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The Emperor"s Champion leads fhe Black Temp/ars in ferocious hand-Io-hand

fighting against an invading Ork horde.

8100d Angels use lI1eir tTanspolf5


devastatmg effect agarnstthe

Orks. (Can you spot the deliberate 1TIist&"\i:?

Andy Cnambers, the Warhammer 49,,000 o verfien d, eels BS systemtre'lJd of the Warhammer 40,000 game, His ma.ny duties include

overseeing the
Chapter .Approved column in White .Dwarf, feeding the assis.tantgames developers and trying to be both big and clever with variable degrees of success ..Andy has played a bIg part In the evolution of Warhammer 40,000 with many creai's to his name, Including the second and third editions of WarIJamme.r 40,000, Battlerleet Gothic, Codex: Orks and Codex: Tyranids.


40,000 speclaflst games like Necromunda, Baltlefleet GothiC 40,000, Inquisitor, and Epic feedback to update experimental rules and feel confident that they're 'A Good Thing', they will be published as Chapter Approved, • Chapter A.pproved' These are olilcral modlficatlonsiclarilicalions/addilions to the Walhammer 40,000 game ThIs Is [he delault for anything that's in Chapter Approved it Irs not noted as being e)(penrnentaT In some way. Note that even if SOmething IS Chapter Approved it may tater get mOdified and updatea. in light of player Isedback - Irs not carved in stone as they say,

There are Jots of reason-soOne Is .aocesslbility; as the colcrnn'spone on H gets harder and harder to track down all 01 I~ and it's easy to miss a few issues here and there, Another is lI1at haVIng 10 refer to a slack 01 While Dwarfs during a game or chop up your collection to put them in a binder ISa pain. Yet another is thai we get to take another look over the articles and Update lnern in light 01 player, or replace them with new material as appropriate.

By the time you read thiS, the Chapter Approved column will have been running in White Dwarf for over fifty Issues, From .its humble begmnings as an ellort to put regular gaming material for Warhammer 40,000 Into White Dwarf, the column has evolved into a vital \001 for the ongoing development of the Warhammer 40,000 g.ame, Chapter Approved has brought a regular influx 01 proposals, suggestions and even whole Codexes from dedicated garners all over the world, These have all helped to shape the way the Warhammer 40,000 game has progressed as we've brought out new books and miniatures chapter Approved has also given the contributors and the Warharnmer 40,000 team an arena 10 publish new Ideas, make rules changes, answer questions and introduce variant army lists where they will reach as many other Warhammer 40,000gamers as possible. As we have gone on to reprint and revise different books we have been able to take the opporlu mty to co rrect m tsra ke sa nd e rr ala previously featured in Chapter Approved, so In this volume you'll find several Questions and Answers pages replaced with Oode)( updates in accordance with latest reprints, Ihese can also be lound on the Games Workshop website II you don't Wan! to snip out the ones in this book. tnterestingly, as the game itsetl has evolved over recent years, the hobby has also evolved. There is an ever-strengthening network of clubs, toumaments. events, Outriders, Games Workshop stores and elite retal'lers working 10 bring players togelher and build on thai common tascmancn we all have with elea~ng exquisite a.rmies and leading them to destrucucrr, I've [netL/ded a few pages In this book as a salute to these IIreless soldiers in the long war, tor posterity, and to get free pints when I run Into them. OJ course Warhammer 40,000 ilself is expanding ever faster now that the Black Library has published so much excellent fiction set in Ihe Warhammer 40,000 universe, Forge World continue to expand their range of quality resm-east vehicles and terrain, and Fanatic Games support the Wamammer


WHAT The original hope had been to keep all the relevant malerial from previous volumes of Chapter Approved in each annual but tlns has proved Impossible due [0 constraints of being able to pick the thing up. As such, some material has been reproduced here and the remainder Is available as downloads on the webSite: www,games-workshop,co,ui(/chapterapproved Incase of conmcts, the latest annuat lakes precedence over prior editions 01 Chapter Approved,


Yes and no] Chapter Appr.oved was never Intended [.0 be just. official amendments and errata lor the Warhammer 40,000 game - that would make It very dultlndeed, However, much 01 hs content Is army lists, O&A and olher expansions or clarlftcaticns which players naturally want to know if they come with the full force of rules,·!awyering behind them, particularly In relauon 10 ioumarnents and oneall games against new opponents. Personally, I consider it essential to be abte to pUblish new ideas and alternative ways of playmg the game through Chapter Approved, and this was much 01 ns original intent. The Warhammer 40,000 universe sbould remain a galaxy"sized sandpit 10 encourage and exercise the lma.gination of its players and not become straltiacketed into a cness board lor tournamenl play So in order to make il easier to Identify whleh bits are which Chapter Approved arncles are now organised Into two types (an Idea stolen from Jervis Johnson, like most 01 my better ones); • Trial Rules: These are eHect1vely proposed new rules which we feel need further tes1ing and considaraflon by players before lhey become a permanenl(ish) part 01 the Warhammer 40,000 game. It's generally best 10 assume thai these will only be used by prior arrangement or a general agreement by a g'aming' group to adopt them as 'house rulas'. Trial rules are ones which we (·eel have good' effects on the 'game and can be recommended on thaI basis but may change the balance 01 power lor certan armies and missions and/or atter game dynamics enough lor surprises to occur. As such, tournament organisers and players meeting tor the flrst lime should specify which lrial rules will be used. Once we've had enough


Annual means 'yearly' so yes... yearly. Anyway, enough readil19 this long intlOduction, there's much more Interesting stuff InSide so oft with you, I can" beueve you've read this tar ln the first place so thank you lor yourbrne, be oft. Go,


Because bal;:K In the eilrly days of the filsl edllion of Warhammer 40,000 there was a Chapler Approved column In Wflile Dwarf and a book called Chapter Approvsd: The AI'SI Book of the Asrronom/can. In honour those ea fry proneers In tne dark universe of


Warhammer 4.0,000 (long since kilierl off by CaIIlcl)an Barking Toads. but thet's another srory/) we have decided 10 continUIII thai fredill(H! Thai and Ihe fi1cllhal it's a good tltte /0 sleal of COUfS(>!


Andy Chambers, Pete Haines, Andy Hoare, Phil Kelly & Gav Thorpe,

John Blanche, Alex Boyd, Paul Damian, Wayne England, David Gallagher, Neil Hodgson & Karl Kopinski.

Chris Gohlinhorsl, Graham McNeill, Space McQuirk, Anthony Reynolds, Dave Taylor, Che Webster & Adrian Wood,

Miniatures painledby the 'Eavy Melalleam, Mark Bedford, Andy Chambers, Martin Footilt, Andy Hoare, Mati Hutson, Phil Kelly, Mike McVey, Dave Taylor, Jonathan Taylor-Yorke, Nell Thomason, Anthony Warrington and Stuart Willer.

Graham Davey, Tom Hibberd, Matt Hutson, Phil Kelly, Mark Owen, Gareth Roach, Paul Sawyer & Ian Vincent.


Games Workshop & the Games Workshop 10go,Adepta Sororitas, Adeplus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Archon, Aspect Warrior, Assassin, Avatar, Basilisk, 810vore,Blood Angels, Blood Claws, Bloodthirster, Blue Horror. Callidus. Canonsss, Camlfe)(, CeJestian. Chaos Space M!lrfnes .. Chimera, Citadel & the Citadel logo, Codex, Confessor, Culexus, Oaemonettes, Darl< Angels, Dark E1dar, Dark Reaper, Dealhwlng, Demolisher, Dire Avenger. Drachon, Dreadnought. Earth Shaker, 'Eavy Metal, Eldar, Eversor, Exarch, Falcon, Farseer, Fire Dragon, Fire Prism, Flamers, Flesh Hound, Qeneslealer, Greal Unclean One, Gretcnln, Grey Hunters, GriHon, Grot, Haemonculus. Hellhound, Hive Tyrant, Hormaqaunt, Immolator, Imperial Guard, Incubus, lnqersrtor, Jetblke, Keeper of Secrets. Khorne, Land Raider, Land Speeder, Leman Russ, Llctor, Long Fangs, Lord of Change, Mandrake, MeKboy, MISSionary, MycelAc Spore. Nob. NOise Marines. Nurgle, Nurgling, Officio Assassinorum, Ogym. ark, Phoenix Lord, Pink Horror, Plague Manne, Preacher, Predator, Psyker. Raider, Railing, Ravager, Ravenwing, Razorback. Reaver, Rhino, Ripper Swarm, Rough Riders. Sarrn-hann, Scourge. Sentinel, Seraphim, Servitor, Shining Spear, Sislel of Battle, Sister Superior, Slaanesh, Space Marine, Space WolVes, Spore Mine, SIorrnboyz, Striking Scorp!on. Succubus, Swooping Hawk. Sybarite. Termagant, Terminator, Thousand Sons, Tyranid, Tzeentch, Vindicare, Vindicator, Vyper, War Buggy, Warhammer. Warlock, Warp Spider, Wartrak, War Walker, Wave Serpent, Weirdboy, Whirlwind, Wolf Guard, Wraithguard, WraJlhiord, Wych and Zoanthrope are aJllrademarks of Games Workshop Ltd. 'Scatter' dice are UK registered design no. 2017484 All artwork in all Games Workshop products and the images contained therein in the artwork and the images It depicts is the exctusive property of Games reproduced, stored In a retrieval system, or transmitted In any form or by ar,y without the prior permission 01 Games Workshop. British Cataloguing·ln·Publlcalion
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The seven different sections of this book are colour-coded for ease of reference. The coloured circles be/ow show which cotour code refers to which section.

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a & A •.....................

And They Shall Know No Fear

by Space McQuirk, Andy Chambers and Pete Haines

Ork invasions are devastating to the hapless planets they descend upon. When the Waaaghl finally leaves the battle-scarred planet in search of fresh conquest, the survivors emerge from hiding and the process of rebuilding must begin. Unfortunately for the planet's inhabitants the Ork threat does not end when the vast hulks leave the system. A small trace ol the Ork Waaaghl is left behind and will in time grow into a new menace known as FeralOrks. All Orks give off spores which are dispersed on the wind. A few of these spores may fall into remote zones on a planet's surface, the dense jungles or dry arid plains, places where most civilisation finds II difficult to survive. The spores rapidly infest the area and grow WQhou1the threat of discovery.

Over a relatively short period of lime, Ihese spores will mature into full-grown Orks and band together In loose tribes. SURVIVAL OF DA BIGG£ST AI first Ihese tribes are small in number and are of little threat to the planet's inhabitants. The Orks are uncrvilised, even by the low standards of Orks. They have liltle concept of language and no grasp of technology. At this early stage in their existence they are hunted and preyed upon by all manner 01 savage beasts. It is a very important stag.e In the Feral Orks' development, where only the strongest will survive. Out of this period a particularly cunning and stronq Ork will emerge as the leader and the other Orks will gather round him. It is at this point that a Feral Ork tribe will begin to amsrpe. The tribe learns to fight against their natural predators through use of ils numbers and, as it grows and expands its territory, more and more Orks ale drawn to the group.

The Feral Orks learn to scavenge weapons and equipment left by the previous Waaagh! Although much of the technology is far too advanced for them, It does not take long lor the Ork to realise the gruesome effect of pointing the noisy metal thing at an enemy. Minutes atter this incredible discovery the tribe will go to war, shooting at any targets that come before them, conquering all the other rival tribes and uniting under one banner.

The tribes usually take the name of the deadly beast that posed them the greatest threat before they became kultured. As more and more Orks join the tribe they are able 10 specialise In their abllitles. The biggest and strongest Orks are able to bully the smaller and newer members of the tribe to hunt down prey. They take the approach that the bigger you are, the more you need to eat and, therefore, the bigger your portion of the kill. Few Orks dare argue with that kind of logic. As the smaller Orks spend much of thelr time hunling down prey, they become excellent shots. Others learn how to track and trap their prey, taking the skulls or hides as trophies of their prowess. Some learn to make use of the beasts of thelr home world using them as mounts to hunt down fast prey. Some will discover other primitive tribes, and so the main tribe grows exponentially. As the tribe expands, claiming more and more territory, it is inevitable that it will clash with other races. At first only small outposts will be attacked. Then 1he tribes will strike in massive raids against towns and entire cities, before swiftly disappearing back into the wilderness. With each new raid the tribe gains more and more equipment and more and more thirst for battle until it will launch itself on a frenzy of conquest. Once the Feral Ork Waaagh! has started, it can gain an unstoppable momentum. The entire planet will become consumed by the Orks in a furore of battle, until all that there remains to fight is each other, whicl'l they do with savage. abandon.



Feral Orks are of a similar mindset to their more prominent cousins and use' the same special rules. They may 'have mixed armour within units, use . choppas, utilise Ihe Ork Mob rule, use Grot mobstor cover and invoke Ihe Power of the Waa.agh!

'Eadba:n:g: Whefl using his powers, the Wyrdboy will never suffer an attack by Daemons from the Warp but, if he rolls a 2 or 12, suffers a Strength 06 hit as the barely contained energies build up to cause an 'Eadbang.

Wyrdboyz are reluctant psyk.e,rs who live In dread of their heads exploding. They draw their power from the Waaaghl energies subconsciously released by other Orks' excil:ed minds as they go to battle. This energy can grow 10 such an inlensity within the Wyrdboy's mind that he is unable to control it, resulting In his brain bursling from tus skull In an almighty blast, For this reason they prefer 10 stay away from battles, but Ihe Feral Orks need their talents to make up for their lack 01 heavy weaponry and lend to insist Ihat the Wyrdboy turns up. Despite being all Independent Character, unaccompanied Wyrdboyz are treated as one-rncdel units and must test for Last Man Standing at the start of each turn.

The Wyrdboy may choose to use one of the following powers per turn. PsyChic Vomit Unable to contain the Orkenergies any longer the Wyrdboy vents it forth in a stream of green psychogenic energy. Place the flamer template with the narrow end touching the Wyrdboy Each model even partially under the template suffers an automatic Sirength 4 hil G.ork'il Get 'Em: The Wyrdboy's belief in Mork and Gork is so complete thaI It causes a manifestation of their power. This takes the form ofa large green list or 1001 descending from above. Thrs counts as a Shooting attack. The Ork Wyrdbay must be able to see his target, and rolls to rut as normal.
Range 72" Strength 8 AP·

Where normal Ork societies have a smatt.ering 01 Meks and Mad Doks Ihese are not evident in Feral Ork society. Instead they have Ork special ists known as PigdokS who speetause In the training, adaptation and healing of beasts. It has been argued that Ihe Feral Orks' low technological base means that their survival is dependent on tnelr effective use of the animals such as Boars and Squigg.Olhs. For battle, Plgdoks butld special syringes with big red knobs which can be pressed to Inject Cyboars with a high dosage of adrenaline stimulant. The effect is to make the beast more aggressive. Belore the game each Pfgdok may attempt to dope one unit of Boarboyz., SquiggothS, Herdas or Madboyz. He succeeds on a roll of 6, modified if he is assisted by one or more Styboyz. II successful the unit affected gets + 1 Strength for Ihe duration 01 the game. A unit may only be doped once.




AS5;il.u1t1, Btasl


~~'" . -.



,. -,. -:.-.'il'.' 'A .

.. •

~ ....

~ -



,..... ~,...~<. ., " './.t:.',

.. I" '"


_ .... ..iP





) ••••




-'t ..

I'" .;.

~ .!,.,


, ~ II .,. ".i~


":".• 0..\"" ~ •.•.~

"'~ I. ........

If' ",

J& • 4 .. ;"fl ., ....

.. .:._


n most cases characters are upgraded from ordinar:ytroops. Where this IS the case, the character keeps the baSIC weapons and wargear of the mob he's part of - for example, a Brute Nab has a Slugga ami a Choppa. This doesn't prevent you from picking extra weapons for him from the Armoury, although the restrictions on the number 01 weapons that can be carried always apply. Ork characters may have up to Iwo single handed-weapons, or one slng1e handed weapon and one two-handed weapon. You may also pick. up to 40 points 01 exira wargear for each character from the Wargear lists (60 pornts for a Warboss). The lull Wargear roles are on pages 34·37 of Code)! Orks: You cannot lake duplicate I(ems lor the same model, except for Grots and Squigs (up to a total of 3 - see Codex Orks page 7), and all wargear and weapons must be represented on the model.


it y


, . . .. 1 pi , .... 30 pts

Bangstlck (Only If mounted on Boar or Cyboar) •.....• Big shoota ................•................. 5 pis. 12 pts

Choppa. . . . . . . •. . . . . Powerclaw (Warboss only) .•.• , ...•........ Slugga . , .... , ...•.•...................•.....

2 pis

Buma. . . . . .. . Grabba SlicK(Slavers only) . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . • . Shoota... _. . . . . . . . . .. ....• ,.............

'Uge choppa .......••..••.. Rokkil tauncha .......•••. ~ , .••......•.•. _ .. . ..•.••....

12 PiS

Ammo runt . . . . .............•........•... 5 pis Attack Squig , , 5 pts Big horns/iron gob (Warboss & Nobz only). . 5 pis Bosspole (Warboss& Nobz only) .....•.......•.... 3 pis Boar , . . . .. . _ ,. • .•....•... 5 pis Cyboar (Warboss and bodyguard only) ......•...... t 5 pts 'Eavy armour (not il mounted on Cyboar) ...•..•..... B pis Frag Stikkbombz . . . ..................•. _ 1 pI Flash furs/Skull trophiesfTool Necklace. . 2 pis Gml Styboy (Pigdoks only) _ ......•• _. . . . 5 pis Krak stil<J<bombz. . . . . . . . .. • , ..•.• , 2 pis Shiny bilz _. . . . . . . .. . 3 pts Squighound (Slaverz only) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. • 5 PiS Super Cyboar (Warboss only). ........••...... 30 pts Waaaghl banner (max. one per army) ....• , . • . . .• 20 pis Warpaint . . . . . . . _ .. _ ..••. __ •. 3 pts Wyrdboy sflkk (Welrdboyz only) ......••........••.. 5 pis


. 5 pis . 2 pis , ... 5 pis B pis


Any Feral Ork vehicles may be fitted with the follOWing addllJonal equlpmem. Any upgrades chosen must be snow« on the vBhicle modei. No duplicate upgrades may be taken for the same vehicle.
Armour plates .........••..••...........•..••.. Big grabber ..........•....................... Boarding plank, . . . .. . •.•....•....•.•. , •..•... 8oll-on big snoota . . . . . . . . .. . .......•..•..... Reinforced ram • . . . . . .. . ..•..........•.•..... Stikkbombchucka (it warband contains Plgdok) .....•. Wrecker ball. .. .. .

5 pts
5 5 10 5 3 PiS prs pts pis

PiS 5 pts

In addition 10 items desclibed in Codex arks. the Feral arks have some unique items of their own. which tunction as folloVlls. Bangslikk: Bangstikks are long poles with e)(plosives strapped to the end. Used exclusively while mounted on a bear, they are not Ihe most precise of weapons as they are woefully unbalanced. The bangstikk is used just like a krak grenade 10 attack vehicles and bunkers. However bangstlkks doubie the 06 roll lor penetrating armour. giVing Ihem an Armour Penetration of 6t(D6x2j. Boar: Rider counts as cavalry - see page 93 01 the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, Cyboar: lhe rider counts as cavalry - see page 93 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook A Cyboar is extremely tough, reinforced with steel plates and bIonic nrnbs, has liS tusks replaced by blades and has an fnjeclion device which pumps il lull of stlmularus. Because of the toughl'less 01 the Cyboar and lts value as cover, the rider counts as being in 'savy armour aJ1d gelS a 4t armour sava, lhe bionic augmentation makes the Cyboar a potent additional weapon granting the rider an additional close combat attack. During assaults and sweeping advances, models mounted on a Cyboar 1hat pass through difficult terrain are killed on 1·3, as the Cyboar has a tend ency to butt roc ks and trees. Super Cyboar: A Warboss can Instruct a par1lculany skilled Pigdok to upgra(Je his Cyboar Into a monstrous combination of beast and machine. A Super Cyboar follows the same rules as a Cyboar. but it gives the Warboss a 3-t save

due to the massive amount of metal and armour plate. In add1!1on, the Cyboar IS fitted With what is commonly known as Da Big Red Knob. Thls is essentially an injector system whloh pumps stlmms into the Boar's system causing it to hurtle fOlWard at an alarrnlnq rate. The Warboss will have the system linked up with all other cyboars in his uni!, so that when he presses the knob aU the models in the unit advance With him. This all ows th a C yb oar ri ders 10 use the Fleat at Fool rules, advanclnq 06' instead of shooting during each Shooting phase. Flash Furs, Skull Trophies, Toof NeCklace: Huntas who have managed to stalk and kill particularly powertul or dangerous prey will wear us pelt, or take its skull as a ba.dge of honour. These count as two mOdels when calculating mob size for Mob Size tests only. Grot Styboy: A Grot Styboy is adept attending to Boars and Cyboars and can provide valuable assistance lor a Pigdok. When a Plgdok attempts 10 dope a unil he may add 1 to his dice roll lor each Styboy assl51ing him. Shiny Bllz: Feral Orks are supersrrtious in the extreme and will sometimes get tl1e Idea that an otherwise useless object is really a powerful

talisman. An ark WIth shmy bltz may fe-roll one failed Armour save once In Ihe game. Warpain!: Feral Orcs otten daub themselves in dyes and paints that the Wyrdboy has prepare~ in the hope thai some of hrs latent psychic powers are absorbed tn the mix. A model protected by warpalnt is nOI affected by psychic powers on a 06 roll of 6+. The power snll works. but any character thal makes IllS save will be unaffected. Wyrdboy Slikk: Wyrdboyz frequently carry copper staves to give themselves some protection against 'Eadbangs. When 8 Wvrdbo) with a Wyrdboy Stlkk suffers an 'Eadbang he may re-rctl the Sirength of the attack

A Feral Ork Warboss is Ihe strongest and most cunning .... - .......Ork of his tribe. He must ........ constantly fight challengers to maintain hiS authority. When not fightlng for his position, he leads hIS In'be on raids on other Feral Ork camps or any other communities In his vicinity. He will gather the besl warriors of his tribe together into a warband, striking out on hit-and-run missions.

Points Warbass Options: WS BS S T 4 W 3 4 A 4

00 point!
Ld 9 Sv 6+ 60 525

A Warboss may be given any equlpmem allowed from the Feral Ork Armoury.

Bodyguard: The Warboss mal' be accompaniec by a Bodyguard (see entry below). II he has a Bodvguard ther the Warboss and his Bodyguard are trealed as a single unit during baUie. Note that the Bodyguard does no count as a separate HQ choice (It does not use up an HQ 'slot'},

Character: Unless accompaotec by his Bodyguerd (see below), the Warboss Is an tndependen character and tallows all the rutes tor Independent characters B.S given In the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.



20 points






T 4

W 2



The Warboss may be accompanied by between 5 and 10 Nobz:

Options: The Nobl may be given any sqolpmemt allowed from the Fecat Ork Armoury.

Points/model Pigdok







'10 points
Ld 7 Sv

WS 3


S 3




Number: IIlhe Warboss IS accompanied by a Bodyguard he may also be accompanied oy up 10two PlgdOks. Options: Pigdoks may be given any equipment allowed from tile Feral ark Armoury.
11the Warboss IS mounted then his Bodyguards must also be mounted on Boars or Cyboars II the Warboss is flding a Super Cyboar rl'len all Nob, In the unit must be equipped with Cyboars. Cyboars can only be selected" il there is at leas! ope PlgdO~ in the Bodyguard

0 ..1 WYRDBOY •••••••


Points WS BS S T W

50 points
A 3 Ld Sv 6+ 333 4 2


A Wyrdboy may be given any equipmenl allowed lor Wyrdboyz from the Feral Ork armoury.

Minden; The Warboss may use Brutes to make sure the Wyrdboy does wnat's expected 01 rnrn. II lhe army contains a Brule mob of 10 or more Brutes then 2-5 of them may be detached to lorm a Unit WIth the Wyrdboy. These cannot nclude Brutes With upgraded weapons or BrUle Nobz

Indepl!n dent eMarae ter: Unless accorrpan Ied by MIMen: (see above 1 the Wyrd coy IS an Indepen dell t cilaracler and loll.cws ailihe rules lor Independenl characters as gillen in thB Warhamrner 40.000 rulebcek.
Psychic Abilities: See Wyrdlloyz and wyrdboyz POWElfS in the Feral Orks Special Rules section

Although aI/ Orks are Innately psychic. a rare few have the ....,- ........ ability to channel this power. --Most of these Shamans. Of Wyrdboyz 8S they are more commonly known, are bullied and used as just another polentially destructive weapon to carry mto bailie. In battle they accompany the mobs, soaking up tne raw Waaagh! energy that large numbers of Orks create, channelling it mto 8 powerful psychic burst.




.. ,. ...............
2 2


points prr modrl

A 2 3
Ld 7 7 Sv


WS 4 4



Whf/sl me ablliry to shoot prey is essential to a Feral Ork tribe's survival. they stm relish close combat. Some Fernl

Brute Nob

in ad Ire

Slugga and cheppa.


2 3


ob. The mob ccnststs of belween 5 and 20 Brutes,

Weapons: Options: Characler:

Up to two mocets can have either a burna at +8 pIS. or 8 rokklilauncha

at ...10 pis.

For lin actd,tlonal cost 01 + 11 pts one of the BOYze may be upgraded any equipment allowed by the Feral Ork Armoury.

10e NOb. 111e NOD may be given

Orks are far larger than the others and spend the vast majorily of their time mamtaining order within the hierarchy of the mne. usually by means of their sheer brute size They alJow the other smaller Orks the priviJege of hunting for them. taking the pick of the prey that the Hun/as bring back.


TRAPPAS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • .. • • .... 10 points prr mod,l

Points/model Trappas Nob

WS as

3 4

4 4

W 2 2 3


Sv 6+

10 +'0


7 3


ob: The mob consists of between 5 and 10 Trappas

eapens: The models in the mob may be armed with either a snoota or a slugga and choppa (YOLlmay have 3 mixture of weapons In the mob).
Options: You may your E!I1Hre unit at Trappas lIash tUTS

at a

cost of +2 pts escn. to a Nob. The Nob may be

Ci1aractl:lr; For an additional cost of ..8 pts one 01 the Trappes may be upgraded ;iven any equipment allowed by the Feral Ork Armoury.

en lOt

flltraters: Trappas are Infiltrators and follow the special scenario rules for Infiltrators Slippery: Trappas sneak through cover easily. so they roll an elrlra 06 when roiling to see how far they can "'lOVe through difficult terrain. Set Traps; J! the game Is tu.lng tough I using the JLJIlgie Flghtlng rules. Trappas may SIll booby naps. Each umt 01 "rappas allows you 10 sel three Booby Traps. lhe.e are bought attha cost belOW.

Feral Orks do not have the same resources as normal Orks and are depe.ndenl on a select few highly skilled Orks to bring them food 10 eat and furs /0 wear. Many of these Orks band together tmo elite groups that oall themselves Trappas. The Trappas have perfected the art of setting snares and digging slaked pits In order to catch their prey, and are skilled at sneakmg up 10 targets for the kill. These talents Me also useful on the battlefield. Trappas often wear thick pells of fur, skmned from particularly vicious animals they have caught 8S trophies.


Very similar in appearance to a lire bomb explodes in a shower 01 highly combustible liquid. Place the small Blast marker so that the central hole is over the model that tnggered the device. Any models fully under the Blast marker are hit automatically and any partJally under are hit on a 4 ....
a bang trap,

Fire Bomb:

Set Up: Booby traps are set up uSing the special rules lhat can be found on page 21 of Codex: Catachans. Ignore Cover Saves: All booby traps ignore cover saves. Pinning: Any unit that sulfers one or more casualties trom a booby trap must tast for
pmning. 8ang Trap: This ~ a large number of stlkkbornoz strapped crudely together and attached to a tripWire. The resultant explosion is a cataclysmic detonation of flyrng shrapnel that affects the modellriggerlng the trap only.

Punji Pit: A simple. crude buleffeclille trap; a small pit with sharp stakes placed at the bottom which is covered wiltl varIous foliage. Place the small Biasi marker so that the central hole is over the mode! that triggered the device. Any models fully under the Blast marker are hit automatically and any partially under are hit 01"1 a 4+. If you have a suitable terrain piece then thiS may be placed on the lable to represent difficult terrain for the remainder of the game.

If a particularly skilled Pigdok fives within the tribe then he often spends his free lime ,--manufacturing bombs and explosives. Those Orks fortunate enough to possess a cache of stikkbombz group logether In raids. Envied by most of the omer Orks in Ihe trlbelhese Slikk Sommas revel in the noisy des/rue/ion their de.adly barrage

0-1 SliGH SOMMAS •••••••••••••••••••••••

Points/model 'soyz WS BS S T








I 2

10 points ptr modrl A I.:d sv

2 76+


Mob: The mob ccnsists

01 between Sand 20 Sllkk Bornrnas.

Wilha big Sh00l8 at .. 12 pts, a rokkn rauncna 81 10 a Nob. The Nob may be given

Weapons: Slugga. close combat weapon. !rag and krak Br,kkbombz.

Options: Up 10 rwo models In the unit may be equipped .. 10 PIS or a burna. at ... pis. 8

can cause.

Characler; Fa, an additional 005101 I'll pts one 01 Ihe Boy.: may baupgraded any equipment allowed by the Feral o'rk Armoury.

live. many group together in

large mobs. Not yei skilled in me arts of hunting and tropping, these gangs of Orks rely on strength in numbers to protect themselves from predators (including other Orks). They hunt In Jarge mobs, depending on the sheer number of their guns to kill enough prey. Competition wittlln the gangs is fierce as food and supplies are limiled. Only the strongest will acquire the besl weapons and gain the larger portions of Ihe kll/s. A,'Fera.1 Ork raidin. 9 party will , often come across a small community of Orks that have spored up away from Ihe larger tribes. These Orks are usually armed with the most /)asic primitive weaponry such as clubs or spears. The Ork raiding party will bring these wild Orks back 10 /heir Iribe and over a period of time will leach /hem da proper Orky way. Before !hey ete truly accepted in the /!Ibe /hey must prove their strength If! a rBld using only the weapons Ihey were found with. . As with otbe: Orks, Fera.1Orks Hunta

In order 10 survive the harsh habitats in Wh,/cn, FetalOrks

HUN TAS. • .. • .. • • .' '. .' • '. • • .' ,. '. • • • • '.''. '. '. • • • '.
Poinlslmodel 9
+11 WS BS S






pOinls p r' 'mod:rl

Ld Sv


1 2 2 :3


2 7


10 and 30 Humes,

6+ 6+

Mob: The mob consists of between Weapons! Shootas.

Options; 'Up 10 two models 1/1 Ihe unit may be equipped wrth a big sneota pis or a burna. a: ...8 pts, Character: equipment For an addl~onal cost 01 12 pss one Hunle may be upgrededlo fr·om the Feral OrkArmoury.

at .. 12 pts, a rokkil launella

at ...1a any

e Nob. A Nob may choose

Wll:D.80YZ _ ••• '

Wildboyz Nob 8











8 pDinfs prr' modrl'

A Ld Sv





5 3 4




3 4

3 2

4 4

2 :3

1 3

7 7

6... 6+

Mob; A Wlldboy mob consists of between Weapons: Cnoppas

10 and 30 Wlh;lboy<:

and a hand weapon such as. a club or dagger by a Nob. lhe Nob may be gl,ven any equipment fTO",

Character: The Wlldboyz must always be acnempanlad the Feral Ork Armoury.

are often eccoropened mlo battie by groups of Grelcf1m. MoSI Feral Orks have liNle. concept of technology and occasIonally their introduction to even the simplest
mechanical devices will be too much for Ihe Orks' small brams /0 handle. When Ihis happens an Ork can become psychotic and lose what little raJ/onalthought processes he had In the first place. These Orks ara' known as Madboyz or Nullas and are grouped together on Ihe battlefield. Although unpredictable and erratic a.1 limes, they can prove exlremelyeffective.


• • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • ••

as inCodtx


Madboyz Plgdok
Weapons: Character: equipment

0 •••••

0 •••••••




1 points ptr modrl

A L.tI 7
7 SV

Points/model 7 10


3 :3

4 3

3 :3



2 2.



Mob: The mob consists of between 5 and

:1.0 Madboyz
may be glv,en Bny

The Madbov:z. may be armed with either a shoota or a slugga and a choppa,

lhe Madboyz may be ascornpanled Inlo battle by a Plgdok. The Plgdok allow0(l Irom the Feral Ork Armoury. See Ihe Plgdok special rules.

Special BuIes:. Madboy;z are fearless and Igoo.e all morale and pinning tests. Other Orks keep 'Ihslr distance and will never mob up with fham. Al the slart 01 eac~ Ork tum roll a 06 for each unlt not In an assault. on a roll 01 1 the MadboYl are 'dis tu rb a d', Roll on tha lab Ia b a 10W.


1M Mac!boyz fight amongst themselves because they realise the Olher Madboyz are 'Iookin' at 'em funny'. :Roll 1 attack per Madboy In the unit and infhct these hits on the unit Tile P'gdok (if any) does nol have to join tn but can be hurt. 2·3 One 01 the clouds Is a striking Image of an Ork god but Ihe unit IS splil as to whether it's Gork. or Mark who has appeared before tharn and begin a trantlc argument. Count as pinned.

3·4 The contused gibberJng of one 01 the Madboyz spreads through the unit until they are convinced of their doom. The Madboyz tau back. automaucajy reg.rouping at tile end of the move. If caught In crossfire. the unit is destroyed. 6 The un~ is overcome wilh images 01 heroism and decide to show Ihe other Orks the true meaning of being Orky. ThaI' may move an additional D6' straight rowards the nearest enemy unn in the Movement phase.


Irl 80AR80YZ •••••••••••••••••••

at en

:3 4 :3 2



0 •••••••

11points ,prr mt'drl



If an Ork is a particutarly

S :3

BOBl'boy Nob
Mob: The mob consists W,eapons:

12 ..22
01 :. 10 1

T 4

7 7

Sv 6+ 6+

1 Z

2 3

1 :3

o Boal'boyz.


counl as cavalry mob)

51ugga and choppa or snootas,

(You may have a mll(fUr,e 01 weapons withirlll"le


Options: The entire mob may be equipped with Irag stl~kbombz at a east 01 1 pomt per model and krak 5llkkbombz at a cost of 2 pomts per model II a 'Pigdok Is Included in Ihe army then any of the Boars may be ~'P9raded to Cytloars at a cos t 01 5 pol nts per model. Charaoter: For an ad'dll~onal +22 pis one Bomboy ..-a rgear lrom the Feral Ork Armou ry. may be upgraded 10 a Boarboy Nob. He may pick an~

adept Trappa then he may be fortunate enough to CB/ch a wild boar. II fhe Ork IS brave enough he may be .able to beat the boar into submission so that it will let htm ride on its back. The Ork benefits from the speed and ferocity of his mount. whilst the boar, for his part in the bargain, 15 trealed to daily gruel. a smelly sty and the occasional smack on his nozzle with a large stick.

Points/model Herda Squighounds5
10 ny
lob; The mob consists

9 points plus 5 prr SquiB:



A 2 2


Sv 6+ 6+

3 :3 303



of 1 Herda and between

10 and 20 Squighounds.

Soma Trappas in the tribe prefer to train vicious Squigs to become their own personal hunting pel's. They take these beasrs, who BtB loyal only to Iheir master's whip, on hunting expeditions to track down prey or tne-oacesions! runaway Grot

eapons: 51ugga and cnoppa. The S quigh aund's are armad wi1h huge leeth.
:hamcter: The Herda lTIa~ be glVl·m any equipme~l trom the Feral Ork ArmOl1ry. Spec1a 1Rille s. If the He rda is ki !led. the packc Isperse s al the and 01 the p he se - treat the m as destroye d.


JONHAS .' •• '

J'unkas N.ob
(I b:

Points/model 9

' ..











'points prr modrl'



On rare occasions a lucky FeralOrk tobe may find

WS 3

BS 3

S :3

J unka


T 4 4

2 3





The mob consiets of between 5 and 10


The Jl1nkas have eIther a shoota or a 51ugga E!f1da choppa. The mob may coruain a mix of differently .. 12 polnrs, a rOKklllaunr:ha 81 ~ 10 points ora burna

"-'"IJlsd Junl<.a$,
Options; Up 10 ona.o! lhe Junkas can have a big snootsat .e. +8 points.

damaged vehicles lefi by other forces. If Pigdok is skilled enough they often manage 10 get the vehicle up and runni'1g using steam, pedal or even pure boar power. The Orks will then ride into battle' clinging on .10any spare space of their technological masterpiece In huge numbers.

=haracte.r: One 01 the Junkas may be upgraded to a Nob at an addlbonal .ab may have any equipment allowed Irom the Feral Ork Armoury.

cost 01 + 11 pts Tha

-mnsport: The mob must be mounted in a Junkalrukk at an additional cost 01 +30 pis . ....mkalrukks may be i1tled \'Illh any ollhe vehicle upgrades in the Feral 6moUIY



Armour 10

Armour 10




-,pe: Fasl, open-topped,

Weapons: The Junkatrukk may be armed WiThone of the following' ~ snooia al + 12 pts, II rokklt Iauncna at + 10 pts or a burna at +6 pts. SpecIal RUle: The poor lack 01 maintenance means thai these lrukks a.e liable to mechanicallallure on a regular basis. Before the vehicle "'lOves roll a 06. On a roll o.f 1 scm 61hfng has sn apped, blown up or sei2;ad and the mew rnusl spend the remainder 01 the tum repairing Ihe liamage. The ve~fclle may not move thls tum


Squiggoths are enormous creatures which are usually hunted down by Orks for looo. Feral Orks see Ihe great beasts as more than simply food, as for them the Squiggolh a/so represents a means of transport. OVer time they have discovered that they can harness these beasts and make mobile platforms on their backs wIth which to carry the tribe into bailie. This has led 10 the PigdoJ(s b~eedlng larger and larger variants of Squiggoth.

Points/model Standard (up to 6") 8ig (over 6" up to 9")

WS 85 2

'. • •
S 6 7
7 T

Stf 8rlow
7 7 7

3 4

A 3 3 4

6+ 5... 4+

40 50

2 2 2

5 6 7

2 2

Mob, $quiggoths operate Independently They come ln a variety 01 sub-species differ considerably but will often be dinosaur-like in appearance.

Options: Any sIze SqUiggolh may carry a turreted howdah containing ellt1er a ,wln·linkecl rakkitlauncha at +20 pis. a twIn-linked big shoota at +30plS or a lobba at +3Op1S_

The points value and statlsllcs for a SqullIgoth are solsly dependent on Its size. As eaoh Squiggolh can be vastly d1fferenl to the next a simple process 01 measuring Ihe Squlggolh model from head to ta~ is used to determine Its charaoisnsucs. All sqUlggolhS are fearless and Ignore all morale and pinning tests Crew: All Squiggoll1s carry up to 3 orew who use Ihe standard Hunta profiles

Monstrous Creature, Due to ,ts sheer SlZ9 and brute strength, the SqUiggo!n IS ~a;;;;iOiiiiO:~"'a' monstrous creature, It rolls 206 for Armour Penetration and rgnores opponents' '""OlIqt;;;:=o7"' Armour saves in close combat. Transport; A big Squiggolh may be used to trans pori up 10 10 Orks. A massive Squiggolh may be used to transport up 10 20 Orks, II the Squlggot~ is carrying passengers than they may embark or disembark as if it were an open-topped vehicle. Slmn-arly \he passengers can lire as if Ihey ware in an open· lopped vehicle. When enemy models fire back they must target the Squiggolh. Template. and Ordnance weapons gain no extra bonus, If the Squiggoth is killed, crashes to the and may crush the pB5SengefS ,n Its death throes - they will take a wound on a 4+ saving throws allowed).

As Big Gum Battery in Codex Orks, May only include lobbas May not include a Mef<. Slaver may only choose trom the Feral Ork




By Phil Kelly As any Imperial Guard fan wlllleJi you, Dan

bnett's Gaunfs Ghosts novels detail some 01 the mas! exciting and visceral actions of an Imperial Guard regiment In e hislory of the Imperium, Recently boosted by the eagerly-awaited The Guns o Tanilh, the Gaunt's Ghosls books are :among Ihe Black Library's finest ~ blicatlons. When the torsst world of -anith fell to a surpnse attack by the r.1nguard Of a Chaos fleel, tile troops .., stered there were in no slale to repel ""em. The forces mustered from the planet, .... tended to fight in the Sabbat Worlds -'tIsade, were barely founded when a scorrn 01 destruction rained down upon

their peaceful, arboreal world Commissar Gaunt, entrusted with the command of the emergent Tanilh regiments, was forced to make a decision that shaped his own desflny and that of the suNiVlng troops. E v acuating as many of tile soldiers as he could dunng the Chaos anacs. Gaunl rObbed Ihe Tanlth of a Chance 10 light and die With their home world. TWo whole regiments were losl. Tile remaming men, now alone and withou a planet 10 call horns, caUed themselves 'Ghosts' Since that point Commissar Gaunt has won the devotion and respect of theona surviving regiment,leading \hem through hemsh theatres of war to gloflous victory lime and lime again. However. there are some among the Tanlth First-and-Only.

forever widowed Irom their home world and condemned. to a Ille of conlltet, whose resentment at Gaunt's decision still simmers despite Ihe passing of years. The Tanilh troops, almost entirely compnsed of light mlantrv, excel ill stealth operations and commando raids. Their earneleoline carne-cloaks, In conjunction with the natural abilities ollhe Tanith soldiers 10 blend In with the surrounding environment, mean they are extremely accomplished Infiltrators. Expert marksmen, the lack of Tanith armoured support Is more than made up tor by their resourcefulness and skill and. when allied to another Imperial Guard regimen1, their skills can really come to the fore.

Commissar Gaunt and the other special cnaractsra from the Gaunt's Ghosts boxed set lorm a Command Platoon and count as an HQ choice. This unil cannot be accompanied by any Heavy Weapons squads as would normally be me case with a Command PlaJoon, but you may bolster it with the optional characters detaJled on the web page You may add Tanith units to an eXisting Imperial Guard force. We recommend fieldmg Tanlth 151 units mperial Guard force. as the Tanith 1sl is almost exclusively comprised Of light infantry. Atter all, in the .s very commo!"! lOT the Tanit\"l ttoops to light alo!"!gsi09 analher regIme!"!! capable 01 !Ieldlng armoureo "$erpEmts' al the Kel2.o\( 17th, the awesome tanks 0\ General Grlzmuml's Narmenian A:!mour. or even "olpone 50th 'Bluebloods'). alongside a more conventional Gaunt's Ghosts ssnss of books, it support and \"IesV)' troecs (Ine tha G11osls' bitter rivals, the

,/ou wish. you can use CommIssar Gaunt's unit as the Command Platoo!"! 10f an arm,! mostly Of e\len entIrely comprised 01 Tanith troops; iI's possible the Tanitn may nave taken to Ina batl!etie\d en masse (see Aummilan White Dwan editor Dave Taylal's excellent al\Tanilh army on the website accompanying tnls article), but be warned: an army entirely compriseo ollighl infantry is \iK.e\y to have a shU rlQht on its hands.

You may only take Tan!th Inlantrv

rhioh his Command YOU will need Platoon

Platoons, as an HQ choice.

Tani\h Hardened


or Tanlth Snipers 11you first take Commissar

Gaunt and


copy 01 Codex; Imperial Guard and Codex: Catachans

10 use these rules.

