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ELEl\fIOR HoU\ES, P1\TPtICI<; O'Dur lI,,2\Dl\t\ TIRWORTtI 2\N__D }\t.JLL\ {])L\I\D

Holmes, Patrick O'Duffy, Adam Tinworth and Kyb Ward. Worlcl of Darkness created byMarkRei.n· Hagen,
Storyteller Game System Design: Mark Reins Hagen Developer: Michael Lee Editor: Carl Bowen Art Director: Pauline Benney Layout and Type etting: C lleen Denny Interior Art: J a,on Alexander. Shane Coppage, Travis Ingram, Ken Meyer JR, Jeff Rebner, Cathy Wilkins, Andy T rabbold Front Cover Art: R.K. PO$t Front and Back Cover Design: Pauline Benney

CHI:.Dn~ Authors: David Carroll, jacob Dochertv, Eleanor

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and summoned angels by name who would direct me winds and e. the fll'5t dawn of Orearion. G~ called out a . an- . for God made [hem to be the guardians God's were the angels of me. 3: And God said.th~glory of the angels' birth. morning. They stood a t the edge of the cosmos. These God was alone in the depths of the void. the angel Were ordered into a stric gelic House. 2. In the beginning God created the h. having separated the day frOtThth. darkness was upon the face . He disided the he vens from the earth. "These spir~t:s were rhe ftrslr.wasLucifer. me The unborn uni verse was dark and withe ur form.. According to plan. 4: Ana God saw che light. and their light Was.Indeed. And sa God's plan unfolded. He looked our at the endless night and sought to fLll ir wi th ometh ing that wou ld ease His loneliness. void. and their sacred duty was to bring God' llghr into every part of His cre- ation. and greatest among rhe:m. And the Spirit of God moved ttj)on the face of the wa:ten~. taking a portion of His essence and pouring it ut like a vast ocean into emptines .eaven and the eanh. -Genesis L. and. each rank given a specific role to play in me work that was ro ceme.e:nigru in. s He gave fHimself.J. God moved across the face of the waters and said.L~4 hierarchy." and from His radiance the angels were born. Each spirit was a mote of divine poweraftd wisdom. Let there be light: and there was light.arry Hi breath to every corner of Creation.Fling back the void.of the deep.number of the Heavenly Host by name and gave them dominion over the dawn. and re commuaicat and caretakers of all that He created. pu . that iewelS good: and God divided the Lightfrom the darkness . and. He paned (he waters and ealledforth land and ummoriedangels [0 me flea\tenly God's wishes co the-restof Hest..Jithout form. And the earth was tJ. ''Let there be light. and the void pressed against it from all sides.

wea ing the complex patterns mat governed the tides.. cop s. DEvOllllER. and still other to rend the beasts of the earth. More dum a shared ideology or culture (though encompassing both). always alluring. dispensing wisdom and warnings. politi ians and entertainers whobelleve that they at alawunt themselves. per onality and perspectives tha define each of the even Houses of [he infernal host. given charge of the beasts of the wildernes and infused with the nature f the predat r. taking those . DependLng on their whim. these angels were the standard-bearers of God's will and the champions of humanity.. The Fiends once directed the course of the sun. seasons and portents of Heaven. Malefactors are drawn to insecure. their passage swift and unseen but their punishments cruel and lingering.1) ERG: Tl1E r<IEIW-S This bo k presents the hist ry. convoluted corruption.: These former Angels of the Firmament were given the [ask of directing the winds and carrying the life-gi ving breach.5 Devourers are the warriors among the fallen. Fiends are drawn to those vainglorious souls who covet secrets and forbidden knowledge. grantinggloriou beauty in place of ugliness" but always for a price. me THE I1ous:es or THE FALLEN Demon: The Fallen has seven different character types available in core rules. and they must truggle even harder against (he anguish that threatens their sanity . but other' as weH.11m SF.~OFTII!': F IILL':'\ rend its fires and watch over wilderness.ever-changing. their Houses are the foundation that all else i built upon. and He named the angels who would direct their courses. Though the fallen are certainly individuals. every g lori OUS.. They are naturally fierce and impulsive by nature. corrupting souls with guile and honeyed word . He returned to Heaven. with unique preferences and personalities. and (heV pervade every aspect of dav-roday existence. they are no in llned to low punishments or long. Every spirit had irs role. and each was content..3coUl\Gr. perhaps outwardly strong but hungry for some obi ect tha twill make their dreams come true. oldiers or corporate sharks. Their power lay in the night. providing for players and Storytellers a richer background to draw from when creating characters for their Demon chronicles.5L'lIER ~ Af er God created man and woman..Devil. needy souls. Now these demens lire the bearers of plague and pesrilence. are drawn re humans with great vision and towering ambition. Ne. They were given dominion over the oceans. in dreams and visions. they are never quite able co fit in wid. H is labors complete -leaving death and decay to follow in His wake. Now these Devils use their charisma and power of per uasion t twist mortal and immortal minds [0 serve their own wicked desires. they can heal or poison with II touch. annihilate and move on. every magic mirror. Each character type commands a different realm of power" depending [he responsibilities assigned to the House during the formation of [he wodd. humans or other demons. They can manipulate not only their own bodies. Devils ale the uldmate deceiver . These are the classic demons of myth who supplied every cursed sword. once given charge of the e rth and all that lies within it. be they srreet thug . These demons are cunning. By the same token.i'\LEfi\CTOR5 The Malefactors are the artisans among the fallen. using their powers of fabrication to turn the most mundane items into wondrous gifts [hat ultimarelv c mrpt the recipient. They incite. - me on ~7\J~I: TtlEt\. the Slave r touched on! y plants and animals. God lit the fires of [he sun and shaped the moon and stars to give igns and easons and portents. The e demons seek our me vain and the heartbroken.. Devourer ate naturally drawn to violent aggre sive individual as the source of their pewer. A5ffi\Ra: TJm. now they are [he master of nightmares and far-reaching curses. favoring action over long-winded discussion. L j"\f\l\. (j tLt\L/\KU:TtlE. and me)] Can alter their appearance like quick ilver. or perh-ap' beca use of it. ravage._'5 Once belonging ItO the House of the Dawn and serving as God' heralds to the rest of the Heavenly Host. me 0 and stars. tangl ing hem in webs of glamour and stealing their faith right before their eyes. The Defilers are educers . patient and thoughtful.5U: TME D l~lLeR Nlvv\ntr: TJ·IEDE\71l. of God ro those whom the GIeator wishedtc save. based upon the seven stages (days) of creation. poisonous treasure that brought doom on kings and kingdoms alike. Where once [hey were oracles.. Scourges are drawn 'to those fearful iouls who believe in perils that lurk just out of sight.5U: Tru. Ri\l)l. He called forth angels ro watch over the oceans and all the life within. such as executives. and now they use 'their knowledge t trap the unwary mind in net of madness. Despi te their-magnetism and presence. a demon's House defines its fundamental essence and outlook on the universe. In the beginning. taking the form of their victi m' greatest desire..

In addition ro describing the House's perspectives on the war! the section explores how the House maintained its identity amid the conflicting interests generated by the legions and Lucifer's feudal rnerirocracv. which Storytellers can use in their chronicles. Character Creation is a section devoted to detailed guidelines and advice for creating characters from the profiled House. so don't feel llmlted by all item's history. Abilities. Feel free to alter its nature [Q best suit your needs. How TO Use Tms 5001<. Further. though. Slavers are drawn to souls who believe that there is nothing left worth living for. Each of the seven infernal Houses has a chapter dedicated to it. Never let anything in this book become asubstitute for your own creativity. Tips fIX selecting Attributes. and explores how militantly House members approached the struggle against Heaven. and whar are they up to? Relics and lost Lore profiles a number of Housespecific rituals and infernal relics datingfrorn the war. Now the Slayers who rurned their back on Heaven are the tormentors of the dead. or those who cling to life at the expense of those on the current situation? Is ir eager to get back to the way things were during the war. masters of spirit who can raise ghosts. gentle Reapers who did God's bidding and ended life when its time had come.1~'I'lmlH CTIO\ past their time and returning their essences back to the earth. their mandate came to include humanity as well. the silent.. The section explores how the House reorganised itself in the wake of Lucifer's creation of the five legions. FinallYI the section relares some of more notable explosts of House members during the war as well as individual contributtons to the war effort. Out of the Abyss discusses how the overall character and perspectives of the House members changed after exposure to the Abyss . or to draw inspiration from when creating their own. its description or even its special powers. Topks discussed include the following: Who ls in charge? How are they trying to locate and connect with other House members! What are the House's perspectives me me 7 . This book is divided into eight chapters. Backgrounds. Remember. Each House profile chapter addresses the following topics: Before the Fall depicts the nature of the House in the early days of Creation irs role. They were the Angels of Death. reap souls from living bodies or trap a-spirit in a vessel of their choosing. from Nature and Demeanor to spend ing freebie points and everything in between. the. and an eighth chapter focuses on presenting House intrigue and power policies in a Demon chronicle. duties and perspectives on Earth and humanity. The House at War describes how the fallen reinvented! their House in the wake of the Fall. This depiction is followed by the House's perspectives on the Great Debate and primary reasons that angds of the House chose to follow Lucifer's call to rebel. or is it interested in creating a brand new paradigm! Who are the prominent House members at large in the modem World of Darkness. section explores how the House is trying rOlce-estabIish itself in the modern World of Darkness. around them. After the rebellion. The relic profiles are especially intended to act as story seeds and springboards for the Storyteller's own creativity. Vi rtues a nd Lore provide a camp rehens ive outline for treating an evocative character from a gi ven House. that the most important "chaprer" in a story rei Ling game is your irnagina [ion.


that they had remained true to their ldeal. His perfect prototype for the rest of the Elohim. flawless. hosm were COlli fined to Hell. immoTud hate._ger and' blnemess ~ few at first. The purpose of their existence changed. He created the Heralds . Devils governed and advised the legions as they had governed me angels in Heave. they never faltered or compromised. When the Devils who were consumed byan. the IDevils went to the . but more and moreas the time of Atrflcities rebellion finally falled. Dev:iIs me stood alone to protect humanity from God and monsters me alike. Whel\ faced with the hardest choice that has ever been required in the history of the universe. but the Devils still retained qualities that had made them Heaven's best. Shattered and the they found that their . 111ey were radiant.nobility" courage and love for human beings. they had once embodied. the ullconquerable Will.beings of starlight and nobility.demon. And study of revenge. -John Milton. But when Devils returned After their Fall. And courage never to submit or )lield: And whal is else not ita be overcome! That Glary never shall his wrath or might Extort from me. Devils led the rebel forces against Host eDf Hea ven. And yet. they fell. Even those wore on . Paradise Lost When the Creator first reached out His hand and stirred the fabric of Creation into 1ife.What though the field be lost? AIL is not lost.and the.s.A!byss with the knowledge. incorruptible. Even in their FaU. the dissident Heralds became Devi1s-leaders and princes of a rebellionagadnsrevervthing the bonds of He'll to Creation. many Heralds tooktheterrible decision to follow Lucifer and reject God's will. To do otherwise would have been to deny the ethics 1code God had charged themwith and deny rherruthrhar moved through them since the universebegan.were regal monsters! who performed their terrible crimes wirlicoumg_e and dignity.and brightest. They feU from God's grace due to [he very qualities the Creator had given them .

