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About Business Intelligence
Maintaining a competitive edge is not as easy as it used to be. In the past, companies simply had to offer superior products and services, and treat customers courteously in order to create sustained profitability and growth. Today, organizations must be able to think on their feet, leveraging their most important asset – their enterprise data – to understand the status of their mission-critical activities, detect vital operational patterns, anticipate industry trends, and achieve the agility that will enable them to conduct business more dynamically. However, as companies deploy more and more business applications, and information architectures become increasingly complex, obtaining that type of actionable insight can become a tremendous challenge. What is Business Intelligence Software? Business intelligence software enables companies to perform reporting and in-depth analysis of detailed information from across their entire organization. Data from various systems, applications, and databases is accessed, gathered, compiled, formatted, and presented to end users, facilitating faster, more effective decision support by providing them with timely and vital insight about key operations and activities. Key Benefits for Your Company Dramatic benefits can be achieved through the purchase and implementation of a business intelligence software package. The primary advantages include: * Improved access to and integration of business data from disparate sources. * Complete, 360-degree visibility into corporate activities. * More rapid information sharing across the enterprise. * Faster and more accurate detection of the positive and negative trends that impact the business. * Real-time tracking of key performance indicators and critical metrics. * Improved collaboration and communication with customers, suppliers, vendors, and other business partners. * Enhanced strategic planning.

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About Business Intelligence
Does My Company Need Business Intelligence Software? Every company, of every size, in every industry can derive tremendous value from a business intelligence solution. In most organizations today, critical business information is scattered across disparate systems and applications that exist among various departments and business units. Without a business intelligence solution in place, retrieving, consolidating, and formatting that data – then harnessing it to support planning and decision making at both the strategic and operational level – would require extensive time and effort from IT staff, and delay the delivery of vital intelligence needed to support mission-critical business activities. Common Business Intelligence Software Features The business intelligence software packages on the market today typically provide the following features to enable better, faster, more informed decision-making across the enterprise: Web-Based Access The traditional client/server reporting tools of the past made actionable business intelligence available to only a small percentage of an organization’s information consumers. So, over the past several years, the majority of business intelligence vendors have incorporated Web-based access into their offerings, making reporting and analysis capabilities readily available to a broader base of users and user types. Ad Hoc Reporting To minimize burden on IT resources, and ensure that front line workers have immediate access to the insight they need to perform their jobs on a day-to-day basis, most business intelligence tools offer the ability for functional end users to easily build and run their own reports, while shielding them from the technical complexities of the underlying data. Flexible Output Formats Most of today’s popular business intelligence systems enable users to present report output in a variety of formats, including spreadsheets, word processing documents, HTML, and other mediums.

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About Business Intelligence
Dynamic Scheduling and Delivery This capability allows users to schedule reports to run and/or refresh at pre-determined intervals, and to have completed reports automatically “pushed” to relevant users via email, mobile devices, and other communication vehicles. Financial Reporting As legislation becomes increasingly stringent, and the penalties for non-compliance become greater, more and more business intelligence solutions are incorporating financial reporting capabilities into their offerings. Examples include templates for balance sheets and profit and loss statements, the ability to process and calculate financially-oriented data, and dynamic conversion of foreign currencies. What to Look for When Choosing a Business Intelligence Solution While most business intelligence solutions will provide a broad array of reporting and analysis capabilities, there are some more advanced features that will set some systems apart from the pack. These include: Scalability As the value of a business intelligence environment becomes clear, more and more users will want to leverage it. Additionally, as an organization thrives, the number of reports needed, and the number of data sources to be accessed, will grow. Not all business intelligence solutions are fully scalable, so be sure to choose one that can address expanding capacity needs and support broader access and reporting requirements as they emerge. Unlimited Data Access Finding a business intelligence solution that accesses common or widely-used systems is easy. But, if your organization maintains data sources that are proprietary, antiquated, or obscure, you may be challenged to find a vendor that can easily access and report on the information contained within them. However, there are some vendors that have either developed a portfolio of data adapters – or partnered with an application integration company – to address this very requirement.

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© 2011.  . Reproduction Review these companies. and maps may be needed if your information is scientific or mathematical in nature. Top 10 Business Intelligence Solutions You have many options when selecting a business intelligence solution. making it difficult for functional users to understand and interpret it. All Rights Reserved. we’ve featured some of the leading business intelligence vendors in this paper. and use it to make weighted anticipations regarding future events and activities. While most business intelligence software packages offer some basic visualization capabilities – such as simple charts and graphs – more advanced visualization techniques such as matrixes.About Business Intelligence Visualization Enterprise data can be highly complex. and you’ll be well on the way to finding the right business intelligence solution for your company. histograms. Business-Software. To make your search a bit easier. Predictive Analytics Are forecasting and advance planning part of your business intelligence needs? Then you may want to look for a solution that offers predictive analytics – sophisticated algorithms and formulas that mine historical data for patterns and trends. scatter plots.

Ottowa. and business intelligence. 2008. © 2011. Supports enterprise planning. * Complete corporate performance management solution. * Rated a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. 6 . Miller Paint.000 customers in more than 13 | 866-601-193 x1 HigHligHts * The IBM Cognos BI suite serves more than 23. Austrian Railways. China Zheshang Bank.000 customers in more than 135 countries. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Ingenix Healthcare. Bundeswher. Jebsen & Jessen SEA. evu zählwerk. MA SOFTWAre SOLuTIONS: IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Solution Suite CuSTOMer FOCuS: The IBM Cognos business intelligence solution suite serves more than 23. OWNerSHIp: Public (DJI: IBM) FOuNDeD: 1969. scorecarding. All Rights Reserved. Mentor Graphics. Reproduction Prohibited.cognos. Canada Acquired by IBM: 2008 HeADquArTerS: Burlington. Business-Software. Oxxio.

regardless of where the data is stored. Customers can author.00 people and serves more than 23. and statement-style reports. ad-hoc reports. These solutions are supported by an experienced and award-winning field force of more than 1. Web-based solution for all components of the reporting lifecycle: managed reports. © 2011. and are adaptable to any data source. measuring and monitoring performance. Cognos solutions are sold directly and are also available from more than 3. or leverage it as a point solution to address key operational requirements. production. Founded in 1969. share. understand. and transactional.000 worldwide partners and resellers. energy. consumer packaged goods. service-oriented architecture (SOA). Cognos was acquired by IBM in January 2008.800 customer-facing personnel. an IBM company.000 customers in over 13 countries. single. Cognos customers are involved in every industry sector including all industries within manufacturing such as automotive. Cognos employs over 3. natural resources. Cognos allows customers to better monitor.  . IBM Cognos solutions let companies improve and direct corporate performance by enabling all of the key steps in the management cycle. and drive the successful performance of their business. is a world leader in business intelligence and corporate performance management (CPM) software for the enterprise. Key Strengths * The new IBM Cognos 8 BI MidMarket Reporting Packages offer midsize organizations an affordable. All Rights Reserved. These reports can be authored once and consumed anywhere. operational. * IBM Cognos 8 Analysis enables the guided exploration of information that pertains to all dimensions of a business. Whether customers choose to apply Cognos software strategically on an enterprise scale. and use reports that draw on data across all enterprise sources for better business decisions.About IBM Cognos Cognos. Reproduction Prohibited. including planning and budgeting. The solution gives businesses the power to analyze and report against online analytical processing (OLAP) and dimensionally aware relational sources. * IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence delivers the complete range of BI capabilities on a single. and reporting and analysis. and high tech.

