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Examine the Practice of Selection Process of a Multinational


1.0 Introduction

Selection can be conceptualized in terms of either choosing the fit candidates, or rejecting
the unfit candidates, or a combination of both. So, selection process assumes rightly that,
there is more number of candidates than the number of candidates actually selected,
where the candidates made available through recruitment process (Prasad, 2005 p.242).
According to Gupta (2006), selection is a process of choosing the most suitable person
out of all participants. In this process, relevant information about applicant is collected
through series of steps so as to evaluate their suitability for the job to be filled. On the
other hand, selection is the process of assessing the candidates by various means and
making a choice followed by an offer of employment (Graham, 1998, p.206).

Therefore, in simple terms, selection is a process in employment function which starts

immediately upon receipt of resumes and application letters, the major concern being
reviewing resumes foe basic qualifications. A job seeker who does not meet the required
qualification is not an applicant and should not be considered. It is a process which
should be based on job related qualifications including, but not limited to: required or
preferred education, experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities as identified in the job
description. Qualifications must be bona fide occupational qualifications. An applicant
who is hired must meet the required qualifications listed in the job description. In this
regard, Selection is a process of matching the qualifications of applicants with the job
requirements. It is a process weeding out unsuitable candidates and finally identifies the
most suitable candidates.
2.0 Diagram of the Selection Process

1 Reception of Applicants

. Preliminary Interview

3 Filling Application blank

4 Employment Test

5 Interview

6 Background and Reference check

7 Preliminary Selection in HR Dept.

Final selection by the concerned


9 Medical/Physical Test


Above mentioned diagram one of the standard selection process followed by the
organization. In this diagram from step-2 to step-9 in each there is a possibility of
rejection or applicants exit the process/job or organization not liked by their level of
performance at any step which they expected from an applicant.
3.0 Censeo Corporation‘s study

Censeo Corporation is one of the leading HR consulting firm in USA. From their analysis
they try to portray one methodology, which they named as Best Practice Selection
Process. The model as like follows

HR HR Management
Screening Assessment Assessment


Job Fit





Interview Simula





Realistic Job



The differences between these two selections processes only differ with a type of
strategy. The Censeo Corporation just explicitly analyzed the process on basis of current
demand from the through out the globe. In current situation job activities required some
different requirements. So they try to find out the new assessment requirement and adjust
it with the process through specific segment wise.
4.0 Selection Process of a Multinational Organization like Unilever
Bangladesh Limited

Selection is the process of select the best candidates for the job by using various tools and
techniques.In our country, recruitment and selection process work simultaneously. Those
are joined term as employment function of the organization and this employment function
is stated here for Unilever’s practices.

Reception of Application
After accomplishing recruitment process, Unilever go to the selection process where they
start the process with the reception of applicant from filled up through internet online
form. After scrutinizing the data, they select applicants for written test.

Evaluating reference and biographical data

At the second stage of the evaluating data, they verifies the validity authenticity of the
information presented on the form as well as reference of the employee through

Employment Test

 First Phase
This written test measure the candidates
1. Analytical ability.
2. Computation ability.
3. Verbal skill.
4. Written skill.
5. General knowledge.
More above 65% marks ensures applicants pass.
 Second phase
It is viva with the general operations and sales manager (GOSM), trade marketing
manager, in this stage individual skill is measured. The question tries to measure out the
fitness of the candidate for the post.
 Third phase
In this stage applicant face the HRD customer development team (CDT) this phase
measure the applicability of the applicant’s potentiality for the jobs. In these stage why
applicant prefers the Unilever and why it would like to join the expected team. The
questions try to measure the passion and the thrill in the employees or Unilever.

Cognitive ability stage

There is no recognized cognitive ability test for Unilever selection process. However, the
written test through its analytical questions makes an idea about the applicant mentality.

Physical ability test

The physical test is administered by Apollo Hospital Dhaka to measure the HIV,
Hepatitis B, C or such many diseases in its applicant’s health and fitness for the job.

Work samples
For some technical jobs Unilever follows the work sample test on particular employee
like the one of Finance and IT.

Hiring decision
Finally the every step success ensures an applicant join in the Unilever family.

Finally it seems that whatever the process, models, methodology, strategies are practices
in the theory of selection process almost likely to followed by the Unilever Bangladesh
Limited, which gives us the standard parameter of selection process in a multinational
organization inside the our local territory.