....;Co,b.c·, 8.. 1ur<. they hurned fon ... rd




ttl is

F'OS their camo-cloaks dow •• 5 shrouds around, 1.58".5 held loose lIld mdy. The hyb,id om of the hooded cI,,~k! blurred m.,ch the k gley mud of I he Ildgo .... y.• ad •• ch min IODOpcd 10 smerr hi, checks .nd brow ...i,h ..,.1 ~ berOIC shpplDg ovcr the callbwork

Infiltrate enemy positions en masse or ln daring commando raids. All Tanlth units benefit from Itle following special rules: Camo-cloak: Tanlth troops are characterised by the carne-cloak they wear, a trllck and robust garment that is woven wilh cameleoline, a substance that lakes Or) the appearance 01 Its surroundings. In conjunction with the Tanilh's formJdable stealth abilities. Ihese cloaks make their wearers very difficull to pick out when in co .... Any Tanlth squad adds er, to any cover saves they are allowed (eg, a 5+ cover save becomes a 4+ cover save). Tanlth troops receive no cover save when in the open.


topography 01 the nalwood to rests Ihey once called home. To represent this. all Tanlth units may re-roll any failed Reserve rolls . If a Tanflh UnIt Is affected by a result on the AlailoG Ranger Dlsruplion table from Codel(: Craftworld Eldar, roll a dice, the resull is ignored on the roll of a 4+. Tanlth Knife: The Tanlth lsi carry a long, straight silver dagger thai they use as a bayonet, knife or even a multi-purpose 1001. Although this has no practical effect above and beyond a normal knits, thfs Signature item is a symbol 01 the close-knit nature of the Tanith force I and all Who carry it are united in their cause. Any Tanith officer that may choose additional equipment from the Armoury (Lieutenants and Veteran Sergeants) counts as having a Trademark Hem at no exlra points cost. Infinrate: Due to Ihelr expenence in the lield 01 covert operations, BII Tanith units, including commlssar Gaunt and rus Command HQ, may infil1rate in missions that use the Innltrate special rule.

110ft ...... tched Ihe losl cae dJSlppcar .nd then

oth ere

rhe ireDell m,c:ro-p."'COP. "ouod. He ked OUI, bUI of rbe sixty-plus men ... Iud passed his puaiticn, there ..... DO slg ...





"Wilere in rhen orne of Sol'n did Ihey go?' he

ne Tanith 1st are lamous for their eensicerable abilities in the field 01 reconnoitre and stealth. Due to the peculiar nature of Ihe shifting nalwood forests they once called horne, the Ghosts seem never to lose their sense 01 direcuon, and adapt .0 their environment with unparalleled skill. :}eployed as Ilght infantry, the Tanith excel at blending inlo their surroundings with their ca.meleoline cloaks, and are able to


fn addition, opponents roll 206 x 2 Instead of 206 x 3 when attempting to spot Tanith troops in a Night Fight Absolute Direction: The men 01 Tanilh have an almost supernatural sense of dlreclion and orientation due \0 the shifting


Commissar Gaunt and the other special characters from the Gaunt's Ghosts boxed set form a Command choice - see tater In this ar1icle.

Platoon and count as an HQ


Tanith soldiers are righlly respected for their marksmanship, and many are fully tramed as master snipers. Able to operate independently of their squads if necessary. these Tanlth troops stick unwaveringly to the doctrine of the sniper. and their oflen-customised las rifles are kept in impeccable condtton. Under the tuition of Mester Sniper Larkin, smail teams of snipers hone their abilities until they can change the course of a battle With a weJI·placed round

0-2 TANITH MASTER SNIPERS ••••••••••••••••••••••••

Points Sniper Loners: Wargear: SPEClAL You may include WS 343 BS S


T 3
W 3

Ld 7




to three Tanith Master Snipers as

single Elites choice. They do

not form units and can be set up separately.

l.onq-tas (counts as sniper rille). camo cloak. RULES

Ambush: In the right circumstances, Tanlth Master Snipers have the ability to work their way into a forward position on the battlefield. To represent Ihis they may set up using the Ambush special rules as described in Codex: Catachans, Camouflage: Tanllh Snipers have a 3l<cover save that cannot be improved or reduced by any tactors. This incorporales the effects of their came-cloaks. Master Snipers: Experienced Tarufh Master Snipers constantly hone their ability to pick out Ih: most vulnerable SPO! on their targel with unerring accuracy. They may re-roll a tailed to wound roll but must accept the second result. Disappear: You may never move a Tanlth Master Sniper model. Durmg your Movement phase you may remove the model, representing the Master Sniper merging back Inlo Ihe shadows sc he can figl1t another day. Onoe removed, a Master Sniper may not return to the battlefield but doesn't count as having been killed for Victory point purposes. Tanfth Masler Snipers can't cla~ lable quarters or other objectives and don't have 10 be killed for an attacker to win Meat Grind'? or Grand Assault.

Ts.nilh are the origmal Ghosts, and al/ remember the day when /fley were evacuated from the founding fields WithOut Ihe chance to fight for their home world. Since tnet day fhey have carved out a reputation as some 01 the imperial Guard's best ground troops. and IIleir resourcefulness. coupled wrth their mastery of stealth and fnfiltration tactics, makes for a forrn/dab/a foe

Tfl.e veteran squads of he



Points Veteran Trooper Veteran Sergeant Veteran Officer WS 3 3 4 BS

_ •••••••
T 3 W


A Ld Sv

3 3



4 4


8 2
3 8 9


3 4

5+ 5... 5...

Squad: The squad consists of one Ve1eran Sergeant and between four and runa Veleran Troopers. Wargear: The squad is equipped with lasguns, frag grenades and came-cloaks.

Options; Up to two models may replace their las gun with a t.onq-las (counts as Sniper rifle) 't5 pts each.

Up to three models may be armed with one of the following weapons each: a flamer at +6 pts bolter al +2 pis; meltagun at +15 pts: plasma gun a! +15 pts; tube charges (count as demoliti~ Charge) at + 10 pts: grenade launcher at +15 pts, Two at the Guardsmen may be formed Into a weapons team armed with ana oltha heavy bolter at +12 pts: missile launcher at + 18 pis; autocannon at + 18 pis. follOWing'

The squad may be equipped with krak grenades for an acdltronal cost of +2 pts per model. 0model may carry a comm-llnk at +5 pts. Character: The Sergeant is a Veteran and may be given additional equipment from the Armoury. Sergeants from Hardened Veteran squads may be given equipment normally only allowed to Ottlcers. Veteran Officer: The squad may include one Veteran Officer at an addillonal cost of +45 pis He carries a lasgun, ora laspistol and close combat weapon. and may be given additional equipment from the Armoury. Tanith Hardened Veterans: The squad has two Battle Honours, which will always be SteadfL and Guerrillas. For details see ths Infantry Battle Honours table on page 163 of lhe Warhamrr"O 40.000 nulebook.



COMMAND SECTlON ••.••.••.•..•••

Points Guardsman Lieutenant Veleran Sergeant Squad: The Command argear: Came-cloak. WS

' ••••.•.•.•••••••••••••••

W 3 3 3 A 2 2


3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3




8 8

The Tanilh 1st is almos! light infantry pla/oons, the renowned Gaunfs Ghosts. Tattooed and hirsute, the Ghosts are often frowned upot: by more
entirely composed




Sec1ion consists alone lasg.un, lrag grenades.


lour Guardsmen.

~ tions: Up to two models may be armed wilh one erths lollowlng each: Ilamer at +3 pts; ~Iagun at +8 pis; plasma gun at +8 pts: grenade launcher at +8 pts, lonq-Ias (counts as -ver rille) at +5 pis. Two Guardsmen can forma weapons learn With one of the lollowing: bolter at + 10 pis; mlsslle launcher at +' 5 pis: aulocannon at +15 pts,


: .... model may be glven acornm-llnk ~

al +10 piS.

/radltlonal Guard regiments, but the Tanith know they are amongst/he besl. Although the ranks of Ihe original Tanith troops have sinr:e been bolslered by gangers, militiamen and survlllrng soldiers from the Imperia/lllctories at Vervunhive, virtually al/ ot the soldiers under Ibram Gaunt's COmmand /la1l8 a heallhy f6f;pecl .md admiration for ColonelCommrssar.

~racters: One Guardsman may be upgraded 10 a Veteran Sergeant loran additional +10 pis. -""" Lieutenant and Ihe Veteran Sergeant may choose additional equipmentfrom the Armoury.

ny the

~dership: Any Imperial Guard squad within 12' ola Command _E-Jlenanl's leadership value for all Morale and Pinning tests,

Section may use the

fANTRY SQUAD (2-5 PER PLATOON) ••••••••••••••••••




PoInts Guardsman _ed by Sergeant ..ed by VeI.S. ~ 70



7 7


II aim der


3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3

3 3 3 2

5+ 5+ S+

ad: The squad consists of one Sergeant and nine lmperial Guardsmen. gear: csmc-cioek. lasguns, Irag grenades. The Sergeant may sxcnanqa



lasgun fora

.=&lIslol and close combat weapon at no additional cost.

~~ons: Up 10 one model can nave one oltha lollowing: flamer al +3 pis; mellagun al +8 pts:

=8 gun al +8 pts: grenade launcher at +8 pis; lonq-las (counts as sniper rille) at +5 pts. Two ~rdsmen can form a weapons team with one of the lollowlng: heavy boiler at + 10 pis; missile her at + 15 pts: autocannon al 5 pts, One model can nave a comm-link lor + 5 ets,


at s·
Ion The Sergeant may be upgraded 10 a Velecan Sergeant for an additional Veteran Sergeant may choose addillonal equipment trorn the Armoury.

+ 10 pts,





As mentioned above, Ihe following characters can be taken as a Command HQ that canna! be accompanied by Heavy Weapon Squads, Commissar Gaunt and his unit cost 231 points, They use the equipment listed in thelr army llst entries and may not be given any additional equipmenl Victory points are not scored for each modellhal is killed, only for reducing Ihe unit to half strength or below (in wtlich case yOU! opponent would normally earn haif the Victmy points total lor the uni!) or for wipmg it out completely (in which case the full victory points 01 the unit is scored). Note Ihat Gaunt and lhe Command HQ have Ihe battle honours Guerillas and Steadfast (see page 163 01 the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook) Gaunt's Command HQis an eclectic collection 01 hjghly capable individuals. Veterans of the loundmq fields and all the GhOSts' most famous actions since thai poinl, those that accompany Gaunt Into battle ale experts in their chosen I'ield. Colonel Corbec, a charismatic giant 01 a man, Is Gaunt's second-In-command. Brin Milo is often hailed as the Ghost's mascot.but is the equal in courage and ability of many a Tanith veteran. Dorden, the chief medic, has unparalleled abiliTy as a field medic, whils! Larkin, the Gl'1osis' most celebrated sniper. is as eccentric as he Is leihal. All 01 them would tollow Gaunt Into the jaws 01 hell, and are regarded by many as Ihe heart and soul 01 the Tanith 1st.

G8U, n,f Is a gifled, ',e,saer; and over the years has won an unswerving devotion from Ihe Tanith tst. He is as much feared in the upper echelons ollhe Imperial Guard as he is by his enemies on Ihe bailielieid for, in everything' he does, Gaunt IS unwaveflng, certain and resolute, HIS uncompromising coda ofhonourBnd 01



edIt'" cursed 'DO ""p,,:1 rhe Slgbl-l,",s 01 hrs U'g"D do", 01 filth. Behino him he hurd, shout, , P ow.d uJ voice I b" r;e.ll""d alcu g the ses 01 1 I.. IT,,", b aad seemed 1<> sb. ke 1 he duck bond" He Jooked back to So. Commissae G'UI>IOm,rg,ng [rom his OUBOUL


G,~"1 W>ll dressed DOli' in his lull dress ijDilorm .ud r..p. rhe of bis .dopltcl r<8Jmtol sw"hDg ahout hi, shoulders hi, Iace • m.. k of bdlowillg r.go. I~ one bud he held his boh pis101ODd rn Ibe nib his sword. "'hioh whilled 1.l>d=8, '0, the "'rly ",orDiuB air.
-In the name of T<l:oilhl No,", t~cr are cou! comeover the mod .... Ill" odds. Points Gaunt Wargear. SPECIAL WS BS S T "'. must £igh,'! Hol.d t~" Iine 'D.d hold

lire unlil Ihey

CdI"" r<1I• rejoicing in his soul Th. Comm;';,",


with them and they <l'ould su,toed.


m.t1tr tM
Sv 5+


A 3

L.d 10


3 (4)

Sword of Helronymo, bolt pistol, came-cloak, RULES

lrag & krak grenades, tanlth knife.

Colonel-Commissat: Gaunt does not lollow Ihe special rurss for Commissars and 'So IS nol assigned to an Officer or Sergeant, nor will he execute members 01 a squad that he joins. He must always be accompanied by his Command HQ L.eadership: Any Imperial Guard squad within 12" 01 Commissar use Gaunt's Leadership for all Morale and PlnrLing lesls, Gaunt's Command HQ may

Swerdof Helronyme: This sword isa priceless heirloom and replaced his charactertstic chainsword when It was gif1M to Gaunt lor his actions in the city of Vervunhive, It isa mastercrafted power sword and hits at Strength 4 (this is included in the profile above), !Front Liner: Commissar Gaunt has always led from the front, and will. plUnge into the thick of the fighting without hesitation. If IMfe Is an assault occurring within 12" of Gaunt at the start oj Ihe Imperial Guard player's tum and he is not in combat, he must immediately move toward the nearest combat in his Movement phase enoassault the enemy models in that combat If at all possible. However, when Gaunt Into an assauJt, he Inspires such feats 01 heroism Ihat all Imperial Guard models in that combateven those using supporting attacks, benefit from + 1 AttaGK for that round only. This benefit includes Gaunt himsell and his Command HQ.

The more ardent fans of Dan Atlnetfs Gaunls Ghosts will have noticed thai we haven't Included all 01 Ihe characters lrorn the books. This Is 'simply because we did no!.have enough space to them all into this article.

However, not wanting to leave some of our f'avorile characters out we have decided to continue the Gaunt's Ghosts support on the web. You can find a whole hosl of new information on our website at the page given below. Included are the likes 01 'Try Again' I8ragg and Major Rawne, Oave Taylor's Tanith Light Infantry army as well as modelling advice and peinliflg tips 10f your models.



'CoIon~ Colm Corhec, Lhc Chest's second-in-commaud, '10" • massive, gonul. sru8llY brule belnved 01 !tis His good bumou.r ud ,ous108 p.ssion drove them forward; his Iortrtude wd powe r illSpired them, He ..Elll command by dint of sheer chuism>, eVeD mere IbaD did. ccrt';nly more than M.jor e. the '<glll\<01·, cyU\<:.I1. nUhlcssly dfrc.<:Dt thud of{,«r.

. hI

DO .... CeIbec ceulde't 11« any of Ihlt cb.,iJmlti, k.ders!tip Pinned by sUSluocd las-fire behind. cnrner drinkiug trQugh. h. w' cursiog [reely. The micreb .. d ollcreom system worn by ill T'lIilh blocked .ad distorted by the hlgb buildl"g' .U uooud


of a man, well·bullt and hirsute, With an amiable nature In times of both war . and peace On (he bat1lefield. he is a great leader of men. and most Tanilh troops consider him second only 10 Gaunt himself in terms of leadership and prowess.

ColDnel Garbee is a bear

-.-.o! Tbill is I'O'O! Rcspood. IDY !roop unils!" Corbec





hi. ,ubb er -sheath .•d earpiece.

Come on!"

Corbet 44





A 3



3lgear: Lasgun, tanith knife, camc-cjcak, ademark Item (cigars). =ECIAL RUL.ES

trag grenades, rnena bombs,


ral Born L.eader: Corbec is a popular and charismatic member of the Taruth wno mands respect and admiration from his sofdiers. If Gaunt is removed as a casualty, Corbec -=s over the leadership of the Tanlth troops. All t.eadersblp-based tests taken by the unit from .;c" on use Corbsc's leadership value. Any units thal would normally have tested on Gaunt's -3dership (ls, iroops within 12") test on Ccrbac's Leadership Instead.


Ills !up braced all h... xe-rake I hckeeed, legle5s corpse. !.c stirred II. ,I 8,Q;I".d. cru1ch. l•• .aed dow~ Ind sUd hIS p.pcr-glo, .. d hands ~Itll.,r the armpits

lb. Medic!' b•• l08 OilI. pulling back [rom the ....':..Itkm medic pushed through lhe milling (;10wd.
. -..,orld •• ,boUI him

.WIled 'hlD8 he had beeD toucning

U nder hIS lull-issue '" !he m edic asked Soric, me. I suppose so. Tried 10 move h.lm:

cnmso •• p.on

man in his 50s .. itn • silwr bcnd ,nd Ihe look of be wore block r.tiSllts and Gllud-jsslIe boo".

Chief Med/cal Officer Dorden is the Tanith 1st's most respected and competent medic, his oonsiderable experience and age /laving allowed him to master his calling. He has no nesimuon in patching hI's comrades back logeiher even in the midst of heavy she/Illre.

med,c look oul • Ilexible lube. PUI on. end 10 his or 'cd Ih. other 10 the bbcktD.d torso. Sad. You must hove squctzed lJt out of she IUDg5 wbeo you li(led hun: nodded .$ the medic "load up. {oldillS hi_, scope-tube o"'ay inl" his ,hould",-.IUD8 p-,ck re off-wcrld. righr?" .. ked SOfie. ?" asked the medic, di stracted, ,---world.rT

of {he

medic eodded curtly. -TniTb Fim, Chid medic," ~ stu~k QUI. Ivnd. then pulled the p.p.' Slo ve off n, "Thmk 1II.liic paused, surp,juci. then look [h. hllld and shook II to. G.UD"Z Fim-and-Ooly'-

you'- h. Slid.

iat 1-1

Darden argear:





T 3

W 3

Ld 8

Sv 5+

Laspistol, close combat weapon, camo-cloak.

frag grenades, rnedi-pack, tanith knife.




we :Ie.

Medic: Dorden is extremely good at his job; lotally efficient and focused even under sssure. He uses the normal rules lor having a Medi-pack, but auows his unit to ignore both the and second failed armour saving throw It rolls in every tum. He may not use this ability if he bess-to-base contact with any enemy models. : Dorden wlll not use a weapon unless in the direst 01 circumstances. He may not fire his


.2SDIStol in the Shooting phase but may use it as a weapon in the Assault phase.
.RACTERtSTICS SUMMARY "o save you flicking through lI1e article :zymg to find the characters stat lines, e have lneluded them here as well "hls could prove very useful In the midst of battle! Points WS

'en nd 'lTY nrr

4 4

S 3 (4) 3



Gaunt Corbee Dorden

Milo L.arkln

90 44 18
42 37


3 3

3 5


3 3 3 3 3

3 3 1

4 3

3 3

10 9 8 8 8

5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 15

3 4

brave and capable as many a veteran soldier In his capacity as Gaunt's adjutant, The Ghosts' courage Is greally bolstered by the sound of these pipes.
tfaditional'y played to lead the /osl home from the ever·changing Tanlth


Brtn Milo was a musician back on Ills native Tan/th, but has proved himself as

"D'you still have you, pipes?" Milo h.d been , mo.sic'llD brck on T'.'lh .• Dd before hc'd made trooper hod pJ.ycd the pipes into b.llk "Yc.s.,· be Slid. -Never go '")"I'here "",thou' them," -PI,y up. chT -Nowr
-My (,rsl order 15 sc:rguDt.Milo pulled tho tisht roJ! 01 pipes .lId bellows [Jom h;., kn'flS'ck. He dared Ih, mouth-spout ODd che. pulled the b.S ahve, mlking if whine .od ,.. ,I qurrtly Tile hum of COnCI!'l.1ion djed doWII n fires .ll <foUlld ,t the I irS' sound. Pumping b,s urn. he gO! the bollows brc.-ullng .nd the droee began. flSJOg "pin. "Who' shall I pl:ly?" he asked, his £inS"" rCldy On the ch.nte,. Points Milo Wargear: SPECIAL Lasgun, came-cloak. RULES WS BS S T W clear, kecniu8 note.

Ld 8

SV 5+


lanith knile.

Tanlth pipes, lrag grenades,

Tanith Pipes: The pipes Milo plays In battle have a beneficial effect on Tanith morale. Th-ey have the same effect as a Regimental Standard, although It cannot be captured by Ihe enemy. However, il Brin Milo dies all Tanlth troops (Including Gaunt) are a1 -1 leadership lor the rest tr lhe game. Precognition: Brin Milo has, on numerous occasions, shown a consrderaole measure 01 psychic abillly. He innalely knows when himself and even Gaunt are about to come under attack, and benefits Irom a 4+ Invulnerable save tMat is also conferred to Gaunt provided he within 2" ot him


Gaunt's Ghosts rush to save the Ketzok 17th Armoured


Artillery column from

Chaos Marine attackl






'8';'" dearly i. Inc (088Y. 8r"l1 810.." of hi! sCOpt. -..: br«thcd. ''1u~rcd ... d fired • sli.ging red pulse whipped dow. th, ore "ope. Uld • bhck-chd (igUK ...... rh,TOwD up and backwards. -Juu Immediately dipped under the edge 01 the rubble IDc! rook • n... pcsinoe, He .... his ..nt. fIas h h.d bee. discreet. bUI there 11'.,. no ""SC; In ,dver1i!ing. He made his oew vlOlige and .im.d hi. eXlclldcd barrel hidde. InsIde. broken draiD'1Iuner. Ic. merr es iWlY, Iired Hi, 105 SUD m.d. I IOIlIi <uck. a.d even from where I.. w~. Lar kiD 50'" Ihe -.ale !I.,h .lId cursed, ...,.. l",ud Lotin compl";. over the vox-link He'd missM. mov e, mel re-aiml urJ<i. ",ilIed .il.lll1y. Iired aSlin. HIS whoop ot SUC~tS1; WlJ; '1uicltl)· tUI .horl b • plOrlccll ;lImed hsrou .. d from Ibe spojl w The ZciCUlS h,d b". Wllthms fOf • re-pc.1 f,"sf.. _ 111 loppkd baek and slumped iolO Ih. rubble sere. on Ibc floor. his bee gODe thnught Lrkio. Ihey h •• e ap.bJe •• d careful snIpers 100. 1In. luSI go, i:nlcrcSl,ng.

-= in




Despite a little louch of insanity, 'Mad' Larkin is an Incredibly accomplished sniper. His dour and paranoid demeanour belies a truly formidable marksman. and a single shot from Larkin can mean the difference between VictOry and defeat for the Tanith.

Points Larkin


WS 88 3 5



W 4



~y erny, i!5t of

gear: Lasgun. carno-cioak,


long-las. Irag grenades. lanlln knife.

- sman: You may nominate Il1e modellargeled by Larkin when he is shooling. such as a --geanl or heavy weapons trooper. This means you get to choose which model is removed as .:asually. not the enemy. 10 addition, Larkin can targel any model in range and line of sight. -;ardless 01 any targeting rssmcttons (SUCh as independent characters within 6' of another In addition. Larkin IS so practiced at shooting. moving and fe·aiming thai he may move fire with his weapon. omlsed .long·185: Larkin carries an extensively modified long-las. and his ability WIth It Is ;.a alleled. When using this weapon, Larkin always hits on a 2+ and wounds on a 4+ -;;ardless 01 Toughness, rerollinq any failed rolls to wound. The long-las has a range of 36' and ~p value of 6, but on the roll of a 5+ to hit it ignores ail cover and armour saves.


Although there are hundreds of Imperia Guard regiments fighting in the Third Armageddon war, many of them carved out a bloody reputation for themselves during the constant and bitter fighting Some among their number fight there still, for once the taint of the Orks has spread to a world, it can never truly be removed, Some 01 these regiments may be familiar, either established as honourable and valuable components 0' the Imperial Guard or as wilful and unpredictable forces that many officers refuse to light alongside. This article focuses on thesavage Armageddon Ork Hunters and the dour Deatl' Korps 01 Kreig. We also take a look at lrnpertal Guard armies thal have fought protracteo campaigns in the confines of the galaxy's cities. In the future we hope to publish rules for 1he elite Elysiar Drop Troopers and the Savlar Chell' Dogs, so don't worry, we haven't forgotten theml For more background material or the illustrious and infamous regiments of Armageddon, see Historical Actions of the Imperial Guard in WD 249. The Armageddon lists and the Cltyfighting Imperial Guard list are currently recommended optional. This means that you must get your opponent's consent before using these lists they are experlrnenta. and we encourage you to try them but the~ are not official. They may only be used in tournaments with the organiser's consent. It you have any thoughts on these army lists, why not wrile in to the usual address and lei us know?



nal ird 'ed

'es 19.
ne as be

as of nd ,hi

Juring the third Armageddon War. the -ead of the ruling militaty council of -rmageddon. General Kurov, conducted several xenocidal :.ampaigns throughout the Equatorial _ngles to rid them of Lhe Ork presence -at had taken root there. Those ::glmenls engaged in such bitter and c-awn out righting encountered :-_;errilla resistance far in excess of -eir expectations. Rather than -banding the decimated regiments, 3eneral Kurov hamessed the valuable -ewledge gained by the survivors by Y,eld AnalysT Marqu~1l.S<! supped at the

ordering them to. form a number specialised Ork hunting regiments.


The Ork Hunters have learnt to fight the enemy on his own terms. and have become extremely good at their lobs. Many Imperial Guard regiments are posted to Cerbera base to. leam trom the Ork Hunter Instructor sergeants. II is well recorded that the uncouth and savage nature 0.1 the Ork Hunlers rankles with many of the more traditional Imperial Guard regiments, and the Battle at Hell Town is well Hunters STopped Imm.dJ~lely. twelve S(15 of eyes immcdiml)' turmng on the pcrp~t rater wi1h a hostile s~n8crv 1ft. I Dearly COST MilqoillSC: centrol of his bladder

recorded as the start of the enmity between the Ork Hunters and the Pyran Dragoons. Unfoliunalely, the psychological effect such constant contact and closequarter wartare with lhe Orks was not calculated by Kurov In his haste to combat the Orks in the jungles of Armageddon. Many ot the Ork Hunter squads do not retum to their base for weeks on end. surviving purely en the iungle around them. immersing themselves in their war against the pUlidc:s of food hit his starched Th. gllD I spa ke, uodorm.



brew , till b~d been pissed

ne Irk


as 1e

,'t In

by the sour-faced Mordno on Ius hi. The Iron Guud .Ie in Ibe mess hall ."5 as rIgid a lormation is the Ieughr, ilDd 1 word passed between 'hem. Iarq IUIISC could rcd rhe COD''''''P' ::miOilliog from the litem £ius. ilDd thanked he Emperor II wasp't directed ., him. He couldn't help curSlog the da)' be was givcn stloklJ1g hellhole IMI W;aJ; Cerbera base hi 5 (nSf posli n g


1e re





!y ~y

in Ie

He was jolted from his reflections t-y a -4ic.k gobbel cf grey mat hittiog him OD • e back of hIS neck. Tbm gro.,,] Inked o his hIgh colin as rhe Ork Hunters .xhiod him roared and b..wlcd wilh ughrer. Their t ..ble was bu,"k:ho8 under weight of two massive. uosluVCf) brutes, cit "",ilb blood as they punched each ather senseless, Tllrmng. Muqu.ansl! 5:lW · I beth tonth.lllofs were huing their • db in ItiviSlic snarls, neither wIth Y'lhing like iI full set of teeth, They were _1 hothc:riog to ddcDd. Muy of tbe Ork Hearers were smashing their (iSIS Info the abk III lime. howling cncoongcmeoL Several others were slingtng mal it each other. barkiog laughter lod bellows of rage ogling as chasrs were everturaed and ces shoved into Iocdsratioas, One 01 m. bill his calp mjssiog, WIS sljcing ill-markings into hi!. chest with .. knife the lengtb of Mnqu3Dsc's Iorearm, E1Il:ry olle of them bore trcphres: dead body puts of defeated gfcclISkiDS, MOSt o( them ftrc shouting. and the noise was d~lfeni0B' Muqumse looked dowo in disgust. only 10 K"C 4 thick trickle of vomit meander ctweeD his freshly polished boots. Tbe 11f naok of sweat. blood. oil md bile. Suddcn_Jy. one of ihe Mordi.ns shot to Ius wllh r~gc. and barked an order for them to C.~SI:. As ODe. I he Ork
Ieet, red-faced

Tb. lirgcst of the brutes scraped his C h.. slowly blCkwml. and stood up slowl IS silrotc descended across the mes haU. MnquzlJSc DOled Ih<ll the smaller sagnnl 1"15 51 ill SUllD,. mlc.OI OD his lood The I!i~nt strode ponderously loward table. wiping his mouth wrth I burly 11'111. H1s bee WIS tartuoed WIth the likeness of an Ork SKUU. rus scarred, wc,dmcd skin slick wllh I sheca of riDk SWgr He belched luily. the Morcfu.n moillag ID distaste ~s


"lIDS is Helhewn, bo-y. DiffefCnl rules here, M)' hds lusl speDt sixteen doys in • liviog IlIghlmue. killed 'em twelve Gorks ~nd cigbry-rwoMorks. The' WinD. rein Wmna cur loose. Get curta their Iaces, or J'IJ gel into yours." He pushed the Mnrdiao back rnto his chair with such foree that ~1J of the pl~tcs on the table rumped flinched ill ~l'mpJlhy. The Merdian's [.tc h~d turoed Ishco. Ind I hhollgh his comrades ret DIned 10 their he did DOt touch his food.

arks. Occasionally, a squad of the ark Hunters will return to Gerbera base laden wi1h the skulls and scalps of Ihe many arks that they have cuued on their forays_ A worrying trend in the ark Hunters' combat doctrine has been noted In recent times. It seems the ark. Hunters

are not only adophng the Orkoid manner of war, but also many of their superstitions, codes 01 conduct and Icons. At best, these soldiers have found !hal to destroy thslr enemy beyond doubt, they must understand them and adopt their combat doctrine .. At worst, they are degenerating into the

savage beasts they have Qlven t~ lives to light, a vile slight upon honour of the Emperor's warriors.


SOldiers from the Ork Hunter reglmenlsare savage warriors and .In their short history have already earned themselves a fearsome reputallon. Squads need 10 operate in isolation for many weeks in the jungle and Jrequenlly raturr: 10 Cerbera base with grisly trophies taken trom the Greenskins they have slain. These trophies often take the lorm of Ork tOOlhnecklaces and skulls as well as more mundane items like glyphs and stlkkbombz. In addition to his-normal equipment every Ork Hunter atso carries his 'scalper', a huge machete-like weapon thaI can be used 10 decapltale all Ork with one blow. Their feral appearance and coarse manner has ted to Ihe Ork Hunters bemg regarded as lillie beller than Ihe Orks they hunt and earned them tile enmity 01many regIments stationed

on Armageddon_

Andy Hoare's Ork Hunters use

variety ofOrky weapons such as Shootas and Ghoppas from the plastic Ork sprues.



their the


You will need a copy of Codex Imperial Guard and Codex Catachans to use this army list.


1 Ork Hunters Command HQ lu:sethe ""II)' rer D,.a!hwor1~Ve'e",n Comman~ HO, adju6,.,d ~s be,,,...).

0-5 Commissars (""" Coda"


Ork Hunters Fire Sweep Team Ogryns ,SIiI! COdali' 'mpertal GU;lrO). Ork Hunters Infantry Platoon

'he anlry 101Dealhworld Vetaran Asseult Team. od,usted a. ber"...).

(use 1M

""roy lor



PIal""". acljus'ed as below). adJusl&<! as below), below)


Ork HUnters Sentinel Squadron 11<50tho "nlly lor Oealhwor1d SEmlmel5Quadron. H u nte r5 Pa tro I (o~ lila Miry 'CII DlsrhWOl'ld Vale ra n Pal .... SQIlaOlon. ad,uSl1l!l as (this may be a Chimera. Leman Russ Exterminator.

0-2 Mortar Heavy Weapons Squads. Booby Traps, 0-1 Armoured Suppon Vehicle
Basilisk or Hellhound)

Many of the Armageddon Ork Hunters squads use the Codex Catachans. However. where a troop type is listed as a Oeathworld Veteran In their special rules section, substitute the JUngle Fighters ability (see below). In all other respects these army list entries are Identical to the army lists in Codex Catachans.

army lists entries from

the Ork Hunters in the squad double their Initiatlve cnaractsnsrlc for the rest of the assault phase. In future assault phases they revert 10 their onglnal Initiative values. If the 206 roll Is greater than the number of Ork Hunters left in the squad they charge in as normal and attack with their basic Inlllalfve value. Ork Hunters who make a sweeping advanoe into the enemy also use this rule. The lest for this IS made al the beginning of the assault phase so any casualties from enemy fire will reduce the chances 01 them managing to maintain their momentum. Sentinels: Ork Hunter Sentinels are identical to the Deathworld Sentinel Squadron entry jn Codex Oatachans. and occupy a Fast Attack chOiceon ire force organisation chart. WARGEAR Armageddon Ork Hunters very rarety have a chance to retum to Cerbera base and replenish their ammunition. their patrols otten lasting weeks on end. As a result, the Armageddon Ork HUnters commonly use captured ark weaponry. Some of the strongest Ork Hunters have even been known 10 wieJd the crude axes altha arks in close combat. Various Imperial reports have postulated that the Armageddon Ork Hunters actually prefer Ork weapons lor the sheer noise and chaos they can cause when an ambush IS sprung. Any model In a Deathworld Veteran Fire Sweep team in an Armageddon Ork Hunters army may be equipped with a choppa tor +2 points. See rules below, Any model In a Deathworld Veterans Patrol In an Armageddon Ork Hunters army may be equipped with a shoota for +1 point. See rtJles below. Armageddon Ork Hunters characters may buy choppas (+2 points). sluggas (+1 point) or shootas (+1 point) in addition to those items listed in Codex Imperiat Guard. Choppa . . . . .. .. _ .....•. , . . .. .... . ..... , ,2 pts (In close combat. chappas IImil the saving throw of an enemy model to a 4+ at best. All models using choppas count as having InitiatJve2.) Shoota _ .......... . . _. _ 1 pI (All models using shoo1ascount as having BallistiCSkill 2.) srugga ..

FORCE ORGANISATION Jungte fighters: Armageddon Ork Hunters have adapted and trained so extensively that they have become masters of jungle warfare. Although they are not born into the lungle and hence will never be the equal of soldlers such as the infamous Catachans, they have become highly skilled nonetheless. They are the only survivors of apocalyptic combat between their previous regiments and the arks of the equatorial jungle. and every one of them Is as skilled as they are tough. The following rules apply to all Armageddon Ork Hunters: • Armageddon Ork Hunters roll 306 and pick the highest to see how tar they can move through jungle terrain. When pursuing and falling back through difficult terrain, tIley roll 3D6 and halve the result. They only become 'spooked' on the roll of a triple one and only set off booby traps on any roll of a triple (three fives, for example). • Armageddon Ork Hunters receive a 4+ cover save for being In woods or Jungle terrain. • Annageddon Ork Hunters may Infillrate as described on page 134 of the Warhammer 40.000 rulebook. They may only do this in missions which allow Infit1rallon and only II they use their ability to set up or move into woods or jungles. Sentinels may not use this ability. Ork Hunters: The hard-bitten squads of the Ork Hunters have dedicated their lil/es to ~ghling the Orks, and have even adopted effective tactics against the Orks in close combat. In any assault, Armageddon Ork Hunters always hIt Orks on a 3+. To know the enemy: The Armageddon Ork Hunters have adapted to the Ork way of war so completely thai worrying psychological similarities have begun to emerge. Armageddon ark Hunters benellt from the Waaagh! special rule (call it the Aaagh! Rule if il helps ... ) when fighting Orks (any type). When a squad of Armageddon Ork Hunters charges in10 close combat check its size by rolling 206. If tile score is equal or less than lhe number 01 Armageddon Ork Hunters in the squad. they charge in with a rousing warcry to rival that of the Orks they fight. All

. .Range

4 4

, Sir.

_. _.. ,
AP 6 Type Pistol

1 pi

Slugga Shoola


_ Rapid Fire

The lor

Death their

Korps dour

of Krieg, and

a very sinister

powerful martial force, are well-known


appearance. No regiment in the Imperial Guard has such an accord

with death, and the sons 01 Krieg adorn their solemn, dark greatcoats with skulls, bones and other such icons of mortality. The history of the Oeath Korps is peculiar indeed; when the Autarch of Krle.g renounced the Imperium 'his populace rose up against him in a devout fervour, and the regiments

raised to combat the heretic responded with such horrific force that the planet of Krieg was changed forever. In fact, Ihls uprising I.ed to a five-hundred year long campaign of atomic purging that resulted in the previously populous Krieg degenerating into a toxic wasteland of ash and ruins, Yet the sacritlce of their home world not to be enough to atone for Ihe Autarch's heresy. The Death Korps of Krieg still believe they should be punished lor the stain on their planers honour, and have embarked upon a quest for absolution that takes them

into the most desperately dangerous warzones and hopelessbal1les in the Imperium. Their martyrdom in the name of the Imperial cause is wei documented, lor the Korps do not lear death. In tact, many seem to welcome it, and a platoon of Death K.orps wil quite willingly follow orders deemed te be suicidal by less dedicated troops. As a result of this, officers 01 the Krieg know that their orders will be carried out etlicienHy and to the letter, II is this surety thai has led to many victories against seemingly impossible odds.

Darren Latham's Death Korps are based on Steel Legion troopers.


Troopers from the Death Korps Wear dark greatcoats and their sinister appearance, reflects the uncompromising nature 01 the regiment, Death Korps soldiers do not fear dYing and are more than willing ro sacrifice their own lives for the greater good of the Korps. Thts accord with death leads many soldiers 10 adem their uniforms and weapons wtth skulls and olher grim symbols of mortaUty. The Death Korps expect to be fighhng In the deadliest warzones and their soldiers are equipped Iy with resprators, cold-weather gear and survival packs that allow them act in the most extreme operational environments,





... ll e

me will


'ieg 'fed


w~s fiT worse: than humid. and or VIScoUS liquid hung suspended in the tepid atmosphere like sutic me, Three weeks had passed since the rift Iud opened upon the agri-world of Hubris IV .• ud Chaos fin rife lhroush Whil WlS once i sane and productive planet. Now the landscape ilsdf aemdly breathed Iike ome monstrous bern. the black column of Death Korps muching across acres of puckered skin and through Iorests of thick. slime-covered The

tllly droplets

The tide of Itronty spilling across the ground was doslIlg fast. 3 ge tal, entity o[ lascivieu £Iesb lDd gibbering Iaces. To the ngbt. ;a Troupe ot clawed daemon-hags dmccd and slithered Iorward, their sensuous bodies wJlthing obsunely. One of them beaded toward Maler. its grInning (wwcs twisting into ~ foul p.uody ol i woman from his pm Irs aura of evil beau')' was overpowering. Claws raised. it reared back 10 strike Mahler shot it in the
mouth. pille to the Emperor. the Dc;aln Kerps blew apart daemon upon daemon. thtir grol~qUt forms hqudying alld running like qurcksilver across tnt dermal landscape. MIll hmbed Ilesh-scorpions clambered aero the bodies of the Iailee. their barbed taiJs snbbing 5pasmodicUl into anything that sull drew breath, B3t1le ueks shundered shells toto the glplng milw-portals that had vomited Iorrh 1M Chaos Wlh. the landscape shuddcflDg .In pun W11h eaeh IItl!IJC detoll1lloD.. La.sguns sliced through unprotected flC5h time and time agaill. the ail sizzling -with the stench of bil"lt. And yet Dot one of the Deuh Korps hesrured 10 his du . MihIer expected Ilolhing less ShoutIng

Iomudable repuuriee for a reason. their wounded steeds (egaming their [eel. sparks Uyiog (rom the damaged machinery implanted in the resilient bC.iS1S The Oath Riders plunged back into tin: melee, fighting with renfWt:d ferocity. The orgy oE cunlge seemed only to encourage the remilining daemons. M"h1er was shocked to sec • gigaotic. man ' armed wghtmuc burst from the groulld III a spn of ligl\l ud blood. its clons,ned fate bellowing iI do[cmng hattleCTY. The cr was inswCTI:d by mass hsfire, a hundred guns spining defianc.e at the beast It strode toward their lines, plyIng as much heed 10 the Guudsmcll is iI grox would to iI luhny. Firing on iull aula now. Mahler caughl 1 glimpse of a Leman Russ with ~ damaged turret speeding forwud toward the Greuel' Daemon on what was ehviousl a collision course. well away [rom the blrudint. The Daemon WI.S iDhumiiDly fast. ilnd smashed one o{ Its down into the 'turrrt, peeUng it open .s if it were paper. Its other d ..wnCJI11y snipped the bands from the taok's gum. The thlDgwas on the bull in thl: bhnk of .on eye. its lithe limbs working {asl is it peeled back the armour. intent on (e""sting on the souls of the guudsmcn inside. h pushed its head into the hole torn in the hull. its gu:rgling bugh runmng through the psyche of eyery one of the Duth Korps 10 a contusion of psychic pain. For a moment. time seemed to hall. Wilb perfect darity. M.thlcr saw one of the tank crew turn calmly aDd djschugc hi hspistol into the Slacked battle cannon shells by the 10iding breach. The resultant explosion was cataclysmic. a vast mushroom of Daise. light and dust. It ,mnihililled 001 only the liI.nk acd the Gleitcr Daem-on. but slaughtered hundreds of its nearby minions. The remainder were in disarray. howling as the gtoUDd buckled and split, lesions appearing In a fbou~nd places,
As one. the Death

Mmb:r hew Cull well why his supcnors had requested 10 be transferred here. The minions of Chaos tpitomistd wcozkncss. e!ipcc..i~lly those that revered tlns parncular god. and must be eradicated, No matter tbat hey bid lost most o[ thclr (ompan to starvation and disease, They would Dring the Emperor's gr~a: back to this
V~trao Strgollt orld,

:'.,\ a curt command Irorn the Iront of the column. the DC.lth Korps fanned out into a battle line as doct nne dictated. The armoured £Upp0rl. a rcspkndenl symbol of the Emperor's might. took up its positions. Imperial aennants and skuU-embhzoncd banners Iluttered iD the breeze above nnk on rank of black greatcoats For a second. all was snll.

00 the left flank. a flock of daemons wheeled towards them. their IOD8limbed bipedal steeds urrytng the screed-ung riders at shockmg speed toward a weakened spot in the Death Korps' linc_ Just as Mahler Cured they would hit home. the Krieg Death Riders swept over a fleshy ridge. sonorous VOICes rising above the deafcnmg howlmg o( the daemons in a battlccry of devotion and rage. HUllting [ances burst through the Ilaaks of the daemonic c.~~Iry. rna sive discharges of CDCT8Y rening ~part the lithe creatures and bowling their riders 10 the ground_ The daemons had the advantage of numbers. and reacted qukk!y. COllteUlpluously. ODe Daemoeerre pivoted gracduLly and snipped of( the head o[ iI Krug steed with a vicious claw. another smashing a Death-Rider (rom his saddle before sinking its teeth into the face of his mOUDt. But the Dc.ath-Riders hid earnt thejr

Withou! watning. There: was a deafelUll8 scream, and all hell broke loose. Countless Ueshy mouths were peeliag pen in the ground .ahead. Clambering out of the foul orifices were all manner of moastrositics, i catalogue of eerversioc and insanity. The. bSgUD of 1: Death Korps opened Iire, scaring to daemou flesh in as perfect iI .inng drill as displayed on the terranean rifle noges of their home , b oct COlItS( iog io the air mere feet me.d. 3 horned. drippiDg head leered t from the ether. straining forward 10 cllth the trooper next 10 Mahler in distended jaws. Mahler and his squad took out the thlDg's eyes. [iring :x>intbJanK as it came for him, the ghastly appari1jon dissipating at the lilst second as his bayonet punctured its ulgrng forehead.

Korps of




You will need a copy of Codell Imperial Guard to use this army ./1st HQ ELITES TROOPS FAST ATTACK HEAVY SUPPORT 1 Command Platoon, 1-5 Commissars



Hardened Veterans. Storm Troopers

Infantry Platoon, Armoured Fist Squad Hellhound, Sentinel Squad, Krieg Death Riders Leman Russ Battle Tank, 0-1 Leman Russ Vanquisher, Leman Russ Exterminator, Leman Russ Demolisher, Basilisk, Griffon ,Krieg Death Riders: The Rough Riders af the Death Karps take to the field 01 battle on blonical'lyenhanced steeds, the augmented constitutions 01 the beasts meaning that they are slightly faster and hardier than Ihe average mount. The army list entry for the Rough Riders Is replaced by Krieg Death Riders. They are identical in all respects other than: 1. All Krieg Death Riders are treated as having bionics (II' a model with bionics Is killed, Instead of removing u, place it on its side. Roll a D6at Ihe start of the next turn, on a roll 01 a 6 the model is stood back up with 1 wound but on any other roll it is removed as a casualty). If any models come back into playas a result 01 their bionics, they must rejOin coherency with their parent unit at the first opportunity. 2. All Krieg Death Riders rubble-strewn nightmare hence reroll any 1s they second ron counts, even are adept at negotiating the that is their home world and roll for difficult terratn tests. The il it is also a 1.