All Rights Reserved. a user interface that supports 10+ languages. is adaptable to any data source. * Lets you can personalize the style and quality of BI delivered to your key stakeholders. and CSV. * Using robust analysis tools. PDF. XML. sales regions. Analysis * Enables the guided exploration of information that pertains to all dimensions of your business. * Delivers complete reporting coverage. IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence integrates with technology standards today. and can adapt as companies evolve. and reports in multiple export formats: Excel. you can perform complex analysis quickly and easily to get to the “why” behind an event or action to improve business performance. regardless of where the data is stored.About IBM Cognos * IBM Cognos 8 enables customers to perform complex analysis quickly and easily to get to the “why” behind an event or action to improve business performance. Business-Software. Software Highlights IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Reporting * Gives you access to a complete list of self-serve report HTML. Reproduction Prohibited. and product groups. Analyze and report against online analytical processing (OLAP) and dimensionally aware relational sources. and you expand the community of BI users. © 2011. reports delivered in 2+ languages. service-oriented architecture. and operates from a single metadata layer for a variety of benefits such as multilingual reporting. Built with modern. Technology The IBM Cognos BI/Analytics solution resides on an IBM DB2 balanced data warehouse running on an IBM System platform provides a flexible and scalable business intelligence infrastructure to support the delivery of information as a service. and you expand the community of BI users. you can personalize the style and quality of BI delivered to your key stakeholders. * With the web-based deployment and reporting capability. 8 . * Lets you analyze PowerCube to see what’s driving your business with data organized in logical categories such as fiscal periods.

interactive dashboards quickly. * Provides a real-time approach to consolidating. easy-to-use analytics for financial performance management. strategic — to help you monitor. * Use existing report elements for complete. Personalized Information * Drag-and drop-interface lets you create dashboards on the fly. * Client-side data capture gives you near-instant response times to repeated queries and layout changes. 6-bit. Dynamic Business Intelligence * Flash-based graphics let you build attractive. in-memory OLAP server. * Gives you the ability to use a metrics network and centralized data store to ensure reliable and consistent information. * Aligns decisions and tactics with strategy to produce a balanced scorecard view of performance. * Cognos dashboards can be deployed as a standalone application or as a core element of an enterprise business intelligence or performance management platform. and manage corporate performance. no need to wait for IT or search for existing content. measure. Trusted Data Source * Lets you build your dashboards using trusted Cognos information. viewing. All Rights Reserved. * Using a patented. and monitor performance against targets. Business-Software.About IBM Cognos Dashboards * Offers the full range of dashboards — operational. © 2011. Scorecarding * Helps you align your teams and tactics with communicate goals consistently. and editing enormous volumes of multidimensional data. * Modular report creation lets you build dashboards using existing report elements. IBM Cognos TM1 has a proven track record supporting financial performance management. Reproduction Prohibited. 9 . consistent view of results. tactical. IBM Cognos TM1 * Fast.

* Reduces the expense and effort to manually analyze unstructured content like call center logs. © 2011. delta analysis. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. trend analysis. * Gives business users powerful visualization tools to analyze enterprise information in multiple ways such as keyword & semantic search. drill-down navigation. and documents. enterprises can better identify new revenue opportunities. and 2D correlation heat maps. 10 . improve customer satisfaction and provide early problem detection.About IBM Cognos IBM® Content Analyzer (previously known as IBM OnmiFind Analytics Edition) * Lets you discover new insights from unstructured and structured content to enable better business decisions. * With total content analysis. website blogs. All Rights

11 .000 sites in 109 countries. Customers include 91 of the top 100 FORTUNE Global 00 companies. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. Redcats USA. OWNerSHIp: Private FOuNDeD: 196. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: 1-800-Flowers. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. * Subscription-based pricing model. Steelcase. Affinity Health Plan. Kraft. NC SOFTWAre SOLuTIONS: SAS Business Intelligence Solution Suite CuSTOMer FOCuS: SAS solutions are used at .com | 800-2-002 HigHligHts * Exceptionally strong in advanced analytic analysis. OMV. * Rated a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. 2008. North Carolina HeADquArTerS: Cary.www. * Full analysis power revealed in the hands of uses with knowledge of SAS Nationwide. © 2011. All Rights Canada Nedbank Retail.

more informed decisions. more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers. NC and employs about 10. and business users spend less time looking for information.About SAS SAS is a leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services. research breakthroughs. Business-Software. Key Strengths * SAS business intelligence offers decision-makers fast. Technology The SAS on-demand hosted SaaS solution delivers end-to-end linked technologies. enabling everyone to generate reports on their own. private. in the format they need. Inc. that increase consistency of data and business rules. By integrating data from across the enterprise and delivering self-service reporting and analysis.000 people. This ensures that large volumes of raw data are converted into accurate information for reporting and analysis. this $1. more accurate business decisions. that helps customers analyze and optimize their returns across the entire spectrum of marketing investments. It also offers industry-specific integrated software and support packages. compliance with governmental regulations. Reproduction Prohibited. and better products and processes.000 sites use SAS software to improve performance through insight from data. a privately held software company based in Maynard. resulting in faster. data quality and a common metadata layer. Founded in 196. groups who want to view or build reports on the Web. All Rights Reserved. control and maintain the entire solution. © 2011. Customers at 3. so more time is spent on making better. IT spends less time responding to requests. analysts or power users.. simple access to reports and analysis. In March 2006 the company acquired the assets of Marketing Resource Management provider Veridiem. 12 . manage. * The SAS Business Intelligence solution suite gives companies the information when they need it. Its clients span the commercial. * SAS ensures that customers have the breadth of BI capabilities to meet the needs of every type of user: managers looking for dashboards. MA. and IT staff who need to deploy.6 billion company is based Cary. and government Self-service reporting and familiar interfaces are tailored to the different skills and needs of individuals. including data access.

Software Highlights SAS Business Intelligence Solution Suite SAS Business Intelligence Reporting * Delivers self-service reporting. © 2011. key variables and relationships. leading ultimately to new insights for guided decision making. and integration of analytic results and processes. All Rights Reserved. * Gives you a range of techniques and processes for the collection. Interactive dialog boxes guide users through analytic and reporting tasks that range from simple to complex. Business-Software. * Provides ad-hoc and managed reporting. classification. forecasting. anomalies. SAS helps organizations leverage existing skill sets. 13 . optimization. and unlimited report authors and consumers. lower total cost of ownership and deliver critical business intelligence to more people faster than ever. intuitive and familiar wizard-driven interfaces. analysis and interpretation of data to reveal and can export the results to other Windows and server-based applications. * Descriptive and predictive statistics can be applied to a vast range of business challenges across many industries and departments. data mining. SAS Integrated Analytics * Provides an integrated environment for predictive analytics and descriptive modeling. serve all user types. simulation. By leveraging existing data and system assets and bringing Business Intelligence to everyone through familiar and intuitive interfaces. graphs and maps integrated within multiple BI applications * Summarizes and present data using a variety of customizable charts and plots.About SAS A point-and-click interface allows users to exploit the power of SAS and publish dynamic results throughout the organization. SAS Visualization * Presents data in charts. a robust business user view of data. * Creates plots and charts and deliver them on hundreds of different devices. text mining. experimental design and more. Reproduction Prohibited.

