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self-discipline and social integration. Maternal care service will be our differentiated enhancing service which will provide us a competitive advantage. . child specialist doctors. the main responsibility for childcare lies with the mother (who often also has a major role as an income-earner). VISION Creating a society with love and compassion and moving from relative happiness to true happiness. y y Getting inputs from researchers. Maternal and childcare is one of the most important tenets of healthcare in India. y Child care is the act of caring for and supervising minor children.INTRODUCTION United nation has declared the previous decade 2001-10 as the international decade for culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world. who are potential caretakers of children. The issue of 'caring capacity' refers to all household members .They realized that education will lead to the peaceful co-existence. ego centric and aggressive environment How we will build? y By understanding children through education. both at school as well as at home. Protecting the children from stress. However. We would like to integrate health care. teachers and parents and grandparents.male and female. and care for the sick child. What does it mean:y y y Children are the future of the world and childhood is the incubation period for every human being. As true educator our responsibility don·t end and we are preparing our children not for fancy degrees but develop them into truly happy human being. education and mental and psychological development of children. There is no doubt that for all children the first few years are important to form a basis for good education. morality. It involves the optimal use of household resources for child feeding. protection from infection. in practice. The type of care received at childbirth is often critical for the health and survival of both infant and mother. Nurturing the childhood in such an environment where they can accept and respect there oneself as well as others.

We are not very much dependent on them. Some of the major suppliersaredoctors. researchers on child education and human psychology and different stationery suppliers.PORTERS FIVE FORCE MODEL Threat of new entrants Market for child care is in its growing stage so for time being new entrants may not find it too lucrative. In India. it makes very easy to enter in to this arena. If any organization has a first mover . They are looking for the best crèche available in the city. Bargaining power of suppliers Though we have many supplier sides in this particular business but suppliers don·t play any decisive role. there is no legitimate restrictions or high licence fees involved so entry barrier is low. Bargaining power of customers In this business. customers (parents) have a very few options.

by providing food and monitoring growth charts The centres will engage children in age appropriate learning activities and inculcate the interest of education in them The centres will also hold community education sessions to spread awareness on basic health care SERVICE MODEL Core service:To educate thechild while taking care of his/her personal and spiritual growth. dietician. Teachers and care-takers will be hired from local areas and trained on child care. nutrition and health activities. care taker and child·s friend. Today the market is very competitive. Initially in targeted city we will open 6 to 7 such centres which will accommodate between 30 &40 children each. y y y y y y y y Child care centres will be run all day from morning to evening Children aged 1 to 3 will be enrolled and cared for in Crèches Children aged 3 to 6 will be enrolled in pre-primarycentres. educator. One of the factors behind this growth is the active participation of women. assistance during the pregnancy period and delivery of child and dietary consultancy. CONSUMER ANALYSIS India is growing at a rapid pace. Enhancing service: Apart from complete growth of child we will also furnish full health care. These centres will ensure that children·s nutrition and growth requirements are met. As both of the parents are working and living as a nuclear family. Each and every sector of economy either it is service or manufacturing it is growing. there is a great need of a service which can help them in nurturing a child in a proper way.Threat of substitute Substitute for our service is the home driven traditional service where family members play all the roles of midwife. Life style is changing and people are lacking in time. .

POSITIONING Initially we will open our centres in single city. so we have to make customer aware about the centre. print media like magazine. To provide reassurance about the service quality and facilities. SERVICE QUALITY Quality is measured on the basis of gap between the customer expectation and the delivered.PRICING AND REVENUE Value based Pricing In initial stage we can use the price skimming strategy and we have to enrich our service with many value added advantages so that our targeted parents perceive more benefit than the cost. Ascertain the maximum guest appearance in the seminars on child health care and education. newspaper etc). . communicate the value proposition and also educate the customer. Create a memorable image of the mother teachers and organization as a whole. Billboards etc. We will also do competitor research and after making proper analysis we can come out on the pricing of the service. For spreading awareness about the service centre we are going to use TV ads (prime time: between 7 to 11 PM) on local cable operator·s channel . Five dimensions of service quality y y y y y Reliability Responsiveness Assurance Empathy Tangibles COMMUNICATION PLAN Communication Objective y y y y Build awareness of and interest in an unfamiliar service and brand. As we are new in the market.

Brochures.Training. Print. world of mouth Advertizement Broadcast. Interactive software Corporate Design Signage. Employees serve as secondary audience in communication campaign MARKETING COMMUNICATION MIX Personal Communication Selling.Target Audiences y y y Prospects can be reached by the help of different communication tools Users can be touched upon membership relationship and direct mailing advantage. Vehicles. interior decoration. Customer Service. Discount in case of two or children Publicity and public relation Press conferences. Internet. Press release. E mailing Sales Promotion Early admission fee discount. Trade shows and Exhibition Instructional Material Websites. Dress. Telemarketing. Statiionery .

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