SP.ECIAL. RULES All Death Korps Command Sections and Command HQ must be accompanied by a Commissar, up to a maximum of 5 Commissars in total. Hardened Flghter.s: The Death Korps, although far from suicidal, have no fear of dea.lh. They gladly lay down their lives in the name of the Emperor and willingly seek out the most hostile and battlegrounds on which to display their devotion. The unit may .ignore negative modifiers for Morale checks and tests for regrouping. In effect, the unit will always use ils standard Leadership torftrese tests. Death before dishonour: The Death Korps are used 10 bein.g outmatched in close combat bulfight on nonetheless showing their courage and sl:aying those who oppose humanity. Death K.orps troopsare Fearless in close combat, automatically passing any Morale checks they ale required to make, and will carry on fighting! until Ih.ey have beaten their foes or until they are all dead. They must Sweeping Advance after an enemy that falls back; they cannot consolidate.

Darren L.atham's Death Korps face the Chaos Mar/nes assau/r with grim determination. 24 ARMAGEDDON. REGIMENTS


ubblc crunched u.derf""t as &'8<'1'1 ROlo of ihc s..i.r Cr..m-Do.B! IIhOSlcd lh.ougb Ihe ke, b,.uh,nB hlOlvily through hIS "'pllltor ...uh its cb.W:luiS'tlC hiss.He bellird forw"d rd lb. r IdS<: ,bey""'. n" r the bun ker .~d ::.aly three of hi, ;~u.d bid 1.11 10 enemy •• pns. £as)' job His surted.. "'<>Ihu-bcllen UU .....-!sled inlo , ~jticu. smil ... h. motioned ru, ~ to lOin him .u= tho bubblingri.en of 'nSIc: Ih, .cbd lilth In the bUllk.,. were stili urio u, to their p== He "card hili "'Iula~ "y beets splasJ..D8 to.... d him Ihro~gh u mire as he pulled • pou of k,.k I!Tcudcs -:om hrs bulky pock.. Suddcnly. , buuse of lItillery shells ",1lli.11,d ovcrh .. d. The bin. ched Ih. form of &I'OD' lO the I. his back ripped 10 5hreds by shropntl uood, In 0 ugh! Roro, ) "e'.'<:. l,k.d Ih.1 (" Wlst.e sp.ce lGY""Y. T he w.. ~lI.y [0 rm 0 ( Slovro nee d on Emo".. (0 'P'" phers on h r.nd. Jnd ed out lb. SOld ieci;or; the hruiKr was $0 :mud o] m l small spuy 01 blood. RGfo's fle, lorted 10 dlSgD5I Hid Iud hili eye 00 those ..hG&d. h. saw the suboll.<lUS oJ several .•"J.r em-Riders In the smoke. Theu ung01nly

steeds loped Ihroush luss.iog nvers of 10xIC sludge as Ihey look up pesmce. -JlDssn! Gel up aere w"h thl. fillru:n he 'pol. ODd his lIOOP"'" clesed ,roulId hIm In • TIght kool as Ih. 5h..hby (,811'~ oJ 1=0 pulled dowo Ius goggl."", hIS DUD I0 ~ ze mccuagRoJo' S 10 ilkD I otkoo"lcdgem<ol TIu: ,ole 01 Ihrne ",ooP" W", In .rmalS'!·' dream, IoU. grau.dcs uud everhead, blowing • the ~dc oJ tbe bllllk" ev,," "" 1 ...... 0 led Ihc dwgc. bi bulk 111m. 'liader dlllkJog •• IlIS1 Ius Rop serum.d ,II defunce I. II5-rouods wrupped uauDd him, his ban bat .bmml!l8 .0 his chen J.l>5SCn rcuhed the ",,)1. pushed the eozzle of Inc flmm iPIO the smokIng bole > rel ease d • mlSSi",spell of

.....;'hUlg. burl»Jlg bod


lb. left of lb.

~DtnllcC lJId aDolner uUO the terse of a soldier



<ud,d 10 >. Ieetal bill. eb..,ftg Wilh hbtke,,~d h.nds .t Iu) wrcck.d ROIO', p.. t1IC~d giZ~ """'pI Inc bUDur: jllst >. buech of !luIs. oOlbing 01 .,,)' It.1 v.I ue, more'. rhe pity, Ch«klr'g Ih, &"8 ug. 0 f Ihe co rpsc '1 hi. I.... Rolo • cooped "P ,., helmet lad pUI if 00 os IUs Dl~" Iiled in. foldles dolOll Ifl< cemm-besd .nd opuunB • dWlJld wllh • Iilth-eecrested unser BioSo. the Lighl site. h. IMlLgnl • .rut ,till ",u lOll warm


~ul1l'n8 promethium. lb. f!.untr's ro ar drowning out Ih< dospcr.ic screams 01 Ih. bunk.r. LOb.bJllnl5. Pbm. licked hom rhe hlL.ktr's befere he e~cDdcd

f'ring sLts, lOd Roi" hid 10 pull f:lQl;... (r•• ill Jus Iuel III I desrrucuve

Lupural 10 lund. Rolo led hi squ.d ",10 Ihe bunker. punUrI! mol ,hrouShthe Iorehead Dr a •

•...h ..yuh. Ihis is hvoir All den, Ibrell aeumllscd, lhcy .h.rBed the bunker but WO 801 'em, ,.... voir OU1.- He lUll' "s,jnm I will and roll.d • c,suenc ... uh the black .• 1Tln8Y tobacco h. b.d borrowed Ircm ComaussilY",dfs p ocket, T..Lrllc '"15 Si1tlOg In the drrt, busily !'IT1ppi og OD • 0 cw 1"" 0 f b DOI.. I.. ken f rom !lie bud ooted carcass Dut to hi m, ShOT" ,.. .I i0<1 usrnousl r 8<.11 P'"S rhe de.d ...j 1h • filt ily kruI" h. kne ... 1 skimrader 'n Rubbl, CilY Dosc.'pli<Dry o[f e, nee, though! Rolo, os h. hi his rail-up 00 tho fl(d(cring llsmes o! • 51iUburning cerpse, Tbat kOlft y •• in my ko'ps.d; N>'o minutes .go.

nit e Savlar Chern-Dogs, far Irom being amongst the etlle of tna oarial Guard, are Infamous =vengers and criminals assembled _'" tMedregs 01 Imperial society. How -'2'( came into being as an Imperial rd regiment in their own right IS ""'OX::ativef the depths the Imperium o - 10plumb in order to stem the tide of _-xs that invaded the Armageddon - or during the Third Armageddon ar converted Into a penal settlemenl when it failed to meet Imperial nmas, Since then, il has become a hellhole popula1ed only by traitors, criminals and Ihe Adeptus Arbiles troops assigned to watch over them. However, during tile Armageddon War, Judge Calllstar quickly tound that such a force at immoral, desperate cut-throats could be forged Into an effec1lve fightlng force with the addllion 01but a few simple directives. Conscripted into the Imperial Guard en masse. the Chem·Dogs were given two motivational imperatives; they could keep whatever they took from the enemy, and lila! ilthey broke the law they would be sent straight back to their toxic nightmare of a home world, Their part In the Third War of Armageddon was Iypically inglorious but valuable nonetheless. Stationed In the rol1ing underhives 01Armageddon's hive cities, the Bavlar Chem-Dogs quickly adapted to the cramped, noxious environmenl. Any Ork forces attempting to Infiltrate into a hive from below not only had 10fight the crazed mutants and monstrous denizens of tile Underhive, but some of the most hardened criminals and desperadoes in the Imperium. Needless to say, the Chern-Dogs took every opportunity they could to steal anything Irom mung vases to arcbeotecb..


--.e Chem-Dogs were Initially formed

a fighting force by Judge Ca!1istar response to an armed uprising on ~ liar Itself. Sevlar, once an -.ospltable mining world useful only tor - nch chemical deposits, was

SAVI..llll CliEtt-DOGS rrROOl)ER

ustrated is a trooper of XIVlh Chern-Dogs regiment serving ill Warzone Infernus on ~ageddon, This man retains the traditional lour lube Savlar pattern rebreather carustsr and lilter mask, a bulky and awkward piece of equipmen In comparison 10 at used by the Armageddon Steel legion. However the Chern-Dogs are famous Ihieves and scavengers and large numbers 01 Armageddon panem filler "lasks have been reported lost or stolen In every warzone frequented by Ihe Chem;)ogs Trus trooper also carries a number of non-standard pieces 01gear, such as 'I1proV!sedbody armour and a oivilian-made vox caster and dust

Dave Taylor's Savlar Chern-Dogs prepare 10 demonstrate the correct use

ot e



YOu will need a copy of Codex Imperial Guard to use this army list. HQ Elites Troops Fast Attack Heavy Support 1 Command Platoon, 1-5 Commissars 1 Hardened Criminals las Hard.nad

0-1 Ogryns.

Infantry Platoon, 0·1 Armoured Fist Squad. Hellhound, Chem-Rlder Squad


Armageddon Sentinel Squadron.

Leman Russ Battle Tank, 0-1 Leman Russ Vanquisher, Leman Russ Exterminalor, Leman Russ Demolisher, Basilisk, Griffon. Chern-Riders benefit from an Invulnerable 5+ save. However, just using Ihe normal Imperial Guard Rough Riders Is not appropriate; you must use different steeds 10 represent your Chern-Hiders. Armageddon Sentinel: Sentinels in any Savlar Chern-Dogs force can be armed with either a heavy tlamer at +Spts, a multi-laser at +10pls, or a lascannon at +20pls per Sentinel, but are In all other respects iden!lcallo the Sentinel Squadron entry in Codex Imperial Guard.

Unrepentant: The Savlar Chern-Dogs are far from being champions 01 humanity: in fact they are anything but Their platoons are filled with murderers, thieves, traitors, anarchists and worse. As a result, no Heroes of the Imperium will ever join a Savlar Chern-Dogs force. 'Acquisitions'; The Sergeant of any Savlar Chem-Dog squad may purchase equipment from the Imperial Guard Armoury; he does not have to be upgraded to a Veteran Sergeant 10 have this option. Scavengers: Having killed their foes, the Savlar Chern-Dogs wlll always stop what they are doing and 1001 the bodies of both their enemies and their former squad mates, stealing everything Irorn ammunition to boollaces. Savlar Cnsrn-Dcqs may never make a sweeping advance after acombat. they must always consolidate. N.itro"chem inhaler: A routine equipment check recenlly uncovered a peculiar modification that the majority of Savlar Chem-Dogs have implemented in their (olten stolen) rebreathers and filler masks. II seems that many Chern-Dogs have adapted their filter packs 10 adjust the gases that they Inhale. In the hectic arena of bailie, hypelVenlilation ot this altered gas can lead to the Chern-Dogs caring little whether they are wounded or if their fellow criminals are killed, in the fervour 10 slay their enemies and 100\ their bodies. All Savlar Chern-Dogs Ignore negative modifiers to their Morale checks, and will test on the unmodltied Leadersl1ip of the unit or character that is leading It at all times. In addition, If they do fall a Morale check, they will become pinned Instead 01 falling back. However, they tall back in close combat as normal. Chern-Riders: Savlar Chern-Riders replace Rough Riders in an Imperial Guard force, riding into battle LJPonhideous, graceless beasts native to Savler. They are Impervious 10 chemicals and lack the capacity to feel pam. All Savlar


(one per army)

10 pts

Archeoteehr Due 10 being posted In the Undllrhlve. the occasional Savlar Chem·Dog may have acquired a piece ollhe rare and arcane technology known as Archeolech. Dating back 10 the first cclcnisatlcrrs. many 01 these ancient artefacts ate so advanced Ihat their owners rarelyknow exactly whalthey are for. Archsotech might lake Ihe form of a featureless chrome sphere, a runic blade or a flu led obsidlan tube - arid ellects range lrom purely aesthenc 10 extremely destructive. Before the game. the Sevlar Chern-Doq with the Archeotech rolls a 06 10 see exacily whal It can do.

OS Result
1 The Archeotech can produce beautiful souoos but ls oj no use In bahle. 2 The device can be used 10 locus an amber cutting beam 01 great IOlenslty upon a stanonary object. Against immoblllsecJ vehtoles and bunkers, the model may attack as ~ armed with a chalntist, 3 The Archeotech can be stlrnulated to produce a deafening wave of while noise that can stun an unprepared sotdler Into shocked inaotivity. The owner and any squad he Is with counts as being armed wllilirag grenades. 4 The peculiar artefact casts holograms 01 its user In all diroollons. The owner gains a 5+ InvulrJerable save. However. save is not effecllve egainst template or blast weapons. The owner also counts as lour models when ascertaining which side outnumbers the other in dose combat,


5 When aCt!lIlIled. the delllce projeclS a thln beam of IIghl It counts as a power sword, 6 The Archeotech Is a polent weapon of cesuucucn master-crafted plasma pistol.

crackling crimson

and counts as a




were so cool J -ought I ought to put in a bit of effort on -01 modelling side myself, The Savlar :-em-Riders, mentioned In Codex -""TIageddon but not actually described. ;;a:med like a good place to Start. ....JOl<ingthrough the back catalogue for ~ropriate models, I found thai the ;u.1(amorka Mulle steeds would make ......:lerb Chern-beasts. They look ~ and ish and alien, whllst slill relalnlng :. aasic equine silhouette so they make ""31ible Chern-Riders.

iI: Dave's Chem-Dogs

assem'o\in~ \he steed \\\ tool<. a " green 5tUft to )lTOper\'1 ioin \he gap een lhe \WO halves) I started work - ~e Chem·Dog himself. For a while, I _med Ihat the Attilan's legs I had used e inappropriate, as none of

Dave's conversions were wearing furlined boots, but the great thing aboulLhe Chern-Dogs is that Liley are unscrupulous Ihieves; this guy probably pulled Lhe boots from a dying Attilan because they were of better quality than his own! You realty can get away with usrnq practically any bits and pieces from the Imperial Guard range to construct these chaps. A Tallarn body and lance, topped off with the Chaos Terminator head. completed the picture. and with the addition 01 a Necromunda backpack and a smidgen of green stuff \De SS'I\ar Chern-Rider was cample\e .

Once Dave had hrs component parts. he clipped off the heads of his tank crew and Ortook gangers and fixed the Chaos Terminator heads In place. You can make Identical models look very different simply by turning their heads in a. difterenl direction.

Sl\lUlt (HEM-nOGS \N.flNlR"l

Armageddon tans may recognise some 01 the models shown here from our retrospective on the Armageddon Campaign back In WD251 (Ceasehre! page 81). Well, While Dwarf Australia editor Dave Tay\m has been slaving away prcouce a squad of these excellent Savlar Chem-Dogs, and we thought you might appreciate a lew tips on how to put some together voursewes. Firstly. Ihe parts Dave used were taken from a variety of sources; the head was from a Chaos Terminator, many of the bodies were from the lank crew models, and a few were from Orlook Necromunda figures. Necromunda Heavy Weapon ?ackpacks are ideal for Chern-Dogs as It looks like they are bulging with stolen

Next, Dave took some green stull and moulded It lnto a ragged cloak around the shoulders 01 each Chern-Dog The Chaos Terminator heads needed 10 be rounded off at the back wllh a little green sluff, Fuse wire, used \0 feed from the rebTea\ner masks \11\0 the 'oac\l.packs, was s"lmp\':I cc\\et\ into p\ace 'oe\Ot8 an,:! glue was appl\ed.

ever, :Jl our

. el,



ese "Orne r 10. e





lysian Drop Troops are amongst the best rapid-response lroops that Ihe Imperial Guard has to offer. Not only do they have some of the best and most well cared for equipment and a high proportion 01 Storm Troopers within their ranks, but they have perfected the lactic of attacking by grav chute. It Is common for the elite soldiers of Elysia to appear from the skies en masse above their objective, raining onto the battlefield and



and confusion lines before they

throughout the enemy have even landed. However, the Elysian

Drop Troops'

combat doctrine does not afford them such luxuries as Leman Russ Battle Tanks or even the ubiquitous Chimera troop transports. Nothing bulkier than the lightweight Sentinel can be deployed by grav-chule. As a result, ElYSian Drop

Troops specialise In ambushes and attaining and holding objectives, and cannot hold their ground in a protracted firelight for long. In large-scale conflicts this dictates a hit-and-run style of warfare whereby the Elysians achieve their goal and then quickly disappear. In sma.ller engagements the Elysians are experienced and well-equipped enough to operate for long periods of time without fresh supplies.


This illustration depicts an Elysian Drop Trooper Veteran Sergeant from the 22nd Elysian re~iment wearing the uniform and equipment used dunng the Skopios Incident of 873.M38. Skopios has a thin but breathable atmosphere, so the sergeant has dispensed with the bulky and uncomfortable Type 5 pressure helmet thalthe Elysians usually wear When worn, the pressure helm draws air from dispensers in !he trooper's backpack, which also carries other vital supplies and cornmumcaucns gear. The sergean has chosen 10 replace hiS standard Issue lasgun With an M36 Mars pattern assault shotgun, a popular choice with elite troops like the Elysfans He carries plenty of spare ammunition and fragmentation grenades. as IS common practice amongst troops that may have to operate on their own without Iresh supplies lor an extended period 01 lima, as drop troopers are oiten called upon to do. The dagger emblem on the sergeant's right gauntlet is the regimental symbol of the 22nd regiment. and the supplemental skull icon on the glove and the chest mark him cut as one of the few survlvors of the 111·fated Jmigan landings.





In :l jh


1 Elysian Veteran Command HQ 1LlS8tho enuy for Deatnworlll VelsranCommand HO. odl""I..o 85 bel.,.,.) The Elysran Va.eran Command HO may be eQl,IlR:led ""m Catllpace am1IJUJ 101+2 pts per l110001Oft1cers pay the nermal po;nlS eeet for !hls up<Jrada. 0-5 Commissars (See COCIexImpenal Guartl. NGle: Tl1e"Oops, SORY SII" Nle doe; _ apply for By"an Drop lroop armle,)
0-1 Elysian Drop Troop Veterans
(use 100 ertlly101 Hardened \lelllran5 in Coda.'mpellal


GuaId Drop Troop Vele,arn benelit

from l11eOn TIme. On T8t<plt speaal rule b<!l_i

Elysian Veteran Assault Team (uSIIlhe en1l\' IOf Oeattw.or!d Storm Troopers (Storm TrQCIP!Il5 all. nol aliov.lId 10 take II Chimera

Veleran Assaull

adjusted as below)

ami muS! Deep Slob)


Elysian Drop Troop Plaloon (~ .he &nl<ylo,'nlllnlry Plala<>n Imm Code~ Imperjat Guard. may Oeep Stri~"). Storm Troopers (Storm TroopelS ar .. nol allowed 10 taI<e a Ch1me ra aM mUSI Deep SinHa). Elysian Recon Squad IUD the enlry lor Oea!l:mor1d Vet&ran. Palmi. adjusted as oeio.... ) Storm Troopers (Sl""" Troopers oro 001 ano_ to tal<B a amnern and must Oeal' SInko). Armageddon Sentlnels (mint Deep S11lkol Elysian SpeCial Weapons 0·1 Air Strike (sa. b_l. Team

Fast Attack




'any of the ElysIan Drop Troop squads use the army lists sntrles from Codex Calachans. However, where a troop type s listed as a Deathwor1d Veteran in their special rules secnon, subsatute the ability to Deep Strike (see below). In a other respects these army list entries are Identical 10 nose In Codex Catachans.

1. In a mission Ihat lasts six turns, the Elysian player can choose to end the game before it would normally finish. AI the end 01 the ljtl.h turn, the Elysian player can choose to carry on playing as normal or to end the game as his troops perform a perfectly executed withdrawal.
2. If the mission uses the Random Game Length special rule. the ElySian player can choose 10 subtract one from dice rolled to see if the game ends. For example, at the of the fourth turn the game would normally end on a roll one. The dice rolled ts a two, but the Elysian player opts subtract one from the roll, ending the game. Note: This rule cancels game lenglh is decided out the Salamander Space the end of a to

"he Elysian Drop Troops rely on squads 01 highly trained, eli-equIpped Storm Troopers 10 acllieve their goals, :ompensaling for their lack 01 heavy weapons and armoured scpport, See Codex Imperial Guard for the Storm Troopers
army lisl entry. Storm Troopers In an Elysian Drop Troop army cosl 9 sach (before upgrades). The rest of the army list entry -arnains unchanged.



spacial rule allowlIlg them to play an exIra turn; in this case

as stated in the scenario. Armageddon Sentinels: Occasionally, the Elysians are supported by Sentinels. as these walkers are sufficlenlly light weight 10 be delivered straight into batue alongside the Drop Troops themselves. They follow the same rules as normal Armageddon Sentinels, but must Deep Strike as noted In the Elysian Drop Troops special rules • Special Scenarios: Due 10 Ihe specialist nature of the elite Elysian Drop Troopers, they excel at certain battlefjeld scenanos whilst they may suffer under other battlefield conditions. They are deployed only in circumstances where their rapid response tactlcs allow them 10 achleve their objectives quickly and el1icienUy. The same holds true for the E.lysian Drop Troopers on the tabletop; they simply do not have the armoured might of their fellow Imperial Guard regiments and would suffer badly in a protracted battle. Using them in a standard Cleanse Of Recon mission would soon see the Elysians bogged down in a firefight they could not hope to win. As a result, use the table below to determme which mission they play trom the Warhammer 40,000 rulsbook. In the Bunker Assault, Sabotage, Strong point Attack and Take and Hold mission, the Elysian Drop Troopers are the

Deep Strike: All Elysian Drop Troops must deep strike. The

nat ~e

Strike rule used by Elysian Drop Troops differs from used by other troops that may Deep Strike. Before Ihe starts, the Elysian player divides the units in his army -ito two equal halves (Platoons count as one unit). If there is an odd number of units, the Elysian player must have the arger number of units in the first half. For instance, if he has 21ght units, four must be in each hall. If he has nine, live -nust be in the firsl half and four In the second. The Elysian :Jrop Troops player must deploy all of the units In Ihe first "'3lf of his army on his first lurn, using the Deep Strike rule,


gysian Drop Troopers then start rolling for reserves as normat, but add +1 to any result rolled. Elysian Drop Troops 'TIay always Deep"$lnke regardless of wnsfher it is in the -nisston special rules or not

On Time, On Target:

Where It is noted in Codex Catachans 'hal a Unit may ambush, this ability is replaced with On Time, On Target. Units with this ability may re-roll all reserves rolls even ones they have passed) once per turn. They may also re-roll the Scatter dice and the dice rolled tor scatter distance when deep striking. Commissars attached to such squads benefit Irom this rule as well.

Move Out: Just as the Elyslans are adept at striking like Ightning, they are also skilled at leaVing the battlefield quickly once their obiectives have been fulfilled. To represent this, any game in which the Imperial Guard player Is using an all Elysian Drop Troop army may be modified by the follOWing rules:


Result 4. Strongpoint 6. Rescue Attack

1. Rearguard 2. Bunker Assault

3. Sabotage

5 .. Take and Hold

attackers. In the Rearguard mission the Elysian Drop Troops have been caught off guard by enemy retnforcemenls and must fight as the defenders. No Elysian Drop Troopers may Deep Sirike in this mission; they are all deployed as usual.

Character: equipment

The Veteran Sergeant from the Armoury.

may choose


If the Elysian Drop Troops are playing as the attackers, may choose to attack al night. In this case, the Night Fighting special rule is used.

Deep Strike: Elysian Special Weapons troopers may always deplOy USing the Deep Strike rules regardless 01 mission.


Due to the fact tna! the Elysian Drop Troops deploy from grav-chutes, they can shell the enemy without fear 01 hll1lng their own troops. This promotes an atmosphere of fear and confusion amongst the enemy, causing them to run for shelter whilst Ihe Elyslans target tna warzone and begin their aerial deployment. Air Strikes are resolved as a prellmlnary bombardment against the enemy as detailed in the scenario special rules on p135 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, The barrage is resolved alter both sides have deployed but before the first Movement phase, and can affect the entire opposmq army, including reserves. If the enemy move on at the beginning of Ihe ba1tle instead of deploying beforehand, resolve the Air Sirike at the end 01 the enemy's first Movement phase. II the scenario you are plaYing uses a preliminary barrage anyway, make two rolls 10 affect each vulnerable unit. Resolve each hit separately so, for example, a unit hit twice would suffer 206 wounds and need to take Iwo Pinning tests.

ELYSIAN SPECIAL WEAPONS TEAM Elysian Drop Troops use very lew heavy weapons in their forces, preferring to rely on the powerful medium-range weaponry favoured by their signature units of Stonm Troopers. Some units specialise In the use of these weapons to such a degree that they can more than adequately fill the niche of heavy weapons troopers in other armies. PtsJmodel Trooper Vet. Sergeant WS BS S

A Ld Sv

9 22

343313184-13 4 332


8 4+

Squad: The squad consists ot one Veteran Sergeant between 5 and 9 Elysian Special Weapons troopers.

Weapons: Hellguns. Any member of the squad may exchange his weapon for a shotgun at + 1 point. The Sergeant may exchange his hellgun for a laspistol and close combat weapon at no extra cost. Options: Up to three models may be armed with the follOWing: flamer +5 points, plasma gun at +10 points, meltagun a1 + 10 points. grenade launcher at +'0 points.


Dave: Because I wanted these guys to look as if they were wearing carapace armour, but be distinctly different to the Storm Trooper models, my starting point was to get hold of a bunch of Space Marine Scouts. Inspired by John Wigley's ongma.l portraits of the Elysians, the majority of Ihe Drop Troopers have heads taken from Ihe Imperial Guard Tank Crew released way back in WD240. I added a lIttle green sluff to these 10 form Ihe visor of their Type 5 pressure helmets, no doubt incorporating all kinds of therrnoscopic and photochromatic

gadgets. I also used a little more to smooth down Ihe top and back of each Elysian's helmet, to give the appearance of a tough metal finish. Whilst I had some green stuff on the go I also bulked out the EJysians' sleeves, letting it dry for a while before taking a sharp scalpel and scoring it to give II that quilled effect from the Illustrations. the Elysians tha.t didn't already have shotguns were laken from the Scout Biker Shotgun arms. In the original ext for the Drop Troops it mentions thai M36 Mars pattern assault shotguns were popular in Elysian weapon teams. and I reckoned

a learn oomprehenslvely equipped with these weapons would look very cool. The fact that ltJey could fire a healthy 20 BS4 shots on the tum they tanded never crossed my mind ... The paint job was a Regal Blue drybrush over Chaos Black undercoat, with the Codex Grey boots and sleeves hIghlighted by adding Skull White. The camo scheme was added to break up the Rega.! Blue, and for this I used Shadow Grey triangles highlighted with Space Wolves Grey. A few finfshlng touches to pick out the tubing and grenade packs, and my Elysians were ready to rain death tram above upon their foes. Have fun!

The weaponso!

Green sluff was added to

a Marine


The finished oonverston

Conversion using a Space Marine SeoUl biker sl101gun.





~ fought in this endless" halerul war ~ ght months now, night and day . .In .=: time, I've aged a aeoeee. My hair ..ri turned grey, nearly a/l 01 my squad c ; died and I doubl 1'1/ ever smile SI'J. I've touqm next .to heroes and :: strangled men in their sleep. But still alive. And by the (Emperor I SId to stay that way." !I-Captain Haines, -,-.._ Steel Legion

those that fail to comprehend the mortal danger wailing around every corner, behind every pile of rubble, soon fall prey to 8: sniper's bullet or a well-placed-booby trap. Alongside these grim and battlescarred veterans fight the inhabitants 01 the snaneree city itself, from burly rnanutactorurn workers 10 hab-block juves that have realised they have no hope but to Gangland crtrninals fight side by side with their mortal enemies. realising their rivalries are of no consequence In the struggle cleanse lhelr city 01 the loul aliens that Inles! Its streets. This army list is intended to represent Ihis amalgamation of desperate soldiers thrust together by circumstance, forged into a force that has no real insignia or structure but Is just as formidable as the most

s said that within the deadly crucible :i Cityfight, raw recruits are forged
- grizzled,. battle-hardened veterans -- just one night of bitter, close_..:2'1erfighting. And yet amongst those I'lave been plunged deep into this e-wracking hell, there are those nave come to excel. For every ten ~'"' tha.t die. one learns from his ,-,rades'deaths, becoming a better d er for it And learn he must, for


disciplined regiments of the Imperial Guard within the city's confines. Platoons can be comprised 01 rag-tag militia or experienced troopers, and part of the fun of collecting a Cltyfighllng force is the Juxtaposition of miscellaneous models such as Necromunda gangers with Imperial Guard stalwarts like the CadIan Shock Troops and Valhatlan Ice Warriors. Although they look great painted In the same colour scheme, the models in this army have great scope for tattoos, trophies and war wounds, with previously pristine uniforms tattered a.nd obscured by dust and blood. Properly done, it can be a real pamting and modelling challenge. But if you find Cllyfighling to your taste, il can be a very rewarding army as you light tooth and nail to reclaim your soldier's homes from the claws of the rnaraudlnplnvaders,


You will need a copy ot Codex Imperial Guard and Codex Battlezona: Cityfight to use this army list. HQ 1 Command Platoon, 0-2 Commissars 0-1 Hardened Veterans, Guerrillas 1-' ~~\II) 0-1 Batling Snipers, 0-2 Urban Snipers \""" belOW) 1+ Citylighting Infantry Squad (sea 00]""') 0-1 Armoured Fist Squad, 1+ Ganger Militia lsee beiowl Hellhound, Sentinel Squaoron


0-1 Leman Russ Battle Tank, 0-1 Leman Russ Vanquisher, 0-1 Baslllsk, 0·1 Leman Ru,ss Extermi nator, 0-1 Leman Russ Demollsher, 0-1 Grifton
rather than Ihe usual 50. Wargear and weapons must stili be represented on the model. 4. The Cityfight Veterans always defend in any scenario that specifiesdefenders and attackers. Desperate measures: Needless to say, the numbers of a Cltyflghtlng Imper.iat Guard force have been Whittled down lime and time again, and the survivors are forced to take all manner of steps to make up for their comparative lack of manpower. Buildings are sandbagged andboard'ed up. rubble is strewn with Improvised buldeadly traps, and captured grenades are bundled together to form makeshift high explosives. The Cityfighting Imperial Guard player must spend 206 x 10 pomts 01 his army list on the following items from the Attackers and Defenders Armoury In the Mission Special Aules section of the Cityfight book, regardless of the mission being played: Razorw:ire, Fortifications, .rortlfied BuildIng, Additional Hidden Set·up Marker, Booby-trapped Building, Scaling Ladders/Grapnel Lines, B~eaching Charges, Demolilion Charges, Smoke or Blind Grenades.

SPECIAL RULES Cit.yfight Veterans: All units in the Cityfighting Imperial Guard FOfce benefit from the following special rules: 1. Citytlghl Veterans are well versed In the art of slipping through rough terrain, and many grew up in the city streets and buildings they now fightamongsl. To represent this, Cityfighl Veterans may always roll one extra dice for their diffiCUlt terrain "tests in the city, 2. Cllyfighl Veterans are well used to the clouds of dust and palls of smoke drifting through their c1ty streets, and can pick out targets nonetheless. Cityfight Veterans who do not move during the movement phase reduce their target's cover save by ·1 in addition to any other modifiers .. 3. Cityfight Veterans often have to fight for extended periods of time wilhout resupply or reinforcement, and many of them rely on low-tech weaponry as they cannot maintain more advanced equipment. Each model purchasing Items from the Imperial Guard armoury may only purchase 25 points of weapons and wargear each


GUERRILLAS Some of the Imperial Guardsmen assigned to fight in the city for long periods of time specialise in certain tactics and methods that make them a cut above the average trooper. From knowing when to keep your head down to having an intricate knowledge of the subway networks, these squads have the edge in any Cityflghling scenario. These squads are identical to the Hardened Veterans entry in the Imperial Guard Army List, however instead of having the Hardened Fighters and Steadfast Battle Honours, they must roll for two Cltyflghling Battle Honours on the chart below before deployment. 1. City Fighters: If the unit Is In cover then its saving throw for cover is increased by + 1 point. 2. Citizens: The unit knows the city like the back of their hand, They may reroll any reserve rolls they are called on to make. 3. Tank Hunters: The unit always passes any tests for tank shock and adds + 1 to all Armour Penetration rolls, 4. Sewer Rats: The unit knows the sewers and tunnels below the city like the back of its hand. If may use the scenario special rules for Subterranean Movement to deploy. even in scenarios where these rules are not normally used, 5. Stealthy: The unit IS expert at moving Silently unseen. To represent this they may set up using Infiltrators rule. If Infiltrators are not allowed in scenario being played then the unit may make a move Immediately after bot" sides have deployed. and the the tree

the Infiltrators special rule but only if the mission allows for Infiltrators to be used. II the mission does not allow troops to use this rule then the Snipers must set up normally with the rest of the army, Concealment: Urban Snipers are universally adept at concealing themselves, finding nooks and niches amongst shaltered architecture from which 10 pick off their prey. They improve their cover save by +1 when In cover. For example, an Urban Sniper gains a 3+ save when deployed in a building, and a 2+ cover save in a heavily constructed building. Disappear: You may never move an Urban Sniper model. During your movement phase you may remove the model. representing the Sniper merging back Into the shadows so he can fight another day. Once removed, a Sniper may not return to the battlefield but doesn't count as having been killed for victory point purposes. Urban Snipers can't claim table quarters or other objectives.

A lair proportion of the soldiers in any given Citylighling Imperial Guard reglmenl have been conscripted In from Ihe local gangs, and many still use the weapons and equipment they have fought with for all their adult lives. In fact. it Is not unheard of for the Imperial Guard and Lhe local gangs to form a bond of mutual respect as their desperation forces them to fight back to back time and time again. POints/model WS BS S T W Hive Ganger Gang leader 4 I A Ld Sv

6. Cunning: Members of the unit have set up a boobytrap in the area over which the battte will be fought. You may set up one booby-trap of your choice each game using the rules in the 'Special Equipment' section 01 the Cftyflght book. If a single bUilding Is the objective it may not be booby trapped. 0-2 URBAN SNIPERS The vel)' finest marksmen that the vicious conditions of a Cityflght produces often become snipers, utilising stolen or captured weaponry and taking their place alonqside the specially trained snipers of the ImperiaJ Guard. These deadly assassins are able to take their place in the cityscape hours before battle, concealing themselves so completely that they are virtually impossible to target. Points/model Sniper WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv 343313175+



Unit Size: The unit consists of 5-20 Gangers and one Gang Leader, Weapons: A variety of home-made and black market weapons of dubious quality. These count as either a lasplstol (or autopistol) and a close combat weapon, or a shotgun, or a lasgun, or an aulogun, There can be a mix 01 weapons within each Ganger Militia unit. Options: Up to one model may have one of the following: flamer at +3 pts; meltagun at +8 pts: heavy stubber at +8 pts (as heavy bolter, but with Strength 4 and AP 6); grenade launcher at +8 pts. In addition, one other model may have one of the following: heavy bolter at +10 pts: missile launcher at + 15 pts; lascannon at +20 pts: plasma cannon al +20 pis. Character: The leader may choose additional equipment from the Imperial Guard Armoury. He may take items normally only allowed 10 Officers. No Chimera: Gang Militia can never be equipped with Chimeras, and so cannot be included as part of a Mechanised Infantry Company. DeSigner's Note: Gangers Necromunda Gang models. can be represented by


Loners: You may Include up to three Urban Snipers as a single Elites choice. They do not form units and are set up separately (see Special Rules below). Weapons: Sniper rifles.

SPECIAL RULES Infiltrators: In the right circumstances Urban Snipers have the ability to work their way Into a forward position on the battlefield, To represent this they may set up using







WS BS S T W 3 3 3 3

A Ld Sv



3uardsman Sergeant at. Sergeant

6 6

33 3 75+ 3 3 1 3 1 75+ 3 3 1 3 2 85+

ott nin ave ina

Squad: The squad consists 01 one Sergeant and between ':J.Jr and nineteen Imperial Guardsmen. Lasguns. The Sergeant may exchange his asqun for a lasplstol and close combat weapon at no ~ilional cost.

Options: Up to one model can have one of 111e following: flamer al +3 pis; meltagun at +8 pis; plasma gun at +8 pis; grenade launcher at +8 pis. Two Guardsmen can form a weapons team with one of the following. heavy botter at +10 pts; missile launcher at +15 pts; lascannon at +20 pts: autocannon at +15 pis; mortar at +15 pis. The squad can have 1rag grenades lor +1pt per model. One model can have a comrn-nnk for + 5 pts, Character: The Sergeant may be upgraded to a Veleran Sergeant for an addihonaJ +'0 pts, The Veteran Sergeant may choose additional equipment from the Armoury.


ove the





; In
the leir rod

of these armies has a unique and will play very differently '"'19 battlefield. But if the sheer - .int of painting and conversion necessary to build an army suades you, why not assemble a d from one of Ihese regiments and It to your eXIstmg Imperial Guard _r? If you like the way they look, It's deal starting point Irom which to :) a completely new force, plus you to field the models you have ed on straight away in conjunction

with your usual Imperial Guard. This can represent an Armageddon army that has been at war for a considerable period ot time and has been moved from one war zone to another, being combined with elements of other Imperial Guard armies along he way. However, merely using normal Imperial Guard miniatures and declaring that they are Death Korps. Ork Hunters etc. is not enough, you must paint and/or convert your models in an appropriate way.

So why iogether



a go at putting

squad 1hal adds


variety to your existing lmpertal the descriptions here, start an and entire models battle

Guard shown force.

army, and if you're really Inspired by

Remember, you can qather more information from Codex Armageddon. Famous Actions of the Imperial Guard in WD249 and the Armageddon Website at Go forth and conquerl

1<el ra

nlx n9: +8 6);

del Its;

ms fith


A variety of Imperial Guard miniatures can be used fo give your

Gityfightfng Guard a ragtag appearance. 33

"Do not t<ittl Qui of h •.nd the metccnary, Consider dill each one of lhc~c scum is worth three 10 you: on. more on your "de. cue less ou YOUI foc. side. and one more
"'or~l 2JI" in OU$ ordnance smithies." ASlOTIC F.I"CTOI5 • Totc;b.llologLw \1I'[C1nt.cUlnli
• lal"CBtdlJ' Irl""d

[)omHII.l1II1 mtlllbtt

M'8"'1o-Gon ... 1 Co.~l"hnc Beaumont. Vi" 0," 0' of ,~, N8cnllum IV Cc ~m I Suf[


MASTER SHArER (\1,,,,,, T,.phJ<) I;}r ShJ~1 Cole. H. 6'1!CUU rC1ifla1lJlbd,ty fer impOfh::d: boAc!""huorot ","'bllU' 5h, pus g.g IIC"I&{ ~'C! ~ I'g. ~ im munbc l'1li til .cn'tu::t ~ Iud rew ntd tLSpC~ Ilkk.n'''lr:l 1:11110Lheil OWtL k:] P')"Rll\.id ~ plum- lop-dO'IQ '\In;.b ~I[IImJu:


The Kroot are expert jungle"fighters and trackers, who can be found fighting as mercenaries across the Ultima Segmentum and beyond. The majority of Kraal warriors fight as mercenaries in the armies of the Tau. Their Integratton into the Tau empire requires them to provide troops to the Tau military, and furthermore attempts to prohibft them from fighting alongside the armies of other races, Kroot evolution depends on their absorbing Ihe genetic traits of other races, selectively Inheriting the most desirable. They do thiS through eating specific prey animals to ensure that the next generation take on certain characteristics of thai animal. Unfortunately, the Tau insistence that the Kroot fight exclusively for them would lead 10 a disastrous stagnation, as they have absorbed the traits of most of the creatures rrom within the Tau region. To collect as wide a range of characteristics as possible, they secretly despatch entire armies of mercenaries to fight alongside other races in order 10 expose themselves to creatures and environments not found in Tau space. The result is that each of these mercenary bands develops separately to the mainstream of Krool society. When they periodically return 10the



t:h.ti 'tvf.l,t-w.. ~

Jnj 01 H.oorl (0.. ~.ll S1~OY 'IJ11o .IETflOIlOLOGY lI<~ Iffl~.. 5; m;IIO-' ... baIIIJ SU8JLCT Ksoor SlX.ul .sUJIJ ebo-d.1'!1U\1'l .. ~ 'ltr KtIMJI aufldAJ,
nlilW£-. ...

SHAPER COUNCIL I.~ .. d><) 1.' er "" .... te 1<"fl",) Upper r:dl.uG:1II Sb.'F"' o'n:r,5fC: d~Ift.ll)~m(];l1 r;kr It .... i eu
MI KIMittdi Iltruilu~1 Pm(llC g'K'I1l. m)luUJ (' ....


, 1~"'oIll lJo lrkdy

re bK{]mc


du': I(rnof seMHlP~



~ ...




lNOIVlOUI\L SH.o.PERS (Pri",,')' I.'"mcl"" T"'P""l i-uidc Irl.l!.v,dlLoll I.:hpt ....mlll'" 5u~to.s[lJl ;w=. muQod.~ud ta '~1g[U.· Jtock



l.V'og<d 0,10><0 h,b"cIJ)




(BCl< T,op),") ?t1)'Yi:da IJI)bl{cI S"""""M ahp .. uc.. !".wI op ,I....

l~ilXI P:0ltil

"ItO 0 T


KRaOT HOut-lDS (Nd< Ttopblc) ........___


'D<=.d:_ =d_.· _,,,,_",_,,_O"_,,_;_yp,_,Iu_,,,,_b_,,d ....

\ KROOTOl: (N«'" T"'I'h"J\ ~

Krool home world of Pech, they bring with them a wealth of new traits to be absorbed by the race at large. These itinerant bands often appear radically different from the standard Kroot, having absorbed all manner of outlandish genetic data.

KROOl SOCIETY Krool society Is based on the kindred and each mercenary army mirrors this in its organisation. The kindred fulfils the battlefield role of a squad, but represents something far more fundamental. A kindred IS an extendec family group, who develop together under the direction of the Shaper: an individual who is able to guide the group down a particular evolutionary path by determining their diet. Senior Shapers form councils, whose role Is to oversee a group of kindreds thus insuring a level of homogeneity WIthin the species. An individual know as the Master Shaper, who sits at the top of this pyramid-shaped organisation and guides it in all matters, leads each council. Kroot mercenary armies are led by Master Shapers who seek the infinite variety c the galaxy, leading their klndreds into every warzone imaginable in an effort to absorb the abilities of the lifeforms ocoupying those war-torn areas.



- E"e

are two ways to use Kroot Mercenaries games of Warhammer 40,000. The liay is to use a number of Krool squads 3.Jxiliaries to your main force. In order 10 "\lS you must first have filled all 01 the oulsory force salschon criteria appficable -1;! mission wllh your main army. - -,ermore, you may not include more Kraal .ads than YOIl have Troops choices In your army. For example, m a Slandard lOns game you must take an HQ and two . choices for your army before filling any lOnal force organisation slots with Kroot eanarlss, In this example, you could ;;e any two Kroot Mercenary squads. The ng armies may NOT make use 01 Kroot


Marines. Necrons, Sisters of Bartle, Tyranids. all compulsory slots have been fined the wing unlls may be added to your army - the Kroot Mercenaries list choices _-' Elites choices "-ZTroops cl'lOioes :-l Fast Attack choices - Heavy Support choices ;ames of 2,000+ points, Instead of making -e- above addllions. a second detachment .,_ be chosen from the Krool Mercenary nsl.
:-" HQ


Kroof advance through a rocky valley.

Infiltrate: If the squad does no contain a Krootox, It may Inf1ltraf.B the mlssion permits il It. See the Wamamrner 40.DOO rulebook tor Ihe In1111rale scenario special rutes. Kroat Hounds and Krootox: Some squads may have Kraal Hounds or Kroo!ox attached. They count as a single unit and must keep normal coherency. Both Kroot Hounds and Kroolox gain the benelit of the adaptadons and rules of the parent Kroot unit Release Ihe Hounds: Whilst the Kraot themselves rarely pursue a beaten enemy, Ihe Krool Hounds wilt pursue Viciously lor a while before retumlng to their unit. If Ihe enemy fall back Irom close combat wIth a KrOOIunit, each Kraal Hound wdl !nRicl a single automatic Stfength 4 hit. Attached Herd: Krootox whose parent Camivore squad falls baCKWilt accompany it. If the entire Kroot Camlvore squad Is wiped out, the Kroolox will disperse and are removed as casualties. Krootox will move with their parenf unit at the same speed, each slaying within 2" of a Krool, If the combined urut ls engaged in close combat then the Krootox fight as il they were part of the parent unit.
Not.e: The Kroolox only has a Toughness 013 for determining whether a weapon is capable of Inlilcting an instant kill, so weapons of Strength 6 or higher will km them outright. In practice the blast Will have killed the Kroot rider, leaving the Krootox to wander off harmlessly. Remove the model as a casually.

