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by: Kathryn Bharadwaj Compare & py teere Map Similarities-to-differences um ices Black History Magazine hath) The magazine is what we did when we picked two people and did a report on them and made a magazine in word. The 15 power words thing is when we mad ea website using the words and we uploaded what we did for the words and how they helped us better understand the book. UC STULL The similarities between the 15 power words website and the magazine is that we had to doa lot of work on it. They had deadlines. Well that was about How Are They Different? The two pieces are different because the website is a website and the magazine is a magazine. Also the magazine required research and the website didn't really require any. Also the website didnt involve people like the magazine. Also the magazine helps you better understand a book. Let Te TEC The reader should learn which is which from the essay, like say | gave the reader the magazine and essay and ask which is which they woud be able to tell me the difference. Also ifthe reader is in the class next year they would know what to expect since | told them it was a lot of work. read think ssi. NOTE Ser Ce 2010 NCTE. Alcs re Renn refs ay pec rar as Didier The conten pound on as a nay cathe praesent eperng ora: NTE or ere Thy