the Heralds returned to the waiting ranks of the lesser Elohim. Some are noble.They are the Narnaru. Only th Heralds were strong enough." And the Divine Plan of the reator filled the Elchimsuch they nearly crurnhled under its weight . perfect enough. because they Were the same event. and their imperfection would have sullied and corrupted the Creator's very being. took thebulkofthe DlvinePlan into his soul. And some are terrible monsters who wish to rule the world with an iron fist. Creation. Ar their head wa Lucifer. and the Elohim of the lesser Houses wondered at the reason for their existence. The angels gathered together in ranks with the Heralds at the forefront. havefashioned Creation directly. messenger's of the Creator's willl. incandescent with his own brilliance and blazing power of God' plan. the six Hou e of the Host built reality. because He could not communicare His plan directly to [he lesser Elohim. n thing les that the creation . [he Heraldswere scars . U nder the guidance of the Hera Ids. hi words were burst of light tha illuminated the infinite exparu f th void. They are rh black paladin of Hell.infinity and nom iagness. The human race. You will mice My plan [0 the other Elohim. with no more than the force of His desire.. When he spoke.f a universe. before time existed. The defiant courage of the Devtls had accomplished nothing. first and grea[Cs[ of them all.emissaries that could mold the Abys into a newfo:rrn and erect a barrier between the Creator and the void. "We have been given a task. had done something far worse [han rejecting them .resolve and heroism simply hadn't mauered. existence and absence . In seven days. the bright bodies of the Heralds burned in the emptiness of rbe void. the angels u ed their evocations . 1 cannot make this Myself without making it of Myself. generous leaders who still wish ro free humanity from God's tule ~ bur who think nothing of manipulating and using Innocent mortals to forward those plans. drew ix more Howes ofElohlm from Hlssubstance. And 0.0 would nave required the Creator to touch the Abyss directly and be contaminated by its nothingness. the laws of reality brought a universe into being.until lucifer. They hone brillland y in a space tha~ was less than vacuum. Here is My plan for this Creation. and under your guidance they· will build <I universe. To the Hera Ids God has given the responsibility of leading and dtrectingvou. 11 CQC1J GOfTr1e. so you must make it for Me. And over the course of billions of year'. bearingits weight and protecting his fellows from its power.the universe.their very will and being .it had forgotten them. more so than perhaps any other House. to listen to God's pl n without flinching or minting Him through their weakness. "and that task is.. the lesser angels. the puppeteer of a lost Heaven and the heroes of a world that doesn't want them . Together we will make ur Creator proud. Embodying the law of reality that the Creator bad cho en.each mobl lei sentient being slmultaneeuslv a vast fumace of nuclear nrC! . Hi word would have destroyed them. And as they w ndered. It was a punishmentfar worse than any of [hem could have imagined . but to do . Devils are complex. To you will fall the task ofbuildingand constructing Creation and everything in it. the Host of Heaven built a single world. BBFarm Tfm FaLL BefoJre time began. Intermediaries were needed .and the first and most glorious of these angel were the Heralds. less than empdne . a thing oflife and change that can adapt ro thetouch of the void. but make that barrier a perfect place tha t wi It house God's own glmy . Our work will not just build a barrier between God and the void. 10 . The world was the universe. Filled with the divine word of the Lord. Therefore.5r. God coult/. there was the Creator and the vo id . conrradicrorv characters. The Creator said to them. perfec agents that could create a universe in His name . and the result in both cases Was Creation itself.and the brighres was Lucifer. first and strongest of them. "Something new mu t be brought into being-an eternal barrier to touch the void and keep it at bay. approaching mar goal with the courage and idealism that befits a chosen Prince of Heaven." me mat me TJ1ECRJ~J\TJO OFTI1EllNrv"""ER. ad called the bright stars of the Heralds to His side. and Creation itself. Both of these events happened at the same time. God created the angels. Indeed. They watched as God creared a vast legion of angels.' said Lucifer. Now let us begin.to create something from nothing. and the seven days lasred billions of years. they were still too small and roo flawed to withstand full farce of God's plan..To continue His own existence. For while the other angels were crea tures of immense power and divinity. a third entity rhatcould separate the All from the None . spinning it from the nothingne of the void and haping it with their inten . to follow the plan as we d i feet you.Di\QJl"l Likestars. Some wanr God'sforgiveness but will not renounce the pride and hubris that sent them to He II in the first place. and Creation [10 longer recognized them or even needed them. the Creator needed something else to exist.

and in this first elevation of their own j udgment over that of God. Then came A11Iimai '5 vision of a coming disaster.so hey worked from afar. fearing the Elohim would harm or su lly humans through error or irnperfection. They could do nothing else but love humanity with all their heart. loving their charges. As the purest and most perfect of angels. pinnacle of that creation. The celestial hierarchy was established at this time. Alway'. And if the Heralds were corrupted. many Heralds came to secretly bel ieve that the Creator's edict was wrong.nged them. rheHeralds . using their ability (Q strengthen the will and evocations of their fellows. the Heralds did nor work directly on (he building of Creation. and tbeir pride in their perfection and judgment. One was that the Creator was displeased with cite work of me Elohim and sought to rebuke the angels by forbidding them to interact with humanity.more so. and they wondered whethercheCreator would ever explain His action to His angels. lost in their ignorance. sullied them with the essence of the imperfect. II was a chain of prestige and influence with the House of the Dawn at the top. Lucifer's argument was born of limitless pride and of limitless love for humanity.en the rime came for the Heralds to bequeath God's dlvinirv [Q mankind.. they touched face of rae sleeping Adam and Eve and knew that chis was (he crowning moment of their existence. the Elohim watched over humanity from a distance. humanity? In the spaces between layers of reality. Such a [ask would have required them to touch and interact with the void. For a time that cannot be measured. 5mTtl 0 J'\. Tf1E. TI1e Angels of the Wad shaped animals and plant (hat the air brough to life. was eterna I and sustaining. Though they would not admit it. to intervene and save humanity me authority of His cn·dem. so too would be God's Divine Plan. and were filled with love for their creation. The other was that the Creator did not mISt me Heralds (and by xrension. the first was trivial. Two theories became popular among the Heralds. Like animal . nd the Heralds despaired. grew and grew. Bur the Elohim could not bear to allow their charge to feel that pain. Humans could learn. the Heralds watching over Creation to guide and rectify any problems that arose. The time had c me for rhe culmination f God's Divine Plan: the cr - Why would th Creator make such a demand? Why keep the angels . Then came God' edlcrs-s. the Elohirn. This too made them feel a. Lucifer argued that obeying the Creator s me command. and the Angels of the Second World shepherded sp irits back 'to God when life came to an end. above and apart from their fell iws. proud and regal.pan from and superior to the other Elohirn. he spoke for almost all the Heralds.For Heralds. the Lightbringer. from the darknes lurking in rhe furure. and that would have dw. Both of these theories were unbearable to the pride of Heralds. made his appearance. TIl' y watched and helped maintain Paradise. or with the slowly forming nucleus of the world.for the angels to love humanirv abo e all things and to never reveal themselves to the race of Adam and Eve . the Heralds wa tched and directed and assisted where they thought it nece sarv. Mankind remained unaware of the wonders f the Creation mat the Heralds (and the other angels) ha I made..he stars that were the A ngelsofrhe Dawn.from. even meaningless. the rest of me angels) to interact with mankind. and when he spoke. the Heralds laid the foundation of the Fall.and worse" uncertainty . [he Heralds became even. tormenred the Heralds. the Herald whispered and speculated. Some angel An ation of huraaniry . of course. They embraced. The Angels of the Deep created water [0 susta in that life. the fir t and wisest of all me Elohim. needing on 1y the last element to make it perfect.his words and II . Watching the first man and woman wander blindly through the perfection of Creation. The only altemative was to intervene. Some felt that God was not to be questioned. it was w command and direct other angels. Under the guidance of the Heralds! Creation took shape. w'as"forbidden.bur: that. to reachhumanitvdirecdyand uri lock its true potenrial->.The Debsre was ·deadlocked and inc nclusive IIJl"\til 'Lucifer. and no one saw this as being anything other than right and proper. to love and protect human lty requi'rea them ro disobey His commandment of secrecy. But [he second command sent ear and pain .ell \PTEil O~E While the ocher Houses did this. who knew thernse lves 1:0 be perfect and ItO have created a perfect Universe. hut most were too proud and roo passionate to simply leave it at that. When they did take a hand. they needed to suffer and feel pain m order to learn from their mistakes. Wh. while staying separate and secret from them. trusting in God's vision and the wanted to act.more importantly. Such contamination could not be countenanced by the Heralds.into the soul. The Angels of the pheres set time into m tion and pi rred the course of the stars in the sky. me me D cu eNIDI'xu. the. of the Herald. but only slowly and with difficulty. and the Great Debate b tween. The Angels of the Fundament formed a planet. others wanted co cay their hand.1\N The Herald watched as the other Elohim created man in God's image. and the Angels of the Firmament encased it in air.

and laid the (ou. the best 12 .found themselves and (heir nllffiM. when the demons plumbed CreaLio[l's infinire posslbtllues and helped determine [he ultimate destiny of the human race.creatures so reviled that they WIW. This was the Age of Wrath. [he rebels were without purplan. Andso the-rebel Heralds.rrspped them in. reinvented their rebel House ofherces and serpents. rhey scted from compassion. Thus cl\ey Were condemned by Him to become the Devils . time of wonder and terror. to provide leadership. It was iii.E Narnaru Iooked (0 Lucifer.nJatll}fl for the tortured beings they would ultimately become. time of infinite possibilities. bllt: Lucifer's Forces had in. And thus the: Elobhn felL PaTadisewas no more.and LikeLucifer.neath the Creator's contempt and unworthy of His notice. Audit was a time when (he Namaru.angels madesowtse and perfect thar they could not accept the possibility of their judgment being flIawed.certain that they were right ." deemed he. (he Devils.vi!. TtTIE fmST 10. a. TIl. charges at rhe dawn of a new era. beginning. now a defiant De. Now the rebels and their leader - oncea perfect Herald. turned their backs on God. The rebellious demons had been condemned by me Creator. Like Lucifer.turn repelled Michael and the Heavenly Host. because they felt rhat only through this defiance could they rescue humanity from (he eternal prison God would have.foliowedhim to Eden to reveal themselves to humanity. they acted from pride. leaders and mensters. pose OJ me D'2\lk 'ilntl brightest ofthelr number.