About SAS * Creates and integrate geographic maps within the OLAP application as an interactive data exploration interface. SAS Forecasting * Lets you analyze and forecast processes that take place over time. leading to better analyses. and helps organizations retain valued and satisfied customers. Each forecast is individually calculated using statistically optimized parameters so you can use the results to drive strategic planning. SAS Visual Data Discovery * Interactive data visualization for analytics provides a point-and-click interface to the advanced analytic capabilities of SAS. Econometrics & Time Series with SAS/ETS® Software * Provides integrated time series and econometric techniques for modeling. SAS/IML Software * Provides a powerful and flexible matrix programming language in a dynamic environment for programmers. ranging from traditional analysis of variance to exact methods and dynamic data visualization techniques. SAS/STAT® and SAS/GRAPH®) with JMP®.com. It combines three of SAS’ most popular software products (Base SAS®. Reproduction Prohibited. * Delivers a comprehensive set of tools for advanced statistical analysis. forecasting and simulating business processes. statisticians and researchers. 1 . SAS Statistics * Provides a wide range of statistical software. Business-Software. Using statistical software can provide new information that improves processes. © 2011. drives development and revenues. * Enhances advanced analytics and exploratory data analysis with interactive data visualization. * SAS High-Performance Forecasting can produce thousands of forecasts quickly and automatically. faster decisions and more effective presentations of analytic results. forecasting and simulating business processes. * Integrates time series and econometric techniques for modeling. All Rights Reserved.

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. SAS Enterprise Miner * Unearths valuable insight and gain profitable data mining results with less time and effort. © 2011. SAS Business Intelligence for Small-to-Midsize Business * Gives you easy-to-use. affordable business intelligence solution to address the needs of all users. * Streamlines the data mining process to create highly accurate predictive and descriptive models based on analysis of vast amounts of data from across the enterprise. Business-Software. dynamic data visualization in a * Presents a comprehensive. highly interactive. 1 .About SAS * Gives you a time Series Forecasting System with a full range of forecasting and time series methods. SAS Desktop Visual Data Discovery for Midsize Business * Provides unmatched analytics and interactive. easy-to-use package. affordable and flexible business intelligence solutions that grow with your organization.

S. Scherer Brothers Lumber Co.www. simplified developer and user interactions. NY SOFTWAre SOLuTIONS: * WebFOCUS Enterprise Business Intelligence Suite * FOCUS (Host-Based Reporting -. Lloyds Corporation of London. Ford Motor Company. Omaha Public Schools. * Customer focus in North America. low TCO. Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation (MLCC). All Rights Reserved. * Recognized by CRM magazine as a 2008 CRM Market Leader in Business Intelligence. © 2011. Reproduction Prohibited. * Reputation for strong customer support.. federal government agencies. Hillerich & | 800-969-636 HigHligHts * Strong BI on-demand platform: secure. 16 . City of Houston New York HeADquArTerS: New I askinfo@ibi. Texas Instruments. Business-Software. Everest Insurance. good integration. scalable. OWNerSHIp: Private FOuNDeD: 19.Mainframe solution) CuSTOMer FOCuS: Information Builders’ customers include mid-sized companies and larger enterprises companies in many of the Fortune 100 and U. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Ace Hardware Corporation.

analytical. scalability. iWay Software. Information Builders’ subsidiary. and technologies. application. Business-Software. It provides the security. Key Strengths * Information Builders was recognized by CRM magazine as a 2008 CRM Market Leader in the Business Intelligence category of the 2008 CRM Market Awards. Its simplicity helps create executive. All Rights Reserved.” Leveraging over $300 million in revenue. The company’s’ award-winning combination of business intelligence and enterprise integration software has provided innovative solutions to over 12. federal government agencies. and flexibility needed at every level of global extended enterprises.About Information Builders Information Builders’ customers include most of the Fortune 100 and Headquartered in New York City with 90 offices worldwide. provides state-of-theart. consultants. Reproduction Prohibited. the company employs 1. Together. Moreover. and operational applications that reach dozens to millions of users. data. © 2011. no barriers.000 customers for the past 30 years. Information Builders’ WebFOCUS product is the world’s most widely utilized business intelligence platform.600 people and has more than 30 business partners. and information management requirements. 1 . and end-user companies focused on creating and cultivating rewarding customer experiences and relationships through the sophisticated integration of people. multi-purpose integration engines that address all SOA. processes. iWay’s integration adapters have been adopted by leading software-platform providers. The CRM Market Award honor vendors. these products give Information Builders’ customers the ability to live up to the company motto: “Your business.S. Information Builders will continue to expand on its very simple mission: to help organizations access all of their information and deliver it to anyone who needs it.

Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. and dramatically reduce TCO. © 2011. integration. improve system performance. and operational – and make any data available. * As further evidence of its growing BI market The result is simplified developer and end-user interaction. and meaningful to every person or application who needs it. 18 . The Hottest Companies Award honors software and technology providers that target the manufacturing industry and have developed innovative applications or products. WebFOCUS also gives mid-market leaders confidence in their data. Information Builders was named as a winner of the prestigious START-IT Magazine Hottest Companies of 2008 Awards. a unifying integration infrastructure that accesses. With it. and service-oriented architecture support with the ability to create. and prepares any and all data for business intelligence use. WebFOCUS’s super-linear technology provides scalability through multiple technological advantages. when and how they need it. with advanced visualization and deep integration with desktop products such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF. helping them face increasingly rigorous compliance and reporting requirements. * WebFOCUS equips mid-market leaders with scalable BI solutions to effectively address the daily business pressures of getting the right data to the right employees so they can make educated operational decisions. analytical. Technology Information Builders’ on-demand BI solution is delivered from self-optimizing autonomic servers whose workload and traffic management and capacity planning eliminate complexity. consume. users gain critical business insight from their data through easy-to-use drill-down functionality. and publish Web services. reconciles. accessible. and simplicity permeate every level of the global organization – executive. All Rights Reserved.About Information Builders * The company’s WebFOCUS solution is a comprehensive and fully integrated enterprise business intelligence platform: its architecture. cleanses.

sort criteria. scheduling. drag-and-drop. Financial Reporting and Analysis * With WebFOCUS. Query and Analysis * Lets you generate ad hoc queries from any enterprise data using nothing more than a Web browser. and storage of reports and other critical business content. and other key stakeholders. Report Distribution * By combining a robust report delivery engine with leading-edge event monitoring. as well as the automation.About Information Builders Software Highlights enterprise Business Intelligence (WebFOCuS) End user Reporting * With the product’s guided ad hoc technology. Business-Software. companies can give users the ability to rapidly create their own fully-customized reports by simply choosing columns. Print-ready Reporting * Lets user create boardroom-quality reports and documents in scalable vector graphic (SVG) format. Reproduction graphical interface that allows use of business terminology. creditors. * Provides capability for dynamic creation of “virtual” columns that combine/calculate data from two or more existing database. measures. or network printers. Report Distribution * Provides electronic distribution of any content via preferred delivery vehicles – e-mail. FTP. financial professionals at all levels can access and analyze real-time information from any source. regulatory agencies. and rapidly share it with investors. * Gives you an intuitive. distribution. © 2011. also via fax through a third-party fax service provider. 19 . WebFOCUS provides a single point of control for real-time alerts. and output formats from drop-down menus. All Rights Reserved.

