You can solve extremely complex, challenging problems that draw on every aspect of your computer science background. This is hard stuff, and we do it better than anyone else in the world. If you are excited by the challenge posed by difficult problems and the creative satisfaction from being an innovator, consider us. Within the Storage Engine group, we have three core teams: Space Management Team. People want to store everything on disks—books, pictures, health records, music, videos, everything. Disks are getting bigger. Disks are getting cheaper. But disks are not getting much faster or easier to manage. At the core of Oracle’s business is its ability to store data and do it in a high-performance, scalable, reliable, and manageable way. Now consider that we need to do this just as well for an exabyte of data. Disk space management is a fundamental component of the RDBMS that provides an abstraction to the database storage subsystem. Disk space requirements for the database are primarily of two kinds—temporary scratch space required to store multimedia results generated in the database and persistent storage used to store user data. From managing the temporary space for sorting a terabyte of data to finding the best slot in the petabyte volume disk for storing the next piece of employee payroll information, intelligent disk space management is one of the foundations for high-performance OLTP and data warehouse systems. Disk space management needs vary for different kinds of data stored in the database. Storing a streaming video has different requirements than storing product item names. Developing

As a group closely allied with the data storage layer of Oracle. Our group has the charter of doing R&D of next-generation compression technology. challenging. We are also working on providing an intelligent storage subsystem for Exadata so that the database can push predicate evaluation. flashback transaction (unwinding committed transactions). and more) and methods for accessing data from these transactional data structures. we also contribute to groups like the recovery and buffer-cache groups (readable standby databases. We organize data inside disk blocks and create and manage efficient structures from which those blocks are accessed (for example. warehouses. and transaction isolation efficient storage management component that works for all data types and also scales for several hundred thousand concurrent users will be one of the toughest challenges we face. We provide support for the ACID properties of transactions. row-level and table-level locking. Some of our ongoing projects include lightweight capture of database change history. and more. and rewarding. We seek people especially interested in joining a group where they can make a big difference. The data storage group is a core R&D group in Oracle RDBMS that designs storage and access structures for the entire database. EHCC is a new column-major storage structure that caters to the business intelligence world for processing petabytes of information. a B-tree. bitmap index. LOB. and aggregation to the storage layer. XML. To explore these and many more challenges in the area of self-managing space management at Oracle. This is a core area of the database providing tremendous opportunity to learn and contribute at the same time and giving you a platform to build a solid foundation for your career from which to launch. both for file compression as well as DB compression. If you are interested in the challenge of algorithm design and the satisfaction of building a core engine that powers most of the world’s databases. Our group has been on the forefront of technology R&D. including advanced compression and Exadata hybrid columnar compression (EHCC). we are privy to on-disk block formats and work on implementing scalable locking solutions and increasing concurrency. cross-platform standby databases) and Exadata (processing blocks of tables on the storage servers). deduplication. we implement user-visible features like AS OF queries (flashback queries). It is a next-generation file system built in the database—designed with specialized algorithms for next generation Solid State Disks as well as next-generation. Some of our recent efforts have been in areas related to compression. file system caching and performance. multiversion concurrency control (also known as consistentread). effectively pushing the logic to the data as opposed to pulling massive amounts of data to the CPU. snapshots. Data Storage Team. SecureFiles is the world’s fastest and most feature-rich file system. The work is exciting. Transaction Processing Team. We have some intractable problems to solve in the area of distributed systems. check us out. and continuous queries (used in event processing). highly scalable Projects at Oracle 23 . flashback data archive (change history for tables). consider our group. Beyond our own immediate groups. Our group is responsible for the core transaction processing engine within Oracle RDBMS. encryption. cluster. The storage layer is responsible for the storage and retrieval of all data stored in Oracle—relational. OLAP. terabyte-sized memory and 1000 core multicore systems. projection. Even though we work deep down in the Oracle kernel. and scalability in clustered server environments. We also implement and support distributed transactions (two-phase commit logic) that help midtier application servers manage several resources like databases and message queues. sliding inserts for efficient XML storage. files.

throughput. SAP. The TimesTen Team is a small. Oracle TimesTen Database can be used in standalone mode as the only database used by applications. and maintenance platform specifically designed to be used by project team members and line-of-business owners. With these tools. high availability. Oracle TimesTen can also be used in cache mode with Oracle Database. This combination is also very exciting from a strategic perspective. User Productivity Kit Organizations maximize applications investment. Supporting applications from Oracle. and performance evaluation. as network roundtrips are eliminated. increase employee productivity. 24 . As the need to handle events and analyze data in real time grows rapidly. You can think of Oracle TimesTen as a high-performance turbocharger on top of the sophisticated Oracle database engine to greatly accelerate the end-user performance experience of an Oracle application. and a whole host of contributions to other groups within Oracle.Projects at Oracle logging infrastructure. UPK helps organizations receive the highest return on their enterprise application investments. comprehensive content development. user interfaces. and mitigate risk through all phases of the project lifecycle using Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK). This is an opportunity to be a significant part of emerging technological trends and to help define the vision for future database technologies. Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database supports all the basic functionality of a traditional database. The database code can also be directly linked into the application for far greater performance than a traditional client/server configuration. However. which in turn results in much higher performance than is possible for a traditional database logging.html. talented team. For more on Oracle TimesTen. highly scalable. enhancements to undo space management. so do exciting technical challenges in achieving the associated scalability. We seek creative engineers who like a challenging environment in which individuals can play leading roles in developing and defining technologies for any aspect of in-memory data management. where it plays the role of a front-end cache to Oracle Database. the project team will dramatically reduce the time to deployment and ensure end user adoption—the single biggest barrier to enterprise application success. It is intended for applications that must be instantly responsive. caching data. and highly available. recovery. indexing. UPK provides a simple. replication. We are looking for candidates who are eager to contribute to one of the core development groups of the Oracle kernel. and fault-tolerance requirements. Our work is part operating systems. and Microsoft as well as all other enterprise applications. including query processing. TimesTen shakes all the assumptions of traditional diskbased databases by taking for granted the fact that memory is inexpensive and plentiful and thus relying on having all data in main memory. deployment. part distributed and parallel systems. storage management. as it provides a unique synergy of capabilities: fast in-memory access and real-time capabilities of Oracle TimesTen combined with the vast arena of advanced functionalities supported by Oracle Database. TimesTen In-Memory Database Oracle TimesTen is the industry-leading in-memory database management system. part databases. This assumption results in a simplified design. Our group is a great place to build a solid foundation in transaction management principles and work across both the database and middle tier. Such configurations are ideal for achieving real-time performance. visit oracle.

UPK enables one to create engaging interactive transactional and conceptual content with enhanced sound recording. Our evaluations of leading technologies such as InfiniBand as a high-throughput. Oracle UPK reduces content-development time and cost. synchronization support. from clustered Linux blade servers to the largest NUMA servers. please contact us. The Virtual Operating System (VOS) group is an important part of Oracle Database Division. classroom and Web-based training materials. design functionality. you will join a team of seasoned development experts focused on delivering innovative next-generation solutions today. research new technologies. Product strategists and managers closely monitor marketplace trends. designing and developing kernel modules to introduce new functionality or improve performance. The UPK Development Team has a global presence. working closely with our user base to define business requirements. and IA-64 often lead to enhancements that result in record TPC benchmark results. intercluster and interprocess communication. As an Oracle UPK group member. and virtualization. The various departments that make up this team. Virtual Operating System Projects at Oracle Achieving high performance on a broad variety of platforms and exploiting new technologies are important to maintaining Oracle’s current and future leadership positions in the database market. product management. You can rapidly produce interactive transaction simulations. With the creation of user test scripts. high-performance platform for Oracle Database. high-performance file I/O. low-latency interconnect and leading-edge microprocessors such as Niagara. and in-application performance support. editing. and in-application performance support. Responsibilities for a developer in the VOS group include interfacing with other database developers to gather requirements for improving the database kernel. We understand the marketplace. and anticipate our customers’ needs before they do. memory management.UPK provides a collaborative development environment to create system-related assets. Our customers expect the best. and playback capabilities to enhance knowledge transfer and ensure best practices. and our goal is to consistently deliver innovative solutions to address their needs. dynamic reconfiguration. and support the lifecycle of our user adoption solutions. system process documents. and testing. dynamic environment designing valuable solutions for increasing user productivity. Organizations can rapidly produce materials that provide value throughout all phases of the software lifecycle—from test scripts. We work with operating system and storage vendors to introduce new interfaces for Oracle Database. They are responsible for translating requirements into a world-class product. providing a portable. and interactive simulations to job aids. We ensure Oracle Database is a market leader on all platforms. If you seek a highly visible. the system transactions can be defined and tested before go-live. We build modules that provide process/thread management and scheduling. instructor manuals. implement. providing the necessary materials to ensure user adoption. Oracle UPK is key to increasing productivity and reducing overall software implementation costs. We define interfaces to the platform-specific layer that exploit OS-specific functionality. user-mode threads. CPU and I/O resource management. such as NUMA-aware memory allocation. We collaborate with hardware/OS/storage vendors to understand their roadmaps and to propose improvements that lead to better database performance and functionality. follow trends. Additional responsibilities include product marketing and sales field enablement. With the ability to produce multiple outputs through a single recording session. from development to strategy. and establish methods and best practices for implementing and deploying an effective end user adoption program using UPK. work together to provide a world-class solution. collaborating 25 . and more. Power. Our developers and engineers design.

We are defining an architecture for the companywide adoption of XML as a building block for content management rather than simply as a data interchange format. solve complex problems. coursework in operating systems and computer architecture.NET technologies such as ADO. please visit our Windows Technology Center at Oracle Technology Network (located at oracle.NET. XML is well-established as the lingua franca of the semantic Web.NET for quick database application development. This architecture allows applications to use the latest technologies to enhance the benefits of XML and provides new fundamental mechanisms beyond relational technology to store and query XML data. If you enjoy solving complex problems and learning about new technologies. Responsibilities include evaluating Microsoft . roll out. We have highly educated professionals from top schools. The products and components developed in this group make Oracle a well-integrated product with Windows OS and with . complex XML indexing techniques. product definition and enhancements. defining product direction. We are currently working on a range of projects. Product managers work closely with customers.html and oracle. product positioning. Team members should be proficient in C/C++ and have strong software design skills. competitive analysis. excellent communication skills.html). collateral development. With the development of standards such as XML Query and XML Our group ensures that Oracle products stay at the forefront of the XML era. product readiness. Working as a team is our basic philosophy.NET technologies.with OS/hardware vendors and the performance group on high-profile benchmarks. We work closely with several development teams at Microsoft and Intel to make Oracle the best on Windows. Projects at Oracle We seek strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Our group is also focused on making Oracle on Windows highly scalable and provides products tightly integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio . motivated software engineers and product managers experienced in Oracle technology. and proficiency in C or C++. advanced 26 . Our group provides native XML support in the database as well as a content management including semantic-Web-based information grids. partners. management of beta programs. understand. talk to us! Windows Technology Do you want to be on top of cutting-edge technologies developed by Oracle and Microsoft? This is your opportunity. and rolling out Windows products. and customer interactions. Our group seeks highly talented. Software engineers are responsible for designing and building various features for Oracle Database on Windows platform. Several of our group members have been working with the group since they arrived fresh out of school. and field organizations to define product requirements and are responsible for product strategy. and the ability to innovate. and think out of the box. XML Database Group The XML Database Group extends database technology beyond structured data and builds the infrastructure for managing unstructured and semistructured data in the database. performing competitive analysis. and interacting with documentation and QA teams. Part of the XML database is the content repository that provides efficient hierarchical abstraction to data stored in the database.NET technologies and operating systems. For more details about the products we develop and group activities. designing and developing new products and components and taking advantage of Microsoft . and providing systems expertise to the Database Division.

We have built out a complete set of market-leading middleware products annually generating product revenues in the $ billions. share. and implement document-centric business flows within the enterprise 27 . Oracle Middleware Strategy Oracle has focused on delivering a full-featured. This platform is used in Oracle’s current and planned application portfolio and has been adopted as a standard by many tier-1 system integrators and ISVs. and manage documents. The software we build must be well designed and have high performance and scalability characteristics. modular. usercentric experience with Web 2. Some key components of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform include the following: • A Java EE 5. top-quality. consider our group! Projects at Oracle ORACLE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Fusion Middleware Our Middleware Annually Generates Revenue in the Billions. retain. analyze. archive.. query. prepackaged BI applications covering horizontal lines of business needs as well as vertical BI applications • ECM solution to create. and optimization • Enterprise User Interaction platform that delivers a task-oriented. open.0-based Application Server with support for Platform as a Service (PaaS) computing. and support for mobile devices • Business Intelligence (BI) tools to integrate. and advanced Web services capabilities • Enterprise integration services for systems and business process automation • Real-time data integration and warehousing across heterogeous OLTP environments • Business process management solutions for modeling business requirements. process monitoring. and implementing human workflows. and report on enterprise data. Fusion Middleware continues to be among the fastestgrowing product areas at Oracle and is also the development platform for the next-generation Fusion Applications.0 collaboration services. GoldenGate. organize. Oracle’s Fusion Middleware platform represents the most comprehensive set of middleware products. Oracle continues to invest significantly in Fusion Middleware. and Sun’s Java. business rules. modern infrastructure and set of tools that can serve as the foundation for applications delivering strategic business value. manage information-access rights to documents. If you program in languages such as C and Java. high-end transaction processing. Identity.XML-based search technologies such as XQuery and agent-based technologies. context-based. publish. and if you are interested in cutting-edge programming languages. to name a few. such as Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave. with high-profile acquisitions such as AmberPoint. Oracle Fusion Middleware is a huge success story at Oracle since its inception in 2001. integrated content management. orchestrating flows across multiple systems. each of which is considered top in its area by analysts and independent evaluators.. and Application Server products.

including sales initiatives such as cross-selling into users of other Oracle products. and business rules • Common grid computing infrastructure.0 in the Enterprise. and so on). and other external influencers to evangelize the Fusion Middleware platform. workflows. We have shown a deeper level of commitment to heterogeneous systems than any of our competitors. and radically simplify and improve IT environments. product packaging.• Security and identity management services to provision users in enterprise applications. and pluggable—even with another vendor’s products—and to deliver fundamental innovations in the software infrastructure space. enforce consistent policies. we present product positioning to customers and partners through a variety of channels. modular servers. manage user information. organizations can better predict and respond to market dynamics. Oracle Application Development Tools Are you interested in joining an elite development team working on cutting-edge development tools and frameworks? Are you eager to put the latest technologies to use in a 28 . We also coordinate cross-platform competitive analysis for the primary Fusion Middleware competitors—both to support the product teams and guide sales teams to compete better with the other platform vendors. Our motivated professionals use project planning. management. and pricing for product suites and bundles. directories. Asia/Pacific. and application integration. and storage with high-performance scalability and performance • Common security and user management infrastructure unifying security administration • Common systems management infrastructure to centrally monitor and manage systems and applications With Oracle Fusion Middleware. have a strong grasp of Internet and related languages/technologies like Java. Oracle Fusion Middleware is designed to be modular. We develop product positioning. When the product is rolled out. cross-platform common architecture concerns. extreme transaction processing. Oracle is distinguished by our degree of openness and extent of standards support. XML. run natively on third-party application servers. execution. messaging systems. enhance productivity. Web 2. and communication skills. Product managers recruit customers and partners for the beta program and coordinate customer training and beta testing. We also have a commitment to natively support a mixed IT environment where you can use thirdparty components instead of Oracle ones (for example. SOA. and the product lifecycle of Oracle Fusion Middleware. information or page flows. We define go-to-market strategy. open. We are responsible for product readiness and sales enablement worldwide with dedicated international teams in Europe. Feedback is converted into requirements for developing the next release of our product. We have had a comprehensive focus. particularly in areas of cloud computing. analytics. and BPM. and Japan. and understand middleware. and ensure compliance and ability to be audited Projects at Oracle These solutions share the following: • Unified development framework and tool for developing modern applications—applications that are composites of business processes. We work closely with analysts. manage user access to systems. and support for mixed sourced models. press. enabling deployment on large numbers of low-cost. Enterprise Java. Fusion Middleware Platform Product Management We define the product strategy. We work closely with customers and partners to gather feedback for our developers. Latin America.

technical writing. It’s safe to say: if you are interested in working in IDE development. and curriculum development. and Database Tools. quality assurance. Everything is covered. then the Oracle Application Development Tools group has something for everyone. product management. Using our tools. 29 . Oracle delivered the first Internet-based application suite in the marketplace—years ahead of competition. Dali Tools. Database. The key development centers outside of Silicon Valley include Burlington. Drawing motivated and creative talent from all over the world. leading the IDE pack in terms of modeling. NetBeans provides cutting-edge support for all of the latest and greatest features of the Java platform. framework-based environment? If so. California. Candidates should be bright. Denver. and eager self-starters who are highly motivated. Developed fully in the public domain. and know how to have fun! The Tools Division is primarily based at Oracle’s headquarters in Redwood Shores. staff have the opportunity to work on many exciting areas of development and research: IDE Development Projects at Oracle The Oracle IDE family comprises three distinct Java-based development tools. creative. and Reading. providing an extensible platform used as the basis for many non-IDE tools. and unique tooling for SOA mainstays such as BPEL and BPM. empowering our application developers to develop top-notch ERP and CRM applications. The award-winning NetBeans IDE is the premier open-source development tool on the market. we boast a solid mix of programming and communication skills. These companies rely upon our tools to rapidly develop and maintain their critical business applications. consider Oracle Application Development Tools. Tens of thousands of the most successful companies worldwide use Oracle’s development tools. The Eclipse Development Team at Oracle also spends much of its time working on the core open source components of Eclipse. from Java EE and Swing to Java ME and JavaFX. A unique set of plug-ins provides industrial-strength Eclipse tooling for working with key Oracle technologies such as Oracle WebLogic server and the Oracle Database. Colorado. Massachusetts. each with its own unique flavor. featuring premier Java. Oracle ADF is a unique Java EE framework that makes Enterprise Java and service-oriented development accessible to the broader application development community. our opportunities are distributed throughout the USA and Europe. NetBeans. following. We are constantly seeking new talent in the areas of software development. NetBeans also leads the way in its support for dynamic languages such as PHP. Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse. are quick-learning. Oracle’s development tools also form the basis of Oracle Fusion Applications. Our professionals produce innovative technical solutions and enjoy using the latest technologies. and Web Services development environments for both the code hacker and the business application developer. UK. We are key contributors and drivers of projects such as the Web Tools Project. Across these centers. JDeveloper has an emphasis on visual and declarative development. and user community: Oracle JDeveloper is our flagship development tool. Oracle ADF is used by many large corporations and—as the cornerstone of the Oracle Fusion Architecture—is a key asset for the company. however. Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) A key part of Oracle’s overall development strategy.

availability. The ADF Desktop Integration Team marries the disparate worlds of C# and Microsoft Office development with standards-based Java Business services and Java EE programming. and performance to ensure WebLogic continues to differentiate itself for mission-critical applications based on the quality of service it is capable of delivering. with hugely powerful charts. Oracle’s primary technology for rich internet applications is based around the JSF standard. extranet. then our highly motivated team may be the perfect fit. Ajax technologies. transactions. Javascript. These frameworks allow enterprise developers to seamlessly extend their applications onto the latest generation of mobile devices with ease. and Web services needed to run the e-business. This is just the place for smartphone junkies! Desktop Integration. scalable. A key part of any Enterprise framework is the glue that brings the architectural layers together. Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g is based on a powerful. Mobile Solutions. portals. and Perl. For many years. and our team produces an unmatched variety of components for rich interactive user interfaces with the ADF Faces rich client components. and secure middle-tier application server designed to run all e-business applications and deploy Internet. Bindings. so we have teams working on team collaboration and continuous integration to provide the tools to help automate and simplify those little tasks that developers would rather not do. and CORBA and both uses and contributes to open source de-facto standards from groups such as Spring. This toolset provides much more than basic UI components. Flash. but we also work on areas such as high availability (reliability. This is an area of technology in which Oracle both defines and leads the market in innovation and technical prowess. and you would like to work with some of the best in the business. A true challenge. security. and DHTML. User Experience and Developer Productivity. Object-Relational Mapping. The ADF Mobile Team works on solutions for both browser-based and native on-device applications. The world works on the move and so does Oracle. schedulers. deployment. we have an extensive User Experience Team concerned with product usability and design. Not for the faint-hearted: engineers in our Desktop Integration Team work at the interface of the two main modern programming camps. Apache Trinidad. Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g is a key component of Oracle Fusion Middleware and offers a variety of methods for generating Web content. and the ADF Data Visualization components. and scalability). the ADF Team has been defining the gold standard with innovative solutions to the age-old problems of data access and process control. Eclipse. including Java EE-based APIs such as Java Servlets and JSPs. and Task Flow. and Apache. Sometimes developers need a little support. scalable Java EE 5. calendar controls. and intranet portals. And last but not least. Awaken your inner architect and get to work on some of the truly big problems in enterprise development. and management of enterprise applications. JSF. 30 . mapping components. It’s not all about IDEs and runtime frameworks in the Application Development Tools Division. PL/SQL and PL/SQL Server Pages (PSPs). If you are interested in modern Web UI development using Java.The Oracle ADF Team encompasses various subareas of specialty: User Interface Development.0 infrastructure server and provides an integrated environment for development. Application Server. Java EE. active data. Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g conforms to existing (and evolving) standards such as Java. and much more. We not only work with cutting-edge underlying technologies. Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g is a reliable. Application Grid Projects at Oracle Coupled with the power of Oracle Database. Designed for grid computing. pivot tables.

Analysts. Today.0 reference implementation.0 in the marketplace has created new demands on infrastructure. We define and drive the application server marketplace and provide the foundation middleware technology for all Oracle products and more than 100. We are passionate about our products and take great pride in the quality. Oracle and Sun technologies and talent have together opened a fast path to innovation and opportunity in the combined server teams. and development process. Our products are built on standards and compete through best-of-class implementation and differentiated features. For additional information. secure. Java EE has been the workhorse for providing scalable solutions for Internet applications. and unique features they deliver. • Developer outreach. lifecycle. We believe in developer outreach and offer opportunities to present at technical conferences and share your experience with the enterprise developer community. but the emergence of SOA and Web 2. Web services. It’s an exciting and demanding place to be a developer—with unique opportunities in the industry. Oracle has added responsibility and opportunity to drive innovation in these standards. The impact of cloud computing on application server infrastructure is fundamental. Our open source work is delivered in commercial quality in our licensed products and is meshed with our internal development cycles and processes. event-driven architectures. Virtually every Oracle product depends on the deliverables of our team. SOA. and we are rapidly adapting our existing products to support this new model of application server deployment. Oracle’s commitment to middleware and the success of our middleware customers is reflected in our comprehensive portfolio of products. Java. The addition of GlassFish and NetBeans products from the Sun acquisition further reinforces Oracle’s commitment. executives. Business Intelligence (Technology Platform and Analytic Applications) Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the fastest-growing segments of the Enterprise Software Industry. • Standards evolution. please visit oracle. Oracle’s major commitment to open source development is most visible in our team in such projects as EclipseLink in the Eclipse community. adapt. strategic decisions in today’s fast-paced. the premier open source-based Java Application Server. Application server products and technology are undergoing major changes today that present major challenges: Projects at Oracle • The emergence of platform as a service (PaaS) and cloud computing. • New architectures for improved performance. application server experts at Oracle lead the way in defining and delivering new server infrastructure to take advantage of advanced data caching and next-generation. The Application Server Team drives many standards in these areas. high-availability. cooperating with other companies and individuals across the world. and expand their businesses with the world’s fastest-growing family of middleware products. and our customers’ ability to run. rapidly changing business world. Oracle expanded its Oracle Fusion Middleware product offerings with GlassFish Application Server. Oracle has advanced work and deliverables in this area. our adoption of standards. Oracle has a tremendous amount of momentum and is a thought leader in the BI software market with its comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products addressing the full 31 .com/sun. leadership. and grid standards are changing rapidly. It opens up new opportunities in terms of product packaging. • Open source. and business managers use BI to obtain information they need to make critical. Now as the custodian of Java.000 customers.With the acquisition of Sun. as well as the Java EE 6.

and DHTML—that anyone can use to retrieve and analyze data. With our aquisition of BEA. including Java. including financial services. We design. the Oracle BI Server includes innovative technologies for rapidly accessing and manipulating large amounts of data from disparate data sources. including interactive dashboards and scorecards. Behind the UI. • BPM Server is for executing business processes. Some key components of the BPM Suite include the following: • BPM Studio is a user-friendly environment for process and forms design. with user experience designers on usability. We are seeking self-motivated individuals to help us design and build the next generations of our product lines using the latest and upcoming technologies. The new generation of BPM systems is based on open standards. Oracle is developing the most comprehensive Java EE and Web service standards-based software product for BPM. relational and multidimensional analytic server development. and XML. human resources. and implement our products using a large variety of technologies. develop. Service oriented architecture (SOA) is dramatically changing the way software vendors and enterprises are composing their applications and solutions. managing. you will work with product managers on feature requirements. Our software development professionals work with cutting-edge technologies to build this broad range of products. 32 . Flash. and marketing. Java.Projects at Oracle spectrum of BI requirements. object-oriented designs and implementations. implement and write code. mobile platform development. We appreciate and reward technical creativity and engineering excellence. rich ad hoc query and analysis. HTML. and systems management development. Flash. enterprise reporting. rules. and optimizing any business process. and reusable components. proactive and actionable intelligence and alerts. With the combination of BEA and Oracle components. extensible. including user interface and visualization development. Are you a bright. and mobile analytics. We emphasize teamwork to create clean. provides extensibility and reusability using Web services/XML. as well as object-oriented design. Business Process Management Business process management (BPM) is all about managing the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes throughout the organization by modeling. Oracle added the industry-leading Oracle BPM Suite to our product portfolio. As an Oracle BI developer. Oracle offers a BI technology foundation for building enterprise BI solutions by extending insight to a wide range of users and delivering intelligence that is “hot-pluggable” with existing data sources and operational systems. energetic person who enjoys technical challenges and responsibility? Do you want to join a global team of talented professionals working for a world-class organization? We work in exciting areas in software development. so we focus on building intuitive user interfaces (UI)—in rich client technologies such as Ajax. with the world’s best commercial software engineers to design. With BPM Studio. automating. C++. analytic applications content development. We have a tremendous amount of experience in relational and multidimensional data structures and systems. and allows flexible interfaces for being a good citizen of the SOA-based composite application. order management. real-time predictive intelligence. Our customers are often business users who are unfamiliar with data storage and software technology. extensible. and well-designed. and with quality assurance professionals on the final testing of features. and rich human workflow on a highly scalable and reliable platform. we have an unmatched position in the industry. interactive visualization. business analysts and IT can collaborate on process models and simulate them before deployment. Oracle BI also includes market-leading analytic applications built on this foundation covering a wide range of industries and business areas.

and so on). and an execution engine. and build the next-generation application platform.. • A storage management subsystem to deal with high-speed streaming data. It can be used to correlate.0 technologies to enterprise users in the context of business processes. This is similar to building a database-query processor and includes modules such as a parser. • Business Activity Monitoring is for real-time process monitoring and alerts using Ajax-based technologies. and industry groups. This will involve cache-management techniques. Oracle BPM Suite empowers business users to participate effectively in various phases of process design and implementation. This brings various Web 2. Oracle Complex Event Processing Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a critical part of the AS Integration Suite of products and is being developed on Linux using Java.html . we provide a full range of opportunities and challenges to apply your skills and grow your career in this new and exciting arena.0 The BPM Engineering Team is spread all around the world in four continents. manufacturing. including aging-out policies. rich process monitoring. process portals using Web 2. semantic analyzer. The key components of such an engine include the following: • A full-fledged compiler and query processor for CQL (continuous query language). New patentpending techniques specifically designed to handle real-time computing requirements and streaming data are used in these modules. CEP is currently hot both in the research community and in the industry and is expected to become a critical infrastructure with a broad range of applications across technology (examples include BAM. you will be able to participate in new product initiatives. For additional information. query plan generator. Projects at Oracle • Process Spaces provides social BPM capabilities through rich collaboration and content sharing between process stakeholders. We work on innovations such as business user-friendly process modeling tools. CEP is an approach that correlates and aggregates information from distributed and seemingly unrelated event streams in real time to discern patterns and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed. enrich. and use of complex event processing for process optimization and analytics. optimizer. We have created a solid foundation based on a strong theoretical framework and have added 33 . please visit oracle. applications. healthcare. RFID. a process engine based on BPMN and BPEL4people standards. learn the latest Web technologies/standards. and security) and industry domains (finance.• Business Process Analysis Suite is for process architects to build cross-department business processes and publish models to other process stakeholders.. and detect patterns in real time over high-speed streaming data. The Challenge. The BPM Group offers the unique opportunity to be involved with Oracle technology. Our approach to CEP has been to build a generic stream data processor and a declarative interface to CEP in the form of a continuous query language (a language similar to SQL with some extensions). • Real-time scheduling algorithms (similar to OS scheduling algorithms) to deal with quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. aggregate. As a member of our group. work with the best architects.