"ed, this


~ual force tailored to your playing and Alling styles In a way few armies can :ch. Having said this, the Kroot are far and :: better all fighting battles using the -;e Fighting rules. In this respect they ;e an excellent adversary for the :zaehan Jungle Fighters. and are quite able of taking on just about anyone in lhis --ronment. Be warned though, if you field a )01 Mercenary army in 'normal' conditions _ ""III need Qlliie a lo! of Iroops; espselally plan a headlong charge Into Space ~e bolter range!

e second way to field Mercenary Kraol Is -11 army on their own. II you take this :1 you will be rewalded with a highly

Signature Evolutionary Adaptanon for your Mercenary Kloot army..This represents 1he specific evolutionary path on which the Master Shaper has led hiS band, directing them to feed on specifiC pre-y In order to gain the characteristics 01 the creatures native 10 the warz.ones In which the band must light. Choose one adaptatIOn from the lisl below, and applv lt lo every Krool in the army . Kroolox and Kroot Hounds do not benefit from these signature adaptations. Bold: By concentrating on hunting prey known for Its courageousness, the squad adds +1 to Its Leadership charactertsuc, up to a maximum of 1(l. Points cost: + 1 per Kraot Chameleon: Having feasted upon the flesh of chameleonic reptiles, the band has gained a limited ability to blend Into Its surroundinqs. All models have a 6+ cover save when in the open. POlOtscost + 1 per Kroot Fast Reflexes: Many creatures rely on their fast reaesons to aVOIdpredators and thiS band has inheriled some of this speed. All models have +1 Initiative. Points cost: +1 per Kraot Nocturnal: The band has inherited excellent night vision, and may re-rou the dice to determine how far It can see in a Night Fighting Mission. Points cost: -t-l per Kroot Ork Hybrid: Otten relerred to as 'Green Krool'. all models Increase their Toughness by + I . Slrength 8 Is needed to Instant Kill models with tI1isad.aptation. POints cost: +2 per Kroat +5 per Shaper & Master Shaper Sixth Sense: These Kroal display an unnerving ability to predict imminent danger. It targeted by any template, blast or ordnance blast weapon, models under the template counl as being partially covered - therefore only hit on a D6 roll of 4+ (Includrng flamer hits which do not usually allow partial hils). Points cost; ...2 per Krool In missions that use the Sentries scenario spacial rule, 6 Krool warriors with no Evolutionary Adaptations are used as the sentries.






-eone else tells them to, they use the .'ling chart 10 determine Strategy Rating -~ fighting on their own: D6 roll Strategy Rating 1·3 1 4-5 2 6 3 rs of the Dead: Kroot are eXlremely lous carnivores and will often leI a ==ated enemy escape while they feast on " esh 01 the fallen. Master Shapers and . -apers, and squads led by them MUST _-.solldale, as lt is their responsibility 0 re that the bodies of the fallen enemy _ nol wasted. Ideralt: Kroct are naturally adept in real environments and galn +1 to their ;;;:; er save IfI woods or jungles. Kroot in !'JOOs jungles do not have to make a or uTIterrain test, they can always make a mlal move. If they do not move in the . Jemellt phase, they may see ano shoot ugh 12 01woods Of jungle terrain rather -an the 6" that would normally be the case.

= 'JIercenaries fight when and where

tegy Rating: To represent the fact that

:y of

Certain kind reds can purchase the hyperactive nymune organ adaptation at an additional points cost. This ability allows the model to Aeel of Foot. In the shooting phase you may declare thar a model is going to nm instead of ShOO\.Roll a 06. The result is the distance the unit may move in that shooting phase. This move is unaffected by difficult terrain or any other shootlnp restrictions. If you are fIelding an army consisting entirely 01Mercenary Kroo~ rather than taking them as mercenaries for another force, then you may purchase a special Evolutionary Adaptatlon. You.may choose a single






Kraal mercenary armies fighl alongside a score Of races across a thousand weapons not available to them when figh1ing alongside the Tau.


As payment for their services these Kraal often obtain

Shapers and Master Shapers may have up to two single-handed weapons, or one Single-handed weapon and one Iwo-handed weapon. chosen from the list below. You may also pick up to 40 points 01 extra wargear for each Shapero and 80 points tor the Master Shaper Ilems marked wilh an asterisk (0) may be taken only by a Master Shaper and Shaper Council members. Those weapons nol described in this army list may be found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Close combal Boll pistol ... Slugga Splinter Shurlken ....

. . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . • • . . . .• • .. , .•....•••.•..•. , ....•.. ,.... _ ....•... ., 1 pI

2 pis
1 pts 1 pis 2 pts 15 pts

pis pts

weapon. , . . • . ..

. .••.••••...•..

pistol .....


, •.•...

, .. ,
_ ........•. • ...••..•

Power weapon

_ . _ . . . • . . . • • •.

Bolter. . • . • . . . . . . • . .. . ...• , . • . . . . . . .. • •.•• 2 Splinter rifle ... , ...............•... _ . _. . .. .., 2 Sl1uriken catapult. .....•.•.•• • ..•.......•• , .. 2 Shoota ....• ' ••..... _ •• . ..• _ ..•. 2 Meltagun' ...• , ..•.....•...•..•.•....••.. , •. 13 Plasma gun' .• , .••..•.• ,. _... ••. .•.. . ••• 15 Flamer •.. __ .....•. , .. "'" .•. ,.. ...• . .. 6 Storm bolter _. . . •. .. . .• ., ..••.. 5 Eviscerator (a powerflst with 206 armour pen) .•• • 25

pis pis pts pts pts pis

Melta bombs ... , •.••••• ' . , ..•...•.....• , • . •. 6 pts Krait grenades ...•... , .......• ' ..••.• , •. , .•... 2 pts Frag grenades. • . . . . . . . • . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. __ 1 pt

Auspex .. , . , ...

, . . . . . ..

. ..........•.........

2 pts

Kroottlawk totem" (max one per army, all-Kraal •. ,.. .....•• . ... ,. Mercenary . . 25 pIS . . 15 pts armies only) •• ...•. Veneralion charm . .,. SurelOOt charm _

Mark of the Favoured Child" (max one per army) Blood of ttla Stalker '

.. 2.5 pis 10 pts

, 20 pis

KROOT RIFLE: A basic slug-thrower relying on chemlC8l propellants and the lransfer 01 kinetfc energy, adapted by the Tau to lire· a charged pulse round suppl! ed by them. The Kroot rifle IS fitted wlth b lades near the muule and stock. These are a throwback to earty traditional Kloot nghtlng slaves The incredIble hand speed that a Kloot possesses due 10 hs unique muscul!Iture makes these blades affective assault weapons and Kroot with Kroot niles accordingly counl as having an addilionat close combat weapon. The Kroot rille is a two-handed weapon. and therefore cannot be combined With another weapon In close combal.

These shots are taken before the game beqms, and may cause the mfiltratOIS to fall back. The normal shootlr1g rules apply.

K1'IOOTHAWK TOTEM: A felish used In ancestor worship ceremonies providing fare sight and wlsdam. You may fe·roD the dIce to determIne who gels the forsltum of the game. VENERATION CHARM: Valuable tools and possessions IIle cnen placed In (he CElS!;! of Ihe Sl'laper's ancestors. who he prays will guide him In their use. A venaratlon charm must be applied to a speorflc weapon carried by the character. and courus the weapon as mastercrafted. A master-crattsd weapon rollaws lhe normal rules. except that you may re-roll one fa,led To H1t roll per tum for an attack made by the master-crafted weapon. Note lhat you may not master-eraft grenades. M.ARK OF THE FAVOUAED CHILO: The ancestors have clearly marked th,s character as bound lor great things. The character gains a 4-+ In~ulnerah!B save, SUREFOOT CHARM: Thrs charm otten takes the 101m 01 a Wind-chime Or c1us1er0'1small bells adernrng the Shaper's rifle barrel. The sound made by the cbarm, al hough unnoticeable to othEU races, allows the Shaper's kindred [0 lollow his lead when stalking the enemy. The character and any squad he jolns may rolilwo dice and pick the highest when rolling to Fleet of Fool using the hyper active nymune organ adapta~on picking the highest result to' determine the distance moved BLOOD OF THE STALKER: Some kind reds daub themselves will1the blood of local predators before ballte. Trus has the effect of augmenb~g their already prodigious ambush skills. In missions where the KroOi can Inliltrate. the character and hiS kindred may deploy 06' closer to the enemy than Indicated In the scenario sal-up lnstructicns, For example. In a Recon mission. JnNltrators may sel'up anywhere outside 01 18" from the enemy The Btood of Ihe Stalker allows the unit 10 deploy anyWhere oulslde of 12- to 1T" from !he enemy. depending on the roll


SPLINTER RIFLE: This two handed weapon Is tilted ..... Similar spikes to ith the Kroot nile, and when used by the Kroot confers an eX.tra allack In close combat. The sarne restrictions regarding the USE! of addlUonaJ close combat weapons apply. KROOT GUN: The Krool gun is a larger, uM/leldy version 01 the Kloot nile. lashed to the bacj( of the Kroolox and fired In baltle by the rider KROOT HUNTING RIFLE: This IS a vanam on the standard Kroot weapon. and counts as a sniper rlfle_ The additIonal close combat attaCK granted by lhe spiked attachments IS 10Sl. Weapon Kroo rltle KroOI gun Kroot hunt-ing rille Range

Sir 4 7 X

AP 6

T'ype Rapid FIre RaDld Fire H.eavy 1

Notes See above Sniper nHe


AUSPEX; An auspex IS a short-ranqed scanner used to detect hidden troops. If enemy Infiltrators set up with,n 406' 01 a model with an auspex. then mat model Is allowed 10 take a '!fee' shot at them (or sound the alarm In a RaId scenario), If the model IS part of a unit Ihen the whole squad may ShOOl




R SHAPER •..•.••.•••••.•..•••.•...•..••.••.••.•.•••
points ter Shaper "OOt Hound


4 4

3 0

4 4

A 4 4


Sv 5+

39 6

3 :3

3 2

10 8


5: The Masler Shapef may be accompanied

ent: ;Krool rifle. He may replace this with, or choose additional ttems from, the Armoury. by up to 2 Krool Hounds • . dent Character: The Master Shaper is an Independent character and follows afl of the
40,000 rulebook.

A MS. .ler Sh, aper rules over a S mercenary band. He negotiates contracts with [] employers. leads his warriors in baIlie and directs their evolutionary dr:welopment. He Will often be aImed willl lhe most valuable equipment available,bar/eled or looted from Ihe many war:zones his band has selVed in.

'-""'e!ldent characrsr special rules as given in the Warhammer

onary Adaptations: The nymune organ regulates the Krool metabolism. and the Shapers -anipulate this in order 10 boostlhe energy levels of the warriors. The Master Shaper may ~ the hyperactive nymune organ adaptation OTI+5 points. This aHows him \0 use the Fleel of
5 not accompanied by Kraal Hounds and has not taken the hyperactive nymune organ :aIion, he may be given wJngs at + 1.5 pornts See the Vulture Kindred entry tor detail's 01 this


the roles of the Master Shaper within Kraal soclety is 10 prov,ide a focus lor the --a:ooe of ancestor worship., Those individuals With a particular gift may gain the blessings "'eir tonq-departed predecessors and manliest shamanistic powers.

:..-..= of


Psyker Abilities


xth players agree 10 their use then the Masler Shaper may purchase Minor Psy.ker -ers, paying lor them from his warg.ear allowance. Details of these powers can be found :napter Approved, page 66. White Dwarf 258.


COUNCIL ••••••••••••.••....•...•...•.•.




3 3

3 2





<ro01 Hound

men1: Kroot rlne. The Council members """"S from, the Armoury. the

may replace rifles with, or lake additional

band 10 obtain the desired mix 01 skills and abilities. The Council can be a Shapero Ihey hava access 10 a wide range 01 weapons and equipment.

haper COl..Incilsits below Master Shaper in the chain of command within a mercenary band. Each Council member is responsible for a number of kindred'S, coordinating Iheir evolution with Ihe olher members of the



fearsome adversary 8S, like Ihe Mesler


ns: Two Kraol Hounds may be taken for each Shaper.

ullonary Adaptations: All Council members must receive the same adaptations. Council Members may receive the Hyperactive nymune organ adaptation at +4 points per •=oer, allowing them to use the Fleel of Foot rules, The Kraal Hounds receive this adaplion for


-" CounCil are not given Ihe hyperactive nymune organ and are not aoeomparued by Kraot - ns they may be given wings at +10 points 'per member. See the Vulture Kmdred entry lor ,.:.Is of Ihis adaptation.


, •••••.•..•••.••.••••••
4 4 Kraal. with frag grenades BS


T :3 :3
W A Ld, Sv 6+

Points Krool




3 3


:3 :3

B :3


their predecessors feeding upon the most poteonou« creatIJres they could hunt.

Thsse Kroo/are, the


suit of


corrosive acid at close range, burning Ihe exposed flesh of tne« foes and

They are capable of spittmg a highly

'Jad: The klndred numberslQ·20 =:ulpment: :'?tions: Krool nfle.

causing horrific mjuries.

at the cost of +1 point per


The entire kindred may be equipped

9 n

--.aracter: One Krool must be upgraded to a Shaper at an additional cost 01 +21 pis. Some :;.a:pers carry weaponry gifted by their employers and may choose additional equipment/rom the """lOury .. ~.luIJonary Adaptations: Having led upon the most poisonous at creatures, these Kroot may "OOSe to anack with either their basiC strength, or with thel( speCial person attack. If they choose - Jse therr poison attack !hen they may make a single attack (even if they assaull) that wltl always CiUnd on a 4+ {armour saves are allowed as normal). --e entire squad may receive the hyperactive nymuna organ acaptaucn at +2 points per member. --is allows them to usa the Fleet 01 Foot rules. All squad members must receive the adaptation.


The Stalker kindreds have sought out the steallhiest 01 predators living within the depths of the galaxy's jungle death worlds_ By marching their skills against these creatures and eating the kins, they have become amongst the most dearf/y of ambush specialists to be found In any walZone.

Points Krool Shaper Kroot Hound WS 8S


4 4

T 3 3 3

3 3 3

A 1

Ld 8 8

Sv 6+ 6+ 6+


4 4 4

3 3 0


Squad: The kindred numbers 10·20 Kraal. '·5 Krool Hounds may be attached. Equipment: Kroot warriors and Shapers carry Kraal rilles. Options.: The entire kindled (excluding Kraal Hounds) may be equipped wlth frag grenades at point per model.

Character: One Krool must be upgraded to a Shaper at an acdltional cost of +21 pis. Shapers carry weaponry gil!ed by their employers and may choose additional equipment from Armoury.
Evolutionary Adaptations: The kindred has concenttated on hunting lorest dwellers, and an expertise in wooded environments far In excess of their already prodlqlcus lieldcraft. The may set up using Ihe Ambush rules found on page 20 of Codex Catachans.

The Carnivore kindred represents the core of the Kroof Mercenary band. They are flexible in balfle and their Shapers are always on the lookout for (resh foe whose special abilities they can 'nherit.


Points Kraal Shaper WS 4 4

BS 3 J S
4 4


T 3 3

1 3

A 1


Sv 6+ 6+



Squad: The kindred numbers 10-20 Kraal. Equipment: Kroot rifle. Character: One Krool must be upgraded to a Shaper at an additional cost of +21 pis SOfT' Shapers carry weaponry gifted by their employers and may choose additional equipment from t Armoury.

The Kraal species has an avian ancestry, and these kindreds have resurrected IMs aspect of their eVOlutionary development by eating the flesh 01 winged hunters. Although not SUited for extended fIIgh~ tne« wfngs aflow them 10 spiral on the wafm updrafts above the jungle canopy and then swoop down upon the heads of fhelr enemies.

Points Krool Shaper Squad; Options: The kindred numbers Theenlire Equipment: 12 +21


4 4


S 4 4


A 1




3 3

8 8

6+ 6+

10·20 Vul ure Kroot.

Each Vulture Krool Is armed wilh a Kraal rille. kindred may be equipped With frag grenades at

+ 1 pomt

per model.

Character: One Kroot must be upgraded to a Shaper at an additional cost 01 +21 pis. So Shapers carry weaponry gifted by their employers and may choose additional equipment from Armoury. Evolutionary Adaptations: These Kraal have evolved small bul functional wings that allow to glide short distances. The squad moves as if equipped with jump packs, With Ihe <>vr!cnt',,,n they do not lest lor acodents when moving through woods or jungles. They may also Oeep if allowed 10 do so by me mission being played. In missions that do not use the Deep SI scenario special rules, Ihe kindred must deploy with 1he rest of the army.

Having spen! many years together fighllng through the most hoS/ilE! environments in the galaxy, many ktndrads wilhin a mercenary ton» Inhent common characteristics .. Through feedmg on nalwe falina the whole forr;e will garn afln'butes thai bind thiOm together and provide a strong sense 01 ident,ty Signature Evolutionary AdaptatiOns provlae an opportJ.Jnlry (0 go LO(own modellmg the Iinlque abilities acquired by your mBll:lIMty band The Orlc /-Iybnd adaptarlofl is an opportunIty to combme elements of Ihe Orlo: Bop frame with parts (rom the Kraal CarnivorE! set really C!)stomrsing YOUl force"
You don" hiilve /0 apply these adap1HtJDns, however. lIS simply applYing II bold, conslstenl colour scheme to your band wiJI gille the unified feel a Krool blma woull1 have after fighting ragether on strange worlds {OJ" several generations When applying an OIIerall coIolir scheme, try to emphasise Inctividual klndreds With sTlghr variall!N1S By way 01an example. my Kfoot 3re all painted Scaly Green. bur each kindred has dltfemtWy oolDured



and smoes.




• or HOUND PACK .............................•

root WS BS 3 3 0


4 T 3 3 3 W

3 3 4



. root Hound

8 +21 6

4 4 4

1 3

1 3 2

Ld 8
8 8


4 4

6+ 6+ 6+

Some kindreds have access to a larger proportion of Kroot Hounds tha.n others. These are often fielded as fast moving packs, with the Kraal warriors unleashing the wild crealures upon theirloe .


d: The pack numbers 10-20 Kraal and must contain at leasl hall as many Kroot Hounds as are Kroot warriors, up 10 a maximum 01 two Kroot Hounds tor every Kroot.

sat +'
Some ::>mthe

mont: Krool warriors and Shapers carry Kroot nfles, Kroo1 Hounds fight with their leeth.
ns: The kindred (excluding Ihe Kraal Hounds) may be equipped with Irag grenades at +1

oar model.
ler: One Krool must be upgraded to a Shaper al an additional cost 01 +21 pts Some carry weaponry gifted by their employers and may choose addrtional equipment from the

ry .
..rtIonary Adaptations: The entire squad may receive the hyperactive nymune organ .z:;:ation al 1'2 points per member. This allows them 10 use the Fleet 01 Foot rules. Onty the KIOOI 'J.Jr !he adaptation. and they must all receive II


Points oat Tracker WS BS 3 S 4


3 3 3

3 3

A 3

Ld 8

Sv 6+


434 4

Trackers are mosl frequently

d: The kindred numbers 5-10 Kroot Trackers. prnene Krool hunting nile. cter: One Kraal must be upgraded to a Shaper at an additional cost 01 +2'1 pIs. Some ~rs carry weaponry gtfted by their employers and may choose additional equipment from the -aury. _CIAL RULES e Cavalrv: The Knarloc ridden by the Tracker is a Kraal strain native 10 the jungles of Pach. "" Trackers follow the rules given for cavalry in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. wilh the ':EPlion thaI they may always move through woods and Jungles Without the need 10 tesl for nts due to moving through difficult terrain. e Trackers: The Trackers are elCpert al hunting their targets ...ergrowth. Each model counts as being equipped with an auspex. in the dense jungle

on the ea tile fjeld, where they can harass the enemy with Ihelr ranged weaponry or

used as mounted scouts, but also playa light cavalry role

charge an exposed flank should the opportunity

present Ilse/f,

stors: Trackers may infiltrate as per the scenario special rules in Ihe Warhammer 40,000 -=ooak. and may make a free move after both Sides have set up, but belore the first tum.

lme !he

that rike rike


Some bands have access to me Kroot hunting riffs; a varlanl of the standard Krool rifle adapted to fire longer range and more precise ammunition. These weapons are often fielded by small squads who can provide covering fire for their fellow Krool as they advance across the battlefield,

0-1 HUNTER KINDRED .••.••.•••••••.•••••••••••••.•.

Points Kroot Shaper Squad: The kindred numbers 8 +21 5·10 Kraal. WS BS :I S 4 4


T 3 3
W :I A 1 Ld Sv 6+ 6+

4 4

8 8


Kraal hunting nfle.

Character: One Kraal must be upgraded to a Shaper at an additional cost of + 21 pis. Sar Shapers carry weaponry gifted by their employers and may choose additional eqUipment from r Armoury.


Krootox Herders lead their charges into balt/e, laying down a devastating volley of lire lrom the Kloot guns mounledon the Krootox's back. They are also orural close combat opponents who most enemy troops will avoid at all costs.

KROOTOX HERD ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Points Krool Shaper Krootox 8 +21 50


BS 3 S 4 4 6

<I <I 4

3 3 3(5)

W 1 3 3 3 3

A 1

Ld 8

Sv 6-+ 8+


half as

3 3



Squad: The herd numbers 10·20 Kraal and must contain at least are Kraal. up (0 a maximum of one KrootOK lor every KraaL Equipment: Kraal rifle. Kroolox are armed with a KrOOI gun

many Kroolax as

Character: One Kroot must be upgraded to a Shaper at an additional cost 01 + 21 pts. SOli Shapers carry weaponry gilted by their employers and may choose addItional equlpmentlrom Armoury.

Being native to a world largely covered in foresls and jungles, the Kr'OOthave learnt the value of luring theIr foes into a well·prepared trap. They will offen set up these stake·fIIled pils well in advance of a oaftJe and draw Iheir enemy towards them using a specifically selected 'bBif squad.

PUNJl TRAPS •...........••.•••••.•••••••••••••.••. Po"I'PIl

Str 4



Ignore Pinning.

Set Up: Pun]1 traps are set up using the special rules thai can be found on page 21 BelWeen 1 and 5 traps may be set up as a single Heavy Support choice. Cover Saves: Punji traps ignore cover saves. Any unit that suffers one or more casualties 1T0m a pun]i trap must lesl tor pInning.

Special rules: Punji traps are generally a small Pit containing sharp slakes and covered w foliage. Place the small Biasi marker over the model that triggered the trap so that the hole In t marker Is over the model. Any models fully under Ihe Blast marker are hit automatically. and a partially under are hit on a 4+.

A Kraol Mercenazy w8rband assists tl18 Imperial Guard in slaving off an Eldar assault.



--a idea for a mounted Kraol came a suggestion by Verms on the
arhammer 40,000 Games ':,:~elopment forum on the Games Jrl<shop website. and it sounded so I just had to try It. Half an hour ~r and the conversion had turnec really well, so r worked up the list entry and there you gornocracy In actionl -a conversion IS really quite simple. _.. will need one of the plastic Cold _ as, a Krootox head, a Kroot -anivore from the boxed set. and ..... green stuff. Clip off the Cold e - '""e's front legs to Show the saturs's avian ancestry. and =-.ove 1he head, replacing It with the -:xrtox head,


s Some from the.

You'll need to fill the gaps around the neck and shoulders with some green stuff, and you might like to try modelling the scales Next make a simple saddle using a reotangle of green sluff The rider only needs a lillie conversion to make him sit properly on his mount -I lust cut the left leg al the hip and repositioned it slightly back. I used a modelling knife to round off the soles 01 he rider's

This is a really simple conversion. Gently bend the model's legs so it appears to be either swooping down or about to launch Itself into the air; either way try to keep the pose as dynamic as possible. The wings are from the Harpy from the Dark Elf range and just need to be mounted on the baok at an angle consistent with the movement suggested by the positioning of the legs,

16+ 16+

feet, as Ihese will be visible when

he's sitting atop the beast. The remainder of the conversion is simply a matter of assembling the rider and loading him up for a long scoullng mission uSing the excellent accessories on the Kroot Carnivore frame. Remember to clip off the spikes on the liile to indicate that the rider is armed with a hunting rifle.

as there

s. Some
from the


tl Codex

l1g. !red wit" Me in the and any

SergeaDI H.Blor's squad advaeced tori U ousll sloe pace through the dense.


founded on


her e, I he se fgNlIl did 0'I d arc pODd~f; fif be it (or the DO(>-

p 051m

arid lI'IiDJDS world would


uDderg!OWlh. Why a reg!men1

comnussioncd ranks to fathom rho: workiags of the Departmeuto Muairorum, From further down the tnil a sudden outburst of aDgry shouts. SOOD turDing 10 eerrified screams Hastor ordered his squad fOrwllrd, hearing the rest oC the phroce OD either Side charging badlong IOwuds the sounds of butk The liS'! scream died 15 H:LStot and his squad broke through the line of bushes into i wide. 5uDb.,hed dming. The till ire squad (IIDe to 1 shocked hill! IS the guardsmen [oak in
the scone before them.

Someone vomited, Hasror levelled his lisgull .1 the nearest .lie a nd his squad Icllewed his unspoken order, nine bsgunJi each acqutrjng a hrget The

alien turned its blood-flecked

Lace rowards 1he KrgtilDI. fixing its

pre<utory gize On him (or what seemed an ast. Finilly it issued • long. sibibnl hiss that m lOY bnguagc could only be considered • wun1ng. Hastor stumbled their weapons ... back. his squad raIsing

..Hoi d you r Ii rel" The 1;.pi aiJ) ca me suiding into the "miag. IUs command group sptuclill8 out and foreiJlg the horrified guudsmcn to lower their wnpons
~T11q"re 011 our sid""

Strewn about the ground WI:re the bodies of the rebels. Crouc.hcd

over each body




taU. savage

seemed to be.._

he Tyranid hive fleets have now been assailing the Imperium for 250 years. In this time, whole Chapters 01 the Adeptus Astartes have been lost in the maelstrom 01 battle along with countless millions of Guardsmen. But now deeper knowledge of the Tyranid way at war is being gathered, every fragment paid for with human flesh and blood. One realisation has been that the swarms that descend from the hive fleets In the early stages of an attack are of len significantly different from those that follow. The list in Codex Tyranids is designed to represent a typical swarm. This article, however, features a variant Tyranid list that deals with the first wave - the seeding swarms - the harbingers of doom to countless worlds and their cultures. Note that you will still need Codex Tyranids to use the seeding swarm. Mycelic spores are more than just the Tyranid versions 01 drop pods, they are a vital pari of their ecology. The Tyranids are a space-dwelling race but their prey is terrestrial. Mycelic spores are one of a number of different spore types used to seed target planets, Some types affect the weather, others the flora and fauna, and some even mtroduce new species. Militarily, without mycelic spores the hive fleet's ships and their Nom Queens would have to risk planetary defences and waste valuable energy to feed. With mycetlc spores the hive fleet can gather around the prey planet and bombard it with seeding swarms, only descending themselves when all resistance is crushed and all the juicy bier matter is ripe lor consumption. The release of seeding spores is analogous to a person pouring, sniffing and sampling a fine table wine before drinking it. The

main course may be yet to come, but the meal has started. Mycelic spores are not as sophisticated as drop pods, bUI the sheer numbers of spores dropped ensure that some will get through the planetary defences. As with any contested landing, the lirst few minutes are critical. If the seeding swarms can establish safe landing sites then Tyranid reinforcements can be directed to those locations and, in short order, massive concentrations of Tyranids can be built up ready for the hive mind's signal to attack. If, however, the seeding swarms can be defeated then there Is nowhere safe for successive Tyranid swarms to land and planetary defences will continue to claim a high loll. With no chance to build up, the Tyranids thaI have landed can be counter-attacked and driven from the planet altogether.

single large predator then, if it is a complex swarm relying on several genus operating almost symbiotically, can be hamstrung by planetary defences upsetting its balance. Even against a plane! with minimal ptanetar' defences, heavy losses can be Incurred, so the creatures in the first swarms down have to be robustly simple in their approach.

No two hive fleets are exacllyalike and no two swarms from the same hive fleet need be exactly the same. Subject to this, seeding swarms have some similarities because of the job they do. If yOLJ think of a swarm as a

If robustly simple sounds right up your street, read on, because the seeding swarm is a different type of Tyranid army, It relies on the most numerous creatures in the swarm - those that occupy the Troop slots on the Force Organisation chart. Heavy losses during ptanetfalf are cancelled out by launching successive waves, with eact subsequent brood having the same role as its predecessor. If one is destroyed the next will replace it Olh€' broods manifest a chemical imbalance that ensures that they are unusually hyperactive. They are faster, stronger and even more ferocious than thelr kindred, but the rate at which tnev expend their energy causes them to burn out within minutes of their landlnc These ploys are represented in game -


3.lly,j( ten etary


by some changes 10the way the to be played is selected, ::?ations in army composition end, - Importantly. two special rules ~n characterise seeding swarms.
=--5 SSIOn


:I us


:e by each

- e seeding swarm has a Strategy "'g of 4 This means tha! when - armining the scenario category the ~nid seeding swarm player will roll dice and select the highest rather simply rolUng a single dice. If the =-ding swarm player gets to choose "' scenario then the Tyranids will malically be the attackers and the ':''1a/io category will be Battle. Page of the Warhammer 40,000 3000k explains the rules for oosing a scenano and mission more


Mariner Weiss heard the screams above the roar of the storm and crash of the waves around the ship. He checked the emergency transmitter for the fifth time and found It was stili Inoperative. before ~drawing a tespisto; and opening the communications cabin door: Five metres away from him along the hallway a growling Hormagaunt sat on the chest of an arms man, gnawmg at his throat. To Weiss it looked like the worse parls of a wood scorpion and a redback· hunting lizard. only ten limes bigger. With 8 hISS it turned and leapt. Weiss slammed the door but to hIS dismay Ihe creature had got its claws between the door and the trsme. Weiss jabbed his laspistol into the gap and fired frantically until the snarling stopped. he then carefuffy opened the door and fired two more shots imo the twirching monstrosity. Stepping gingerly past It he made his way carefully to the main deck to report to the captain.

The Faithful Travel{er was 400 klicks out from Mhak.kan and still some 700 klicks from its destination port, Kirishi, in the middle of the roughest. coldest ocean on the planet. The spores had been dropping for the three days during which the FaithfUl Traveller had been at sea. They had /fstened to the broadcasts but it had never occurred to them Ihat they could be in danger this far off the coast. Even here, though. tne crew was falling to the Tyranids. Unknown viral conditions, fevers brought on by the oppressive, unseasonable temperatlJres and finally the horror of facing the Hormagaunts released when a spore hit the ship. After the one he had killed there were still nine unaccounted for lurking in the depths of the super-freighter. Other things were in the ocean 100 - the engineers reported scratching noises against the hull. Even the water was changing. a sickly purple crust spread for miles across the ocean like a mauve plague. Weiss saw Captain Balfour and doubled towards him trying to stay icy calm, but he coutan'! shake the fhought that th's wasn't their planet any more.


If jer


jing ne

ree Battle scenanos use the Deep -<especial rule. This is detailed on ce 132 01 the Warhammer 40,000 - ook All models in Tyranid seeding 'aflTlS MUST arrive on the table by - method with two exceptions: -:ods with the Infiltrate ability may -:I oy convenLionally in accordance the mission rules. Liclors may use ..a:rel Deployment as described in ex Tyranids.

Across the night sky the engorged

clouds dispensed an endless torrent of viscous green globules Which pulsated as they fel/.

The Tyranid broods swarm from a/l directions, pouring from mycetic spores into Ihe Space Wolves' tirebese. 43

For other scenario categories if there Is a Deep Strike option in the scenario then it may only be used by Tyranids such as Gargoyles, that can Deep Strike as part of their normal profile. Other broods are set up as specified for the mission. These missions can be considered to represent the seeding swarm being attacked when it is already on the ground.


Seeding swarms use the following units from Codex Tyranids:

HQ 0-1 Hive Tyrant, Tyrant Guard may accompany the Hive Tyrant but cannot be an HQ choice themselves. HQ OR ELITES Tyranld Warriors. ELITES Tyranid Warriors, Lictors (no more than one lictor per brood). TROOPS Hormagaunts. Genestealers. Termagants,

The twin suns were blotted out by Tyranld spores. Thousands of deafening, wet detonations sounded as the pulsating spores slammed Into tne ground and split apart like overripe fruit. Sergeant Reilly rolled onto his front and wiped mud and sticky ichor from his eyes. He watched in disgust as the spore that had landed in the midst of his squad oozed a glistening smmotk: fluid from the myriad cracks in its outer shell. Reilly knew the drill. He'd destroyed spores like this before. He unsnapped a krak grenade from nis combat webbmg and pushed himself /0 his feel as the spore began to ripple with inner /ife. This was when the creatures were vulnerable, before they had B chance to break free of their protectiv« coooons. The rest of the squad began picking themselves up as Reilly shouted,

"Fire in the hole!" His arm drew back to plunge the grenade home when 8 three fingered craw ripped through the spore's outer membrane and punched through the sergeant's chest, burstrng from his back in a shower of blood and bone. A blur of motion, almost (00 quick to follow and the creature was free. Its talons and claws tore through the squad as Its mutated adrenal sacs pumped horrifying vigour III rough its alien metebottsm. Within seconds the infantrymen were dead, shredded strips of bloody flesh, no longer recognisable as human. The genes realer did nor pause to savour its handiwork, the chemicals thundering through its body drove it onwards in a frenzy of slaughter. Soon it would be dead, but until then it would exisl only to kill. The perfect predator. Deep Strike rules. any enemy models thaI are also under (or partially under) the large lemplate may be attacked in close combat. This is done In the Assault phase and IS conducted normally wllh the Tyranids counting as charging. Such Is the Ferocious troops slate 01 agitation thai they burst from the spore almost as soon as it lands and leap on the nearest enemies without hesitation. This is shown in the diagram below. The large circle shows the Ordnance template used to deploy the Deep Striking Tyranids.

Some broods may be mutated to maintain terminally-high adrenaline levels. This state is induced quite deliberately by the hive mind to turn a brood into even more vicious killers Ihan normal. Any normal Troops choice can be selected to be Ferocious. To do this they replace a Fast Attack choice on the Force Organisation chart. The Troops choice is now a Fast Attack choice, ,leaving the vacated Troops choice free and reducing the number of Fast Attack choices remaining by one, A unit may not be both Ferocious and Without Number (see later).

FAST ATTACK Gargoyles. 0-1 Raveners. HEAVY SUPPORT 0-1 Zoanthropes (no more than one Zoanthrope per brood). 0-2 Carnifex.

The only Tyranld models excluded from a seeding swarm are Biovores, Ripper Swarms. Old One Eye and The Red Terror. Biovores are not Included as the hive Ileel will already have saturated the target planet with a spore rruna preparatory bombardment if the mission calls for it. Ripper Swarms will come later when organised resistance is crushed and the business 01 consuming the planers bio-mattsr Is

The effect of Ferocity is

boosted Strength and speed (+1 Strenglh. +1 Initiative). Ferocious troops move in a blur, their bodies wracked with uncontrollable shaking and their eyes Iii by berserk

If you use a personalised Hive Fleet you may still use it as a seeding swarm. If you have a new genus of Hive Tyrant or Carnifex then you may use 0-' Hive Tyrant and 0-2 Carnllexes as shown on the Seeding Swarm Composition chart. Ripper Swarms never feature in seeding swarm forces so cannol be used. New genus's of Tyranid Warrior or Gaunt can be used treely in whatever category of the force organisation chart Codex Tyranids specifies (see Hive Fleet List Force Organisation on pg38).

Ferocious troops must assault illhere are any targets in range and must perform a sweeping advance Instead of consolidating whenever the option exists. When a brood is subject to Ferocity the normal proviso that Deep Striking troops are destroyed if they land within 1" of an enemy model does not apply. When deploying a Ferocious unit using the

The three models directly under rhe template can be attacked. as can the partially covered modet, wnnou; /'lavmg to roll a 4+ to see if (he partially covered model is affected.


etocious brood of Genestealers Instantly pours from the shattered remains of s cannot live long in such an mycetic spore, The replacement brood can therefore Deep Strike even if this is not allowed in the scenario being played. If the scenario allows Sustained Attack anyway then Without Number broods re-enter play us ng the Deep Strike rules rather than coming on the table edge.

tnycetic spore,

-:ad state and Ferocious broods

-~ appalling attrition due to :.gical system lailure. At the end of - Assault phase of the Tyranld ~ 's turn, whether the unit has ~ m close combat or not, resolve a ~th 2 hit on each boosted brood - ="'"1oer, ith no Armour save. These w :=-.3 do no: begin unlll the brood is __ajlyon the table.

A seeding swarm arrives from reserve in a piecemeal fashion, so early on in the game you will have to play according to what arrives. Taking a Uclor and some Genestealers 10 deploy conventionally can be quite effectlve as it gives the enemy something to focus on and ensures that at least part of your force is immediately available. Because you will be landing amongst the enemy, firepower Is not as important as normal, a seeding swarm came on and were tensing for a finaf leap when they were enveloped In roaring gaul of fire from the squad's flamer. A lasl Hormagaunt, its hide bFackened, made it through the fire and leapt forward landing before a Guardsman, plunging both of its sword-like talons through his torso with a triumphant hiss. Before It could move Sergeant Clay's chains word swept across tts chest knocking It on its back while he calmly put four boll pistol rounds through Its head. "There you go lads, not so lough en?" beamed Ihe Sergeant but there was no answer from his squad, FollOWing their gaze he saw another brood as large as the last dropping from the building while yet another seemed 10 be massing within. Even Nathaniel Clay, twelve years a veteran, hesitated briefly before his stoic sense of duty reasserted Itself. "We may need to put some overtime in today men," he said, with a feral grin. "Fire!"

If one of the Incarnations of the

Without Numberbrood is lost while periorming a Deep Strike then Its replacement arrives in the following tum.

the negative effects of entad Ferocity is potentially =-:pIing, Ihese broods are able to ,Iy overwhelm key positions while -",r Tyranids are stili emerging trorn ~ mycelic spores, their sacrifice €flIng up the defences for those thai 3'11. If the Tyranids are not arriving ..,ycetic spore then they deploy "ally, but otherwise follow the =::-ocity rules.

• (normal Troops choice can be ""ectad to be Without Number, To do 5 they replace a Heavy Support -oice on the Force Organisalion art. The Troops choice is now a -eavy Support, leaving the vacated -"')Ops slot free and reducing the -nbsr of Heavy Support choices "?"'laming by one. A unit may not be _:JtrI Ferocious and Without Number.

tnou: Number has the effect of -.aking the brood the first of a series of aves, each consisting of an identical _'ClOd. Without Number broods are - Nays subject to the Sustained Attack zoecial rule (see page 137 of the, When the brood is destroyed or t is falling back and the Tyranid :. ayer chooses to remove it, then an ]entical brood re-enters play during e next Tyranid tum arriving by

The tus! Chimera skidded to a stop. Clay's squad dismounted while the rest of the Company roared on, Sergeant Clay formed them up (acing the power station administration building in a loose skirmiSh order and began to advance. Mycerlc spores had penetrated the planetary defences and /ancJed in and arOlJnd hydroelectric facility. The upper floor of the admimstratlon bwlding had a gaping hole In it; the squad's job was to check it out. They had barely got Within 500 paces when a horde of fanged and clawed Hormagaunts leapt from the building's upper windows and bounded at them. The Guardsmen obeyed their training and Sergeant Clay's terse orders firing short controlled bursts (rom theIr lasguns as the Hormagaunts closed. They were too many and too fast to be stopped by fasguns alone though, and the Chimera added its heavy weapons 10 the selva. ripping a hole m the brood just as the squad's heavy bofter coughed into life, The surviving Hormagaunts stili



A terrifying Tyranid seeding swarm pours in from all sides as the mycetic spores rain down upon the Uftramarines' battle can get away with being armed solely
with tooth and claw but it will need

Space Marines have got to fail their armour saving throws some timel
Ferocious broods are marked for death the moment they are selected, so it does not pay to invest too many points In them. They are great for tying up dangerous enemy units who are in the strongest defensive positions. If they arrive later then they become really useful reinforcements as their spores drop right Into ongoing combats or onto enemy fire bases. Small broods of Genestealers can be particularly useful tn this rate as in their boosted state they are able to lay waste to pretty much anything they can Jump on before they die out themselves.

some monstrous creatures or loads of rending claws to deal with enemy tanks. The hive mind's Leadership is essential
10 sustain the swarm through the heavy losses it will doubtless take. Don't skimp on Synapse creatures

swarm is in facl absolutely ideal for a hive fleet thai specialises in hordes of the smaller critters.
I have selected one HQ - a very touqr Hive Tyrant whose presence should

because the consequence of running out is a lot of Morale ohecks against very low Leadership. Early in the game you may only have a singJe Synapse brood or creature on at any moment In time. If so, concentrate on keeping them out of the line of fire bul within Synapse range of the lesser creatures. Broods taken as Heavy Support with the Without Numberrule are very useful and can be hurled into combat secure in the knowledge that they will be back. Large Hormagaunf broods are Ideal choices in this regard. Their combat abilities are formidable, being more than a match for Imperial Guard and Eldar Guardians. With an advantage In numbers they can even threaten Space Marines - remember 46 mANID SEEDINGSWARMS

So how do we balance If all up? The best way of showing the Irue potential of the seeding swarm menace is via an army list. I designed the following list to be representative 01 a seeding swarm and a swift glance should Show how scary this variant 01 the Tyranids can be. I have used the standard Tyranid list with no biomorphed genuses although there Is no reason not to use your own hive fleel. The seeding

cause a lot of worry. As he is quite likely to appear in the middle of Ihe enemy lorces Ihe Psychic Scream should be effective. When playing against Andy Chamber'S swarm recenUy I was impressed by the way Warp Field protected his Tyrant from my missile launchers, so I have casually stolen the idea. There are times when a venom cannon, for all its three shots at Strength 8, Just Isn't the tool for the job, so I have selected Warp Blast to frighten Space Marines and punish anyone grouping together too tightly.
t really like the new Tyranid Warriors so I have Included three broods as Elite choices. I have found the satesl place for a Tyranid Warrior is often in melee rather Ihan being a target, so I have equipped them all with rending claws to ensure that they can hurt wellarmoured enemies. Venom cannons

Tyranids arriving. The other Heavy Support pick HAD to be a Carnifex as these rampaging monstrosities have the capacity to rip, rend and tear their way through virtually anything. Even the normally invulnerable Land Raider is just so much food packaging to the Camifex, so it is certain to draw masses of fire. For Fast Attack choices I took a standard Gargoyle brood, primarily so that I had a few more things 10 shoal wflh on landing, and also because with their bio-plasma the Gargoyles can be surprisingly dangerous. For the other two choices I took Genestealer broods with the Ferccious rule. There win Inevitably be games where the cecslon point is whether one or !wo lirebases can be held. The Genestealers will be hurled at Ihe flrebases. I don't expect them to live but I do expect them to get their claws bloody very quickly. Ideally the damage done by these broods will be suHicient to give the hordes of Hormagaunls and Tyranid Warnors the chanoe to get the Job done.
As is often true with armies lacking firepower. by giving your opponent Jots of difficult target choices you maximise the chance of them getting it wrong al the key time. In this army the Tyrant, Tyranid Warriors and Camifex are what

Hive Tyrant with scything talons & venom cannon; Warp Blast. Warp Field & Psychic Scream. 158 pts


3 Tyranid Warriors Two with devourer & rending claws, one with venom cannon & rending
claws. 120


3 Tyranid Warriors Two with scy1/1ingtalons and rending claws, one with venom cannon & rending claws. 111 pts 3 Tyranid Warriors Two with scything talons and rending claws, one with venom cannon & rending claws. 111 pis

9 Hormagaunts with Hive Node mutant 9 Hormagaunts with Hive Node mutant 9 Hormaga.unts with Hive Node mutant 100 pis 100 pts

will really worry an opponent. Everything else is really a decoy but a

': '8 only Tyranid guns with decent _ :~ so I included one in each brood. _ urers are great close-up and I =asonsd thai there would be times :rging from a mycetic spore when a of death might be usefuL
: -8

100 pts

potentially deadly decoy if with Ihe proper respect



6 Genestealers

a the seeding swarm rules, I

thai I would be using lots of and decided to stick to ~eslealers and Hoemaqaunts. The ~~ is 10 land in numbers and get into -- ee very quickly. Three Hormagaunt -~


tie :!s

s st

:-:.o:1s make up my Troops selections '-"included a mutant Hive Node in I of them. The vagaries of -esarves and Deep Strike being what ~ are, it is quite possible that these "Xlds will have to operate away from -e hive mind for some time, so having - _eadership value 0110 will help _ event them Irom adopting instinctive snavlour when I least want lt, Hormagaunt broods were selected ss Heavy Support to benefi.! from the ttnou! Number rule. These will ::-'1Sure that the swarm will keep -:uming and that even on the last move :' the game there may be more

I make no claims that the seeding swarm is Invincible, indeed I can telt you for certain thai it isn't. What I do claim is that it's the type of army that will have your opponent watching the game from behind the sola and developing a tendency to look up a lot. just in case. All in all, seeding swarms have terrifying potential, but throwing your broods at a planet is a gamble thai could cost you. The resultant battle Is likely to be intense and brutal. What more could you want? Have fun.