* Portable Dashboards . 20 .With a comprehensive performance management suite. Location Intelligence/GIS * Gives users the ability to more accurately process and comprehend spatially-oriented data by visualizing it on geographic maps. and forward them to other users. Reproduction Prohibited. save them on their personal computers. Business-Software. WebFOCUS enables effective and timely measurement and tracking of the key metrics that drive business Visualization * Empowers users with the advanced mechanisms and features to perform the most in-depth and intuitive analysis possible. All Rights Reserved. © 2011. receive them as e-mail attachments.WebFOCUS Active Dashboards lets users deploy dashboards on Web sites and portals.About Information Builders Dashboards and Scorecards * Performance Management .

21 .microstrategy. Borax. and analysis. Netflix. and 8 of the top 10 global telecommunications companies. © 2011. Hallmark. 9 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. Astra Zeneca. Reproduction Prohibited. | info@microstrategy. 2008. VA SOFTWAre SOLuTIONS: MicroStrategy 8 Business Intelligence Solution * MicroStrategy 8 Platform * Intelligence Server * Narrowcast Server CuSTOMer FOCuS: MicroStrategy serves thousands of the world’s leading companies. * On-demand BI solution was built from the ground-up by Virginia HeADquArTerS: McLean. OWNerSHIp: Public (NASDAQ: MSTR) FOuNDeD: 1989. All Rights Reserved. comprehensive and unified BI functionality – | 888-3-813 HigHligHts * Rated a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. Business-Software. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Lowes. Amlin. Healthcare Partners. Comcast. integration. including  of the top 10 global retailers.www. real-time business monitoring. Herbalife. * Strong.

analysis and monitoring of real-time business information that drives greater performance and greater bottom-line growth. is an integrated business intelligence platform that’s designed to enable organizations to consolidate business intelligence applications onto a single platform for smarter. * The company’s solution product. OLAP Services. an extension of Intelligence Server that allows Web and desktop users to manipulate Intelligent Cubes databases. analysis. into one efficient and scalable architecture for the IT professional. and more comprehensive reporting. 22 . The company provides integrated reporting. a foundation for the BI platform. such as Intelligence Server. MicroStrategy provides sophisticated analytical performance to every business user in the format that suits them analyze and monitor the data stored across their enterprise. analysis.About MicroStrategy MicroStrategy Incorporated is a worldwide provider of business intelligence software that enables companies to report. and real-time business monitoring into one seamless experience for the business user. Report Services. and scorecards. MicroStrategy 8. and drive business performance goals. Key Strengths * MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Solutions enable improved and more predictable business performance by putting actionable information into the hands of every business person in the enterprise. and into one economical and extensible utility for the CIO. from high-level dashboards to custom reports and advanced analysis via e-mail. © 2011. MicroStrategy’s flagship BI solution. Reproduction Prohibited. is the first and only business intelligence architecture to unify reporting. including production and operational reports. and monitoring software that helps leading organizations make better business decisions every day. and analyzing capabilities within a single architecture to allow every-one to make better business decisions every day. wireless and voice communication channels. faster. MicroStrategy 8. managed metrics reports. * The MicroStrategy 8 platform consists of product components. reporting. fax. All Rights Reserved. Business-Software. Web. The company’s technology offers an unprecedented range of monitoring. the enterprise reporting engine that delivers a range of enterprise reports.

it offers an effortless convergence of reporting and analysis not available in other business intelligence pro-ducts. Users do not need to understand databases. analysis and monitoring applications. users can view summary. not their database model.Meredith Corporation Technology MicroStrategy’s on-demand BI solution is built and delivered from MicroStrategy Intelligence Server. It is the first and only BI server to provide the full range of BI applications through a unified metadata and a single integrated server running on Windows®. scalable secure and robust business intelligence server. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides the core analytical processing and job management for all reporting. Desktop clients.just how to point and click. scorecards. without having to go into a separate design mode. As a result. or query languages -. MicroStrategy’s workflow guides help users “drill” into detail as represented by their business model. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server makes it easy to standardize on a single. Business-Software. Microsoft Office. holistic business view of enterprise data. 23 . Our users will be able to see exactly how their reports look as they build With an outstanding/unique focus on reporting. Employing a Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA). and portals. Reproduction Prohibited. * “MicroStrategy 8 is reporting at its finest. or detail-level data. UNIX. They are typically generated for managers and © 2011. and how well the business is operating. MicroStrategy 8 provides the ability to deliver detailed data on current and historical operational performance so people can see what is happening across the enterprise. with access to the entire breadth and depth of data contained in a database. and emails. * Scorecards and dashboards provide “at-a-glance” information about business performance across the enterprise.About MicroStrategy * MicroStrategy provides a robust. open platform for all an enterprise’s reporting and analysis needs through a number of access channels: Web browsers. With drill anywhere capabilities.” -. All Rights Reserved. the industry’s most advanced. table structures. we envision faster report writing production. Software Highlights MicroStrategy 8 Business Intelligence platform Business Intelligence Monitoring * With easily configurable dashboards.

visually intuitive snapshots of strategic financial and operational data. mathematical and financial functions. Business Analytics * Presents views of the business from many different angles so that managers can uncover the causes of performance problems. as well as supply chain partners and customers. Individuals at all organizational levels and job functions. Business Intelligence Reporting * Provides advanced reporting technology with a more intuitive user experience and delivery via the Web. © 2011. flexible enterprise reporting systems that present targeted data in the most consumable format for day-to-day operations. uncover opportunities that the business should exploit. * Delivers the detailed information that impacts decision-makers throughout the enterprise. churn prediction and customer scoring models within a single unified web interface. enabling users for the first time to perform analyses such as hypothesis testing. All Rights giving more users access to report information. Business-Software. MicroStrategy lets users create reporting applications that combine ease-of-use with unparalleled backend sophistication.About MicroStrategy executives who need an overall view of business performance and find tremendous value in viewing timely. 2 . or predict business results. * Supports advanced and predictive analysis capabilities. * With built-in support for over 00 statistical. rely on powerful. Reproduction Prohibited.

and online services. Lava World. 2008. © 2011. OWNerSHIp: Public (NASDAQ: MSFT) FOuNDeD: 19. Winona Health Hospital Group. Internet Service Providers. Nexion. governmental institutions. Business-Software. indirect sales and service channels. enterprises. distributors and resellers. Six Flags. OrangeCounty Choppers. WA SOFTWAre SOLuTIONS: Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence * Microsoft Dynamics add-on * Microsoft FRx * Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 200 * Microsoft SQL Server CuSTOMer FOCuS: Microsoft distributes its products primarily through the following channels: OEM. The Sol Group. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Arthur Schuman. * Extensive network of application developers. ICO Polymers. and OEMs. Its financial management products are used by small and medium-sized organizations. * Attractive to companies that are standardized on Microsoft | www. All Rights Malibu New Mexico HeADquArTerS: | 888--989 HigHligHts * Rated a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. educational institutions. American Bible Society. application * Built on familiar and widely used Microsoft technologies. 2 . Reproduction Prohibited.