Projects at Oracle

several exciting features to the product based on many patent-pending ideas. Included in this is the first commercial implementation of an emerging ANSI standard extension to SQL that deals with regular expression-based pattern matching over streaming data. During this time, we have also strongly influenced the standardization efforts towards a language for stream processing. As we move into the next phase, we have even more exciting and challenging problems to tackle. We expect to work on query processor and optimizer enhancements to improve performance and scalability, real-time data mining over streaming data, newer ideas related to regular expression-based pattern matching, real-time scheduling algorithms, and cache-aging-out algorithms as well as clustering support. The Opportunity. Work on an emerging area using modern techniques from research to contribute to an emerging high-value product from Oracle. Work on exciting technologies such as query processing, compilers, data mining, automata theory, and pattern matching, online/approximation/randomized algorithms, data structures, real-time operating systems, Java, Java EE, Web services, and XML. There are also opportunities to influence standardization in this space and enhance the state-of-the-art in research. Team members will own modules and participate in the complete lifecycle of new features. This provides excellent opportunities for career and personal growth. Also, as a part of this group, you will get to work with an expert, diverse group of engineers across multiple geographies.
Oracle Data Integration

Oracle delivers market-leading data integration products that cover a complete range of business needs for our customers. Data integration is the infrastructure software that makes it possible to get trusted information at the right time and at the right place. Oracle’s products for data integration include Oracle GoldenGate (OGG), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Data Quality, Oracle Data Profiling, and Oracle Data Service Integrator. At the heart of these solutions, ODI automates and simplifies integration of data from an array of sources and enables users access to the data warehouse platform through a Java-based GUI. As the data warehouse and data integration market expands its reach into operational systems, the demands for real-time data integration are higher than ever. Oracle GoldenGate supplies the real-time data integration capabilities that enable businesses to ensure maximum availability of their databases and up-to-the-second accuracy of their data warehouses. Oracle combines the market-leading data integration capabilities of OGG and ODI with complete functionality that ensures information quality, metadata management, and data modeling. Because Oracle data integration solutions integrate with many core database features, a developer position on the Data Integration Team provides opportunities to learn about a wide range of Oracle and non-Oracle technologies. Developers learn about database features such as partitioning, parallel load capabilities, Oracle Real Application Clusters, analytic SQL, OLAP, and data mining. Oracle’s Fusion Applications will also use ODI and OGG as an enabling technology. Experience working with data integration software provides a wealth of professional software development skills. Oracle data integration products are developed using Java, C++, and all the latest technologies used for high-performance enterprise infrastructure software. We also use SQL, PL/SQL, UML (Unified Modeling Language) object modeling, HTML, and XML technologies within the development environment. You will also get to work with a global team: while Data Integration development is centered at Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, we have teams with opportunities in the United Kingdom, India, China, Massachusetts, and Minnesota. Our talented, highly motivated team members use the latest technology to deliver high-quality, feature-rich releases of a complex, strategic product to our customers at a fast pace. If you

would enjoy working in an exciting team on a product central to Oracle’s data integration and data warehousing platform, consider joining us. You are guaranteed to explore leadingedge technology and to develop new technical and professional skills, working in a dynamic environment at the world’s premier enterprise software company.
Enterprise Content Management

Projects at Oracle

Enterprise content management (ECM) is a critical element of information management— balancing the explosion of unstructured digital content such as electronic documents, e-mails, images, and video with the need to manage, secure, and retain that information as part of business practices or to meet regulatory guidelines. Oracle Enterprise Content Management is the industry’s leading unified content management platform, providing all aspects of ECM—document management, Web content management, digital asset management, records management, and image management—within a single application. Using the service-oriented architecture of the Oracle content management platform, organizations can effectively manage, secure, and retain critical information. The Oracle ECM Team seeks talented developers who understand the key technologies and methodologies of the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack (Java, Java EE, JSF, XML, SOA) and are interested in helping drive the next generation of information management at Oracle. As the ECM platform is largely based on the acquired technologies from Stellent, many of the projects on the ECM Team relate to bringing the high-value services of the ECM system into the broader Oracle Fusion Middleware stack so they can be used across Oracle applications. Our team also seeks product managers (PMs) who understand the technology of Oracle Fusion Middleware and are eager to learn the quickly changing markets of ECM, rights management, and records management. ECM PMs serve as both product and industry experts, and with our unified platform, we strive to have not only the broadest ECM capability in the overall ECM market but also the deepest in any specific functional or specialty area. For more information on Oracle Content Management, please visit us at ...
Java Products Group

We develop the Java server infrastructure for Oracle products, including database and middleware. Virtually every software product delivered across Oracle uses the mission-critical code developed by our team. For middleware, we deliver the core Java EE 5.0 container, the Web services and SOA infrastructure, the reliable in-memory data grid infrastructure, Coherence, from the recent acquisition of Tangosol, as well as the TopLink Object Relational mapping framework and tools. For Oracle Database, we deliver the Oracle JDBC drivers that implement the latest JDBC specifications and Oracle-specific extensions to support Java persistence on Oracle Database; the embedded Java VM runtime to support Java in the database; and the Universal Connection Pool to support all Java connections types, as well as furnish high availability, load balancing, and connections affinity in Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Data Guard environments. Our group reflects the dynamic nature of global software development today in that we are geographically distributed across multiple sites, each with significant ownership and responsibilities in the Java stack. We have development groups at Headquarters in Redwood Shores; Burlington, MA; Ottawa, Canada; Raleigh, NC; Moorestown, NJ; Portland, OR; and in Oracle’s India Development Center. Our strategic responsibility and broad scope of technologies furnish exciting and rare opportunities in system-level software development, product design, and product management. We take the lead in driving open source projects and strategy in the Java world (such as Eclipse Dali project, Java Persistence API in Project

GlassFish, and Java EE server integration with Spring). We also work closely with other companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and SAP in defining and establishing standards in the areas of Web services and interoperability. Finally, we coordinate with multiple teams across Oracle.
Projects at Oracle

Security and Identity Management

The worldwide Identity and Access Management market is estimated to grow to $5.3 billion by 2012. Increasing regulatory compliance and security needs are driving the need for customers to buy and deploy centralized identity management infrastructure. Every application needs security to succeed, and this need is being further amplified as more applications move to the cloud and social networking becomes more mainstream within the enterprise. The Security and Identity Management organization creates the software that enables all applications to be secure. Known for secure products, Oracle is now a provider of security products for the enterprise. Significant investment in development and acquired technologies has positioned Oracle as the recognized leader in a quickly growing space, as recognized by every major industry analyst firm. With the acquisition of Sun, Oracle is now the largest provider of identity management technologies in the market. In addition to using the latest security and development frameworks, we interact with many other Oracle and industry technologies, such as major enterprise applications, middleware, and databases. Our developers focus on key product areas such as the following: • Web Services Security ensures that access to Web services is properly authenticated, authorized, and managed. Projects include integration of the Oracle Web Services Manager product (OWSM) with the Oracle SOA Suite (including Web services development, business process and workflow management, enterprise service bus, business activity monitoring, and runtime environment); integration of OWSM with the user interface and monitoring functionality provided by Oracle Enterprise Manager; integration of OWSM with Oracle Access Manager to provide an end-to-end security solution from browser to portal to networks of Web services deployed in an SOA; and implementation of key industry security standards (WS-Security, SAML, WS-Policy, and other WS-* specifications). • Access Management and Federation provides Authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO), Federation, and Authorization services and moves key security decisions from application logic into the service layer. We develop products using Java/Java EE, LDAP, PKI, XML, Web Services Security, WS-Trust, Federation (SAML, Liberty Alliance/Kantara, WS-Federation), XACML, RBAC and other standards and leading technologies. • Security Infrastructure and Java Platform Security provide common security infrastructure across Java EE Application Server, Web Services, and Enterprise Applications and define security direction for various other Oracle products. Key projects include Java2 security Java Authentication and Authorization (JAAS), Java EE Application Server Security, Integration with Enterprise Single Sign-On systems, LDAP, RBAC, PKI, Web Services Security, XML Security, Audit Framework, Cryptography, Network Security, and other security technologies. We distill requirements from various groups within and outside Oracle, keep track of the latest Java and security standards, and architect and implement key components of the Application Server security infrastructure. • The Oracle Identity Manager Team is responsible for the design and development of a product line that helps our large enterprise customers do identity administration, role management, user provisioning, and compliance automation. The worldwide customers for this product line span Global 2000 companies, the public sector, midsize companies, and educational institutions. As a member of the development organization, you will have an opportunity to evolve the Oracle Identity Manager product to its next-generation highly

JMS. This gives you an opportunity to gain an architectural understanding of all other Oracle products as well as enterprise applications from our competitors. Key projects include the development of next-generation identity virtualization services.509. RBAC. • Fine-grained entitlements is one of the hottest trends in the identity-and-access-management market as the need for flexible. and execution using state-of-the-art Java EE technologies such as JAAS. The main suite components are JMS for messaging. powerful security mechanisms rapidly grows following the growth in complexity of services and applications. X. Oracle implements key security and identity management standards to ensure interoperability with third-party identity management environments. Join developers in our team to work on cutting-edge security technologies and solve challenging tasks associated with building high-performance. Our software plays a key role in helping customers enforce consistent security policies across their entire application infrastructure. We have a team specifically dedicated to enhancements of existing identity management and security standards such as SAML. a virtual directory. ESB for routing and transformation. Oracle SOA Suite has the complete set of tools to address this new programming methodology. • Directory services provide access via key standards such as LDAP and SOAP to important enterprise identity and entitlement information. • In our products. including XACML. Directory services at Oracle includes two market-leading LDAP servers. interfaces (WSDL). WS-Policy and to helping create new standards focused on application-centric security such as the Identity Governance Framework. Web Services. and SSL. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Integration Products Projects at Oracle Service oriented architecture (SOA) is dramatically changing the way software vendors and enterprises compose their applications and solutions. PKI. orchestration (BPEL) and messaging (JMS) have changed how distributed systems are integrated and composite applications are built. and a metadirectory. business process definition. You will learn about and have hands-on experience with a broad range of technology standards. we have B2B components that support EDI. transformations (XSLT/Xquery/Xpath). Standardization of data (XML/XSD). influence product design and future 37 . BPA for business process modeling and simulation. HL7. Standardization is also pushing metadata-based declarative programming models. applications. You will be building advanced user interfaces and back-end algorithms for identity management. BPEL. SAML. JCA. and Business Rules. Development teams and product managers work closely with large corporate customers and Oracle’s internal groups. BAM for monitoring. SPML. and industry groups. and improvements in replication technology and overall performance and scalability. The group also works on components such as RFID and CEP to support Event Driven Architecture (EDA). LDAP. You will also use industry standards such as XACML. and RosettaNet protocols.available/scalable SOA architecture. JMX. You will develop a product that is used by customers in all vertical industries. and Ajax for a rich user interface. enterprise-quality distributed systems capable of handling tens of thousands of security decisions per second. experienced in Oracle technology. as well as by many other Oracle product teams. JAAS. ASN. a next-generation user interface unifying the administration across the directory services components. which in turn are fostering visual modeling tools and dynamic adaptation to changing business needs. WS-Security. Our product managers (PMs). We offer the unique opportunity to be involved with all of Oracle’s technology. and SAML. BPEL for orchestration. security policy definition and enforcement. To facilitate communication across enterprises. Oracle Entitlements Server provides both distributed policy enforcement and centralized policy management by externalizing security logic embedded in services and applications.

We provide extraordinary opportunities and challenges to apply and develop skills and grow your career in this new arena. user focused. social networks (think Facebook for the enterprise). activity streams. PMs also serve as product experts. gathering functional requirements.Projects at Oracle direction by analyzing the competitive landscape. building user-friendly HTML and Java-based user interfaces. Together. the flexibility and power of portal technology. Our developers are at the forefront of advances in software engineering. We seek highly motivated self-starters to help design and implement Oracle’s next-generation user interaction products that continue to set the future user experience directions for Oracle and the Software Industry. Oracle WebCenter is an integrated suite of technology and services designed for creating dynamic. The team also delivers a set of Mobile interfaces. and Oracle WebCenter Suite is right in the middle of it. enterprise application mashups. Enterprise 2. including our iPhone & iPad Spaces application. They participate in many exciting initiatives.0 and Java EE technologies to engineer innovative designs and architectures that meet customer requirements. declarative development of JSF. Now is a great time to join the WebCenter Development Team and be a part of taking the product to even greater levels of market success. discussion forums. The user can easily share information with others and take advantage of tagging or linking of information to provide a more productive way for all the team members to work together. these tools and services provide a unique ability to build applications and portals that eliminate context shifts. collaborative workplace that is Internet powered. Wikis. and creating high-level business requirements and functional designs. Oracle WebCenter combines the standards-based. product evangelists. and horizontal Web 2. systems.0 applications.0 has arrived in the workplace. We work in an exciting. and team spaces are familiar examples of Enterprise 2.0 Discuss… collaborate… mash up… share… interact… connect… chat… Enterprise 2. highly productive user work environments that take advantage of an SOA and enable business users to bring complete context to their daily work tasks. Commenting and rating the work that people are sharing provides users with real-time recommendations that makes use of a rules-based personalization engine to help them focus their efforts around the task at hand. challenging environment. processes. blogs. ensuring that Oracle is presenting a persuasive and consistent message both internally and externally. ideas. and maximize productivity. to ensure users can get and share information wherever and whenever they need it. documents and content.0 is all about the use of Web 2. and product marketers. enable enterprise mashups. using the latest Oracle tools and technology to build our products and solution sets. and other enterprise artifacts. WebCenter portals and applications allow users to interact directly with services like instant messaging. and community centric to improve the productivity of internal and external business processes. designing XML-based Web services.0 and Social computing services. Our developers use the latest Web 2. We constantly seek new ways to build a 38 . content.0 technologies and usage patterns in the enterprise to foster a next-generation. Every person is empowered to show initiative. WebCenter Suite and Enterprise 2. and working side-by-side with our world-class architecture team to improve products across Oracle. be outspoken. This workplace connects people. and wiki and blogs to form active social networks within their organizations and across partner and customer communities. and be proactive.

CA and Washington DC) and India. We work in close-knit teams in a casual. SOA addresses this problem and is an improved approach for building applications out of component services. they need to work together with other applications. and ready to work alongside other like-minded people on exciting. JSP. highly motivated. Oracle Service Bus (formerly BEA’s AquaLogic Service Bus) provides an ESB. Developers can uniquely design and implement functionality that will ultimately be exposed to customers through an SOA-based development framework. take a look at the Oracle Service Bus Team. but inevitably. Most development positions are located in the United States (San Francisco. The team has many innovators that lead and participate on several industry standards groups. By combining serviceoriented principles with best practices for application integration. Our people are talented. and funloving environment. and OpenStream. and build loosely coupled systems. JSR-170. a set of RESTful interfaces. Oracle Service Bus Projects at Oracle Traditional enterprise applications are often designed with a specific purpose. 39 . WSRP. and enhance messages flowing between applications. CMIS. and taking advantage of the latest emerging standards and technologies. scalability. collegial. OpenSocial. and security requirements to projects that revolve around solving complex user interface challenges by using the latest JSF. route. and we are working to influence and refine these standards based on our direct experience and growing customer requirements. and component UI technologies. pioneering. innovative architectures that pay special attention to performance. JSR-227. innovative projects that play a major role in Oracle’s strategic direction. the Oracle Service Bus is an industry-leading ESB product that plays a central role in Oracle’s SOA portfolio. supporting ways to virtualize services. Our multinational. distributed development groups have the common thread of enjoying a challenging and demanding work environment. If you are interested in joining a leading-edge middleware technology product team in a rapidly growing business.better product by researching. Development projects range from low-level technical infrastructure projects requiring creative. including JSR-168 & 286. or a set of APIs that can all be used through a rich collection of tools and applications. A key part of an SOA is the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to facilitate dynamic integration of the application services. Ad hoc integration solutions create brittle systems and are hard to reuse or repurpose as businesses evolve over time. critical.

Java EE (JSF).ORACLE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT: Systems and Applications Management Projects at Oracle Manage It All: Virtualization. analyze.. and XML. energetic engineers who want to make an immediate impact in every system management area. This project will test your engineering. Imagine joining a company as large as Oracle and working with nearly every product and technology Oracle builds. If you thought the previous sentence was too deep a nested logic to be good programming practice but not deep enough to fluster your programming skills. operating systems. creativity. Ajax. music. XML-RPC. from business performance monitoring to cloud computing. if you don’t want to choose a single technology on which to work. advanced Java EE and SOA. and dancing. Enterprise Manager. You’ll work with Java. networking. Web-based management solution. and troubleshoot a range of enterprise products. REST. As a result. When you join the team. Step up and take the challenge—you don’t want to pass this up. Virtualization and Cloud Computing Team Our group provides solutions for customers to build their own private clouds. Our developers are some of the industry’s best in rich user interface technologies. though. and charge users for resources consumed and for self-service administration.) Our 40 . Perl. PLSQL. You will create a suite of sophisticated sensors and tracers to help diagnose. your skill set will keep growing along with industry trends. storage systems (SAN and NAS). but we build the solutions that automate the entire process. Imagine building products that let customers dynamically provision prepackaged or customized virtual environments and appliances. hard-working. Check us out! Enterprise-Ready Infrastructure Team Do you have what it takes to manage your manager? We mean managing the Oracle Enterprise Manager product. (We have been known to help organize parties within our division. and error-prone. including databases. databases. we want you. We’re looking for creative. storage. You will be challenged to learn domain knowledge. We’re a young team working on one of the hottest areas in technology today. and product design skills. and we are responsible for providing slick. Flash.. Setting up private clouds is highly complicated. and virtualization. you will find yourself challenged trying to solve a puzzle in recursion that your team threw at you—a recursion on something about managing your manager! We build cutting-edge. memory. and so on) to allocate across user communities. We also provide end-to-end solutions for our customers —solutions that give our customers the ability to expose their infrastructure as a service for their end users. Enterprise Manager. storage. and that means we are always on top of the newest technologies. and to become an expert in system management products. C. end-to-end. Did we mention we manage the customer events? Not the kind with the food. at the same time. and configuration. you’ll work with a global team based in the US and India on developing everything from back-end core pieces to front-end UI. So. from Oracle Databases and Oracle Fusion Middleware to Oracle Applications. That’s what you will be doing in the Systems and Applications Management Division. We build Oracle’s central. Flex. which in turn manages all of the products Oracle develops. cutting-edge management for every Oracle product. You’ll apply your work to application servers. tedious. define policies for the amount of computing resources (compute power. and writing complex and high-performance algorithms. HTML5. Python. Knowledge Management. customer-facing front-end applications. then we need you.

Two goals that we constantly drive towards are precision and performance of our search. Flash. Our challenge is to continue improving our correlation model and reduce the time to inform customers using newer channels to communicate to customers while improving our scalability and reliability. most fundamental feature that is used in EM and it has to work flawlessly in order for customers to even bother with trying anything else. and challenging issues for demanding customers. responsible for providing the most relevant. customized content based on intent. We’d like to hear from you if you want to be part of and share the experiences of a truly world-class team that operates in all major worldwide time zones. and more. and communicate the most pertinent set of issues to the customer. We identify the most serious events. Knowledge Management Projects at Oracle We are the Knowledge Management Development Team of My Oracle Support. So if you think you have the right systems and modeling background to work on the framework end or pride yourself on a sensibility to build crisp and intuitive UIs. real. which systems are affected. So. and SLAs) to all the infrastructure components that support the application: databases. productivity. we are usually more polite than that. decision-based search engines. We have the shortest time period from dreaming an idea to users enjoying the benefits of it. and enhanced content engineering. We work closely with all the teams delivering industry-leading business applications to ensure Enterprise Manager delivers unparalleled visibility.000 events per hour. prioritize and correlate events from disparate sources. Our solution is beyond search engines.” No pressure. information. hosts (physical and virtual). We are investing in new search technologies such as semantic search. accurate content to solve our customers’ issues in the most efficient. if you are interested in a robust. from the business view (including transactions. allowing them to run their business more effectively and reliably than competitors. and customer needs. consider us. Our technologies include Oracle Secure Enterprise Search. We provide rich experience through better understanding of our customer’s environment. XML.000 to 40.diagnostics tools inform customers as quickly as possible of critical application or system issues. Application Management Oracle Enterprise Manager manages business-critical applications in their entirety.000) entities that raise anywhere from 3. drives solutions to understand customer’s intent through advanced Web analytics. ADF. and which tools they can use to fix it.” Ok. Enterprise Manager is useless. and reliability for the world’s most critical business applications. EM has customers with complex topologies of 10. This is an extremely visible area as it is the first. and scalable system capable of processing large numbers of events extremely quickly and providing correlated information to customers. fastest possible way. fault-tolerant.000+ (largest at 70. Oracle Text. We address concrete. “Your Web site is down because some genius decided to run a monster report on your database in the middle of the day. To quote one of our customers. we would love to talk to you. technology innovation. real user experience. Ajax. HTML. The result is a product used by the largest companies worldwide. in short. and enjoys solving complex problems through teamwork and knowledge sharing. or both. application server and other middleware services. Java EE. enhances search precision through use of advanced search technologies. and SOA. 41 . as we offer secure. and rigorous content management. “Without notifications. At the core of our solution is a highly knowledgeable group of engineers embarking on providing the next-generation search experience.

patching advisers. security. We build the Java-based tools which are used to install and configure all Oracle software on systems which range from large clusters to single machines. you will use your problem-solving and analytical abilities to deliver real-world management solutions to the enterprise. We provide a unified view of business transactions across all tiers of the composite application. the people who spent years perfecting management of Sun systems are now part of Oracle’s Systems and Applications Management Division. and PCI. Enterprise Configuration Management As a key member of the Enterprise Configuration Management Team. talk to us. this is the place for you. and many other components.Middleware and Application Performance Management Projects at Oracle Unlike other management software vendors. If you want to work for a fast-paced. deeper. including a comprehensive configuration management database (CMDB). we collaborate from the early stages of product design to provide a management experience that is richer. In addition to supporting expert-mode investigations. Ops Center With the acquisition of Sun. and Enterprise Manager is where this is taking place. configures. Software Provisioning and Installation Technologies Join our team and develop the next-generation adaptive IT management infrastructure. optimizes. socially responsible organization. These solutions create real bottom-line IT cost savings and keep companies in compliance with in-house security practices and external frameworks and reporting measures like ITIL. We use advanced technology and innovative methods to efficiently observe. every expert will use and will evaluate. Going beyond basic monitoring. and a datacenter designer and BPEL-based automation framework that can quickly and easily maintain a standardized environment and enforce security best practices with adaptable policies. and we are working to bring the entire 42 . we also automate much of the work and deliver personalized recommendations. and process performance information that allows administrators to diagnose and correct complex performance issues. One of its key differentiators is the rich set of management capabilities provided by Enterprise Manager for the middleware infrastructure and the applications running on it. If you want to work on software that every customer. Today’s datacenters deploy tens of thousands of systems needing efficient use of resources and highly automated deployment lifecycle support. Our software management tools deliver an intelligent management system that deploys. and report on system and application configuration information. and operating systems running our software. SOX. firmware. And that means we need to deliver world-class management for the hardware.. Oracle Enterprise Manager works hand in hand with the industry’s leading middleware product team. enforce. collect. Be part of the team that defines the initial customer experience when using Oracle products. The move towards cloud computing only increases the strategic importance of integrating management with the application infrastructure. Fortunately. This difficult software architecture and design problem requires a management solution that scales and is extremely reliable. optimized. Oracle Fusion Middleware provides a complete platform for enterprise applications. and protects system resources and therefore reduces cost of complexity of IT operations. every press analyst. identity management. The products we build deliver a very high degree of automation and pinpoint accuracy in problem detection. technologically advanced. and well-integrated with all other aspects of the IT infrastructure. coherence. Applications we are developing include provisioning. From Oracle WebLogic server to SOA.. Oracle isn’t just a world-class software company—we are a world-class hardware company too. These solutions track.

without this team. If you are looking for constant new challenges. and executing manual and automated tests across the various types of complex. all so our customers stay happy! Enterprise Manager’s distributed architecture creates an amazing opportunity for technical growth. and China work together on myriad activities. If you want to learn more about the physical machines that are the backbone for nearly every Fortune 100 company’s datacenter. robustness. Quality Assurance Our Quality Assurance (QA) engineers routinely work on testing one of the most complex pieces of software in the industry. including writing test plans for new product features. Enterprise Manager is certified for our customers in many different configurations/operating systems. Be on the team taking Enterprise Manager to the next level. And we have serious fun while we’re at it! Mission Impossible? Not at all! Talk to us if you want to learn more about joining the QA Team in the Systems and Applications Management Division.. performance.. 43 . We take great pride in our record of assuring excellent product quality in this highly complex. optimal manner. As a Performance engineer. you won’t be disappointed. feature-rich environment through close collaboration with our development organization and our state-of-the-art QA practices. rolling their sleeves up and getting busy finding the nastiest bugs in-house. we wouldn’t have the loyal customers we have—customers confident to move to the next version of a precision-performing and scalable solution together. our QA Teams in the US. distributed environments supported by the product. join the Ops Center Team. unlike any other vendor in the business. and stress tests in large-scale environments to ensure the product meets customer requirements. Performance Projects at Oracle Our customer-focused Performance Team ensures that Enterprise Manager operates in an efficient. providing analysis and recommendations with performance and scalability in mind. don’t look further—this is your team. Daily. you will be looking at all aspects of performance from a holistic angle. This team performs reliability. coding automated regression test scripts. scalability. India. In a nutshell.

Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration.ORACLE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT: Collaboration Projects at Oracle Social Media Technology. Following is a brief description of each of our products. We architected. XML. secure. including Oracle Beehive Enterprise Collaboration Server. Oracle Beehive Enterprise Collaboration Server & Oracle Beehive Enterprise Messaging Server. This improves efficiency and productivity by enabling users to connect and collaborate with others via Web and voice conferencing. standard protocols. manageability. We have expertise in a wide variety of technologies. Java EE. JDBC. presence. Oracle Beehive was designed for the enterprise to provide the highest level of scalability. Run and managed like a start-up and starting with a serviceoriented architecture (SOA). Oracle On Track. Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration. and product managers all work tightly together to ensure that we deliver richly featured. Web Services. instant messaging. EJB. and social networks that exist throughout the organization. high-performing. user-friendly. and Oracle WebCenter Real-Time Collaboration. Beehive Enterprise Messaging Server. expertise.. and simulation—all needed to build products that are feature-rich. WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration ensures the right people participate in key business activities at the right time by tapping into the knowledge. small engineering groups are mapped directly to the architecture in order to promote an agile methodology. go to oracle. it allows users to have direct interaction and immediate response from colleagues regardless of their location. 44 .. For more detailed technical information about our products. Our division has redefined not only Oracle’s collaborative software architecture but also the software development process. and chat rooms. JCA. Oracle WebCenter Real-Time Collaboration. scalable. and security while reducing the cost of deployment and administration. As an enterprise social software product. Real-time collaboration is about connecting people across the globe while providing the most cost-effective. JMS. Its cross-platform. open standards-based architecture supports familiar clients like Microsoft Outlook and can coexist with legacy servers like Microsoft Exchange. visualization. and the latest in Java technologies (including JAAS. scalable and enterprise-grade solution for conferencing and instant messaging. We use important areas such as pattern recognition. We have also developed a new product offering planned for availability in 2011. and support a number of products across the Oracle brand. quality assurance engineers. including DHTML. Our iterative development process enables changes to be made based on feedback early and throughout the development cycle. and Java APIs). Developers. Oracle launched the Collaboration Technologies Division. and highly available. Recognizing the need to bring cutting-edge social media technology into enterprise companies. Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration Connector. With its unique connection brokering capability. Every member of our division is dedicated to redefining the collaborative software market. Oracle Beehive is the only unified collaboration platform built for the high-quality. market-driven products. This new kind of collaboration technology goes beyond how people should collaborate to address who should be collaborating when and why. developed.

voice. Oracle is the industry leader in delivering the most comprehensive and reliable globalization solutions for the e-business model. collating data in the native linguistic order. rendering complex scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew. Server Globalization Technology (SGT) Never has there been a more exciting time to be working on the forefront of the latest advances in globalization technology. ensure our mission-critical systems are always fully operational and provide 24x5 assistance to Oracle sales consultants worldwide.. Server Technologies Curriculum Development. Oracle Applications. or Server Technologies Information Development. It provides a facility for the lightly structured collaboration needed around any business process.. Nowadays. Applications Unlimited. the quickly growing multilingual market keeps posing challenges ranging from storing and processing texts in different languages and character set encodings to formatting information in the user’s local conventions. including Oracle Database. Fusion Middleware. then this is the group for you! Our development/build team works with sales consultants and the base product groups to build demos that promote the business benefits of Oracle’s products. On Track is a premise or cloud-based application that integrates with Oracle’s Fusion Applications. This enriches group interactions with active BI. Our responsibilities cover the entire product lifecycle. Building globalized Internet applications that service a diverse world population with vastly different cultural and linguistic conventions has become a key factor to creating a strategic advantage in today’s dynamic global economy. and Management products to potential customers. video and application sharing. Our team is the central provider of globalization infrastructure and expertise for all products and technologies under Oracle Technologies. and Enterprise Manager. administers. and supports hosted demos for Oracle’s sales consultants. It is estimated that more than 70 percent of Internet users speak a language other than English. Our Consulting Team ensures all projects initiated within Oracle 45 . Meanwhile. The emergence of the Unicode Standard has made it possible to develop centralized server applications that support multiple languages simultaneously. Demonstration Solution Services The DSS (Demonstration Solution Services) Group builds. Our technical services and support teams. enterprise-class demos showcase Oracle Database. Application Server. Server Globalization Technology (SGT). spread across the globe. We hope you can join us in the Collaboration Technologies Division as we redefine and create the enterprise market’s collaboration tools! Projects at Oracle ORACLE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT: SERVICES Interested in a role that will connect you with people working on various products and services across Oracle? You may find just the ticket in one of the following teams: Demonstration Solution Services. globalization is more than just a buzzword but a sweeping trend that no successful e-business can afford to ignore. Our Product Management Team interacts with internal and external customers to refine product definitions and requirements and leads product evangelism. Aimed at the enterprise.Oracle On Track. DSS is in a unique position where we routinely interact with a wide range of development and sales groups within Oracle. and WebCenter offerings. If you like to work on highly visible projects that directly impact sales of Oracle products. just to name a few. annotated content. and providing multilingual content management. These realistic. while retaining the content for future use and discovery. Collaboration Suite.