and the one rnostallgned with their own gifts and purpose. The [ron Legion. These are the dictates of the Creator. the carlv h isrorv uf t he Namaru is the storv nfLucitcr1 he first and grearesrofrhe Heralds and the DL'\'il~ alike. not one's House. and the Seberru knew ir no more. their pride compelling them to consider rhernselve above the mortals that th y no longer felt like erving.<110N.and allowed the demons to flock to the legion with which they identified. "The order of Heaven is no more. Finally.lf!ret' with their lender. the fin expression of the new dernon ic plan for Creation. long before theFirst Murder and the Time f Atrocities. the vast majorirv of Devils follnwed.ll\\·<1!lJ Ill'gin III shape their own destinies.was 105[. If you would regain that power and responsibility.1 onl. and he used his gifts r onceal it from the rest 0 Creation. We: shall create our own plan.. P!1l. "and dhis has not changed. We are the most perfect of [he Seberru: the time has come for us to prove this.Wbcre Ill' led. partially pies and partially explorers. [he Alabaster Legion hid from view. Lucifer took the plan fully unto himself. a power so great that only the Lightbringer could lbear irs [Ouch. But in <I House based on pride.' Juring the Grear Del-are and after the Fall. the forces of Heaven C built their own cities and gathered their strength for the corning fight. CftEJ\TrO Lucifer OfTtlELE. and bod. Creation.I"-\UX_I" In many ways. hope and hatred ." he said. bloodle s affairs atthis time. Tar. according ro Lucifer's advice and wisdomthe first courts. No longer did they truggle to contain rhe Creator' power-and intentions. me Lucifer's own Crimson Legion was dedicated to teaching and protecting the race of man." Fr m each of his fellow Lucifer rook the tattered and damaged remnanrsof God' plan. But no longer can we-rule our fellows from afar. And so God's plan . Calling a hal t 00 the march in the Valley ofT ears. nor tha!: some of the Namaru didn't db.disillusionment and despair.and perhaps the dues [0 why He forbade the Elohim to interact with humanity . No longer will Dawn command Spirit. ides focused more on e tablishlng their force' andnegotiaring territory than 011 clashes 01" confrontations. 11would not h. TIlls isn't ro sav rluu Devils weren't individuals in the time ((111uwing rhe Fall. the divine power that the Namaru still bore in their souls. "We have always been the pinnacle of ere arion. strength and abiliry. Lucifer felt the changes moving through his compatriots . Lucifer sought out each of the Namana and spoke to [hem in rum.-11'TIIL'. Deeds are what will rna ter From 11I0W IOn. The Lighrhringer spoke for his HilusI.CII\ Jl'fER ONE! Many of them expected him to establish a similar hierarchy to that of Heaven with the seven rebel Hou es arranged in strict order of power and responsibility. The grim Ebon Legion rejected humanity and fought Heaven for betterment ofdernens alone. As they traveled away from the scene of their rebellion.wa organized as hierarchy. Occasionally angels and demons would fight. the only legion dominated by another Devil. 1111one W:l1 more deserving l1f that priJe [han Lucifer.' until his disuppearance Ihat the rest (If the Devils would c< uue om tlf his ~h<1!. part ideologies . Only [hen will you be strong enough to shoulder the burden of leadership. and to keep them would be to betray our rebellion. fought instead to protect humanity from Heaven' wrath. bur such 'battles" were more like me R legioru established themselves and built 13 .part armies. not God's plan.'W~IS more heroic and inspiring than the Lighthringer."in~. A Significant portion joined [he Ebon legion. you must earn II: and work to gain the respect and devotion of your fellows. and those of the higher Houses needed DO prove their worth before they could take command. and those who lead will berhose who deserve [Q lead. III il House uf heroes and leaders. while also a militaristic legion. and took it upon himself No longer were [he Deeds burdened by the majestic weigh of the plan. The Silver Legion worked [0 uncover ecrets of Creation and God Himself. a structure of duke and barons and fell knight. Each of hese legion. 11. Their battles were calm. As the legions separated to build their fortresses and settle their human flocks.and he knew [hat he could not simply co-opt hierarchy of Heaven for this new society. me me TtIE NEW ORD As their fortresses aC. and hb actions iuflucnced rhe rhoughrs arul deeds '-If all Namuru. lucifer spoke to the gathered demons. but Lucifer had other plans. a place: of wild beaury and terrible devastation. part political bodies. The lower HOLLSes would allow 'themselves 'to be lorded over by thelugher Houses again.IO&'> reation. Light dominate Wild.." Lucifer created the legions . ~ led the rebel host from the ruins of Paradise into a new and scarred Creation. His gli1ry shl Inc HCroS:. while a few allied rh mselves with [be other legions. The overwhelming majority of theNarnaru gravirated toward the Crim on Legion. separating itself from the coming conflict to shepherd the oul of man to the afterlife and protect those skit as Iest it could.

guided by the ideals of the Crimson Legion. The arnaru of th~ Silver Legion explored the far reaches of Creation. A Lucifer w rched [hem lea ve. he sa w them. 1-1 .these things have never been in d uht. Meanwhile. In wake af Aba don' rev litLucifer umrn ned all the Namaru in Cree lion to him once m reo With the loyall t Namaru of the Crims u and lron legion' behind him.lint S. my brethren. and the opportun f y to forever show Our perfection and superiority in w:ay rna wer imposible until now. a Devil named KelAsuf told a dellberare untruth [0 a mortal follower. (his quiet conflict went on between angels and demons. and darknes now stains what was once perfect and radlant. The shockwaves of this event ripped through Creation..:. while humanity pread out to encompass Creation.:. the firsr and greatest If [hem. Devils u ~cl their p lwei [Q inspire mortals (0 new heishrs and to ' i t [he efforrs of their fellow demons. Some of Namaru.i. demonstrating th ir kiU with evocations and ann" to repel angelic opponents. It changed from the moment the tyrant God rejected our wisdom your wi dom --and destroyed Paradise. the Nam. they took Luc LEer'swords [Q heart find acted to convince others of this as well. Lighrbringer.bur nor all. leader of the Ebon legion - a me rue snme way. this is true. former cnmm nder: "Creation has changed. j oi ned by other Namaru.: orne of the Namaru lefr the rank and rejoined the loyalist legions . the Namaru won me respect and IDyalty of their fellow'. During Siege of Sagun. In the wake of the First Murder. And now you would command u as the Creator on e di. and we will nor bend knee you any longer.lru worked their way into positions 0 power in It of the legions. [U me AnJ Lucifer wept. the first to tell us [0 [rust our own j udgrnenr above all other ?Thc Divine Plan has passed from Crearion. You have taught us [00 well. The Devils were still proud creature who felr that power and leadership roles were theirs by.. Ye'r there \5 no need for us to be stained in the mar ended Abaddon.ro1Jgh mortal rownshfps t'ocOJ1!)ume helpless humans.1-:\ Exchanges of ideas or come ts of skill than anything mortals would recognize as war.right ." of the se aratist me TI1E TIJ'\E r 1\TRO(ITIES The calm. Knowledge of this new ability expl ded outward from the lIver Citadel ofT aba'er'. Already in positions of comrnand. The Nammu began ro explore [heir new Tole asmasters of deception. For hundred of years. many Devils still saw themselves as arnaru first. our perfection . rhe N arnaru f the i Ivet Legion had discovered an entirely new weapon in the Devlll h arsenal: Jeceprion. legionnaires second. Ke:l Asuf the Deceiver addressed h. the Dev lls of the Ebon legion secured even mote power and authority during the siege coordinating attacking forces and e ril'ltg the once-glorious citadel ablaae. During [his orne.but in this new order.1. Creation is 11 w ripe with a otenrial that has always been denied us. Lucifer. and embraced their sins. were able to re sist the ternptati 11 of in aJ. Proving rhern elves through their deeds. \XThile rno t demons learned [0 balance their Joyalties be[ween House and legion. but now Kel Asuf knew that deception and untruth were possible-c-and that th Namaru ahility to inspire and c mmand mortal could be bent to manipulate and decei e them as well. As for the scant handful of Devils in the A labasrer Legion. not "H'Iy more. Previously such a He would have' been inconceivable. to enhance the efforts of their Slayer allies. mea ured war f the angels and demons ended suddenly and terribly when Caine lew hi brother Abel.dI?You. Wrnth- me At his wo ds. and in turn m well up in rank ofcornmand.In r. the lirst rebel. the human believed him. D not succumb [Q temptations of J:. chey used their P(iWCr. excess and hatred. [he Namaru of the me Ebon LegtonjcinedtheirDevcurer and Scourge allies to unleash the destructive power of their souls. OUI purity. Many more saw the o porrunities offered V atrocity and sin and embraced the darknes wholeheartedly. channeled their inner radiance into belts of blazing energy or paralyzed the angelic defenders by warping and de- forming their own piritua] powers. especially those closest to Lucifer. and.Asuf beg:m to perfect whar me would later become the lore of Humanitv. In d1C aftermarh of Sagun's destruction. opening the Sal' 18 of both III rtals and demons to the possibiliues uf Violence. or we are alway beings f the lighr. while Ke1 . Warrior· in Ebon and [ron Legions stood against the force of Heaven in bloodless combat. "Creation has changed.. Lucifer confronted meeting me with a second rebelli n and the sundering of the legion." And so the separanst Namaru turnedtheir backs 01\ Lucifer.trkness. ful Devils sent waves of flame th. fLlling the minds of Devil' 'across Creacion.and perhaps learning a little humility in rhe pr ces . taking a support role to demons rhey were u ed to commandlng . me and you do not have rhar right. former !oyal ists of rhe Crimson and J ron waved by words ofKel A uf and he temptations of power."'I I tay pure. Luci er a sed hiS brethren.:s OF 711E F \1.h Crims n legion.