FerocJty 6 Genestealers
Ferocity 9 Gargoyles

96 pts 96 pts
90 pts

16 Hormagaunts with Hive Node mutant



170 pts

10 Hormagaunts with Hive Node mutant

Without Number

110 pts

Carnlfex with venom cannon and scything

talons 133pts


1,495 pts

}I :J valls


BY ANDY CHAMBERS & PETE HAINES We released the third, and latest, edition of Warhammer 40,000 nearly four years ago and since then hordes of enthusiastic garners have played countless battles all around the world. We never stop developing and improving our rules and eagerly listen to leedbae> from our garners. Incorporating these into our own Ideas. A large part of the Warnammer 40,000 experience is the Assault phase and the Warhammer 40,000 Games Development team have been discussing Assaults, coming up with a great set of trial rules, primarily aimed at veteran gamers and tournament players. These rules aren't radically different from those in your rulebook but we feel they sort out some of the muddler and more difficult areas of assaulting and give a system which flows more smoothly. A couple of obvious questions spring to mind thoug.h, so let's go through those now: • How does this affect the current rules? The rules, as published In the Warhammer 40,000 rule book, are the official rules ant: these new trIal rules don't alter that. As long as your opponent agrees you can happily try out these trial rules though. • Which rules will tournament players use? To find out whIch system of rules will be used In all aspects of the game consult your tournament packs or contact your tournament organiser - all tournaments will use different criteria.
DeSigner's note: The change to having L charge Ihe target of your shooting is an important one - the old assault unit tricks of hitting one unit with ranged attacks anc then chargmg a different enemy can no longer be used (unless you can reach bolh, of course). This helps bnng assauJI units more into line with firepower based ones in thai they can only attack one enemy 1.10;/ in their turn. The one exception to this is unjts such as Hormagaunts which are both vel)! fast an. vel)! numerous, as these may be able fa engage several enemy units at once, effectively swamping the enemy defence. Also note that a unit doesn't have to oharge the nearest enemy unit, although can be dlfficun to bypass one unit to resc: anolher, as we'll see later.

While firepower may be enough 10 drive an enemy back from open ground or lighlly held positions, shif1ing a determined foe from a lortitied bunker or ruined settlement will need sterner measures. The term Assault covers all seven steps summarised below:

1. Declare Charges. Announce which of

your units intend to charge. 2. Move Charging Units. Move units which are charging. 3. Fight Close Combat. Troops light in close combat. Mode!s roll to hit, to wound, and then saving throws are made through ten Initiative steps. 4. Determine Assault 'Results. Total up wounds fnllicted. The side Which Infllcled the most wounds in each combat is the winner. S. loser Checks Morale. The loser has pass a Leadership test or faU back. II Lhe loser falls lhe test, go to step 7. 6. Pile In. II units are still locked in close combat then any unengaged models must move 6" towards the enemy 10 continue the fight nexltum.
7. losers

III his own Assault phase a player can declare a charge with any of his units that are wilhin Assault range 01 an enemy unit and nol already in close combat Assault rallge is typically 6" but some units can assault 9", 12' or more. Where this is the case it Will be noted in the unit's special rules. The unit may charge any enemy unit that can be contacted by at least one of its models making an Assault move which avoids any obstructions such as Impassable terrain or other enemy units which you do not wish to contact.
A unit that flred in the Shooting phase of the current turn may only declare a charge against the unft it shot at A urut that remained stationary in the Movement phase ill order to fire heavy weapons or fire twice with pistols or rapid fire weapons may not charge at all in Ine Assault phase.
A unit may charge multiple enemy units

Break Off and Winners Consolidate. Units tailing backlrom close combat must test to see if they successlully break off; the winners may try to keep them In combat, engage a new loe or reorder their ranks.

but only if the charging unit can reach them all without losing unit coherency. Select aile untt a-s !he primary target and move to engage that one first as detailed below. If Ihe unit fired In the Shooting phase it must start its charge by engagrng the uni1 il shot at first. Exception: Models BUell as Terminators, Bikes, Dreadnoughts and Walkers, which always count as stationary when firing, do no' have 10 charge the same unit they shot at.

Charging units may now move into close combat with the unit (or un11S) they have declared a charge against. Onoe a mode is in base-to-base contact wllh an enemy model It ls said to be ENGAGED (as in engaged In combat). The unit that the models belong to are then sald to be LOCKED (as In locked rn close combat). Move all the models in each charging unr before movlIlg on 10 the nexl unit. The charging player decides [he sequence in which his units Will move. All the models ,.. a charging unit make an extra 6" move in exactly the same way as If moving In the

An Ork mob set» upon a Black Temp/ars squad as they deploy from their drop pod.





ck Id Iy


Terrain effects Models assaulting into, out of or through difficult terrain will be slowed down in the same manner as models moving through such terrain in the Movement phase. Roll two 06 and pick the highest to see how lar they can move. I their move is insufficient to reach the target unit then the charge does not proceed and no close combat ensues. The models are not moved and it Is assumed that they simply did not have lime to scramble lhrough tne dlftlcult terrain, or thought better of II due to their poor progress. Didn't make it? Enemy units that have been charged but have nol been contacted are not considered to be locked and are not involved in the combat In any way. Designer's note: The rules for charging have been lightened up considerably for

, 'a

..ssaulting umt may charge. -OSesl model moves in first.

srnern phase. Note tha some units


~re this

be able to charge lu rther than this. Is the case, It will be noted in army list.

Partway through charge - all moves must end in coherency with a model Ihat has already moved. 2 must charge the unengaged model, bul 3 cannot reach an unengaged model so jams 1 instead.


.e e 1e1 y

the charge by moving 8. single model the charging unit. The model must be one nearest the enemy being charged. e lhe model Into contact with the --"esl enemy model in the unit being "'=rged. This islhe stan point of the close oat. Next move each model in the .:.1Ilng unit In turn up to 6" towards the or units they have declared a charge Remember tha if the enemy is not - n 6" of at least one model, the charge es not happen. See Diagram 1.

In all cases, models may not move through friendly or enemy models and may not pass through gaps narrower than their base diameter. You may not move models within 1" 01 enemy models they are not chargjng. See Diagram 4.

the sake of clarity. During the initial charge, the attackers are subject to the normal Movement rules with the exception thai they can now move within t" of the enemy in order to fight rfJem In close combat. It JS possible to set up units to block the path of a charge, however, since models may still nor move through each other. TIghl terrain can also mean met initial charges become 'choked', a/though If the combat continues, it is assumed to sprawl out as deta.iled later. Note thaI difficult terrain is handled differenUy to the Movement phase - thiS way we save lots of pointless AssauJi moves which won't result In combats occurring .

Diagram 3.

Diagram 4.

.-ed you can move the others In any


Ihe firs! model in the unit has been

s in

in re

uence you desire. There are some traints on their movement though. The important one Is that each model - end its charge move In coherency ....another model in the same unit that ~ already moved. See Diagram 2. :JOsslble the model must contact an ---;my model which is not already JY]aged. If there are no unengaged -ooels in reach then you must contact an fimy model that is already engaged with _ 'l! or more friendly models. If you cannot :ach any enemy models, you must try to -uve wilhin 2" of one of your own models is ell gaged with an enemy model. If is Impossible then the charging model zst lust obey the main rule and move to ;Jln 2" of a member of its own unit that -,25 already moved, See Diagram 3.
IOU follow this sequence you will end up tI'I all the models In the charging unit in _ unit coherency distance of one another, ..wing engaged as many enemy models ~ possible with as many chargers as :ossible.

,I' .......'4

,, ,, , , , ,

, , ,

5 cannot contact an enemy so moves


supporting posltion.

The enemy models are already engaged. 1 & 2 cannot mak.e the move shown because Ihey come within I" of an enemy they are not charging, or pass through too small e gap. 8 can move as shown.


How good creatures are In close combat depends almost entirely on their physical cnaractsnsncs. In other words how fast, strong, tough and ferocious they are. Armourremains useful for warding off blows and shots, but ranged weaponry becomes a secondary consideration the best gun in the galaxy won't help if your opponent is baShing your brains out with a rockl In close combat, both players' models How many blows are struck and who strikes rirst is discussed below. The rules are written assuming that there is only a single close combat occurring in the turn. Of course, there may be several separate assaults being lought simullaneously In different parts of the battlefield. If this Is the case, Ihe player Whose turn it is can choose what order to fight the combats in; complete steps 3-7 for each combat before moving on 10 IMe next.

Atta.cksand count the benef1ls at any special close combat attack forms thsy have. All models that are within 2' of a friendly model which is engaged in combat will take part In the figh1ing as well, not just those in base contact. They only gel a Single Attack though, regardless of the number of Attacks on Iheir profile, and ge1 no benelit tram any speoial close combal attack forms they have. Such models are referred to as supporting models. See Diagram 5.


Troops who are delendlng cover have a massive advantage in an assault. They can fire from their hiding place at their approaching enemies and then smite them down as they struggle to get to grips with their hidden foe. It's all In the reflexes when it comes to combat In the open: slow lumbering opponents can be quickly dispatched by a faster and more agile foe. Unlortunalely, lumbering opponents, such as arks, are tough enough to be able to withstand a vlctous pummelling and come back for more. In close combat, models defending in or behind cover, will strike at Initiative 10. Resolve all their attacks and remove a casualties before moving on 10 the rest of the models. Fighting for the remainde is resolved according to the Initiative value of the models. Models with the highest Initiative attack first, then the next highest and so on. Work your way down the Initiative scores in each separate combat until everyone has fought (assuming they haven't already been killed by a model in cover or with a higher Initiative). If both sides have models with the same Initiative, attacks are made simultaneously. Note: Some units' rules specify that they strike 'first' or 'last' In close combat - this means with Initiative 10 or Initiative 1.



WMo can fight? Close combat is a swirling melee of fighters leaping forward, spinning, hacking and slashing alone another. As well as fighting hand-le-hand, warriors will be firing at point blank range at any target 1hat presents itself. Models in base-to-bass contact with the enemy will fight wllh their full number of



base contact

fight with their full number of Attacks. The model supporting In 2' makes a single Attack and may not use special

crase combat attacks.



'odels in or behind cover normally fight - close combat wilh Initiative 1 O. This =oresents the advantage of cover: their ~cks include not only close fighting :Jt also shots against the enemy as -f!Y charge in. Apar1 from this, cover :.Jes not affect hits or anything else in =- assault. After the first round of close -;:;mbat, fighting Is assumed to have apt Inlo the cover so It gives no ~'lher advantage to models in it. Note at cover advantage applies only 10 +odsls In cover that are being charged. :>Urne units count as being in cover all <3 lime because of psychic abilities or -eird lorce lields - Ihese are 01 no -a1elit if the unit charges. 30metimes a unrt will only count as being - cover If it is assaulted from a specilic ~ recflon from which the cover has an ~-'ect. For example, a Space Marine "'Olad behind some oil drums Is In cover assaulted over the oil drums but not II zssaulted from the rear. If a direci line '"".)fT1 any of the assaulting models to the est enemy modet, before assaulting -oops are moved, passes through Ihe -over then it is assumed to be enough of obstruction to count,

24+ 4+ 4+

3 5+ 4+ 4+


5+ 4+ 4+ 4+

9 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+

10 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+



5+ 5+ 5+ 4+

5+ 5+

..... .....

2 3 4 5


52 ......



3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+


4+ 4+ 4+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+


3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+


3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+

3+ 3+
3+ 3+

4+ 3+
3+ 3+ 3+ 3+


4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 3+

4+ 4+

c.: .... :.::

7 8 9

3+ 3+ 3+

~ <

4+ 3+

3+ 3+


Exception: Models such as Terminators, Bikes, Dreadnoughts and Walkers, which always count as stationary when fiflng, always receive the charge bonus whether or not they lire before entering close combat. Models not louching an enemy, but within 2" 01 a model from Il1elr own unit that is touching an enemy, may make one Attack regardless 01 their profile, armament or whether they charged.

game when you've got several big close combats going on al once. In the example above. the Space Marine player Would rol/ his ten Attacks logether.
Hlnlng units with different Weapon Skills Many unlts In Warharnmer 40,000 contain models with different levels of Weapon Skill. Attacks against a untt are resolved using the Weapon Skill ot the majority Iype in the unit. For example, if a mob of twenty Grots (WS2) is led by an Ork Slaver (WS4), while Ihe Gtots are in the majority then Attacks against the unit are resolved using their WS of 2 - however skilled the Slaver is he can't prevent the Grots getting hit in the first place. If there is no majonty Weapon Skilllype, use the lowest Weapon Skill In the unit. When models attack, calculate their own To Hit numbers based on their own Weapon Skill. II the Grots and Slaver hit baak at their enemies, the Grots' To Hit number will be based on a comparison of WS2 with the enemy WS, the Slaver's on a comparison of WS4 with the enemy WS. Allocating attacks We simply assume that the warrior is contnbutlng his shots and blows to the swirling combat gOing on. This means we don't have to worry about Whether individual models strike their respective opponents In base contact When a unit inflicts hits, they may only affect enemy models which are engaged with them or supporting a model that Is In contact with them. These are the only enemies able to strlke back at them, so il Is reasonable that these are the only ones who can be hurt. If all the enemy models In the 2' 'Danger Zone' are slam then any excess wounds are lost. See Diagram 6.

ve a
ney eir

:> the

Jesigner's note: The Cover rules are -ended to make It hard to dIslodge 'j!!fendlng units wnnou: a concerted "",ort. Grenades can help to mitigate this 3:S Ihey can force the enemy under ;:over during the vulnerable charge. "1115 with speCial abilities which confer xxninuou« cover' do not benefit from its =dvantages when charging as they have '::l move up to close quarters where Iheir :onceafmentls less effective.

n be nore

-nacks in close combat work like shots shooting - each attack that hits has a ~:1ance to wound, the wounded model rets a chance to save, and If It fails Is 1enerally) removed as a casualty. 33ch model in base-to-base contact lh an enemy model strikes with the -umber of Attacks (A) on its :;''1aracteristics profile. In addition, the ';)lIowlng bonus Attacks apply.


In or

DeSigner's note: This Is another importanl change. Under the previous rules there was seldom any good reason not to charge into close combat in order 10 gel tile bonus Attack for charging (do it to them before they do it to yau)_ This change means that troops well-armed with guns may be more inclined to stand their ground and shoal, leading 10 more Short-ranged 'ftreffghts'. Un;ts using ffamers and other shortranged weapons must weigh up the benefits of shooting over getting an extra Attack in close combat
Rolling to hit To determine whether hits are scored roll a 06 lor each Attack a model has. The dice roll needed to score a hit on your enemies depends on the relative Weapon Skills (WS) at the attackers and their foes. Compare the Weapon Skill of the attackers with the Weapon Skill of their opponents and consult the To Hit chart below to find the minimum score needed on a D6 to hit.

e any rest lindel

e s


Idel If me ules

1 Two weapons. Models in base-toease contact which have an additional ;jOse combat weapon or a pistol In each -.and have an extra + 1 Attack. Models "th more than two weapons gain no ~ddillonal benefil - you only get one 3xira Attack regardless of whether you "aVe two or more close combat eapons,
-1 Charge. Models to base-to-base ::vnteal \,,110 launched the close assault '1at turn (ie, charged) get +1 Attack on !lelf normal protlle for that tum, only if 1ey did n01 tire in the Shoaling phase. .lodels belonging to units which fired in ne Shooting phase do not receive the :harge bonus.

Example: A unit of tive Space Marines fighting five Eldar would rol/ five D6s for their artacks_ If they were charging and did not shool In the Shooling phase they would (a/lien D6s (1 Attack + 1 each for charging). Atracks should be rolled lagether where the same ro/l to hit IS needed - this approach saves time and speeds up the




3 6+



7 N N


9 N N N N N


5+ 41-

6+ 6+ 5+ 4+
3+ 2+

3 4

3+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+
2+ 2+

4+ 3+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+ 2+

6+ 6+ 5+ 4+ 3+ 2+

2+ 2+ 2+ 2+



.... CI




.... .....

6 7


4+ 3+

6+ 5+ 4+ 3+ 2+


2+ 2+ 2+


6+ 6+ 5+

Remember that attacks are resolved in Initiative order, so irs possible that all 01 the available enemies may be slain before some models gel to strike. See Diagram 7.



2+ 2+ 2+

2+ 2+

2+ 2+

2+ 2+

4+ 3+




Diagram 7.

What Strength to use In almost all cases, when rOiling to

wound in close combat use the Strength on the attacker's profile, regardless of what gun they ara using. Some (but not all) close combat weapons may give tt1e attacker a Strength bonus. In a unit containing different Strength models roll their attacks separately (they'll quite oHen have different Initiative characteristics too). So, for example, in a unit of Gretchin with an Ork Slaver, the Grots' attacks are made with their puny Strength of 2. but the Slaver's attacks use his more macho Strength of 3. Different Toughness values If the unit being attacked contains models with different Toughness characteristics, then the hits are converted 10 wounds using the majority Toughness in Ihe unit If there is an equal number of models with diNeren1 Toughness characteristics. the owning player chooses which Toughness is used. To continue the example above. The urut of Grots (T2) with Ork Slaver (T4) will suffer rolls to wound using the Grots' meagre Toughness as long as they are in the majorhy. Once again remember that this Is figured at each Initiative step. So, for example, if the Grot unit was whittled down to a single Grot and the Slaver, the attacks at the next Initiative step could be resolved at the Toughness of the Slaver at the option ollhe owning player - all in all a smart move.

models 'hiding behind' the hIgher Toughness of an anomalous individual

Models struck and wounded in close combat can attempt an Armour Save te avoid becoming casual lies. Models usually get to save regardless of the attacker's Strength but some especial!} monstrous creatures and powerful clOSE combat weapons wilt punch straight through armour. Note that cover provides no extra protecllon in close combat as it does against shooting. Remember Ihat Invulnerable models are allowed to make Invulnerable Saves throws even where Armour Saves would not normally be allowed. If the rules for a weapon or attack states that no Armo Save is allowed, then only an Invulnerable Save may be made.

The attackers kill four enemy with their Attacks, bur only three enemies are in the Danger Zone - the fourth kill is lostl

Rolling To Wound Not all of the attacks that do hit will harm your enemy. They may be deflected by equipment, parried at the last moment or merely Inflict a graze or flesh wound. Once you have scored a hit with an attack you must roll again to see if you score a wound and incapacitate your foe. The procedure Is the same as for shooting. Consult lhe chart, cross-referencing the attacker's Sirength characteristic (S) with the defender's Toughness (T). The chart indicates the minlmum 06 foil requIred to inflict a wound.

they may only affeot enemy models in contact with them or wl1hin 2" of a model In contact with them. This is effectively IhE Danger Zone trom which all casualties will be drawn. Aside from this restriction, Ihe player suffering the casualtres is free to choose which models die from those in tt1e unit. Allocate wounds 10 one model at a time each model can absorb wounds equal I( their Wound characteristic. Keep allocating wounds to a mOdel until it ls dead or all the wounds have been allocated. When a model dIes and there are stili wounds to be lnillcted, pick another model and repeat the sequence until all possible casualties have been suffered or Ihe wounds inmcted have aU been allocated. Casualties should be


Example: A Space Marine (Strength 4) hits a Dark EJdar (Toughness 3). Referring to the To Wound chart below we find thaI the Space Marine requires a 3 or more on a D6 to Wound.

Designer's note: The ma}onty Toughness of the unit is used to prevent the combat bogging down into allocating individual attacks agalnsl different models and having to make separafe to wound rolls. There are a few /.Jnits with differing Toughness values and this rule prevents weaker



ed in such a way that the unit ~..?_-nscoherency wherever possible. - ~;Jresents the way that a unit can - - led down to a tight knot in close =ossible thal casualties may exceed ~ber 01 models in the Danger - ~ which case the surplus hits are ~ed. The calculation of which are in the 2" Danger Zone is - at the start of Step 2 (Rght close - ) and is not affeoted by ....... If a model started a combat ..,s. zact with an enemy mode) that is . will be treated as a model -:eel in combat until the snd of Ihe phase. -ooel becomes a casualty before he =:- opportunity to attack, then he - - strike back. When striking blows - eously, you may find It more enl 10 resolve one side's attacks ~ ply lie wounded models on meir _ remind you that they are yet to

attacking with as normal. However, when the defending player makes Armour Saves, he Uses the best saves as long as Ihe models wearing Ihal type 01 armour are in the majority (ie, they outnumber models with worse Saves in the unit). Any casualties which are removed after saving throws have been taken must come trom amongst the mast heavily armoured models first (ls, the ones with the best Armour Saves take the tnts).

tlIe-Wound creatures, creatures whole models must

If heavier armoured models are in the minority, use the worst Armour Saves and take the casualties from the lightly armoured models first. If there are more hits than the majority type, distribute them out so that all go an the majorl1y type before hining minority models, In each case, the differently armoured models get to LIse their own A.rmour Saves if they are hit. If there is no Save type in the malortty, the owning player gets to decide which group gets hit first.
Example: A squad of Black Templars Space Marines includes four ImfJales (SV3+) and six Neophytes (Sv4+) is inside the enemy's 2" Danger Zone. The squar::J suffers eight wounds in close combal. There are SIX models In the unit with a Save of 4+, so six Armour Save rons are snemotea - four fail and four of the Neophytes are removed as casualties, the remaining two hits spill over onto the Inn/ates and are saved using their 3+ Armour Sa VB.

More attacks than models If the unit has the misfortune to sulfer more wounds than It has models In the Danger Zone then the remaining wounds are 'lapped round' and start hitting the majority type again. For example, if the Black Templars had suffered fourteen wounds, six would go on Ihe Neophytes as they are In the majority, four on the Initiates and then the remaJning lour wounds would be resolved on the Neophytes. As with all attacks, the results of each Initiative step are resoNed belore moving on to the next, so the majority type of armour for the unit could change through the phase as casualties occur. For example, if the squad above had now been reduced to two Initiates and two Neophytes, If It suffers more wounds m the next InitIative step then they could go to the Initiates or the Neophytes flrst at Ihe option of the ownIng player. Invulnerable Saves

A model may only elect 10 use lis

Invulnerable Save each time il Is allocated a wound under the majorily rules given above. Designer's note: Ttus last obscure reference is to prevent mdividual models with storm shields, rune armour, el ai, taking a disproportionate amount of the damage during close combat, claiming they can break the majorlly rules or other weirdness.

ad previously, with multiple~ved as casualties wherever

-=ent Armour

Saves '" anit being attacked contains ~s with diNerent Armour Saves, .o.ame procedure is used as for g at mixed anmour units. So the - n9 player rolls to hit and to -d for whichever unit he is

An Ork Nob


up to

Necron Lord in the deptns of a lomb world.



Even thoug'h high·powered: lasers ami plasma, weapons scour the battlefleh:ls of the 41.51 Mille.nnlum, close combat remains commonplacesieges, city IIghllng, boarding, actions and tunnel warfare are noted more for the leroclt~ 01 the lighting. than .any strategic nuances. Seasoned al,ways bear a deadly array of clubs, kn'lves, Irag grenad!!s and bayo nets for close-qua rte r Ilghtl n9. Assault troops 1'.'111 svsn morfl lull V be equipped, laking. pistols, swcrcsandaxes Into hat1le wlth them Most deadly 01 all are the power weapons thai are sheathed In disruptive energy Fields of cracklmg blue bats-fire. Power weapons solmrer cerarmte amour plates and mell plasteelln the blirlk 01 an eye, smashing through even the loughest armour like paper. Specialised weaponI)' can give troops a real edge In close combat. Some of the most common close combat weapons and special attacks Bfa listed below Nole that models With special close combat attacks can always choose not 10 use Ihem and aUac~ norrnauy instead. If you're wondenrlg why you I11lght want to do \l"lat, read the power Nst entry belowl Somet,mas a model mIght be equipped with more than one type 01 speCial weapon: a power 1151 In one hand and a power axe In Ihe other for example_ In IhlS slluauon the player can opt lo have !he model strike in InitlalJVe 5equenc~ With Ihe power axe, counting th.e power list as an additional close cornba] weapon, or slrike at Irlitlatlve 1 with the powarfist. countlrlg the power alia as an additional close combat weapon. lmportant ncte: Unless notad otherwise, only mcdets in base-to-base contact wilh the enemy can use thelf special close combat attacks. Power 'Fist or Claw A power fist or claw is a powered, armoured qaumlet surrounded by en energy Ileid Ihal disrupts solid matter. It Is an awesome weapon most commonty seen filled 10Space Marina Tarrninatnr armour A power fisl or claw doubles the user's Sirangth up 10 a maximum of 10 arid Ignores Armour Saves. Only the user's basic Slrel1gth IS doubled - any acdmonal bonus for spec,al abintles are added after Strengtn has been doubled. The ol1lydrawback Is thal a power flsi is slow and cumbersome 10 use. so a modet ermed wilh a power hst or claw always strikes al Initlatlva 1 no matter whallts bearer'S InitiatIVe IS (moludlr19 any bonuses tor special rutes. cover, grenades or wargear - power fists always strike allMialive 1 no matter w11all). LightnIng Claws lightning claws are commonly used as rnateheo pairs. They oonsist of a number 01 blades IlJl"tendir1g from a houslflg on the wrlsl and back of Ihe hand. Eac'li blade IS iii rrnnipower weapon in ~s own righl and, It Ihey hil, one blade or another IS ftKely to wound. Lightning claws ignore Armour Saves and may re-rou any To Wound dice Ihat 1811 10 wound ones each. The only weapon that can provide an additional close combat w·eapon atl.acl! bonus lor a model with a nghlning claw Is another lightning claw ThunCier Hammer Thunder hammers release an ear-splitting blast 01 energy when they strike. A Ihunder hammer counts as a powerllsl bul any model wounded by It and not killed will be knocked reellrlg and attacks wilh IniUaHve 1 in the naX! Assauh phase. Vehicles struck by a thunder hammer su.ffer a 'crew shaken' result In addition to any other results tiley suffer Power Weapons A power weapon (IYI)ically a sword or axe. 'but more' rarely a glaJVa, halberd or mace) is shealhed [n the lethal haze 01 a dlsruptive 'energy Mtd. Whan a blow tS struck, a cracklinq bias! of energy tears at the target, eal1l1g through armour, flesh and bone With ease. A model armed With a power weapon Ignores Amour saves. Note that some power weapons may provide the attacker WIlt; IXJr"\usStren.gth ln addltlon or wound on a fixed dice score regardless 01 the enemy's Toughness characteristic. These wi(l be detailed m the appropriate Codex. Crose Combat Weapons (cheinswords/swords/exes/pistols, etc.) Tllere is a bewlldenog array 01 close combat weapons ranglng lrorn simple clubs and axes 10 hand Namers and cnalnswnrds, These weapons center no bonus 10 !he Slrengtn or hltllng power 01 combatants. However. as a model with a weapon in each hOI id gam5 an r addillonal Attack aqatnst an enemy in baseto-base contact, sword~ and pistols (or similar hand weapons) remain a useful cornbinatlorl lor harnHo-tlanl1 ~h\lng. A plasma pistol. like other pistols. can be used as a close combllI weapon_ II confers no Str.englh bonus or partculararmour penetration advanla.ges though. Poisoned Weapons Poisoned weapons are parllcularly teared and can lnelude avarylhing Irom normal weapons daubed In Venom to hypodermIC claws. They do nol rely on a comparison of Strength and Toughness to WOLlndbut 11'111 normally wound on a 4+. Some venoms are so lell1al Illal \l"le merest dmp can Kill, these will 'Wound on a 2,. Weapons wlthlhis !}Ips 01 lei hal venom are described In lI1e appropriate Codex. Heavy Close Combat Weapons Heavy close combat weapons are similar 10 close combat weapons but ara parllcularly massive and used to barter thfougn an opponent's defences Examples Include \l"le ark cheppaand the mighty chainaxe used by Berserkers 01 Khorne. There Is no armour th aI ca 11 compl slely prole ct iIs wearer aqamst a direct blow from such a weapon and Ihe best hope Is to dodge 10 tum It into a gTam:ing blow. Agall1s:1a heavy close eomoat weapon. beTfnr armour provides sharply diminishing rewards -Ihe maximum Armour Save thai applies aqamst heavy close combat weapons Is 4+ and any model with a batter Armour Save wil) only sava on 4+ Rending Weapon.s Rending weapons Is a ealegol)' mat ,l1cludes the snarpest edfjed and pointed weapons Whllsl not massive or excessively powerful, a well-placed blow Irom a rending weapon can lear thl"Qugh BI1Y armour and make a mockery of !lesh and bone Any roll to hit 01 6 with a rending weapon wltJ automatically cause a wound with no Armour Save possible. Agamst a vehicle, any Armour Penetration roll of 6 allows a further D6 10 be rolled sndihe result added to Ihe total score Force Weapons Force weapons are potent psychic weapons Ih at ca n on Iy be used by a [raj ned psyke r such as a lIbrarian. They are Ireatedas a power weapon, but can unleash a psychiC attack Ihat kills an opponent outright. Roll 10 hit and wound as normal, taking any Invull1erable Saves. Then. as long as one wound, nas been inflicted, make a single Psychic tesl lor uia psyker against one opponent wounded by the weapon. The normal rules lor using psychic powers apply. and you may nol use another psychic power in the same turn If lhe lest is passed then the opponent is slam outrighl, no matter how many Wourlds It has (but count Ihe actual number). Force weapOnS have no specia' effect against targets that don't have Wounds such as vehicles. Frag' Grenades Fragmenfation glenades can be IhroWn at opponents In cover to lerca them to keep Iheir heads down during a charge. The le\l"lal storm 01 shrapnel from exploding Irag gre nades I'.' III d'l:i ve opno ne rill> funn e r Into cover lor a few precious moments While the attackers close In Troops armed with Irag grenades that ate ellargirlg eneml' in or behlrld cover 11'111 Hghl wilh Initiative 10. so Ihey strike blows simultaneously With 1M delenders. Plasma Gre.nades Rather than the eruce Iragmenlallorl grenades used by other races, the Eldar amploy advancec plasma grenades to stun Iherr enarmes when they charge mto close combat The effects of cover on close combat IS l1egated by plasma grenades, so all fighi![lg Is done In me standard Intuallve sequence as the Inillative 10 bonus lor bem9 m cove r is 1051. Monstrous Creatures A monSTrOUScreature Is so huge and powertul thai Its attacks make a mockery 01 armour foes are not so much wounded as hideously mangled and crushed.
A monstrous model (Cam rtex , Grealer Daemon. elc) ignores Armour Saves.

Wherlattacking vehicles, a monstrous model rolls 2.06 for Armour Penelration and adds them belore adding thelr Strength. Speclel close combat attacksvs ditlerenlarmour saves It special close combat attacks come mto play agalnst a unlt with different Armour Saves lise the method of making majority Armour saves noted on the previous pages but appfYlng all special close combat attacks as early as posslhle For example, the Bleck Temp!ars squad oOled previously sufferfouf power weapon hits and tour normal hits ln a Single lmtiauve slep, The SIX Neophytes with a 4+ Armour save are ln the maJority so Ihey sufferlhe lour power weapon hilS With no Armour Save allowed Two mOfe hils can be saved aqalnst, howe~r, a.rld one IS made, resuffing in one more casueuy on the uniertunate Neophytes. rhe f'Bmaining two hits spill over and now the Initiates take Armour Saves using Ihelr Al1110ur Save 013+


)e 'e. s




Kraal fIght 10prated

Iheir TalJ employers. of line, throwing the foe toto contusion as they /1}' to pull back. This helps balance off some of the risks intrinsic in braving enemy fire to assault in the firs I place, and the vulnerability of esseuners to get blasted with supporting fire the moment they emerge from a ClOSEcombat.

If both sides score Ihe same number wounds, the combat is drawn and continues next turn.
-ssaults are usually very decisws - one - e or the other quickly gains the upper -and and forces back their foe. Numbers =!'ld leadership can keep a side In the got but the casual!ies which each side 'jets Is Ihe most telJing factor
-0 decide

who has won Ihe combat. -mal up the number of wounds inflicted _, each side. The side that causes the

";ost Is the winner; the other side is the oser and may be forced back If they fail Morale check. Note that wounds which -ave been negated by Armour Saves do -at count, nor do wounds In excess of a '"lodel's Wounds cnaractensnc, or ounds that were wasted because there eren't enough victims in the Kill Zone. Joly wounds actually inflicted count.

Wipe outl If one side destroys the enemy it wins automatically, even if it sustained more casualtles. They may consolidate as normal (see 10). In addition, the destruction of the unil wit I unnerve nearby friends If they are not already engaged In close combat. Take a Morale check for every unengaged friendly unit wi1l1in 6" 01 lhe victorious unit before it consolidates, If the check Is failed, tile unit In question will fall back as described below. See Diagram 8. Designer's note: This rule is borrowed from Warhammer. which quite sensibly supposes that troops seeing their fellows wiped oul /0 a man will start

Units which lose a close combat must make a Morale check to hold their ground. It they tait, they must abandon the Ilgh! and fall back (see section 7). Ii they pass, the unit holds its ground and fights on, Basically the combat is drawn and no further account is made of Ihe unit's defeat (apart from some gaodnatured taunting by the wmnert), Morale checks are covered in more detail in the Morale seclion of the rules. The Fal! Back rules are presented later. Some units have differing Fall Back rules. Where this is the case, 11is detailed in tnetr special rules.

giving serious thought to hoofing /1 before they're next! /I means Ihat tough
assault units can break an enemy gun

:Jiagram 8. Wipe



Unit11s Within 8" of Ihe enemy which Wiped out lte opponents and must check Morale. Unit 2 is more than 6' away and does not check Morale. Unit 3 is locked in close combat and 50 does n01 have 10 test,

At the end ot each ctose combal,



in unlts thai are locked but which are not engaged In combat themselves MUST move up to 6" In an attempt 1.0 contact enemy which their own unit is locked with. If they cannot engage the enemy they must gel as close as they can 10 them without moving out 01 unit coherency. Neither the presence of enemy models, nor terrain, affects ramtorcernent moves. Unlike in a charge, reinforcing models may move through obstructing terrain and models In order to engage. It can be imagined that the fighters at the front of the combat are becoming increaSingly embroiled and making such movement possible. Note


that the other restrictions for making a charge stili apply, so models must contact enemy models which are not already engaged tn combat in preference to those which already are. and must end their moves in coherency with another member of their own unit. Whenever both sides in an engagement have extra models to move, the player whose turn it is moves first. See Diagram 9, Diagram 9_ Pile In

Diagram 10. Consolidate


" .".



The victorious unit can m8ke a consolidate move of up /0 3' at the conclusion of the combat. This move could be used to enter difficult terrain with no penalty, or to engage enemy models In a new close combat


~ ~

>;/f\ .... ,




\"" ',_


1 must move 10 engage the unengaged enemy. 2 can pile in to help a friendly modef as no enemy are left unengaged.

them! A quick, ferocious opponent will drive home their advantage unmercifully. To represent this, the victors can opt to rotl 2D6 and compare il to the distance mat Ihe defeated troops have ro'lled to fall back. If ills greater, they gel an opportunity to seize the initiative and keep them engaged in a sweeping advance, The unit attempting to fali back does not move and the sweeping unit makes a Pile In move as described in Diagram 9 ~ the uni1which attempted 10 fall back does not do so. We assume that the cornered foe will fight back al

lUll effect against their pursuers, so In the next Assault phase the combat continues as before, with no one counting as charging. In effect, the attackers have chosen to continue the combat Instead of allowing their opponents to fall back and escape If the sweeping advance roll IS equal to or under the fall back roll, the losers extricate themselves from Ihe combat successfully. Make the fall back move lor the losing unit ~ the winners can no consolidate.

Important note: Once a unit is locked in combat It may only make Pile In moves and may not move in lhe Movement phase. If for some reason (mass carnage usuallyl) Pile In moves will not enable the unit to engage or support aqams] any enemy models, and the unit has no models engaged in combat itself, it is no longer considered to be locked in combat In this case it makes a consolidate move instead - the close combat comes to an end as the unit finds itself wiit! no enemies to fight. Designer's

(usually in multiple combats) where a unit slaughters everything and the Pile In move won't get it mto combat with the remnants of the enemy (as they'll often be surrounded and unable to pife in themselves). In this case it keeps things cleaner to simply consolidate with the
unit instead.

some situations that

note: This fast bit




come up

Where a side has won and their enemies fall back, the victors can choose to make a sweeping advance andlor consolidate their position.

Just because the losers of a close combat want to break off, it doesn'1 mean lIleir opponents are willing to le1



= -ne

units. like bikes and jump

case, rt will be detailed In their ~clal rules. Such units excel in -anying an opposing unit to death with -fllr superior speed and should be -i"Jployed against battered or fragile =~emles for best effect. Conversely, some units. like Terminators. are too sow and ponderous to pursue a -=fealed enemy and are nol allowed to +ake a sweeping advance. Where this '" he case. it will be noted in their :aecial rules.

.sckers, make faster sweeping =rvances - typically 306". Where this is

Diagram t t, Mult/ple Combats

1 te engaged with models from both enemy unlls and so c.:an attack either 2 is engaged by models from enemy unit B. so must make Its attacks against them only. 3 may use its supporting attack against either A or B. 4 must attack unit A. 5 must suppod against


unit A.

:Jesigners notes: Sweeping advances ;ave been heavily modified in order 10 =~event assault units rampaging across =e tabletop faster than a speeding :cillet. We've also taken into acoount '181 Units which must make compulsory ,. eeping advances will fend to get ~ped up in slaughtsring what they ~re fighting, instead of acUng with the :est of tactical foresight.

they do not choose to make a .=,Neeplng advance, or the sweeping .:idvance attempt fails. the victors of a :..()se combat may move up to 3" tn any :u-ection to consolidate their position

and recover an effective formation. Units consolidating their position ignore diHicult terrain. This move may be used 10 engage enemy units and lock them In combat, but the consolidatlng unit must maintain unit coherency and does not count as charging when the combat Is worked out next tum. See Diagram 10. Note: Sometimes a losing unit will only tall back 2" or 3" from a combat and It IS perfecUy possible for a consolidating unit to move back into contact with such slow-footed foes.

Note that il several close combats are being fought III close proximity. a unit which consolidates Into a new close combat cannot take casualties or make attacks until the next Assault phase - all the combats are assumed to be simultaneous. Consolidation may not be used to embark on a transport vehicle unless It is open-topped.

The future looks bleak for Ihe Tau as the Black Legion reach their battle lines.

--===--===____.: 57

When a unit Is fighting more than one enemy unit, their attacks must be divided between them. This is done as follows. Models engaged in combat with or supporting a model engaged in combat with a single unit must attack thai unit. Models engaged with enemy from more than one unit or able 10 support Iriends engaged with enemy from more than one unit can choose which enemy unit they IIghl against.. See Diagram 11.

If several units are fighting In the same combat, total up the number of wounds Inflicted by each side 10 determine who is the winner. All the units on the losing side have to check their Morale. Winning units can only make a sweeping advance or consolidate If all of the units Inay are locked with fall back. If Ihe unit chooses 10 sweeping advance, It makes a Single roll and compares it to each 01 the enemy unit's individual la.1Iback scores. Any lhal it beats are kepi locked In combat. Units thai slay fighting may make Reinforcement moves.

shool in Iheir own Shooting phase and may be shot at in the enemy Shooting phase. Note, however, that Hnes of fire may not be traced through the Danger Zone due to the risk of hitting the combatants, and that all the models In the locked unit count as moving for the purposes at firing heavy and rapid fire weapons. Blast markers can be repositioned subject 10 the normal rules so it is probably not a good idea to fire a plasma cannon at the back of a close combat if you value the combatants much. Templates and Ordnance Blast markers may only be positioned so they target models outside the Danger Zone. Morale checks and Pinning tests inflicted by shooting are ignored by units which are locked in close combat. See Diagram 12.

We've specified this in the Mission descnptlons for Warhammer 40,000 but il you make up your own scenarios be sure you know where your units fall bacto. If possible the unit must remam coherent. with gaps of no more than 2" between models as they faU back. Most units faJI back 206" each turn until they regroup. Some faster units, such a, Ihose on bikes or using lump packs, fal

back 3D6',
A unit Ihal faits back must move within a Fall Back corridor which ties between its
most extended models as shown in the diagram - but individual models can move within this corridor as you wish. If a unit is spread out so that Its models are more Ihan 2' apart, the models musi be moved back Into coherency as the unit moves. See Diagram 13.

Fat! back is a fighting withdrawal, not an out-and-out rout Sometimes a fighting retreat in the face of overwhelming odds is the only option left. A withdrawal can give troops the chance to rellre to a stronger pOSition to mount a fresh attack or hold oft Ihe enemy. As a unit falls back II moves directly to the player's lable edge, or to the base line where the unit deployed/entered the table II it came on al a different place. Diagram 13. Fall Back


Models engaged or supporting in close combat may not fire weapons in the Shooting phase. Their attentions are completely engaged by the swirling melee. Likewise, while especially twisted and soulless commanders may wish Ihelr warriors to fire indiscriminatelY inlo close combats In the hopes of hitting the enemy, this is not permitted. The events in a close combat move 100 quickly and the warriors themselves will be understandably hesitant about firing on their comrades (they may end up in Ihe same straits soon enough after all). Models belonging to locked units Ihat are not engaged in combat tnemselves or are not supporting engaged friends, may

If the unit moves into, oul of, or through diNicull lerrain, the distance rolled on thE' dice Ihat determines fall back is halved. Units will divert their Fall Back corridor around Impassable or dangerous terrain and enemy models, but must move in such a way as to get back to their base line by the shortest route.


Troops who are tailing back may continue 10 shoot, but as they are moving lhey may not fire heavy weapons, Of rapid fire weapons at full eltect. They also cannollaunoh an assault. back by the enemy whilstlalling back must check to regrou~ immediately. No modifiers apply to the check in this case, and even units which would not normally be allowed 10 regroup are allowed to make the check - the situation is sufficiently life or death threa1ening for the usual regrouping restrictions to be Ignored. II successful, Ihe unil is regrouped and will fight Itle close combat normally. If it fails to regroup, the unit is scattered and counts as destroyed. Note that this rule applies If a unit consolidates into enemies tatlin£; back too. Assaulted while falling


A unit which is assaulted


.' .'

• I

\, , I.


'\ '\ 1, •


12. Shootlng Into Close Combat

L ,0

1 I

• I

I i:

I •

'W ~


~"'"~~. :2" ', ~ ,



Combat blocks line of sight

~ :~ \ t

~ &i

:~ \



May shoal and be shot et.




table edge

, Unit mUSI end ln coherency if possible (2' or less between members) and mus move within the FaJI Back corridor unless it IS blocked by Impassable

Trapped! Sometimes a unit will lind its Fall Back corndor blocked by impassable terrain and/or enemy models. Ignore enemy models Ihat have fought In close combat against the unit this tum. A unit falling back may move around any obstruction in such a way as to gel back to their baseline by the shortest route. If a unit cannot perform a rull Fall Back move in any direction without doubling back, el1tering impassable terrain or coming within 'l" of' Ihe enemy, it is destroyed. See Diagram 14 Note, This replaces the Crossfire rules,



_~aracters In assaults light Just like +-al troopers, though Iheir =ractertsncs are usualJybat1er. If a ncluding an Independent character -'ges into close combat, the character _:;' charge in too. likeWise, If the ~racter charges, the unit he is with :rges too - Inspired by his heroic -~prel .,dependent character on their own charge into close combat If they are n Assault range of the enemy in the -- ult phase. :Bpendanl characters always. light carately to any unil they have joined are part of. They charge just as er member of the unit, but when ,:" fight, their dice are rolled -carataly. An independent character -at aliocate his attacks between units "" 'S engaged with. Only enemy models aged In combat with the independent aractsr. or only able to support a - - el engaged in combat with the :ependent character, may strike their _ 'liS against the independent

Diagram 14 Trapped'

is' , ,
, ,


onstrous creatures are 1reated just like ependenl characters 1n an assault d always count as bejng a unit in their 11 rtght.


