BY Hira Noor

‡ Born : October 28, 1955 ‡ Place of birth: Seattle, Washington, USA ‡ Residence : Medina, Washington, USA ‡ Occupation : Chairman of Microsoft

Co-Chair of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Director of Berkshire Hathaway CEO of Cascade Investment

Net Worth: US$53 billion ,2010

‡ Spouse: Melinda Gates ‡

Children: 3


‡Bill was the second of three children. ‡He used to learn very quickly. ‡Impossible to win an argument against him. ‡Socially, he was an outcast. ‡He used to have arguments with his parents. ‡He was sent to a psychiatrists because he had an attitude problem.

‡ 1970 : Sent to a private school in Seattle called Lakeside. He became addicted to the computer. ‡ 1972 : Developed some programs for his school. Program for class scheduling. ‡ 1974 : Program for payroll. ‡ 1975 : Dropped out of Harvard University and devoted his energies to Microsoft. ‡ 1975 : Began developing software for personal computers. ‡ 1980 : Made an operating system for IBM called MS-DOS.

‡ Success comes with a Great Vision. ‡ Failures are learning lessons. ‡ Success must never get on to the head. ‡ Higher the Self Esteem the better it gets. ‡ Refused to be surrounded by the yes-sayers. ‡ Possesses both good and bad leadership qualities.

‡ Life is not fair; get used to it." ‡ Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking that they can't lose.

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