Enterprise Manager Grid Control. and transferring technology to the field. and Oracle personnel to successfully and rapidly deploy Oracle products. We also work closely with Oracle Consulting and Support to address specific customer issues. or through online help integrated with products. Projects at Oracle Our Development Team designs and implements the globalization runtime library and development kits (C. We are responsible for Oracle Database. and more. we aim to increase the adoption of Oracle products. this is the place for you. Oracle Fusion Middleware. writing questions for certification exams. and partners). and Secure Enterprise Search. and Oracle Enterprise Manager documentation. We also offer training and participate in standards activities to promote the best globalization practices. the only way to stay ahead and be successful is to keep on learning new skills. Some of the tasks we commonly work on include creating courseware and course practices. Our team covers a wide variety of products and technologies. Collaboration Suite. Java. Also. And in the spirit of self-improvement. in books. we are able to provide feedback to development on product usability and functionality. partners. We focus on making information easy to find. Server Technologies Curriculum Development Knowledge is Power. testing practices against product builds. We are also a close-knit and global team filled with folks who are always willing to lend a helping hand and ensure that we succeed as a team. Service-Oriented Architecture. By working very closely with product development (from early on in the product release cycle). guarantees constant learning and results in an interesting and stimulating work environment. including Oracle Database Server. 46 . This allows us to create comprehensive instructor-led and online training content in a timely manner to meet the needs of our internal and external stakeholders. Business Process Modeling. As an integral part of the development effort. ECM. Server Technologies Information Development Our highly technical Documentation Team writes documentation for diverse products and audiences. we are constantly exploring opportunities and tools that improve our processes and productivity. We create technical training content that enables technology professionals to quickly get up to speed with Oracle Server Technology products. Fusion Middleware. The Quality Assurance Team certifies all Server Technologies products for the global market and builds testing tools and frameworks to improve the testing process and efficiency. If you enjoy working with cutting-edge technologies in a team of talented and highly motivated individuals to create innovations that reshape global computing. customers. Java. and JavaScript) forming the foundation of Oracle’s globalization features. so products are easy to use. In today’s knowledge economy.Technologies comply with our globalization standards and adhere to our architectural guidelines. By enabling our customers. This. because we work with the products in a hands-on manner. This team also supports a variety of utilities and new language technologies used by all product stacks. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our documentation. we use our technical knowledge as well as our writing skills. coupled with the fact that we usually provide the first (and often only) source of technical training material (for Oracle staff. from functional and design review to product delivery. An example of the results of our creative spirit is the Web-based search tool that lets you search for product information across the entire documentation library and construct a “virtual book” that covers only information relevant to your needs. technologies. we gain a solid understanding of new features and enhancements. We provide information online. training the trainers.

With the acquisition of Sun. We regularly publish industry-standard benchmark results. and Applications (DPA) group is an integral part of Oracle’s Hardware Systems Engineering business unit. such as microprocessor architecture. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Server and Storage Systems from Sun. The group helps deliver on Oracle’s Software. enjoyable projects. Complete. Companies that design high-performance microprocessors are few and far between.SYSTEMS HARDWARE. vision by ensuring that Oracle’s Sun systems are highly optimized and integrated with the entire Oracle software portfolio. Complete. Our team’s tremendous diversity extends beyond technical roles to the women and men from around the globe who enjoy working together to build more powerful and more efficient microprocessors. logic design and verification. and applications. DPA engineers focus on performance and work with Oracle Solaris engineering and other product development groups across Oracle. Performance.. 47 . design for test. Hardware. multicore microprocessors puts the “hard” in hardware. including database.. and energyefficient systems in the industry. We are eager to talk to engineers who can join us in adding significant. scalable. Our innovations result in some of the most reliable. These systems are the core building blocks for enterprise. Hardware. including many world records. Oracle’s Microelectronics Team uses the best silicon technology to develop microprocessors and ASICs that keep Oracle’s Sun systems in the lead on database and other high-performance computing and networking tasks. Microelectronics Designing today’s leading multithreaded. Read on to learn about exciting new opportunities now available to Oracle developers. Projects at Oracle Developers. What do we like about our work? Read on for what some of our Microelectronics engineers have to say. We also work with independent software vendors to bring major industry applications to the Oracle Solaris platform and ensure that they are well-optimized and supported. tangible. and our engineers have opportunities to engage in a range of challenging. as well as processor design groups. That’s exactly why we like it! We like solving complex problems. And. a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Oracle. Oracle now offers thousands of development opportunities in hardware and even more opportunities in software. Software. It’s not easy to create something the size of your thumbnail with a couple billion transistors and connections so small that thousands of them would fit into a single human hair. Integrated circuit design requires the expertise of people in many specialty areas. and Applications The Developers. Web. on the full range of Oracle Sun systems and across the spectrum of major industry applications. middleware. and high-performance computing infrastructures. emulation. Several of the newest teams at Oracle bring years of experience in Sun technology and are described here. and more. we develop and support the suite of developer tools. including compilers used across Oracle’s product lines based on SPARC and x86. circuit design and verification. An even smaller number of companies develop products that span the entire software/hardware stack. DPA is well-respected within the Oracle Systems community. design automation. from application software to operating systems to compute servers using their own microprocessors. Performance. and customer-perceived value to Oracle Hardware Systems products.

such as network and product architectures. During the last 25 years. it’s rewarding. Do you like challenge? If so. based on stringent requirements for high availability and ruggedness. architected and designed leading-edge networking products.” • “Verification of large-scale architectures is different every day. As a member of our Engineering Team. For the enterprise and the high-performance computing markets. join our team and create future generations of industry-leading microprocessors. but how to do it. smart people. Our group provides the unique opportunity to jumpstart your career through development of our next-generation products and technologies in telecommunications systems and networking. and I know that the work I do has direct impact. networking protocols. ‘is there a better way?’” • “I have the opportunity to innovate.” • “This group has the best balance—to be business-focused and allow innovation. and silicon design. If you have an interest in communication and you have a passion for computer architecture and system design. our group develops state-of-the-art system network connectivity and datacenter infrastructure hardware and software products and technologies. more complex than most. Whether you are calling your mom on your cell phone or browsing the Net using your iPhone. I like being part of a team building complex things and making them work. performance optimizations. You will have the opportunity to acquire functional knowledge and hands-on experience in a broad range of networking disciplines. The Netra Systems and Networking product group develops and builds specialized computer systems for the telecommunications industry.” When you accomplish a tremendously challenging task. There’s more flexibility here. our engineers have invented new networking protocols. and delivered value to our customers with best-performing solutions. Our day-to-day accomplishments reward us with the ultimate pride from all the individual contributions merging to create new products with far-reaching impact. Open Storage Systems Are you ready to change the face of storage? Does the thought of holding a world record excite you? Do you want to work with storage systems and software that run on platforms 48 .” • “The challenge is complexity. I’m developing in the latest technology with good. you will be at the leading edge of technology innovation in both communication and computer systems design. then this is just the right place for you. We’re always asking. Netra Systems and Networking Our mission is to deliver the best networking solutions and to provide a competitive advantage to Oracle’s computer systems. such as Ethernet. to define not just what to do. I enjoy the learning experience.• “This is exciting work.” Projects at Oracle • “I have the opportunity to try new ideas. InfiniBand and TCP/IP. chances are that sooner or later an Oracle server will be involved in connecting your call.

restore and archive technologies spanning development in the kernel and development in userland software to manage data • Protocols and Interoperability: file protocols such as NFS and SMB stacks in the kernel for both server and clients and interoperability with Active Directory. and SATA. Kerberos. and firmware connect these physical layers with our core software investments All the simple problems in storage are solved. you will be working on technology that is going to enable storage and storage directions for the next twenty years. The Storage group includes opportunities for engineers to develop at all levels of systems technology and most importantly to work on projects that span the boundaries between these layers. We are working with Fibre Channel. Our core Development Teams work on the following areas: • Core I/O infrastructure: kernel engineering and device drivers in areas such as Multipath I/O. next-generation storage. Game on. and the ability to analyze usage patterns and preserve data that may persist eternally? Open Storage Systems includes 400 of the best storage and operating systems engineers in the world. The Oracle Open Storage Systems Division focuses on developing enterprise storage products that drive the next generation of data architectures for Oracle’s customers. you have found a home. and the Oracle Database and applications. Much of our work on storage is also shared with core development on the Solaris operating system kernel. iSCSI. and a need to work on problems that make other engineers whimper. disk. As a member of our Engineering Team. Let’s go. the breakthrough ZFS Storage 7000 product line developed by this group has become one of the fastest-ramping product lines at the company. LDAP. In the past year. Oracle Virtualization. tiered storage systems. SRP. We work with the best and the brightest minds in the storage industry. iSER. If you have a keen mind. analytics. Projects at Oracle 49 . We are the face of Open Storage. and the core kernel device driver APIs • Backup and archive: next-generation backup. The technical problems we solve are some of the most difficult storage problems in the world. a desire to change the world of storage. and we have engineers writing software for organizations of massive scale. as well as massive scale. which is the core of our storage product line and also used in Solaris • Flash and storage hardware: next-generation storage enclosures. FCoE. to deliver I/O to tape. and distributed multinode management of storage clusters • ZFS: Oracle’s industry-leading ZFS filesystem and data management architecture. Flash controller design. Oracle Enterprise Linux. as well as InfiniBand. SAS. flash. Fibre Channel. and archive solutions that are used at organizations as big as the Library of Congress and the United States Army. We are currently world record holders in transaction based processing. and other related areas • Clustered filesystems and distributed data: next-generation clustered storage technologies including large-scale distributed data architectures for high-performance. SAS. and we are in the midst of a storage revolution. data robustness and accuracy. We write file systems. SCSI. We care deeply about secure data. Our storage systems support use with any type of application and are also optimized for deployment with Oracle Solaris. and flash-based storage devices.that do everything from serving up your favorite Major League Baseball game to playing the latest episode of an HBO movie in 196 different formats and streams? Does the thought of improving the most robust and stable operating system in the world keep you up at night? Do you care deeply about latency.

administrators have fine-grain observability of processes and networking traffic at their fingertips. Crossbow allows you to create a datacenter in a box with both virtual compute as well as networking elements that emulate very accurately a physical network topology. with zones. the data warehouse. Rather than seeing the black box like one would with virtual machines. and fault management. scalability. our group is the place to be. and provides new features. it is incredibly scalable with great performance across multiple system architectures (X86 and SPARC). Zones are virtual environments that provide a secure application development environment with excellent performance. If you are interested in OS virtualization and like to drive innovation in the IT industry. CPU bringup. If you are up for the challenge.000 SPARC and x86 platforms. ideal for Oracle Applications and more than 10. Predictive Self Healing. Zones are the preferred application deployment solution for a lot of Oracle customers today. and Java applications. we want to talk to you. platform scalability.Platform Software Technologies Projects at Oracle In Platform Software Technologies (PSWT). Web. The combination of zones with the zfs file system as well as the Crossbow network virtualization capabilities in Solaris sets zones apart from all other virtualization solutions in the industry: zfs allows instant creation of a zone by cloning another zone. and observability. Solaris Zones OS Virtualization Long before virtualization in the datacenter became mainstream. This level of freedom and creativity not only generates worldclass performance but also makes for a very challenging and exciting work environment. stability. Sun and Oracle worked together for more than two decades to make Solaris a highly optimized database and application deployment platform. Our team is responsible for ensuring that the Solaris kernel provides the support for the latest hardware innovations. can span the Web tier. and the most demanding technical compute applications. continues to easily scale as the era of multicore processors blossoms. sun4v Solaris. we influence change in both the CPU designs and operating system architecture in ways impossible at any other computer system company. Before Sun joined Oracle. We seek self-motivated fast learners to work with talented and experienced professionals on several upcoming platform designs. Our technology areas include host firmware. We are always looking for ways to improve the existing 50 . but without the performance and management overhead of virtual machines. These powerful machines have hundreds of CPU threads. Solaris is the base for supporting general-purpose computing as well as running an optimized Oracle software stack. SPARC Hypervisor. As the key core software development organization in these areas. Solaris Operating System The Oracle Solaris Operating System delivers enterprise-grade performance. One OS. Solaris is known for innovations such as the Zones Application Containers. With world-class features. One can easily create hundreds of zones even on a low-end laptop. we develop the essential software stack for SPARC servers. We also develop Predictive Self Healing support for SPARC and Intel systems in addition to Solaris kernel scalability enhancements. and security. supported on more than 1. the Crossbow Virtualized Networking stack. virtualization. as well as large enterprise-class servers and more. Solaris introduced the concept of Zones.000 other software packages. blades. I/O. as well as dtrace. the zfs File System. providing world-record performance in database. and rack systems. Solaris Core Kernel Solaris is the preeminent operating system in the world. SPARC power management.

We drive innovation through development of the next generation of packaging. and much more. 51 . We are working on leading-edge projects in these critical and exciting technology areas to make Solaris even more secure than it is currently. and system configuration/management. power management. and upgrading. We work closely with many partners both across Oracle and within the industry and are pioneers in standard-setting bodies and security-related consortia. CMT/NUMA optimizations. Our organization is ideal for passionate engineers who worry about the security threats to the operating system and are interested in coming up with innovative solutions to protect against these threats. storage. libc improvements. affinity awareness. With Solaris. roles. and many more. Oracle Solaris Modernization Team We are responsible for Solaris’ life-cycle management. The Solaris Core Kernel Team is the perfect place for creative. and networking interconnect. We seek highly motivated. networking. system configuration. Solaris IB engineering projects span the range of development from low-level device drivers and infrastructure to Upper Layer Protocol (ULP) development to application-access mechanisms to user-level commands and utilities. IPC. users can achieve a best-of-all-worlds computing environment. boot.subsystems as well as thinking of the next big thing in operating system innovation. The basis of InfiniBand is to provide applications with a flexible and powerful transport service. including cryptography. security administrators can enable the strong mandatory access controls required by governments and the Finance Industry. Our security solutions at the operating system level are critical in meeting regulatory or information-protection requirements for enterprises and protect the system from unauthorized access and modification. We are responsible for most of the features that empower Solaris to be such a secure operating system. Solaris InfiniBand InfiniBand (IB) is the latest high-speed fabric interconnect technology with applications in I/O. driven engineers to innovate new solutions to complex problems in the world’s preeminent operating system. This offers the widest set of opportunities to engineers wanting to be involved with the hottest I/O technology available. It provides scalable connection speeds and intelligent host adapters that offload much of the computing load from the host CPU. trusted extensions. This service can be used to communicate with other applications or processes or to access storage without making any expensive request of the operating system’s resources. install and packaging (especially Java and Python expertise). simplify administration by using standards-based Solaris cryptographic and key management frameworks. reduce risk by controlling access rights. optimized solutions to Oracle’s customers. verify integrity using file verification. installation. We offer opportunities for engineers to deliver innovation that may benefit all Oracle customers. auditing. I/O. By combining world-class fabric interconnect performance with Solaris’ enterprise-class power. creative engineers with varied interests and expertise. We work on areas in the kernel such as virtual memory. and configure various enterprisegrade authentication mechanisms while knowing that data on a Solaris system is protected whether the data is at rest or in flight. and system configuration infrastructure and tools to meet the demands of customers with increasingly complex systems and datacenters. scheduling. authentication. including packaging. install. We need expertise in kernel development. Solaris Security Projects at Oracle Solaris is one of the most secure operating systems in the world. network security. reliability. We also deliver highly integrated. and security.

The Solaris Networking group is focused on anticipating these challenges and staying ahead of the curve by creating innovative concepts such as virtual network cards (VNICs) and networking bandwidth control that were introduced through Project Crossbow recently. ever-increasing portfolio of industry-leading applications at all service tiers and monitors and reacts to software and hardware faults to maintain services even during problems. With Crossbow. we have 14 Mbit/s available to us on our smart phones. the fabric of choice for all datacenter activities. Combined with Solaris Zones. C. we are working on implementing the latest networking protocols. we’ve become experts in a wide range of technologies and applications. It makes use of and integrates key virtualization technologies such as containers and LDoms and Solaris kernel components such as networking. We have filed 40+ patents and published several papers (SIGCOMM and LISA) related to Crossbow over the last few years. Crossbow allows you to create a datacenter in a box with both virtual compute as well as virtual network elements combined to a virtual topology emulating very accurately a physical network topology. If you are interested in networking and like to drive innovation in the IT Industry. At the same time. The pace is increasing to expand Solaris’ IB capabilities while preserving quality and maintaining maximal product performance. InfiniBand is a critical technology of Oracle storage products. we are able to create virtual network lanes within a Solaris host that allow us to transport traffic independently through so-called hardware lanes with dedicated bandwidth capacity independent from other hardware lanes. Our product is written primarily in various scripting languages. our group is the place to be. reliable datagram service (a ULP that Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Oracle Exadata Storage Servers use). Oracle Solaris Cluster and Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Oracle Solaris Cluster is Oracle’s premiere solution for providing end-to-end availability for mission-critical deployments running on Solaris servers. healthcare. auto makers. Solaris Networking The demands for networking bandwidth have grown tremendously over the last few years: not too long ago. Socket Direct Protocol (SDP). Banks. and C++. people were pushing Kbit/s of data through their modems. To provide end-to-end availability for complete solutions. In addition. retailers—these are the types of customers who trust Oracle Solaris Cluster to keep their businesses running. including IP over IB (an implementation of IP protocol over the IB fabric providing connected and connectionless transport). Our product supports a large. telcos. financials. virtualization and cloud computing pose a whole new set of challenges for networking. IB is becoming ubiquitous. We are also focused on introducing new observability tools that provide fine-grain observability down to the hardware lane level. 52 . This architecture takes advantage of the latest hardware features in modern network cards and allows us to scale up far beyond 40 Gbit/s. while today. the infrastructure on which the IB products are such as Java. networking capabilities. We offer engineers opportunities to develop the newest. and storage products.Projects at Oracle Some specific technologies of IB in Solaris include device drivers and InfiniBand Transport Framework (IBTF). using skills at all levels of the system to keep Oracle and Solaris at the leading edge of the datacenter. see hub. such as Data Center Bridging (DCB) and Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). an IB protocol maintaining the TCP/IP socket interfaces. The same has happened in the datacenter. where the capacity of networking cards connecting servers to the network has grown from 100 Mbit/s 10 years ago to 10 Gbit/s and soon 40 Gbit/s. including the 7000 series of Unified Storage Systems and the Exadata Storage Server.opensolaris. best I/O fabric in Solaris.

Building from creative analysis techniques and a keen focus on our highly sophisticated technical audience. ODMs. or through documentation integrated with products. What attracts some students to this area is that it represents a rather fascinating transition zone between the electronics (hardware) and the OS software. and many silicon chip vendors to weave a complex web of Solaris OS support for booting. device configuration. Oracle Solaris OS Platform Software Engineering Projects at Oracle The Solaris OS environment represents a highly stable. fault management and analysis. with engineers in all parts of the world. and Oracle Solaris Studio technical product documentation. storage management. and what’s new documents. Oracle Solaris Cluster. controlling nearly every aspect of what the chips. For example. and how-to information. Our expertise is reflected in numerous patents and publications and through presentations and live demos at key industry events such as Oracle OpenWorld. We deliver information online. wires. man pages. The Platform Software Engineering Team serves the critical role of creating device driver software and conducting OS bringup and enhancements for the ever-changing server hardware landscape. We are responsible for Oracle Solaris. This includes user and reference manuals. Solaris Information Documentation & Globalization. internal Oracle server hardware design teams. Our team is as diverse as the solution space. we work closely with engineering and use our technical knowledge as well as our writing skills to write technical content. virtualization technologies. and peripherals do in the system. Spread across several continents and states. send a packet over a network. online help. power management. Our group also includes media designers and technical editors who contribute to documentation quality. and turn on cooling fans.. release. and expertise in distributed systems. we develop an information set that paints a conceptual picture and the step-by-step details that our customers need. data replication technologies.Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition connects dispersed Oracle Solaris Cluster deployments to create a disaster-recovery solution that enables businesses to keep running even during large-scale problems. and interrupt resource control. user interfaces. a cluster in San Francisco could be protected by a cluster anywhere else in the world—a cluster that would quickly take over San Francisco’s IT role in the unfortunate yet hopefully avoidable event of complete site unavailability hypothetically caused by a disaster such as an earthquake. device drivers. the R&D engineers in the Platform Software group work closely with OEMs. application deployment and management. install. and more. Integral to development. 53 . Solaris Documentation Our skilled and talented Documentation Team provides a wide range of content enabling the Solaris administrator and developer to be successful. from functional and design review to product delivery. hardware signaling. test creation and execution. scalable foundation enabling thousands of applications to run 24x7 in datacenter environments. in books. Oracle’s term for OS Platform Software Engineering is also known to some as Systems Software and Embedded Device engineering. the Solaris kernel.. where the programmer’s lines of code can actually command the physical hardware to move a disk head. Additional documentation is delivered as retail books or to wikis and blogs.

these systems provide the best scalability in the world. global system management facilities. Scalability. In the Systems Globalization group. we make Oracle Systems products multilingual/multicultural out of the box. SPARC Enterprise Systems The SPARC Enterprise Systems group has a long history of developing the most successful families of servers in Sun’s history. Our products range from mid-range 4 socket servers to some of the industry’s largest servers with 64 sockets. as well as competitive-price performance. character input/output technologies. we have the environment and challenges to provide you with experience you can’t get elsewhere. We literally work globally. security. If you want to apply your creativity. Oracle Solaris Zones. We innovate from the silicon up in developing our new systems. and power. signal integrity. The System on a Chip CMT processors have the industry’s highest core and thread counts. We develop multilingual computing framework. supported employees. The systems are used by Fortune 500 companies to power the core of their businesses. and dedication necessary to build truly dynamic companies is credited to well-trained. dense packaging. The Oracle Solaris curriculum group provides training for the Solaris 10 system administrator and other datacenter roles using the Oracle Solaris operating system. interfacing with many parts of the world and many groups in product engineering. enabling learners to understand important concepts and practice job tasks. something that is rare in the industry today. provide increased system use. Our engineers get great experience in developing state-of-the-art systems and solving real engineering problems. The Solaris curriculum group creates instructor-led and Web-based training for Solaris. SPARC Volume Systems Our multifaceted SPARC Volume Systems engineering organization brings to market the prolific. With these technologies and the integration effort. successful line of Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise servers and blades based on chip multithreading (CMT) technology. including Solaris technologies such as Oracle Solaris ZFS. Our engineers work with other groups within Oracle to optimize our systems and architectures with all the other parts of the software stack to produce a truly integrated system. flexibility. and global information access technologies in Oracle’s Systems product stack such as Solaris operating system. and so is Oracle business. and Serviceability).Solaris Globalization Projects at Oracle The world is flatter than ever. along with industry-leading RAS (Reliability. We work closely with the SPARC Microelectronics group to define chip sets that can scale to a very large number of processors. With Solaris. and networking. and deliver record-breaking 54 . Solaris Curriculum The innovation. We look for talented engineers interested in both engineering and global dynamics. Our training provides real-world scenarios and hands-on labs. we push the envelope to reach out to every part of the planet by providing technologies to meet users’ cultural needs and remove language barriers. Our customers demand power-efficient and space-efficient systems. as well as to provide services to their own employees and customers. along with courses on high-availability Oracle Solaris Cluster. Our engineers regularly deal with new challenges around cooling. We also focus on quality engineering to ensure that the Systems product stack is global-ready.

SPARC Volume Systems might just be the place for you. file systems. acoustic. and more. and delivery of systems. Unlike our pure development cousins who focus on specific areas. program management. and validate hardware. reliable Web experience to millions of users. Several functions in this organization also provide support to other Systems hardware organizations in specialties such as PCB design. clustering. Our Publications Team drives content design and delivery strategies. mechanical. This technically challenging role can involve working under pressure. and Publications Projects at Oracle Our Systems Technologies. assess the evidence. combining special knowledge in some with an in-depth knowledge of many. You will be immersed in these technologies at the deepest level. and more. and regulatory testing. Engineers implement and support a variety of custom and third-party tools for the system design environment. integrate. Others come to us for help. Our members investigate the most complex unresolved cases. including the Solaris OS and kernel. we are responsible for correcting the offending code and integrating the fix back into the product. and packaging engineering. and identify the culprit (i. and firmware components. Giving a datacenter more work capacity while using less space and energy is the challenge that our engineers master every day. provides virtual-machine capabilities through Oracle Solaris containers and Oracle Virtualization Manager for SPARC. Our end-to-end development organization is responsible for the definition. On-chip 10 Gigabit Ethernet and cryptographic acceleration capabilities deliver a fast. While many of our staff are highly experienced engineers with many years under their belts.performance. Once the root cause is identified. both online and in print. Those who have superior learning agility and technical aptitude. power. together with commitment and enthusiasm. networking. especially when we’re called in to extremely hot issues that have visibility at the highest executive levels. thermal. You will be or become an expert in C. PCB Design and Tools Engineering. Systems Revenue Product Engineering We are in some ways the engineering equivalent of the special forces. and enable consolidation to solve a range of demands faced by datacenters already splitting at the seams. Hardware. Experienced program managers are a focal point for developing new products and sustaining them in coordination with partners in other organizations. for customer-facing product documentation supporting all SPARC hardware products. One of the keys to our success is the delivery of reliable. operating system internals. UNIX. secure. will thrive in our organization. and Technical Publications groups extend their expertise in a range of specialties to various other Systems hardware groups. design. These three groups within the SPARC Volume Systems Division are an integral part of any product development cycle.. integration. We define products and then design. the product defect that caused the problem). Systems Technologies. incorporate innovative Flash storage technologies. software. we do look for recent graduates or junior engineers who demonstrate strong potential. Systems provide the highest levels of space and energy efficiency. the buck stops here! 55 . as well as the complete systems. If you want to work with talented. architecture. innovative individuals on cutting-edge technologies that span Oracle’s hardware and software product lines. integrated with software.e. Our test infrastructure and processes ensure that our products can perform as designed and can be manufactured efficiently. PCB Design and Tools Engineering. engineering. product documentation. we have to draw on both breadth and depth of experience to analyze the data. validation. stable new product prototypes to all development partners. Our portfolio includes most of Sun’s software technologies.

Value Chain Planning. These tape systems are being deployed by customers for data protection and long-term digital preservation. research labs. Successful acquisitions have allowed us to bring together the best and brightest industry talent. and Integrated registers with our customers. Information-Driven Products There has never been a more exciting time to join the Oracle Applications Division—a global organization defining. They know that Complete. including Oracle Transportation Management. human resources. tape libraries capable of managing up to 100. BEA Systems. Agile. We are moving into the number one position in more and more market segments. developing. and AutoVue. Customers are found in areas such as internet applications. and state-of-the-art products to produce an incredible applications product portfolio. which continue to produce cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Oracle gained applications customers through each of its acquisitions. we seek highly motivated people with skills in robotics. advanced technologies. and Oracle’s Edge applications (in the supply chain management area). we get closer to our ultimate goal of becoming #1 in Applications. Oracle’s Siebel CRM.. marketing. magnetics.. Our applications strategy of Complete. If you want to be part of this dynamic team. 80 percent of our business is derived from existing customers. information-driven products for the 21st century. The portfolio contains tape drives storing over a Terabyte of data on a removable tape cartridge. Agile Software. and delivering high-quality. and reliability. BUSINESS APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Oracle Applications. usability. They see that that the products work in heterogeneous environments because we build on open standards. Open. supply chain. servo implementation. high-performance computing. and Retek. and virtual tape storage products for mainframes that store data dispersed geographically around the world. They understand that Oracle is offering complete suites of products that work with their other investments. Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World. i-flex Solutions. In the portfolio. Primavera.000 tape cartridges. who have remained loyal to us because of our Applications Unlimited promise to continue to offer differentiated capabilities in all the product families. We also offer customer relationship management (CRM) applications including sales. and large libaries. as well as highly regarded industry solutions. and Integrated is real. Today. and service. Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise. Siebel Systems. Hyperion. We are 56 . Demantra. including PeopleSoft.Tape Technologies Projects at Oracle The Tape Storage organization at Oracle develops the latest tape enterprise data storage products. finance. These products cover the complete archive and backup solutions for customers who require the utmost in performance. recording theory. climate modeling. Applications Unlimited consists of these product families: Oracle E-Business Suite. They hear our senior executives talk about integration across the applications and between our technology stack and applications. financials. we offer enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications in areas such as manufacturing. Applications Unlimited: Oracle has acquired dozens of significant companies. firmware development. as well as test and reliability engineering. and each quarter. ASIC design. media and entertainment. mechanical design. Open. and more.