The unit faIling back in lhis circumstance could be trapped However. if the terrain 10 the tett Is no/ impassable. they can dIVert their fa/! back il"/fo it. Also, II the uml In fronl of them tought tnem In close com/Jal lf1is fum, the falling back unit could move through them 10 escape.

Numbers can prove to be decisivel


by Andy Chambers
t'S sad really - once upon a time (back in the days of Rogue Trader and the second edition of Warhammer 40.000) psykers were the supreme nastles of the 41 st millennium - their warp-spawned powers were capable of laying waste to entire armies and subcontinents. Such rampant overkill couldn't last of course; in the third edition of the game sanity prevailed and we deliberately toned down the abilities of psykers to far more mortal levels. This worked fine, and now you can have battles between armies who don't have to fear instant vapourisa1ion by some ravening, extra-planar megadeath power unleashed at the end of turn one.
Unfortunately when you wield the knife you sometimes cut a little too deep, and now most peoples' Space Marine LIbrarians and Chaos Sorcerers have been relegated to the reserves bench in lavour of less costly Chaplains and other chalnsword wielding lunatics. In retrospect, bringing the psychic powers under control actually made psykers too staid and predictable to be really interesting any more. Some tirTU!! ago this nagging feeling led me to start pulling together some ideas for additional psychic powers that could be added in order to give the psykers back some zest Three very wise men in the shape of Jonathan Westmoreland, Doug Foley and Marshall Jansen were good enough to scribe down some ideas for me and, with some judicious cribbing from other sources, I've prepared a seleotion of extra minor abilities for the warp-inclined.

The powers shown below may be chosen by psykers In addition to the major power (or powers) listed In the relevant army ~st. Many of these powers substitute for items of wargear by producing equivalent effects and the points for minor psyohlc powers count againsl the psyker character's wargear allowance. There is no maximum number of powers that can be chosen, but as they count towards a character's wargear allowance this will tend to limit

the number a psyker can choose. As they add a lair bit of complexity to the game and are largely untested at the current time these rules should be considered optional (ie, use with both players' prior consent) and are not recommended for tournaments unless the organisers specify otherwise. The following characters can choose psyker minor powers: Space Marine Librarians, Chaos Sorcerers and Sorcerer Lords, Daemon Princes and


{The psyker can move coins and light candles with his meagre power but tflat's about all.
• I

• '1. NO


. Phase: Own shooting Psychic Test? Yes Range: 12" Effect: If successful, one enemy unit is forced to take a Pinning test immediately. This power may not be used on enemy units ill close combat~

Phase: Enemy shooting Effect: phase. Psychic Test? Yes Range: Self If successful, the's armour save is increased to 2+ for that



Phase: Enemy shooting Psychic Test? Yes

I_ Range: 12"~\

......., Effect: If successful, one squad (not vehicle) In range gains a 6~

I invulnerable save for thaI phase Note that models which already have an lnvulnarabte save use that one Instead.



~ I{
Own assault Psychic Test? Yes Range: Self


Most psykers manifest a broad range of capabilities trom psychometry (object reading), telekinesis and precognition through to weather summoning, temporal distortion and mind control. Training and willpower hugely influence the ability of a particular psyker, but their most heavily practised, highly destructive capabilities will be strictly focused in a battlefield environment. To attempt Ihe most potent sorceries in the mayhem 01 combat Is to Invite predation by warp entities and a horrible death (if you're lucky). However, many psykers are capable of using their weaker abilities in combat to entrance themselves, distract the enemy and help allies nearby in a minor way. J1 Is these powers which will be covered by these rules.


\ tffect: If successful, place the small blast marker over the psyker. Any " ,models, friend or toe, including the psyker, under or touching the marker {I ,suffer a Strength 4 hit, normal armour saves apply. The psyker may not ...) attack in close combat that phase. If unsuccessful, the psyker suffers one , wound with no save possible and may not attack.

Phase: Own movement Psychic Test? Yes Range: 12"

liffect: If successtul, place a 1" wide, 4" long (or Shorter), 3" tall piece at scenery within range. The wall may not be placed On enemy models or • between units in an assault. Any line of fire drawn through the wall counts ( targets on [he other side as being in cover. Any models crossing it suffer a S4 hit, normal armour saves apply. The wall lasts until the end of the r opponent's next turn (bU1 remember that it will disappear If the psyker uses another psychic power before then). II the Psychic test Is unsuccessful, tl) , wall is placed on the psyker and he suffers one wound with no save _'-. . possibl:;,___ •


-< ---.:-~ 1..




- :;'er Daemons (if they do not have • lark of Khorne), Inquisitors with :'lic abilities and ark Welrdboyz. _::3- Farseers and Warlocks may not ..: minor powers as such untocused -= of their abilities would be emely dangerous.

ongoing effect, he must cease it before using another power. To summarise how the powers work, the following characteristics are used: Phase; Psychic Test?; Effect; Range

- := minor psychic powers are split into

'" :ftsclpllnes. The exact power gained _ ed randomly but the table rolled on - ected by the purchasing player - Tolled in front of his opponent 'l'l the game starts. Each roll on a r psychic power table costs JOints regardless of Its outcome =s there are some duff ones on =~). If the same power is rolled twice, -erent discipline must be selected _ me power rolled for again.

The explanations of each characteristic are as follows: Phase: Which phase the power can be used in. Unless specifically stated, the power can only be employed in the player's own tum, not his opponent's. Soma powers are used before the start of the game, representing psykers scanning the enemy at long range, casting auguries before the battle and so forth, and uSing these powers does not prevent the psyker using other powers in the first turn of 1he game (or whenever he turns up from reserve, Deep Strike etc). Psychic Test? Yes or no; if yes the psyker must pass a Leadership lest to make the power work and is subject to the Perils of the Warp if he rolls a 2 or

12. Note that models with the Chaos Gift Mark of Tzeentch still have to roll a Psychic test in order to use minor powers (the Weaver of Fates can stili be capricious at times), but do not suffer from the Perils of the Warp if they get a 2 or 12. Effect: A summary of the power's effect. Powers which improve or lower characteristics cannot take them over 10 or under 1. Range: Where applicable, this gives the maximum range of the power. A psyker must have a line of sight to his target in order to use a power on it. Powers with a range may be used by the psyker on himself, if applicable. Powers which are noted as haVing a range of 'battlefield' can be used even If the psyker is not deployed on the tabletop for any reason, such as being In reserve. On with the show ...


:syker can use up to one psychic er per phase, either a major one :: minor one. If a psyker is oying a power which has an


Phase: Any Effect

Psychic Test? Yes Range: Self

Psyker gains +1 Initiative (to a max of 10), for Ihat one phase,

Phase: Enemy movement. Psychic Test? Yes Range: 12" • Effect: If successful, one enemy squad on fool (nol vehicles, jump packs. bikes or cavalry) which is moving in the open counts as moving in difficull terrain for that one phase.

3. flE£TFOOT
Phase: Own shoaling. Psychic Test? Yes Range: 12" Effect: One friendly squad or an independent character on foot (not vehicles. jump packs. bikes or cavalry) may move up to D6" ignoring difficult terrain penalties if it does not shoot. If employed on units with the fleet of foot ability or equivalent, they may rs-rou the dice to see how far they move,

4. lEAP
Phase: Own movement Psychic Test? Yes Range: Self Effect: If the Psychic test is successful, the psyker may move up to 12" as If he were equipped with a Jump pack in that Movement phase. An unsuccessful tes1 means that Ihe psyker cannot move in that phase.

Phase: Not applicable Psychic Test? Yes Range: Battlefiel~ Effect: If the psyker passes a psychic test during deployment. one unit may be held back and deployed after all others, including Infiltrators, have been placed on the battlefield.

Phase: Own shooting Effect: If successful. anyone Itrey..~-,!:;-l~ Psychic Test? Yes squad within range counts as stationary for using rapid fire and pistol weapons even



cessf~1 the PSYke~may not sh90t in that Phar~


_ _....,___,_
~ __




The psyker may have good teeth Of neat hair thanks to his powers but nothing of practical use on the battleneld,

Phase: Either assault
doubling for power fists and the like,

Psychic Test? Yes
Range: Sell

Effect: Psyker gains +1 Strength for that phase (to a maximum of 10) This is added after all other bonuses and 3. WARP SHIFTING
Phase: EIther assault Psychic

Test? Yes

Range: Self

Effect: Enemy close combat attacks against the psyker only hi! on 4+ regardless of relative Weapon Skills or other special rules (like Black Templars vows, hatred etc) for that phase. 4. SHIELD
Phase: Either assault

Psychic Test? Yes

Range: Setf

Effect: The psyker's armour saving throw is improved by one to a maximum of 2+ for that phase,


OF THE MACHINE GOD Phase: Own shooting

Psychic Test? Yes

Range: Self

Effect: The psyksr's ranged weapon is counted as master-crafted lor the phase and may re-roll to hit. An unsuccessful test causes the weapon to not fire. This power only works on weapons, not psychic artefacts such as a Sorcerer's Staff.

b.IRON ARM Phase: Either assault


Psychic Test? Yes

Range: Self

Effect II successful, the psyker is considered to be armed with a power fist and close comba1 weapon for the phase. Jlih-uQ$ll~t:tes ca uses the psyker to fight Wltb,. his normal weapants~ys.ene;:81t<tc~ (to a minimum of~ne).













The psyker is good al sticking to diet plans and giving up bad hablls but nothing more.

Phase: Any Psychic Test? No
Range: Self Effect: The psyksr counts as being equipped with a scanner.

Phase: Any Effect: If successful. the psyker gains


Psychic Test? Yes

Ld (to a max of 10). for that phase.

Range: Sell

Phase: Own Assault
Effect: If successful, one enemy squad suffers·1 Psychic Test? Yes Range: 12" Ld (10 a min of 1) for that phase.

S. DAnlE FURY Phase: Any Assault Psychic Test? Yes Range: 6" Effect: If successful, one friendly squad (not walker or other vehicle) gains +1 WS for that phase. If unsuccessful, the
squad suffers ·1 WS for that phase mstead.


-~F·~-~ -".. -"""... ..

Phase: Own shooting Psychic Test? Yes Range: 6" Effect: If successful, one unit becomes fearless and ignores all Morale checks and Pinning tests until the start of Its next tum. If unsuccessful, Ihe unit starts falling back as if it had failed a Morale check.




__ ...-.






- - Ullramarlnes

Ubranan uses his powers o( Thunderclap,

Cause Fear and Sm;te to csrve a bloody hole In the Eidar ranks.


The psyker's effects on the timestream are mostly coincidental and inconvenient, and during dull social events for example. lengthening times in wailing room


Phase: Own assau!t Psychic Test? Yes Effect: Casl at the beginning of the Assault phase, after all assault moves have been made. Affects all models in case-to-base contact with the psyker. Affected models count as having Initiative 1 (before any modifiers lor tno-plasrna. scorpion stings. power fists etc are taken into account) for the remainder of Ihe phase. Does not affect walkers or other vehicles.

Range: base contact .

Phase: Enemy shooting
IS passed, place the model on 115 side and roll a


Test? Yes

Range: 2" •

Effect: This power may only be used on a model (It may be the psyker) which has been reduced to 0 Wounds. If the test 06 for it at the start of the controlling player'S next turn, if the dice scores over the model's Toughness, it regains 1 Wound. If the Toughness roll is faIled, the model is removed as a casualty.

Phase: Own movement Psychic Test? Ves Range: 6" Effect: If success1ul, one friendly unit can neither move, shoot nor assault, but cannot be shot at or assaulted itself unlit the player's next turn. Trus power may not be used on units engaged in an assault, and units in a stasis she" do n01 count towards victory conditions such as claiming objectives, table quarters and so forth.

Phase: Own movement Psychic Test? Yes Range: Self ; I Effect: If successful, the psyker adds +206" to his movement In the Movement phase. If unsuccessful the psyker may nol move at all. In either case. using this power means that the psyker may not shoot or use psychic powers in the Shoaling phase.

Phase: Not applicable Psychic Test? Yes Range: Battlefield Effect: This power is used before determining who goes first. If suecesstut, the psyker's force is allowed to re-roll the dice in determining who gets the first move. If unsuccessful, !he botched attempt causes the psyker's force to autol"lJ~ie<!U..tJfg1?em~. This power can only be usesi In missions Where~!~S.!l~ t~ determine who g~s first.


.. '\ "';




- ------.



necessity kept simple, but now that the Codexes are out we have a far clearer idea of precisely which vehicles we are dealing with and what they ought to be able to do..The result of Ihis was the detailed rules lor the Chimera. The effeci was a sel 01 rules which forced passengers to use the rear ramp to get In and out rather than squeezlnq through vision slits, that made use of the hull lasguns on the Chimera model and demonstrated the dangers 01 going into action with the lop hatch open In order to squeeze in an extra heavy weapon shot. Add on to Ihis a special. rule to capture the Chimera's amphibious qualities and voila - a more charactsrful Chimera emerged. The rules were left optional. though. because 'it didn't seem sporting to make the Chimera the on'ly transport vehicle to be affected in this way. Well. the lime has come 10 extend this approach to the other enclosed transport vehicles. The rules detailed in this article coverall transport vehlcles in the Warhammer 40,000 game and should be used in games where all Ihe players involved are aware of them. It is generally good practice to take some time before starting a. game to agree what the rerrainettects will be and sort out any rules Interpretations. The vehicle rules, along with any other Chapter Approved topics. can be sorted out then so Ihereare no nasty surprises for anyone.

Now the question you are probab aSking is "why amend the wa transports work?" Well, as mentione: earlier, with Ihese rules you will fin: that the individual characteristics ( different transport vehicles start I: come through. Have a look at thes: examples; 1) The ramp in the Land Raider 0 perfectly placed to allow it to drive rigJup to an objective and disgorge it:: passengers directly onto an enerr position. Even if the crew are shaken c stunned, the Machine Spirit will kee: the tank on larget. .By contrast, Ih= passengers aboard a Rhino musl firsdisperse to the sides and/or rear of Ih" vehicle before moving up. Also It cabe readily stopped by enemy tire prtc to attaining lts objective. 2) Eldar vehicles are encouraged : speed to a drop zone, touch do..... momentarily while their fleet·footl>C charges disembark. and then reSUITE speed and altitude immediately atter. 3) The Chimera provides valuan "" protection for its vulnerable humacargo, allowing most of the squad I: fight effectively Irom within the vehic; while boosting their firepower af': survivability considerably. This serves 10 further differentiate the Chimer:: from the Rhino where the emphasis ~ placed far more on getting th. embarked Space Marines or Sisters r BatUe lrrto action ramer than cooplr" mern up In the vehicle.

By Pete Haines
Imperial Guard players have doubtless been inspired by Codex: Armageddon 10 try out the rules lor Steel Leg,lon mechanised infantry. Unlike the more conventional infantry forceslound in Codex: Imperial Guard, Steel Legion infantry platoons are all mounted in Chimera transport vehicles. The lure ot the extra mobility and scary additional firepower, not to mention the rather splendid Steel Legion figures, has doubtless seduced many former fOOlsloggers into transferring over 10 the mechanised Infantry. Sut this wasn't enough, oh noi As the Chimera was at Ihe very heart at the Steel Legion idea, we deci.ded thalli was time for a bit more realism. The way vehicles are handled in the main Warhammer 40,000 rules was by

Ork Speed Freeks regard Iheir IflJk.ks and BaUlewagons as home and fall bac~ to !hem in preference 10notional concepts such as 'Ille/rown lines·



3efore gettmg stuck into a vehicle:w-vehicle analysis, there are 8 few -:lings to clarify about transports in general: may not embark during a fall back move. If and when they regroup then they may return to their vehicle. Emergency Exit: When a vehicle suffers a destroyed result and its passengers bailout they must use the access potnts specified for the vehicle. By way of clarification. when a vehicle explodes no further harm befalls the passengers beyond the normal risk described In the crew and passenger note in the Damage Rolls section on page 87 of the Warhammer 40,000 rutebook. basis. If this is the case then a brief discussion with your opponent before the game should prevent any problems arising. Fire Polnts: Fire points are vehicle openings that can be used to fire from without reducing the vehicle's protective qualities. Remember that it is possible 10 fire heavy weapons from a transport vehicle If the fire point rules for the vehicle permit but NOT if the vehicle moves. Similarly, passengers with rapid lire weapons are considered to be moving if the vehicle is moving. In all cases a fire point can only be used if it is possible to draw a line of sight 10 the desired target Noles: Finally, any special features

:tartial embarkation: Units may not we split with some of their number
'lSlde a vehicle while others are tside. If an independent character s with the unit, he may embark or embark separately from the unit if

=-mbarking after close combat: A ..nit consolidating alter hand-to"land combat must use one of the access points specified if they wish re-embark. As partial embarkation not allowed, Ihe whole unit must - able to embark for any of them to ::0 so. 2_mbarking while falling back: Ihils! Ork Speed Freeks can fall ack to their vehicles and embark, '"liS is not an ability shared by other ransported troops. With the exception of Speed Freeks, units

OK, tnere the technical bit over with; now on to the trensports. Each transport vehicle is explained In terms af three key features:
Points: Access points are those parts of the model that a unit has to be within 2" of to embark and can disembark within 2" of. lnsvttably conversions and customisations will make a difference on a modeHo-model Access

01 the vehicle are explained. Some ot

these have a direct effect on the game, others are included to provide some ideas for special scenarios or give a better perspective of the vehicle in question.

/hen a transport vehicle s destroyed and the oassenqers bailout they "11ust use the specified access points. II any enemy zoops are In proximity then ,e disembarking troops are great danger as they are almost helpless while ;:iambering out of the reeked vehicle. Troops may not move within • of an enemy except in ...,e Assault phase, so If a ehicle access pomt is ocked by an enemy model en it cannot be used. Any oops unable to disembark oscause of blocking enemy are either trapped in the ournlng wreckage or nished off as they stumble out. Either way they are <illed. This also applies ",hen a vehicle crew uses a crew escape mechanism to form a new unit after their "ehicle is destroyed.


...the Guardsmen passengers have no hope of escape as the Otks block all exits.


t'arg~ ~arld ol a r is in

I ____
StOfl1l Boller ········_···(800rcuads]

..__. . ...... _,.

Wtism ...,..."..".."" .... .m


LeoS,b,,,,,,, ..,... ,,, ..... ,,.. 6.61D Heiglu .... " ..,"", ..", ..",16m HuLl Widlh",,, 4j'm Cround cl.:mutC " .._ .. 0.'14m

It hul ODU beea 10 occupied pOS.UlOn. The 8UII cmpktCll1tDt protected thirty of the Eldu's dark kID. hi now resembled nothiDg so mucb ~s ~D ,baltolr Shredded .Elcbr corp~ lay trewD Around. tOIQ 10 pieces by an hour IODg bomb.udmcDl from the Ulmmanees' Whirl"itId.s Dwly metres lvny. The farti£i'ttmD5 marked ,.ith sbrapDel hns, but


Points - 1

The Rhino has a large hatch In Its hull root which can be used by up to two passengers as a fire·point. Heav, weapons may be used, but not if the vehicle moved. Unless its passengers all wear power armour or better, as is normaJly the case with Space Marines or ststers of Battle, this wfll leave the Rhino open-lopped, The Rhino has two side hatches and a rear ramp, any of which can be used as access paints by the passengers. The Rhino is the most ubiquitous military vehicle in the Imperium and Is renowned for its reliabl.lity and ease of maintenance, If a Rhino Is immobiJised then ir subsequent turns the dnver may attempt to effect a temporary repair instead of shooting. Roll a D6 in the Shooting phase and on a 6 the vehicle is free 10 move. II doesn't matter how immobilisation occurs enemy fire, difficult ground or supercharged engine failure - In all cases the problem may be something easily fixed. If Orks select the Rhino as a 100 ed vehicle they can utilise it in much the same way as described above. Passengers may not include any mega-armoured Orks, though, and use of the top hatch as a fire point will qualify the vehicle as open-topped.

Access Points - 3

welc pockwere far ill

IBleDts IDd purpo5CS IDtiCt. <CaPUIO Invictes

hid vetoed the lmpcri4J Qaa,d ColoDel's pbl!

of shelling the positlOD wilh Eutbshakct ~IIDDD5, rCillSing lrut when IhI: Dark Edu counter-attacked, is be: kDl:'W Ibq "ould iDy minute. the Imperial Ierces would aced tbiS POSItIOD. Four Space: Mumc RJuoos sped iCross the suo,. Broud 10 i halt beside tbe emphcemest, the tenmile doors slIding smoothly back UODI! oilt'd lunners. Warm air from illslde the vehicles tODdellSCd I.S the wSDlcr's chill rushed to (ill tbe lfOOp compUlmcnt~ With practised prttision the Space Marines disembarked from tbru vehicles, the DCVISIIIOIB Immediately liking up (inng PO!lStiODS.When tbe Dnk Eldu anlcked. they would find the SpitC MuiDeS rCMIy and .... riJlS for them,






,,[ ori8'0' Rlz", b..c.kI u e

produ ocd oVl:Tf"'hcrc. Ibl! Ilb:ioos 1re produce d. m>.ny ClUpt",s perfo,,,, con~s,..,. ',"""k ;0 thm O"'D wgrksfuJps. lmliilly d..,,;lop.d OD
Ml1" I>=d, on STC d,t:>.

..... ----


REAR ACCEss HATCH '.' pl .. tonIigumioll5. most ccmmcn p.l1I:ms iodu.d", - lW io-lin ked h•• vy bol lOTS,
1", in -Iiaked j", "OOOD. - I",",boan ~nd l-win-li'-ked



- muln-mdn,


POINT (id"lItiQ[ OIl other side]

M.~Jmum Sp •• " , G'cw .....•.........•.....•

Wcil!hl •...•.•......•.••...••. JL5 101l11t1. l,coslh ...... ,....•.....•.... ,•. !iSm

P.. SCD,S."

...•.••• ,••••_

Hull Widtb Hcigln_ __

Glound elm,"""

Ford "'8 D. pth ...- ._.•

45m ~.951Q i.duding 1lttm O:Hm


Points - 0

Most Chapters regard the Razorback as a compromise, accepting some loss of passenger capacity, compared to the Rhino, in return for greatly Improved firepower. The hatch in the hull rool of Ihe Rhino is therefore replaced by the turret housing, leaving no fire paints for the passengers. The turret provides superior fire support for the squad and can optionally be augmented with a pinusmounted storm bolter. The Razorback. has two slds halches and a rear ramp. any of which can be used as access points by the passengers. A Razorback looted by Orks cannot transport Nobs in megaarmour.

ark Killer K~ toppled b"eJnn.rds. thick black 51110b ~PCW1DB hom lts interior ,lid nvulets of molten menl stro.mmg from the plasma im plCh. All mlured crertBtc!!l:rlIS81ed to free itself from the wrcd('ge. roadllg in IllseT. Brother 111111S the lm ptri,l Fists SWDnS of I he rarret-meueted plilsmi gU05 around. stuchiog [or Ircsh lugct:sillo the R.2orbac.k sped forwuds. crushing the rcm.r.ios of Ihe Ork
nuchie e.


Poln.ts - 3

A solid wedge of Rbino~_~ (bulling lorwards ,"T"-» the Ish plain, blllowiJlg douds of cboklllj dust blaMing out the SUD, Aa entire Comfnay hurt led IOwuds the Ork held {mory complex ill Rhillo APCs Ivery second vehicle '\\'u I IUzorbatk. provldin8 the assault wilh much ocedcd fire suppon. usuallOOs. heavy bolters, phsnu gUDS 'lId multr-melns bid down .her wav!: of pUDishing firepower. preventing the Orks {r,om picl<ing off the Impcriu unks as they sped tQwards the complex, Jlnus SIW ~ mob or Cre1chm dugl!lIDg some kind of millcry piece {o""ud Into covel" !.nd c(',ok£d the turret arouad, While-hot bursts of pbsmil vaporised the, first Grctchin. and the rest due ked hurriedly into cover is more SCUlOg bolts hissed HOUnd them, A shot stru,k the ammo cart of the gun and bkw It high into the sir. Itth.ll shrapnel killillg everythiog au.rby JanDS smiled IS he '\\'~Iched blruing CrelchiD run scmmiog .. The RhiDCl5 hllkd Jod Sfncc M,m D(5 beg;! D disc m bar _kjng r rom their tn 0 sp on s J illDS worked the plasml gUlls ltil ",od right. cOllllnuillg to pOUT (Ire on the Ork positions. burning Ulything he could ~eJ,s thc Spice ~rJ!lCs swept into the bClory.


Forge world of All EldiLr tnhworlds m1J1uhUure the fal~on; m.ny Exoditc world. limited m.auhclure lad rcpoir I.dlil;,,,

........ ,...--...!...--:--ARMAMENT

PuJ.c laser oDd. I.Will-hoked ,.np"jr~ "jib ymahle c:oniigunrionJ< o( srconduy "'ropa,r. ,nc I. d;"8 ,hu,; keD rannon, SC>l1<1 Iaser , missil .. l.u,,~bcr,
rourikco btight laDce and stm.Jnllo ... ......... 400(} P~lsc c.!,.n:it~



We.igh , L.ngth Hull Wid.lh ""

Hcigh1." .."



9.63m 6.-92m
".3.6Im Skimmer

Fire Points - Q

The Falcon is a far more sophisticated vehicle than anything possessed by the Imperium. II has the ability to operate at high altitude and manoeuvre at dizzying speeds. The Falcon's passenger compartment is a sealed, pressurised environment from which the passengers can observe events outside the hull from a range of monitors. Such a vehicle has no place for crude hatches or firing slils, so passengers may not flr.e while embarked.

Lus gt~CD (leldS p~d below the 111'0 skimming Snm-hann FAlcon gf1v-tJlnks is Ihey bugged IIu: ccntours 01 the hod. Blurs of red and black. they smoothly banked around J rock outcrop !Ad ro5(. 10 crest 0 wooded ridge Bright unlight glittered fn>m the barrels of the skllrimctl!' pulse lasers oDd shurikea cannons. Whil. toor kIn {ougb, the Mon-kclgb OD till: eastern pJi1D5. the fa.kons cm:Jcd Hound the flub to bring dc.nh Irom behind. bch earned I squad of Howling BUlsh ee,_ Aspect Wuriors whose skill it! d05C combat 1Iffii beyond compuc, The Filcon pilots Dew thaI ~c. crude: tanks of the Moo-wlh ",at lNIIocuvring In 1:n mempt 10 intercept them. bill thell" tucked vehicles '\Vcre £ar 100 blow and clumsy They would not he ,fU[t[~!5ful and the EJdu ..,uJd triumph.

A vehicle carrying passengers does not have to fire at the same target as the unit it is carrying. This means that, for example, a Chimera can use its multi·laser and heavy bolter to engage an Ork Killer Kan while its passengers fire their /asguns at a Boyz mob.

Access Points -1

Passenger access is limited to the rear ramp.



MOcdds -... Mull;,I.



Forg ..... orld


o[ orilll.1

J::ld,r C"[""Orldl moDu["turc the

W1VC St:rpCJlI: SOlIltc L-xoditc

worlds Illve limited m.Du(,Uutc >lId tcp,ir [•• ;1;,;<,.

ARM .... IN1' ....._.....•T..,'D-Lnkfd shudk(1l M


uld !",'.-linked

burikcn cmpult.




/lhm Ammunition ..._.jOOO shurlken unDon


Weight "" Length .Hull Width Height "" Ground ~Ic>rnc.c

2:15 100D<S ,9.85m 7.1m J-61m , Skim=r

When moving to assault a vehicle, he attackers must still move by the most direct route. This means that you can 'f run past the front of a vehicle and attack 10 the side.

Fire Points - 0

Like the Falcon, the Wave Serpent has much in common with an aircraft and no fire points are provided for passengers.

Access Points -1

Passenger access is limited to the rear ramp.

AJrhough the Orks would like to get to the rear access ramp before planting their tankbusta bombs they have no choice but to attack Ihe front of the Chimera this turn.

The unyons of the ruined city trapped the smoke, dusl and noise of battle, turning each rubble-choked street into • hell of haH -gllmpscd shadow md phantoms. Trooper KorklD oervously lk~d his lips, gliDClog up the shanered street aloog the gUDsighl of hiS lascanno Then ~crc repor!s of Eldu movements iu this sector iDd he dido', w~Dl 10 uflu the .511111: Iatc U 1st PUIOOD. Thcy'd beea fouad cut to shreds 911h the Siftlics still on therr guns. He aDd F redenks WC'l'C poSitioned , hundred metres in Ironl of tbar platonn, an early illUDing in usc the decadeet aliens came this .,ny. The though1 dido', comfort much. Korkin cocked his head is I low humming pCDCff>1cd the crash of distaDt 'Ttillcc)' and he watched the smoke nddcnly put as 1hough brushed by UI inYlsible hand, The sleek prow of ID [Ida[ vclUcle c:merged -secoeds later. KorLII squecxd 'he trigger 00 the IaSCIIlDOll. ",,!Chiog. thr p0gerfuJ bum rippled .5 lhough rravelliD8 through "ner befon: II struck the bSl-UlOviD8 vehicle.·s jaw fell open as the boo scored vehicle's side. but did no lurther damagc. A warm. electric se nsatioa eaveloped him is the Wave ScrpQPt' energy field washed over him Ind he Dever !\;I'll' the blow hom the Striking Scorpion's rhainsword that killed !:tim.


M"d.Is. ,_



Turret muhihsar

[1..500 Individual L,stl' sh OIS)

, 38 tonnes 6.90m HoD WiOrh S:7lJm Hdglu ........•............... .1]2111

L<:nglh ...........••.....••••••• Cround dunnce ~•••....O.45m

W.ignT •..... "

hIS lasgun and trred in VUD to himself from beiDg jolted 19linSf tbe mterior of the Chimer, armoured troop (arrier The tr.lll~pon bounced over another Tldgc or Irozca grouad. sending hi helmeted head bmmiDg mto 1 metal shochlon. He swore iDd cursed the driver of the tflbspon. Rivc~ of melted S1IO'lll pealed around Jus combat boots, sloshing .boul IS the squad '111.5 carried Ie rO!! the hard packed grouod. He Jooked around the compartmem ar the e eited laces of 2nd Squad is they fued the hull 1.s8U11S ScrgclDI Kob&l wu SiHill8 at the back of the ChilJlCfl. sccmiDs1r uotroubled by tblt jmiDg ride, HIS eyes were half shut. headphones pressed to his t.JI as he tOD(cDtntcd OD han.s the voxch.at1tr over the dWC1IJng howl of the ClUrru:u's powerful clISiu

Corponl Deakins gripped the stock of


Fire Points - 2

"'RighI bclsl~ bellowed Kobl!. 1u5 voice eaSily tuning through cogine DOISe-~On your fw IDd get fCady (or dlKmb.arbtlonf"


Deaklns could bur thc cDgioe ooise deepen lild tbe: 510rm bolter opeD fire is the CblOlera slowed to l speed tlu. 'IIIollld illow them to ~e1y' dismount. Witb 1 squeal of. hydraulic!!. the Chimera's b[d nmp bcgm to drop. By the Emperor be ,,~ looking fonnrd to tliD! He could hd hj; heart rate thud like a Iflp-hilllUll~. his tulia discom(qrt and aDDOaoec fldiDg as be $&'IV dozeos of eMPen behind theirs slowi08 ~Ild deployin8 frOID colUIIID &afo liac.

The Chimera Is litted with six hull lasguns which can only be used by the passengers. Addillonally, one model may fire a weapon from the top hatch. The weapon used may be heavy, although not ilthe Chimera moves. Models firing from the lop hatch must engage the same target as those firing the lasguns. 11the hatch is used to fire from then the Chimera counts as being an open-topped vehicle for the rest of that turn and all of the opponent's subsequent turn unless all passengers have a 3+ or better armour save. Units being transported enter and exit via the access ramp at the back of the hull. Chimeras are amphibious vehicles and treat water features such as rivers, streams, lakes or seas as clear terrain when they

Access Points -1 Notes

·'Go! Go! Go!" shouted Kobll even before tbe


fully lowered.

As oae, the tCD mao squ,d pounded do.!! the mllp. 11l11lping to the muddy soow that formed their .ake. Quickly looking uouod he could SClCrholWnds of other troops pouriag (rom their tnosport IDd. £iqcc pride swelled in hrs breast,




Tn- VlTI
FOfge woad o[ oriSiD: The Immolator is • conversion based on • shnd.,d Rill.". th,t Un be p'qduccd in "irru.liy '>Dy Sorori!u wo,ksbop.




(20 shots]

Weight .................•...•• 3Z
Armour •.._...... _ .....•••. J~60 mm



M.;IC,mum Speed .•_

PiSsoDgers •._ ..•. __ ,

z_ D,r~cr. CUlIDOl"r
6 BonJ. Sl~tcrs ll0m

70Jcph on

.55kph o[[-ro>d

Lcnl!tll ..•....... _•....•.••••.•6.6m Hull Widtb.k _ .•..•.•'15m Htil!hl 4Jm ('Ddu.dl1lg H,I.rno c..nno.)
Ground cI"nn~t 045m

ForcllD8 Depth


The Immolator Is similar in prlnc1ple to the Razorback except that its roof hatch IS not compromised by the fittings for the Inferno Cannon. Up to two passengers can stand up in the top hatch and flre while embarked. The weapons fired may not draw a line of sight through the Inferno cannon however. The Immolator has two side hatches and a rear ramp. any of which can be used as access points by the passengers. Uke the Imperial Guard Hellhound, the Immolator contains inflammable materials. Unlike the Hellhound these are entirety slowed within the hull. .11, however, the top hatch Is being used as a firing position then it exposes the interior of the vehicle and risks the fuel ammo being Ignited. The vehicle counts as being open-topped for the remainder of the current turn and the whole of the fonowing enemy turn, even thouqh the passengers are wearing power armour.


Points - 3

Sisr :\lialu ADg IU5tily .oops with the dcvorional hymns rcvcrberatieg (rom the loudspeakers attached 10 the hull of the Immolator lank is it Dcar~d tile mob of men in the marble fligged s1lUr~ Thiokin8 tbey had the holy shrine surrounded. the rebel pllO.cury defence troopers swmncd arcuad Ihe shrine of Our lady of the Perpetu ..l Mittyr Their nueo," crjes were: drowned out by the singing of the ehuguJ8 B.ttle SlSlcr . Squads of Seraphim dtscc~ded {rom the armoured buttresses of the va t cathedral, bolt pistels chanenng a 1111., of d".th as the explosive bolts Impacted deep .iDlo unarmoured flesh Olle of Ihe rebel troopers ~cognised the umameD1 £If IbI: Immoillor .\!I II rumbled stndily 10wuds encmy hOG. Shoro 01 the long-nlgc 1m-power of the Adcptus ASlartes tults. rbe n.un~lhrower raak required proximity to fulfil Its role as purifier of the heretics, Autogun Ln: ricocheted [rom the froot !;If the tank. apd AI.icsb~ hurd , clank IS the top hatch of the lmmol lor w~~ thrown open Sisler Badinii SWUDg her havy bolier out of the plssenger complffmcD1. sending I cceriaual stream 01 lugc c-aJjbtc explosive bolts iDto the heretics ilS:§J.iliD8 the sides of the tank. Thty were dose to surrouociiD8 her DOW. AI A1IDIu'~ sI8mt Sislo Bachuia dud"d hick inside .Dd dosed the lOp hllch. Ahcsba thumbed the: butloD Ibn (ltcd up the ignitloll [hme of the Inferno (aDDOn aDd flexed her gluDllrud {ingcrs on the trigger mechanism The .holy fire DC her WtiPOD. blessed 11m very morniog by the Ca~lDC:SS. would SOOIl show these blasphemous lools tbc error ol their w. '5.



Modds; .. _ ...._ •.. -r_

Pmnp:~ J-VJ1




Forge ...g):Jd o( ot'@iD. /\Dvhus-9 .. os Ihc SOU". "I m o"Y of the old .51 Lo DdR. ideI. bu 1 now I~er ore prcdsced in vtfy snull numbers on m'D)' forge "'011d,.

olber ~jde)
SpODSOb-mOUlllcd ,... "'-


It.sClDDom:. navy ~ql.tu s,


(Godh.mme, K,,9.76 1o.IunlIOD '"q uires hm.! .opl.c emu r. .f 1er 2000
(iring.). Cru~d., "';.ot. Two
~t\,liml:.lm:· p1"uc:rn bolters;

'''' .. -Ii .k,d J.... ",lt .Dd '" ulu- melta.

01' nD'

(a&ltt: tlu!1 t.l:r~. K;QIl\p'~ill: ~11l,I(tLOD f,uJ:lI\lJJi.Jplu:u.c.1 I,...~II::I. :ul1~n.lm t I Ib~nn.c.rl'g; l.i,,.~ :tJ ~~.,nl J65r.l'I.I'tL

tDU!;lU.1:!5 fJ)'Q .I;~







M... Spc cd., ....5lkph oa tood'. 48k ph off 10I.t!. Crew •.. ,•....••... 2. Co mnund er, CrcWIIU.D P.'SS~" 5 Terrnmarers or 10 Spo'. M.".".
C,."dC1 ..
';"01 CI1I

tODDelI (u ru,dUl) 81 ID!IlIes (Cully l.deD) Leagth .......................•.. 10.36m Hull. Widlh 6.1Om


'Hry II T"'11\'",,'015


15 SpIce Mm.",.

Htlgbt G,,:rund

0:.1., ranc •.........

4.Urn O.~~m

Fire Points - 0

The Land Raider represents Ihe pinnacle of armoured vehicle technology in the Imperium. As such, the measure 01 protection provided by its massively armoured hull cannot be compromised by extraneous hatches and lirln9 ports. The lop hatches are lor the use of the Land Raider's crew and cannot be used by passengers as firing ports. The land Raider has a large frontal access ramp and a hatch on each side 01 the hull, any of which may be used 10 embark or disembark.


Points - 3


There are two special fealures of the Land Raider (including the Land Raider Crusader) mat are made possible by Ihe resolute and implacabl.e Machine Spirit.

Fire ConlrolThe Space Marine gunner is assisted in selecting and targ.eting fhe enemy by Ihe Machine Spirit The Land Raider may always fire one additional weapon system to Ihose it would normally be able to fire (if, of course, it is not already firing all of lheml). This shot maybe ag'ainst a diHerenl target 10 that engaged by the crew, and may only be used ffthe vehicle is eligible to fire a weapon. Automatic targeting is less accurate than if directed by a Space Marine and is conducted with BS 2. It the crew are stunned or shaken and unable 10 fire, the Machine Spirit may still tire a weapon using this rule. Deus :Ex Machlna - If the crew are stunned and unable to direct the Land Raider, then the Machine Spirit will take over temporarily. The land Haider may be moved directly forward

(yes, this means in a straight line) up to its maximum move. The land Raider is fully submersible 10 36.57m. This does not mean thai it won', throw a track on a reef or get bogged down in a river bed so they arelmmobilised as normal by difficult terrain. Occasionally a Land Raider is fielded by the Orks as a looted vehicle. Generally the same rules apply. However, the land Raider's transport capacity is limited to 5 mega-armoured Orks or 10 others. The Machine Spirit rules are not used for looted Land Haiders as the Orks cannot sately approach the Land Raider until the Machine Spirit has been disabled. Chaos Land Raiders use the Machine Spirit rules, although they replace the Machine Spirit with somethmq altogether more mal1g:nl


Thc Worldcatcrs Lud RUdcr rumbled across the debris-strewn grooD ill the armoury's outer courtyard. crushing steel Ilnd stone bcot.lrh its armoured treads as small urns fire pa"crc~ hmnlessly isaiasl its adamantium sk$. Its hullmouoted hc.avy bo raked the loyalist position. tire mass-reactive shells cuttins down ImperiaJ Guardsmen by the dozen A missile speucd out from the barricades, smashing into the vehicle's side. The c:x.plo ion rocked the IWdcr lod slewed it sideways. hilt the tank rolled ODWuds. Its thick, multibyetcd armour absorbing the i_pact.

The Tnitor Mariee driver gllJlncd the engiee and drove the &idc:r slra.Jgbt over the top of the Imperial position, scattering Guardsmen and crusbing those 001 quick eaousb to dodge the armoured Icv~hm The lUcks spun iD ftc air, tbrcnviDS up clouds of dut before the flak crashed down Igain. Its twiJ1-linki:d Iascr cannons Iired powerful buttS of energy at the brona: doors of UII: armoury. hinting them [rom the buiJding tn a bl of red fbmc. The Raider squalc to a lult. its froot ramp droppio8 and luil of comhi-bolter (ire sptWJD8 from within. The (ew

defenders that bid survived the explosion wcrc §t:.ythcd down in a heartbeat. Tcrminnors in blood red armour poured from the vehicle. throllgh the: shattered gatewilY ilIId into the garrisoo's irmoury.





')pen-lopped transports, such as Dark 3dar Raiders, Ork Battlewagons and ]rk Trukks, are not affected by the type =' rules being introduced here but have :teen included for completeness and :omparison (see the box on the right) . .;s you can see, these amendments ash out the capabilities of each type of ansport vehicle and make using them -!OJ only a little bit more challenging but also considerably more rewarding.

Troops carried in an open-lopped vehicle may fire any weapons if it is stationary and any non-heavy weapons If It is moving 12" or less. This is exactly as stated on page 82 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Armoured Top: 2 Fire Points,

As the passengers can leap over the side of the vehicle, any pa of it may be used as an access pomt.

Ac-oess Points

Armoured Top:

1 Access point at rear.

-save fun!


Open-lopped vehicles are extremely vulnerable 10 attack, this is compensated lor by the ease with which passengers can fight trorn them.

Armoured Tops: Ork Speed Freeks sometimes convert open-topped vehicles with a crude armoured rop. This alters the vehicle as shown in the fabla above.

The Orks disembark

from the front of their open-topped


plIJnging straight into the thick of the fighting.


by Andy Chambers

& Pete Haines

eathwatch members are volunteers from Space Marine Chapters that rigidly adhere to the Codex Astartes. Because teams are made up of Battle Brothers from several Chapters, it is essential they follow a similar doctrine. On the Eastern Fringe of the lrnperlurn, Ihe Inquisitorial Fortress at Talasa Prime has recruited, trained and equipped Kill Teams from the Ultramarines, Scythes of the Emperor and Lamenters Chapters for service aqainst the Tyranids. There are two ways that members of the Deathwatch can be incorporated info normal Warhammer 40,000 armies. The first is to use an entire team of Deathwatch Space Marines. Up to one Kill Team can be included in any

Imperium army as an HQ choice (see right for army list entry). For this purpose, an lrnperiurn army will consist of any Space Marine army·, any Imperial Guard army (including Catachans. Steel Legion etc) any Sisters of Battle army.

volunteer Space Marine is back in regular service with his Chapter. ".Deathwatch are. of course. recruited from 8.1/ different Chapters including Space Wolves, Blood Angels etc. However, Ihe discipline and training or such Individuals Is legendary amongst their own brethrer: so Deathwatch squad members and characters ere never 5ubjecllo Ihe Special rules which apply 10 specific Chapters (ie, Space Wolves' counter al.tack, Blood Angels Slack Rage, Black vows and so lorth) and which affecllhelr fighllng abilities or bart/efie/d behaviour, They will however conform to any special rules which affect the mission such as Ihe Salamanders' 'Never Give' Up' rule. Below." Keith Robertson's Deathwatch Ubrarian and Veteran.


