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Highlights of Infosys Campus Connect Program

This course is open to MCA and B. Tech. (all streams) (Pre final year and final
Although it is an Infosys driven program, the knowledge gained within the
program will useful for any IT company.
Program is free of cost and there are no registration charges as well. Check
FAQ’s on the last page for more details.

Program Description: It covers 5 technical courses:

• Introduction to Computer Systems (ICS): This course gives insight into real
life projects and various levels in IT, role of a Software Engineer in IT
Industry, importance of training and working of computers.

• Operating System Concepts (OS):This course introduces Operating System

Concepts like Memory, Process and Device management. It also makes
the participants understand the concepts of Inter-process
communication and deadlocks.

• 3. Problem Solving Techniques (PST): This course introduces various

problem solving approaches, development and implementation of algorithms
and Data Structures.

• 4. Programming & Testing (P&T): This course introduces programming

paradigms and coding standards for programming. It also gives
understanding of the compilation steps and the process involved. This
course includes problem solving through structured programming approach
and Implementation using Data Structures. Additionally this course
covers Testing Techniques and Software Development Life Cycles.

• 5. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS): This course

introduces the basic concepts and terminology of RDBMS, explains database
design using Entity Relationship (ER) modelling and Normalization, SQL
commands, embedded SQL.

• Integrated Project Development: The objective is to expose students to

project development best practices and apply the concepts assimilated
during the classroom session.

There will be 55-65 hours of Class room work + 25-32 hours of Lab Work +
Case Studies, Projects etc made available by Infosys. Experienced Faculty
who are trained by Infosys will teach this program.

Batch Schedule and Enrollment Details

The classes will be held in University Campus in the evening session. During
the Regular Semester (– April 2011)

Note: No classes will be conducted during MTE/ MST's.

Batch Start Date End Date Timings
21st February, 2011 April, 2011 2 Hour Classes from Monday –
Saturday from 3pm to 5pm
There will be no classes on Sundays / Holidays as per Academic
The details of the batch roll out and its flow is as follows

Doubt Clearing Session

Ms. Kuljeet Kaur (COD) Deptt. of Computer Applications will conduct the
doubt clearing session in room no. 304, Block - 32 on 17th February, 2011
from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

You are advised to clear all your doubts/ concerns and issues before
submitting the registration form.

• Any student who gets finally shortlisted on 17 th February, 2011, for the
Campus Connect program but does not attend the classes or
backs out at any later stage will be imposed a penalty of Rs. 1000/-
and will be permanently disqualified from the placement process
initiated through Student Career Services.

• In order to ensure seriousness and proper learning, 80% attendance in

the sessions will be mandatory.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does attending this program entitle the student for placement in


Answer: No. Infosys placements are decided through the regular recruitment
process. Those students who are already selected by Infosys will gather more
knowledge by attending this program.

What are the eligibility criteria to attend this program?

Answer: The program is aimed at the final and pre-final year engineering and
MCA students. The exact eligibility criteria to select students for the program are
decided by the partner college. However Students recruited by Infosys should
complete this program when offered by college.

Is the program open for students of non-IT engineering branches?

Answer: Yes. Students from IT-related as well as non-IT-related branches can

attend this program.

Is it compulsory for all the Infosys selected students to attend this


Answer: Yes. All the students who were offered an employment with Infosys
should attend the program.

If a student who is yet to be placed attends this program, is it

compulsory for the student to join Infosys?

Answer: No. There is no such restriction.

Can students who are not selected by Infosys attend the program?

Answer: Yes. They can attend the program.

What are the benefits of attending the program for students?

Answer: Students, who completes the qualifying criteria, receive an FP certificate

What if an Infosys selected student does not complete the Foundation

Program in college?

Answer: All the students who were offered an employment with Infosys should
complete the program.

What are the benefits for students to attend the program?

Answer: Student experiences industry-oriented subjects which are essential to be

eligible for IT industry, and also receive a certificate on completing the qualifying

Is the ONLINE assessment a mandatory requirement for FP completion?

Answer: Yes. College should conduct the ONLINE assessment to complete the FP

Is the Project Implementation a mandatory requirement for FP?

Answer: Yes. Project Implementation is the mandatory requirement to complete

the FP rollout.