Name: Vũ Thị Thu Trang Class: 09E11 Week: 8

Date: 20/03/2011


Topic: Some reason why relationships break up

A break-up of relationship has effects on one person heath both physically and emotionally. There are some common reasons which cause this. The first one is the disagreement of your friends or your parents. They always advise you to stop it. They profoundly understand what you really are and they must be the first ones dislike that relationship. This situation partly makes you depressed and gradually feel fed up with your partner, and then your relationship will end. Besides, the loss of trust in your love also results in break-up. Honesty is the most important factor for a happy couple. If you are on suspicion that your boyfriend has not been sincerely to you, then whether will you feel comfortable when you two are together? Your love will absolutely die when trust fall into ruin. Since trust is almost damaged, you don’t want to be in the relationship anymore. The last and maybe the biggest reason is when one, or both of you fall out love with another. When the love’s gone out, even though everything seems alright and none of you betray the other, it’s time for your relationship to end. It’s impossible to list here all reasons, but these are the most important ones Comments: Strong points: - Logical, easy to follow your ideals. - Use signals and structures effectively Weak point: Grammar: only a grammatical error

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