Prometheus.\f~ GLoRQj\RD DEPl1?i. Depraved and sinfu lthough they were. the noble leaders and warriors thar carried the banners of their cause. No misbegotten aberration of chaos may be permitted [Q prey on humanity. for such is our province and may not be usurped. Other stories Mill reverberate in the modem day.Cll'l I'TEll o. Gilgarnesh. dripping wi thpoison and fire . When asked by his lieutenanrs why he hunted down [he monster and saved [he haredmortals from irs depreda clans. [he Namaru became figures of legend for both demon and morral alike. but with his honor intact. was a leader of the renegade SHver Legion. The N amaru warlord threw himself upon the monster and fought il: for Seven days and Seven liights. For [herr part. they did so with pride and valor. destroyed the holy cities and took me tions of flame. Belphegor. he razed the Silver Citadel to the ground. stri ving to advance the goals of their legions and destroy the Host of Heaven. Even when Devil fought against Devil and gave no quarter. until the threatened mortals had! escaped their ruined citadel. While they refuted the principles and dreams of Lucifer and the Crimson Legion. threw down human slaves as tribute. Fossegrim the Unyielding. When Belphigor led an expedition to T abs'er' [0 demand the release of a mortal flock.a nightmarish spawn of [he First Murder. and tales of their valor and depravity live on today in human myths and archetypes. angelic ttyrants. they were Devils still.all reflections and glimpses of the truth. and that makes'~ responsible for their preservation and thelrdesttUction. But when news arrived from the west about a monstrous creature preying upon mortals . h me Called the White Sword crsometimes Humanrity's Beacon. the Crimson and Iron Legions me focused on cletenchl1g humanity from angel and de- mon alike. was a prominent figure in the Ebon Legion <lind a Namam with a taste for atrocity. Mythocbt was a warrior dle Iron Legion who gave her all to rescue mortals and demons alike from imprisonment at angelic hands. Belphigor was one of the greatest leaders of the Crimson Legion. for the Namaru ofboth camps were heroes co their causes and charges. Beowulf. Yet he raised no hand to his soulmate. nor: to some abcmihation ~ and thus is the pride of the Eben Legion preserved.attheir ltves b. Yet one of her most famous exploits saw her battle the forces of of me 15 . "Mortals are our playthings. but it was also an age of nobility and a time ofheroism. and when her forces beat back the Crimson Legion. Only then did he unleash the full measureofhls powers to destroy the abomination in an explosion of white fire. he enslaved hu mans. Coyote . until no brick lay atop another. the Ravager of Innocents. even in the face of darkness. Leading his followers against mortal villages and townships. And when he led the Crimson Legion back to Taba'et'. his sister agreed on one condition . and he accepted her surrender with nobility and respect. whose torment was that his fortner soulmate. while working to reach the race's true potential. TIle following are just some of the legends of Shining figures of radiance or terrifying appari- me Narnaru heroism from the Time of Atrocities. [be Age of GLories. Fossegrim replied.Fossegrim armed himself and went to destroy monster. They tried to embody all that had ever been pure and perfect in the Sebertu. It took him months of hunting before he found the creature in the process of destroying a morral redoubt and devouring the humans wi thin. It was called the Time of Atrocities. Belphigor remained hercooperari ve prisoner. Others defended humanity against tormen ted demons or 'the twisted creatures that had been born from the contamination of Creation by the First Murder. The warrior" of the Crimson Legion prepared [0 do bartle with the armies of'Taba'et'.elo&gtrime-notroGod. Those Namaru still following the Ugh [bringer gave their all to Hve IIp to the standards of nobiLity and dedication that Lucifer preached. and walked alone into the gates ofthe Silver Citadel. And yet. rather than surrender one of [heir greatest generals until Belphigor stayed them with a word" laid down his sword and armor. allowing her to commit all manner of terrible experiments and punishments upon his soul and flesh.entourage. who threw aside moraliry and loyalty to their HOLLsefor personal power and glory. 1£ was a House divided against itself. of Namaru heroism from before civilization began. Whetlrer standing for humanity's safery or the etupowerrnent of demonkind. Devils stoodtall and proud as [he heroes of the Sebettu. who worked arrocitles upon the mortals she enslaved. bur loyal to the same ideals if not same causes.VITQ The age after First Murder was like a second fall for many of [he Namaru.that he surrender himself to her and be her prisoner and experimental subject for a year and a day. When Belphegor broke her word and refused to release her human prisoners. sorel y wounded and much abused. our property. A year and a day Iazer. Those mat. Belphigor emerged from TaM 'er'. in both demonic and human memory. they were heroes still.rab saved from this monster now know th. the renegade Namaru still acted like the regal leaders they once were and worked to achieve the recognition and authority they felt was their due. Narnaru exemplars attacked the forces of Heaven. and used them to assuage his own lustsor made them fight and die for the entertainment of hls.

The Long March lasted for years. "For too long. Xaphan knew victory was impossible yet still he stnod before the approaching army. One final time Ludfer assembled the ranks of me Namaru and addressed them itt the Orear Hall of Genhlnncmfrom his BLackThrone.10 . demanding met cease their campaign of terror and genocldaand return to his command. No longer can this be all wed. Yet we rumed our back on [he Creator for the righrto make our own cho ices.by Slayers even into the modern day. but his patience iln"IHly reaehed an end. Narnaru heroes of the Crtmscn Legio n led armies against the cirade Is of the Ebon and Namaru warriors of Silver. When the Scou rge DeChcabia declared his intention to surrender to rhe Host and enter Araboth for God's punishment. and i~ pitted Devil against Devil on tb. but My thocht went. fought on the burning battlements of Do. bur she cut hi rn off. Xaphan did his best to assist ln their efforts and [0. of the. blocking their path. and the renegade Namsru feU to the eVOC3rl0115 and coordiDated efforts of the Crimson Legion. Legion warriors berH'~rh rhe walls of [he heavenly city. but none shall gainsay your right to that weakness. and for all. While his Slayer compatriots roiled to create a haven for the dead souls of humenity. the Ebon Legion vowed to destroy him for deserting the rebel cause.ated . TIle Devil's death sent reverberations throughourthe spirt t world. Mohilizing (he Crimson m1d Iron leg:iel$.. defend them against occasional forays by Heaven's Host. burin the end. Araboth.IJOLS&S 1)f''1"IIJE F_\llJl\ Eben Legion outside. one of the most powerful angels of the House of the Second World. the conflict boiled down to a me Ebon Legion TNC Lo1'i6:J"\Ju\C. Lucifer gave no quarter and extended no leniency tohls bre thren. rejecting him as atraitor.vil's death. and Decarabia entered Araborh. Decarabia went to thank Mvthocht. and his death remains eelebrated. a1 vortex of spiritual energy erupted 0[1 the spot ofthe f1e. and overwhelmed. not when . armed in all the fire and finery of his House. to the gates of Araboth 1:0 defend the Scourge.d to aid Decarabie. we Namaru have allowed ourselves (0 be blinded by pride. Xaphan fought he forces of Heaven valiantly and rhrewdownmanyangels. norwhile my soul still breathes.of angels lnto [he spirit world ro destroy the Halaku's creation once. His aegis was me suffklent unti I Usie1." Then Mythocht turned her back and walked away.mgmg storm. When the Ebon Legion re tre. Over and over again. a. YOIII" weakness is an o£feme (0 my eye.Taba'et' and Kasdej1L The Devils of the Ebon and SHver Legions found hard and fOllght well. he marched upon the separatists. Xaphan'ssacnfice saved the Alabaster Legion and its haven from destruction. The Iron Legion refuse. Usiel's army wag forced to withdraw [est they be engulfed and destroyed. the High City of Renunciation. but Ustel's scythe touched his side and be was' no more. fot I too consider you a traitor. shTOuding the spirit haven in. She beat back an entire battalion ofE6ofl. Few Namaru joined the secretive Alabaster Legion. his soul obliterated- exactly as the Namaru had planned. defian held off [hose armies with courage and skit! in arms. [hey were outnumbered. bu:tXaphan was the best known of those who did.dll&l. never to rerum.e battlefield and in the negotiation room. and. "Thank me not.tence battle between Narnaru generals and warriors. but forgonen our responsibilities. and YOIll have had the conviction to make y{) 11[1. alone. led a fotce. Wi th only a small force of warriors at his disposal. throwing it into chaos. We have striven for glory and honor.H L)Jdfet itotmtoo tllie t'!xi$. rebel legions and m-eir predat0ry ways for Ei mlllenntum and more.

but at their side and ar their head. acting as viziers and teachers to hunian rulers.LME T trusted members of the Crimsful. bur for the betterment of all.not from afar as we.but he put Narnaru into adviSOry positions.. J7 . me Unlike [he tumultuous chaos of the Time of Atrocities. j With <!i social order ~ta. These trusted lleutenants Were charged with teaching humanity meulrlmate secrets of Creation) of giving the mortal race the tools and powers it would needto reach its ultimate potential. To us must fall the duty of guiding humanity to its full porenrial. administered the tithes the citadels paid 1:0 Genhinnemand the Crimson Legion. the Time of Babel was an era of relative peace and calm. but deminated the balance ofpower--. becoming statesmen and advisors.PER.Lucifer wok steps to ensure that Devils never controlled mortal soc ieries directly ~ such a position held roo much temptation. did in Creator's service. amusement or glory or honor. and its rare sorties were easily pushed back by the Iron and Ebon Legions. too much potential for error . Legion andnamed them the Watchers. Devils who had once been no more than mighty warriors took the next step. Cl:Iu\l"ID Et\. and rake command of Creation -not for own.vicrorv over the tyrant God isat last a possibility. governors ramer than generals. me THE Tlf\E or l). He selected 10 otthe w:tsest and most Tnr.bliShed . how to awaken the limidess potential of the human race and overthrow the Creator. The Host of Heaven had been mostly repelled from Creation. We have squandered our gifts and neglected our duty over these last years. serving them by governing them. Go from this place. Among mortals. Harness ing their incredible powers of charisma. for our birthrighrgrants uspower over !humannty our fellows cannot match. acting as judges and defenders .7\1)EL The Narnaru took Lucifer's words to heart and strove to become true leaders of the Sebetru and [he greatest teachers of the morral race.even the Ebon and Alabaster Legions ." And with this.and. distracted by the pursuit of personal glory. Now We must dedicate ourselves to serving hurnanlrv and fallen alike. the massed Namaru left Genhirmom and dedicated themselves to serving others . Devils shaped human civilizations and societies. Devils took command of all the major positions in the various legIons . TI1e black experiments of the Silver Legion were hailed and the data from those experiments put to good use: to learn.by ruling as benevolent tyrants. And to us must fall the duty of governing and guiding all of demonkind . Lucifer rook the nexrbold step in his plan.ere the Namaru did:not have complete control.an Iilrder wf).

