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Adam Laird

Video Production Period 2

March 7th 2011
Step #1

Interests/hobbies: writing, analyzing art, making beatz, networking w/ likeminded

people, drawing

Want to learn more: animation, editing, CGI, acting

Career ideas: animator, sound producer, script writer

Step # 2

1. Who is being interviewed? What is their job/title?

Christian Jacobs: Co Creator of Yo Gabba Gabba and
2. What inspired you most about the interview you watched?\
He seemed really into his work, and really interested in
entertaining kids and creating a cool show
3. What qualities does this person talk about that will help lead
to success/happiness?
You have to have a true drive for your subject and
message. Without that you aren’t writing anything worth
learning from.
4. Is there anything about the interview you disagree with?
I don’t disagree with him, everything he said made sense about how to successful in
the industry, which takes a lot of time and effort

Step # 3

Animator: --needed—good software, professional training, maya/3D model creation

Colin Brady—Works with Lucas films and pixar—Lives in California—best place is
wherever the work takes you. Different development groups ranging from animated
shorts to video games will offer you position depending on your skill range

Producing music: --needed—reason 5, theory knowledge,

Jerry Beck—Works at Woodbury University—lives in Los Angeles—best place
is in a city environment where there are a lot of people
Script writer: --needed—creativity, interesting ideas, ability to relate with other people
Michael Ray Brown—Works with many major film companies—Lives in Hollywood—
most of his work is centerd around where he lives

Animation College: Academy of the Arts San Franciso—Requirements: High School

Diploma or GED, Statement of Intent, resume, portfolio

Music College: BERKLEE—Requirements: High School graduation, decent grades,

previous experience, portfolio, theory knowledge

Script Development College: