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Writing task B 1(a)

Writing task B 1(a)

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Published by: Aira San on Mar 29, 2011
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Sarah Shafeera Mohd Hassan E20101001085

Dear Mom and Dad,

Task B: Question 1(a)

Here I am writing about my new life as a university student. I actually don¶t have to write you a letter since I see you both every single day at home. Funny isn¶t it? I could just talk to you about what goes on in my new life over dinner anytime I want but since it¶s an assignment then there is nothing I can do but comply and who knows, this might even be fun to write. Well first I never would have thought I¶d get into UPSI. I¶ve always have the impression that after leaving school I would be kicked an excruciatingly long way from home. That was what I hoped for. After being here in Tanjong Malim for more than a decade , one would think of stretching their fingers to a more unexplored land and seek new experiences. Well what surprises me now is that I don¶t really mind being stuck in this little town for another couple of years. I am pleased with a lot of things here, some of which are the new ways of learning, the entirely al ien atmosphere and also making friends from different places all around Malaysia. Am I surprised? You bet I am! I didn¶t know how different the sophisticated university ambience is compared to the mild high school surroundings. It¶s absolutely wonderful! It shocked me at first having long gaps in betw een classes because it¶s tremendously convenient to have time to freshen up before the next class. I was also taken aback after knowing exams only plays about 40% part in our overall marks. Again so convenient because I¶ve always been a fan of doing work at home instead of being formally assed and timed in a ridiculously air -conditioned hall for hours and hours with probing eyes scrutinizing my every move. There are some disappointments I face with this new life. I¶m still living at home, doing house chores and babysitting like I used to. Along with that, I still have to do mountains of assignments with almost impossible deadlines to meet. Still under house rules, I feel that I don¶t have the freedom I should to spend time with my friends who are alway s hanging out with each other at their dorms, even having midnight studies together. It¶s somewhat disappointing as well that even though I am a university student now I still have the restrictions I had during school years . I don¶t think it¶s fair either that I can¶t join any clubs because I¶m a Diploma candidate. Well that is all what I feel about my life right now. Don¶t get me wrong, it¶s absolutely fun here in UPSI and I enjoy every happy, sad, disappointing, exciting moment of it. Falling down a dark pit n waking up in a field of flowers is all part of the journey through this phase of life and I wouldn¶t want to miss any of it. I love you, Mom. I love you, Dad .

Your loving daughter, Aira


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