Project Charter Comparison
16.1 General Project Information Project Name: Laboratory Development Project Location: Mechanical Engineering Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Project Manager: Shannon MacDonald 16.2 Are there gaps in the deliverables All required deliverables were met. However one of the desireables in the project was not met. The desirable our team was unable to implement was the move of the slurry pipeline located in MEC E 2-14 16.3 Project Charter Differences In the project desirables of the project charter was the movement of a slurry pipeline from MEC E 2-14 into the new lab. This was proposed by Dr. Lipset with the understanding that this may not be a feasible move. We added it to our list of desirables to analyze its practicality. We did a quantitative analysis of the spacial requirements of the slurry line vs the space available in the new lab as well as the other projects requirements in terms of lab space and found that it was not feasible to move this item into the new lab. This was the only proposed movement from MEC E 2-14 thus if we removed the slurry pipeline from documentation we were no longer required to include this room in our plans for the move. 16.4 Gap Negotiated Terms We met with the client and discussed the situation. We described the options available to him. It was suggested that removing the slurry line would also lead to improvements to time and cost of the schedule and budget. The client was amenable to the situation and approved the change to the project scope. 16.5 Corrective Actions This change led to an update of the following project deliverables: the Intermediate report and the Final Report.

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