Lighting the Way to Nigeria Future

Adenike Batiste CIS 200-51103 March 8,2011

Table of contents ‡ Introduction ‡ Looming Challenges ± Power is Key ± Current Power Scenario ± Nigeria s Projected Demand ‡ Gas Power plant Option ‡ Credits .

we shall design. build. Under this arrangement. reliable electricity power is an area of expertise that our Consortium can assist your office in achieving its goal of increasing generated power. Nigeria needs to have the reliability of the Electrical Power as a pre-requisite for achieving the Government s Seven Point Agenda. Pro-Quip Energy Consortium is a multi-disciplinary consortium that consists of Energy. This factor sets the size of the challenge for energy infrastructure investments and operations in the years ahead. Financial and Technical investors who can deliver an integrated power solution to the Federal Government.Introduction To achieve the vision that Nigeria be one of the top 20 economies in the world by 2020. build. and operate three power plants consisting of One Dry-Cooled Coal Fired Power Plant and Two Gas Fired Power Plant generating a total of 1000 Megawatts (MW). and operate under a Private Public Partnership (PPP) arrangement. . To meet this challenge head-on of providing adequate. Our Consortium is willing to invest in the Vision of the Government by bringing in independent power producers and financiers who are willing to design.

Looming Challenges .

Reliable Service Low Cost Service Reduce Electricity poverty Promote private sector involvement Environmentally responsible Inadequate budget Restructuring Bundling Regulatory Framework Commercialization Privatization . financially viable.Power is the key to Nigeria s Economic growth TOMORROW (2020) Existing Sector Enabling Tools Unavailable and Unreliable Service Heavily subsidised by Government & Donors Inadequate budget New Sector Autonomous.

Nigeria Projected Energy Demand .

‡ Gas Power Plants are cheaper to operate than Geothermal Power Plants. . ‡ Option of using dual fuel system to provide additional flexibility and operating efficiency.Gas Power Plant Option ‡ Gas Power Plants can be designed and built in lesser time. ‡ Much smaller landmass is needed compared to Steam Power station of same capacity ‡ Lower operating costs compared to other types of power plants.

Credits .

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