Dublin. and to the ever-changing needs of the customers.000 people. and digital music players. The company has expanded into markets such as video game consoles. In response to these global challenges. adaptable business applications for small and medium-sized organizations and divisions of large enterprises. and supply chain management. a suite of integrated. 200. Beijing. Washington. such as today’s growth opportunities in China and Eastern Europe. and for the timely and rational allocation of development. © 2011. Microsoft employed approximately 61. Microsoft’s success includes the flexibility to respond to emerging markets. All Rights sales. The company’s seven product segments are: Client. Capitalizing on these opportunities and demands involves quickly adapting to new approaches. These integrated solutions—delivered through a worldwide network of experienced Microsoft Certified Partners—work like and with familiar Microsoft software and help automate and improve financial. Mobile and Embedded Devices. China. North Dakota. Reproduction Prohibited. The company’s product segments provide management with a financial view of its key businesses. The company’s research and development facilities are located primarily in Redmond. The world’s #1 software company provides a variety of products and services. sales. Fargo. marketing. and procurement strategies. servers and storage software. marketing. Microsoft’s ambitions are anything but small. Information Worker. including its Windows operating systems and Office software suite. Microsoft Business Solutions. As of June 30. Like its size. business intelligence/analytics. Business-Software. customer relationship. California. 26 . and services organizations. and Home and Entertainment. The segments provide a framework for the alignment of strategies and objectives across the development. trading partners. Microsoft offers Microsoft Dynamics. Server and Tools.About Microsoft Microsoft was founded in 19. MSN. and services resources within businesses. with smaller facilities in such locations as Mountain View.

Business intelligence reports can be stored on Office SharePoint Server 200 or another shared network location for easy access and instantly refreshed at any time to ensure data is current. such as Customers or Purchase Orders. using up-to-date data pulled directly from the General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics GP. such as Microsoft Office Excel. * SmartList in Microsoft Dynamics GP enables people to organize and present data from the accounting system in a way that makes sense to them. 2 . Reproduction Prohibited. * Analysis Cubes in Microsoft Dynamics GP enables people to take full advantage of SQL Server Analysis Services by providing out-of-the-box preconfigured OLAP cubes. spreadsheets. They can display lists of records from a specific category. gives your people the information they need to forecast and make business decisions. They can even determine which columns should be displayed. People can also drill down to the information they need and analyze data in multiple ways. Integration between industry-leading tools and Microsoft Dynamics GP. all your Excel-based reports. What’s more. which are based on the data that can be found in more than 200 SmartList favorites. as well as apply search criteria to limit results to only the records of interest. you empower your decision-makers by giving them access to information across the organization. With Dynamics GP. * With Office Excel 200 Services. * With the bottom-line BI benefits from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Analysis Cubes provides virtually unlimited ways to look at data with powerful interactive analysis.About Microsoft Key Strengths * Microsoft’s Dynamics GP Business Intelligence solution product lets you plan more effectively. Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. and Microsoft FRx Professional. * Decision makers who want to perform ad hoc queries on Microsoft Dynamics GP data without logging into the system can now work with Office Excel report templates. Web-based location—helping ensure that people are using and sharing a real-time view of data and performance intelligence. high-level plans instantly by automatically spreading increases and decreases across each of your planning periods. you get the power to create accurate. as well as the order of the columns. All Rights Reserved. a component of Office SharePoint Server 200. © 2011. integration across Microsoft FRx and Microsoft Forecaster enables you to drill down smoothly from summaries to transactions. and pivot tables can be stored in a centralized.

Reproduction and comparing it to historical activity and plans. Forecast. All Rights Reserved. * Delivers many integrated monitoring tools so that people are always aware of the most relevant. The result is more commitment to the budget from those responsible for delivering against it. accurate. Software Highlights Microsoft Dynamics Gp Business Intelligence Activity Monitoring * Gives you the power to keep current on changing business conditions by accurately monitoring current business activity. Microsoft Forecaster: Budget. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers flexible. * Microsoft Forecaster is a fast and affordable budgeting and planning application that helps organizations take control of their finances. 28 . Business-Software. and keep business performance on target. and Planning * Provides the ability to update budgets and plans on the basis of new data and analyses. built on familiar and widely used Microsoft technologies. * Lets you organize and display data. secure planning tools to help businesses stay competitive and confidently plan for the future. and timely information. contain costs. * Helps you build budgets that incorporate first-hand knowledge of market conditions and specific business objectives. © 2011. * Provides people with the contextual information they need to keep performance on track. Business Insight * Provides your people with the insight they need to take quick action and take advantage of opportunities. offers several solutions for business intelligence and reporting. and then search those records according to specific criteria.About Microsoft Technology The Microsoft Dynamics licensed suite of products. The company’s Dynamics GP licensed solution can be integrated with Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft Office system. SmartList in Microsoft Dynamics GP allows people to organize and display data from the accounting system in a way that makes sense to them.

or any other financial report that includes amounts from the general ledger. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. statement of cash © 2011. 29 . budget versus actual reports. income statements. All Rights Reserved.About Microsoft Microsoft FRx * Helps organizations control their entire financial reporting process and makes it easy to manage and distribute critical financial reports that businesses depend on to run effectively. * Reports built using Microsoft FRx include balance sheets.

OWNerSHIp: Public (NASDAQ: ACTU) FOuNDeD: 1993. 30 . in all industries across the globe exceed their business goals with the help of Actuate products. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Mercy Ships. * Strong reporting and Business Performance Management (BPM) dashboards. Public Benefit Corporation. | sales@actuate. Durham County Council. as well as the government sector.100 direct customers and 300 OEM partners in a range of industries including financial Gyrus ENT.Spreadsheet * Actuate Analytics * Actuate Performancesoft CuSTOMer FOCuS: Companies of all sizes. © | 800-91-229 HigHligHts * High scalability to support extranet deployments. and distribution services. 2008. Reproduction Prohibited. CA SOFTWAre SOLuTIONS: Actuate Business Intelligence Suite * BIRT and Business Report * Web Dashboards * Actuate e.actuate. Atkins. Business-Software. Actuate has over 2.www. Lincoln Financial Distributors. Cal-ISO.Reports * Actuate e. California HeADquArTerS: San Mateo. pharmaceuticals. All Rights Reserved. and partners. insurance. City of Milwaukee. Orange. * Platform is backed by the open source information application developer community. services. grounded in BIRT. * Rated a niche player in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms.

including financial management. All Rights Reserved. * Actuate offers a wide variety of business intelligence products. * Actuate’s Information Applications include Business Performance Management (BPM) dashboards. Actuate products and services are used in the development and deployment of Internet applications in a range of business functions. and reporting applications in the United States and internationally. including the flagship Actuate Performancesoft Suite. lowest total cost of ownership.About Actuate Actuate Corporation provides software and services for business intelligence. regardless of skill or experience. account management. adhere to corporate governance policies. * When tested against other business intelligence products. Actuate’s comprehensive business intelligence reporting platform offers organizations a cost-effective report authoring. © 2011. the best performance. 31 . Information Applications built with Actuate enable companies to increase their business agility. enterprise reporting and spreadsheet reporting applications. deployment and delivery environment that meets the needs of every user. Actuate’s Information Application Platform has been proven to offer industry-leading scalability. Actuate is headquartered in San Mateo. improve customer and partner relationships. Information Portals as well as business analytic. Key Strengths * Actuate’s Information Application Platform is the foundation on which Global 9000 organizations (companies with annual revenues greater than $1 billion) and packaged application software vendors create reporting and analytics applications that scale to empower 100 percent of their user community inside and outside the firewall. and analytics and reporting capabilities for any size project. From tapping data warehouses to implementing operational reporting within a department or across the business. California and employs 80 people in the and customer self-service. and increase revenues while leveraging existing technology assets. Reproduction Prohibited. and abroad. performance management. sales management. Business-Software. The company also provides performance management solutions software and services.

