Municipal Corporation of Delhi

SELF ASSESSMENT PROPERTY TAX FORM (2009-10) Penal Provisions in DMC (Amendment) Act 2003 exist for Wrong Calculation and Concealment of Facts

1. Ledger Folio No.

Please enter the Ledger Folio No. of the Property being Assessed, if available. (Write N/A, if not available)

2. Registration No.

Mandatory for all existing registered online users. Please fill your registration no. starting with (0708)

3.Type of Property *
If Type of Property is Residential – Plotted, then please tick one option

Please refer to Annexure A. Choose only one option. Kothi/Vacant Plot Builder Floor

Please Tick in the box if the property is a Janta Flat (Applicable only for Residential DDA. Refer to Annexure B for details on categorisation)

4. Type of Owner * 5. Property Owner/s Details*

Please refer to Annexure C. Choose only one option. Name of Property Owner/s (If more than 2 Owners for the same property then please attach Annexure for the same)

Name (First Name, Middle Name, Surname) / Name of Company / Organisation etc*

Gender M/F

Type of Rebate (If applicable) 1. Senior Citizen(60 yrs or more) 2. Owned by Woman/woman as co-owner with non-eligible category 3. Physically Challenged 4. Ex-Servicemen

Age (as on 30 June 2009)

Enter the Property detail/address for which the tax is being paid. If your Colony Name is not in the Help/Tax

6. Property Identification Details * Guide, then please enter the Highest Neighboring Colony and its Category. Enter the Name of your Colony in
Address column.

Property/House Number * Address* Colony Name *
(Refer to the Help/Tax Guide)

Category* Zone Name* 7. Correspondence Address Property/House Number Address

Colony Serial No*.

Pin code

Pin code Phone No. Email 8. Plot/Land/Kothi/Bungalow/ Farm House details 8A. 8B. 8C. Area of Plot / Land* (in Sq.metres) 1 Sq.yard = 0.8361 Sq.metre, 1 Sq.foot = 0.0929 Sq.metre Built Up / Constructed area on the Ground Floor* (in Sq.metre) Percentage Area Built Up / Constructed* ( 8B divided by 8A ) x 100 Mobile No.

Note: If 8C is 25% or more and the balance area of the plot is not being used for any profitable/commercial activity, then go to Point 9 otherwise continue to 8D

8D. 8E.

Unit Area Value* (Refer to Annexure D) Vacant land Use Factor* (Refer to Annexure H) (i) Factor ID (ii) Use Factor


Page 1 of 4

* - This is a required section / field which has to be filled and cannot be left blank