When Oracle Fusion is released. We’re changing the way the business world operates. and services. We also have groups seeking user experience designers. compliance. implementation consultants. The area of applications is one of our fastest-growing businesses. across any geography and industry. As the interest grows in Oracle Fusion. None of the competition has the range of applications that Oracle has. introduced Oracle Fusion at a major customer event in San Francisco in November 2009. and documentation using the latest technologies for product development. They also like what we’re doing with business intelligence. Oracle’s CEO. especially when one factors in the strong technology product portfolio. As part of the Oracle Applications Division. we hear customers expressing a willingness to branch out from their original products because they see us integrating the applications and unifying them on a common technology foundation. project managers. There are many exciting career paths and opportunities for growth and advancement. testing. It has taken vision and discipline to build our solid applications foundation and to bring so many pieces together for our customers. Larry Ellison.delivering on this commitment by producing new releases of the acquired products and offering lifetime support to protect the investments that customers made. and a variety of other challenging roles. We seek talented people with skills ranging from software analysis and design to applications development. Our customers have embraced our applications strategy—they are making plans and investments based on it. We can deliver a business applications suite for organizations large and small. risk. We need spirited thinkers and doers like you. No one will be required to rip out and replace an existing system to adopt Oracle Fusion. innovative releases. and improved total cost of ownership. Business applications software is not simply about accumulating technology and piecing it together. including Oracle Applications and Oracle Middleware. We offer information-driven applications. demonstration consultants. Opportunities: We offer many opportunities to work in areas that match your particular interest or expertise. nor a footprint with similar breadth and depth. and much more across the product lines. 57 Projects at Oracle . we believe that the vast majority of customers will start by adding a few modules to their existing Applications Unlimited product lines to take advantage of some new capability. DBAs. applications. We are responding to customers’ enthusiasm and willingness to pick up more pieces from Oracle’s broader portfolio by incorporating innovation from the technology layers and offering results quickly and efficiently. you will have a chance to use and define the latest industry standard technology—and help us continue to deliver high-quality. It is about having the insight and design skills necessary to build a platform of common services that will address the most challenging business requirements. This dramatically increases the value proposition of Oracle Applications. Instead. We offer customers a buffet of choices within our broad applications portfolio. adaptive business processes. to fundamentally change the dynamics in the applications marketplace and revolutionize business. Customers demand adaptive software that responds quickly to dynamic market conditions. service-oriented platform and applications suite. Now we’re at a critical juncture as we offer Oracle Fusion. we are giving our customers a sensible bridge to the future by letting them choose to stay on their heritage Oracle products or move to the fully integrated benefits of Oracle Fusion Applications when the business need arises. It brings together next-generation enterprise technologies. Oracle Fusion is Oracle’s next-generation.

Oracle E-Business Suite. procurement. We enable customers to increase the value of their PeopleSoft investments through the delivery of high-value software enhancements and to innovate through the adoption of next-generation Oracle technologies incorporated into the PeopleSoft product platform. and evolve to the next generation of business applications. To accomplish this. metadata capabilities. Oracle’s JD Edwards World. They need to improve customer satisfaction. SCM. including Oracle Transportation Management. and AutoVue. to make better decisions. product lifecycle management. CRM. Siebel. service-oriented. Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise. extend the value of applications. attraction.Oracle Application Product Lines Fusion. Our goal is to deliver a superior ownership experience. And. Oracle E-Business Suite Enterprises must innovate quickly in the face of global competition. PeopleSoft Enterprise (Pleasanton. flexible architecture of our industry-leading middleware orchestrates these business processes. Whether customers implement one module at a time. Oracle Fusion Our customers need greater business agility at lower cost. Value Chain Planning. Oracle Fusion enables breakthrough increases in user and organizational productivity at significantly lower cost by combining the best software capabilities and business practices across Oracle’s applications product-line portfolio with leading technology. CA) Oracle is committed to continued enhancement of the PeopleSoft product line development and delivering high-quality support to PeopleSoft customers. JD Edwards World Projects at Oracle Oracle Applications includes these product families: Oracle Fusion. Java-based architecture and enterprise software suite. The open. They need a superior ownership experience. Agile. financial pressures. to streamline processes. PeopleSoft. Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. With Oracle EBS. and more. customers. Our standard. 58 . new. Oracle has established a distinct PeopleSoft business unit with a Development Team dedicated to PeopleSoft solutions. built-in business intelligence. The PeopleSoft Team mission is to ensure organizations can optimize business performance at lower costs using PeopleSoft solutions. and innovation. Oracle Fusion is a revolutionary. manufacturing. Oracle E-Business Suite. Web 2. shared toolset for developers.0 concepts native to our enterprise application workflow facilitate collaboration and continuous improvement. and Oracle’s Edge Applications (in the SCM area). and increasingly complex regulation. Oracle E-Business Suite is a fully integrated suite of enterprise business applications designed for functional best practices and industry-specific capabilities and enabling businesses to adapt to change and compete more effectively. multiple modules. enterprises manage asset lifecycle management. or the complete suite. and to strengthen regulatory compliance. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. scalable business process automation. ERP. Our SOA offers organizations more flexibility in defining business processes. and partners provides sustainable extensibility. Oracle’s Siebel CRM. Oracle E-Business Suite provides better business information for effective decision-making and enables optimal responsiveness. and industry-specific capabilities—and the lowest total cost of ownership of any software vendor. Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) enables businesses to protect existing investments.

manufacturing. innovative testing methodology that begins early in the product’s design phase. To accomplish our goal of providing business value to customers. We also collaborate with Oracle developers in India and worldwide. Siebel solutions are tailored to the unique needs of more than 20 industries and incorporate industry-specific business processes. including prerelease notes. Colorado at the second largest Oracle facility in North America. branch/retail network. Finally. field sales/service force. Financial Management (FMS). Team members investigate how PeopleSoft applications can deliver better. our developers engage in a broad array of technologies encompassing every significant platform. In the midst of the Denver Technology Center. product documentation. We work on all major components necessary to deliver complete. and customer data integration and can be deployed as licensed software or as a hosted service. Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Projects at Oracle More than 5 million users worldwide in organizations of all sizes depend on Siebel solutions to transform how they identify. With Oracle’s extensive global network of partners. simpler. retain. documented PeopleSoft solutions. QA is mission-critical to PeopleSoft. and database. and documentation and curriculum developers. procurement. customers. Many of Oracle’s best and brightest resources work on the QA Team and are chartered with ensuring the delivery of a high-quality product to customers. quality assurance experts. Additionally. 59 . and SCM. PeopleTools is the technology platform upon which PeopleSoft applications are built. no PeopleSoft product is complete without a comprehensive set of reference documentation. we also create cutting-edge solutions for some of the most challenging development problems Oracle faces. Colorado’s second largest employment area. processes. nonprofits. CRM. Siebel’s multichannel offerings allow organizations to intelligently manage and coordinate all customer interactions across the Web. delivering enterprise software requires an effective. Applications development is the cornerstone of this organization and is responsible for the design and creation of PeopleSoft applications in the following areas: Human Capital Management (HCM). and indirect and partner distribution channels. Oracle’s Siebel CRM products are the world’s leading solutions for delivering immediate business results and long-term competitive advantage to customers. acquire. release notes. Our product managers work with customers and industry analysts to identify PeopleSoft application enhancements that will deliver the greatest benefits to customers. Oracle’s Siebel resources provide the people. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). we seek talented resources for our PeopleSoft Team. people. They are the product of more than $2 billion in R&D investments and reflect more than 15 years of experience with more than 4. contact center. operating system.000 organizations. and assets including real estate and capital equipment. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (Denver. CO) Thousands of companies of all sizes. Our documentation and curriculum developers create and package customer-facing content.PeopleSoft Development. PeopleTools Development Team. and business insight. In this team. and technology expertise critical to driving business value from the deployment of customer-facing solutions. We are based in Denver. and training courses. Our developers work cross-functionally with product manager. business intelligence. supply chain. These solutions encompass the management of a company’s finances. we aim to take advantage of Oracle’s complete software and hardware portfolio—including next-generation solutions—to deliver greater value to PeopleSoft customers. Siebel solutions draw upon top capabilities in CRM. best practices. and more interactive user experiences. and governments around the globe use Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business applications. and serve customers.

And we do this by running products before they are ready. strategy. We offer development. Located firmly within the Applications Development organization. 60 . and reduce overall IT costs. QA program management. inventories.. operating systems. ESB. It is tightly integrated and prebundled on a single database. functionality-rich. finances. SOA. a remote site in Argentina. We are the ones who truly make products work before they get into the hands of our countless customers. and improve all of the products Oracle itself uses. JD Edwards World Oracle’s JD Edwards World. A common architecture with robust tools created and continually enhanced by the Development Team enables JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to readily support these different choices and gives customers a common look and feel across all applications—a key competitive advantage when firms evaluate our products. and major browsers. And that is because our mission and explicit charter is to implement. At Oracle. BPEL. and people as a synchronized. The JD Edwards World line of products is specifically designed to support complex business operations with minimal maintenance. We are largely responsible for making Oracle’s business run. Our primary objective is to create an integration suite with native JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Web services capability based on open technologies such as Java. so we can share resources and skills. To call ourselves simply an IT group is to fail to capture the scope of our mission.Projects at Oracle Our applications are developed for multiple platforms using various databases. We have also been responsible for some of the most important enhancements made to Oracle’s applications products. offers midsize businesses a reliable.. and standards-based interfaces. Our developers work on a variety of development areas. a global support center. We are actively adopting Oracle’s next-generation Fusion Middleware. including ERP applications development and integration with Oracle products. support the complexities of managing for success in a global economy. and remote teleworkers. upgrading products first. Our group comprises developers and functional experts who have grown tired of product release cycles that can take years—and have now sought out a faster-paced. this is not only true. reducing implementation cost and complexity. customer loyalty. We also design and build extensions that become features or whole new products. Our division is colocated in Denver with the EnterpriseOne organization. equipment. it has also been instrumental to our continued success. Applications Development IT Running Oracle Itself. run. built for the IBM System i platform (formerly iSeries). you qualify for a special group within Oracle Applications called Applications Development IT (ADIT). What do we mean by this? It means we intentionally use our own products. our group has been responsible for the $1B savings goal Oracle achieved around CY2000 and for successfully integrating more than 70 acquisitions into Oracle systems. Once you’ve successfully developed products for a few years. Oracle’s goals are to increase the quality of customers’ total ownership experience. integrated whole. and trying every conceivable new technology that can provide us with competitive advantage. marketing. more-customer-connected development experience where new challenges await us each and every quarter. Web-enabled ERP environment for world-class management of plants.

use Oracle CRM 61 ... design. distributed order orchestration. Organizations worldwide. Cost Management makes full use of the latest and greatest in the Fusion technology stack. receivables. you will be ready to take your collaboration skills to the next level. including advanced features of Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware. We offer a breadth of experience and scope of mission that few can match. you do. We have team members spread across the US as well as India. interacting with products such as inventory. construct. and profits in a global. Advanced business skills are critical in today’s world and key to a successful business career.. decision-making. Consider meeting us to learn more. and general ledger. costs. fast-paced environment. Manufacturing.. large and small. test. shipping.. Jumpstart your career by acquiring advanced business skills and functional knowledge in key business areas while applying your technical skills and learning new ones in a fun. it covers the range of horizontal applications in addition to many industries.. Numerous application products are offered through the product lines already introduced in this book and are also available in various packages or individual modules. Our projects are challenging and provide opportunities to acquire and use a broad range of business. jumping not just geographical but also cultural boundaries. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) CRM software is one of the fastest-growing segments in the Software Industry. we introduce a small sample of the many teams delivering leading functionality and working on various areas of Oracle Applications. payables.. and financial reporting. Oracle is a global company. our team is uniquely suited for you. technical. Our engineers architect. Oracle Cost Management handles transaction costing along with accounting and valuation analysis to provide customers with cost and profitability insights required for performance evaluation. from writing the most optimized SQL to crunch this data to developing the snappiest UI that can display this data.. purchasing. Cost Management Our team’s mission is to build innovative application software solutions allowing customers to manage and optimize their working capital. Armed with advanced online collaboration tools.. commercial and public sector. Here.Although we typically shy away from newcomers.. and deliver world-class applications using the best available technology and development processes. HR. If you wish to acquire and expand your business knowledge. But great tools alone do not solve the technical challenges of churning large amounts of transaction data from across many products. and collaboration skills. do you get to work with people from across the world on a daily basis right off the bat? As part of Cost Management. Internet-driven economy. We traverse the worlds of SCM and financials. Join the team that hires only the best and cares about your personal development as much as project delivery. But as part of most product teams. you will be working to come up with creative ways of making the best use of these tools. Projects at Oracle Oracle Application Development Teams Customer Relationship Management. ERP Financials. . As part of our team. we are looking for a few top-tier candidates to join us. The choice of functionality offered by all our product lines is extensive.

customer service and contact center. from marketing to loyalty programs. chat. and customer hub. We set the master schedule and milestones and define the overall release process. they need applications to engage customers. using the latest Oracle tools and technology to build our CRM solutions. Product strategists also serve as product experts and product evangelists and work to both deliver product messages to customers and gather feedback on our product plans. and strategy. order capture. Oracle’s CRM applications are vital to the success of businesses worldwide. application. Our wireless and mobile applications also use technologies such as VC+. e-billing. CRM developers are at the forefront of advances in software engineering. Product strategists set the design and future direction of products by analyzing the competitive landscape. Oracle is dedicated to the continual growth and development of our staff. gathering functional requirements. designs. JSP. The footprint of Oracle’s CRM product suite is broad and deep. These specialists work with product management and engineering to create all the functional and technical documentation. We use the latest features of Oracle Database and Application Server. As companies strive to maintain competitiveness and drive new levels of performance in the global. Web self-service and e-service. backgrounds.Projects at Oracle applications to run mission-critical business operations. challenging environment where every person is empowered to show initiative. and be proactive. or the phone to dispatching field technicians to remote locations. and JSF. and industry groups. • Program Management. Oracle CRM offers the unique opportunity to be involved with all of Oracle’s technology. Our product strategy experts work closely with customer advisory boards and business professionals to define the next generation of product requirements. Java. Web-enabled business environment. Our program managers are responsible for managing and planning all the new releases under development. designing XMLbased Web services. becoming database performance experts. CRM Teams provide a full range of opportunities and challenges to apply your skills and grow your career within the heart of Oracle Applications and at the forefront of the CRM Applications Industry through roles such as the following: • Engineering. Our engineers are some of the most innovative in the Software Industry. reduce costs. We participate in many exciting initiatives. Our products are architected based on open Java EE standards and MVC design principles. field and telesales. and expertise. • Technical Publications and Education. J2ME. and Visual Basic. • Product Strategy. We coordinate the deliverables across all other 62 . and automate increasingly complex business processes. working daily with the most exciting technologies and top software development tools. to name just a few. From handling customer inquiries through e-mail. Embedded VC++. help systems. building user-friendly HTML and Java-based user interfaces. Oracle CRM Teams are seeking the best and brightest graduates to deliver the next-generation CRM product suite while continuing to evolve and extend existing product lines. and course materials intrinsic to our product offerings. and creating high-level business requirements and functional designs. you will find yourself in an exciting. No matter your role in CRM. increase customer satisfaction. Web Services. voice opinions. striving constantly to strengthen our expertise while developing new skills. XML. and working side-by-side with our world-class Architecture Team to improve products across Oracle. We enjoy project variety and career advancement opportunities in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere offering a range of experience. covering all facets of the customer experience. The technologies alone will keep you at the top of your game.

release. allows for pervasive intelligence. documentation. flexibility. transportation. product management. coding. Team outings with entertaining events and team members with diverse talents always keep things interesting! Our division works on the Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management (R12) family of applications. and support teams. The strength of globally integrated supply chains that provide visibility. We interact regularly with customers. accurate view of the entire supply chain. testing. We take pride in our global organization: all above functions are performed by people located in North America. this may be the ideal team for you. And when Oracle SCM runs on Oracle technology. product marketing. from engineering to product management. • QA. and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment. We solve complex business problems. QA plays a critically important role in assuring product quality. E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management (SCM) Projects at Oracle Relentless globalization of industries and economies has made supply chains an ever-more critical component of businesses large and small worldwide. construction. Heightened competition from abroad. working closely with product management to prioritize the defects. packaging. sales and operations planning. strategy. and supply management capabilities. Do you want to have fun while developing business software to help companies save money? If so. technical publications. We work hard and play harder. customers speed implementation. from design. and risk management can eliminate enormous costs and help companies grow revenue substantially. adapt and innovate in response to volatile market conditions. demand management. manufacturing. Our QA specialists work very closely with product management and engineering to develop detailed test plans for new releases under development. education. IT. transportation. Companies manage their increasingly complex. automotive. make extending the supply chain globally an imperative. retail. along with a need to look overseas for both new markets and lower-cost sources of supply. and QA. optimize performance. mining. QA. general discrete industries. healthcare. A unified data model provides a single. pharmaceuticals. If you seek a unique challenge and a chance to be at the forefront of technology and business applications development. Our developers support the high-tech/electronics. banking. streamline support—and maximize ROI using product development. Our developers and product managers participate in all software development lifecycle phases. project/aerospace and defense. energy (oil. medical devices.organizations involved with developing new releases. and farming. developing algorithms and heuristics to tackle operational issues of supply 63 . Companies build and operate world-class value chains for profitable growth. demand-driven principles for a customer-focused enterprise. global supply chains using lean. and maintaining product features. coal. gaining the ability to predict market requirements and risks. telecommunications. and provides actionable information for the twenty-first-century enterprise. planning. public sector. consider Oracle CRM. Oracle open standardsbased architecture enables process orchestration. and other locations worldwide. waste management. from manufacturing and facilities and plant maintenance to utilities. and align operations across global networks. Our family of applications integrates and automates all key supply chain processes. India. natural gas). QA experts then execute the test plans and report all the defects found. and more. a complete solution to power information-driven value chains. from analyzing requirements to writing design documents.

operation. Companies rely on contract automation to define specific products and services they sell or buy. smoothes coordination of production and maintenance schedules. services. Leading organizations are finding ways to eliminate excess capital by working with suppliers to identify measures for mutual cost savings opportunities. consultants. health. and public infrastructure. • Asset Lifecycle Management helps customers manage their assets throughout the entire lifecycle. streamline procure-to-pay processes. promotes environmental. Its single-instance design ensures best practices and quality compliance globally. and paying suppliers. from purchase planning. XML. voice and touch screen-based transactions. installation. Oracle Enterprise Asset Management. for example. maintenance. XMLP. streamline contract creation and negotiation. reduce spending on goods and services. payment. and improves both the responsiveness and accuracy of contracted maintenance. tracking. and safety policies. Working capital is yet another area in which procurement organizations are expected to contribute significant returns. ETL and WSDL/RESTful Services). mobile computing. acquisition. Our development teams work on the following products: • Advanced Procurement applications cut all supply management costs. terms and conditions governing factors such as price.0 applications. Our solution uses a unique blend of technologies (Oracle RDBMS 11g. and other mutual obligations of involved parties. and replacement all the way up to disposal or sale of assets. Procurement organizations are expected to substantially reduce overhead costs associated with procure-to-pay processes such as sourcing and supplier selection. managing inventory levels. and provide global visibility into contract documents and key contract performance indicators. ordering. eliminates excess and obsolete spare parts inventories. many companies do not have systems and processes in place to effectively manage the growing numbers of increasingly complex contracts. receiving. ensure compliance of all business transactions. Standardizing and stretching payment terms. and drive policy compliance. intelligent algorithms. BPEL. improving supplier reliability to enable lower inventory requirements. plants. PL/SQL. sales. Our cross-functional team works with customers. With growth in outsourced manufacturing.Projects at Oracle chain processes. and optimization techniques to run high-volume operations efficiently. Java EE. and Oracle development teams and our technology partners to define and deliver efficient world-class supply chain execution solutions. Web Services) to develop next-generation solutions along the lines of Enterprise 2. supports sophisticated. and advanced systems such as automated guided vehicles and robots. • Oracle Contracts streamlines and automates the process of managing all enterprise contracts. SQL. Web-based application modules work together to standardize contract processes. condition-based maintenance strategies for property. construction. intuitive business modeling. 64 . Although most business transactions are governed by contracts. shifting inventory burdens to suppliers. product search and selection. Effective contract management is critical in complying with new federal regulations enacted to combat corporate fraud. receiving invoices. or complex project-based work. and shrinking supplier leadtimes in support of shorter cash-to-cash cycles are all the ways in which our applications help corporate-level procurement groups deliver ROI. EDI. and quality. shipment. We work with Oracle’s latest technology stack (ADF. SOA. Our solution enables customers to exploit advanced technologies such as RFID. Java. Oracle Contracts supports the end-to-end contracting process for both buying and selling of simple goods. many of the world’s most successful manufacturers rely on Oracle products and services to establish an efficient supply chain.

metals. PDAs. Seamlessly integrated applications include order management. planners. and Posco with real-time information access and supports the transition to the virtual manufacturing environment. Oracle Order Management (OM) manages the in-flow of orders from any source. Biogen. from knowing what to manufacture and retain in the warehouses to figuring out how to ship to customers. XML. you need rules that constrain choices. Oracle Process Manufacturing Applications provide an Internet-based solution for solving the complex business problems of process manufacturers such as Blue Bunny. tools for modeling configurable products. Pharmaceutical companies have quality expectations and increasingly stringent FDA and other requirements to satisfy. and warehouse labor management. To configure a product or service that can be configured in various ways. reducing labor costs. and rule-based runtime user interface generation so salespeople or customers can select options to configure a product precisely for what is needed and valid. Oracle Order Fulfillment captures multichannel demand.• Oracle Logistics provides inventory visibility. For example. PPG. including EDI. constraint-based configuration technology. food and beverages. Sherwin-Williams. all fully integrated within Oracle E-Business Suite. Process manufacturers produce pharmaceuticals. Cisco. process. and forestry products. Toshiba. telesales and Web storefronts. and providing innovative services to customers. improving facility use. MDM includes Product Information Management (PIM) Data Hub. Warehouse workforce. Oracle Configurator enables customers to dynamically drive the configuration of products. and operational efficiencies. Customer orders drive all aspects of a business. such as Web or XML. warehouse management. Oracle provides manufacturers such as General Electric. lot-based or Flow—at the right time. • Master Data Management (MDM) solutions enable businesses to consolidate data from disparate systems to create a single source of clean data. The product the company sells must be consistent. departments. Projects at Oracle 65 . Honeywell. and lift-truck-mounted RF scanning devices. • Order Fulfillment. deal management. For example. mobile supply chain applications. Agilent. repetitive. Oracle Configurator provides industry-leading. chemical companies face challenges in reactions. decision-making. and geographies to improve reporting. Order Fulfillment applications streamline and automate the entire sales order management process. and transportation management. increasing order accuracy. Once cleansed. and you need software to apply those rules to create valid configurations. Alcoa. assemble-to-order. and facilities managers use our products to automate and optimize material handling and order fulfillment processes. Our customers depend on us for on-time order fulfillment. and then communicates with all aspects of a business to ensure the orders are properly fulfilled. in a single instance. the data is shared across channels. This enables companies to establish highly customized hybrid manufacturing environments where continuous improvement programs are linked to organizational goals. Operators perform many common warehouse and shop floor transactions and inquiries from any location in the manufacturing facility through the use of handheld radio frequency (RF). All methods can be supported by a single plan. active ingredient potency. from order promising and order capture to transportation and shipment. • Oracle Discrete and Process Manufacturing Applications allow manufacturers to maximize operating efficiency and flexibility by deploying the best manufacturing method for each product—discrete. engineer-to-order. ensuring adequate supply and management of goods within the warehouse and en route between sites. Alcoa. advanced pricing. and the effects of plant humidity. and others. referencing a single inventory database. configurator. chemicals. real-time inventory accuracy. Sony.

such as functional design and integration testing. Oracle offers professional certification in operations management. Through an extensive functional training program. Oracle offers four Financial Management product lines to drive enterprise value with better information for targeting growth and a platform for sustainable compliance. technical training. These include Oracle E-Business Suite Financials. as well as the following: • General Ledger.Oracle Site Hub. Applications within these product lines automate and streamline financial business processes. largest data volumes. General Ledger supports the highest transaction rates. thus forming the financial backbone of our customers’ enterprise architectures. Our Oracle E-Business Suite SCM division members are interested in business and technology and have a strong technical education. enhanced reporting using XML. centralized services to transform transactions into financial entries. This comprehensive financial management solution dramatically enhances financial controls. or video games? Companies make difficult decisions like these every day—decisions that will have a profound strategic and financial impact on their business. They provide visibility into business-critical information via Oracle’s leading business intelligence technologies. analytical. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management. and smallest processing windows. deductions and trade promotions. PeopleSoft Enterprise Financial Management. and programming skills in the industry through development assignments. extremely high-volume journal processing using advanced database-tuning techniques. When a company needs to know which customers have bought the most new products or which product line is most profitable. • Subledger Accounting. stimulating environment with tremendous careergrowth opportunities. you make the call! Financial Management Projects at Oracle Should a high-tech company acquire a small start-up—or build technology in-house? Should a brokerage firm raise capital by borrowing money or by issuing stock? Should a music company sign new artists or manage its current roster? Should an entertainment business invest more heavily in movies. customer and credit integration. including Web services and BPEL. data collection. Are you ready to play an active role in this revolution? If so. we can become experts in business information systems. We develop some of the most sought-after technical. self-service bill payment and B2B e-commerce using XML. and on-the-job activities. We offer the chance to become part of a competitive. plant visits. It does this by providing desktop integration with spreadsheet applications. This integration technology tying together all of the financial applications provides consistent. Subledger Accounting tells them. such as billing for various industries. telephony and scripting. contact our group and join the teams that hire only the best and care about your personal development and performance-based rewards as much as project delivery. Now. database. 66 . They include a number of patented e-commerce applications. decisions requiring information and insights from people throughout the company. credit and risk management. Oracle Financial Management applications are the tools they use to gather and synthesize financial information from across the entire company. and intuitive Java and XML-based UIs. and JD Edwards World Financial Management. electronics. information access. and financial reporting throughout the enterprise. making it possible to answer complex questions like these. and Oracle Supplier Hub. taking advantage of key emerging technologies.

As a key component of Oracle’s Asset Lifecycle Management solution. • Commitment Control. It simplifies management of capital investments with seamless integration. • Expenses. • Globalization and Public Sector. and encumbrance and liquidation management. For example. responsible for validating. It provides the infrastructure for tax knowledge management and delivery using a global system architecture that is configurable and scalable for adding country-specific tax content. receipts. customer deduction. The cornerstone of Oracle’s order-to-cash solution enables companies to streamline invoicing. assigned tasks. Oracle’s travel and expense solution streamlines and automates travel spend management for a dramatic. • Payments. It improves margins. and agencies of the United States Federal Government. receivables and cost management. • E-Business Tax. payables. financial operations for public sector firms. optimizing customer relationships. expenses. and optimizes business relationships to drive better decision-making. Payments services the request. and optimized business processes at the lowest cost. It is a payment factory. funds checking and reservation. Our expenditure management product streamlines the procure-to-pay process while providing strong financial controls and strategic financial information. and strategy-related actions to the right collections agent at the right time. Commitment Control delivers extremely flexible configuration options to let customers monitor and control their expenditure and revenue activity dynamically. immediate return on investment with direct impact on the bottom line. • Assets. broken promises. Central features support budget entry and posting. instills corporate and fiscal discipline. when a customer credit card has to be charged for a purchase made on a Web store. These processing efficiencies enable companies to reduce cost of ownership and improve accuracy of fixed assets accounting and compliance. It is designed to support transactions from HR. This bridges the gap between back-office transactional data and front-office customer management processes by providing an intelligent tool for collection departments to better understand and manage their customers. • Payables. regulatory compliance. formatting. monitor and forecast global cash requirements and transactions. and providing strategic information. and flexible accounting rules. and delivering payment instructions to third-party payment systems. This supports business application functionality for three key market areas: global financial operations for commercial firms. 67 Projects at Oracle . The system automatically tracks and pushes data on delinquencies. Oracle Assets strives to maximize return-on-capital investment. The Oracle E-Business Suite payment engine provides disbursement and funds capture services to other Oracle applications. and revenue recognition processing while improving cash flow. and perform automated bank reconciliation. • Collections. This enterprisewide solution for optimizing liquidity and controlling cash enables you to manage bank relationships.• Receivables. automated business flows. Liquidity management is critical to the financial health of any company. procurement. • Cash Management. The architecture provides a configurable approach to integrate tax services from ecosystem players and help customers keep their tax content up to date and manage tax returns efficiently. Oracle’s central solution for managing transaction-based taxes uses a service-oriented architecture.