interactive web dashboards and enterprise-caliber information applications. the Actuate enterprise reporting platform centers on the Actuate iServer. Business-Software. * BIRT is the foundation for interactive web reports. Several tiers are available within each product group. ad-hoc web report authoring. * Fosters a progressive report development process and environment that speeds development and encourages adoption of the applications. Actuate’s on-demand solution delivers Rich Internet Applications (RIA)-ready information platform for both customer and employee-facing applications. © 2011. from novice to expert and beyond. 32 . As a business intelligence solution. the Eclipse Foundation’s only top level Business Intelligence and reporting project Two of the unique strengths of the Actuate Information Application Platform are its ability to access multiple data sources simultaneously and access relational and nonrelational data sources. Software Highlights Actuate Business Intelligence Suite BIRT and Business Report * Actuate’s Business Intelligence Reporting Tools (BIRT) provide report creation tools and deployment options through which BIRT-based report designs can be shared among highly skilled application and report developers. and end users or consumers. Reproduction Prohibited. Its platform is backed by the open source information application developer Actuate Technology Actuate provides business intelligence users with a robust platform that supports all BI applications in an environment capable of unlimited scalability and 2/ service. Enterprise products enhance and simplify the BIRT experience by creating skill-specific BI tools for all users. with applications and services developed to meet the needs of every user in the organization. grounded in BIRT. power or business users. All Rights Reserved.

* Enables end users to quickly take action and effect change before it is too late. report * Provides interactive Web reports designed specifically for application developers. personalized business analytics for power users. All Rights Reserved. Business-Software. improve decision making. business analysts. Actuate e. * Gives users the ability to meet their analysis needs without being hindered by slow cube creation processes. Reproduction Prohibited. allowing anyone to start the design process and anyone to complete it. 33 . Actuate dashboards provide a complete. © 2011. Actuate Analytics * Delivers self-serve. Actuate e. and ensure better operational performance and execution. which can then be launched using one of Actuate’s deployment options. * These tools can be used to develop rich Internet applications. easily configured view of the enterprise. Actuate Performancesoft * Performance Management Scorecard helps high-performing organizations drive strategy at all levels. and business and casual users. maintenance. effectively balances the needs of the business user and the IT developer so that OLAP is effective and practical. * Driven by transactional as well as historical data.Spreadsheet * Automates and centralizes spreadsheet production.About Actuate Web Dashboards * Present operational indicators in real time in order to proactively drive performance. archiving. eliminating version discrepancies and curbing the proliferation of multiple silos of Excel workbook data. and security. can share the same report design.

California HeADquArTerS: Redwood Shores. CA SOFTWAre SOLuTIONS: * Business Intelligence Foundation Products * Business Intelligence Applications CuSTOMer FOCuS: Oracle offers solutions for companies of any size in any part of the world – Enterprise solutions are targeted at the Fortune 1000 and largest companies in the world. * Oracle solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with any existing database systems. Verizon Wireless. Pitney Bowes. solutions available. Postal Service. * Gartner recognized the Siebel Business Analytics platform as one of the most comprehensive and visionary BI platforms available. U. BP. Fifth Third Bancorp. * Hosted and on-premise B. * Market leader for data warehousing tools. Solo Cup. Reproduction SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: ABB | sales@oracle. All Rights Reserved.www. Hewlett-Packard. Alcoa. 3 . Marriott Hotels. EMC. © 2011.I. OWNerSHIp: Public (NASDAQ: ORCL) FOuNDeD: 19. BMI. Northwestern University. Cisco Systems.S. Ingersol-Rand. National City | 1-800-633-038 HigHligHts * Widely established and respected vendor of business intelligence solutions.

Oracle Real Application Clusters. full ad hoc queries and Oracle Grid Computing. Oracle applications are now running in over 1. * Unified business model—Built on an enterprise information model that unifies metadata across the Oracle BI tools and analytical applications for the lowest TCO. Key Strengths * Comprehensive BI functionality built on a unified infrastructure—Includes interactive dashboards. Oracle remains the gold standard for database technology and applications in enterprises throughout the world: The company is the world’s leading supplier of software for information management. It is innovation that drives Oracle’s success. and in the data centers of 98 of the Fortune 100 companies.About Oracle After 30 years of providing leading-edge solutions to a vast and growing base of customers. Oracle was one of the first companies to make its business applications available through the internet—an idea that is now pervasive. real-time predictive intelligence. everywhere—Provides relevant insight to everyone. as well as integration with Microsoft Office. 10 of the world’s top 10 banks. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. Oracle technology can be found in nearly every industry. online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis and presentation. high-volume production reporting. Today. Oracle is the first software company to develop and deploy 100 percent internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line: database.00 public sector organizations. proactive intelligence delivery and alerts. not just analysts. Oracle E-Business Suite. With the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware. business applications. and Oracle Fusion all fuel a commitment to innovation and results that has defined Oracle for thirty years. Oracle has begun debuting new products and functionality that reflect the company’s goal: connecting all levels of enterprise technology to help customers access the knowledge they need to respond to market conditions with speed and agility. The company’s success speaks for itself. and the world’s second largest independent software company. support for enterprise Linux. 20 of the world’s top 20 telecom companies. and 10 of the top 10 academic universities worldwide. * Pervasive insight to everyone. © 2011. enterprise and financial reporting. disconnected analytics. and application development and decision support tools. All Rights Reserved. All levels of the organization can see information optimized for their role. 3 .

Business-Software. and databases including IBM DB/2. Reproduction Prohibited. Microsoft Analysis Services. XML data. flat files. multidimensional sources such as Oracle Essbase. 36 .About Oracle * Hot-Pluggable BI infrastructure—Integrates with any data source. portal technology. transformation and load (ETL) tool. XML data. SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW). Technology Hosted: Oracle On-Demand delivers business solutions online. All Rights Reserved. Enterprise Edition Plus (OBIEE+) * Business Intelligence Standard Edition One (OBIE) * Business Intelligence Publisher * Business Intelligence Answers * Real-Time Decisions Business Intelligence Applications: * Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition * Oracle Financial Analytics * Oracle Human Resources Analytics * Oracle Procurement and Spend Analytics * Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics * Oracle Sales Analytics * Oracle Service Analytics * Oracle Contact Center Analytics * Oracle Marketing Analytics * Oracle Business Indicators © 2011. application server. major business application. IBM DB/2. and unstructured data. Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server. security infrastructure. warehouse or ETL tool. other front-end and analytical tools. Software Highlights Business Intelligence Foundation products: * Business Intelligence Suite. Microsoft Analysis Services. extraction. and any data source including relational databases like Oracle Database. Teradata. and unstructured data. SAP NetWeaver BI. flat files. On-Premise: Complete web-service oriented architecture allows BI functionality to be added to any data source.

financial and professional services. 3 .S. Pirelli | 800-82-12 HigHligHts * As one of the largest business software companies. Army Material Command. Germany HeADquArTerS: Walldorf. 2008. SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: Eastman Kodak. Arla Foods. U. Department of Defense. SAP can integrate BI throughout SAP applications and your company. Navy. * Acquisition of Business Objects makes SAP the largest BI vendor. and service industry sectors. Siemens. Reproduction Prohibited. Wyeth. * Strong data scalability and performance thanks to in-memory analytics and column-based vectoring. © 2011. Business-Software. OWNerSHIp: Public (NYSE & FSE: SAP) FOuNDeD: 19. Germany SOFTWAre SOLuTIONS: * SAP Business Intelligence * SAP Analytics * SAP NetWeaver CuSTOMer FOCuS: SAP’s business software products are built for businesses of all sizes in the Caterpillar | sales@sap. Toyota. * Rated a challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Adidas.S. U. MassMutual Insurance. All Rights Reserved.S. U.

