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Profiles in Diversity Journal | Sep/Oct 2009

Profiles in Diversity Journal | Sep/Oct 2009

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September/October 2009


Mentoring Essays, Corporate Profiles, and the Personal Profiles of Women Worth Watching in 2010

Nominated by their colleagues, peers, and mentors for their initiative and achievements, these are women of purpose and drive who represent diversity within their spheres of influence.
September/October 2009


Mentoring Essays, Corporate Profiles, and the Personal Profiles of Women Worth Watching in 2010

Nominated by their colleagues, peers, and mentors for their initiative and achievements, these are women of purpose and drive who represent diversity within their spheres of influence.

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Published by: Profiles in Diversity Journal on Mar 28, 2011
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women worth watching in 2010

As a global leader in packaging solutions, our customers constantly seek innovation.

At MWV, we deliver bold new ideas by creating a diverse and inclusive work

environment. More than 21,000 employees contribute to our growth, help us

maintain our competitive edge, and keep us connected to the

dynamic marketplace we serve.

A company of innovation
A culture of inclusion


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women worth watching in 2010

138 Profiles in Diversity Journal September/OctOber 2009

Ii was born in Freetown, sierra leone, in West africa, and immigrated to

london to attend college. i moved to Boston in 1984. leaving the security of
my parents’ home at a young age was scary, and i have had to confront and
overcome numerous challenges. i have been able to follow my dreams and over-
come adversities because of the values of hard work, determination, perseverance,
hope, and faith my parents had instilled in me. These values, and my clear
vision for what i wanted in my life, have helped me to build my skills as a leader
dedicated to serving others. as an immigrant and full-time working mother of
three sons, persevering through challenging times has taught me patience, made
me stronger, and helped me maintain the energy and motivation it takes to keep
moving forward even when there are obstacles. also, my important role as a parent
means that i have to be efficient and effective so i can successfully balance work
and life.

My progression from working as a bank clerk when i first moved to Boston,
and not having any family and friends to support and guide my career, to being in
my current position where i am making a difference in the lives of 12,000 vulnerable
residents in the communities my organization serves, has required discipline, a
steady focus, and a willingness to evaluate my experiences and learn from them.
i continue to look for opportunities to remain current and appropriate so i can
serve as a role model to others.

as a leader, i make it a personal priority to create energy in others, make
things happen, pave the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, and
empower others to act. i did not have a mentor to rely on, but had the strong
support and example of my parents, especially my mother’s wisdom. i also joined
several professional organizations that gave me access to resources and learning.
Because of my experiences, i believe great leaders must be teachers, and should
make the mentoring of others a priority.

When i speak with young people, i encourage them to pursue their dreams
with a clear vision, determination and plan of execution; to make active changes
when needed; and stay focused in spite of adversity and challenges.

“…I make it a personal priority
to create energy in others…”

TITLE: President & Chief Executive Officer

EDUCATION: BS, Business Administration,
London School of Accountancy, Fellow
of the institute of Chartered Secretaries
and Administrators, UK (iCSA); Graduate
Certificate in Administration and Manage-
ment (CSS), Harvard University Extension
School; MBA, Anna Maria College

FIRST JOB: My mother’s family-owned

WHAT I’M READING: Resonant Leader-
by Richard Boyatzis

MY PHILOSOPHY: We should aspire
to live an abundant and joy-filled life,
celebrating who we are and where we
are at the moment, even when our days
are far from perfect. Our joy should not
be dependent on the circumstances
surrounding us, on what we own, who
we are with, or how successful our career
happens to be. Joy comes from being the
real you!

FAMILY: Three sons.

INTERESTS: Reading, traveling abroad,
interior decorating, wellness.

Health Center

COMPANY: Whittier Street Health Center


WEB SITE: www.wshc.org

BUSINESS: Urban health care and
social services, serving 12,000 low income
patients from medically underserved

ANNUAL REVENUES: $16 million


Whittier Street Health Center

Frederica M. Williams

women worth watching in 2010

Diversity makes us
stronger. Your talents
make us better.