15C.metre) 1 Sq. 16. Woman and Physically Challenged or Ex-Servicemen which is Self Occupied for Residential use.8B ) x 8D x 8E (ii) x 8F(ii) x 0. Properties or Public Charity Properties (refer Annexure L) Rs 14. Ground Floor = 0. If CA is less than 200 Sq Mtr: Rebate Amount = Annual Tax (Total of 9O) x 0. 15B. 8H. Attach Annexure if required While Calculating if any value is BLANK. 13.0929 Sq. 12B. Consider Mezzanine as a floor) 10. Rs. Exemption Details 13A. Service Charge @ 75 % of Annual Tax at 11 above Total Tax/Service Charge( 14A + 16F(below))( From here Proceed to 18M for payment details) Rs Rs.This is a required section / field which has to be filled and cannot be left blank .3 Rate of Tax % * (Refer to Annexure-E) Exemption Category.metre Age factor* (Refer Annex. Rs.3) Rs. 8I. Refer to Help/Tax guide for interest computation AMOUNT INTEREST Rs. Total Annual Value* (Total of 8G and 9L) 11. First Floor = 1. Second Floor = 2.3 (If Applicable ) Rs.15A) Rate of Tax % (Refer to Annexure E) Annual Tax { (15Bx15C) divided by 100 } Rs. Structure and ownership have not been changed since 1986 Rateable Value Amount on the basis of which the One Time tax was paid Annual Value for the Purpose of Tax in Unit Area System (10 . Total Annual Tax (Total of 9O and 8J) 12.B 16. 9. if applicable (refer Annexure L) Vacant Land Annual Tax ( 8Gx 8Hx 8I ) divided by 100 (i) Type (ii) Factor Rs. Structure Use Factor* Factor* (Refer Annex H) (Refer Covered Area* (in sq.metres covered area (on pro-rata basis ) owned by Senior Citizen. 8G. Rebate applicable for Single property upto 200 Sq.* Unit Area Value* Rs. Rs. Total Annual Value of Exempted Portion derived from 8G and 9L Applicable for: Govt. Building Details and Tax Calculation Floor No. Occupancy Factor* (Refer to Annexure I) Annual Value* (8A .foot = 0. Rebate Calculation 12A.C Before 2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 Applicable if you have any arrears or interest to be paid.metre 1 Sq.3 / Total Covered Area For taxpayers under One time tax payment Applicable rebate is ( 15D x 0. 15D. 14B. Rs.Enter each floor details in separate lines.A 16.8361 Sq.8F. Applicable for Properties exempted under One Time Tax Payment Scheme whose use. Interest is chargeable @ 1% per month or part of the month after the due date of each quarter in which the tax was due. Arrears of Tax / Service Charges and Interest thereon YEAR 16. 8J. If CA is more than 200 Sq Mtr: Rebate amount = Annual Tax(Total of 9O) x200x 0. Third Floor = 3 etc. then replace with 1(one)./sq metre (Refer Annex D) • • Applicable for all type of built up properties . 15. TOTAL Page 2 of 4 * .yard = 0. Service Charges 14A. One time tax payment 15A. F) Year of Age Annex G) Factor Use const Factor ID Factor Rate Exemption Annual of Category Tax (Refer Annex I) (Refer (9B x 9C x 9E Tax (If Applicable)Refer (9L x 9Mx9N Divided Annexure L by 100) Type Factor Annex J) x 9F x 9H x 9J % x 9K) (Refer Annex E) (if not applicable put value as 1) Occupancy Factor* Flat Factor Annual Value* 9A 9B 9C 9D 9E 9F 9G 9H 9I 9J 9K 9L 9M 9N 9O (Floor Number: Basement = -1.

