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II Internal Assessment Examination

MBA IV Semester
SUB:- Entrepreneurial Development
Time : 30 Min. Total Marks : 15 M

I Fill in the blanks: (½x10=5M)

1. Entrepreneur means ____________

2. Robert D. Hisrich contributed___________characteristic feature of
an entrepreneur.
3. In____________ten women entrepreneur received special
recognition Award.
4. The no.of entrepreneur according to the business type is
5. Intrapreneurship is also called as ____________.
6.Salaried person changing into business is an example of
7.______________is also known as “corporate entrepreneurship”
8.EDP stands for________________________
9.SISI stands for_______________________
10. ___________ is a promotional programme of rural industries.

II. Choose the Correct answers:

1. An entrepreneur acts as the ____ in the economic development
of a country
A) role model b) catalyst c) Inspiration d) All (

2. Evolution of entrepreneur is divided into _______period ( )

a) 6 b) 5 c) 4 d) 2

3. Cognitive ability, business secrecy, hard working nature and

innovative mess are the ________ of entrepreneur
( )
a) Functions
b) Charateristics
c) Responsibilities
d) All

4. A manager can be entrepreneur ( )

a) TRUE b) False c) sometimes d) All

5. Induced entrepreneur is a ________ type of enterprenuer ( )

a) Pure. b) motivational c) Professional d) technical

6. Institute For Design of Electrical Measuring Instrument is located

in ( )
a) Hyderabad b) Mumbai c) Bangalore d) Delhi

7. Process of motivation ( )
a)Motive+Behaviour b) Motive+Behaviour+Goal c) Goal d)

8. HSBC ( )
a) Honkong Banking Co. b) Honkong and Shangai Banking Co.
B) All d) None

9. HDFC ( )
a)Housing Development Co. b) housing Development Finance
c) Housing corporation d) none

10._________________ is a person who starts a business ( )

a) Intrapreneur b) Entrepreneur c) Salaried person d) None

III. Define the following


1. Entrepreneur

4. Rural entrepreneur