As an alternalive to fielding entire Kill Teams, you may upgrade one or more members of any Space Marine army' to members of Deathwatch. Only independent characters or members at Headquarters. Veteran or Tactical squads can be upgraded, and these must wear the distinctive Deathwatch shoulder pad. Deathwatch members must be armed with a bolter or a cornbl-weapon with a boiler component. It costs 5 points to make a model a Deathwatch Veteran (there is no change to their proms). Each may then select one of the following ammunition types at the cost specified In the squad rules opposite, • M.40 targeter with auto-sense link and Stalker silenced shells • Metal storm ammunition • Inferno bolts • Kraken bolls This ammunition may only be used with a bolter or the boner component of a combi-weapon. As a reward for the service provided to the Deathwatch, the rare arnmunuion types they use are made available In limited numbers when the

Captain Veteran Space

. _.' ~. ~.



'0·',1.( !D_~ATHWATCH"KILL




4 4

I 5
4 4

A 3 2

Ld 9 9 9

Sv 3+ 3+ 3+

Space Marine Marine

4 4


squad consists of one Space


1 1





and between Bolter

4 and 9 Deathwatch

Marines. melta-

True Grit. All have True Grit. Deathwatch Marines Bolters have a 'pistol gnp' which means that Ihey can be fired whh a single hand. This takes considerable practice and skill 50 is not normally encouraged. Units noted as having the 'True Grtt' sldll, however, have learnt how to use their bolters in thiS manner, In game terms, this means that they may counl their bolter as a bolt pistol In close combat and will therefore be allowed to roll an extra Attack dice if they have been equipped with a second pistol or close combat weapon. However, a model using their boiler in this manner may nol receive the attack bonus for charging, as a bolter is too unwieldy to be rired with one hand while simultaneously hurling yourself at the enemy. Transport: A Deathwatch Rhino at +50 pts . kill team may be mounted in a

• eapons:

and close


frag grenades,


• The
• The

Captain Captain from

may select


from the Space to a Ubrarlan 'Smite' Armoury.



can be upgraded

al +15 points. As a
and select Librarian

.lbrarian Iy items

he may LIse the PSYChic Power

the Space


Any squad • Up to

members Marines

can be upgraded
can be armed

to Veteran with



0 points,

Space list



"1e following



In place of their bolter; Heavy boiler with Hellfire suspensors (·1) at +15 pts, M.40 targeter, bolter & ammo
gun at +6 pts, meltagun at + 0 pts, flamer at

'2) at + 10 pts, plasma -3 pts.

• Any Veteran

can be armed combat

with a weapon weapon: power claws power


the following



they are also armed their close

with a special



new weapon both

fist at +25 pts, lightning

.:law at +25

pis or a pair of lightning combat weapon), with

oolter and dose


at +30 pts (replaces at + 15 pts,

weapon types.

• All

models with

not armed

special special

or veteran ammo




one of the follOwing

metal storm

ammumtton (*3) at +5 pts, inferno bolts ('4) at +5, or kraken bolts "5) al +5 pts. Note that the same ammo must be used throughout

Deep Strike: The Deathwatch have many ways 01 reaching a battlefield by surprise. Unless they are mounted in a Rhino. they may always start the game in reserve and arrive by Deep Strike. Whether this is by teleporter, termite. alien technology. drop pod or gravchute Is up to the player.



'1 The heavy Bolter is potentially a very versatile weapon -If equipped with an additional suspensor unit that provides Just enough stability to allow It to be fired on Ihe move. The effective range is seriously reduced but II gains Lhe ability to provide suppressive tire while advancmq, Because Kill Teams often operate atone, this justifies the use 01 the Increasingly rare suspensor units. Aange.: 1S" Strength:.

'3 Metal storm ammunition. Aboiter loaded with metal storm ammunition may be fired from lhe hip wrth remarkable accuracy. The metal storm shells explode In proximity 10 the enemy, their fragmentation casing making pinpoint accuracy unnecessary. The penetrative and destructive qualifies at the round suffer as a consequence. Range:1S" strength: 3



AP: 4

Assaul13 ·4 Inlemo bolts. A bolter far mote horrific wounds IS achieved by filling the any failed rolls to wound rolls). Range: 24" loaded with Inlerno rounds can cause than a conventionally loaded bolter. This bolt with all oxy-phosphor gel. Re-roll (but not any vehicle armour penetration

It is also capable 01 utilising llle HeUfire round. The Helifire ;s a ceramic sheath which shatters on contact into thousands of needle-like shards which penetrate the hide 01 the target and carry mutagenic acid into the enemy's blood stream. The acid Is so powerlul that even the most enormous creature is vulnerable. A Hellfire round is loaded and fired singly, II always wounds on a 2+ regardless of the target's Toughness. Range: 36" Strength:


AP: 5

Rapid Fire

AP: 4 Blast, Heavy 1

'2 A normal boiler equIpped with an MAO targeter with autosense link and Stalker sHenced shells acts as a perfectly salisfactory sniper weapon. In this mode the boller Is a Heavy 2 weapon which causes Pinning tests but is otherwise identical In terms of range. accuracy and strength to a normal bolter.

'5 Kraken bolts. A bolter loaded with a Kraken penetrator round is capable of piercing the toughest hide thanks to its adamantine core and improved propellant.
Aange:30" Strength: 4 AP:.4 Rapid Fire


Al mosl aII Chaplers of 5 pace Maripes have had Emperor's ChlllllPlcns Qf their own at one time or an other, especially dUll n 9 Ihe period lollowlng lhe Ho IUS Heresy. Allhough the praetlee Is m!.lOh less (tommon In Ihe 41s1 Millennium, Ihere are stili several Chapters thai have an Emperor's Ch;lmpk>Q, ~speclally among the First and Second Foundlna Chaplers whose history dates back to Ihe dalk days 01 tile Heresy. Because of this,any Space Marine army may include an Emperor's Cllampion at the poiots cost shown belOw. All of the rules

that apply 10 a Black Ternplars Emperor's eh.mplan also apply to one beiooging to ;: differenl Chapter but he ~neval subject 10 lhe Special rules which applv 10 a specitir: Chapler (Ie, Space WQlves' Co~nter·Attack, Blood Angel8' Black Raile and BO forth) am: which siteci his figh1ing abflities or batllelleld behaviour, unless he 1.&part 01 a Blaer Templars army in which case all of Iheir normal rules wlll apply. He Will however conform t: any special rules which ufleet the mission suen 8S the Salamanders' 'Never Give Up' rUle-

Emperor's Champion



The E.mp8ro,'s Champion tlli§t be ralcon ,n a 8180k Temp,lars amry even I' oath pJa,-ers hs"" agreed nO! /0 us« &pec!aI char.lClers. The Emperor's O/iamplOl! 11065nollill<e vp a srot In fhe force o'llanlsal)on chBfI, but counts 85 an 110 cho,{;fl (or ,he purpose 01 aeptoymenl.

Wargear: Artificer armour. Terminator honours (bonus Included above), purily seals, iron halo. master-crafted boll pistol, the Black Sword. The Champion cannot be bought extra eqUipment

The Black. Sword: All Emperor's Champions wieJd a mighty power sword, named after Siglsmund's original blade. The Black Sword can be used with one or two hands. II used as a single-handed weapon lt's Irealed as a power weapon wilh -1-1 Strenglh, and may be used in addition to the Champion's bolt pisiol II used-as a double-handed weapon lt Daunts as being a power Irs!. Challenge: If the Champion is in cornbal, he may. before any attacks are made, iSSue a challenge. Your opponent must choose an enemy character who is involved in the same close combat as the Champion to fighlhim -the character doesn't have to be in base contact with hirfL A challenge must be accepted II there Is an enemy character avallahle in the combat. Move the models Inlo base contact and fight out the close combat as normal. No other models may attack the Champion or his opponent durillg a challenge. The outcome of the challenge dec1des [he outcome 01 the close eombat tha: the Champion and his opponent aI's Involved In: or]ly the wounds thsy inllict on each other are used TO determine which sfde has won. Wounds Inflicted by other models m ttus combat are not used to work out the result of the combat. Always an Independent Character: The Emperor's ChampIon always fights as an independent character and so may never be accompanied by a Command squad.


the Emperor's


hB baSilICa was open 10 the sky. Sh~11s hRO 10m away tM 10ln~~ arches whICh had once towered overhead. Now. ugly, storm-black clouds crowded above, Ihe thunder In their bellies drowned out by !he conlJnucus bombardment of Ihe Emperor's patace. BUI Iha Chaplain's voice sUIi rang cut clear and proud over the tumult • • So be saIlCU~e<J with the blasslngs of our beloved Emperor. Sailio ur of Man klOd. With your blade you shall challenge !he darl<oess, conquer the shadoWS, cast baok those who have given themselves over to OOIlVptiQn and InfillllY. Deslloy mose wllo have doc.laled themselves as champions 01 the Ruinous PoweTli. Prese rYe what was Irom the depl1!da1fons 01 the

'Fee r not B rOIMer Sig ISm llIld, DOI1'l Mlmself ordered lito be so You r heraldry has been changed to black: to show thai you serve the Emperor himself directly. as do myself and my fellow chaplains, As such you an! marked aut In ths sight 01 lha Emperor,' BelOTe Sigismund could reply tMe fll'dno lurched to a hail The Im penal Rsts clamped on helmeiS and Mfled I)mlr bolters with pr.i.cbced ease, leaping oUl 01 the access doors ....thout i'r8Sltallon. i Beyond lay a scene ot carnage, of hell 011 Earl

Ute In Ihe servioo of Lhe E.mpefOf and now befrayed m oalh in the mosl base way Imaginable Words spilled IIV" hl5 lipS unbidden. "GUARD YOURSELF TRAITORI IN lHE EMPEROR, vou DIE TI115 DAYI' The hom ed helm turned a nd tIE red·ayed hIm. A gultural beasl-vo!ca roared bacl! . NAME OF


glare blazed "

"AT LASn I'VE PRAYED FOR WORll-lY MEAT I SHAL GIVE YOUR BLOOD TO KHORNE AND YOUR 5KUL SHALL BE MINE!Bolt s~e[1s snarled between the two torces as lIE crashed together. a horrible COlliSIon of blades, bodies arc armou r, spin s~u lis and gaping woonds. None dared Mr Siglsmund's ng!Jteous fury as he charge: at Ihe Chaos ChampIOn. Rlllor·teath wnlrfed as Ihe axe; swept dOWn On him. Faster than !houghl he parried I\rst, but the second ciOlfI! into his sho\.llder armour, Th blade howled and smoked as npped 1010 the th b ceram~e before glancing off In a shower of sparks-. Chaos champion wlalded !hB heavy axes as H they we ; straws, haokrng and s lashing I ike a mad butcher. Anotno; au I laid open Sgism~ nd's belli' -armou r, a fou rt~ b~ dee!: Into his chest aJ')d brlghl blood fiowed as he knocked u-., axe away Sigrsmund staggered and aImo5llell.

A rivllr vi loulness was POUring through a breach In Ule mile· high palace wall. F1ghting machioes and troops ton;:ed
Il'1emselvas Ihroogn the gap, oorrup ed banners swaYing lOut. winged aoomlnalloflS fiappong above.lmpenal arUllsry was ranged ln on tJ'\e breach. admimslel\ng a lear1ul executfon as giant SheDS smashed !lesh and metal 1010an unrdentillable pulp. bul sun they came The I.tanir;. roars of men, beasts and explosions melded into a single cacophony of horror, he air reeked w,th the smeU ol cordite, all and blood, A swaymg, crumbling line of Impenal tanks and soldier)' SlIUg~ Ied to contain !he horde their weapons blasUnginlo the masses al polnl blank range as Ihe fiercesllraltors rallied and charged again and agaIn. Thick biOla smoke coiled O'ror the scene as Sigtsrmmd and hls brethren pounded towards a point where the Imperial bne was cnaddng.thinning to o01hlngbeneam the InfemilJ assail II As lI1ay dIJs9d, Slglsmu ml could see the reason wh~, OflB 01 Ihe 2CC1JTsed ones, a 01\Cll blessed Space Manne who had given hrmseff as a Champion 10 the fout gods 01 Chaos Was leadfng the assault His dark masters had marked him as their own and he lowered above his twisted followclS. wreathed in clar1< m<!(8sty. Blood-red horns curved lrom a helm which had become a df!llih mask. skulls swurrg [rom cha,ns about Ills waist 10 !lrmnlng ~stlmony to hIS corruption. The Chaos champion SWlJ ng a 'Yh,nmg, enal n-aea In each nSf.and Ihe men ofllul Emperor leij before him Ilks wheal b6Jore B scythe Sigls.mund could teel a rUSh cf whatieltl[ke mulde/-lust upon him, but realised that 01was pule abhonerce which con:summ;l him. Here loBS aile who had pledged his very

A!Ch·Herelic Horus...'
Three heavy explOSlOflS neeroy shook !he crumbling walls. Chunks 01 debris rained down onto the wom nags around where Brother SIQlsmund of the Imperial FIsts knell nls blaCk pOYier sWord ralsed liill-f1lstln suJ:PIlcallon Neither he ncr Gtiaplaln Aknda flinched, nor lilt> assembled squad 01 BanJa Bloll1ers SucII thIngs well) 10 be expected Ihis ciose to the Lraltors' 11II13kthrough ChaplaJn Akrida placed the last purity seal ucon the lrnpenal Fists Space Marine's blackened power amour Brother Sigismund bowed hIs head once more before rising to his armoured leel. As one, the assembled Spare Marines lumed and filed Into Ihe Rhino waltJng ouI5fde The Rhino was as cramped as It was noisy, raHllng OVer rubble and shell holes lowards the breach. Brother Slg,smund gazed allhe wom. tmChed looking races ot his fetl"w Space Manfle5. warnors at the fmpel1al Fists Legion who had taught nighl aM Clay lor weeks derer1ding !he Imperlal palace against the Traitor Legions. His nean SWelledwilh pride that RogaJDam himsell, PrimarcI1 01 the Imperial Flsls, Imd chosen Slglsmund 10 be a champion 01 Ihe Empe ror, Only one thing disturbed him. "FarM! Akr1da, tMugh I am humbt&d by lI1e hooour tles10wed upon me, iL s611seems wrong 10 obscure lhe sacred colovrs of Ine Legion."

'YO\J are as doomed BS your false Emperor: spat It>; homed one all he ralSed his axes for 1110 decapllalJng biOi Slglsmund grippe(! his billde In both hands a nd whirled aJo!t. 'And you are as del uded as YOUr talse god: t-~ repl!ed. slashing downward_ COIIt~mpluously, Ihe ChaD! chaml"ien mode to block IMe blow With hIs axes. 8ut mighty blade was no oarmat sword. Ancien! even whell world was youog blessed by Ihe Emperor's grace smashed throiJgh both axes and on 11110the corruptec Ghampion The Chaos champion siaggered, blood wem<P from hIS smashed d eeth-maek. S igrsmund lunged ag~" OBrvlng up under his armour and inlo his black heart. The Chaos champion taillike a mighty oak. almost dOIle" in !Wo by tile blow. SI91smUnd shouted 8 prayer ollhan\.:: to !he Emperor !IS he leapt over the corpse Tilere was s' much of Ihe Emperor's work to be done this day...



anyone time, there are uncountable Mbloody wars being fought out across ~e galaxy; brutal, destructive campatqns 'lere thousands die with every passing -Inule. C~ies are often the focal point. -r these battles, be they Imperial "(juslrial cities, claustrophobic hive orids or the delicate, utterly alien Eldar ~ftworldS. There are many ploys thaI a ~ing (or desperate) commander I1:lhtattempt in order 10 gain some ~vantage over the enemy in such :xmditions. Many limes, elements come -to play that are completely _1predlctable and out of the control 01 -e el1gaging forces, and only a ~ourceful and adaptable commander II triumph. ,ese rules are an optional addition to e normal Cityfight campaign rules, and are designed to add character to your zatnas. They are Intended 10 give your -oops additional experience pomts and .:e flavourful, without upsetting the :Jaiance of the game, 3elore the banle,each player may znoose to roll on the sub-plots table. -=loll a De to determine wnloh table to roll 7'1: 1·2 Random legacies Events oj War



1. Tunnels
The army scouts discover a series of subterranean tunnels spreading under the city. One squad may uillise the tunnels and use' the Subterranean Movement special rules from the Cltyfight Mission special rules section. If 1he squad may aJ:ready use these spaclal rules for the scenario, then the player does not need to roll the Scatter dica for lis Deep Strike. though they stili must roll a 4+ one D6 to appear,

a dice. On a6, the fog dissipates, Ihe battle is fought normally. 4 .. Vermin Swarm


One of the buildings in the area is leeming with rats and Insects, which will swarm over any thatenter !he infested building. TaK.a it in turns with your opponent



Hive Quake/Unstable region Tile region is particularly unstable, earthquakes and subterranean rumblings wracKmg the City. Squads may only move vertically half of what t!ley moved horizontally. Eg, normally a squad moving 6" honzontally may ,also move 6" vertiGally, but if the city is affected by a hive quake, then the squad may only move 8" vertically.

nominate a building that could contain the swarm (the player rolling Vermin Swarm starling).. Roll a dice. The vermin swarm is within that bUilding on a 5 or a6. Conlinue rolllnq, altemating building choices until the position of the swarm Is finalised. The same building cannot be chosen more than once. If no building contains the swarm, then u is assumed to have scurried away The firsl squad entering the building attacked by Ihe swarm, laKing DS automatic hits al Strength 3, AF'6 .. After the Initial attack, the swarm disappears beneath the city, playing no further role in !he battle .. Vehicles and Walkers are unaltacted by the swarm. 5. Acid Rain Is

3. Chem.fogi
Clouds 01 toxic fumes have spread across the diy, concealing the movements 01 the enerny Irorn view. The charn-foq covers the entire battlefield. Use the Night Fighting rules. At the beginning of each player's tum roll

3-4 5·6

Secret Ploys

Many cities are highly polluted, and acidic rain failing trorn th.e skies is not an unusual occurrence.

Battle crazed Salamanders Space Marines charge towards

At the start 01 the game, any squads with models that are not under cover, ie not within 2" of a building, may be affected by the acid rain. For each squad not In cover, roll a 06. On a 6 that squad takes 06 automatic Strength 2 hilS, AP - , Vehicles and walkers are unaffected by the acid rain. Vehicles under the template are struck by tile lightning on a 5+ on a 06. Vehicles hit must roll on the Glancing Hit table, subtracting 1 from the dice roll.

Kraal-held building.
within 10' of any board edge. One squad (not a vehicle or walker) must end !Is tum witllin lhe building (ie. not assaulting out of the building or falling back out ot it within the same tum) in order to investigate il. There must be no enemy models within the building.


1. Hit and

The battle force Is moving fast so as

to achieve Its objectives before the enemy has a chance to counter-

The squad (or individual)

6. Electrical Discharge
The skies above the war-tom city are ripped apart by a fierce electrical storm. Each player may place an Ordnance template anywhere on the board at the start of each of their turns. TWO rolls are made for the Ordnance scattering. and each lime the distance rolled for scatier is 206 rather than the usual 06. Any mode! under the template may be struck by lightning. If the model has a Saving throw of 4+ or better it is struck on a 5+ on a 06. If the model has iii saving throw 01 5+ or less It is struck on a 6. Models struck by Ughtning suffer a Strength 5 automatic hit, AP -,

which investigates the bUilding receives + 100 experience points. Plans

attack. If the scenario Incorporates a random game ending, Ihe player may choose to re-roll the dice for seeing when tile game ends. The second result stands. If the game does not last tor a variable number of turns, another roll on the Secret Ploys may be made. 2. Building
Reconnaissance Information has been received thai one of the buildings on the battlefield may contain some1hing 01 particular interest. Although this is unlikely to be the case, It must be investigated nevertheless.

3_ Battle

One soldier In the army is carrying Important battle documents, a sacred artefact or some such Item. Thia must not fall Inlo enemy hands) Nominate anyone model within the force 10 be carrying the Item. The model may not be a vehicle or walker Your opponent must be aware who is carrying it If the model survives the battle, his squad (or himself If he is an independent character) receives 100 expenence points. If the moo'el is kllled, the enemy unit (or individual) who killed him will receive +100 experience points.

Your opponent may nominate any building on the battlefield lhal is not




• Deceptive Deployment
Enemy spies and scouts have been deceived and misinformed. One of your squads (your chojcs) may be repositioned after initial deployment has been completed, a.nd after nflltratlng squads nave been placed. - Secret Intelligence Your scouts have been observing the movements of the enemy, and Ihe responses of the enemy have been anticipated. The battle force gains 06 re-rous thai can be used at any time in the battle. Each re-rof enables the player to take any single D6 dice he has roiled (including one of the dice rolled on a 2D6. 306 etc,) and roll I! again. Any dice can be re-tojled, but the player cannot ra-roll a re-roneo dice.

One squad (your choice) may ignore negative modifiers for Morale checks and lests for regrouping. In effect. the squad will always use Its standard Leadership for these checks.

Any squad breaking an enemy In assault gains +50 experience points (on top of the usual +100). Any squad that is broken In an assault loses 50 experience points.

If the squad is broken at any ime during the battle. the squad loses 50 experience pomts. 2. Extended Duty
Sometimes due to the necessities 01 war. a squad will be required to engage In extended dlrty, often standing watch without relief, or forced to battle day in, day out. One of your squads (your choice, but not a fearless unit) has a - i to Its Leadership for the duration of the battle"

5. Battle

Crazed The rlgours 01 war affect some scldiers differently than others. Some squads become crazed, seeking out the enemy in disregard for their own personal safety.

: Explosive Charges
Your scouts have lunneJled beneath one of the buildings on the battlefield, placing explosive charges beneath it After board sides have been chosen, but before any squads have been set up, the player secretly chooses one building on the battlefield which has the charges set benealh it Write it down on a piece of paper. At the beginning of any of your Shooting phases, you may attempt to detonate the charge. Show your opponent Ihe building written down. and roll a 06. On a 1 it is a dud, or has been disengaged by the enemy. On a 2·6 it explodes, and any unit Within the building takes 06 automatic hils at Strength 4, AP 5.

II the squad remains unbroken for the entire battle, II gains +100 experience paints. 3. Blood Bond
The rigours al"ld horrors of war will often bond the soldiers together into a tight-knit fighting teres. Any squad (not a vehicle or walker) which fails Its Leadership test tor any reason is allowed to Immediately re-take the test once H any member of the squad is within 6" of another fnendty squad (not a vehicle or walker). Any squad which is broken at the end of the game loses 50 experience paints.

One squad (your choice) will automatically pass the first Leadership test it is required to lake, and is allowed to regroup even if below half strength. In addition, the squad must always charge an enemy in the Assault phase it II is withIn range (though II does not have to charge an enemy vehicle or walkel if it is within range). 8.attle crazed squads which break an enemy In an assault gain +50 experience points (on top of the usual

Battle crazed squads which are broken al the end of the game lose 50 experience pomts,

6. Spoils of War
Many are the occasion when scldiers will acquire additional wargear as a result of their looting of the battleground and the enemy. One squad (your choice) has stumbled upon some wargear (that can be Used for this battle only and is Iree lor that squad). Roll another 06 10 see what they have discovered (see Ihe City right Special Rules Armoury for details):

4. Vengeance
The actions of a particular enemy have become infamous and much hated by your soldiers. One of your squads (your choice) hates the enemy wifh such a passion that it will always hillhe enemy in close combat on the rail af a 3 or more.


'. Inspired
Coming out of a recent victory or hearing a rousing oratory from their commander can often inspire soldiers to unprecedented levels 01 bravery.


Scaling Smoke

ladderslgrapnellines or blind grenades

5 6

Command activated shredder mine Demolition charge

uptain Bradburn surveyed the wU-torn banlcficld lDtrntly wi[1I his thmrulImi81Dg scope. As his 8ne travelled over the ruiDt; belo",. he coeld sec. countless slowing red hulking shapes JumbUlOg through the dukocss towards the position of his DUlh Kotps Lesion. H: W~ certain l/tit the Orks would hit wi1hin rhe hour. His gac 51r,yed to the large .. ruined building al Ihe far end of the shattered street thil commanded aD impressive view OYer the battle zoot. As be w."hcd. the glowillg red thermal jmigcs several

smaller creatures who cowered before him. .cruddy it the larger figure when il turned its luck to them Iglin. M ore of the smaller creatures moved Into view, lUBgjDB several largt. whcded devices behiad them by long chains They were rolled inlo position behmd Ihe ruins. Ih< barrels of tbe crude .rtilh:ry pieces protruding'over tbe crumbltDg will. The Captain's deadpan face did hal d1spby 'P)' ehiDIit.

They gestured

Ciphlll Budbl'!D su.rveyed the building as it suddenly shook. i dull booming sound reverberating over the battlcfidd. A great doud of moke and dllst rose. hiding the building [rom sigh1. MufUcd [O>1S and
streams w~rt carried ~croS$ ,he bartlefield.

Wnb I glimmer of SlllSLiclioD in IW grey c.y~. 11, .ikD1ly applauded his men who hid crept Io[W)rds fa plite the explosives.
"23rd Armoured Support."

he said into his


small creatures



view. They

tlambcted over the broken ruins, pushlDg. shoving and biting r.>.ch other. A luger figure moved up behind them, the red image of his {ann bshi.Dj! out ill the

Bradburn raised his comm-Iink. still looking througb the scope ~t the building. WheD he spoke. his voice was cold and

-Co ahead," The reply crackled wirh S1ai ic,

"Commence bombardment,"

"Ork anjiJcry pieces m in positioa, DCtOOi1l:•

"Copy ibn."


This section of Chapter Approved attempts to answer the most common questions asked by players concerning vsrtous aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 game. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. "you need a rules question arbitrating, try contacting the Roolz Soyz In Mail Order who'll be .happy to help. For the UK, phone 0115 9140000 or e-mail: For North America, call tol/·free 1-800&492-8820 or e-mail: For Australia, phone (02) 9829 6111 or a-mail: O. In the rules for units being partially engaged In close combat it implies that unengaged models may fire in the Shooting phase but doesn't state whether they can or can't. Is rt allowed to shoot with unengaged models? And may they shoot at enemy models from the unit attacking their buddies? of a rarify - after the first round of fighting one of the units fighting will either fall back or both sides will move in any unengaged models to carry on the fight next tum, In example A below, the Space Marine unit charges into the ark unit. In the subsequent close combat the Space Marine unit succeeds in killing one Ork model, whereas the Ork unit inflicts no casualties in return. The Ork unit has to make a Morale check for losing the combat and passes it, meaning that the combat counts as a draw. As both units have unengaged models to move in to tight. they roll to see who moves first. The ark player wins and moves his Ork Nob and ark Boy into close combat with the two unengaged Space Marines (see Example A below). Q.. Is it possible for one squad Ie 'screen' another by blocking its line 0 fire.

A. Individual models do block line

A. Yes, unengaged models may shoot

with the normal restrictions. They may not shoot at enemy models attacking their buddies unless the enemy unit is making a sweeping advance (see page 69 of tne Warhammer 40,000 ru/ebook). However, I suspect that this question is arising because the rules for drawn combats are not very welJ stated in the book. If a unil loses a close combat but passes its Morale check, the result counts as a Drawn Combat (also page 69 of the rutebook}. This means that all unengaged models move in to join the fight, moving up to 6" to fight an enemy model (gomg for unengaged opponents first). If this rule is applied, unengaged models at the peripheries of a close combat become something

fire, but the mere presence of enem} squads won't prevent you firing at what you choose unless the Intervenins; enemy models are so densely packea together that you cannot trace aline or fire between their bases.
Q. Do frag grenades or cover override the penalty of striking last [or using a power fist?


A. No,
O. It a character has Increasec Toughness (for riding a bike or havins the Mark of Nurgle, for example), is his original Toughness or his improveo Toughness used for determining wha' Strength hit is necessary to kill the character outright, In accordance with the Instant Death rules?

O. Can an ordinary model such as a

Space Marine really block an enemy's line 01 fire to Dreadnoughts or other kinds of vehicles?

A. Instant


No. vehicles are far too substantial to be obscured by creatures, even cavalry or bike-mounted troops.

Death works from the original Toughness of the characteF before Toughness bonuses of an; sort. For example, a Nurgle Exalteo Champion riding a bike is Toughness 6 (Toughness 4 + 1 for the bike, + 1 for the Mark of Nurgle=6). However If he were wounded by a krak missile (Strength 8 the Champion would be killed outrighi as the Strength 8 missile is twice as strong as his basic Toughness of 4.

O. It I upgrade, say, an Assault Marine armed with a bolt pistol and close combat weapon to have a plasma plstol instead, does the Marine lose his close combat weapon as well as his bolt pistol? A. Ah, th,s is an oversight we made when we were worrying about models upgraded to have heavy weapons keeping their basic weapons as wei/, To keep things clear we ruled that a model Which upgraded its weapon los/ its starting weapons. However, in the case of a model armed With a pistOl and a close combat weapon, if you're just upgrading the pistol then the model can keep the close combar weapon. Conversely, if you were to upgrade the close combat weapon (to a power weapon, for example) you would keep the pistol.

Space Marines





Some units can grow or shrink :;ecause models leave them or join "'em during the game - for example Jrks 'mobbing up', Blood Angels :::lining the Death Company, Necrons =pairing themselves and so on, How are Victory pomts worked out tor Ihese ~nits at the end of the game?

A.. In all oases like this it is the units . al were originally chosen by the ::llayer which are important, and VPs ere awarded for them. Models whioh ;;0 off and join other units are zonsidered casualties for the purposes working out half strength and Victory x;ints for the unit they left. The original sue oi e unit is used for calculating a .JTIWS half strength for Victory points, sven if it has had models added in 'aler. However,. a umt's current size is ssed for working out if it has suffered 25'% casualties in one turn and needs l Morale' check.


~or example, take two Ork mobs, both ~Ei strong when they are chosen by the :Jrk player. One mob IS badly battered '"l the game and reduced to eight 5frong, but manages to 'mob up' with '17e other arks, making them 24 strong. At the end of the game, the mob which vas battered and joined the other Ork Tlob is considered destroyed tor the ovmose: of VPs - the surviving Orks ...nch mobbed up are considered t :::asualties. Tne other mob which got zoostea to 24 modefs strong only counts as half strength for Victory points if it get8 reduced to 8 models 50% of its original size). of the scenarios il refers holding table quarters or :otherwise fulfilling victory conditions. Joes this refer to units laken from the "roops section of !hearmy list?

a. In several

A .• In terms of mission objectives the scenarios should refer to 'infantry' nstead of 'troops'. This was a correouon which was applied to some ;Jf Ihe scenarios but no/ al/ of them. If you're in doubt about whether 'troops' 'S being used as a general reference to units of creatures which run around on 'oot or unils chosen from the Troops section of the army list, you can leI{ by checking to see If the reference is capitalised. (f it says Troops' it's Drobably referring to the army tlst. If it says 'troops' it's probably referring to nfantry in a more general sense mcluding Elites, and so on). Q. In many scenarios, players alternate :llacing their unlts, This can be a real osln when faCing an Imperial Guard army with an Infantry Platoon or two.

They end up placing a few 50 point units while you have to roll out your entire army - then lhey place their big, scary tanks in positions to blow you to bits. Is this really the way things work?

Tim has three Lictors which he chose as one sial on Ihe force' organisalion chart. These aredeptoyed all 131 once (but don', have to be placed in the same part of the b.attfefield)..
Q. Which vehicle upgrades may be chosen for different vehicles? The Cod.exes are coniusing and contradictory on this subject.

A. No, not really. To keep things fair in

deployment, players should alternate placing ehcuces from the force organisation chart. So, for example, Tyranid Tim and Impen'al Guard Ian are deploying at the start of the game. Ian places one of his Troops choices first, In this case it is an Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon of three squads and a Command Section. Because the platoon is one choice from the force organisation chart, 131/ tour squads are deployed on the tabletop; they don't 13/1 have to be put In the same place but are placed as one choice. Tim puIs down a blood of Termagants nex/,and then Ian places another choioeand so on. When it comes to deploying Elites,

A. The Codex army list entries tell you

which upgrades may be cnosen different vehicles. for

Q. The Dark Eldar Tales is noted as being a skimmer. Does this meanlhat opponents need to roll to hit them In close combat?


A. No, no, no. The noie about being a skimmer only applies to their ability to float over terrain when they move. In retrospect, we should have called them 'hoverers'lo avoid this confusion


Pertaining to Old One Eye and the Red Terror, the Codex never refers to them as special characters, or even


characters lor that matter. A. Nope, they're Tyranid monstrous

creatures. Ybu don't need your opponent's permission to lake them.

may ana be a mutant? With 3 apiece, they do have enough if lhey're all counted together. A. They count as Individuals for the purposes of muietion (they're kind of like specialist mutations anyway). Wounds Q. Can Tyranid venom cannon any biomorphs list with scything etc) Of can they cannon/barbed WaJrriors wllich take a o·r barbed strangler, take from the upper list (the talons, rending claws only have the venom s1rangler and no other


victim 01 a bio-elasma attack gets a normal save. Does this also allow a save when used by a monstrous creature? A. Blo-plasma always permits a save, regardless of what kind of beastie is using il- it's an enhancemenl/bonus spit before the creature can bring its

a. On

page 90t the Codex It says thaI



Q. Rending claws that hit on a. 6 and monstrous creatures Ignore armour saves. but the implant attack only causes a secondwound if the target fails Its save. The problem is thai Ihere ls no save taken, so no save is failed. Should tile implant attack cause a second wound, even though !he armour save Is not Jailed because it Is ignored lr the first place? A. The save is ignored in these cases which I would inlerprel as being failed automatically. Q. How do you determine how many mutatlons a unit of a Hive Tyrant and several Tyrant Guards may have? A. They are fwo separate broods, so you do not add their wounds logether for the purposes of working out mutations. May the Tyrant Guards 'guatd' a Carnifex? The Codex says thai Tyranid monstrous creatures don'lget the benefits of JOining other units, except Tyrant Guards. A.. Yep, that's a perrecrJy legitimate use of Tyrant Guard. Carnlfexes can be guarded roo. Q. Is there any reason that a Hive Tyrarcouldn't leave his Tyrant Guard? AI! other bodyguard/retinue types from the oiher Codexes state that the commander ceases 10 be independent when JOined by them (and atl that that Implies), but the Tyrant Guard bodyguard has no similar statement Is this a corrsc\ assessment? A. Gah! That is correct, not what was Intended but hey, if you wanJ /0 bUy Tyrant Guard and then leave them, iI's your choice I guess. Q. Splnefisls in the Codex are Assault X In White Dwad they are listed as Assau • 2X. Which is correct? A. AssauJ.l x_ Q, Do any olil1e Tyranid weapons whic," have an Ordnance template (spore mines, barbed strangler etc) count as 'real' Ordnance,gettlng !WO dice agains: vehicle armour or using the Ordnance damage tables? A. Nope, they}ust use the large blast marker.

strength to beer.
Q. How do renc:ling claws work wllh monstrous creatures? A, The benefits of rending claws are added to the benefits of being a monstrous creetute. Such a creature ignores armour saves, on a To Hit ra!l of 6 it will wound a.utomatically. and will gafn an extra 06 armour penetration If any ermour pene.traliandfce (0/1 a 6, Q. USing the rules from Codex: Tyrartlds can Spore Mines still crossfire enemy units tailing back Into them? Since you can shoot at Spore Mines, will a Spore Mine within 6' prevent a unit from

No, it's not telribly deer but the Idea is that the 'heavy weapon' Warrior can lake one pick ttom the lower list but muslsti.ll choose one Itom the upper list.

Q. This might be a silly question but what do Ihese different plastic dose combat blornorpns from lhe Tyranid plastic sprues represent? A.. The small blade·./ike arms for the warrior are scything talons, the large mantis-like claws ere scything talons too, and the 'hands' trom the Tyranid sprue are rending claws (read the oescttauon and you'll see what' mean).


regrouj:llng? A. With the revised rules in the Codex

I'd say no, they osrmot otosstue, and so I don't see that they shauld prevent regroupfngeither. Q, Do multiple Lictors/Biovores/ Zoanthropes count as a single brood when determining If one (or more, in rare cases) may be a mutant? For example,il a hive fleet has nine different species in it. and tile Tyranid player takes three

Q .. If I create a new Hive Tyrallt species using the rules in the back, can that creature take a Tyrant GUard brood? A. Assuming you've chosen Tyrant Guard as one of your speCies, yes. Q. A Space Marine with a power fist is hit four limes by the Red Terror. His Strength and Toughness are 4, but the power list makes him light With a Strength of 8. Can Ihe Terror make lunch of him? He may not swallow anyone with a Sirength and/or Toughness of 5 or more. A. Count Strength and Toughness after any modifications for Marks, power fists, trost blades etc, so the answer is no.

a. Can

I take Tyrant Guard as an HQ choice without taking a Hive Tyrant? A. No.

O. Can a psychic hood nullify lor a turn any of the Tyranld constant powers. like.
Synapse Creature, Psychic Scream, etc? A. On page 9 of the Codex, the Hive Mind powers intra paragraph states 'Only those pOWers which lequire a

The TWBnI Guard sland

close, plotectlng

the Hive Tyrant.


:SYChic rest to use may be cancelJed by ~'lemy psykers' - so the hood can only ze used on Catalyst and an over:-larged Warp BiasI,

J. It is my understanding that the ;relimnary barrage affects all units, - cept for vehicles and independent _ aracters. Thus, 11the bugs have no ehicles or Independent characters it Quid seem that all of the bugs ere at


That's what it means, ). Can I reall.y have a brood of Tyrant 3uard protecting three Camitexes and -vo Hive Tyrants at once? :...A nasty oversight has become .z;Jparent in Codex: Tyranids, as a brood " Tyrant Guard can only protect a ::."'gle Tyranid monstrous creeiureei a "TIe, not six or more as has been SlJggested by some unscrupulous Hive finds. And tor those of you wondering, "yrentd monstrosities created using ~ele Haines's Gufde to Spawning zsono; be protected by Tyrant Guard al 0:.11 - they're lust too big.
Q. Is the bonus Toughness a mutant ~ets from the Exceptional Size mu:!.ation :aken into account tor Instant Death? A. Yes.

A. OK let's fry to get this straight:

1. Test at the start of the tum


the unit

is eligible for an 'All On Your Own' test,

Whatever applicable result you Behaviour table If you fall the /esl.


roll on the Instinctive

is the correct way 01 treating ""'lutants In squads for purposes of ::.asualty removal? Assuming identical :lemfiles, I would imagine that they count 3$ heavy weapons troopers, In thai l!ley aren't going to die until you kill the whole squad/kill everything under tile template. Others want a hil assigned to him which .s rolled separately, In hopes of nailing -ilm with a simple bolter round, Which ~ay should this be played? A, The mutant treated like a heavy weapon trooper. Q. It a unit Is in hand-to-handcombal, is 'arced to make an Instinctive Behaviour rofl, and rolls either 'Lurkor 'Fall back', does tllis take the unit out of nand-tonand combat? If so, and if their opponent is longer In close combat, can they pursue or consolidate? A. Yes, rtJe' Tyranids fall back from aombat and normal options for the winners apply. creatures must make an 'All On Your Own' test each tum when outside Ihe influence of the Hive Mind, If they fail the test or fail a Pinning/Morale check they use Ine lnstlnotive BetJaviour table instead of falling back normally. At the beginning of Ihe next turn (after behaving 'Instinctively),. do the Tyranids need to test to regroup and then make IhB 'All On Your Own' test again? Do they continue to behave in the same manner i1 they fail or have to re-roll for a different possible result?
Q. Tyranid

a. What

3. Next tum, the 'All On Your Own' tes; happens at the start of the tum and so it is ignored as instinctive behaviour is alrea.dy In torce. The regroup test happens at the start of the movement phase. Therefore', whatever ins/fnctive behaviour the Wlds may be suffering itom applies again unless they manage /0 regroup.

Q. Pages 38 and 39 of the Codex seem to conlradlcteach other with respect to Warriors wilh heavy weapon bio-modifications. On page 38 11 says thai warriors with heavy weapons are HO or Heavy Suppor1, and on page 39 it says that morelhan one heavy weapon makes them Heavy Support. What is Ihe correct way to lnlerprel this? A .. Page 39 has the mistake, they should be HQ or .Heavy Support In either casa

4. The brood behaving Instinctively will be affected twice (once when they fail their test, and again at the start of the next turn) with .the same effect. Then at the start of the Movement phase they can test to regroup. If they fail, they would do the same InstinctivB Behaviour agam In the next turn (bul not again that tum, since they failed a lest to regroup, not a Morale check),
5. Remember the behaViour won't actually take effect until/hey move; the regroup .attempt happens first.

6. If they don't fulfil all three of the regrouping criteria on Page 73 of the nneboo«, they cannot lest at all and will behave instinctively again in the next turn.
7. If at me start of Movement phase mey are close enough /0 a Synapse creature, they automatically regroup.

Q .. When creating your own hive fleet. does simply giving the broods different weapons constitute a new species, even if all Ihe blornorphs and biomorph enhancements areexaenv the same? It seems 10 say that any changes in the brood would make ita different species, but I just want to make sure. A. In the case of Warriors where the weapon can be changed within the brood,a species would have to have different biomorphs to .be a new species (so the examples are wrong in that respect). However, in the case of something which can't have different weapons as standa.rd, a weapon change will create a new species. For example, Gaunrs must have identical weepone or they eoumss different species, but Warriors can vary Iheir weapons. Tyranlds army list on page 13 it has Ripper Swarms listed as 3-10 In a brood. The Ripper Swarm 8iomorph Table (page 40) it has the brood listed as 5·10. Whicn Is correct? A.• The army list.
Q. In Codex: Tyranlds Ihe Hive Tyrant psychic power 'Warp Blast' has a different cost d·epending on whether you use Ihe army ustone vs a genomorphed one. All of llie other powers are Ihe same c ost. Is this a typo or IS It correct? A. Again use the army list as the guide here, making 1120 pts. Q. In the Codex:



Q. As I understand it when you 'create your own hive fleet' you are making a list of broods to replace the ones printed in the Codex (the thirteen detailed in the army list section of the book) entirely. The new army list must have between 4 and' 12 brood types that you may then choose an army from. This (the hive fleet you create) REPLACES the army Iisi. in the book, and is from where you choose your broods tor the army list Iha! you lake to a game. A. Right on both counts.

Q. Are Hive Mind powers counted in the overalt number of biomorphs for design· your-own bugs which can have them? A.• Hive mind powers don': count

lowards blOmorphs.


We thought il was high time a few things were clarified about Codex Space Wolves to ease the lives of Wotf Lords across the galaxy. Without further ado ... How does a unit under the effecls 01 the psychic power Storm Caller affect frag and plasma grenades? A. The Stormca/ler power can cause

unit wilh Stormcaller though. Weapons

will be affected

Q. Can Wolf Scouts choose weapons


as power


that slrike last will, of course, strike last.


Nols: TllS above answers ale all taken Into account in the 4th Edition Assaull Rules which will rake precedence 1/ being used. Q. Can Blood Claws rapid fire thetr pistols and charge In the same tum, due to ttleir Head-strong rule? A. The Heed-stronq rule states thai 'Blood Claws must charge if one of their models is within 6' of the enemy. unless led by. .. a character. ' This means Ihal the Blood Claws cannot bolt pistols this would prevent rapid fire their if the enemy is within 6" as them assaulting.

from the options included in the Space Marine Scoul entry In Codex: Space Marines and from the Codex: Space Wolves lisl as well? A. Nope. O. While we're on the subject, when operating behind enemy lines In a mission where the enemy is no! allowed any reserves, where do Wolf Scouts enter the table? A. Wolf Scouts arrive on the table edge
the enemy retreat towards. Q. Can a Wolf Guard Battle Leader take

some confusion, should help:

the fol/owing


• Remember that plasma and (rag grenades only work if the unit that has them charges. If a Spaoe Wolves unit with Stormca/ler on II charges an opponent that has either grenade type, the Space Wolves will strike first as the grenades are of no use when receiving a charge. • If charging a unit in cover, then aI/ attacks are simultaneous. • Stormca/ler can be cast on friendly vehicles, which then count as being hull down, Remember /hal cover only matters In the first round of a close combat and subsequently attacks will occur in normal order. New enemies charging the

the Mark of the Wulfan?

A. No.

Q. Does a character with Fenrlsian Wolves become a Mixed Armour unit?

O. Can you use a Rune Statl against more than one psycrnc power per turn? A. A Rune Stat! counts as a singlehanded weapon AND a psychic hood.
The psychic against against hood ability can be used more than one enemy psychic

A. Yes, acharac/er accompanied by Fenrisian Wolves is a Mixed Armour unit, as is an Iron Priest accompanied by a Thrall bodyguard .

power per tum, however powers

it only works
a psychic

O. Does the Blood Feud rule apply to Dark Angels and Thousand Sons vehicles?

that require

test. A Rune Staff costs 25 points.