The platform also includes an extensive library of connectors for seamless integration into a wide variety of data sources. SAP has leveraged their extensive experience to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions to empower every aspect of business operations. improves supply chain efficiencies. And through the Global Solution Center. The framework includes components like NetWeaver Portal.800 people in more than 0 countries. © 2011. one of the world’s largest business software companies and the third-largest software supplier overall. The company. and serves more than and gain the agility to respond to changing business needs. employs more than 1. headquartered in Walldorf. Business-Software. Exchange Infrastructure and Master Data Management . 38 .000 customers in more than 120 countries. Reproduction Prohibited.each of which plays a role in building business applications on top of existing applications and business data. All Rights Reserved. SAP Americas identifies customer needs and develops solutions to meet these needs. Organizations of all sizes can use SAP solutions – including small business solutions and solutions for midsize companies – to reduce costs.About SAp AG SAP Americas is a subsidiary of SAP AG. SAP has delivered a business platform that unlocks valuable information resources. Germany. Founded in 192 as Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. and builds strong customer relationships. Technology SAP’s Enterprise Services Architecture outlines a framework for delivering a true software-as-a-service infrastructure on top of existing business systems. Visual Composer. a suburb of Philadelphia. By deploying top-on-the-line technology. SAP has a rich history of innovation and growth that has made them a leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries – in every major market. and development resources. services. improve performance. PA. SAP Americas’ corporate headquarters is located in Newtown Square.

and more * Analyze and interpret data to create business information SAp Analytics * Out-of-the-box industry specific and cross industry business functions. * Visual Composer application development environment with a minimal training requirement. © 2011. SAp NetWeaver platform * BI and Analytics are considered to be component of the NetWeaver extraction and presentation tools to provide the greatest level of flexibility to meet specific and dynamic business requirements.About SAp AG Software Highlights SAp Business Intelligence * Suite of tools to analyze data from internal and external sources * Data warehouse software component * Link traditional business environments with e-business operations * visually represents data analysis in a variety of formats: grids. * Extensive library of connectors to a variety of SAP and non-SAP data sources. Business-Software. 39 . data management. graphs. Reproduction Prohibited. * Integrated with NetWeaver tools to allow for customization and modification without requiring complex programming or coding. * Other integration. All Rights Reserved. maps.

SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: American Kennel Club. and a 30-day money-back guarantee. KLM Equipment Services. Manufacturing. Belgian Cabinet. Sweden HeADquArTerS: Radnor. Retail & Distribution. 0 . * High customer satisfaction scores. All Rights Reserved. free trial. Reproduction Prohibited.www.qliktech. IDG. * Offers a fully functional. 2008. * Rated a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms.000 | 1-888-828-968 HigHligHts * Up-and-coming BI company with 7. Fleura. WD-0 © 2011. Infrastructure Services. Panasonic Netherlands. Financial Services. Industries served include: Consumer and Public Sector. OWNerSHIp: Public (NASDAQ: QLIK) FOuNDeD: 1993. Life Sciences & Healthcare. Business-Software. PA SOFTWAre SOLuTIONS: * QlikView CuSTOMer FOCuS: QlikView brings fast results and better decision making to small and mid-sized companies. SI International. Bainbridge | infous@qliktech.

QlikTech’s flagship product. All Rights Reserved. where business information is broadly. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. QlikTech is headquartered in Radnor. uses next-generation patented in-memory association technology to make sophisticated analysis dramatically easier to deploy. QlikView. offering sophisticated in-memory analysis and reporting solutions for enterprise and individual customers.About qlikTech QlikTech is a global leader in next-generation business intelligence solutions. They called the new software they developed QlikView because it provided a point-andclick-simple way to view data and information. At the end of 200. © 2011. The office was established in Lund.00 customers in 90 countries and more than 00 partners worldwide. This led to the development of QlikTech’s patented in-memory associative technology. Sweden at Ideon. QlikTech was founded in 1993 as a consulting company. While developing a solution for this customer. PA (USA) with direct operations throughout Europe and the Americas. Accel Partners and Jerusalem Venture visually interactive interface is simple for end users to learn and use. 1 . affordably and quickly available to those who need it. the premier global venture capitalists made an investment in taking QlikView global. Since then the growth has been rapid. use and maintain. one of the oldest science parks in the world. One of the company’s first assignments was to develop a tool for analyzing multidimensional data. QlikTech has more than 9. QlikView’s click driven. it struck the founders that this was also a solution to a general problem that many organizations have. QlikTech was named the world’s fastest-growing business intelligence software vendor by IDC. QlikTech supports an open information architecture.

* QlikView is easy to learn and use. Based on QlikTech’s QlikView business intelligence platform. and BMW. * QlikTech’s flagship product. which makes it easy to respond quickly to the changing BI needs of an organization. point. simplifies analysis for everyone. QlikView. QlikTech’s customers include large corporations such as Tetra Pak. All Rights Reserved. departmental and individual performance against objectives. * SalesLogix Visual Analyzer is a fully integrated sales and marketing analysis module for your SalesLogix CRM system. * With the QlikView Connector Certified for SAP NetWeaver®. Deutsche Telekom. giving you the intelligence you need to act – faster. Reuters. In addition to thousands of small and mid-sized companies.About qlikTech Key Strengths * QlikTech is the world’s fastest growing business intelligence software company two years in a row (200-2006) according to IDC. SAP customers can now take full advantage of the power of QlikView. Business-Software. and reports – all from a single platform. © 2011. powerful and visual in-memory business analysis – without the limitations. cost or complexity of traditional BI tools. ad-hoc analysis. QlikView puts information at your fingertips 2 . QlikView can be deployed in days and users trained in minutes. 3M. Because of its color coded. the leading in-memory business intelligence solution that allows for dynamic analysis and reporting. Reproduction Prohibited. This patented in-memory association technology brings fast results and better decision making to a wide range of customers and industries.and-click user interface. Colonial Supplemental Insurance. QlikView is extremely intuitive and easy-to-learn for any employee. SalesLogix Visual Analyzer gives SalesLogix users a real-time snapshot of organizational. QlikView works the way your mind works – making associations by connecting data from many sources in a few clicks. QlikView takes advantage of 6-bit multi-core hardware platforms to allow thousands of users to access billions of records of data. Changes to QlikView applications are done in seconds. * QlikView provides fast. The QlikView in-memory data model allows an integrated view of information through dashboards. Designed specifically for business users. * QlikView makes it simple to deploy powerful analysis.

