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Andy Hevesi Letter to the Judge

Andy Hevesi Letter to the Judge

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Published by Celeste Katz

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Published by: Celeste Katz on Mar 28, 2011
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Andrew Hevesi 104-60 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375

Honorable Lewis Bart Stone New York County Supreme Court 100 Centre Street New York, NY 10013

March 24, 2011

Dear Judge Stone, I am Alan Hevesi¶s youngest son who has modeled my entire life after my father, from profession to family. I have chosen to spend my life emulating my Dad because he is simply the type of man I aspire to be. He is principled, strong willed, loyal (sometimes even to a fault), tough, smart, caring, a fighter for people in need, a fighter for his family, and a fighter for what is right. I have always seen him this way ever since I was a small boy. I no longer have the luxury of seeing him through the eyes of a boy, but now as a man who knows Alan Hevesi better than anyone, with the possible exception of my brother, sister and mother. Despite his failures and mistakes, I will not now or ever stop believing in him. Not just because I love him as the man who, with my mom, raised, protected and loved me, but because these transgressions will never define my father. I know that you will be receiving other letters about my Dad that outline in great detail one of the most distinguished records of accomplishment of any elected official in the history of the State of New York. However, it is not the totality of his record that is important, but the principles embedded within that define him as a man. I believe my father, writing the law that stopped emergency rooms from turning away patients, has saved lives. I believe the law he wrote requiring informed consent for medical experiments protected vulnerable people and residents of poor communities from being preyed upon. I believe my father writing the first hospice care law in the United States, modeled on Europe, has allowed thousand of New Yorkers to have care, comfort and dignity at the end of their lives. I believe the omnibus nursing home reform law he wrote protected senior citizens from the abuse and mistreatment that was rampant in nursing homes the 1970¶s. I believe the law he wrote creating the first heart and hypertension institute in New York has saved lives. I believe he was on the right side of history and was fighting against discrimination when he became the first statewide elected official in New York to support marriage equality. I believe my father, who enforced the MacBride Principles that discouraged investment in any company that has discriminated against Catholics in Ireland, and who established the Ireland Peace Bond

Program, played a positive role in the Northern Ireland peace process. I believe my father¶s decision to invest in firms who set goals of having 25% of their boards of directors be black South Africans according to standards set by the black empowerment program in post-aparthied South Africa helped that country and its people. I believe my father fought for dignity and equality when he used his influence as a shareholder to end discriminatory practices against members of the LGBT community by the Cracker Barrel company and against members of the African American community by the Texaco Company. I believe he was protecting the citizens of New York City when he blocked the sale of the NYC watershed to the State, which would have given away control of one of the City¶s most precious assets. I believe my father was standing on principal when he led the debates against the death penalty and to protect a woman¶s right to choose in the New York State Legislature. I believe my father was protecting the pensions of New York State¶s close to 1 million retirees when he helped the New York State Common Retirement Fund to grow from $95 billion to $154 billion. I believe my father was fighting for what he believed as a Zionist and acted on principal when he chose to direct New York State to become one of the largest investors in the Israeli economy. I believe organizing a coalition of 900 financial officers throughout the United States to fight for and ultimately recover over $10 billion for Holocaust survivors was one of the proudest moments of his life that was driven by the memory of the 55 members of our family that were murdered. With all of these accomplishments, and with all of the time and work spent away from home, I believe his greatest accomplishment is what he has meant to my family. He wasn¶t just a provider and protector and caregiver who loved and encouraged us. We wanted to make him proud. We wanted to make him laugh. We wanted to spend time with him and travel where he traveled and learn his values and ideals, not just because he was imparting them to us but because they felt right. It feels right to be undyingly loyal. It feels right to not spend our lives concerned about making money. It feels right to fight for people who need help. It feels right to take care of our family members and, for me, it feels right to love him and aspire to be like him. I ask you to send my father home to my family« my brother, my sister, my mom, my wife and daughter and his grandchildren to live out the rest of his life amongst those who love him. I respectfully suggest that his incredible and indelible contributions on behalf of people throughout the world, our country, our state, the neighborhoods he has represented and his family warrant him a place to be loved and cared for the rest of his life. In short, Your Honor, Alan Hevesi has earned the right to spend the rest of his life surrounded by those who appreciate and love him for who he is, a great and flawed man. Please send him home to our family. Sincerely,

Andrew Hevesi

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