A. No. Space Wolves do not hit Dark Angels or Thousand Sons vehIcles (otne: than Dreadnoughts) on a 3+ in close combat.



a unit that is led by a Wolf Guard ., Terminator armour make a sweeping advance, and can you lead a una of Nolf Scouts with a Wolf Guard? · A pack of Blood Claws or Wolf 3couts may not be led by a Wolf Guard Terminator armour. Note this is an amendment more than a c/arlficatJon but remove« the need for more clarificatIons '0 reeotv« contradictions that the ;;ombination creates. In al/ other rcumsrances units led by Wolf Guard "I Terminator armour cannot make 8 sweeping advance after close combat 3J7d can only consolidate.

:l. Can

a. Does

a Wolf Guard Ballle Leader count as one 01 the 20 Wolf Guard models you are aJlowed 10 have ina Space Wolves army? A. Nope. Q. Long Fangs cannot purchase a transport. Is this correct? A. Long Fangs do not have a Razorback listed as a trettspor; option. This is an oversight. Long Fangs may purchase a Razorback ar the cosrllsled for Grey Hunter squads. Q, If a Runic Charm is combined With Terminator armour, does it allow are-roll of Ihe Crux Termlnatus invulnerable save Ihal comes with the armour? A. No.

O. Why Is II thai Wolf Guard Terminators cannot use a heavy weapon and a single·handed weapon, as with mosl Terminators? A. Wolf Guard Terminators may have a single-handed weapon in addition to a heavy weapon (this supersedes the note In the Wolf Guard list entry). In addition, they may select Runic Charms, Wolf Pells and Wolf Tooth Necklaces as if they had a T' next to their cost in Ihe Space Wolves Armoury.

O. Can Fenrisian

~. Does a Wolf Guard Banle Leader use "e Wolf Guard column in the Space
loilles armoury when selecting weapons? · No, he does not. ~. How does a Wolf Tooth necklace :1J,ect Ihe Exarch power Delend? How joes it affect close combat attacks on - immers and the like? · If a model with a Wolf Tooth necklace s fighting a Dire Avenger Exarch with e Defend power (Necklace a/ways lets . au hit on 3+, Defend says opponents Jnly hit on 6+) roll a D6 each round to iElermine which piece of war gear ./Jas Ji!ority, re-rollmg any tfed results. Wolf Tooth necklace has no effect on enemy vehicles without a Weapon Skill :;barac/efislie.

Wolves accompany a transport? A. Fends Wolves can ride In 8 transport along with an Independent character but cannot 'run along' outside the vehicle. Q. How does True Grit affect comblweapons and the like? A. The True Grit rule does apply to all combi·weapons bur not to storm bolters.

if a Wolf Pnest takes Healing Balms. and is escorted by a Woll Guard bodyguard in Terminator armour, do the balms allow the bodyguard to Ignore the first failed save made against the Terminators' 5+ invulnerable save? A. Again, no they do not.
Q. Jt looks like Space Wolves players get a cheaper Land Speeder Tornado. Is the points cost correctly listed? A. Gah/ No, the Land Speeder Tornado should cost 75 points before weapon upgrades are selected.

a. Similarly,

0_ Can you buy a Blood Claw Bike

squad Irag grenades if they are equipped wilt] Jump packs Instead of bikes? A.. Blood Claw packs equipped wrlh Jump packs Instead of being mounted on bikes will automatically have trag grenades and krak grenades. Additionally they may have meftabombs at +5 pOints per model.

to make cover saves against rnarkarllqht hits? A. Markeriight hits do not permit cover saves ..
Q. Is il possible

Q, Do Markerlights function like sea.rchllghts at night? A. Marker/ighlS are not searchlights and have no special value at night.

Q.. When Pathfinders make their pregame free move, can their Devilfish transport move as well? Also can they move in the Devilfish? A. Pathfinders' pre·game free move may include their Devilffsh transport. The move is performed as normal and may include embarking or disembarking.

Q. If a target is hit by a markerlighl can any friendly unit see it 10 fire on II? A. A unit that fires at enemy that has been hit by a markerlight must still be able to draw a line of sight to engage it unless they are firing a seeker missile or smart missiles. This includes being able 10 see il If NIght Fight rules are tn enect. For each markerlight hit, one weapon may be fired, hitting on 2+.

Q. If I move 6" with my Devilfish and

fire its burst cannon can I also launch any of the seeker il is carrying? A. Seeker missiles can be fired In addition to a vehicle's other weapons even if the vehicle has moved more than 6".
Q. When a Tau Crtsls team enters the

a. Does a searchlight have any afect on a Stealth Team? A. If a Stealth Team is spotted by a vehicle with a searchlight when the Night Fight special rules are in effect, any subsequent attempts to spot the Stealth Team that player turn test as if it were daylight. il possible to hide behind a Stealth Team which blocks line of sight by being in base-to-base contact? A. Stealth learns never block line of sight to other Tau units. independent character cannol claim to be immune foenemy tire by being within 6"01 them or by joining the unit.

table via Deep Strike can they move in the assault phase? A. Tau models with iet packs may nOl lake their fj" Assault move if they Deep Strike .. Q.. Is a vehicle With a disruption pod any harder to see at night? A. Disruption pods do not affect visibility. Range and visibility are different things. First check whether you can see it Second check that it is in range. a. If a model has a markerlight and G Tau jet pack, can it move and fire the markerlight? A. If you gIVe the Stealth Team leads' a Markerlight you may fire it when you've remained stationary in the Movement phase', then move in the Assault phase using the Tau je/pack.

Can Tau pulse rifles rapid fire al up to half their full range? A. In accordance with page 57 of the Warhammer 40,000 ru/ebook close range (or a/l rapid fire w.eapons is 12", so obviously Ihis applies 10 Tau pulse rifles.
O. If I field a Tau Crisis Team consislinga tons warrior does he always have to lake 'All on your own' tests? A. 'All on your own' rests only apply if the unit is reduced to a single model by casualties, nol if you slart that way so one man Tau Crisis or Broadside leams do not have 10 take 'All on your own tests'

O. Can you clarify whelherenemy characters (.able to allocate hits in close combat) can Ignore drones in close combat and strike other Tau they are in contact with? A .. If Drones are in close combat along wilh other Tau models then opponents must attack the Drones if they can. If tor example there is a Space Marine Chaplain attacking a Sl1as'o with one Shield Drone and the C/laplain is in contact with both models he must attack the Drone as will seek to get between him and the Tau.
Q. If a Fire Warrior learn leader has markerllghl must he still fire at the same target as his unit? A. Yes. unless he also has a rarget lock.
Q. Where a COSI is specified for a single and a twin-linked weapon, is the twin-linked cost for one Of both weapons? A. Both.



ollowing some discussion on the Games Workshop community ebsite pages it has become apparent oat some clarification of the 'And they shall know no fear' rule, most beloved of Space Marine commanders, is ~equlred, The rule in Codex Space Marines ;JIves Space Marines four major advantages over other troops:

6' of them If Ihls is not the case then they will continue to fall back. Remember this is not an abject rout, the Space Marines are simply falling back to a less exposed position in accordance with their doctrine and training. Last chance regrouping at the edge of the table also requires that the regrouping criteria are me , so if the unit is out of coherency or has enemy within 6" it Will retreat straight off the table. This may be bad news lor you as the player hut It saves Space Marines for the inevitable clinical counter-attack and prevents loss of precious gene-seed. Regrouping in cover is similarly unaffected' Space Marines will automatically regroup if eligible to do so, and don't have 10 risk the vagaries 01 a Morale check. II has been pointed out to me that it is possible that a Space Marine unit might lind itself prevented tram regrouping at the end of its fall back by an enemy unit which subsequently moves further away or is shot down. The Space Marines will therelore find themselves able to regroup at the start of their next move without having to fall back further. If so they wi]1 regroup Immediately and may move and/or shoo! normally. Remember that Space Marines regroup at the end 01 their fall back move. According 10 the sequence of play for assault on page 62 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, fall back

1. They may regroup even If they are below half strength.

2. If an enemy sweeping advance contacts them they regroup automatlcally, Lesser troops have to risk a regroup test in these circumstances and are destroyed if they fall. 3. They do not have to take a lest to regroup, instead doing it automatically. 4. They regroup at the end of their fall back move rather than at the start of their next move so get back Into action quicker. To be able to regroup, however, there are three criteria. The unit needs to be:

moves are performed before sweeping advances and consolidations. This means that any enemy unit which tries to pursue Space Marines (either by sweeping or consolidating) failing back from dose combat will nol do il quickly enough to prevent them regrouping if the Space Marines fall back 7" or more. If the enemy advance into base contact, the Space Marines will regroup automahcally as mentioned above, It has been said that the best way to lake advantage of this rule is to carefully shepherd the Space Mannes so that they fall back off-table. This really is one of those 'fine in theory' assertions. Even though the Space Marines are falling back they can still fire at enemies within 12", which means they Will be able to fire at any enemy unit thai Is close enough 10 stop them regrouping. Also the rest of the Space Marine army may not wish to co-operate with the ploy and the presence of even one supporting unit should be enough to make close pursuit very risky. In practice even when Space Marines have elected to fall back, pursuing them is a dangerous proposition and over-complication is:a sure route to disaster, Rather more significant is that a Space Marine unit that IS subject to crossfire before completIng a fall back and reg.rouping will be destroyed, Even Space MarInes will sometimes realise too late that their path to safety is blocked. and a moment of confusion is all that their enemies need.

1. In coherency.
2. Not below 50% strength, 3. Outside 6" of any enemy. Whilst 'And they shall know no fear' lets you ignore (2) It does not help with (1) and (3), so If they are 10 regroup the Space Marines must be in a coherent formation (ie, within 2" of each other) and have no enemy within


Andy: Greetings citizens. As you may know. part of the task of Chapter Approved has atways boon to run official Question and Answer liles on different Codexes and clarify some of tile murkier corners of the Warhammer 40,000 rules. Over time we've managed to answer no! a lew queries this way, and the Chapter Approved compilation has been a useful repository for !he ones we've done so far. For a long lime I've wrestled with just how to proceed from here, whethel to Simply leave things with the Q&A or to aC1ually go ahead and make corrections to the Codex books. Sounds Simple? Well maybe but the problem with changing the books is all the players who've already bought them. They all curse us roundly when they hear the news and complain bitterly about changing Ihe rules JUS! being a conspiracy to make them buy new books. Uncertainty and confusion avalanche and before we know it maddened crowds are roaming the streets bearing burning torches, pitchforks and 'Kill Andyl' banners. Tile problem with not changing Codex:es is that we keep reproducing something we know to be flawed, wrong. broken or what have you.

New players keep inheriting the sins of the past and the Chapter Approved compilation keeps carrying the same old Q&A forever. So, after due deliberation I've decided to adopt a hopelessly optimistic policy 01 gelling things right at all costs. This means that once a Q&A has been published for a particular Codex, the next time we print more copies of that book, we will attempt to clarify as many questions as possible by making minor alterations to the text, In many cases these are things so petty you wouldn't notice If they weren't pointed out so don't worry, no big rules changes will be undertaken in this way I say again DON'T PANIC!. jusl step away from Ihe keyboard and no-one will get hurt. To keep everyone informed. these corrections will be reproduced through Chapter Approved 1n White Dwarf, on the GW website as errata and here. In this book you'll llnd me corrections for the Space Marines, Blood Angels, Eldar, Craflworld Eldar, Armageddon, Catachans and Orks Code xes, and In future issues we'll cover the others as they come up. Because these corrections would be

terribly dull if we did them in the traditional way (ie "p7, para 3. !Jne 8 change 'fish' tor 'Aardvark'") we've put It together into sections suitable for cutting out or photocopying and stickIng over the offending section of the old Codex, This means that you can see exactly what the correction Is Instead of having to hurt your brain nguring out what It )s and whati! means. A final note. In the case 01 the Dark Eldar and Dark Angels Codexes, we've published a major set of updates In response to player feedback, which you can find on pages 96-101 of thiS book. These are different to the reprint corrections and in lime both of these Codexes wW be revised to include the updates. The revamped Codexes will Ihen eff'eclively replace the old ones altogether - you still don'l have 10 buy a new one though, since the updates will be available through the sources mentioned earlier Well that's it folks. As I said earlier please remember Ihal this process is aimed at the ultimate objective of making the Werhammer 40,000 game bettsr for everyone. You can lynch me laterl

~-weaporls-marK;lfwlih-a-'~.The iu" IlJieS-forSpac.e w.rin-e-wargear can-beiou-ndoo ~-35'-AiI-wiirQ-eafandweaiiolls -mustbe-repreSeotec( : on lhB model, Independent characters accompanied by a Command Squad may 51111 hooselndBpendeni character only wargear. c l
M • • •



(>lIgo 6. Space Maline Armouty.

;Ii modei
Points Xavier 200

Ter;nTnatorirTnQurhasa -~~ i :armour save, a 5... Invulnerable save, aM: :"dds .. 1 to its Attacks characterisbc AlSO,:


WS 5


S 4

W 2




:any model weating



can be:

A Salamanders army may as one of !he HQ choices and may not be given any both players have agreed

be joined by Chaplain Xavier. II you take rum then he counts for the army. He must be used exactly as described below. additional eqUipment He can only be used in a balle where 101M use of special characters.


,teleported onto the bat1lefleld, and set up, : uSIng Ihe Deep Slrlke rules, bul only 11 Ihe: :mlssion anows for Deep Strike to be used, ": : Ih e ",isslon does not !lJ low troops 10 use the: ,Doop Strike rules then the model must set up. : normally with Ihe rest olll1e army. :

Wargear: Bo[t pistol, crozius arcanum, rosarlus, Terminator honours (bonus included above), Salamanders Manlle and Vu}kan's 51gll.

Vulkan's 51gll: Lord Vulkan, Prlmarch of the Salamanders. had a personal icon In the form 01 a blacksmith's hammer ('For he smote the Emperor's enemies as a hammer slriklng an anvl!'). Vulkan's Sigi/bears Illis icon and is said to have been camed by the Primarcll 111 sel t as his badge 01 office. It Is therefore a polent religiOUSartetact tor the m Salamanders Chapter and ccunts as a holy relic. It affects all Salamanders Space Marines Within 12' when it is revealed, inslead of the normal 206". Salam-anders Mantle: Xavier's cloak, made from ihe thick hide of one of Nocturne's salamander lizards, renders him Immune to suffering instant death caused by being hit by an at1ack which has a Strength value double his Toughness - he loses a single wound Instead. Note thai Instant dealh can be suffered In other ways (eg, by an Eldar Wraitl1cannon roiling a 6 to wound). Independent Character: Xavier follows ailihe Independent Characler special rules In the Wamammer 40,000 rulebook unless accompaned by a Command squad.

;Psychic.Ho;;a:-psychFn-oOd"sailow ii Ublerlan to nullity an opposing: :psychic'S power Oeclare that you'll use the: :PsychiC hood after an opponent has: •succBssluUym ada iii Ps yo rue test, but b elore, : Inay have used Ihe power. Each player then: :rolls a 06 and addS their model's Lea-de rshiP: 'value to the score II the Space Marine' :Librarian beats the opposing model's score: :tilen Ihe psychic power Is nuUlfiedand may: :nol be used mat turn If the apPOSing model's: :score]s equalOrhigher.II may use lls psychiC: 'power as normal. The Psychic Hood can be' :used each lime an enemy mode] uses a: :psychlc power. :
, I


, , ,

Command Squad: Xavier may be accompanied by a Command squad lsee me entry on page 8). Nota that Xavier and his Command squad count as a single HQ choice.

:purTty Seals: If a model who Is wea/ing: 'purity seals falls back, roll one eXira D5 for ils. :fan back distance. and then pick Ihe 06: :results you waru In order 10 delem11ne1M: :dlstance lallen back If a model wllh purity: 'seals rs pari 01 a unit Illen this ability appl,es' :to the Whole unit, not just to the madel with:
:the punty seals.
Page 34






Any Space Marine army may be Joined by an Emperor's Champion. If you decide to take him then he counts as one of the HQ choices lor the army bul does not use up any choices on the 100ce organisation chan. He must be used exaclly as described below, and may not be given any additional equipment. He can only be used in a battle where both players have agreed to the use 01 specfaJ characters. Wa.rgear~ Artlflcer armour, Terminator honours (bonus included above). purify seals, Iron halo, master-crafted boll pistol, the Black Sword.

The Black Sword: The Black Sword is a potent power weapon and can be used as a Single-handed or double-handed weapon. If used as a single-handed weapon it's treated as a power weapon with +1 Strength. and may be used in addition to the Champion's bolt pislol. It used as a double-handed weapon it counts as being the same as a power fist

Challenge: At the start of any Assaul1 phase that the Champion Is in combat, 116 may issue a challenge. Your opponent must choose an enemy character to fight him, who is involved in the same close combat as the Cilampion but doesn't have to be in base contact with rum, A challenge can't be refused. Move the models into base contact and fight out the close combat as normal. No other model.s may attack the Champion or hts opponent during a challenge. The outcome of the challenge decides the outcome of the close combat that the Champion and his opponent are involved in; only the wounds they Infllcl on each other are used to determine which side has won. Wounds inflicted by other models In this combat are not used 10 work out the result of the combat.

, ' ' ~rtlhcer armour [Independent characters onlt) .l\uspex •....•.....

_ . 20 pis

2 pts'

Always an Independent Character: The Emperor's Champion is always an Independent character and follows all the Independent character special rules as detailed in the Warhammer 40,000 rutebook. He may not be accompanied by a Command squad .

•~i?~~~'_'_'.:.:.:.:.:.:..:..:.;,. _ ~~'_'_'_'_'':':':':':':':';'' ~~:.!q

Page 3S


-Liiuiichers: Some ~ehfcleS have-small launchers -nio·u~ied 00'10 il'iem-lIla'i 'Carly-srrio - i charges (or a more si:iptif5tfGated eciuiWie;;t~


:in thG caSEIOf skimmers). These are used to tempererlly hide the veh,cle be~I'1d conceaanq clouds af smoke espec:lally if the vehicle ls mOVing: :out In the open. Once per game, alter completing its move. 11vehicle wlLh smoke launchers can 1'19ger 'hGm (it doesn't metter how far It! 'moved). Piece some 00110'1wooillround lhe Vehl'lle to Show II is concealed The Vehicle may not lire In Ihe same tum as II used its smokel :Iaunchers, but any penetrating hhs scoren by Ihe enemy In Inalr next Shoollng phase counl 85 glancing hits Alter the enarny's turn Ihe smoke: :dlsperses with no further eHOOl NOle mata vehicle may· stm use smoke launchers even If Its crew are stunned or shaken. :

'And They Shall Know No Fear'
Space Marines automatically regroup as they lall back, even If the squad Is reducild 10 less than 500/0 by casualties. bul not Illhe squad is out at coherency or there are enemy mooets within 6', II the enemy advance Into them the Space Mannes are no. destroyed and the new assault Is treated in Ihe same way as a sweeping advance (enemy slrJfUngat + 1A the following tum) If the enemy do not advance Into them Ihe Space Marines are Iree 10 move, shoot and assault normally In theIr following turn.

Drop Pods AI the start at a bailie where you can use Ihe Deep Strike rules. you can declare thai your Space Marines are deployIng by landing in drop
pods from orbi1ing spaoeerau

, Deep Strike rules in the Warhammer

Models domg this deploy 4Q,000 fuletlOok

using the

Only the !ot1owmg can deploy Irom drop pods. No olher models ln tne army can be used In this rmssioo (they stay onooard ship) • Any Space Manne model in power or Terminator armour • Space Marine Scouts • Droodnoughrs on landing) and Land Speeders (count as moving over 6"


Chaplain Xavier lakes on Mad Doc Grolsnik.

I ~~--~------~---------------------------



Black Templars use the following units from Codex Space Marines and from the new entries below. Note that, with the exception of the Command Squad Black Templars units don't have VeteranSergeants, HEADQUARTERS ELITES TROOPS FAST ATTACK
I Emperor's Chenpice [Doesn't use up my thoite:;; OD the Blick Tcrnplu! MUlIluJ: Cb~pl~iD: Command &juad'



Terminator Squid: TCfmip,l1or Assauh SqUid: Dreadnoughn Spite MiIrIDCS VeteriD Squad Bhck Tcmplns Squad Black Temphrs "\S!l~uh Sqwd; Black Tcmplm Bike Squldron: Allid!. Bike Squid roo: Land Speeder Squidron: Land Speeder Tonudo: Land Speeder TyphQOJl
Predaror AnnilUbtQr: Predaror DcS1ruc1or: Viodic~tor: Lod Ra..der; Laod R.idcr Crus~der; Whirlwind


• May eJCchBngebolters far bolt pistol & close combat weapon,

add 10 page 22





= .= ...
iI!: ::::I

::f: .... , ..... == lID


C I0 0




a .....
ell: CIIII

" '" "





,2 c..
i ;:;I In

, , :!5 , , ,


Impeiis! Guard Storm Troopers pmp8re to repel the speeding Or« assault

Spttd Frtth Uthidt Upsradrs

Speed Freek(1) may Co.dex: Orksln addition Grot Riggers. .. LIse allY of Ihe upgrades tothese given bel'ow. . . .. ... from

AU vehicles ln ttle Kul'l 01 Speed ~ page 37 of Codex: Orks for lull rules.

__+2 pis carry Grol Riggers. See

Krusher (Bellfe",agonsonly) ... ,. _.•.. ,. .. _, .•. +10 pts Many Speed Freek Battlewagons have spiked rollers,crushlng claws, etc. II the Battlewagon makes a 'tank shock' anack on an enemy unit and Ihe enemy don't fall back, then roll a 06 tor each model

forced to move out 01 tha way of Ihe vehicle, Ona 06 roll of 4+ they are caught by Ihe krusher and sufler <I. wound. Armour

saves are taken as normal.

Top _ +8 pis Some Ork vehicles have an armoured root, enclosed weapon turrets, etc. A lIehlcle with this upgrade no longer countsas baing open-topped.
Force Field , .....•.. +5 pts Me kb oyz a re ad ept at co nat ru 01Ingi fa roe flel d g enera tors 10 protect open-toppen vehicles. The IIshida slill counts as being cpsn-teppad but no longer suffers the + 1 modifier to us Oamage rolls. If the vehicle was a Fast type before, lt loses this ability due 10 Ine power drained by the generators.


; MIXED ARMOUR: Black Templars squads often have models: , will'! different armour saves. The normal casually rsrnovai rules I : for shooting are slightly altered to takethis inlo account. :
... _ ....... , ... ' ... ","'_' _ .............. !'I!! _, ,.. _ '.. '_,_, __ , __ ,...., , ,_.


sdd to 1'89" Z7

Mtga Armoured Warboss and Bodyguard


If an Ork Warboss Is equipped with mega armour any

members of his bodyguard Nobz thar are also equipped with mega armour will be able choose up to a lolal ot 80 pain Is of wargear each (including .the mega armour).

Grots and SquIg,

Some Ork wargear takes the form 01 Gretchtn slaves or squigs (shOrt for 'squiggly beasts' - animals Ihal Orks eat or train for simple tasks). Grol slaves and squigs must be represented by a separate model and become pari. of whichever mob !he character they are with belongs 10. They must also stay wtlhin tne 2" coherency dislE.nce of tne unit. Note thaI Ihe special rules for Grol morale only apply 10 mobs of the IiWe green bligh/ers. not to any Grots thai Bre chosen as wargear. An Ork character may choose up /0 a maximum of three Grol slaves and/of squigs. If Ihe character becomes 8 casually, his al1endam Squigs and Grots are a/so removed.
P"g~ 7

" Burnas il ra CUlli n (I to rehes us ad by Mekboyz , fo I carving up ve h iele wreaks irue useable: ch U rlKs However 11 qUI ok lWls\ 01the"ture: valve and WHOOOSH! Ihe burna spits QUia:, blast or InCinerating name5. A buma may be" 11ed In the shootlng phase wl1h the Slats: r
e~own below or In close combat as a power:'


~weapon, It may not be used 10 shoot and:


: figrrlln close cornoat wrthin the same turn, In : , clcsa combal, hurnas roll 2D6 Instead 01 1D6 , armour panetratlon against vehicles.

Page 8'

Pa9" 14

PBge 16

~ ~:.~p~~~ __ ~




AP P:'ge S4



!.__ ;

r UIP G~~------ ----------: ----::These guns are iPo,wertuJ, but unpredldabU~,:


'I en eryy

ca nnon that ara crawad by G ralchl rt, : gun a ~ lomal~ca II hils any single 1.IIl" I :


!~~ ~_ ~ ~_s~g~:':~~~'!. Pi?~:~



: Mega armour is II suil of rnasslvely thicK and : heavy armour plates over a powered exo.: skelstcn. Thoug~ s10w mega armour has the I advantages 01 gIving a 2+ armour save and I : Includes B shoota and power claw. Howevllr, : an Ork ih mega armour always moves as If In I : dlfficull terrain Including during assaulls,1 I advances and tall baok moves (bUi there's no I exira penally II actually movong through: : difficult lerraln). If you have a unil I.hat: : includes several Orks wllh mega armour just: I make one roll 10 see how far the Orks gel. I : Mega armour weaoonry may nOI be changed: 110( other types (because It's buill In) bul lhe : I snoota may be upgraDed to a kombl·shoola , and/or a kustorn shoots An Ork In mega: : armour may not use the tollow,"g abilities, ~ : equipment or waapons; jump packs, bikes.: I infiltration, biomks, (rag or krak srikl<bomol I


:K;;r.-';j;b; 8~a ----- -------j

: A shoota or slugga WIth lha Blasta kustorn iob : !las extra !leavy duty armour piercing ammo: : or IS radically altered so thai Ires a lethal: I energy boll capable of burning through : armour A Blasta kustorn job glVIl.& a shoota : or slugga AP3 at up to 12:" range, Increasing : to AP2 If Ih.e taJ'gelis wllhln 6". Bul a shocta or slUgga wllh the Blasts kusiorn Job gets hot , jusl like a plasma weaPOn, so on a roll of , To Kil tne weapon scores a wound on lis firer; normal armour saves apply. A Blasia kuslom lob rnay be combined with Shootier and/or More Oakka kustom lobs.

I ~--------~~----------------~
or tanidJus!a bombz, :
P"ge 35



Page 15

: :

I I ._ ----- --.--- - ---- ... - ------



r---~----------------·-----. :a.h .. n Bit Sh",ta

: (Wlrtnlkk, In. lIt11fV11!011t Onlg) ,
: A bolt-on bIg shoota can only be:
: mounted onto a Wartrukk or: : Battlewagon It can be fired by one of: : Ihe BoYL on board wllo is a passenger:





: Beloved of Ork NQbz In particular, choppas: : are usually Immense axe-like weapons or: : brutal cleavers, : chainsaw Choppas frequently have a:



protect the Boyz 00 the: :


.. --~

MekboYL !lalla an uncanny understandirlg of: IEIchnology and 1'1,11 sometimes: ,build or powerfu' foroe field:

1 bat11eneld

: projectors ~balllelield,

: as long as the vehicle itself does not I : move more lhan 12" that turn,

edge 10 make !hem extra rfppy I I when it comas 10 chopping through armour, : : In close combat choppas limit the acmour: : s<w,nQ Ihro'N : 4. at bast,

all tmemy

model can have to a : II a Space


So. lor example,


: MarlTle In power armour or Terminator I arrnccr were hit and wouOded by an Ork with : a cncopa they would nave til roll a 4 or more: : 10 make their saving IhrolY.

1 l

: A kuslorn force field gives all models within 6' : a 5+ cover savfng 111 lOW, veruclas w,thin : ara trealed as being hull down. The lOlce: , field has no effecl In close combat or agaInst I


: shootIng wfthln 6' of the operator





-..,, .. , ,,




T 4 4


Ld 9 9 10


,l ijraiisp~rt-v~htcii:Th~ -sq~~d;;~; b; ;;o'"u;ie~ti~~· Rhi~; 65·pis:R-<l~~rb;~k 85 'Pis:;~ i; io~.... fo~....

<I' ." ~~~n.d_ ~I~!r_f~r_ :~5_0_~t~ ~ ~s_e~_a'p£l:o"p~~~e_v_e~~c~e_ ~~g!~-:e_~p~~~:): ~n~2'_f~r_

60 5 3 3+ , ~---------~--~-~-- - - -,- -.- --~----~-~-~~~------~~~~--------~------.

Force Oommandsr 4
--I ~

Leader Commander


4 5 5

5 5

4 4



2 3



1/ one-or more Chaplains are Included In the army they, their accompanying Death : models. and any additional Deall1 Company moriels are formed into a single squad. "': Squad: ConsIsts 01 a randomly detsrmlnad


Thi DBam -Compa-;;;' is ra-';;;om& -generaied l~;ing me -rUles given In- ihe -arOO-d- Angeis- speciai R~feS;
: number 01 Death Company Space Marines ..

~ : Weapons: Bolter or boll pistol and close combat weapon. Eact1 model is also armed wltih frag: '" : grenades .. Veteran Sergeants who become part 01 the Death Company may be armed with a bolt, : pistol and either a power weapon or power Itst. : Oplions: The squad may elthsr have jump packs or be mounted in a Rhino armoured troop carrier: : lor no exira points cost.


~__._~~~_~_~WM~_~~_~_.M_M_~~_~_~~__~ _ _
~_~ ~ ~~ ~_~~ __ ~_~

~ .~

~ f squad;- The- sq-l!-ad con-siSis -Qj - one- Sergeant - anci betweerl iour-ancf;; ir'1~l Veieran- S-p-ace;
'" 'Marines
~~_~_:~_·_~_~_~ __ w~















Ove r-charged quarter Ilghhng en g Ine: 81Dod Ang!!1 s hung 8 r lor cio se Often a Blood more than any Chapler


Angel5 leader wdl entreat the Teeh-Marlnes to Improve thl! engi ns 5 or a Rhino or A.a.zortiack 10 gIII as rna ~imum speed out 01 it as possible. A vehicle wlth an over·ci1arged eng,ne can attamplto go laster" although there ISa nsk 01 burning out the engines oomplelelyl
AI the snd 01 i1s move, a vehicle wlth an over·charged el"lgll1 can try to go an extra 6' It must flrsI take a Oi IlleuII e

Terrain test anc If SI.Iccess1ul can be moved Siralg!lf fcrwaro up to 6". Blooo Angels are adept atlhese last assaults and can still dl sa mea rk Irom a Rt1no or Razorba ck that has i travelled more than 12" A vehicle thai uses Its overcharged engines may not shoot In the same turn,

:survived and: killed: the shark, but is now fitted with a bionic arm and chest: lunlt. The arm mimics the effect of a power lisl but devices in the Chest: :Untt allow him to strike using his lnitiatlve value Instead of going last In: [aodifion he counts as havlngi bionics as described in the Wargear secton] 'of Codex' Imperial Guard. 'If Straken ever makes his spec.ial 'blorues: :saving roil', then ii's assumed his bionic arm had been disabl.ed and: he,: '" kan longer use It. :

~Oni~-ui; Bionrcs~ Si;ake;; waS -sev(ireTy-infured by a Mirai Land sha;i~ He;


~ :Gung Ho: Straken is Indifferent to all danger. Siraken, the unit he is with: [and any friendly units With a model within 6" of him may re-roll failed: :Morale & Pinning tests. In additlon,lhey may always attempllo regroup.:
I ,

:Catachan Devil ,Force: The 2nd Catachan Raglment IS unique In haVing: [a very high proportIon of Catachan Devil units, so a Deathworid army thai: 'Includes Straken may c:oU1]1 Calachan Devils as Troops choices rather: :Ihan as, Elites ehclcea. They can't count as both Troops and Elites in

ts_a_~: ~~~ ~(~~e!tD:~~n_e~~r_~~~~~!,_b~!



~o__n_g~~ !'~~_o.::~ ~~u_n~ :~~i~~.J


-T;;;Guardi;~-sq~ad;y-be ioi~;d-y ~- h"ia:q -~ia-pQ~ ~ b -pi~tf~rm- t~~ -;dditlonal p~i~ts-c'"osi: r---------·-----~---. ~flisled. shuriken cannon +35 ots; scatter laser +40 pts: Eldar missile launcher +55 pts: bright: 'lance ..50 pts: slarcannon +50 pts. The heavy weep-on platform has two Guardians as crew, : , each armed with a shuriken catapull or shurlken pislol and close combat weapon, These do not: : count towards the maximum or minimum squad size It requires one crewman to fire the: I platform. the other may snoot wi11llheir own weapon freely If one crewman is kl lied the platform: ; operates as normal: If both crew are killed the platform is useless (the platform itself can't be : : hit). The heavy weapon platform can move and tire wi1l"1 heavy weapon. a :
page 6

PointslModel Jetbike 35 WS BS 3

at. -:,,·-::,,-.~~OARDIAN~·JEtBlkJ1sQi.lADiONL' :-~~ ~,~':; ,

S 3 3

W 1 1


Ld 8 8

3+ 3+


Jetblke Warlock ...



3 4




4 4


-- -




, , .~









Pass 6

: Options: The Wralthlord must be armed with one of the followIng heavy weapons: shurlken : : cannon at +25 pts: scatter laser at 30 pts: Eldar miSSile launcher at +50 pts: bright lance at : : +45 pts: starcannon at +45 pts,

.. -

.. _

.... _..-

_ ......


......,"" ... -



_. __





... _

... "'" -



: Character: Splntseers are characters. but they must be assigned to join a Wratthguard squad,: • replacing the WarlOCk opllon In the army lisl entry. You may not have more than one Splt'itseer: I : or Warlock in a Unit. , Warlock Powers: A Splr/tseer may ; the Crahwortd Eldar Armoury. ,


Eldrad Ulthran
If Erdrad Ulthran js included In Ihe army, he counts as an add'tronal HO enoree as normal, but must Join Ihe Seer Council and remain with II tor the duration of lhe game.
Add to s/debBr on psg" 23

~ '"

be given

a single Warlock Power at the pomts cost listed



, Rune


See the Wargear section in Codex' Elder for details.


: Ghostvolce: A Spiritseer can communicate with the spints of Ihe dead and guide mem on the ~ f. battlefield Any WraithgUSrd unit with a model wijhir 6' of a Spilitseer does nat have to test lor ~ I Wrslthsight, just as if a Warlock was accompanying the unIt (see page 11 In Codex: Eldar) ~ ,
" ... __ ... _ ............ ...,.. __ _'.__ ,. ~_ ....._ ... ... .....,_..... __ ... ... __ w~ ............. ...... _ ... _ ... oi _

by Phil Kelly and Andy Hoare

The Dark. Etdar were the fIrst new race 10 be Introduced to Warhammer 40,000 lor the 3rdedillon of the game, and players have had almost four year's now to geliD grips with them. We've had a whole sack lull of suggestions since the release, and we recently decided the DarkEldarshoulci receive an update .. lookIng at the armies people were fielding, we noticed they all looked rather similar,SO, in order to Introduce some variety, we've updated a small number 01 units, In the hope that we'll see a. lew more of them on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. Note thet these rules are an oHlclal update 10 those found In Codex Oark Eldar.. An updaled edition at the Codex is now on sale, and Ihis incorporales all of Ihese new rules. HQ; Dark Eldar KabaJs are lead by ruthless Individuals who have murdered their way to the top -they do not share power willingly with others. A Da~k Eldar force may only ever contam one Archon, or one Archi1e. As many Dracons and Dracites may be taken as allowed by the mission being played (the 'rules for Archues and Draci.tes are on the opposite page). Dark Eldar Ret,inue: The retinue may be equipped with plasma grenades at +2 pts per model. Wyches: Wyohes are the deadliest 01 close combat adversanes. experts in thelf particular style of gladiatoriaicombat. Although not possessed of great physical strength, they are adept al wearing their opponents down whilst dancing lithely out of harm's way. Dark Eldar Wyches now receive a 4+ Invulnerable save whilst fighting In an assault. Their armour save versus shootmg attacks remains at 6+. Wyches are increased in cost from 10 points to 12 points per model. The Succubus remains at +8 points. This special save applies to Wych squad members and Wych Lords only. Wych Lords riding Jetbikes or Hellion Skybaards do not benefit from it. Wych Weapons: This is now a generic category thai represents all the various Instruments used by the gladiatorial Wyches. The effects descnbed on page 9 of Codex Dark. Eldar are no longer used. Instead, at the cost 01 +1 pt per model in the squad, the squad may be equipped with WYch weapons. These have the following eltects: • No models fighting' Wyches in close comoat count the 'bonus attack for being equipped with additional close combat weapons. • All enemies with an unmodified Strengil1 tlelow 6 halve their Weapon Skill characteristic (rounding up) lor attacks made against the Wyches. Models with a Strength of 6 or more are unaffected (something thai powerful is Impossible to ensnare, even for a trained gladiator).

n ts assumed

thai the Wych weapons are evenly distributed amongslthe squad; II is irrelevant which actual models display them, so long as at least a small number do, A model armed with Wych weapons is still counted as carrying a splinter pistol and close combat weapon for the sake of Its own attacks, or a shredder or blaster it this upgrade has been laken (although the Shredder and Blaster upgrades should be shown on the model). Mandrakes; Mandrakes now receive a +2 save modlher when in caver. This means their caver save while In woods, rubble, etc, Is .3+, white their cover save in tha open remains al 5+. Reavers: Reaver Jelbikes are reduced in cost tram 30 pts to 25 pts each.


ellions: AI the end of a round of close combat !he Hellion unit may choose 10 :reak of! from combat if i! and at least some 01 its close combat opponents do not :ave to fall back. The unit falls back 306" any direouon and automatically regroups ~ the end of the move (regardless 01 ~emy within 6' or being below half strengfh). Enemy models that were In close :::vmbat with them before the break-oft may ']fIly consolidate. Crazedl Combat Drug resutt prevents Heltions from breaking oft combat. ney must stay and fight. ~e

Wych Lord: The following character may take Il1e place of Ihe Dark Eldar Lord as an HQ choice.


Wych Archlte Wych Oracite

, ....................•••.............
Points WS BS

70/45 POINTS
6 5 S 3 3
T 3






6 5



9 9

6.. 6..

Options: The Wych Lord can be given any equipment allowed from the Dark Eldar Armoury. SPECIAL RULES Wych weapons: As well as any other equlpmenl bought, a WyCh Lord is always assumed to be armed With Wych weapons. See the Wyoh entry for more details. Independent Character: Unless accompanied by a Relinue (see below) the Wych Lord Is an independent character and follows the Independent Character special rules as given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook DOdge: Wych Lords benefit trom a 4+ Invulnerable save in close combat, as their years of experience in the gladiatorial arenas of Commorragh enables them to avoid their opponents' blows with ease. Their armour save against shootlng attacks remains at 6+. Wych Retinue: Wych Lords are often accompanied info battle by a bodyguard 01 their most skilled Wyches. The Retinue consists of 5 10 10 Wyches, chosen from the Wych army list entry and has the same squad upgrade options with regards to characters. speCial weapons and transports. These Wyches are highly experienced and sUCCBsstul gladtalors from the arenas of Commorragh, and may be equipped with Wych Weapons as per Wych squads. Note that the Retinue presented on page 7 of Codex Dark Eldar is not available to the Wych Lord Wych Cult: An army led by a Wych Lord makes the lallowing changes to the army list • Wych squads count as a Troops choice rather than an Elite. • Warrior and Raider squads are Elite choices instead 01 Troops choices. • The tollowing cannot be used: Haemonculi, Grotesques, Talos and Dark Eldar Lords. • As many Warp Beast Packs may be InCluded as there are Wych squads In the army. These do not occupy any Force Organisation slots.

-Iellions are Increased in cast to 18 points :ler model. The Succubus remains at +16 ocints. eUglaives: Hellglalves now receive the - Strength bonus on the ium the bearer :narges, even if they fired the weapon as splinter rifle.

allian skyboard: The Hellion skvboard '"lOW confers a 5+ invulnerable 'jink' save against shooting attacks, providing the -icier moved In the previous tum. No!e tha.t ""Ie rider does count as having moved in . e!urn they deep strike and so will -eceive the save. ::liders 01 Hellion sky boards are renowned lor their Insane diving attacks. They may "lOW make use 01 the Deep Strike scenario special rule where allowed to do so by the scenario being played. Note that, as with geaver Jelbikes. riders of Hellion yboards may not carry webway :JOrtals. elith Hespera,x.: LeUth is reduced In cost 'Tom 110 pis to 90 pis, and is now armed ... 111 an agoniser, a splinter pistol and Wych aapons.

Led by IheArchite

LeWl HesperaK. 11 Wyen esssun torce ieuncnes




All of these Items are extremely rare or even legendary, and only one of each Item can be Incruded In any Dark Eldar army. Goblet of Spite (Succubi only) (5pts) The Goblef of Spite is a sacred relic of the Dark Eldar Wych cult. It exudes. an almost palpable aura 01 menace and netred, drilli'ng those near 10 it mto a state of such utter savagery that their frenzied, ataVIstic screams mingle with Ihose of their victims. A Succubus Ihat carries the Goblet of Spite. any models in the same urut as the Succubus and any unlts with a model In base contact with the Succubus and/or his unit will always hit on a ST in hand-to-hand combat. regardless of other lactors. Vexantrope (10 pts)' The Vexantrope Is a del/cate mask 01 bone and flayed skin that has been adorned w;th runes of confusion and illusion. II grows onto its wearer's face, and psychically prajecls the appearance 01 the viewer's most trusted friend or loved one. Models wishing to attack a model with a Vexanlrope In any round of combat must first pass a Leadership lest or direct its attack against a different model wlthln 2" as per the normal rules for a supponinq attack The Vexantrope cannot affect Daemons, vehlctes, Tales, Tyranids or walkers. Nightmare Doll (20 pts) The creafion of NlghtmaIe Dol/s is lJ risky practice in Commorragh, as the Dark Eldar view tnose who use psychIC powers as

amusing playthings. These vile toys ooze an aura of pain. and can place their owner IOta a feverish delirium whereby they are often granted visions of the future.

A Dark Eldar model equipped with a

Nightmare Doll may torce his opponent to re-roll the dice when ascertaining who may choose labt.e edge or quarter. II the Dark Eldar player opts to do this, the model with the Nightmare Doll lakes a Strength 3 hil at the beginning of the first Dark Eldar turn with no saves of any kind allowed. Mask 01 the Damned (15 pis)' The Mask of the Damned plays upon its victim's deepest fears and phobias. /I projects hellish visions into the« brains; often dropping them 10 their knees Tn anguish even in mia·charge. Any enemy unit that wishes to assault a modeJ wearing a Mask of the Damned, or a unit of whJch il is part 01, must take an unmOdified leadership check. If the check is failed. the unit succumbs 10 sheer horror, and may nol make an assault this turn. Archangel of Pain (5 points) Dark Eldar are said 10 be able 10 seal the essence ora daemon within a rune-covered cask. The runes Bfe inimical to the imprisoned djinn. and dave If wild with agony. Upon the daemon release, /I appears as a winged, blinding figure before returning to tne warp. and its screams can Incapacitate even the bravest foe.

Place the Flamer template touching the model's base. Any unit with a model at leas: partially underneath the template must make an Immediate Pinning lest al-2 10 their Leadership. Any unit wlth a model in close combat Is immune to the Archangel's effects. This weapon may only be used

once per battle,

Animus Vitae (15pts) This detestable device resembles a sphere of barbed wire, which can be made to explode outward, capturing unfortunates within its agonising embrace and slowly draimng fheir life force. The Dark. Bdar find this highly invlgoratmg. Any models captured by a unit including a model equipped with the Animus Vitae count (or tlve Victory paints each Instead ot lhe usual one. Once one or more models has been captured by the character with the Animus, he benefits from + 1 WS and +1 S tor the rest 01 the game. Xenospasm (20 pts) Xenospasms, variants of the Ietrottex grenade launcher, shool pined obsidian spheres laced with torlured wrailhbone. The wraiffibone reacls to such suffering by exuding a bJack aura of agony thai plunges non-Dar/( Eldar into excruciating convulsions of teer and pain. Range. 12" Strength: 3 AP' 3 Assault 1 BlaSI Any non-Dark Eldar unit with models under the Xenospasm Blast marker must lak.e a Pmning test at -1 per model hit.

A Dark EJdar mOdel with an Archangel 01 Pain can release the Archangel In the Shooting phase Instead of liring a weapon.