We are creative and visionary while staying detail-oriented and aligned with the big picture. Oracle FSM enables the export/import (and reporting) of all setup tasks and data between instances. conceptualize. partners. and provide managers with the right 68 . built with the latest Fusion Middleware technology. We are responsible for realizing a complete higher education solution across Oracle applications. The Oracle Higher Education Division responsibilities cover the entire product lifecycle of Oracle’s application development and release process. We are a close-knit team of motivated. and completely standards-based. Consider joining our group and using the latest leading-edge technology to build Oracle FSM. and customer interaction. As Oracle’s next-generation solution.Projects at Oracle Our Financials Division seeks engineers and product managers to work on our exciting products and help drive Fusion. improve and maximize workforce skills. compensate when competing for scarce resources. We make use of strong intellectual and exceptional interpersonal skills and are adaptable. Once the application is setup and running. We also work closely with our development partners from various higher education institutions across the world to develop a flexible system. tuition payments. Our team is responsible for product definition. Team members analyze. registration. from business strategy to design. Join a division that works on a critical market space for Oracle and that is charting Oracle’s long-term growth. This significantly improves SaaS deployment and enables our consultants. but the workforce is also its largest asset. the industry-leading setup application! Higher Education. and customers to quickly implement Fusion Applications at a much lower cost. Functional Setup Manager (Fusion) What does it take to lower the cost of setting up and maintaining an entire Oracle E-Business Suite application? It takes a new way of designing and building the entire application with the concept of setup with export/import across instances as an integral part of that design. collateral development. and even to orchestrate the migration from a legacy application like Siebel or PeopleSoft. self-driven contributors working crossfunctionally with all Fusion product teams. business intelligence. and release. Student System Our division develops an Internet-based student system to handle admissions. and self-confident players. Human Capital Management (HCM) Human resource costs typically represent the largest single expense an organization faces. This product is designed to be completely integrated with the Fusion Applications. independent. Team members are energetic self-starters who are interested in cutting-edge technologies. Oracle FSM is designed to offer a single user interface for executing all setup tasks in an organized. enrollment. and articulate ideas with the highest level of competency. design. Fusion exploits the most innovative technologies and provides challenging development projects from day one. Our talented application engineers not only design and develop the product but also participate in testing and training activities. build. Our group is responsible for delivering the new Oracle Functional Setup Manager (FSM) in Fusion that will dramatically improve the ownership experience by lowering the cost of implementation and maintenance. Companies worldwide need HCM applications to help manage their employees. Customers will use FSM to set up their Fusion Applications. Sound familiar? We attract recent top college graduates like you to help Oracle develop the most innovative student system in the world. We work closely with our customers and field teams to translate our vision into a product by using the latest Web-based technologies and tools from Oracle to build. and financial aid processes for higher education. task-oriented approach. lower their administrative costs. enhancements.

If you want to use emerging technologies and deployment mechanisms like SOA. analysis. standard Java technologies. You will work in a dynamic environment. To identify these opportunities. such as grid computing and BPEL capabilities. reduce/eliminate waste and maximize use resulting in better margins. The Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center Group focuses on building solutions for the rapidly growing market for business operations analytics and 69 . track and account for assets and more—all from applications that are built on unified information architecture. They want to provide fixed and variable-rate leases/loans and revolving loans. combined with related products and services. and quality assurance to build widely used HCM products offering a user experience that is second to none. Our product is architected on the Oracle database. As part of the HCM Development Team. To grow market share. As part of Oracle EBS. global organization. HCM Development is a people-oriented. usability. and cloud computing to develop solutions for the evolving Financial Services Industry. Technical challenges. meeting diverse people and collaborating across different time zones. disburse funds to vendors and investors. financiers require the flexibility to offer multiple financing structures. bill and collect payments. Lease and Finance Management uses the power of Oracle EBS to help customers increase operation excellence and discipline. and optimize business relationships. Our Engineering Team works in emerging technologies and uses the most recent development tools in the industry. Lease and Finance Management uses Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications to standardize leasing processes and provide equipment financing solutions to efficiently manage all aspects of our customer’s lease and loan finance business: manage customer and vendor relationships. Financiers who provide large-scale equipment financing require the ability to securitize financial instruments or manage syndication agreements with investors. you’ll work in partnership with strategic management. capture new markets. development. direct finance. Captive financiers frequently require the flexibility to bill revenue and charge costs based on equipment use. they need shop floor information that can be acted upon in a timely fashion. Our team members are self-motivated individuals who learn quickly and can offer their strong interpersonal and teamwork skills. asset-based finance companies seek solutions to manage their equipment financing operations more efficiently to gain a competitive advantage.information to make good decisions. Lease and Finance Management is in a unique position to provide integrated asset-based finance solutions. including operating. and a variety of markup languages. We also exploit the latest Oracle technology. Manufacturing Operations Center Manufacturing companies are constantly focused on continuous improvement and lean Six Sigma programs to reduce cost. career development. and a superior ownership experience. design. Lease and Finance Management Projects at Oracle Executives of top tier. user assistance. Many financiers are service providers who pass revenue billed on to their customers and require automatic billing and payment processing. This information architecture enables automation of business processes to share unified information across the entire leasing enterprise and make smarter decisions with better information. The foundation behind our technology includes our best-in-class database and middleware that enables us to deliver industry-leading functionality. Oracle HCM’s next generation of standards-based applications (Fusion) takes advantage of an SOA to provide customers with better business insight. and sales-type leases and loans. then your future starts here. more adaptable business processes. SaaS. and training opportunities abound. BPEL.

cricket players. warehousing. and other ERP solutions. and BPEL.5 billion doses of prescription medicines purchased annually can be counterfeits. ODI. BAM. support of large volumes of data. It is estimated that in the US alone. This allows for increased shop floor-to-top floor visibility within manufacturing companies worldwide across multiple industries. BPEL. Alcoa. We use a variety of Oracle Fusion technology components. PeopleSoft. badminton champions. potentially 1 percent of the 3. self-motivated product managers and engineers who want a challenging career that has great professional and personal growth opportunities and who can also take pride in working to combat illegal counterfeiting. Oracle Fusion Procurement is Oracle’s next-generation procurement solution that draws from and improves upon Oracle E-Business Suite Procurement and PeopleSoft Procurement solutions. With this solution. Do you want to make a difference in defining and shaping the next-generation solution that supports continuous improvement and Oracle’s Green and Sustainability initiatives for the enterprise? Join our team of business and technology experts. Although designed with the objective of addressing life sciences challenges. the solution can be used in any industry where there is a need for serialization and anti-counterfeiting. The solution needs to be responsive to multiple challenges— ongoing regulatory changes to combat increasingly sophisticated drug counterfeiting must make it interoperable with multiple transaction systems. and delivery of great performance. These serial numbers provide the mechanism for verifying product authenticity as it moves through the supply chain. and Visa? To be challenged every step of the way? To join an outstanding team of triathletes. This allows us to complement and integrate to multiple Oracle product lines. This will aid in identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption and the overall greenhouse gas emissions. It provides a comprehensive framework to collect operations information in real time and present the information in role-based dashboards for the operations managers to make tactical and strategic decisions. from million-dollar items to pens and paper clips. ex-college football captains. and SOA) and open-standards-based Java UI. JD Edwards. Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager Did you know that counterfeit medicines are a worldwide problem and threat to public health and safety? This is a problem both in developing nations and developed nations. including ADF.Projects at Oracle performance management. ping pong paddlers. stimulating work environment to further your professional and personal growth. including Oracle’s Fusion Middleware (OBIEE. globally unique product serial numbers. We seek high-energy. The Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager group is building a solution with one key objective in mind—to safeguard the consumer from potentially harmful counterfeit drugs. and region. organization presidents and dancers who also code on the side?! If so. join our division and develop products that help companies save money on everything they buy. we enable real-time processing of data. OBIEE. SOA. and online analytical processing (OLAP). companies can manage the creation of standards-based. Using the latest technologies. Our group has also taken another key initiative to build a solution to monitor energy consumption and other sustainability aspects of a company’s operations. resulting in a positive environmental impact. including Oracle E-Business Suite. country. Laws governing the prevention of drug counterfeiting are evolving and currently vary by state. 70 . enabling streamlining business processes. Procurement (Fusion) Do you want to develop business software and get exposure to dozens of different Oracle Applications that drive businesses like GE. We provide a challenging.

project-based work and the ability to manage. intuitive way to view orders. the users need access to those highly tuned stores. aerospace and defense. Because so many employees use the application. Through our mature Applications Unlimited product lines. and access invoice and payment information. SP reduces the administrative burden of managing a large supply base. Projects (Fusion) Projects at Oracle In today’s services-based economy. For example. Fusion Sourcing is the execution engine for such initiatives. standards-based platform that makes use of latest technologies such as SOA. and the Oracle RDBMS. including resource management. we emphasize ease of use. The team has numerous patents awarded as well as several pending. and education and research. Purchasing integrates deeply with all the other Procurement products and with many other Fusion products. as well as classics like Java. the application lets users shop with those Web stores and then continue the process in SSP. Fusion Sourcing includes cool technologies such as real-time graphical bid monitors and decision support tools. entertainment. Our team is building the next generation of enterprise applications that will create competitive advantage for our customers in project-driven industries such as professional services. Its predecessor products support the operations of many Fortune 500 companies. system performance.Fusion Procurement is built using Oracle’s cutting-edge Fusion Middleware platform. Because our customers have widely varying spending approval requirements. PO can directly accept the output of an MRP run. engineering and construction. contracts. Fusion Purchasing (PO) is the execution backbone of the Fusion Procurement suite. Prices negotiated via Fusion Sourcing can be loaded into content-rich catalogs in Fusion Self-Service Procurement (SSP). Some typical commodity strategies are to consolidate supply base or to find low-cost suppliers. Our Oracle Fusion Projects Team is now unifying the best capabilities from each of those existing product lines in a new product suite based on Java and open standards. including financials. and financial systems. and intellectually 71 . Companies deploy SP to offer their suppliers an easy. For manufacturing companies. Our exciting and growing development group provides a fast-paced. from simple reverse auctions through sophisticated multiround RFQs. logistics. and efficiency. Oracle has greatly expanded our projects solution footprint from project accounting to enterprise project management. inventory. PO consists of powerful transaction engines and offers a reliable. account. portfolio management. It consists of several powerful components. collaboration. retail development. PL/SQL. and business intelligence. we’ve developed a flexible approvals solution that makes use of the latest Oracle technology. and Ajax. To meet this need. automatically directing orders to the right suppliers based on predefined sourcing rules. government. We strive to combine our knowledge of technology and procurement business processes to provide the best solutions to our customers. track. As more suppliers provide specialized buying experiences in their Web stores and display negotiated prices. and bill for that work are increasingly critical to the success of world-class companies and organizations. and projects. The Fusion Procurement Team continually innovates. Once an order to buy is placed. BPEL. With direct links into receiving. challenging. highly scalable solution. Companies compare competitive bids and determine from whom to buy. an open. Employees use SSP to identify and request the products and services they need to get their jobs done. They manage sourcing events. Fusion Supplier Portal (SP) takes over. procurement departments undertake various initiatives to deliver savings to the company. acknowledge and modify them.

If your goal is to develop an exciting career and benefit from exposure to the latest technology and functionality within Oracle Applications. regional. Real Estate Management Applications In today’s economy. and we implement Internet-based solutions using diverse technology stacks. and performance tracking. roll out. and QA engineers are involved in a broad range of functionality and technology. Oracle’s Real Estate Management Suite has all the necessary components to support whole-life real estate activities. If you are interested in the intersection of business and technology. inventory 72 . Join the team that drives and delivers the most comprehensive real estate management solution: the Oracle Property Manager Product Development Team! Are you a person who enjoys challenges with lots of responsibility? Would you like to have an immediate. Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Our diverse mix of technical staff ranges from patent-holders with decades of experience to recent graduates from top universities. Asia Pacific (APAC). Our team members have harnessed the power of a global organization to develop the leading enterprise real estate management solution. procurement. Oracle has acquired and continues to build outstanding products in supply chain network design. such as Java. you will gather and analyze information to define and communicate product requirements. manufacturing. to provide the next-generation application to the marketplace. design. self-motivated product managers and engineers to build next-generation software on the latest Fusion technology platform. real estate is no longer regarded as a fixed cost. you will be involved in the design and implementation of a large-scale system using relational databases and Oracle’s advanced Java-based technology stack. streamline operations. We provide excellent professional and personal growth opportunities as we define. development engineers. such as ADF. Oracle Development Tools. Latin America (LAD). Supply Chain Globalization (Fusion) The Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Globalization Group has one main mandate: we are responsible for addressing global. intuitive Web applications based on relational and object database design. The Oracle Property Manager Team is a group of energetic achievers who have acquired a strong working knowledge and expertise in designing and building easy-to-use. As an applications engineer. and local requirements of non-US countries in Europe. we focus on the latest. risk management. and distribution. develop. Our product managers. create design specifications. financial processing. and PL/SQL. greatest technology. We seek high-energy. including planning.Projects at Oracle stimulating yet fun-filled work environment. Retailers are looking at inventive ways to better manage current obligations and strategically plan for growth while minimizing the overhead of store operations. we want to talk to you. Corporations are pressuring real estate executives to reduce the impact of occupancy costs on the bottom line and improve space management across the enterprise. We cover the full supply chain spectrum. our group could be your next home. Fusion Projects is a great place to make a difference. HTML. and XMLP. Part of the Fusion development organization. and work with other groups to ensure successful product release. SQL. and enhance portfolio management. and Japan for the SCM Division. Real estate organizations and investors must find new ways to increase tenant retention. Value Chain Planning Oracle Value Chain Planning is a top-selling family of products and the world’s best solution for managing global supply chain networks. BPEL. and support the products. from acquisition or leasing through construction and facilities management. Web Services. As a product analyst. important impact on a sophisticated software product? If so. XML. logistics.

genetic algorithms. our powerful components integrate tightly with other Oracle ERP. With more than 5. cash. Exceptional design and programming language skills contribute to the competitiveness of our advanced planning product offering. messaging (XML). WebCenter.500 value chain planning customers spanning all industries. JavaScript. trading partner collaboration. We use optimization techniques such as linear and integer programming. suppliers. Web 2. suppliers. JSP. planning analytics. and Oracle Database. Team members understand optimization techniques and algorithms. technical aptitude. and firewalls. problem solving. yet a sophisticated XML architecture also enables them to be deployed on a standalone basis for integration with non-Oracle ERP systems. predictive trade planning and trade promotion optimization. ODI.000 planning customers across the world and more than 1. global constraint-based order promising. In addition. which includes technologies such as Java EE. and Oracle Hyperion components. and data warehousing. holistic supply chain and factory planning. and XML. carriers) in the supply chain. Oracle is an established leader in the supply chain planning field. and simulated annealing to develop top supply chain algorithms that optimize the use of material. Built on an adaptive planning data model. coordination. we use advanced Bayesian-Markov statistics and analytical engines in our demand management and predictive trade planning and optimization products. We invite you to become part of our global and dynamic Value Chain Planning Development Team. Our products are differentiated in the market because they hide the typical optimization and statistics complexity behind user interfaces designed for planners. and Java. collaborative demand management and assumption-based forecasting. real-time production scheduling. Oracle Fusion Middleware.optimization. we enable new levels of intelligence. Using time management. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). SOA. including components such as BPEL.0. directories. HTTP/HTML. real-time sales and operations planning. and resources (manufacturing. service parts planning. relational and object database design. All products meet the highest-quality standards and share the strong foundation of Oracle products. The Value Chain Planning Team is moving aggressively forward with the latest Fusion technology. ESSBase (OLAP). and carriers. Oracle’s planning products are built using the latest technology advances in Oracle Database. Internet technologies such as Web/application servers. and quality for companies and their customers. Java. DHTML. Oracle CRM. and communication skills. and rapid in-memory event-driven simulation planning. Projects at Oracle 73 . Oracle Fusion Middleware.

video. Utilities.. including Portal Software. Retail. social networking. the world’s leading communications and media companies manage their businesses better... and HotSIP. Health Sciences. They must approach their operational infrastructure with a new mindset. Companies globally must overcome many challenges. Net-4-Call... and maturing their operations infrastructure to enable fast time-to-market combined with an efficient. Oracle has developed unique organizations that contain dedicated development. creating rapid change and business model evolution. predictable cost structure. Software from Oracle Utilities puts the world’s best utility companies (electric. broadband. CM companies are rapidly evolving in a new digitally connected landscape. New market entrants are creating technology disruptions to traditional business models. Oracle Health Sciences focuses on healthcare and life sciences. Sophoi. BEA.. CM companies are moving towards the convergence of services and markets. water) at an even greater advantage. This leads to a tremendous opportunity for packaged software automation to change the landscape. Retail. the CM industries have primarily custom-built the operations infrastructure they deploy to meet their business needs (most IT spend is on man power to custom build and maintain). This brings with it no shortage of technology challenges and opportunities for innovation.. Communications. With an increased focus into industries. Health Sciences.. consulting.. and Utilities. Oracle has some new designated divisions that are not industry-specific such as Primavera. Whether buying other companies to expand their product portfolio or geographic coverage.. Communications Oracle Communications builds software that enables the world’s leading communications and media (CM) companies to manage their businesses more effectively for competitive advantage in the marketplace. • We help customers rapidly design and introduce new CM products through integrating the concept-creation and design-time aspects of creating products and automating the 74 . Netsure. Communications companies are evolving offerings in significant ways: They are opening up their networks and continually expanding the portfolio of products they offer (voice. and product strategy teams focused on a particular industry. Primavera. expanding geographically to provide coverage to more subscribers.ORACLE INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS .. SUN. which offers enterprise project and portfolio management software for project-intensive industries. We are currently developing some exciting projects in collaboration with our customers.. sales. unified division supported by the scale and technical expertise of Oracle. MetaSolv. Oracle Communications combines and integrates market-leading software applications and CM experts from leading companies. Each of these divisions engages in important development work. With Oracle Communications.. application stores) through a growing array of access devices. These include Communications.. Oracle Retail improves retailers’ businesses through the latest Retail Industry technologies. market development. Oracle is at the forefront of enabling this change and is accelerating the pace of this reality. gas. Market consolidation and acquisition play a strong role in executing their strategy. digital content. In addition. into a single. Today... AND PRIMAVERA Projects at Oracle World’s Leading Companies Rely on These Divisions. messaging. Previously.

and many other dimension of business intelligence extracted from communication provider network and application data. and revenue management. We use ADF Mobile Client capabilities for native publishing to multiple mobile platforms. we are developing applications that allow healthcare and life sciences professionals to perform their jobs through efficient. and key healthcare processes to enable our customers to move along the journey to personalized medicine. billing. and medical device companies. pharmaceutical. innovative solutions integrate R&D. creating a content-rich partner ecosystem for digital assets. biotechnology. Java EE.1 and Android SDK to develop native applications for platforms where this optimizes their utility for our customers and their customers. ECM. clinical development. We discover. fast-paced development environment using the best software and hardware technologies. network congestion. providing a dynamic. Projects at Oracle Health Sciences Oracle Health Sciences (HS) is a specialized global organization focused on two key industries: healthcare and life sciences. and market innovative products and services that prevent and cure disease and enhance quality of life. • We support the launch of new prepaid and postpaid services and competitive business models through innovation in rating. Oracle Application Integration Architecture. The Communications Industry is ever-changing and fast-paced. buying patterns. • We help customers develop new strategies through a better understanding of customer usage patterns. We deliver critical solutions to healthcare providers. • We enable our customers to open up their different networks and allow software developers to build applications that interact with and use their network assets. payers. Focusing on the iOS4 and Android platforms. We then use the iOS SDK 4.0.0. we are able to bridge the worlds of professional caregivers and researchers and that of the patients and their families they serve. a Java EE framework based on the Model View Controller architecture and promoting a service-oriented architecture. payments. and submission. • We maximize revenue opportunity for digital assets by enabling intellectual property rights management and royalties. certain to keep you learning and growing professionally. and UX Design Patterns. BPEL. Protocol Center uses leading technologies and architectures such as SOA. Each of the above investment projects employ state-of-the-art technology. JDeveloper. We are focused on retrospective and predictive analytics. • Mobile Applications for Healthcare and Life Sciences. BPM. The end product can be sent directly to an IRB instructional review board for approval. mobile applications. develop. identity management. offering a top industry solution for aggregating clinical and nonclinical data for analysis. This real-time collaboration document authoring system enables the development of complete protocol documents. Some of our recent projects include the following: • Protocol Center. Web 2.runtime aspects of selling and delivering new products. It is based on ADF. With the revolution in healthcare sweeping the globe today. 75 . Our leading. our division is focused on how these two industries are converging to accelerate bringing better treatments to patients with the right outcomes faster. Using new UI paradigms and leading mobile technology platforms. reporting.

contract management. testers. Our organization continuously adapts to stay competitive in a rapidly changing Software Industry. Each team member tackles multiple aspects of the software development process. Primavera was a small. continuous build and integration. such as planning. we are able to take advantage of the industry and technological leadership of Oracle while still retaining the atmosphere of a small company. Primavera has provided the software foundation enabling all types of businesses to achieve excellence in managing their portfolios.000 cardiovascular patients over a 30-year period. As a division of Oracle. If you are interested in working with highly talented individuals and pathbreaking projects. projects. AIA is based upon industry reference models that optimize business performance though documented industry best practice processes. and reuse. Our development practices include empowered teams. and risk management solutions used by customers worldwide. Our development group builds enterprise-level solutions for our customers in project-intensive industries. Primavera Project and Portfolio Management Oracle’s Primavera is the world’s leading project and portfolio management software organization. Teams are colocated. Working with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic and using Oracle SOA technology. requirements analysis. BPM. we provide a solution and support for the study and reporting of outcomes for approximately 115. The application captures cardiology data and persists the data in a semantic structure in order to be able to perform cohort identification. resource management. • The Cleveland Clinic Semantic DB project. We solve this challenge with technologies such as SemanticDB rules languages and ontology languages such as OWL. and a heavy emphasis on automated testing.Projects at Oracle • Application Integration Architecture for Clinical Trial Management. Our applications provide project and portfolio management. and testing. RDF and XML. we want you on our team. including Java. AIA is based on Fusion Middleware SOA Suite for maximum flexibility. Our engineering team works with emerging technologies and the latest development tools in the industry. dynamic environment and a great mix of project management and software engineering opportunities. privately owned company. 76 . Since 1983. implementation. and Web Services. Our product development is done in cross-functional teams including programmers. and want to make a difference in people’s lives. Primavera products have managed projects totaling an estimated $6 trillion plus in value. Oracle’s Primavera offers a highly collaborative. maintainability. SOA. programs. This project delivers a prebuilt Process Integration Pack for transferring and integrating data to Oracle’s life sciences applications. We use an agile development approach that incorporates regular retrospectives and process improvement to ensure that we are always building software in the most efficient. creating a fun and highly social environment that fosters team collaboration. XML. The ingenuity and productivity of our engineers is crucial to our success. and resources. effective way possible. Prior to becoming part of Oracle in November 2008. BI. and business analysts.

77 . Web sites.Retail Oracle Retail partners with the world’s leading retail companies to transform the economics of their business. and replenishment of merchandise across a retailer’s enterprise • Implement new concepts. gas. and increase productivity. Oracle Retail teams collaborate on product enhancements that continually improve retailers’ businesses by using emerging Retail Industry technologies. make better business decisions. including SPL WorldGroup. invoice matching. renewable energy. Moore. Across Oracle Retail’s global locations. data mining. and Ajax help Oracle Retail customers process billions of transactions. pre-integrated and proven to scale to support the petabytes of data that Smart Grid initiatives will bring along with them. Technologies such as Java. OLAP cubes. accurate data across business functions and channels while also using retail functionality such as price management. and A. Our many successful retailers include Abercrombie & Fitch. Lodestar. comprehensive source of consistent. As utilities globally undergo a seismic shift in their operating model due to factors like climate change. Wet Seal. The future of retailing requires that businesses adapt to changing consumer needs and use intelligence to drive repeat shoppers at each channel. science-driven models that determine optimal pricing. including geospatial correlations of weather and retail data • Enable true multichannel retailing by delivering a consistent shopping experience across all retail channels—at the store level. including point-of-service at the register and inventory management through handheld devices • Integrate systems using a message-based integration platform built on JMS technology that is preconfigured to meet the high-volume needs of the Retail Industry For more information about Oracle Retail. sales auditing. allocation. Oracle Retail is consistently introducing innovative new projects such as next-generation iPhone/iPad applications. CES International. and Synergen. Projects at Oracle Utilities Oracle Utilities builds software for the world’s utility companies (including electric. allowing retailers to do the following and more: • Maintain a single. trade management. into a single unified division supported by the scale and technical expertise of Oracle. and smart grid technologies. Oracle Utilities provides the broadest suite of utility-specific software applications to the global market. Nordstrom. Axion. Stein Mart.html. and water) to manage their businesses more effectively.C. Through an IT footprint that accelerates a retailer’s business and differentiates it from the Oracle Utilities is their trusted software partner. Oracle Retail solutions enable organizations to serve their customers better by applying insight into daily business decisions for more profitable results. projects stem from our integrated suite of solutions. and the incorporation of social media methodologies into retail communications and messaging. Oracle Utilities combines market-leading software applications and utility computing experts from leading companies. and more • Use analytical models and optimization routines that help in efficient planning. and through catalogs or call center • Apply store-level business functionality. visit oracle.

An increase in renewable energy sources in the wider community presents opportunities to minimize the effects of power outages in the surrounding areas and hence increase grid reliability via the use of MicroGrids. We plan to use SOA integration technology available within the Oracle Fusion Middleware suite. The Oracle Business Intelligence suite and Oracle Spatial technology will be at the core of this project. as well as fewer power outages. running power equipment at more optimized levels prolongs the life of the asset. business intelligence. customers want greater control over their costs and their carbon footprint. rapidly increasing global energy demand. Our task is to help utility companies globally to overcome these plus many more challenges. Customer expectations are increasing based on their experience from interacting with other industries and living in a connected world.Projects at Oracle The Utilities Industry is facing enormous challenges. and technology investments in Smart Metering programs enable utilities to truly understand how customers use their services. and consumer user experience technology. • Customer Demands. This extends network management technology and will be on the leading edge of the Smart Grid evolution. • End-to-End Integrated Business Processes. phone. allowing customers to interact with the utility when they want and in the manner they want (such as Web. and rapid technology advances. Some of the exciting projects we are currently developing in collaboration with our customers include the following: • Enterprise Business Intelligence. In addition. which means utilities need to increase information availability through added technology investments. potentially saving millions in capital expenditure costs while reducing outages. are forcing utilities to transform their businesses virtually overnight. • Customer Self Service. greater public expectations. Also. chat). • MicroGrid Controller. including climate change. We are helping utilities turn petabytes of data into actionable information through Oracle technologies and a prebuilt data warehouse and analytics portal to support the Oracle Utilities suite of software applications. an aging workforce. Proactive maintenance work on assets can lead to reduced costs overall. Knowledge of the physical network and the available distributed generation assets can enable sophisticated switching directions in order to protect the power supply for as many customers as possible during outage scenarios. We are providing a pre-integrated communications gateway for the Oracle Utilities suite of software applications. Increases in peak consumption rates continue to skyrocket. including social media. This program will use Java. forcing utilities to either invest billions on new infrastructure or undertake initiatives to reduce peak consumption rates and overall conservation programs. We are providing configurable business process automation across the Utility Industry’s broadest suite of mission-critical software. • Demand Response Management. • Management of Distribution Network. Retiring expert staff means increased reliance on software to automate critical processes and provide guidance to less-experienced replacement staff. Utilities need to live up to the expectations of their customer base and provide various channels for communications. Optimizing travel paths for work crews not only increases their overall efficiency and reduces costs but also reduces their carbon footprint. • Increasing Operational Efficiencies. improving customer satisfaction. 78 . Understanding customer consumption patterns is key to altering behavior. A culmination of events.

methodology. predictive monitoring. and Product Management Teams are based in four primary development centers: US. knowledgeable about industry-leading enterprise hardware infrastructure and applications. XML. distributed architectures to applications built on Java standards and using open. Just as our On Demand and Customer Support businesses focus on Oracle’s customers to provide superior ownership experience. Also. Adobe Flash. US. The On Demand Platform and Systems Engineering Team defines and builds standard deployment architectures for Oracle products into Oracle On Demand and ACS. and so on. change. Romania. Our organization spans the globe. and other highly scalable.. This team breaks through traditional barriers to innovation in IT. The work covers a broad set of areas. This consists of Oracle products on an optimized hardware. optimized services. distributed storage management over heterogeneous platforms. such as innovative statistical methods for diagnosing and resolving problems. These architectures are built on state-of-the-art technology and are tested to meet the demands of enterprise application users. so we take advantage of RIA tools. 79 . Targeting areas that provide sustainable competitive advances. Our developers are systems engineers. Systems Engineering. charts. The Emerging Technology Team looks forward to ensuring we are ahead of the curve on technology innovation for Customer Services. Shared data is managed by the Oracle relational database in the form of well-normalized data and XML-schema-based structures. fast-paced development environment. India. such as SOA. graphs. Web-based application user interfaces built on Ajax are delivered in configurable portals. This team has expertise across Oracle products and modern languages and architectures. and problem management. Our Solutions Engineering. including international localization features. as we can develop and test directly against the real problems we are attempting to solve. and talent that make us unique. Ireland. The ACS Platform and Solutions Engineering Team builds end-to-end engineered solutions for Oracle’s ACS and On Demand customers. Web Services. clusters. Service Engineering looks beyond current ways of doing things to bring paradigm changing and result-focused innovations to accelerate our businesses. Emerging Technology. and storage platform. or service growth opportunities. Advanced Customer Services (ACS) Platform. configuration. interactive maps. delivered on Java EE application servers. On Demand Platform. We pull together the capabilities of multiple Oracle products into broader IT solutions built around service management areas such as monitoring. Web Services-based APIs. the Service Engineering division focuses on our process and technology to make our businesses more efficient and effective. We build to minimize variance across customer environments and to gain full use from the platform. cost reductions. Java.Each of the above investment projects will employ the best technology for a dynamic. network. UNIX. Accessibility and efficiency are critical. It is our approach.. and product enhancements. Projects at Oracle ORACLE SERVICE ENGINEERING Making the Complex Simple. We deliver solutions that reach customers in the form of new services. and Windows servers running grids. and Romania. India. This technology ranges from development for Linux. Ireland... operating system. SQL. Mobile client development uses rich mobile interfaces on handheld and other mobile technology. and application energy utilization models. and PL/SQL.

