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Assignment 1

All of youu are (or shou

uld be!) familiiar with a librrary’s reserveed books systeem. Identify:

1. W
Who are the acctors involvedd? Use a term m for each thatt is descriptivve of this indivvidual’s role. Give
a short descripption (1-2 senttences) in casse the terms you
y have usedd are not quitee descriptive
2. Create
C at least 4 use cases. For
F each use case using thee UML tool of o your choicee, create a diaagram
siimilar to the one
o in the lectture notes shoowing which actors are invvolved. The diagram
d for all of
thhe use cases should look siimilar to:

3. A he use cases, create at least 15 scenarioss (i.e., 15 totaal NOT 15 forr each use casse!).
Across all of th
For each scenaario identify itts use case annd describe thhe scenario wiith 1-3 sentennces.