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Autonomic Dysreflexia

Autonomic Dysreflexia

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Published by Cindy Trent

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Published by: Cindy Trent on Mar 28, 2011
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Autonomic Dysreflexia

Sudden onset of severe, throbbing headache Severe, rapidly occurring hypertension Bradycardia Flushing above level of lesion (face and chest) Pale extremities below level of lesion Nasal stuffiness Sweating Nausea Blurred vision Piloerection Feeling of apprehension

Emergency Care of the Patient Experiencing Autonomic Dysreflexia: Immediate Interventions
Place patient in sitting position (first priority!). Page/notify health care provider. Loosen tight clothing on the patient. Assess for and treat the cause. Check the urinary catheter tubing (if present) for kinks or obstruction. If a urinary catheter is not present, check for bladder distention and catheterize immediately if indicated. Place anesthetic ointment on tip of catheter before insertion. Check the patient for fecal impaction; if present, disimpact immediately using anesthetic ointment. Check the room temperature to ensure that it is not too cool or drafty. Monitor blood pressures every 10 to 15 minutes Give nitrates or hydralazine (Apresoline, Novo-Hylazin ) as prescribed.

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