An equal opportunity/affi rmative action employer committed to workforce diversity.

Recognized as one of
the “40 Best Companies
for Diversity.”

Black Enterprise magazine, 2008

Consistently listed
since 1998 among
“World’s Most
Admired Companies.”

Fortune magazine, 2009

At ARAMARK, our mission is to be a company where the best people want to work…people
from all backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. That mission is refl ected throughout our
organization, from our executive offi ces to our operations at ballparks, universities, elementary
schools and beyond. We are comprised of a rich mosaic of individuals — who together make us

Since 1998, FORTUNE magazine has consistently recognized ARAMARK as one of the top
three most admired companies in its industry. Headquartered in Philadelphia, ARAMARK has
approximately 260,000 employees serving clients in 22 countries.

For more information about ARAMARK, professional opportunities available, and application
procedures, please visit www.aramark.com




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women worth watching in 2010

Profiles in Diversity Journal September/OctOber 2009 141

GGrowing up in a farming community in northern indiana, one of eight children,

the philosophy instilled was clear: work hard, do your best, and be practical.
That led me to accounting and becoming a cpa. Working in public accounting
for a couple of years was a great experience, allowing me to see different businesses,
hone my skills in juggling priorities, and work for a variety of bosses and clients.

in the early 1980s, i went to work in accounting for an international off-
shore drilling company. Mentoring was not universally practiced, so i used
opportunity—and observation of bosses, peers, and business contacts as models,
both good and bad—to help shape my business practices and approach.
although mentoring is a very important tool, if you cannot find one, there are
alternative approaches to continue to advance your business skills.

Working in the oil industry during the downturn of the 1980s taught me a
great deal, including the “serenity prayer.” You have to focus on what is within
your sphere of influence and apply your energy there. Teamwork and cooperation
are vital and need to be deliberately fostered. While people may take a job for a
variety of reasons, i believe they stay because of the people they work with and
their ability to feel like they can make a positive contribution, especially when a
business is going through difficult times.

Developing my career in global companies, i have come to respect and
appreciate how differing cultures and points of view are a vital part of making
a company successful over the longer term. i’ve also learned that when deal-
ing with such diversity, one should not underestimate the amount of planning,
patience, and persistence required to successfully enact change.

although not raised to be particularly adventurous, as my career advanced,
i learned to be willing to explore different paths, leaving a comfort zone for an
opportunity to have a positive impact. When i accepted my first position as
chief information officer, i had the opportunity to learn a great deal about
technology, and i taught a great deal about business and process to my team.
The company, the team, and i all gained from the exchange of experiences, and
i continue to strive to learn and teach every day.

“You have to focus on what is
within your sphere of influence
and apply your energy there.”

TITLE: Vice President and
Chief information Officer

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in
Accounting, indiana University at South
Bend; Certified Public Accountant
(indiana - inactive)

FIRST JOB: Various positions at a
nursing home during the summer before
high school

WHAT I’M READING: The Appeal, by
John Grisham

MY PHILOSOPHY: if you take “good
care” of today, tomorrow will take
care of itself. A person must be able to
live, work, and enjoy the daily journey,
treating people with integrity and value,
making the best judgments and choices
they can at the time. if they do, they will
be able to be proud of the outcome,
whatever it is.

FAMILY: Husband of five years, Jim, and
my three children, ages 26, 24 and 20.

INTERESTS: Spending time with family,
including travel, good food, wine, and

for the Cure


HEADQUARTERS: Houston, Texas

WEB SITE: www.kbr.com

BUSINESS: KBR is a leading global
engineering, construction and services
company supporting the energy,
hydrocarbon, government services, and
civil infrastructure sectors.

ANNUAL REVENUES: $11.6 billion total
revenue in 2008

EMPLOYEES: More than 57,000


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