directing its every dec ision.but without the mortality or nobility of elther. DOWl'Ifi\LL The siege of the High Cities lasted for an age. [he Grand Experiment baited. who threw down a score of rnalhim and never slew a single one. their sacrifice only redoubled [he righteous efforts of their fellows. and the Devils went once more into the front lines to fight off the Host of Heaven in this. Until everything collapsed. Indeed. Under her tutelage. DJ. not leading. Taba'ee and Kasdeja fell to the angels in theearly days. And to prevent their slaves from ever becoming free. no nephiiim remained on [he face of Creation (though rumor has it some escaped Lucifer's wrath and hid away until after [he Shattering). They flnally had all mey needed to ascend to Heaven. a race of monsters and abominations that married the powers of demons to the divine poren rial ofhumanity . sharing rhar duty with other angels wh iIe Creation was still forming. dominatmg mortal society and thrcwinghumanlry lntoslavery.and while a few Devils fell (Q the horrors in battle. I) Devil too proudand (00 hungry fol'. who plotted to destroy the dream of the Devil who had overthtewr. Most know only that a demon. who repelledananny armed only with his own wounds. the Narnaru held them back. she had been the sun for a tlme. Lucifer assembled rhe full weight of the legions and descended on the nephilim. She taugh t humanity of the seasons and of the passage of time. buc gave humanity (he tools needed to create its own knowledge . In a singJe night that Willi a stretch of years.but: Genhinnom was manned by Lucifer. striking down each and every one of rhem he could find. Some Namaru were curious ali to why their House had so lime representation among the Ten. Lucifer replied. were dead. and humanity builrnew things. (or group of demons) saw the ascendance of humanity as a threat. but in doing so we risk diminishing their ability [0 take responsiblllrv for themselves. Luc ifertoliled inside the walls ofthe Ci tadel. It was Lucifer who invented rituals of evocation. leaving only Genhinnom to stand against their might . our duty. had been one of the select Heralds who had created the sun itself. thee hour into minutes. Scheded-Ma. the forces of Heaven legends of the Namaru heroes of me siege . "Leadership is our responsibillrv. Within days.Ladon. No matter who the betrayers were.mortal society prospered. humanity divided the day into hours. allowing for displays of power [hat were orders of magnitude beyond those of their birthright. few demons know who sabotaged the Grund Experimentor moved to forever deny humans To assailed the walls of Genhtnnom -. People'seyes opened to rhe infinite possibllities of Creation and of themselves. Incandescent with fury. Shamshlel the Most Radiant. TIle firesrorm he conjured engu lfed an 18 . the last and greatest war. Dudael. an exchange of one ruler for anomer.Of the Watchers. The Ten. Nuriel." Under the guidance of the Ten-who did not lead humanity to knowledge. the nephilirn overran the world. In the first and greatest ciry. the nephilim sough t OUI and murdered the Ten. Some demons believe mat irwas one of the Narnaru who committed this sin. ami her duty was to educate mankind in the sun's ways. But [he destruction of the nephilim and the punishment of then progenitors was fOT naught. and that is sacred. No Namaru knew more of the sun's holy power than her. demons mated with mortals and gave birth to the nephilim.s"]\5'TEn this day. For 40 days and 40 nights. and acted ro be1Ir::ty Lucifer's plans. and it mostdo so by taking charge ofi ts own destiny . creations unimagined by the Sebettu. Now is the time for [he other Houses to do their. their actions were terribly effective~ spelling the end of the Grand Experiment. To them. And while Namaru fought and bled and died at the gates. Ina few shorr years.a task made all the more difflculcif we stand before lr.power 1:0 submit ro the MoUl-ingstilr's-plan.0rhers point the finger at the deposed leaders of Ebon and Silver legions (perhaps even assisted bvelements of the Alabaster legion'. the Incandescent Throne QfMoming. humanity had been pulled back into me clay . and made time a substance that could be used as well as measured. them. Many are the me a single demon. only one was of Lucifer's own House.atrdrhe Host of Heaven descended onto me battlefield. whose death at the hands of Churiel was so noble that Churiel vowed never 1:0 tight again. the renegade House of the Morning Star made its stand. Most: demons have resigned themselves to never knowing the truth. Now is a time for teaching. given Lucifer's commandment [0 lead by exam ple and command the Seberru.and far40 daysand 40 nighes. our purpose-blltsometimes. the Crimson Legion and more than half of the Namaru. Namaru warriors and heroes slew un told (hOIlS8I1dsof the abominations . We take responsibility for our charges. just as they did when Creation was being formed. Humanity must learn and grow . A fewrare heretics even claim that Lucifer hImself sabotaged his own plan as part of a secret campaign to destroy the Sebettu rebellion and return to the Creator's favor. perfecting new weapons and techn iques to use against the attackers. work. to lead is to weaken.

Reserves that could not be renewed. while Heaven] y Host drew its power drrecrl y from the wi of'God. There was weeping and terror and horror at the awful nature of God's punishment ~ to be imprisoned. every last Devil marched proudly into the Abyss. WitllOul: the faith of humanity to give them spiritual strength and power. the souls of the Devils. the Devils became deceivers and politicians. But while Lucifer had preached thatgovernance was adury and a responsibility. the Namaru now embraced the pursuit of power for its own sake . Instead. me me OuTOF The Namaru TfmClEWSS of today are barely recognizable as the noble heroes and haughty generals of the Time of Arrociries. A new day has dawned for the Sebettu and. When the prisoners in Hell realized that Lucifer was nor among them. of course. Lucifer was bound in chains of flaming iron. warping into an intricate political structure of favors. it became clear that humanity's faith in the rebel host \VaS no more. a task to be undertaken for the greater good. Under the eye of their bound leader. declared that the Lightbringer had abandoned his fe llows. . Partially they did this toreject Lucifer. humanity became estranged from the fallen and saw them not as saviors but unknowable monsters.that Lucifer was not imprisoned alongside his brethren.champions. been imprisoned me n me dernonkmd the massed ranks of assembled before the ruins of Genhmnom and condemned to the Pit. as any true hero would. and a human race that had sunk far from the heights it had reached during the Time of Babel. strong and defiant. It was not until an age had passed that Belial. they first thought that he had separately. The gates of the Black Cathedral finally shattered.to dominate the other demons. Ascension in rank was attained by manlpularing or intimidating others into obedience.for this was the way of deception. 50 old order became increasingly irrelevant. the Morningstar. but they also did it ro' arisfy the ecrtuption in their souls. every last Narnaru stood firm and resolute. just as they did in the first days of Creation. it all fell apart. and thattheory spread t ike a \I irus throughou r the empty expanse of the Abyss. In the end. the From knights and heroes. limited reserves of energy. laid down by Lucifer as <I new order to guide the legions in the irrebelllon. Every blow they struckveverv attack they repulsed. forever. The hordes of dernonkand soon came to believe that they had been betrayed by Lucifer. Now. Desperate to fight melt own feelings of fear and abandonment. shining their light on the world. nor lead them. TIley found a desolate world without a trace of the Creator. The forces of the Crimson Legion became too spiri tuall y weakened to continue the fight any longer.In Hell. bur theirs was the hand that shaped irs degeneration. drained their faith evenfurther. The Sebertu fought valiantly and nobly. a way to exert power over other demons. For in the first days of the siege. Bur when it came time [0 be thrown into Hen. Namaru are the radiant Heralds of that dawn. the Namaru soon degenerated nn manipulators and liars. power-mongers and betrayers . and the hordes of the damned are trickling through to retake Creation as their prize. uncle r [heir own power. the chain of command in an army where rank was determined by meri rand deeds. 'God's last black joke . down [Q and sent them broken and defeated back me lasrsolider. though. too many demands were made of the Devils' vaunted nobility. The heroism and ferocirv of the defense of Genhinnom awed both rebel and Elohim alike. no heroism or intelligence could further the defeaeed rebellion or break open the chains of eternal prison. No great deeds could be worked in the Abyss. but their cause was doomed. and the Namaru slipped back into Creation. The gates of Hel! have opened a crack. parronageand dominance. were Surrounded and defeated. Once heroes and. The Namaru did not create this social order. and deception was the emly thing kft to them in Hell. infernal po lltics became a tool for con rrol. The demonic hierarchy had existed for centuries. It had been a tool to aid organization and communication. the Sebettu could only draw upon their own. Lucifer's command for the Namaru cog6vem and lead their fe1lows still rang to. Their civilizations shattered. Eventually. the terrible pain and loneliness of Hell. to deny that all their heroism and courage and deception had been in vain. Nothing else was left to the exiles. in complete oblivion. But then the walls of the Pit cracked open. once Lucifer's closest aide and ally. the infernal order changed. and perhaps the demons of the Crimson Legion could have prevailed had humanity nor failed [hem. receiving further torments from the Creator. [0 Heaven. simple attrition did what the Host could not.entire celestial army in Hames. the situation has changed. To find. though. Too much happened in the nothingness of the Abyss. the Namaru immersed themselves in infernal politics to an even greater extent than before. and rebellion was crushed once and for all. the One Language snuffed out.

charisma and contacts.No longer did humanity possess more than the faintest spark of God' divine power. [hey instantly dedicated themselves to dominating their erstwhile brethren and allies. pulling the strings of demonic society and gathering Faith from devoted mortal f llowers. When thl large group ofNamaru realized that escape might cruly be po ible. As the Sebertu began to establish anew status quo in Creation. and the Devils di. and they embracedany lie or deception that promised such.Ir wa po ible to make a mortal d anything. not compromise. While the Namaru were not starting from a position of strength. of course. Wi th blinding speed. fame and followers. The Namaru were horrified by the state or humanity-horrified. not instant gratification. Devils formed infernal courts around themselves. just with the promise of the rigbr kind of reward . honor. They took control of the balance of power in a mortal city. but now they commit their atrocities with their own hands and wear the mantle of sin with their heads held high.but with only 8i few exceptions. and their lives were dedicated [0 nothing more than the shallow pursuit of immediate gratification. the Namaru were perched at the apex of the new order. then using those sources of Faith as bargaining chip and weapons for exerting influence in the burgeoning infernal courts. bur also pleased. While the Namaru were. Other Houses became distracted by the wonders of this new and blasted Creation. and the Namaru their former nobility eradicated by the rigors of Hellwere happy to provide the lies their eager vassals desired. While most Devils continue to eschew the old standards of the Crimson Legion. something happened. More and more often. and Devils were drawn to mortal who shared their own desire fur power and social adroitness.g themselves to existing courts. would be implicity i eJif for Devils to manipulate. Demons of other Houses did the same. the power to control humans and demons 811 lke through honeyed words and ubrle evocations. This gave the Namaru an instant advantage. in the pleasures and SOITOW of their human forms .they moved quickly to leave the A ys.and that was before a Devil brought her evocations and divine gifts into play. And a few. Namaru found something within the souls of their human vessels that they had long since forgotten strength.conviction. me me me j\ NEW D]\_{J)N In the fiIst days following the loosening of Hell's grasp. a1most all Dev ils paid their masters little more than lip service" their true loyallry onlv to themselves. though. rather than attachin. while many other Devil were o enmeshed in the macbinat ions of infernal poll tics that they cHdno] realiae that the borders of the Aby . The other major advantage the Namaru enjoyed over their rivals was [he power and prestige of their mortal hosts. as well as amassing human followers. where their actlviries could be care ully monitored.while the getting was good. What every Devil fears. But as the trickle of escapi ng demon souls grew in volume. but most of the e Devil lacked the prestige and ra w power that some e caping demons of other Houses pos essed. Thestrongestand most terrible Devil' were too spirituallv massive to escape through the cracks in Hell's walls. a head start into gathering rnundane and 'temporal power. bur these rival Sebettu could not match the Namaru giJt fOI deception and rnanipularion. WLth so many advantages on their side.theoreticalb till in the service of the grea ter demons rocked away in He Lt. But many Devils of lesser or moderate power took pain$ to gather infbrm lion from any and all possible SOurEe8. desperate for an edge. looking for seerers or chinks in the pelirical armor or their enemies. Like calls to Like. a precious few. pleasure or sat isfaction. morality and compassion ~ the virtues that might yet throw back darkness and redeem the Seberru. Mortals seemed to care for nothing except temporal wealth.. had weakened. me 20 . nor exped iencv: responsibility. moUifying their d ires for power and keeping them close to hand. While a few Devils were incarnated in the bodies of middle class office workers or uninspiring nobodies. Many Namaru carne to Earth thus. Devils threw themselves into gaining power. Of course. Such raw need. a disproportionate amount of the Namaru took possession of humanity'S best and brightest mortals with money and power. though. combine honor with decency. a significant mlnorirv is starting to return to the principles of Lucifer . ven acres the gap between worlds. honor and capacity for sacrifice. but not necessarily the: most powerful.d not neglect this opportunity. the Namaru were able to dominate the Sebettu in the early days of the exodus from Hell. Serious rivals to a Devil' authority were often promoted Into advi ory i 0 itions. the Narnaru formed perhaps the largest group of demon to escape Earth. unleavened by insight. then encouraged other demon to flock to their banner. is that one day demons and mortal alike will realize that they don't need Namaru anymore. Mortalsacnred to believe lies. Devils set about gaining fall wers and building m rtal cults. many ofrhese heroic Devils are still tormented monsters who lhink nothing of genocide.