Product Management works across all facets of the company to help define new services and optimize the current portfolio. Oracle Asia Research & Development Center. ORACLE CHINA Asia Research and Development Center. OARDC China. and support customer/partner/government projects requiring a long-term focus. To support our mission. Research areas focus on RFID sensors. we offer offshore services for the Japan market.. including facilities. we do testing and attend to other local requirements. and key processes. This is also home for our Partner Solution Center for Technology. e-Government. 80 . Shanghai OARDC Shanghai was established in July 2007 and is located in the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) with 14 neighboring major universities and colleges in Yangpu District of Shanghai. support the Sales Teams with product knowledge and proof of concepts (POCs). we enable partner technology. Ltd. and the Partner Solution Center. and architecture. we are tightly engaged with license and alliances and channels. OARDC China. we have many goals. More than 800 developers work at three centers in Oracle China. Our projects such as Digital Cities and Expo 2010 reach a national audience. porting assistance. Oracle China hires many recent graduates and welcomes many developers from Oracle’s recent combination with Sun. Our mission is to provide a base for expansion of development into Asia. we focus on long-term business development. We unveiled our new China campus in a ceremony held on March 12. and research prototypes and collaborations. document and exploit unique local requirements. Beijing and Shanghai centers were launched next. Singapore. and SaaS architectures. Oracle China Development Center was established in 2002 and became Oracle Asia Research and Development Center in 2005 with our expansion beyond China into Korea. We also collaborate with national governments. and India. it can accommodate Oracle (China) Software Systems Co. including the following: We provide development infrastructure. we manage product localizations. digital community. and other location-based services. 2008 in Beijing. Shenzhen OARDC Shenzhen was the first Oracle R&D center established in China in 2002 and is located in Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park. networks.. and we are embedded in JAPAC (Japan and Asia Pacific). With the completion of the campus. engage the market to understand long-term product requirements. including collaborative solutions. we engage in joint funding with license or product groups. 12 miles to Shenzhen International Airport and 30 miles to Hong Kong International Airport. staffing/HR.We want to work on the edge of technology innovation but also want to ensure our efforts are applied directly to business problems. the new campus is located at the Zhongguancun Software Park (ZPARK) in Haidian District. we offer solutions centers. assisted service solutions. Projects at Oracle Members of our Product Management Team are knowledgeable in the software services market. systems. OARDC Shanghai conducts innovative R&D on current and emerging technologies for the Digital City. support partners with better access to Oracle technology. Japan.

and software development. including the future of grid computing. best practices. XML. Oracle India has a reputation for offering world-class software development skills and consistently on-time delivery of high-quality products. We also have a center in Noida. effectively mirroring Oracle’s global operations based in California. Hyderabad. and all-around people skills. We work on new product design. functional. while the Hyderabad center is dedicated to developing e-business applications. therefore. We also host a number of global operations that make it possible for the company to conduct 24 by 7 consulting. to name a few. that we have recently undergone significant investment and rapid growth in our overall operations. 81 . security. and maintenance. technology and applications deployment on Linux. Our product strategy relies on our five principles of globalization. while participating in global events. and platform technologies. documentation. and integration. and scientific computing. Oracle India hosts a number of functions critical to Oracle’s operations as a global company. discussion forums. Through the six facilities of Oracle India Private Ltd. In 1998. simplifiation. Java application development. design. showcasing new technology. Oracle offers an excellent work environment for developers to learn and innovate. curriculum. along with initiative and a passion to excel! The technologies we use include many of those mentioned throughout this book. porting. communication. we offer sales. We have made major contributions to the R&D of key focus areas for the company. and warehouse management systems. India Development Centers Bangalore. as well as support and maintenance of existing products. Today. We actively engage in complete lifecycle activities spanning product management. Oracle opened its India Development Center (IDC) in Bangalore in 1994. release. It is no surprise. sample applications. consulting. integration. The Bangalore center continues its focus on the development of Oracle’s core application development tools. testing. coding. life sciences. Noida Projects at Oracle In recognition of the significant pool of highly educated software development engineers based in India. Beyond software development. support and sales operations. The Global Team works with other Oracle development centers worldwide and is one of the largest offshore development centers outside the USA. Oracle Technology Network. headed out of Gurgaon near New Delhi. marketing. documentation. technology and feature enhancements. education. requirements. analytical. Oracle established its second development center in Hyderabad. server. quality engineering. We work on key technology areas such as grid computing. and innovation. Oracle IDC is proud to have more than a dozen patents since its inception in Bangalore. Our combined resources in India contribute to core software development across the entire Oracle product family. development. finance and administration. We also significantly contribute to Oracle’s online developer community. We seek champions of change and team players with exceptional technical.. and white papers. IDC has been recognized as one of the best employers for top talent in India. automation.ORACLE INDIA Gurgaon Oracle India is the only organization outside Oracle’s headquarters in California to represent so many divisions and lines of business. curriculum for instructor-led and online training. and support to local customers. standardization.

enhancement. pharmaceutical. Oracle On Demand follows the ITIL process and has divided the work into major functions and processes around areas of service desk. Global Consulting in India provides offshore consulting services spanning functional and technical areas of development. Oracle Consulting in India Bangalore and Hyderabad As part of Oracle Consulting. Amazon.Advanced Customer Services. Demantra administrator. including automobile. biotechnology. migration. Located in Bangalore and Hyderabad. and implementation across a broad range of industries. energy. such as Cisco. education. our division may be for you! 82 . Citigroup. release management. Siebel Applications DBA. technical. we seek candidates with high technical competence in a variety of domains. Bank One. and management positions. RAC. preventive problem management. performance tuning specialist. More than 1000 employees over three geographies cater to customer demands of our approximately 550 customers. We are hiring for functional. initialization and provisioning. We are in the process of creating a best-in-world-class Oracle Applications Operations Team and in defining superior service-level delivery in the On Demand business space in the industry. Our engineers work with customer service delivery managers to proactively detect issues. and execute and manage the operations efficiently. ACS helps customers plan for system maintenance and enhancements and helps organizations prevent problems and minimize risk. Oracle hosts the servers and the technical infrastructure at our Austin Data Centre. Hyderabad. government.000 servers. Comcast. eBay. customization. and improvement to technical assessments— including configuration and performance analysis—and online DBA services. OPM/Oracle Financial expert. identify resolutions. enabling proactive service and problem avoidance. Fidelity. Boeing. In most cases. and telecommunications. customer-focused advice and assist services to supplement and improve the management of business-critical Oracle database. Oracle On Demand in India Bangalore. As part of the delivery. Merrill Lynch. BellSouth. Global Consulting in India comprises two specialized teams of consultants that deliver rapid. cost-effective solutions to Oracle customers worldwide: Global Support Delivery (GSD) and Oracle Solution Services India (OSSI). Customers entrust Oracle with complete operations management of their critical business processes. PeopleSoft Applications DBA. India Bangalore and Hyderabad Projects at Oracle Oracle Advanced Customer Services (ACS) delivers expert services to help customers manage and maintain Oracle environments. or regression testing expert. incident management. We also expect a high degree of self-motivation and customercentric attitudes from our employees to ensure business success. Oracle offers advanced customer services from process support. Our focused Engineering Team supports key customers. and escalation management. change management. As part of our growth. and Data Guard. Noida Oracle On Demand is one of the fastest-growing lines of business within Oracle. If you see yourself as an Oracle Applications DBA. Wal-Mart. middleware. which has close to 20. technical assistance. We are currently more than 350 strong in India and are planning to expand the team. Oracle Application Server specialist. and applications environments. Oracle DBA with RAC. and others. Oracle Enterprise Manager specialist. We seek DBA skills from Apps to Core and an understanding of Streams. We provide a portfolio of expert.

Kolkata. This enables a clear. Worldwide. and Mumbai. and Java to roles as PL/SQL developers. Atheeb. and customers. and OU interacts with more than 250. Web designers. key customers include Vodafone. MetaSolv.Oracle University in India Bangalore Oracle University (OU) provides customers with education. based out of Bangalore. highly talented product development engineers in various technologies. Training occurs from nearly 500 classrooms worldwide. Swisscom. and middleware. College graduates are offered roles as software engineers in the Communications Product Development Group based in Bangalore and Hyderabad and interact with technical architects. functional specialists. operational excellence. technologically advanced software solutions for the Communications Industry. Bharti. Netsure. Out of approximately 300+ customers worldwide for Oracle Communications. India’s team supports and services Oracle University at the country and divisional levels in a 24X7 shared environment in the following areas: back office operations. Aircel. Orange. predominantly provides back-end telesales. the Oracle Education Centers are located in Bangalore. Chennai. New Delhi. and rapid service innovation. Oracle University Global Shared Services. France Telecom. and more. Oracle also runs a highly successful program at the Oracle School of Advanced Technology at IIIT (International Institute of Information Technology). solutions engineers to tailor-make communications products for customer-specific end-to-end solutions. e-learning administrators. operations. system support and development. Oracle Apps. In India. and has recently absorbed the SDP assets and team members from the BEA acquisition. and education sales consultants. The product-offered solutions cover the Communications Industry primarily but are also expanding into other areas such as the Media and Entertainment Industry. Learn Oracle from Oracle: Oracle University ensures the greatest student satisfaction. and specialized marketing and support resources within the unit. Oracle Communications was born out of the acquired companies of Portal Software. Hyderabad. high-quality training.000 students each year. Engineers get excellent exposure to all aspects of software development and to the latest technologies in Oracle. content writers. 83 . Work involves developing exciting new communications functionalities. An experienced senior management team is supported by Communications Industry specialists defining the product strategy/roadmap. and curriculum support to Oracle University. and SunTV. India. Our highly motivated professionals work across a wide variety of technology areas through positions ranging from management to corporate training of DBA. D2K. highly skilled sales consulting resources worldwide. these customers have been using a wide range of products from Oracle Communications. and certified Oracle courses across Oracle technology and applications. the #1 provider of innovative. differentiated focus on key transformational challenges that service provider customers have today: customer intimacy. Oracle Communications in India Bangalore & Hyderabad Projects at Oracle More than 500 people in India work as part of Oracle Communications. Hyderabad. Oracle certified courses are also offered to students in India through more than 600 centers of many Oracle Authorized Training Partners and Oracle Workforce Development Partners across the country. graphic animators. Oracle Communications delivers product-based end-to-end solutions into the Telco market. and telesales and telemarketing. the organization comprises more than 1. SOA.500 people. curriculum development. Web publishers. Java/Java EE.

please visit VOS. We already host several exciting projects at the center. ORACLE MEXICO DEVELOPMENT CENTER World-class development for Oracle Database. store systems. merchandising. young Latin American city with a fascinating history and mild climate. As we are located physically close to the US and in a US time zone. For details. grocery and hardlines—with added insight. we have close relationships with our sister groups in the US and are able to attract interesting. also known as Mexico’s Silicon Valley. The Oracle Retail India Solution Centre works on product development and global consulting. the multidimensional analytic engine embedded in Oracle Database. the leading in-memory database. optimization. Oracle Gateways. as well as enterprise applications and infrastructure software. the #1 provider of innovative. Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN). and several open source projects now occurs in Oracle’s new Mexico Development Center (MDC) in Guadalajara. comprehensive industry software solutions for retailers. featuring a portable database kernel. 10 of the top 10 European retailers and 10 of the top 10 North American retailers. Our customer base also includes 10 of the top 10 global fashion retailers. and Oracle Enterprise Manager. These applications provide retailers in key vertical segments—including fashion. the leading solution to support heterogeneous distributed databases.htm. 84 . Oracle Real Application Clusters. challenging R&D projects. especially in the Database Technologies and System and Application Management chapters. the leader in system management providing provisioning. With software that provides supply chain. and performance management. providing advanced spatial features to support high-end GIS and LBS solutions. Oracle partners with the world’s leading retail companies. Oracle OLAP. integration. These include Oracle Spatial. Zorba is an XQueryP engine integrated with a new storage platform.Oracle Retail in India Bangalore Projects at Oracle Approximately 300 people work in India as part of Oracle Retail. We at MDC strive to attract the best talent from both Latin America and those worldwide interested in living in a vibrant. 20 of the top 20 global grocers. TimesTen. and XAP is an application-development platform designed for building hosted applications. provider of a comprehensive foundation for very large and complex backup and restores. and value to drive customer relationships. operations. More information about many of these projects can be found throughout this book. to transform the economics of their businesses. Enterprise Manager. including 20 of the 20 top retailers worldwide. Oracle continues to transform the economics of retail by providing innovative leadership in technology and delivering measurable results for retailers of all sizes. Research-oriented groups are also part of the center. Oracle’s top-selling database option. installation.

Application Express. We aim to create easy-to-use development tools for people who use Oracle Database and reduce the technology learning curve in enabling users to be productive. allowing Oracle to release quality translated products simultaneously with the English version. We employ highly talented and dedicated professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and are part of the thriving Oracle Ireland operation. If you have a deep understanding of Oracle products. engineering. We are responsible for well-known tools such as SQL*Plus.EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT CENTRE Ireland and More. and the US. Financial Services Applications Development.. This core development group focuses on building tools for database developers. product installation. American. Headquartered in Dublin.. terminology. and manageability frameworks. Based in Ireland with employees in most of Oracle’s large subsidiaries (33 countries) and a vast network of translation vendor partners with Oracle expertise. and product managers and has ownership of a number of key technologies and solutions. Our role is critical in the speedy resolution of customer issues. We focus on maintaining Oracle’s existing self-service (Internet banking) and assisted-service (teller) products. We seek professionals who can provide business solutions for thousands of traditionally supported customers. Our core teams also have staff in Romania. and Middle Eastern languages. developers. release management. For detailed information. we offer expertise in fields such as language quality. We develop industry-leading front office software solutions for banks worldwide. Applications NLS Engineering. system architectures. We developers port Oracle products to a large number of operating systems and certify Oracle products on selected technology stacks. and the XE edition of the database. and translation issues. Translation Services. Romania. developers. India. and developing new banking products for this platform. Ireland. you will find EDC to be an exciting and challenging work environment. The Dublin Team consists of architects. The team consists of architects. consider us. Porting and Certification Technology. Development of Database Developer Tools. Oracle European Development Centre (EDC) is the Oracle flagship development and translation organization in Europe. finance management and vendor management. We deliver engineering solutions that resolve customer NLS. and we contribute significantly to the success of Oracle applications products and customer satisfaction. migrating these products to the Fusion Middleware platform. Projects at Oracle 85 . We are a highly technical engineering delivery organization providing leadership and expertise in delivering solutions to our On Demand and Advanced Customer Services businesses. Asia and other locations. Our Centre consists of the following groups: Service Engineering Development. We provide turnkey translation solutions for all products within Product Development and Oracle University Courseware into over 35 languages including Asia Pacific. and product managers. Our global organization includes development centers in Ireland. the EDC is a worldclass product engineering and service development organization. We develop and deliver solutions on a range of hardware and software platforms to Oracle’s customers and partners. SQL Developer. please see the Service Engineering section in this book. If you have an eye for improving serviceability for enterprise customers or a background in product localization. European.

cognitive psychology. 86 . Visit ui. Our professionals work in cross-disciplinary teams throughout the entire development cycle of Oracle products. In our extensive laboratories. interaction design.Product and IT Support. Internships in user experience and computer science with a specialization in human computer interface (HCI) technology. Designs produced by various groups have successfully made large amounts of information accessible to a broad range of users. creating innovative designs that focus on future generations of Oracle products for the Internet. Team members have experience in a wide variety of disciplines. iterative development and usability testing of interactive and visual design solutions. Advanced degrees are preferred for all positions. including usability engineering. We also work on enterprisewide application solutions. Our IT support staff provides pan-European support to Oracle internal customers. we also conduct usability evaluation and research projects in areas such as information visualization. We are responsible for the development and maintenance of Oracle-specific look-and-feel standards and cross-platform user interface graphic design. heuristic evaluations of existing products. They follow a user-centered design methodology that includes activities such as user requirements research. and formal usability testing and competitive evaluations of products. or interaction design in the software industry are a plus. usability testing. Also. we identify and introduce or develop new products. Projects at Oracle USER EXPERIENCE Our Design Methodology Several Oracle User Experience Design Teams provide comprehensive usability engineering and interface design support for divisional product lines. The projects range from products designed for the construction and administration of large databases and database applications directed at highly technical users to end-user analysis and information visualization tools. Also. definitions of user experience through sketches and interactive prototypes. Our engineers provide technical support for Oracle products and customers. centralized usability labs in multiple worldwide locations serve the entire corporation. These teams work closely with software development and product management teams.

Sun Labs. enterprise-class server virtualization to the datacenter through our latest product. We also advise executive management on technical matters. Virtualization allows multiple operating systems to share a single piece of hardware. marketing. inbound licensing. product accessibility. consider securing a path to your future success here. consulting. is responsible for security assurance for Oracle products—the means by which security is built in. Global Product Security Projects at Oracle The Internet brings hackers from all over the world right to the doorsteps and sometimes through the front door of every e-business. Our team made it possible for Oracle to migrate all production servers. server and desktop virtualization at Oracle. We also work on the Xen hypervisor which provides the basis for Oracle’s x86 server virtualization offerings. IT. and close integration between Oracle product and Linux kernel experts enables greater accuracy in problem diagnosis and resolution. Our latest challenge is bringing efficient. Linux & Virtualization. We write and enforce the Oracle secure coding standards. leading to significant monetary loss for businesses and damage to corporate images—as well as a threat to critical national infrastructure. and other matters of corporate governance. such as technical aspects of corporate policies concerning information security. We also work externally with the security research community. and our core focus remains on developing open source products and improving the stability and performance of the OS. and datacenters to Linux. along with the latest. We manage the formal security evaluations of Oracle products against standards such as the Common Criteria and FIPS-140. privacy. lab space. The Global Product Security group. enabling customers to consolidate their datacenters and save on energy. sales. The news of a security breach or a security vulnerability can travel instantaneously. Developers on the Linux Engineering Team contribute heavily to feature 87 .CORPORATE ARCHITECTURE Global Product Security. and legal. Linux and Virtualization Oracle’s Linux and Virtualization Team is responsible for the Linux OS. We have grown from our small beginnings to encompass QA. most innovative technologies? If you want to add security or Linux technologies to your skill set. The Corporate Architecture Group oversees technical due-diligence of Oracle’s corporate acquisitions and monitors product development-related acquisition integration activities.. several thousand developers. Interested in global product security and open source? Seeking the opportunity to work with all Oracle products. Today. performance. and support for Linux customers. business development. security vendors. Oracle is a well-established and trusted source of Linux expertise. Our team includes ethical hackers who validate the security of our products using a variety of well-established security assessment techniques. Oracle VM is x86 server virtualization software using the Xen hypervisor which supports a wide range of Linux and Windows guest operating systems. We are responsible for product security program management across all lines of business—including acquisitions—which requires us to interface with many different groups within Oracle: all the product divisions. and administration costs. Oracle VM. Our team works on open source Linux code to develop and to enhance the operating system for enterprise database workloads. Our group began as a team of Linux kernel hackers who worked to make Linux perform better under Oracle workloads.. testing. under the management of Oracle’s Chief Security Officer. and industry working groups as well as a number of international security organizations. Sun Ray Thin Client. not bolted on—and coordination of cross-product security activities.

and two kernel-level debuggers for Xen development. 40 micron connection spacing (about 20x current practice). SunRays started in Sun Labs. and even to modify CPU designs to suit Java program execution. Projects in the lab are small and risky. a technology for speeding up the communication from one chip to another in a computer system. We are currently adjusting our research portfolio to embrace the wider set of technologies needed for the combined companies. management is done with Sun Ray software or Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. to simply use Java in distributed computing configurations. A major current project is proximity communication. and about 5x lower power than today’s Large user communities comprising thousands of Sun Ray client devices can be managed from a single interface with enough individual control to provide a choice of desktop operating systems per Sun Ray client or per user. Designed for security and performance. Part of the industry’s most complete virtualization portfolio. Projects at Oracle In addition to fixing bugs in existing code. and Xen Summit North America was held on the Oracle campus in 2009. to use parallel computing for garbage collection.development and sustaining engineering for Xen mainline software. Sun Ray clients are never managed individually. Of course. Most projects focus on new technologies that can be applied to existing products. Today’s chip-to-chip signaling rates are a bottleneck in overall system performance. employing ultra-low power (just 4 Watt) desktop clients and latency optimized protocols to allow users to connect individual clients to sessions running on Solaris. which may yet fail to be robust enough for use in products. Sun Ray developers work on firmware. Sun Ray Thin Client Technology Sun Ray is a leading desktop thin client. For example. while still benefiting from virtual machine templates and multiuser operating systems to reduce management overhead.. and device drivers. We also work on new product ideas. and Windows. we have worked on software technologies to improve the Java Virtual Machine. more signals per square micron of chip area. Sun Ray devices can be configured to use cryptographic smart cards and two factor authentication to provide instant remote desktop access to existing sessions. Oracle’s kernel contributions include an open source fully featured cluster filesystem included in the mainline Linux kernel (OCFS2). This technique allows not only faster speeds but denser connections. Linux. the new btrfs filesystem project. Our prototypes have not faced all the risks of this technology. A comprehensive listing of our open source projects can be found at oss. 88 . i. ever since Java was born (and we had a hand in that). Proximity communication places two chips face-to-face and signals electrically through the capacitance formed by the adjacent face-toface structures. Sun Labs Our applied research group pursues several dozen projects chosen for their potential to have significant impact on Oracle products or services. server software. the Linux and Virtualization Team contributes to the Linux kernel and Xen hypervisor communities.e. Sun Labs came to Oracle as part of the acquisition of Sun. as well as Sun Ray hardware. we aim to work on hard problems that entail more risk than would usually fit in with an engineering or product development group’s mission. implementation of the T10DIF data integrity standard on Linux. We have built prototypes that demonstrate speeds of several gigabits/sec. placing chips face-to-face leads to packaging challenges to connect power to the chips and to remove heat.

partners can differentiate themselves and their offerings through specializations. value added distributors. and processes that help our partners grow their business and work effectively with Oracle • Facilitate the development of strategic marketing and new business plans for all partners to meet or exceed assigned business goals • Develop and maintain relationships with global counterparts to make use of corporate initiatives and to ensure adherence to Worldwide Alliances and Channel standards • Develop. The Oracle Alliances and Channels organization manages Oracle’s relationships with various types of companies—from independent software vendors to systems integrators. our organization consists of highly motivated and dedicated people who perform the following functions: • Build solid business relationships with our most strategic partners to increase Oracle and partner revenues and enable partners worldwide to reach out to new customer segments • Understand partner business models in order to develop enablement strategies. and become preferred solution providers to Oracle customers. and enhance both our partner-facing portal and the back-office systems that implement our business practices For more information about Oracle ALLIANCES AND CHANNELS Partners and the Oracle Economy. resellers. and a worldwide community of companies offering Oraclebased solutions and services. and hosting service providers. more than 20. Worldwide Alliances and Channels actively supports the OPN Specialized program in the following ways: • Enabling partners to differentiate themselves by becoming specialized across Oracle’s portfolio of products • Allowing Oracle to recognize partners investing in the Oracle portfolio and having the competency to support joint customers • Providing customers with the ability to select preferred partners with validated skills and experience to provide the best solutions to business problems To support Oracle’s partner community. or run on Oracle technology. The reach and influence of these relationships are critical to the continued growth of Oracle and to our ability to provide quality solutions and services tailored to customers’ business needs. embed. hardware/ infrastructure providers. Currently. With the launch of the OPN Specialized program. OPN Specialized provides Oracle’s premier products and solutions. visit partner. Projects at Oracle 89 . maintain. Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized is the global business program through which partners do business with us.000 companies worldwide partner with Oracle to provide customer solutions and services that integrate with. technical services. highly specialized go-to market engagement. For our partners. be recognized for their expertise. benefits. development resources.

databases. Oracle On Demand offers an exciting new way to do business. and related services. Oracle offers hundreds of on-demand solutions. We give customers flexibility and choice when we host their solution and take responsibility for managing the infrastructure. This is the most complete hosted solution for rapidly unlocking the value of customer information over a true Internet-based application. Siebel CRM. On Demand customers are able to be more agile and adjust to quickly changing requirements in the ‘new normal. Analysts expect Oracle to experience significant growth by providing solutions to meet these needs. We offer a platform as a service (PaaS) in which we host the middleware and database products. customers can subscribe to. Oracle has standardized its IT infrastructure to provide a utility-like cloud computing platform. companies can deliver the right products or services at the right time at the right price. The Oracle On Demand portfolio forms one of Oracle’s fastest-growing businesses. Oracle will need motivated employees to continue to dominate this fiercely competitive segment. and application software.ORACLE ON DEMAND Cloud Services Provider Projects at Oracle Oracle On Demand is the premiere cloud services provider for Oracle systems (hardware and software) seeking to improve business performance. access. database. As this entire market space continues to evolve. and CRM. Industry analysts expect IT solutions provided via the cloud to be one of the hottest sectors of the IT marketplace over the next five years. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne On Demand. with millions of users worldwide across all industries. including Oracle E-Business Suite On Demand. has the global leadership position in the rapidly growing world of on-demand technology and business solutions. software. and JD Edwards World On Demand. Internet procurement. customers don’t need to invest in costly IT resources or prolonged deployment cycles. as well as the entire range of Oracle applications. and use the application over the Internet. not months. Because it’s all delivered over the Internet. In order to accomplish this. which is fast to deploy and configurable by business users. XML. 90 . and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise On Demand. 4GL programmatic interfaces. Oracle has built a solid reputation by focusing on world-class management of the IT infrastructure and software solutions. Today. Now. In this case.’ Oracle On Demand focuses on making IT costs more predictable and increasing the value for our customers. Oracle On Demand. ERP. Web exchange software. With CRM On Demand. we manage networked storage and thousands of commodity servers. Web development. network security and encryption. including hardware. symmetric replication. Oracle owns and manages all components of the solution and simply charges the user a subscription fee. We can get the customer up and running in just days or weeks. extending Oracle’s technology leadership by implementing best practices in the creation and deployment of the IT infrastructure. We seek professionals who enjoy daily interaction with technologies such as Java. including hosting and managing applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle CRM On Demand. As you begin your career. consider joining a group with significant growth opportunities and a winning track record.

providing an industry-leading infrastructure with a world-class. If you wish to join a winning team with a long history of innovation. from automotive to telecommu-nications. Customer Support Projects at Oracle Oracle’s primary mission is to help our customers succeed by providing a superior ownership experience.. or global reach. Oracle Support provides a range of services. from prerelease testing to maintenance of a 400. and we hold each other accountable for results. Global Information Technologies. industry recognition. and applications.. we win. We achieve that goal by providing products and support. We developed our services with one goal in mind: to help our customers transition from buying and building technology to using and profiting from it. automated diagnostic tools. focused on the empowerment of all Oracle customers. It’s no wonder that our Internet and Grid technologies dominate the e-business landscape. partners. Oracle Support is a customer-facing organization that sets the industry standard for product support for the information-driven enterprise by offering comprehensive problem resolution for Oracle technology and applications. and maintain effective implementations. And there’s no bigger stage than the world. execute. advanced support technologies. engineering to retail. With the recent major acquisitions. Oracle Support provides customers access to one of the most advanced support organizations in the world. Oracle delivers services so customers can plan. When they grow. When they win. and institutionalizing the IT used globally across our company to enable Oracle’s employees. we grow. Oracle Consulting applies our position as the premier services provider of information access and knowledge sharing. and customers to outperform their best competitors in providing value to customers. Our success goes hand-in-hand with the success of our customers. Consulting Oracle Consulting exercises the best of its comprehensive abilities to ensure delivery of significant business value and predictable business outcomes from our customer’s Oracle investment. We seek professionals with a desire to interact daily with customers for proactive technology and applications incident resolution. technical expertise. Consulting. banking to healthcare. Our support engineers have an average tenure of 10 years. database management. Our software delivers information on demand for industry leaders worldwide. and computer operations.000-solutions knowledgebase to troubleshooting with state-of-the art proactive. Oracle Support Services is for you. showcasing Oracle technologies. we support it like no one else. Leaders unite… right here at Oracle Consulting. Oracle Global IT activities center around enabling business process optimizations. database. with extensive knowledge and in-depth technical skills in programming. Please join an awardwinning organization essential to the success of Oracle’s customers.000 support professionals and 14. Global Information Technologies Oracle Global IT is responsible for continuously refining. And because we built the technology. No other support organization can match Oracle’s breadth and depth. Our customers have a deep operational relationship with Oracle. A leader with your education and talent deserves only the best… not to mention a stage to deliver your ideas. and everywhere in between. with more than 7. award-winning Tier IV 91 . automating. It’s time to put your knowledge to work. middleware. Oracle is the only enterprise technology provider to offer support for our customers’ entire information infrastructure: hardware.ORACLE SUPPORT Customer Support.000 application and technology developers. and a proven track record of exceptional performance.