* Powerful – near instant response time on massive data volumes. it is an in-memory analysis solution. QlikView applications deploy quickly.About qlikTech Technology Unlike most BI packages. * Integrated – fully integrated business analysis suite with power analysis. deploy. and most in a week. modify. © 2011. manipulation of massive datasets on low cost hardware. Software Highlights * QlikView simplifies analysis for everyone. are easy for the IT department to maintain. and simple reporting on a single architecture. and – most importantly – use business intelligence applications. QlikView doesn’t rely on OLAP. * Easy to Use – end users require no training. QlikView gives you all the benefits of OLAP-based BI—multi-dimensional “slice-and-dice” data analysis—without the limitations. sophisticated applications. allowing affordable widespread deployment of sophisticated analytic applications in days. QlikTech’s patented technology allows instant. 3 .com. Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved. in memory. Business-Software. and give end-users unlimited freedom for ad-hoc queries across any dimensions in the data. QlikView’s innovative approach results in significant benefits. including: * Fast Time-to-Value – customers are live in less than 30 days. Organizations using QlikView can gain business value quickly as they develop. * Flexible – unlimited dimensions and measures and can be modified in seconds. * Risk Free – available as a fully-functional free trial download.

NY CuSTOMer FOCuS: VAI’s flagship product. including the “IBM Beacon Award for Most Innovative ‘Built On IBM Express Portfolio’ | ealmonte@vai. food and related service industries.” OWNerSHIp: Private FOuNDeD: 198 HeADquArTerS: Ronkonkoma. * Awards include: “Inc. CRM. Advanced applications such as Warehouse Management.” Deloitte & Touche’s “Fast 50 Award. Business Analytics and e-Business provide companies with the power to leverage their information technology investment. Norscot. Business-Software. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Joshen Paper & Packaging. wholesale distribution. Reproduction Prohibited.  .vai. DISTrIBuTION SOLuTIONS: * S2K Distribution * S2K Manufacturing * S2K Food * S2K Warehouse Management * S2K Retail * S2K e-Commerce * S2K Sales Force * S2K Analytics * S2K Service and Repair * S2K Rental SeLeCT CuSTOMerS: A. McClarin Plastics. S2K Enterprise. EDI. Wist Office Products. Bryden.www. with clients in the manufacturing. Fraenkel is used by a variety of businesses worldwide. American Fibers and Yarns Company. Haier | 1-800-82-6 HigHligHts * Over 30 years of experience * IBM Premier Business Partner with custom software solutions backed by superior service and support. Ince Distributing © 2011.” Long Island Software’s “Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies” and numerous IBM awards. retail. Naghi Group. All Rights Reserved.

flexible software solutions available. The company’s continued expansion into Canada. The IBM Power Systems™ technology is cost effective and can enrich business processes across-the-board. Key features include: E-business application © 2011. companies obtain reliable data that will streamline business processes to make it more competitive. fully integrated business software solutions that give companies of all sizes a true market advantage. and customer relationships more efficiently and effectively.  .About VAI (S2K) VAI is an award-winning software developer and an IBM Premier Business Partner. Hundreds of features suggested by customers are incorporated into VAI’s products yearly and new technologies are continually integrated into new offerings. With VAI’s high performance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. VAI’s history of customerdriven software development and commitment continues today. New York. S2K Enterprise is used by a wide variety of companies retail. VAI is headquartered in Ronkonkoma. responsive. food and related service industries. Business-Software. VAI provides flexible. and profitable. Designed for the mid-range market. feature rich. with a number of clients in the manufacturing. Reproduction Prohibited. Orlando. VAI is committed to helping its customers meet their objectives by delivering the most robust. saving money and enhancing customer satisfaction. Europe and the Caribbean has provided VAI with worldwide recognition as an industry leader for ERP solutions. Chicago and Oroville. VAI S2K Distribution Key Features VAI’s Enterprise for Distribution offers numerous solutions to help you manage your supply chain. distribution. improving productivity. VAI continues to grow as a leading provider of ERP Software solutions. enterprise resources. All Rights Reserved. California. with branch offices in Miami.

© purchasing. Reproduction Prohibited. and job scheduling. Increase Staff Productivity with advanced features such as windows application integration. Business-Software. 6 . All Rights Reserved. Key features include: Inventory Management/Tracking Automated Receiving/Pallet Creation Order Management Performance Tracking Cycle and Physical Counting VAI S2K Distribution product Highlights S2K Enterprise provides one of the most advanced purchasing programs available today. workflow alerts. A variety of tools help to minimize the burdensome tasks associated with manual purchasing through the automation of your demand planning. Key features include: Forecasting Product Quality Tracking Work Order Processing MPS and MRP Streamlining Capacity Requirements Planning Shop Floor Management Warehouse Management Software VAI’s WMS system helps you enhance productivity and improve overall warehouse efficiency. and ordering process. so that you can meet your company’s operational performance objectives and increase customer satisfaction.About VAI (S2K) Sales Analysis Financial Management Warehouse management Purchasing Manufacturing Software S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing is a manufacturing software solution that will help you manage all your operations with superior responsiveness and performance.

With this powerful. eliminate costly delays. and be flexible in design and scalable in scope to meet the needs of a dynamic business environment. an unlimited user license and no upgrade charges. All Rights Reserved. including Point-of-Sale (POS). you can transform your retail business into a multi-channel organization. and e-Commerce. Sales Order Processing. Our Commerce Express solution is ideal for small businesses looking to quickly start selling on-line. our field service software system assigns and tracks technicians with on-line inquiry support providing real-time information enabling you to provide your customers with the best possible service. S2K Rental Software The rental industry spans many different types of equipment. By centralizing information across your entire organization. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. CRM. S2K Retail Software With S2K Retail Software. product movement. and make more informed decisions. Inventory Management. © 2011. S2K Service and Repair Software VAI’s S2k Service and Repair application is an integrated field service software solution that provides a means of recording and tracking service and repair calls through the various stages. S2K e-Commerce VAI offers a variety of e-Commerce solutions that allow you to leverage the opportunities that the web provides. and counting programs. you can locate and move items more effectively. add users and incorporate new technology without any additional fees. This application offers a complete solution for the retail industry. industry-specific solution. S2K’s Rental Software covers all aspects of a rental business including Reservations and Allocations. In addition. Warehouse Management. Inventory Management.About VAI (S2K) Unlimited Growth Potential – VAI’s value pack offer includes source code. Purchasing. S2K Food Software Today’s food service enterprise systems must incorporate the latest industry features. order verification. VAI’s S2K for Food Software meets these criteria and delivers much more.  . Purchasing and CRM. Equipment Servicing. distributors can manage their supply chain and customer relationships more efficiently than ever Accounting. Financials. Eliminate costly mistakes and improve warehouse productivity with features such as receiving/pallet creation. allowing you to grow. offer unparalleled ease-of-use with a minimal learning curve.

and schedule appointments into their Outlook calendar. options like *View and *Excel allow users to create PDF or Excel files for all reports. send emails to users can move data into Excel Spreadsheets. Business-Software. At the touch of a key. and Word. All Rights Reserved. and security of the VAI Enterprise software. This integration provides users with the flexibility to utilize desktop applications while taking advantage of the power. Reproduction Prohibited.About VAI (S2K) VAI Technology VAI’s S2K Enterprise software provides complete integration with PC-based productivity products such as Microsoft Outlook. create customer letters in Word. reliability. © 2011. In addition. Excel. 8 .

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