18E.) 270 230 200 D. Payment Details for 2008-09 17A. Type of Owner Single Owner Joint Owners Trust Partnership Firm Proprietorship Firm NGO Board Institution Govt. Rs. Receipt No 18.metre) 630 500 E. Zone in which Janta Flat is Located South and Central Zone West and Nazafgarh Civil Lines. Receipt Date Applicable for all 17C.E 16.16.Body Government Entity Authority HUF-Hindu Undivided Family Company-Private LTD. th 18F. Quarterly Payment (Continue to Point 18 I) REBATES (Applicable if paying in lump sum on or before 30 June 2008. 18D. 18M. Completion period –Pre 31-03-1960 C 400 D 320 E 270 F 230 G 200 H 100 B 10 10 C 10 10 D 10 10 E 10 10 F 6 10 G 6 10 H 6 10 Age Factor 0. otherwise no Rebate is admissible) (a) Lump sum Payment Rebate 15% of 18C Additional rebate on Lump sum payment in case of Cooperative Group Housing Societies only 20% of (b) [18C – 18E(a)] (c) Additional rebate on Lump sum payment in case of Govt. 17. Rs. 18H 18I.Farmhouse Recreational Hotel Convenient-Shopping Centre Local-Shopping Centre District Centre/Malls/Multiplexes Commercial-General B. Total Annual Tax Calculated at 11 or 15D Rebate Amount (if applicable) Calculated at 12A OR 12B Tax Amount (18A – 18B) Nature of payment * (Please Tick one) Lump sum (Continue to Point 18E) th Rs. If the property is a Janta flat then the following Categories will be applicable (as mentioned below) depending on the zone in which the Janta Flat is located. Phone Number and Property Address on back of Cheque/DD.D 16. Shahdara(North). 18C. Rs. Type of Property Residential-Plotted Residential-Group Housing Residential-DDA Flats Industrial-Plotted Industrial-Flatted Industrial-Light Institutional-Education Institutional-Medical Institutional-Religion Institutional-General Agriculture Agriculture. Rs. Period of Construction 1-4-1980 to 31-3-1990 Age Factor 0. per Sq. 1957 (As amended) which are attracted on wilful suppression and submission of false and incorrect particulars Name :___________________________________________________________________________Date:________________________ Signature: ____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ANNEXURES A. UNIT AREA VALUES Refer to the Help/Tax Guide to find out the Category of your Colony Category A B Unit Area Values: (in Rs. Rs.No Period of Construction 1. Rs. Amount Paid Rs. RATES OF TAX Refer to the Help/Tax Guide to find out the Category of your Colony Category A Residential Rate of Tax (%): 10 Non Residential Rate of Tax (%): 10 F. JANTA FLATS: Janta flat will be applicable only for Type of Property = Residential DDA and Residential Group Housing. Company-Public LTD.G 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 Grand Total Rs. Narela and Rohini C. 18L. Rs. Interest for 2009-10 (applicable for payments after 30 June of current year) Tax Arrears (If payable) at 16F Net Tax Payable : 18C + 18F + 18G – 18E Net Tax Payable if paying Quarterly (18C/4) + (18F + 18G) Net Tax Payable in Words * If paying Quarterly (Please Tick One) Rs. Rs.8 Page 3 of 4 * . 18J. Shahdara(South). Rs. 18B. Aided Schools only 40% of [18C – 18E(a)] Total of Rebates (a + b + c) Rs. AGE FACTOR S.5 S. Also enter Owner Name. I am aware of the penal provisions of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act. Rs.This is a required section / field which has to be filled and cannot be left blank .F 16. 17B. 18G. Cheque/DD iv) Branch Name i) Number ii) Date v) Account Number iii) Bank Name Declaration: I certify that the particulars filled in this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I am authorized to sign this form.No 4. 1 Quarter ending 30 June 2009 st 2 nd Quarter Cheque 3rd Quarter ending 31 Dec 2009 4th Quarter ending 31 Mar 2010 ending 30 Sep 2009 Mode of Payment * (Please Tick One) Cash Demand Draft Cheque/DD Details (Applicable if you have chosen Cheque or DD in option 18L) Please make crossed Cheque/DD in favour of ‘MCD Property Tax’. 18K.Payment Details for 2009-10* 18A. Others Category E F G Unit Area Value (Rs.

