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810am est

-à {e͛re watching as a sluggish market begins to wake up for the next week ahead
-à {e͛re checking news, checking the dollar, and reading our charts
-à Going through our morning routine gets us familiar with the market personality and gives us
confidence in our day ahead.
-à The dollar is rising, which gives us selling opportunities
-à But the morning is young, we͛re waiting for some consistency in the speed, so we wait

830am est

-à {e see the bullish channel highs on the dollar index may have these markets slowing down at the
new lows
-à {ith the dollar moving today im excited for a potentially big day, but then we open the average true
range on a 3min chart of the dx 06-11 and we see lower highs and barely not lower lows on the dollar
-à The falling ATR is a sign of things to beware. Ranges get narrower with lower ATR, so beware.
-à Good things come when the range gets wider, so hopefully this day is still getting started.

850am est

-à {e look at the 89range chart on gold futures and this clears our mind and gives us clear definition of
the big picture
-à Now we know we are in the middle of the larger bearish channel, and coming to the lows of the price
-à {e also see the 89range BMT level is not too far away, so that price will act like a magnet
-à Expect the gold futures to keep dropping down to 1403.00 the BMT on the 89range

900am est

-à Im looking over the 34range chart of the gold futures

-à {hat am I looking for?
Êà cideways range
Êà º º
Êà ºrice Channels
Êà {edges
Êà cupport below us (buy)
‰à 1409.7, 1405.0m 1400.00, 1397.0
Êà Resistance above us (sell)
‰à 1418.3 trigger line (wave short), 1421.0, 1424.3 º
Êà ouble-topsbottoms

930am est

-à {e͛re waiting for the Uc ºEN to hopefully bring some more volume into these sloppy markets this
-à {e watched as we have three decent wave patterns short on crude oil, many members took them,
but I did not , slow speed is still a concern as price is falling
-à Now we notice the dollar is dropping off the resistance overhead
-à {e now may see buying opportunities with the dollar dropping

950am est

-à {e look at the crude oil 89range chart and we easily see that we broke above the bearish channel on
C and then traded sideways at the 106 area, and now the price is looking for more direction off the
-à {e see a price channel below 103.00, and if we break into this bearish channel, we should then
assume the sellers will try to push prices even lower.
-à {e notice the crude at the highs of the sideways range below 104.00, look to sell the highs
-à {e can also see bearish price channels which further confirm this rising dollar and selling
opportunities on the crude oil futures
-à º  and º are ABE us. This is an UTcIE trading day, which means good things for day
traders, but reality in a slow day we expected the º  and º to act like price magnets
-à Buy support as price drops on the crude oil

1015AM EcT

-à Now lets go through each market looking for places to buy and sell with the highest %
-à Gold futures
-à cell the highs of 1421.0
-à Buy the lows 0f 1410.0
-à Crude il