Dev ils who clash over a particular agenda or terri wry will usually argue out HI secret truce that separates their interests. the House as a whole benefits from the gain in political strength. to build up their own importance in infernal politics on Earth.t a greater purpose in demonic society. the Sebetru that the Devils marter might lose everything. Naturally. they were created to coordinare and lead others.especially if it increases the importance of [he House and gives i. the most powerful Devil in Creation is Belphigo(. And that cannot be borne. who have to be respected and obeyed. The fact of the matter is that Creation. but only if he can place himself above every last 21 . but willing to pull together to advance group causes which is pretty much the truth.ly benefit direedy. His return.\E CLOSING f\]\NKS fu a group.glory. Behind the scenes. his own. leader of the Faustian faction and oae of the most i. Obvsouslv there are differences and rivalries. 111ciudmg some de. the House hangs together. mat's just what the Namaru want other demons to think. the greatestofrhe Namaru wage constant and subtle wars for power and influence over their fellows. though. While Devils understand their Housemates better than they do an yother demons. Individual Devils have found that their fiercest rivals for dominance and control in the modern world are other Devils ~ Narnaru who want to claim the same political territory. many demons consider Belphi or the bert choice to lead the Sebenu [0 new height~. As.Ci I III'TEII Il.every individual Devil benefits. and the full backing of perhaps the tL1~st powerful: faction of demons. the Namaru have had to work together as a House. Belphigon~ares only for his own power. Lucifer. When necessary. mortals show an eagerness to be led. As for humanity. as demons scramble ro learn his whereabouts and plans. long as the Sebettu never realize their erstwhile leader's are li trle more parasites . they also know man from rival Factions". He might want [0 elevatetbe Sebettu through harnessinghumani tv's Fai th. is simple: Devils don't trust each other in the s~ightest. me mar strong - as.n.. His recent appearance in Los Angeles has sent at] of infernal society into disarray.tical weight behind a cause [hat benefits the Narnaru ~". d'te_y think.moru POLITIC. in order to believe they still ha ve a purpose. the House seems moderately unified. the Namaru find the mselves forced to band together. because it's led to increased attention and respect from the rest of the Sebertu. and [he other Sebettu know their purpose and powers now. 1\.He i1'idy be an :enemy. the Namaru better than to trust them. control the same flocks of mortal worshippers or simply steal away their hard-earned power. as the House best able to comp". even while they fear and distrust every Devi Is must someovercoming their Fierce intra-House rivalry. and ways [Q tum that influence into control over all the Sebenu.R Pl. but which desperately conceals this competition from the rest of the Sebeau. while both maintain the appearance of control to observers. to show the other Elohim their purpose according to the Divine Plan. The times work together. but he seeks to elevate all of us. The blackest) mosthorrific realization the N arnaru made wnenescapin. In truth. with a group of Devils working to increase the political power of one or more members. To maintain an image of strength. the De vi Is wi II cooperate as a unified bloc. They also see Devils as important and powerful members of infernal society. has been a boon to the Namaru. of course. the long-vanished leader of the Sebettu. though. With Lucifer still in hiding.l\(! To other demons. tan manage just fine without [he Narnaru. The rest of the Sebetru have yet to realize that the Narnaru aren't at! mat important Demons have such a long history of obeying or respecting the First House that it might take some time before they cast off the habit of deferring to Namaru. crusader and powe'!bro1ceL WitIiLucif~r gone. each will work madly behind the scenes to cause the downfall of the other. for withouc a unified from wi thout the full weighr of the House tell ifig the rest of o [her member of their House. And as long as the House stays The result of these rivalries and desires is a House that's a rim: of scheming and betrayal. and incl ined to compere with each other for power. 111ey don't need or want the Namaru to tell [hem what to do. and the rest of the Sebeuu. The Namaru will often cooperate on an individual level aJS well.ebend.g Hen was this: They are unnecessary. Even those who oppose him respect Iiim asa grearwarrior. While not all the Devils tn<. and hidden even from many Devils.angels. Other demons tend to see Devils as ambitious.£luential demons on Earth. Demons look to other Devllsto lead them in this uncertain time. but start preaching a different gospel and you risk losing them.fID POtI:JE. but obedience is harder to draw from them. You can command mortals as long as you (ell them what they want to hear. locate and perhaps control the Lighrbringer. throwing their combined poli. The flaw in this system. Bur the Divine Plan is gone. of course. Yet they have to work together in order [0 survive. but for me most part. while confusing and a portent of dangerous rimes ahead. Having done so. Thefirst and forernosrof the Namaru is. Belphiger hss both immense personal strength and power. To keep from happening (or at least postpone it).

her unrelenting drive to redeem demon and human alike. Spenru Mainyu and other notable Devils continue [0 oppose him. a Devil who fights to reclaim the honor and heroism that aeons in HeU bear our of her. Belphigor plans to launch an attack upon him immediately. SpentuMainyu is a mere fell knight.Qwing are only some of (he Namaru at work in the world. waiting to see what LA' puppeteer is truly planning. validating his position as supreme leader and drawing followers and resources from each other ill their own squabble. might never happen. a faral strike that can be blamed on the Raveners.because of her dedication and courage. Just as me amaru sought glory after me Fall. If the Lightbringer reveals himself and rejoins demonic society. of course. gathering information from Luciferan Namaru and other sources. ln her. just as they sought to feed their pride with great deeds and accomplishments Juring the Age of Wrath. Belphigor is the undeniable leader of the Narnaru . kept secret from ther demons. Much of Belphigor's attention is currently devoted to learning Lucifer's whereabouts. deliberate acrionl. despised by most as traitors and weaklings. me me me iusrlonecs-c.ity that was their birthright.HOlSF!l!lF TilE P\LI£\ demon (Lucifer included). lr' vital. The other major voice in Namaru circles is a new one. A consummate manipulator and po I ian . many Devils recognize the her ic ideal that once drove them. lfLuc ifer is ever located. bur fear of Lucifer's return consumes Belphigor. through urhis House and pcrhap the entirety of demonic society. For willie the House resents an image of Narnaru strength. All of e tensions are. Belphigor's most dangerou rival is Nuriel. the renegades can damage that image through errors and mi steps. f course. As rime goes on. while N urtel hangs back. many respect or even idolize her for her purity. Belphigor win have no chance of controlling 'the Namaru any longer. The Devil has influence and schemes running across the length and breadth of LA-and byexten ion." And if that happens. and the Namaru do their best to present a unified from. the passion and nobil. he could lose power even without Lucifer' return. so too do modem Devils seek to gain power. Across the world. prestige and the admirati n of theirpeers. is Lucifer's return. If he's not careful. though. Spenru Mainyu's base of operations. While few Devils agree with her ideas. Los Angeles has become a pivotal location and home to more demons than anywhere el e on Earth. to Belphigor's cherries that Nuriel. Belphlgor juggles dozens of schemes iric and alliances at all times. Wha[ Belphigor does fear. the Namaru lead r f the Reconciler faction. Devils continue to escape from Hell. [0 make their mark and become the new kings of Crean n. While her rival schemes and plan.own end . Far more are waiting for a chance. imintere ted in helping their erstwhile brethren maintain power. l}OlUer .theirpresence i:sdangerous 1:0 the House as a whole. and more and more of them are eekirrg their own paths.and that' not a position he has any plans to relinquish. The foll. Yet Nuriel wins respect . and that respect translates into political influence in he Hou 's internal politics. a minor player in infernal hierarchy. The promise of Lucifer's return is a good thing. an upstart Devi] who has suddenly gained a surprising degree of influence and allies. hoping tq use the upstart's power co hi. His growing obsession with contingency plans and fallback positions is distracting him from his other schemes and responsibilities. as is the co-opting of his dreams of unlocking humanity's potential.and more importantly. but only so l ng as the Morningstar stays out of picture. the Seberru might begin to realee that they don'[ need their "chosen leader .Ifflaws begin to show in (he Namaru fa9ade. advancing the cause of the Faustians and all of the Namaru while abo making himself ever more important in int"emal society. then demonic ociety might tear apart the Hou e tha h81 dominated it for so long. (hough. Devils work [0 gain power and recognition and to advance the agendas of their faction while amas ung personal influence. In the chaos following the Morningstar's appearance. A true leader needs enemies. NU1llEL Leade r of the Reconcilers. Nuriel acts. 1)ELPtlIGOR With Lucifer our of the picture. figh ing to 99 _""" .and importance. keeping them from taking away hi power yet making sure that they don't fall completely from power. This. while quietly preparing to $pl it the House in two and u e humanity as a weapon against (he Lighrbringcr. Selph igor has already made overtures of fr iendship and alliance. N uriel is the anti rhes is of Belphlgor. those poised to playa major part in the new order. if only to prove that be is (I important mat thersrnustconspire against him. The Reconcilers have a marginal voice in demonic politics. Belphigor will cast himself as Lucifer's closest ally. with two rival courts jockeying for control over the demon ic population -and Spentu Main yu is a member and major player in both courts. His firstpri ritv is to control hi major poll ical rivals. [f that attack fails. These renegades and outsiders are more dum LE]\])lliGLIGI11' . 1 's also a city divided. (or worse. bur thar was before Lucifer appeared in Los Angeles.