9 1. exclusively used for the purpose of public worship. R – Rented) Category Type Factor Residential – Self Occupied Residential – Rented Non Residential – Self Occupied Non Residential – Rented Farmhouse – Residential Self Occupied Farmhouse – Residential Tenanted S R S R S R 1 2 1 1 1 2 Category Govt – Residential Self Occupied Govt – Residential Rented Govt – Non Residential Self Occupied Govt – Non Residential Rented Farmhouse – Non Residential Self Occupied Farmhouse – Non Residential Tenanted Type S R S R S R Factor 1 1 1 1 1 1 J. the Corporation but not leased out or rented out. Zone in which Farm House is Located South and Central Zone West and Nazafgarh Civil Lines.bowling alleys. USE FACTOR Refer to the Help/Tax Guide for the Definitions of the Use Factors Factor ID Use of Property Use Factor Factor ID 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Residential Business – Self Occupied / Tenanted Industrial – Self Occupied / Tenanted Govt/Govt aided Schools / Colleges Hotels .the highest order from the Government including Annual Bravery Awards given by the President. Both have a different Categorization.used for residential purpose. Narela and Rohini Category for Builtup Area C D E Category for Vacant Land F G H L . STRUCTURE FACTOR Structure Type Factor Pucca 1 Semi Pucca 0. or in respect of which any rent or income is derived.Sec 115(1)(viii) Factor 0 0 3 4 5 0 1 0 8 0 Section 115(1): vacant lands and buildings (other than dwelling houses) exclusively used for agricultural purposes in accordance with the guidelines prescribed in the bye-laws.7 Kutcha 0. (ix) vacant lands and buildings owned by.e Vacant land and the Built up Area.STD booths. Shahdara(North). (c) the benefit of exemption shall be limited to the life-time of the person concerned. Shahdara(South). with the approval of the Corporation. exclusively occupied and used. or vested in. shall be deemed not to be exclusively used for public worship and such portion of such vacant land or building shall be assessed as a separate unit of assessment.Sec 115(1)(iii) Used for Public Charity.6 0. or which is . 6. Exempted Properties – Serial No 1 2 Description Agricultural.sports.recreation piers etc 1 4 3 1 10 10 10 1 2 1 2 2 2 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 3 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 Use of Property Use Factor 2 3 1 1 2 1 2 3 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 Rlevant use factor 1 Schools – Fees Rs 600 – Rs.Wholesale traders. (vi) vacant lands or buildings exclusively used for the purpose of public burial or as cremation ground.5 Description Buildings with load bearing roof Buildings with normal load bearing roof like tukri Buildings with temporary material for walls & roofs including Tin Sheds / Asbestos Sheet. ---vacant lands or buildings or portions thereof. Farm Houses are broken into 2 components i. (viii) vacant lands and buildings owned exclusively by war widows. 1-4-1990 to 31-3-2000 1-4-2000 onwards 0.Warehouses. whatsoever.Cold storage etc Sports Purpose – Gymnasium.2. duly registered under this act . body) Medical Education Institution – 3 Schools – Govt / Govt Aided Schools – Fees below Rs 600 per month Schools – Fees Rs 600 – Rs. FLAT FACTOR Applicable only for DDA/CGHS Flats and where total covered area is upto 100 sq metres(on prorata basis). gallantry award winners in Defence Forces.Sec 115(1)(v) Factor 0 0 Serial No 6 7 Description Heritage lands and buildings .1200 per month Educational Institutes – Fees beyond Rs 1200 per month Educational Institutes – Govt University Medical Institution – Govt Medical Institution – others (includes nursing homes) Medical Education Institution – Govt Medical Education Institution – 1 Medical Education Institution – 2 (approved by tech. for the purpose of public charity as may be specified in the bye-laws or for the purpose of medical relief to. under the provisions of this Act. use Vacant Land – No use I. be leviable primarily on the Corporation. if levied. 3.Transporters. (vii) such heritage lands or buildings as are specifically notified for exemption by the Corporation as also such premises as are so specified by the Archaeological Survey of India. for the purpose of public charity as may be specified in the bye-laws or for the purpose of medical relief to.Sec 115(1)(iv) Land and Building exclusively used for burial / cremation ground. the exemption shall be applicable to only one property which is permanently used for self-residence. Area Upto 100 sq metres Factor 0.7 5.Self Occupied. in which case the exemption will be granted to the widow of the gallantry award winner. 1-4-1960 to 31-3-1970 1-4-1970 to 31-3-1980 0.Museums. or education of the poor. free of charge (v) Vacant land or buildings or portions thereof.This is a required section / field which has to be filled and cannot be left blank . (b) in case the person concerned has more than one property in Delhi.Sec 115(1)(vi) Owned by war widow/Gallantry Award winner being permanently used for self-residence and no portion is let out for any purpose whatsoeverSec 115(1)(vii) Land and building of Corporation as per section .Sec 115(1)(i) Vacant land or building in village abadi occupied for residential purpose by any original owner or legal heir upto 200 sq mtrs of covered space(on pro-rata basis) Exclusively used for public worship. and in respect of which is property tax. free of charge. Baratghars. with the approval of the Corporation. would.Provided that the exemption shall be subject to the condition that – (a) the premises in question is in self-occupation for residential use and no portion thereof is let out for any purposes. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Page 4 of 4 * .1200 per month Schools – Fees beyond Rs 1200 per month Vacant Land. vacant land or buildings or portions thereof.600 – Rs. Explanation – For the purpose of clause (iii) no portion of any vacant land building where any trade or business is carried on. exclusively occupied and used.Movie halls.Dance halls.Exhibition halls.600 per month Educational Institutes – Fees Rs. Police and Para-military Forces as also civilians who have received bravery awards of . H. except where the award has been granted posthumously. or any other place used for the disposal of the dead.9 K.3 Stars and above Towers Hoardings Public Purpose Public Utility Religious Institution Telecommunication Tower Business – Vacant Industrial – Vacant Hazardous Building Workshops and Auto Repair Garages Restaurant Hotels – upto 2 stars Lodges Guest Houses Banquet Halls Recreation Purpose – Theatres. or education of the poor.1200 per month Schools – Fees beyond Rs 1200 per month Colleges – Govt Colleges – UGC Recognised Colleges – Trust Educational Institutes – Fees below Rs.0 G. FARM HOUSE: Farm houses which fall in the mentioned Zones will have the Unit Area Value derived from the Category mentioned against it.Auditorium etc Mercantile – club. Assembly halls. OCCUPANCY FACTOR (S .City halls.

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