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There are two best sources of control information:

a-‘ Industry Averages ± In house measurements

b-‘ Financial Statements - In house measurements
c-‘ Industry Averages - Operating Budgets
d-‘ In house measurements - Operating Budgets

In this function -------------------- refers to management activities organized to achieving an

efficient use of resources to attain the organization's goals and objectives

a-‘ Staffing
b-‘ Coordinating
c-‘ Leading
d-‘ Evaluating

I recently travelled on a regional train in Italy. When I arrived to Rome I stayed two nights in
Holiday Inn Hotel. I¶m considered as a:

a-‘ Customer
b-‘ Client
c-‘ Consumer
d-‘ Guest

A Manager plays an essential role in the management process, he is responsible for:

a-‘ Supervising staff performance

b-‘ Deciding how to use company¶s resources
c-‘ Participating in the management process (7 functions)
d-‘ All of the above

The pre-operating activities in the management process include:

a-‘ Organizing ± Coordinating ± Staffing

b-‘ Organizing ± Coordinating ± Leading
c-‘ Organizing ± Coordinating ± Controlling
d-‘ Organizing ± Coordinating ± Evaluating

Comparing actual results with established standards should be done:

a-‘ Routinely, frequently, during different time frames

b-‘ Once in a time
c-‘ Routinely, frequently, during different time frames and as soon as possible
d-‘ Only during different time frames

------------------- is a series of coordinated activities that helps managers ensure that the actual
results of operations closely match the planned results

a-‘ Coordinating
b-‘ Managing
c-‘ Control
d-‘ Planning



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1-‘ What are the different objectives of a food & beverage operation?
2-‘ List the categories of management resources that the food and beverage managers are
responsible for.
3-‘ According to your understanding, explain the basic steps in the control process and give
an example of each step.