Nurie! did not actively seek political power" and she does not immerse herself in alliances and schemes like her rival.win the respect of her fellows through her deem and lead [he Sebettu to redemption and forgiveness. [he dry. power structure in. scatteri ng her Namaru followers and possibly damaging her faction's plans in tb. But then Lucifer chose Los Angeles as venue for his appearance. Many Devils are still waiting for her to reveal her real plans.court in Los Angeles and removed himself from. build a. The fact that most Sebertu. Tlley don't realize that Nuriel possesses sincerity. When it finally sinks in that Nuriei is a largely selfless and genuine Reconci ler. I [. but through her deeds. does not dissuade herher faith and her courage are sufficient to sustain her . and he has Lucifer to thank for it. and Spentu Main yu suddenl y found himself the behind-the-scenes master of [be most important city me In the world. a rare quality in modern Devils. but many others do so out of greed and the conviction that she wiH rnakeit worth then whiie later. too fast. What few Devils realize is that Nuriel has all but turned her back Oil her House. She no longer defines herself through her House. Spenru Mainyu had always planned to gain influence over the Namaruand demorucsociery. then gradually increase chat power base through media manipulation and constant politicking. Slow and steady isn't enough anymore. It's too much.7\l1'RRlf The upstart fell knight never rhoughe that gaining power would be this eruy. Some Devils support her out of true respect. the role: of tyrant. her power base could fall apart. Now he's gaining influence rapidly. for her to throw aside the Reconcilers in order to grab power and gain more status for the Namaru..e process. reject her cause and have no desire to be forgiven. She has no fear anymore of be ing revealed as useless or unnecessary to the rest of the Sebettu. and he's become a major player in demonic politics almost overnight. and she cares little for advancing the causes ofthe N amaru. SPEl'ITUJ'\. Spentu Mainvu's plans were deliberate and careful. and he's had to abandon . including her own House. She views her status as a happy accident and uses it primarily to further the Reconciler goals of forgi veness and integration with humanity. That's why he set up a second infernal.left him in a better position ro slowly gain control over both courts. and he was prepared to work at it for years.

Their honeyed words and commanding presence allowed them to infiltrate the camps of their enemies. Hightech items like PDAs. umbrella. but 11:s still something of unutterable power. a i force that can define reality it elf. Devil. favoring ones that enhancetheir mastery of human wills or their heroic endeavors.]\ ur They called him the Deceiver. further other. and all the Sebetru. Kel Asuf I as sun. to reach [he leader's side and wait for a chance to strike. [n a political system based on secrets and subtlety. and uses it as the relic's corporeal form. The desire for ~ower bums inside him hotter than the me . appearing as a threat to the Faustian leader before he's had.f the normal r\EL. If the courts escape his control. Something like an all-our war between the demons of Los Angeles and the man trous Earthbound that are infiltrating the city would do.) The resulting relic has the appearance and mundane properties Q. and yet. such as a knife or 'word. Angeles is crawling with demons. of course. though. even wirh hls. In an attempt to weaken his enemies. not just Narnaru God. not a House f assassins. is the Divine Plan . changed and degraded from its former perfecrion. and he Will do anything to punish the Namaru. but Kel Asuf bas an impossible. Kel Asuf no intention of ever being left out in the cold again. the Father of Lies. something to distract the rest of the Sebettu while he develops a new strategy. hoping that he can wrest back control while blood runs in the streets.also make use of a wide variety of other relics. Thus were bom the Su de Knivesweapons that appear as normal ob]ects to mortal eyes. one of the least powerful and influential of a II tile N amaru. But blasts of fire are obv ious. Indeed. Devils found themselves to be perfecrly suited to such . and whose rouch injures with ut leaving a wound. hidden hut not destroyed. Hebelleves tha t somewhere in Creation. lII)TLE Kffi\TE5 The Hou e of the Morning St21 was created a a host of heroes. He' wrong. less irnportan t agendas . He's made a ri val of Belphigor well ahead of schedule. He found himself despised and ostracized by his fellows. for the hu mil iations he suffered in Hell His own power are not sufflclenr to do that.skill in deception.and carried away by Lucifer. the Namaru master of Lies found hi fame (or rather.the Namaru have access to a number of unique powers weapons. Only melee weapons an be bound in this fashion. then he becomes vulnerable to reprisal. a chance La dominate the faction. only to be found or reactivated in the modem world. as are the wounds of claw and hom.the ultimate blueprint of reality ltself taken from theNamaruafrerthe Fall. some are unique and jealouslv guarded by their owner . the False One. his infamy) was not an advantage. The plan ha ' dou less been damaged and warped. demon binds me spiritual properties of a melee weapon.and. relics and rituals. and only simple ones. so Namaru assassins needed a cool that would let them strike their enemies down without betraying their true nature. The Sebettu me N ow that he' 100 e in Creation. book 011' other device.them [Q pursue more immediate. errible plan. ReLICS The following item at ne mat are generally seen in the possession of De viii . (Th process will not work on technological weapons like chainsaws or cattle prods. them. if they Cart obtain.relic'screator take. less orche trared schemes. ora weapon. before the rebellion failed and the Sebettu were sent to Hell. nor may thi item be any more than a few feet long or a few pounds in weight. A force.as opposed to demons of other Houses. Los. All [hat he can lie to. Others have been lost or secreted away for millennia. The Divine Plan defines Creation bUI[ its Creator and the insane plans to convince the Divine Plan [hat he is he has [Q do is find it. To this item. Spentu Mainvu needs breathing space. wearing the body of sleazy journal i' t Milo Col ITame. many of whom want to USurp Spentu Mainyu's power base before he can truly consolidate it. laptop computers and the like cannot be used. A Sub le Knife has the body of an innocuous object but tbesou/. From his former glory as a major power in [he Timeof Atrocities" Kel Asufbecame the lowest of the low. and that reputation minted him in the Abyss. The mere act of controlling the rival courts of LA is becoming difficlllit. who preferred to remove him from infernal society rather than invite betrayal. a mundane item. the Devil is preparing to feed them to creatures of absolute horror.In the Abyss. Kel Asuf was an unparalleled master of deception. called Kel Asuf many things. In the race to regain the glory rightfully due their House . being famous for being a liar works against YOll becau e you can't manipulate or fool your enemies if they expect you to lie to them. such as a pen. rule after their retum from Abyss. Some of these have been developed in rhe scant years since Hell broke open. elieves. The.

a perfect creation of silver and crystal [hat held hi essence and remorse. the weapon does not injure the victim's flesh . the relic inflicrswoundsontothe spirit ofan enemy. It would be far more useful. During horrors of the Time of Atrocities. as a great Namaru general of the Eben Legion. Demons can re isuhe effect. it cuts R[ the target's spirit. Belphigor has made little use of it as vet. The wounds from a Subtle Knife are completely invisible unless one is using the Ghost Sight abilirv. the maker decide n both the relic's mundane eeming and the weapon that it spiritually incorporates. Marchoclas irenowned. and she is developing aplanrosteal it away from the Faustians. Nuriel. and victims may soak lethal damage only with a Wits if they could normally soak lethal pbv ical attacks. rage or hate. weighs almost tWO tons and is crafted from a king's ransom in silver and precious stones. these opportunistic Devils see the chime as a perfect way to weaken opposition to their plans . Ifthe roll is successful. at the torvreller's discretion. in the hands of the peaceful (and occasionally deceitful) Reconcilers. When used in combat. he holds it in reserve for when negotiations and truces must be hammered out . me me mat 25 . Oilier Namaru. she thinks. manipulation or the use f mind-affecting evocati n . and armor offer' no prot ction. As a token of his detection.E or E\. While the chime' music creates calm and prevents violence. and sometimes reviled. preferring not to rely on its powers or invite the attention of thieves. After all" the chime is 15 feer long. Similarlv.CIIW'fEI~ 0. so it's not something that can be displayed openly and must be carefully guarded. Marchocias emf ed a musical chi me.a way to prevent battle and conflict while resolving problems through negotiation. the difficulty for all artacks made with the weapon increases yone. culty 7). The weapon inflicts bashing or lethal damage. reaching the ear of everyone. Bur in {he Time ofBabel. within a number of yards equal to 100 times the successes of Performance mil. cutting his sOUiL to ribbons while Leaving his body completely unharmed.m'[ prevent lying. Only hose demons using the Gho °t Sight ability of their visage can see the lade. we Most Devils who know of the chime's existence and power see it as a powerful mol for peace . Marchocias committed wholesale slaughter of morral and angel alike. Marchocias' chime has fallen into the hand ofbelphigor. and suspect the chime has another function.. Manipulation rollS maae against affecte.and they wonder if that was Marchoctas' plan all along. and they cannot resist. Rather than a tool of peace and tranquility.core rules for details) may reveal that a person has been injured or killed by one of these weapons. A perfect tone emanates from the chime. the demon re isrs the power of the chime but also gains a point of temporary Torment. Mortals are automatically affected bY'the relic. Everyone who hears the sound loses the abil ity to fee. Those affectediare also easier to mistead or deceive. u only with great difficulty anda hardenmgof theirsoul against beauty. and set its tones ringing aero the world.. as appropriate. it doe. commander of the Reconci lers. but its spirit is [hat of a killing blade.'11:: item. An invisible spiritual "blade" now protrudes from the mundane item. An activated relic still appear as a mundane item. as Marchocias' peace flooded his soul. System: To play the chime. Rediscovered in a lost cache under the Andes. these actions tend to be even easier than normal.In fact. He considers it an invaluable treasure albeit an inconvenient one. When creating the relic. System: Crafting a Subtle Knife requires knowledge ofthe Lore of the Spirit and the Lore ofRad lance. If the wielder cannot see the blade. The wielder activate the relic' spirit with a faith roil (difficulty 6) which imparts the weapon' properties t the mundane item for the test of the eene . Whoever heard the chime's rnusicse down his sword and shield and took hi enemy's hand in friendship. ron n J'\McnoCl ' OW\. Make a resi ted roll for each affected demon using his Willpower core (ciiff"ieulty 8). decepti n.EPENT (E In the annals of rhe fallen. with the normal properties a a weapon ofthattvpe.instead. all attempts [0 block or dodge the Su1btle Knife suffer a + 1 difflcultv penalry if the target ca nnot see the blade itself. as those you're attempting to fool cannot muster their anger or dislike to resist your honeyed words. a well as the Lore (if the Forge.l anger. knows mat her rivalhas the chime. as well as a Faith roll. Instead. Supernatural awareness (see page 1 of the Demon. ripping through armies with fire and sword and screaming his delight to Heaven. the user must strike it In just the tight spot with a hammer. though. remember Marchocias' wiles. the mighty Namaru destroyer had a change of he anrejecting rhe violence and carnage of the Ebon Legion and transferring his loyalties to the Crimson Legion of Lucifer. If a target is hit with a Subtle Knife. Damage from the blade is soaked by the victim's Wits rather than Stamina. master of the Faustians and most influential of the Narnaru.doo# ings have their difficliity rtduceC! by one. and strike it forcefully enough for whole chime to resonare-swhich requires 2 Strength + Performance roll (dnffi. They are instead filled with a serene calm prevents-any kind of violence or attack for as long as the tone lingers (8 number of minutes equal re 10 times the user's pennanell Faith). but it can now be used as a melee weapon in combat.