Projects at Oracle Oracle’s Austin Data Center is listed by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner. external). Our Service Operations Organization is responsible for global datacenter management. We are optimizing our compute utility and datacenter operations to maximize productivity of all lines of business. executive reviews/ reporting. Global IT is embarking on a series of initiatives to enable Oracle to create greater competitive advantage and maximize growth. Voice over IP (VoIP). The team works primarily with Oracle’s Global Information Security Team to implement and maintain security infrastructure. Our Merger and Acquisition Team focuses on the integration of newly acquired companies and personnel. and IT compliance. Global Support Services is responsible for global and localized/field client support. Do not miss the opportunity to join Global IT at the most exciting time of Oracle’s and Global IT’s history! Global IT Initiatives. Our Program Management Office Team is responsible for project management and works very closely with all Oracle lines of business. compute platform. command center operations. deploy. End User and Technology Support. cross-company. Global IT Functions. Service Design is the centralized R&D engineering or “build” function within Oracle Global IT responsible for architectural standards across all technologies and engineering of new services to be delivered to our stakeholders. Service Operations and Service Support. IT Technology Management. and On Demand infrastructural services. security. internal customer satisfaction. and share IT best practices and showcase Oracle’s use of Oracle technologies to our customers to pique their interest in our products and improve customer satisfaction and value. service readiness. service-level management. Oracle Global IT supports this growing revenue stream by enabling new services for the rapidly expanding business. Global IT Technology Management. The techniques and lessons learned in Austin will drive our new Utah Compute Facility to become the new standard for datacenters worldwide. and developing IT best practices and thought leadership that will ultimately transfer to Oracle customers and partners. and Global End User and Technology Support. internal applications. and performance for Oracle and its hosted customers. Global IT Business Management. Our Risk Management Team is responsible for ensuring the integrity of Oracle’s infrastructure. and the tools/automation used to optimize the delivery of these capabilities. We develop. financial management. These capabilities include our global network infrastructure. Our Service Delivery and Planning Office is responsible for the definition and delivery of our IT services to Oracle’s internal organizations. We are currently deploying a cross-organizational business transformation project to enable industry-leading service lifecycle management. and organizational excellence programs. voice. is a Climate Leader. Service Design transitions new capabilities to the “run” functions. Production Services 92 .datacenter that offers the highest availability. Oracle Global IT performs several key functions and is organized into seven teams within three areas: IT Business Management. storage. strategic benchmarking/metrics. all aspects of communications (intra-org. Our Business Management Office is responsible for IT governance and strategy. and desktop support. To support our core competencies and objectives. resource management. Oracle’s On Demand business is a thriving hosting environment for customer infrastructure and applications. and has been recognized as the Data Center of the year by AFCOM—the premier association for datacenter management professionals. as well as network. CIO and customer engagement programs.

we give our customers the skills needed to succeed. or help individual learners find the right training by using our easy job/role learning paths.. timeline. LEARN FROM THE SOURCE. Our greatest asset is our employees. 100% Student Satisfaction Oracle University is committed to providing every student with world-class training and an unbeatable educational experience. As one of the largest corporate training organizations in the world. Oracle University delivers superior training focused on 100 percent student satisfaction to enhance the adoption of Oracle technologies. Our courses are created with the guidance of the development teams that create the actual products—providing the most up-to-date and accurate Oracle courseware available. system administrators. We train entire project teams according to their learning needs. global and field service engineers. and budget. Expert Instructors and Cutting-Edge Curriculum When you select courses from Oracle University. Regardless of the training location or the delivery method. we help make technology strategies successful with complete. network engineers. flexible. Positions include business analysts.000 course titles.. and employees succeed in their career. We are so confident of your success that we back up all training with our 100% Student Satisfaction Program. Our certifications can accelerate professional development. or custom training. and customized learning solutions delivered worldwide.. We also seek talented professionals with inherent business knowledge and competencies. Oracle Certification Program Oracle certifications are tangible. improve productivity. With more than 4. and more. project managers. you are assured of the best possible learning experience with the best instructors in the industry. service desk analysts. industry-recognized benchmarks of experience and expertise that can help Oracle customers. security engineers. DBAs. and enhance credibility. self-study. Join us and be inspired with this world-class organization! Projects at Oracle ORACLE UNIVERSITY COMPLETE ORACLE TRAINING. In our evaluation surveys.. Our courses are available in a variety of formats to provide students with flexible learning options—in a classroom or through live virtual training. Complete and Flexible Training Solutions Oracle University can help customize a complete training plan that matches the requirements of any organization. Individuals with Oracle product knowledge are desirable. we cover all areas 93 . We are committed to providing our employees with a work environment that is conducive to career satisfaction.provides Global Service Desk (GSD) end-user support for all internal Oracle employees and Oracle University training. We seek highly knowledgeable and motivated professionals across a wide variety of technology areas and welcome talent from several developing geographies. No other IT training organization offers a similar guarantee. Global IT Opportunities. partners. more than 99 percent of students who completed our courses gave Oracle University training and instructors their highest recommendation. automation/application developers. and opportunity. development.

Founded in 1977. share. and team-building skills and are passionately interested in technology. In each of these areas. project management. field marketing by country. Oracle Marketing also oversees public relations. and business leaders. and protect their most valuable asset—information. Oracle encourages its employees to defy conventional wisdom through our continuous drive to develop and advance products and services that enable customers to better manage the information at the heart of their organizations. creates content that explains our technical and business-oriented solutions. we create messaging and positioning and execute relevant marketing activities. and more. In addition to communicating with external stakeholders. product and industry marketing. with recent fiscal year revenues of more than US$26 billion. We publish two award-winning magazines. Now. 94 . Oracle is proud to celebrate more than three decades of innovation. open. empowering companies of all sizes in more than 145 countries around the globe. Our division members possess excellent communication. We develop the strategy for each of these activities and create supporting materials such as technical white papers. industry analysts. and 20. the market required new technologies to drive a growing global economy to new heights—and Oracle’s vision has met those demands at every turn.Projects at Oracle of Oracle software and hardware. Part of this communication involves bringing these groups together at exciting events such as Oracle OpenWorld. Oracle Magazine and Profit. As businesses evolved. and evangelizes our innovative offerings. Oracle University offers a variety of exciting job opportunities—sales/marketing. prospects. ORACLE MARKETING DRIVING INNOVATION. online seminars. Oracle was built on the belief that relational database software held the key to storing and managing data more efficiently than the prevailing hierarchical database model. global marketing. Learn more about us today at oracle. and integrated business software and hardware solutions. operations.. 370.000 customers. we are committed and innovative. helping businesses and governments manage. presentation. our people are information experts who know how to communicate with partners. Oracle provides the world’s most complete. hosted services marketing. and press releases. Oracle Marketing plays a critical role in helping turn customer needs into product strategy.. and more. and sales. which we plan and facilitate. we deliver product positioning and content to internal Oracle organizations such as Sales and Consulting. marketing. Above all.000 instructing. In addition to communicating with customers. campaigns. We invite you to consider a career with Oracle University. delivery. product reviews. that are circulated internationally. works closely with Oracle Product Marketing on product direction. IT. Oracle Marketing communicates with business leaders and customers to understand their needs.

40. 47 49-53. 37 40-41. 80. 42. 90 Analytic Applications 31 analytic applications content development 32 Analytic Apps 3 analytics. 77 79 . 18-19. 70. 29 . 58. 39 Application Integration Architecture for Clinical Trial Management 76 Application Management 3. 75 ADF Data Visualization 30 ADF Faces 30 ADIT (Applications Development IT) 4. 41 application performance 19 Application Performance Management 3. 24. 45. 27-28. 12. 44. 66 grid 5 homegrown OCI 8 hosted 84 integrated 65 internal 92 intuitive Web 72 iPad Spaces 38 legacy 68 major industry 47 market-leading analytic 32 mobile 62. 12. 56-72. Application Development Tools 3. 30 Application Express 85 Application Grid 3. 90-92 centralized server 45 cloud-based 45 customer-facing front-end 40 database-centric 11 developing modern 28 dynamic volume management 6 efficient n-tier 8 financial 6. 40-41. 90 Agilent 65 AIA 76 Ajax 21. 82 ACS Platform and Solutions Engineering 79 ADF 29-30. 64. 79 appliances 15. See AQ advanced technologies 14. 83 Agile 19. See ACS Advanced Procurement applications 64 Advanced Queues. application integration 6. 18 Android 7 75 . 71. 49. 73 real-time scheduling 33-34 Alliances and Channels 4 American 85 analysts 27-28.INDEX 1977 page 94 A Access Advisors and Database Designer 10 Access Management and Federation 36 ACS (Advanced Customer Services) 4. 8-9. 41. 33-34. 70 algorithms 6-10. 63-64. 45. applications engineer 72 Application Server 2-3. 42 Application Product Lines 4 application products 61 applications 2-13. advanced 9. Ajax-based technologies 33 Ajax technologies 30 Alcoa 65. . 64. . 32. 7 10. 28. 56. . 26-43. 15. Android SDK 75 ANSI SQL 11 APAC (Asia Pacific) 72. 56. 57 59-60 . 31. 39. 76. 72. 17-18. 81-86. 35. 62 open source-based Java 31 secure middle-tier 30 application server infrastructure 31 Applications Management 3. 85 Apache 30 Apache Trinidad 30 APIs 6. 21-23. 5. 15-16. 79. 30 application infrastructure 37 42 . 30-31. 74-79. 44. 40 Applications NLS Engineering 85 Projects at Oracle 95 . 18-19. 75 mobile supply chain 65 native on-device 30 next-generation iPhone/iPad 77 Applications Development 4. 40 application-access mechanisms 51 application code 19 application configuration information 42 application deployment 53 application deployment platform 50 application developers 4. 30. 36. 60 Advanced Customer Services. 17 23. 37 . 21-22.

65. business relationships 67 69 . 48. 36-37 70. California 2.Projects at Oracle application software 47 90 . 18. 32-33. See BAM business analysts 32. 27 31. . 60. 15. 89 Business Process Analysis Suite 33 business process automation 27 58. 37 business solutions 85. 93-94 carriers 73 Cash Management 67 CEP (Complex Event Processing) 3. 71. 67 69. 19. midsize 5. 68. 77 C++ 6-7 9. 73 . 53 Boolean relationships 21 BPA 37 BPEL 29. 38. See ASM automobile 82 availability 3. service-oriented 35. 24. 78. 94 . 64. 78 . Bangalore 4. 80. . 52. business processes 28. 37 42. 36. 36. 48. 27-29. 61-62. 85. 12. 22. 29. 92 cardiovascular patients 76 career 1. See business intelligence BI applications 18. 77 80. 63. 34. 29. BPM (Business process management) 3. 75-76. 6 ASN 37 assets 59. 13. 46. 81 capabilities 24. 78 . 66. 34. 88 Automatic Storage Management. 74. 51. 5-6 architects 16. 79. 11. 34-35. 23. 52 . 10. 32-33. 58. 75 . 69-73. 83 Beehive Enterprise Messaging Server 44 Beijing and Shanghai centers 80 Berkeley Database and Mobile Server 3. See BPM business process modeling 37 46 . 52. business knowledge 61. CHAP 15 96 . 90 business transactions 42. 62 business rules 27-28. 82 BlackBerry 7 blogs 2. 85 architectures. 78. 66 business intelligence (BI) 3. 90. 57 59. 72. Audit Framework 36 Austin Data Centre 82 authentication 14. 92 B backup 10. 5. 35 Business Activity Monitoring. 89 . 94 businesses fastest-growing 57 90 . 34. 6 ASM Cluster File System and Dynamic Volume Manager 3. 70. 38. 75-76 BPM Studio 32 BPM Suite. 39. 63. 33-34. 52. 49 BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) 33. 32 Business process management. 30-31. 32. 36. 80. 64. 90 C C 6-12. 45. 54. 65. 64 business users 32-33. climate 77-78 channels 28. 15-17 19. 26-27 30. 3. 37 change. 26. 66. 75. 57-58. 90 business practices 35. 41. 55. 60 business information systems 16. 93 business application developer 29 Business Application Development 4. 67 75 . 56 Application Test Suite 19 application upgrades 10 AQ (Advanced Queues) 3. 27 biotechnology 75. 76. 56. 41. 13-15. 56 business applications 1. 40. business requirements. 93 business operations 19-20 business performance 58. 38. 6 Berkeley DB XML 6 BI. 33. 69 business process management 3. creating high-level 38. 46. 5-8. 89 business problems 63. industry-leading Oracle 32 Burlington 29. 44. 58-59. applications portfolio 57 applications strategy 56-57 Applications Unlimited 45. 32. 58. 44. 58. archive technologies spanning development 49 Asia Pacific (APAC) 72. 91 BEA 32. 15. 76. 85 ASM (Automatic Storage Management) 3. . 81-84 banking 22.

83 companies acquired 83. 56. 8 CMDB 42 CO 4. 29. large 10. compilers 3. 78. 61-63. 90 Crossbow 50. 15. 5. 53. 13. 53 Commitment Control 67 communications 4. 11 concurrency 8. 34. 23 . 92 global 61. 20 database consolidations 14. . 18. 26. 33. 11. 18. 19-20. 5. 67 Colorado 2. 7 16. 88 collaboration 3. 42. 82 class 84 Cleveland Clinic 76 clients 7-9. 17 44. 60-63. . 41. 69-70 CORBA 30 core engine 18. 31. 45-47 49-50. 81. 11. 58. 33-36. 79. 67 costs 25. 51 CSS 11 cube storage management 18 curriculum 81 customer relationship management. distributed 17 84 . 58-59. 43. 58-59. 65-66. 15-16 configure 13. 69.China 4. 19. 90 CRM (customer relationship management) 4. 38. 44. 22. 17 28-29. database 2-3. 20. 86 content 1. 83. 42. 61. 70. 40. 72-73. 16 standby 11. 85 Projects at Oracle 97 . 60 compliance controls 12 comprehensive configuration management database 42 compression 7 18. 26-27 . 40-42. 41. 22-23. 71. 28. 67-69. 94 . 9. 37 48. 35. 29-30. 20-21. 27 30. 56. 88. 23 database administration 8-9 Database and Application Server 17 database application development 26 database applications 86 distributed 6 database conferences. 59-62. 45. 93 certified Oracle 83 CPU and I/O resource management 25 CRM 4. 88 Cisco 65. 61-62. 10. 71-72. 79 D D2K 83 Dali Tools 29 data application 75 petabytes of 6. 29. 86 self-diagnosing 13. 81 retail 77 84 . 17 30 . 94 Communications Industry 75. 47-48. 23 Cornell 13 Corporate Architecture 4 Cost Management 4. 80 chips 53. 32. 61. 7 clustered Linux blade servers 25 Cluster High Availability and Manageability 3. 42. 94 courses 54. 36. See CEP complexity 12. well-respected 13. 7 cluster management 7-8. 5-26. 83. cloud computing 3. 53. 5. 92. computers 2. 77-78 Data Access 3. 73-74. 85 Database Development Tools 3. 65 Connection Manager 18 construction 63-64. 51. 11. 45. 94 tax 67 content management 2-3. 59 Cobol 9 code 11. 78. 82. 34. 69. 90 Cloud Infrastructure Performance and Availability Management 3. . 47 Complex Event Processing. 22. 7-9. 52. 52 cryptography 36. 49. 37 41-42. 19 database developers 25. 53. See CRM Customer Services 62. 51. 73. . 59 COM+ 13 commands 9. 84-87 90-91. . 45 continuous improvement 58. 88 . 33. . 73-76. 43-46. 79 Clusterware and Real Application Clusters 3. 78 Collaboration Suite 45-46 Collections 6. 90 countries 70.

69 e-business applications 4. 59-63. 63. 34. 25 Database Resource Manager 3. 63. 69 E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management 4. 88 DHTML 30. 13 Database Upgrades and Utilities 3. 18 Database Server Manageability 3. 26 Database Test and Productivity Tools 3. 50. 55. 10 database kernel 13. 46. 59-60 deployment. 47 drive innovation 31. 22. secure application 50 Development of Database Developer Tools 85 development projects 1. 11 database internals 8. 30-32. 19. 15. 81 . 24. 17 22. 87 E-Business Suite (EBS) 19. . 14 database vendors 14 Data Center Bridging (DCB) 52 datacenters 50-52. 13. 19. 32. 84-85 development environment. 47 55.Projects at Oracle database engine. 34 Database High Availability and Recovery 3. 82 data integration 3. 49. 18 decisions 21. 45 Denver 4. 24. 90. 22. 34 data masking 12 Data Mining Technologies 3. 68. 12. 18-20. 50-52 DSS 45 E EBS (E-Business Suite) 19. 72. 45. and Applications (DPA) 4. 58. 91 98 . 13-15. 62 Demand 4. 75 economics 77 84 . 35. 32. 35 ECM (Enterprise content management) 3. 58. Performance. 16. 13. 12. 22. 19. application server 19-21. education 62-63. 63 E-Business Tax 67 Eclipse 29-31. 89. 30. 28. 59. 30. 25 Database Manageability 20 database management 7 91 . and Applications) 4. 18. deliverables 31. 22. Performance. 14. 52-53. 71 . 58. 34. 10 data security 12 data storage 3. 86 . 57 83. 73 DICOM 17 Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine 17 digital media 2 Directory services 37 disk farm 15 disks 6. 90 design 6-7 11. 81-83. . 8. 44. object-oriented 32 desktop 88 developers automation/application 93 curriculum 59 Developers. 15. 81. 82. 69 defects 63 defense 10. 38-39. 7 9-10. 82 Demonstration Solution Services 4. 85 EDI 37 64-65 . 44. sophisticated Oracle 24 database features 6. 66. 73 DBAs 12-13. 9-10. 20. 10 data warehousing 5. 77 data privacy 12 Data Rescue 3. 13. 39. 36. DPA (Developers. 79. 68-69. 92 Demand Platform and Systems Engineering 79 Demantra 56. 57 59. 53. EDA (Event Driven Architecture) 37 EDC (European Development Centre) 4. 12 database server 8. 87 92 . database performance 22. 49 disk space management 22 dispersed Oracle Solaris Cluster deployments 53 documentation 26. 93 . 56 Data Warehouse and Language Technology 3. 29. 47 development center 80-81. 12 database restoration software 10 Database Security 3. 71. 22-23. DCB (Data Center Bridging) 52 debugging 11. 46. 68 device drivers 49. Data Guard 35. 13 database software stack 6 database technologies 5. 32.

60-61. 58. 42 enterprise content management 3. 82-83 enterprise 2-3. 56 FMS (Financial Management) 4. 66. 61. 51. 60 . 85 Financial Management 4. 58. 71. See ECM Enterprise Content Manager 19 enterprise integration services 27 Enterprise Java 28-29 Enterprise Manager 19. 38. 25. 23. 72. Larry 20. 68 Fusion Middleware 5. 36-38. 32. 51. 70. 71 foundation. 30. 55 Flex 40. 71. 56. 52. 18-20. 46. 29. 87 engineering 7 11. 18-19. 35. 82. 45. 56. 47-48. 28. 69. 14 enterprise resource planning. 39. solid 23-24. 42. 84 Enterprise Business Intelligence 78 Enterprise Configuration Management 3. 44-45. 19. . 59. 64. 76. 40-43. 73. 16. 90 ERP and CRM applications 22 ERP applications development 60 ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) 36-37 39. 88 . 13. 81. 53-55. 30. 92 environments 10. 72. 39 Enterprise Service Bus. 79. 57 FSM (Functional Setup Manager) 4. 56. 8. finance 4. 85 Middle East and Africa (EMEA) 72 European 85 European Development Centre. ESSBase 73 Europe 28-29. Middle East and Africa) 72 emergency response 17 energy 55. 52 Fibre Channel 49 Field Service 19. 27-28. 66 ERP 22. 35 Enterprise content management. 54. Functional Setup Manager (FSM) 4. 68-70. 42. 40-41. 62 embedded database access controls 12 EMEA (Europe. 90 ERP (enterprise resource planning) 20. 73 flash 5-6. 63. 40 Enterprise Replication 3. business application 10. 68 functionality. See ESB Enterprise Single Sign-On 36 enterprise software 58-59. 72. 92 Financial Management (FMS) 4. 7 20-21. 59. 33. 20-21 enterprise service bus 36. 14. applications share key 9 Federation 36 Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) 49. 92 Financial Services Applications Development 85 firewall/proxy 18 firewalls 12. 56. 66. 59. 61. 85 Fusion Middleware. 4. 14. 33.EHCC (Exadata hybrid columnar compression) 23 Ellison. 66. 47-49. 57 EM 41 e-mails 15. 92 footprint carbon 78 projects solution 71 Forrester 27 Fortran 9 Fortune 500 companies 5. 58. 85. 22 Exadata 3. 68 Fusion 2. 69. 32. 91 enterprise application mashups 38 enterprise applications 24. 52 Exadata hybrid columnar compression (EHCC) 23 expenses 67 export/import 68 F FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet) 49. 61. 68-72 Fusion Applications 4. 58. 36-37 . 67 72 . See EDC European retailers 84 Event Driven Architecture (EDA) 37 event management 5 exabytes 15. 12. 52 features. 49 flash storage 14. 15. 30. Fusion Applications 6 Fusion Procurement 71 Fusion Projects 72 Fusion Sourcing 71 Projects at Oracle 99 . 15. 51. 32. 45-46. 27-28. 34. 70. 93 filesystem 17 49. 84 Enterprise-Ready Infrastructure 3. See ERP enterprise search 2. 66. 54. 60. 86 environmental monitoring and assessment 17 environmental protection 2. . 58. 20. 43-44. 19. 28. 62.

36 GlassFish Application Server 31 GLM (generalized linear models) 9 Global Consulting 4 Global Consulting in India 82 Global Information Security 92 Global Information Technologies 91 Globalization and Public Sector 67 Global Product Security 4. 32-33. 81 industries 2. 81 H HA 15 Hadoop 14 hardware 2-3. 68 headquarters 2. 79. 62. 17 GlassFish 31. 90-91 industry groups 33. 63. 15. 79 grid architecture 14 grid computing 2. identity virtualization services 37 IIT 13 images 17 35 . 51-52 IBM 36. 36-37 42. 40-41. 17 21. 31. 74-75 HTML 11. 52. 13. 14. 41. 63. 76. 8. most 68. 79-85 India Development Center (IDC) 4. 69. 15. 73 Human Capital Management (HCM) 4. 36. 75. 55. 42-43. GSD (Global Support Delivery) 82. . 51-52 . 28. 56. 72. 68. 82. 31. 15. 59.G Gartner 27 Gbit/s 52 General Electric 65 generalized linear models (GLM) 9 generations 32. 94 . 42. 32-35. 84. 7 77 91 . 51. 81-83 Hyperion 19. 87 integration 3. 30. 84-86. 48-49. 40. InfiniBand networking 14 InfiniBand Transport Framework (IBTF) 52 information and information management 1. 52. 33. 12. 87-88. 8. 12. 59. 18. 59. 68 human computer interface (HCI) 86 Hyderabad 4. 81 grid servers 2 grid technologies 5. 36 . 91 Health Sciences (HS) 4. 8. 69-71. 21-22. InnoDB 5 innovative technologies. 75. 75 . 26 India 4. 67 90 . 12. Harvard 13 HCI (human computer interface) 86 HCM (Human Capital Management) 4. 37 62 . 34. 36. 72-73. 60 IBTF (InfiniBand Transport Framework) 52 IDE Development 29 Identity and Access Management 36 Identity Governance Framework 37 Identity Management Suite 19 identity management technologies 3. 87 89-91. 81. 14. 90 HotSIP 74 HS (Health Sciences) 4. 54. 73 I I2C 15 IB 15. 42. 86 geoimagery archiving 17 geological engineering and exploration 17 GeoSpatial Imaging 3. 19-20. 94 Information Retrieval (IR) 3. 87 Global Support Delivery (GSD) 82. 58. 73-78. 43. 74. 24. 66. Industry-Specific Solutions 4 industry standards 37 39 . 81 healthcare 33. 39-40. 35-36. 69. 50-52. 11. 29. 46. 93 GoldenGate 14. 69-70. . 24. implementations 2. 71. 82. 47 52-53. 93 Guadalajara 84 GUI Administration 18 Gurgaon 4. 24. 20-21. 62. 51-52. 48-49. 71. 5. 21 infrastructure 7-8. 19. 51. 34-35. 35. 35. 88 indexing 15. 85. 35. 12. 31-33. InfiniBand 17 25. 94 grid 15. 12. 61. 38. 15. 74-75 Higher Education 4 high-performance file I/O 25 HL7 37 Honeywell 65 100 Projects at Oracle host 12. 16. . 23. 26. 77 HTTP 18. 26. 38. 82. 72. 27 governments 22. 19.

81 Linux 4-6. key Oracle technologies 29 key virtualization technologies 52 KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) 80 Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) 80 Knowledge Management 3. 8-9. 86-87 90-91 . 21 Ireland 4. 35 Java server infrastructure for Oracle products 35 Java technologies 44 standard 69 LAD (Latin America) 28. . 27 33-34. 66. 19. 79. 50-51. 35. 84. intrusion detection 12 inventories 60-61. 81. 34-38. 56. 85 . 84 LDAP 5-6. 62. 40-42. LDAP Directory 6 leader 2. 72. 31. 72. 83. 15. 72. 57-59. 40-41. 66. 67 . 15. 51. 60. interoperability 36-37 49 . 73. 49-51 iOS SDK 4. 62. Vice President 1-2 101 . 40-41. 44. 75 JMS (Java Messaging Service) 5. 17 27 29-32. 64. 26-27 31-32. 21. 73. 37 44 . 69 Liberty Alliance/Kantara 36 license 80 life sciences 22. 79. 84 languages 11. 72. 62 JSR-168 39 K kernel 49. 71. 36. 79. . . JDBC 9. 46. 44. 85 ITIL 42. 15. Java EE 10. 45. 5-7 9-11.1 75 IPMI 15 IPoIB 15 IPsec 15 IPv6 17 IR (Information Retrieval) 3. 75. 66-68. 91 I/O 12. continuous query 33 languages/technologies 28 Latin America (LAD) 28. JAPAC 80 Japan 28. JMX 37 JSF 30. 67 69. 87-88 Linux and Virtualization 87-88 Linux Engineering 87 Linux technologies 87 loans 69 LVM 15 Lynn. 44. 82 J JCA 37 44 . 19. 90 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 4. 32-33. 79 Java EE Application Server Security 36 Java EE technologies 38 Java Foundation Classes application 7 Java Messaging Service. 18-23. 38. 58. 10-11. 77-78 Intel Westmere servers 19 intercluster and interprocess communication 25 Internet and Grid technologies 5.Intel 3. . . 40. 15-17 22. 55 key components 16. 56. See JMS Java Persistence API in Project 35 Java Platform Security 36 Java Products 3. 27 30. 29. 38. 33. 75-79. 50-52. 56-58. 36. 67 Korea 80 L Projects at Oracle JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization) 36-37 44 . . 90 JDeveloper 19. 35. 91 leadership extending Oracle’s technology 90 technological 76 Lease and Finance Management 4. 83 Java EE Application Server 36. 74-75. 88 Java application development 81 Java applications 50 Java Authentication and Authorization (JAAS) 36-37 44 .0. 58-60. 81. 10-11. 18-19. 28-31. 80 Japan and Asia Pacific 80 Java 3. 90 JD Edwards World 4. 11. 70. 58-60. 5. 27-38. 75. 69-73. 62-64. 64. 45. 17 36-37 49 . 42. 64. . 71 investments 24. 44 JD Edwards 4. 13-16. Larry.

