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Overview of The Strategic Planning Process: What Makes a Great PR Campaign Strategy?

Strategic Communications Planning, Chapter 2 Index Card: Name Major Graduation Year Phone Email Twitter/ Facebook *Optional Go around, name, year, major, why are you here, what do you want to do? Have you interned, volunteered- worked in the profession? 7pm- 5 minute break—JUST 5 minutes Free flowing, participate—it wont seem as long! :) Chime in, asks questions, engage Ok? What you will get out of this class Reminders: Quiz Next week TOPIC: Advancing the Cause: Incorporating the PR Campaign Plan Into the Larger Goal Group for your campaign plan is due 2/15- if you cant think of a group—let me know and I will help you. Overview of The Strategic Planning Process: What Makes a Great PR Campaign Strategy? What is Public Relations? How does it differ from marketing and advertising? Knowing that difference- - is the start to making a GREAT plan. People like to interchange those entities PR is an art, not a science Its YOUR job to get earned media—free media. What are some means to do that: Newspaper Magazines Radio TV Online- Social media, blogs How do you do that?

a timeline. press kits based on their campaign. Key Messages A Sample Pitch a summary of publics expected to be affected by the campaign. an outline of strategies and tactics to be used in the campaign. and an outline of measurement techniques that will be used to determine the campaign’s success.Contacts Creativity Strategy Being Informed/ Being an expert in your area.. a PEST/SWOT analysis. a budget. Instructions for each part will be given out in class prior to the assignment .what does that mean? How many of you are on FB/ Twitter? Scenario • • • • • • • • • Goals/Objectives.

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