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Wireless Application Protocol


Network Systems and Technologies (NeST), Trivandrum.

The Two Paradigms
W ± World W ± Wide W -- Web W ± World W ± Wide W ± Wireless W -- Web
Network Systems and Technologies (NeST), Trivandrum.

Wireless Trend in next 3 years 1. Trivandrum.000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Now By 2003 Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). In Millions Wireless Device Users MobilePhone Users Internet PC Users .

Get financial information Order and buy tickets Pay your bills Read the news Read and send e-mails Receive your voice-mail Get a local guide to restaurants Make stock queries Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). . Trivandrum.

Trivandrum.Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). .

Trivandrum. . Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).WAP Forum ‡ Open Standard ‡ Internet WWW application development model ‡ Wireless Network Technology and bearer independence ‡ Device independence ‡ Embrace and extend existing standards.

97 WAP effort launched by founders ‡ 30 April .0 public available ‡ 30 June ± 99 WAP 1.98 WAP 1.WAP Forum Dates ‡ 26 June . . Trivandrum.1 public available ‡ Dec-99 WAP 1.2 launched Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).

. Trivandrum. global specification ‡ Conforming to OSI standards ‡ You can say it is a parallel internet Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).Wireless Application Protocol ‡ Protocol specification for communication over wireless devices ‡ Specified by WAP Forum ‡ Open.

WAP Key Features Designed to create services for small handheld terminals Multiple OS like Palm OS. PocketPC ec. Flex OS. Java OS. EPOC. . Trivandrum. OS/9. Access to telephony related functionality Designed to minimize required bandwidth and impact of latency Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).

Trivandrum. Telephony Services WAP Gateway/ Proxy Internet Wireless Network Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).WAP Architecture Application Servers (3rd party) Operator¶s domain Application Server. .

Siemens Samsung Motorola Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).Terminals ‡ Ericsson MC218. Trivandrum.WAP . i1000plus ‡ Alcatel One Touch POCKET Nokia Alcatel Trium Panasonic ‡ Samsung SGH-800 ‡ Siemens etc. R320. . R380 ‡ Nokia 7110 Ericsson Ericsson ‡ Motorola i500plus.

.WAP bearers in GSM ‡ SMS ± Here now ‡ USSD ± Not much used ± Dialogue ± Up to 7 times faster than SMS during a call ‡ CSD or UDP/IP ± Here now ± Connected all the time ‡ GPRS ± The future Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). Trivandrum.

Trivandrum. .Wireless Trends GSM 9.6 Kbps GPRS 115 Kbps 3G 2 Mbps Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).

‡ Cache service ‡ Script compilation ‡ Protocol conversion ‡ Security provided with WTLS. Trivandrum.WAP Gateway ‡ Connects the Internet domain to the Wireless domain. . which supports authentication and encryption ‡ Compressed Binary Transmission Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).

‡ Gateway and server functions can be combined into a single physical server. Java Servlets.WAP Server ‡ Hosts WAP applications ‡ Allows WAP services to be hosted on standard WWW servers using proven technologies like ASP. . CGI scripts « ‡ Provides security and authentication ‡ WAP content is created using WML. Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). Trivandrum. which is a light weight HTML.

but optimized for use in handheld mobile terminals ‡ WML Script A lightweight scripting language.WAP Application Environment ‡ Wireless Markup Language (WML) A light markup language. similar to HTML. WTAI) A framework and programming interface for telephony service Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). similar to JavaScript¦ ‡ Wireless Telephony Application (WTA. . Trivandrum.

Trivandrum.Services. Business areas ‡ Information services ‡ WAP Portals ‡ E-commerce ± Banking and finance ± Shopping ± Gambling ± Ticketing Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). .WAP .

Advantages Vs Disadvantages ‡ Simplicity of Use ‡ Mobility ‡ Personalized ‡ Easy to Carry ‡ Low Band Width ‡ Battery life ‡ Limited Computation Power ‡ Limited on board storage ‡ Limited Graphics ‡ Limited Keyboard and Display screen Size Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). Trivandrum. .

WAP .0 WAP 1.1. 1999 ‡ Pricing ‡ Security ± End-to-end security problems ‡ Marketing ± Technology push.2 in December. a developer drawback ± WAP 1. will be a complementary solution Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). currently most developed but limited due to PDC ± SIM TOOLKIT. . Trivandrum.potential threats ‡ Delayed standard roll-out ± WAP 1. not market pull ‡ Competition ± Microsoft Wireless Knowledge (Microsoft-Qualcomm tie-up) ± Palm VII (Palm Computing) ± I-mode (NTT) .

So Far « ‡ Cell phones will be the dominant device for wireless applications. Trivandrum. location and proximity detection. although they will inherit PDA-like functionality ‡ By combining WAP. . IVR. the stage is set for a new generation of wireless applications that can truly change the way we perceive wireless Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).

but key pads will still be used for secure data Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).Exciting Possibilities ‡ Embedded Java will do away with performance and memory issues ‡ ³WAPLETS´ will allow you to dynamically download Java byte code and execute them on the cell phone ‡ Voice will be a predominant option for data entry. . Trivandrum.

‡ Location and proximity detection technologies«Global Positioning system ‡ Convergence of WAP and Bluetooth ‡ Evolution of Wireless networks towards 3 and 4G. . Trivandrum. Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).Future « ‡ Leverage IVR (Interactive Voice response) technologies to reduce data entry woes.

Instead. focus on how you can leverage the strength of the medium to design your next killer app. don¶t take a ³porting´ approach towards your application. Trivandrum. . Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).Conclusion « ‡ SMS and WAP continue to be the key technologies for wireless application development ‡ When you design for wireless.

net Network Systems and Technologies (NeST).Thank you Contact : devkrish@nestec. Trivandrum. .

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