94 Massachusetts 2. . 83 NET technologies 26 network attached storage (NAS) 6.NET 13. 54. 74-75. 18. 92 Network Security 36. 84 Microelectronics 4. 5-7 16-17 19. 81-82 nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) 9 non-Oracle ERP systems 73 notifications 5. 80. 90 network stack 17 New England Development Center 6. 37 73-74. 38. 83 Mexico Development Center (MDC) 4. . 75. . 71. 32. 40 networking 4. 30. 27-28. 25. 22. 77 94 . New Hampshire 2. 87-88 . 36. manufacturing 33. 63. 52-53. 16. 26 NetBeans 29 Net-4-Call 74 Netra Systems 4. 47 54 . 73 Projects at Oracle Moorestown. multiprotocol translation 18 MySQL 5 N NAS (network attached storage) 6. NJ 35 Most Complete Business Software and Hardware Systems Company. 79-80. 14 new technology adoption 20 New York 2 next-generation application platform 33 next-generation Fusion Applications 27 next-generation Oracle technologies 58 NIS 17 NMF (nonnegative matrix factorization) 9 Noida 4.M machines. 51-52. 40 messaging 13. 72-75. 29. 16 management 1. memory 12-13. 64-65. 29-31. 44 metadirectory 37 MetaSolv 74. 84 MDM (Master Data Management) 65 Media and Entertainment Industry 83 Medical 3. 51 NUMA servers 25 102 . 17 22 . 86. 17 63. 53. 5. 5-7 27 30. 35-36. 24. 48 Net Services 3. 26. 41 NPIs (network programming interfaces) 17 NUMA 12. 45-47 57-58. business activity 33. 82-83. 65. 82-83. 36. 54-55 network programming interfaces (NPIs) 17 networks 6. 35. 18. 48. 30-31. 91 Manageability and Diagnosability 3. 16-17 marketing 4. 62. 28. 36. 63-65. 56. 76. 39-42. 68. 22. Oracle 1 MPP 22 MRIs 17 multifactor authorization 12 multimedia 3. virtual 12. 48. MicroGrid Controller 78 microprocessors 47 Microsoft 24. 34 Master Data Management (MDM) 65 Mbit/s 52 MDC (Mexico Development Center) 4. 14. 50 maintenance 18. 61. . 25. 90-91 Middleware and Application Performance Management 42 Minnesota 34 MIT 13 mobile 2-3. 60-61. 17 Netsure 74. 64. 42. 59. . 79 Mobile Applications for Healthcare and Life Sciences 75 models application energy utilization 79 partner business 89 monitoring. 13. 69 Maps and Spatial Location-Based Technologies 3. 90. 75 . 36 Microsoft for Windows application developers 9 Microsoft Visual Studio 26 Middle Eastern languages 85 middleware 2-3. 16-17 21 . 10. 58-59. 73. 85. 69-73 Manufacturing Operations Center 4. 40. instant 38. 51. 68. 40 Nashua 14 native JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Web services capability 60 natural resource management 17 NEDC 3 . 67 73. 81. 26.

60-62. 44 Oracle Complex Event Processing 33 oracle. 42-43. 8. 22-23. 40. 83 Oracle Communications in India 83 oracle. See Oracle GoldenGate OLAP 18. 80 Oracle China Development Center 80 Oracle cluster file systems 8 Oracle Clusterware 8 Oracle clusterware and RAC 8 oracle. 54-55. 73. 90-92 Online Analytical Processing 3. 1. 87-88 operations global 81 thriving Oracle Ireland 85 operations infrastructure 74 OPM/Oracle Financial expert 82 OPN (Oracle PartnerNetwork) 89 OPN Specialized program 89 Ops Center 3. 65 On Demand 2. 85. 31 Projects at Oracle 103 . 12. 85. 79. 18 Online patching of applications 19 On Track 44-45 Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) 9 open source transactional storage engine 5 Open Storage Systems 4. 67-68. 73 Oracle 1-94 savings goal 60 Oracle Access Manager 36 Oracle ADF 29-30 Oracle Advanced Customer Services 82 Oracle Advanced Queues 5 Oracle Alliances and Channels 89 Oracle and Sun technologies 31 Oracle Application Development 61 Oracle Application Development Framework 29 Oracle Application Development Tools 28-29 Oracle Application Express 11 Oracle Application Integration Architecture 75 Oracle Application Product Lines 58 Oracle Applications 24. 77 84 . 22. 34. 70. 82 Oracle Applications Operations 82 Oracle applications products 85 Oracle Asia Research & Development Center 80 Oracle Asia Research and Development Center 80 Oracle Assets 67 Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Change Data Capture 14 Oracle Authorized Training Partners and Oracle Workforce Development Partners 83 Oracle Automatic Storage Management 6. 14-15. 70. 78 Oracle Call Interface. map Oracle 9 OCCI 9 OCI (Oracle Call Interface) 8-9 ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) 9 ODBC drivers 9 ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) 34. 48-49 operating system 2-3. 70. 42-43 optimization techniques 64.O OARDC China 80 OBIEE 70 object database design 72-73 objects. 72. See OCI Oracle candidate 1 Oracle Certification Program 93 Oracle certifications 93 Oracle Chief Executive Officer 20 Oracle China 4. 53 OFED 15 OGG. OLAP Modeling 18 OM (Order Management) 32. 94 Oracle Communications 74. 50. 34. 3 oracle. 4. 24-26. 35. 90 Oracle Applications and Oracle Middleware 57 Oracle Applications DBA 82 Oracle Application Server 5. 8 Oracle Beehive 44 Oracle Beehive Enterprise Collaboration Server 44 Oracle Berkeley DB 5-6 Oracle Berkeley DB products 6 Oracle BI 32 Oracle BI Server 32 Oracle BPM Suite 33 Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) 31. 82. 47 49-51. . 73 ODM (Oracle Data Mining) 9-10.

65. 16. 69 business-critical 82 Oracle Databases and Oracle Fusion Middleware to Oracle Applications 40 Oracle Database Server 46 Oracle data dictionary 18 Oracle Data Guard Logical 14 Oracle Data Integration 34 Oracle Data Integrator. 89. 89 Oracle Education Centers 83 Oracle Enterprise Asset Management 64 Oracle Enterprise Content Management 35 Oracle Enterprise Linux 19. Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle CRM 90 Oracle E-Business Suite application 68 Oracle E-Business Suite Financials 66 Oracle E-Business Suite Procurement and PeopleSoft Procurement solutions 70 Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management 63 Oracle ECM 35 Oracle Economy 4. 10. Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 29 Oracle enterprise software stack 6 Oracle Entitlements Server 37 Oracle ERP 73 Oracle European Development Centre 4. 17 . 90 . 73. 18.html 24 Oracle Configurator 65 Oracle Consulting 82.html 33 oracle. 57 Oracle Fusion Architecture 29 Oracle Fusion Middleware 7 27-28. See ODM Oracle Data Profiling 34 Oracle Data Quality 34 Oracle Data Service Integrator 34 Oracle DBA 82 Oracle developers 47 Oracle developers in India 59 Oracle development centers 81 Oracle Development Tools 72 Oracle Discrete and Process Manufacturing Applications 65 Oracle EBS 58. . 82. 84 Oracle Enterprise Manager documentation 46 Oracle Enterprise Manager products 7 40 . 58.Projects at Oracle oracle. 19-22. 69 Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) 56. 78 Oracle Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications 16 Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer 17 Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform 27 Oracle Fusion Middleware product offerings 31 Oracle Fusion Procurement 70 Oracle Fusion Projects 71 Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Globalization 72 Oracle Fusion technology components 70 104 . 85 Oracle Exadata 12 Oracle Exadata Storage Servers 52 Oracle expertise 85 Oracle Financial Management applications 66 Oracle FSM 68 Oracle Functional Setup Manager (FSM) 68 Oracle Fusion 57-58 Oracle Fusion Applications 29. 45-46. 20. 11. 17 oracle. 62. 46. 24-25. 14. 29-30. 73 Oracle customers 41-42. 82. 91-93 Oracle Database 5. 13. 50-51. 15. 84-85 enterprise-class demos showcase 45 Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware 5. 49. 73. 35. 61 Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata 12 Oracle database kernel 9 Oracle Database on Windows platform 26 Oracle databases 6. 49 Oracle Enterprise Manager 36. 67 69-70. See ODI Oracle Data Miner 9 Oracle Data Miner features 10 Oracle Data Mining. 7-9. 91 Oracle Consulting and Support 46 Oracle Consulting exercises 91 Oracle Consulting in India 82 Oracle Content Management 35 Oracle Contracts 64 Oracle Cost Management 61 Oracle courseware 93 Oracle CRM 61-63.

13-14. 81 Oracle’s India Development Center 35 Oracle’s infrastructure 92 Oracle Site Hub 66 Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 56. 82. 64. 34 Oracle GoldenGate customers 14 Oracle Grid Infrastructure 8 Oracle Hardware Systems products 47 Oracle HCM 69 Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores 34 Oracle Health Sciences 74-75 Oracle Higher Education 68 Oracle Hyperion 73 Oracle IDC 81 Oracle IDE family 29 Oracle Identity Manager 36 Oracle Identity Manager product 36 Oracle India 4. 14. 81 Oracle India Private Ltd 81 Oracle Information Retrieval Platform 15 Oracle intranet 21 Oracle JDBC drivers 35 Oracle JDeveloper 29 Oracle kernel 23-24 Oracle Logistics 65 Oracle Magazine and Profit 94 Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center 69 Oracle Marketing 94 Oracle Mexico Development Center 4. 71 Oracle R&D center 80 Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 5. 58-59 Projects at Oracle 105 . 79. 20. 84 Oracle OLAP’s multidimensional cube technology 18 Oracle On Demand 4. 77 84 . 23. 52.Oracle Gateways 84 Oracle Global 91-92 Oracle GoldenGate. 58 Oracle server hardware design teams. 84 Oracle Middleware Strategy 27 Oracle Mobile Server 6-7 Oracle network layer 17 Oracle OLAP 18. Oracle’s globalization features 46 Oracle’s hardware 55 Oracle’s Hardware Systems Engineering 47 Oracle’s headquarters 29. 34. Oracle Retail in India 84 Oracle’s ACS 79 Oracle sales consultants 45 Oracle’s Asset Lifecycle Management solution 67 Oracle’s Austin Data Center 92 Oracle’s BI strategy 18 Oracle’s CEO 57 Oracle’s Chief Security Officer 87 Oracle School of Advanced Technology 83 Oracle SCM 63 Oracle’s computer systems 48 Oracle’s core application development tools 81 Oracle’s CRM applications 62 Oracle’s data integration 35 Oracle’s development tools 29 Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 15. 84 Oracle Recovery Manager 84 Oracle Retail 74. 94 Oracle Order Fulfillment 65 Oracle Order Management 65 Oracle organizations. internal 53 Oracle servers 5. 48 Oracle Server Technology products 46 Oracle Service 79 Oracle Service Bus 39 Oracle’s Fusion Applications 34. 9. 90 Oracle Open Storage Systems 49 Oracle OpenWorld 53. 41 Oracle’s Edge Applications 56. deploying 14 Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) 3. internal 94 Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) 89 Oracle partners 84 Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager 70 Oracle personnel 46 Oracle portfolio 89 Oracle precompilers 9 Oracle Process Manufacturing Applications 65 Oracle product and Linux kernel experts 87 Oracle Product Marketing 94 Oracle Property Manager 72 Oracle RAC 8 Oracle RDBMS 10. 45 Oracle’s Fusion Middleware 27 70 . 20-21.

90 . 58 Oracle’s Siebel CRM products 59 Oracle’s SOA portfolio 39 Oracle’s Software 47 Oracle’s stack 2 Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise 54 Oracle’s Sun systems 47 Oracle’s Systems 42 Oracle’s Systems product stack 54 Oracle storage products 52 Oracle Store 11 Oracle Sun systems 47 Oracle Supplier Hub 66 Oracle Support 41. 91 Oracle Support Services 91 Oracle’s vision 94 Oracle’s WebLogic application server 6 Oracle Systems 47 60. Oracle Solaris Cluster 52-53 high-availability 54 Oracle Solaris Cluster and Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 52 Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 53 Oracle Solaris Modernization 51 Oracle Solaris Operating System 50 Oracle Solaris OS Platform Software Engineering 53 Oracle Solaris Studio 53 Oracle Solaris ZFS 54 Oracle Solaris Zones 54 Oracle Solution Services India (OSSI) 82 Oracle’s online developer community 81 Oracle’s operations 81 Oracle’s order-to-cash solution 67 Oracle Spatial 16. 42 Oracle WebLogic Suite 30 Oracle Web Services Manager product 36 Oracle workloads 87 Oracle XStream 14 orchestration 37 Order Fulfillment 65 Order Fulfillment applications streamline 65 106 . Oracle Systems products multilingual/ multicultural 54 Oracle Technology Network 26. 62 Oracle Transportation Management 56. 83. 58 Oracle University (OU) 4. 93-94 Oracle University Courseware 85 Oracle University Global Shared Services 83 Oracle University in India 4. latest 38. 58. 60 Oracle’s kernel contributions 88 Oracle’s life sciences applications 76 Oracle’s Linux 87 Oracle SOA Suite 36-37 Oracle SOA technology 76 Oracle software portfolio 47 Oracle Solaris 47 49. 41 Oracle TimesTen 24 Oracle TimesTen Database 24 Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 24 Oracle tools. 84 Oracle Spatial GeoRaster 17 Oracle Spatial technology 78 Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise 56. 77-78 Oracle Value Chain Planning 72 Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 88 Oracle Virtualization 49 Oracle Virtualization Manager 19 Oracle Virtualization Manager for SPARC 55 Oracle Virtual OS layer 16 Oracle VM 87 Oracle Warehouse Builder 34 Oracle WebCenter 38 Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration 44 Oracle WebCenter Intelligent Collaboration Connector 44 Oracle WebCenter Real-Time Collaboration 44 Oracle WebCenter Suite 38 Oracle WebLogic 29. 18 Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 11 Oracle’s sales consultants 45 Oracle’s search 15 Oracle’s Siebel 59 Oracle’s Siebel CRM 56.Projects at Oracle Oracle’s JD Edwards World 58. 83 Oracle University training 93 Oracle UPK 25 Oracle User Experience Design 86 Oracle User Productivity Kit 24 Oracle Utilities 74. 81 Oracle Text 15. 53-55 . 90 Oracle’s planning products 73 Oracle’s portfolio 89 Oracle’s Primavera 76 Oracle SQL Developer 11.

12. 30. 76. 46. 82 . 63. 30. 38. 79 . 18-28. Product Development and Oracle University Courseware 85 Product Development Information Technologies. 58. 58. 58-59. 70-72. 74 power outages 78 Precompilers 9 preferred application deployment solution 50 Primavera 4. 90-91 Projects at Oracle 107 . 68. 53 Platform Software Technologies (PSWT) 50 PL/SQL 3. incredible applications 56 product positioning 26. 90-92 performance tuning 18. 62-63. 65 Oregon 2 organizations. 12-14. 85 product portfolio. 61-64. 19-20 Pedigree and Serialization Manager 4. 14. 19. Canada 35 OU. 91-94 patents 8. 63. 27 31. 28. 70 PeopleSoft 4. 74. 40. 90 PeopleSoft applications 59 PeopleSoft Applications DBA 82 PeopleSoft Enterprise 4. 90 PeopleTools 59 Performance 3-9. 55. 34. 28. 50. 57 59-60. 9-11. 71-72. 20. 76 Primavera Project and Portfolio Management 76 process manufacturers 65 processor design 47 Process Spaces 33 process stakeholders 33 procurement 4. 13-14. 18-19. 18 partner. See product managers PO 71 podcasts 2 polygons 16 portal mashups 2 Portal Software 89 partners 21. 82. 56. Platform Software 4. 46. 30. 66. See Oracle University overhead. 23. 76 Portland. 47-52. product lifecycle management 19. 76-77 93 . 14-15. 56. 30-31. 75 PCB Design and Tools Engineering 55 PCI 42 PDIT (Product Development Information Technologies) 3. 72-73. 25.Order Management (OM) 32. 66. 29 physical database design 11 PIM (Product Information Management) 65 PKI 36-37 planning 62-63. 83 PL/SQL and Compiler Technologies 18 PL/SQL Server Pages (PSPs) 30 PMs. 16. 83 portfolio. 37-38. 44. 35. 17 19. 82. 89. 46. 32. 71. 16. 72. 45. 66. 7 Ottawa. 38. 54-56. 54-55. OR 35 Posco 65 power 11. 50. 37 39-43. 52-53. . 82 Perl 9. 85. 59. 72 . 69. minimal 11-12 OWSM 36 P packaging 51. 68. 87-88. 48. 79. 38. PHP 9. 26. 94 professionals 29. 67 70. 85. 71-72. procurement 64 OSI application level components 18 OS Platform Software Engineering 53 OSSI (Oracle Solution Services India) 82 oss. 40 pharmaceutical 17 65. 80. 68 product managers (PMs) and product management 7 25-26. 34. planned application 27 portfolio management 4. 82 platforms 8-9. 51. 28. See PDIT Product Information Management (PIM) 65 production workload 20 Productivity Tools 67 payments 64. 58-59. 58. 81 patients 75 payables 61. 28. 44. 88 OS technologies 17 otn. 64. 70. 56. 25. 67-69. . 21. 58-59. 41. 55. 63 parallel clustered environments 15 parallel processing 8. 11. . . 68.

63. 7 29. . 88 . 8-12. 69 . 76 project-based work 71 complex 64 Project Crossbow 52 project delivery 61. 39. 28. 87 94 . 92 projects new btrfs filesystem 88 open source 35. 30. most 5 project accounting 71 project/aerospace 63 project and portfolio management 4. 90 . 16. 25. 51 Q QA (Quality Assurance) 3. . 40. 23. 69. 77 79. 20. 92-94 . 37 39. 57 SAP 24. . 84. 37 53. 5. project planning 10. 36 SAS 15. 53. 56. 21-24. 20-22.Projects at Oracle profitable technologies interest. 82 . 74. 52. applications incident 91 Resource Manager 12 REST 11. 51 retail 4. enhanced 18 query processor 33-34 R RAC (Real Application Clusters) 5. 83. 47 . 29. RFID sensors 80 risks 51. 20 replay technologies area 20 replication 3. 14-15. 21. 37 rules engine 5 S SaaS 68-69. 63. 52. 52. 56 Replay Technologies and Workload Intelligence 3. 77 84. 17-18. 79 relational database software 94 reliability 5. 29. 80 . 37 64. 10. 61. 41. 8. 33 queries 21. radio frequency (RF) 65 RAID 15 Raleigh. See RAC Real Estate Management Applications 4 Real User Experience Insight 19 receivables 61. 74. 46. 24. 13-14. 85 RosettaNet 37 routing 5. RMAN (Recovery Manager) 84 Romania 79. 54. 87 QoS (quality-of-service) 12. 81. 14. 13-14. 33 quality assurance 3. . 59. 7-8. UK 29 Real Application Clusters. 84. Quality Assurance. 75. repository 16 research 7-8. 22-23. 88 protection realms 12 Protocol Center 75 prototypes 88 PSPs (PL/SQL Server Pages) 30 PSWT (Platform Software Technologies) 50 public sector 36. 74. 17-18. See QA quality-of-service (QoS) 12. 43-44. 63. 84. 74. 94 Python 9. 80-81. 20. 41-44. 76 RDFS/OWL 21 RDFS/OWL languages 21 RDMA 15 RDS 15 Reading. 49-50. 57 63. 53. 13-15. 67 publish 1. 66 projection 23 project lifecycle 24 project management 57 76. 27 33. 34 regression testing 82 relational databases 5. 63-64. 11-13. 80 SAF-TE 15 sales 19. 72. 27-28. NC 35 RBAC 36-37 R&D 8. 34. 50. 75. 43. 77 108 . 64. SAML 36-37 San Francisco 39. 59. 43. 75. 7 29. 91 . 71 RDF 21-22. 22. RF (radio frequency) 65 RFID 33. 54. 51. 71. 86 resolutions. 30. 40. 27 query performance. 52. 34. 49 scalability 5-6. 17 35. 67 recovery 3. 23-24 Recovery Manager (RMAN) 84 recursion 40 Redwood Shores. 32. 5-6. California 2. 82. 92 RDBMS 10. 49 SATA 15. 23. 13. 72.

54 SPARC Volume Systems 4. 64. 30. 64. 51-52. 28. 55. 52. 21. 27 36-38. 85 SQL*Plus 9. 37-38. . 85 SQL language 18-19 SQL Performance Analyzer 20 Projects at Oracle 109 . 63 SDP (Socket Direct Protocol) 15. 17-18. . 21-22. 40. See SOA services 1-2. 48. 71-72. . 9. 33-34. 86 Software Provisioning and Installation Technologies 3. 85 Service Operations Organization 92 Service Oriented Architecture 3. 45 Shanghai 80 shop. technical 45. 10-11. SPARC Enterprise Systems 4. 19-20. 45. . See SGT servers 2. 89 services Oracle University 83 SES 15 Session Layer Abstraction 17 sessions 88 SGT (Server Globalization Technology) 4. 76 Server and Storage Systems 4. 5. 81. 12. 52 software 1-3. 37 social networking 2. 22 Server Technologies products 46 Service Bus 3. 26. 88 . 49-52. . 22 SNMP 15 SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) 3. 65. 7 9-11. 74 Socket Direct Protocol (SDP) 15. 15 Semantic technologies 3. 13-15. 19. 87-88 source database. 90 Siebel Applications DBA 82 Siebel CRM 4 SIGMOD 11. 15. 54-55 Spatial Location-Based Technologies 3. 52. 54. 83. 67 74-75. 17 27 30-32. 74. 30. 36-37 Security Infrastructure and Java Platform Security 36 security standards 36-37 security technologies 81-82. 56. 47-49. 19. 42-43. 39 Service Design 92 service development organization 85 Service Engineering 4. 44. 79. . 88 Solaris Information Documentation and Globalization 4 Solaris Networking 52 Solaris technologies 54 Solid State Disks 23 Sony 65 Sophoi 74 source. 44. 69-71. 50-51. optimized Oracle 50 Solaris 4. 2-3. Complete. 47 Software Industry 38. 82. 46 SecureFiles 23 secure network access control 18 Security and Identity Management 3. 19. 58-59. 72 SPARC 47 50 . 16 SPML 37 Spring 30. 90-91 software as a service (SAAS) 2 software engineers 26. open 5 SOX 42 SP (Supplier Portal) 71 space management 22-24. 52. 84. 13. 33. 20 Silicon Valley 29. 36. 54. 36 SQL 3. 31-32. 9. 77-78. 4-6. 54. 37 Service oriented architecture. 60. 78-79 SOAP 5. Smart Grid 77-78 SMP 10. . 73. 75-76. 61. 47 49. 15. 36-37 42. . 58.SCM (Supply Chain Management) 4. 5. 41 secure configuration 12 Secure Enterprise Search 3. 18-21. 16. 79. 62. 12 Server Globalization Technology. 68. 33. 28-29. 41. 58-59. 78-80. 42 software 11 Siebel 4. Hardware. 61-62. 76-78. 88-92 application 39 location-based 17 80 . 19. 87 Server Technologies Curriculum 4. 83 Software. 56. 56-57 64-65. open 31. 84 Singapore 80 Single Sign-On (SSO) 36 SMART 7 14-15. 28. 61. 35-42. 87-88 Self-Service Procurement (SSP) 71 self-tuning 13. 54. 17-18. 52 search technologies 20-21. 36. 9. 45-46 Server Technologies Information Development 45-46 Server Technologies Performance 3. 21-22.

32. 51-53. 40. 74. 88 . autonomic 20 building security 12 character input/output 54 cloud 5 component UI 39 constraint-based configuration 65 consumer user experience 78 cutting-edge 26. 59. 63. 90. 38. 56. 84. 87 standards-based Java Business services 30 Stanford 13 storage 2-8. 31. 55 Systems Technologies 55 T Tangosol 35 Tape Technologies 4. 71. 62-63. 35. 55. 32-33. 21. 56 technologies acquired 35-36 advanced support 91 advisory 13 agent-based 27 application server 17 22 . 74. 64. 12-15. 37 SSO (Single Sign-On) 36 SSP (Self-Service Procurement) 71 standards 22. 55. 79. 76. 32 Systems Revenue Product Engineering 4. 84 Supply Chain Globalization 4. 80. 87-88 Sun OpCenter 19 Sun Open Storage 19 Sun Oracle Exadata 18 Sun Ray 88 Sun Ray Thin Client 4 Supplier Portal (SP) 71 Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 59 suppliers 16. 10. 55-56. 70. 49. 22 storage layer 23 storage technologies 8. 46. Sun Labs 4. 80 flashback 11 foundation middleware 31 hottest I/O 51 latest Fusion 73 latest Fusion Middleware 68 latest high-speed fabric interconnect 51 latest Web-based 68 leading-edge cluster 8 location-based 17 metadata 10 mobile 79 network management 78 new language 46 on-demand 90 open 60 open source 22 partner 80 platform 19. 18-19. 42-43 Systems and Replication 14 Systems Hardware and Software Development 4 systems management 15. 72 Supply Chain Management. 39. 28.Projects at Oracle SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) 59 SSD 15 SSL 5. 69. 94 streaming data 33-34 high-speed 33 Streams 33. 66. 73. See SCM Support 4 support vector machines (SVMs) 9 SVG 11 SVMs (support vector machines) 9 Swing 29 Systems and Applications Management 3. 48-49. 81 portal 38 primary 30 proactive 91 programming 18 110 . 40. 92. 73 supply chain 19. 83. 22-25. 60. 68 cutting-edge social media 44 database security 12 data-mining 9 data replication 53 emerging 11. 82 students 53. 26. 28. 36. 47 50. 36. 92 Storage Engine 3. 93 Student System 4 Subledger Accounting 66 Sun acquisition and technologies 2. 42. 5. 30-31. 12 clustered 49 innovative Flash 55 strategy 25.

35. 38. 27-28 transparent data encryption 12 transportation 17 63. 84 virtual private database 12 visualization 15-17 21-22. 25. 63. 72-73 verification 47 virtual directory 37 Virtualization and Cloud Computing 3. 86 user interfaces (UI) 24. 16. 53. 83 telecommunications 17 22. 65 Web 27-28. . 25. 47 TopLink Object Relational 35 Toshiba 65 TPC-H 11 Traditional enterprise applications 39 training 46. 33. 4. 86 user adoption 24-25 user experience 4. 56. 84 VOS (Virtual Operating System) 3. 51. 52-53. 21. 66. 32. 27-30. enterprise database 87 workplace 38 WSDL 37 64 . trends. 44-45. 65 . 30-32. 55. 69. 69. 24 TOE 15 tools 7 11. 79 UPK 24-25 Upper Layer Protocol (ULP) 51-52 urban planning 17 usability 32. 46. 5. 76. 62 Web Services Security 36 Web stores 71 Web Tools Project 29 wikis 2. 92 Voice over IP (VoIP) 92 VOS 25. 51. 30. 36-37 44. 85 developer 18. 65. 50. 74. 87 Virtual Operating System (VOS) 3. 84 TimesTen In-Memory Database 3. 20 vocabularies 21-22 voice 45. 64. 8. 73 User Productivity Kit. 62. 56. 79. standard 6 transaction processing 3. 93 transactional data services. 58-59. 68.0 27-28. 34. 53 Windows 3. 52 virtualization technologies 2. 58. 38. 20. 72. 75 Web/application servers 73 Web-based application user interfaces 79 WebCenter 3. 31. 40. 36. 73 Web Services 10. 31. 18. 61. 38. 77-78. 44. 64. 83. Web 2. 40. 41. 63.providing grid 2 relational 26 replay 20 rich client 32 rich user interface 40 self-managing 13 various Interconnect 17 technology investments 78 Technology Management 92 Technology Platform and Analytic Applications 31 Telco 52. 67 73. 78 . 19. 22-23. WS-Federation 36 WS-Policy 36-37 WS-Security 36-37 Projects at Oracle 111 . 25. . 5-9. 24. 26. 14. See UPK User Productivity Kit (UPK) 24-25 utility companies and utilities 2-4. 92 V Value Chain Planning 4. 84 W W3C 21-22 W3C SPARQL 21 warehouses 23. 75. 37-39. See user interfaces ui. 13. 74-75. 24. 38. . 54. 58. 65-66. 33. emerging technological 24 U UC Berkeley 13 UDP 15 UI. 86 ULP (Upper Layer Protocol) 51-52 ultrasounds 17 UML 34 Unified Modeling Language (UML) 34 United Kingdom 34 Universal Connection Pool 35 UNIX 5-6. 82 .oracle. VLDB 11. 86 . 87-88 workloads. 79 designing XML -based 38. 46. 73. 44. 47 50. TimesTen 3.

WS-Trust 36 X Projects at Oracle X. . 32. 64-66. 76. 22-23. 13. 5-6. 62. 26 XML technologies 34 XQuery 6. 26-28. 79 XML -based search technologies 27 XML Database 3. 40-41. 34-38. 19. . 27 37 84 . XQueryP engine 84 x-rays 17 XSLT 37 XStream 14 Z zero-downtime application/database upgrades 14 zfs File System 50 zones 50 Zones Application Containers 50 Zorba 84 ZPARK 80 112 . 72-73.509 37 XACML 36-37 Xen hypervisor 87-88 XML 3. 11. 16-17 19.

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