JliIOR. Named the Dawnrunner by some. to the rider. Anyone attempting [0 attack anindividual wearing the Armor of Mercy is filled with the visceral understanding. he was a hero -perhaps the first hero towslk the earth. after standing ready to attack for more than an hour. of rhe pain and injury he is about [0 cause. a language of perfect communication. stayed his hand. Heaven's forces withdrew.esr users. For particularly distant io(:aIions. Horse ofUffingron . Such an enchantment requires knowledge of the lore of Humanity. the Lore of the Celestials and the Lore of Longing. Several Bdti:sh t(3btoids have already run stories about the vanishing tourist attraction. because inflicting such pain on another was more than their souls could bear.vanished. while whispering a d~mation into its ear. finally stood her forces clown. and mosedemons assumed ithad dissipated into energy millennia ago . Items that actually give a bonus to soak: cannot be used in this way. perfect beast that could fly through the air. and Dawnrunner materialized before her. TI1E. destrier into aI chalk figure. the irnpossible task of acknowledging the horror they could inflict. Only normal doming can be:enchanted.le the bandages Laden wore have long since totted away. At the exact same time. \'X!hen the demons finally lost the war. of cloth. wrapped around his body. waiting to be broughc back to life and to return to the hillside and stasis when commanded.Every time a demon makes a Faith roll to use the Dawnrunner. System: Summoning the Dawnrunner is easy. the outside world smears into a golden blur before he suddenly appears in a new location. When Lucifer vanished. though. she also gains a point of temporary Torment. dooming them to discord and removing their abiliry to truly see and understand the l\Rr1OI\ t'\Efl.5E Lucifer was more than just a general. humanity spoke the One Language ~ [he first tongue. Like any great hero. reappeartng when the relic is not in use. TI1r. armed with a sword of purest diamond.Df\WRl1tlRffER. his warhorse did as well. just before he strikes.Therider must then make a Faith roll [Q "activate" the horse. The realization is normally so appalling that the attacker cannot bring himself [Q stri ke .and if he does. the horse must make the jflumey in stages.it1ennia. the White Horse of Uffington vanishes. many Devils have made Armors of Mercy tn [he modem age from nonnal garments. as if ir had never existed. f'msr 'TONGUE Before the fall of Babel. The beast's mind.a radiant. the Dawnrunner has been corrupted. carved into the soil of a hillside in southern England . that the Devil Ladon held back an army of Heaven's mortal followers. As each soldier in Heaven's army advanced on Laden. covering· the distance. in either case. Then the angel Ruberiel. lucifer's warhorse \MaS a creature of living light and flame --. aFaith roll must be made to set the horse off anew. Whenever the Dawnrunner is used. the horse and rider vanish in a blur of golden Iighr that streaks momenrarilv across the sky. God wiped the knowledge of the One Language from mortal minds. . System. A Willpower TOU (dLffkulty 9) must be made for a mortal attacker each time he attempts to attack an indi vi dual wearing the Armor of Mercy.a ri der can rra vel thousands of miles in mere moments on the warhorse's back. the White. used to bind the wounds of injured humans. if the roll faiIs. crafted by Lucifer from me spiI"-it oCme sun.5 me me me me A demon inpossession of th. travel to edge of Creation in a moment and trample foul beasts and arrogant angels its master foughr. charged through the tanks of her warriors and reared to strike the killing blow to Laden ~ and. an attacker who does strike a per-son wearing the Armor of Mercy loses one die from all of his dice pools for the rest of the scene due to the sympathetic pain he feels for his victim. faced with the undeniable truth of what damage his arrack would do.OOPmtles. A demon who chooses to strike a person wearing the armor gains a pain t of temporary T orment. in a single turn. a giant stallion that shone with the radiance of the sun. (Thankfully it 'was night in England at the time. the morral cannot bring himself to strike. he often traveled the world astride a great steed that he carved out of his own radiance and the light of the sun. To an outside observer. 'Whl.CIJ It was durmg the siege of Genhinnom or Unknown tom. The beast then travels up to 1 . and if infects its riders with that madness.e horse's ancient bi t and bridle can use rh ehorse as a means of near-instantaneous transportation . has grown chaotic and wild over the 1Il. Each soldier.until Devil Illuvanka found an ancient. The rider must merely hold the creature's bridle and will it to appear (nd roll needed) . LuCIFER'. primitive bit and bridle moldering in <II mad sorcerer's collection in Dubai.) Somehow the Llghtbringer had transformed his. Eschrum.a chalk figure of a horse 365 feet long. armed with no more than his bare hands arid a length. they looked at [he bandages bound around his frame and knew JUSt what pain and anguish and mutilation their blows would bring upon his unresisting frame. as the enchantment hinges on the wearer being unprotected.fpr each success on the Faith roll. who stood passively in the wreckage of the southern gate of the citadel. Faced with. She rouched ir with her Faith. he feels the pain he causes.W?\.

the Devil Telchinen attempted to teach the One language to his morral followers but toul1d (hat it was simply too powerful to be borne by human souls in these faithless times. life has become confu lng an frustrating. Currently. A mortal using the Fi rsr Tongue could command other mortals. who absorbed the One Language like water ~ but. When [he fallen first returned from the Abyss. who in rum I e their ability to speak anything else. mortals had to struggle CO communicare through dozens of corrupted. Mortals can learn it quickly and easily 27 . and they found themselves in a world of incomprehensible babble. until their brains finally internalized the One Language. In' ead. like water. They were unaffected by illusions. gaining far more benefit from speaking Enochian . deception or the hysteria caused by seeing the infernal forms of demons. For [he peakers. who would obey without under tanding why. They could only understand the First Tongue. the human could not consciously understand it. even those they were born with.until he realized what osher effects the One Language had 0(1 mortals. The experiment might have stopped there. S on his follower lost the ability to speak.lliiU-rEIl u\ 1\ wonders of Creation. it fl oded through them and forced all else out. System: TIle First Tongue i a language any de moil can possess with the Linguistics skill (although most demons don't bother to use it. but her subconscious would comprehend. While they could not understand the words of the n One Language. ineffe tual languagesrharcarried de fthefirs~ tongue power. Understanding came quickly to his pupils. using their power [0 force obedience only when [he risk of spreading the First Tongue is minimal. the mea11!in~of those words resonated deep in their souls. those who spoke the First Tongue were gifted with the insight mankind had lost in the Fall.bandlers keep them sequestered from other mortals. other mortals responded to the First Tongue. and she would be compelled to obey. read or comprehend any adler language. while the demon carried their wn recollections of he One Language to rh Pit. and their Devll. Secondly. the world is now a morass on uaintelligtblegtbbertsh and incomprehensible symbols. only a scant handful fhumans speak the One Language. but it has no effect On them. with Telchinen caring for his almost autistic followers until their deaths . the Firsr Tongue can spread to listeners. now and forever. Like a viru . The Devlls keep them away from other mortals so as net to spread the language "virus" arrrfunher. If a speaker using the One language gave a command [0 a mortal. to the primal roots of language that their brains used to interpret the world. First.

They're tar more useful as bombs and traps. the pvresrone explodes. though.make: a Perception + Ling. the (ire is drawn into the stone. With the intensitv and radius of elfecr depending on me [he intensity of the. The larger and more powerful the fire is. the color inside the stone can be seen moving and swirling like slowly dancing flames. In facr.1Jty penalties. If rhe listener gains fewer successes than." in the Fi'[st Tongue. rituals are complex evocations that combine rnultiple bodies oElore (0 produce new and powerful effects. Language in person - small bonfire could be captured in a piece of polished dear quarn.clf developed the..AC[ i vating the stone requires a successful Faith roll (difficulty 7). she loses the ability to understand any other l. While pyrestones can be used in. [his is a fairly clumsy application. or they can be "conraminated. they are: immune to the ·effects of Revelation. Devils have shown themselves [Q be masters ofthe art." picking the language up intuitivel y by hearing icspoken. a morral learns the First Tongue. No matter what House lrwented ritua I evocations. Devils hold themselves ro be the inventors of rjtuals. j themselves obeying anyway. is a moderately an1¥ parse broad statemen that and potentially use it against the creator. although some ather demons dispute that clalrn. In an y scene when a morral character hears a few words of One Earth. Orders given in the One Language must be simp~e <md limited in scope. By invoking this fragment of his Name. Once. Pvresrones ate created by trappmg a raging fire inside a crystal or gemstone. Secondly..ay command other mortals by giving orders A pyresrone can be activated from any distance by the creator. iirn~de from a diamond or dear crystal. thqse men. she can learn that fragment mon examines subconscious 'can don't rely on proper nouns or modem concepts. \'fi:eedng" [he flame in srasis unti I.(it' costs two experience points for any mortal ro learn it).acwally knows rhe One Language. but youcan'l say. defomwd by (he mvstlc pressure of the OL1e Language. A Mortals who speak theeFirst Tongue gain a nurnber of benefits. or pyrestone. whether she wants to or nor. First.ac which point the gem erupts lnro a fireball. and a listener who . If examined closely [Perception + Alertness (diffi- in the One Language. When activated. Her neural pathways actually change shape. Once the character gains two points in this [ash. the mortal m. the Devil activates tlae reHc . The targerresisrs with a Willpower roll (difficulty 7). Spoken languages are incomprehensible babble. The creator ignites a fire -either or mundane through that evocation means ~ then channels me flame into the stone. me gem's quallrv must be.) RITUJ\l.Frozen flame. if another dethe stone's spirit carefully [Perception + Occult (diffkul. "Attack.ionl she automatically learns [be language.Is immune. utlined In Chapter Six of the Demon Plavers r Guide.crysttd. . technique during the first siege of Genhnmom. because the acornmand. which turns a deep red and becomes very slightly warm to [he much. who invests it with <I small portion of his True Name.t: high-Tormeru version u( the Ignite evocation {see p3ge l77 of the Demon core rules (or details). wh ile a raging inferno the slze of a skyscraper would require a diamond of at least 20 carats.combat as a sort of grenade . Cunning Devils hide [hem In the redoubts of their enemies or craft them into jewelry and give them to their foes as "gtfrs. the speaker. When the enchantrne nt is completed. bur they find speaker issues spend a pointofWiHpowerand make the appropriate AbHlty ron (Charisma + Leadership. "Steal this carand drive to Pasadena. The risk io using me stone this way is that it contains a fragment of the maker's True Name." Demons cannot give commands in the One Language and make mortals obey.ty 9)J." 'The pyrestone [0$ hard to detect with supernatural awareness (difficu I('19) or with the naked eye. lead and control rituals. Treat dill as lb.S As . (See page 255 ofrhe Demon core rules for details.ll'. The listeners wiH not consCiousRy understand the command.3 A . When we culty 8)]. claiming that Lucifer rum:. original flame. rhe relic. the flame trapped within the storre. Devils guard their secret f'Roz.eN J"l-1\P. You can say. rhe higher lt has no effect when recorded . they have same resistance to i[]usions as demons J and aUattempts to control the it minds or emotions incur + 1 diffkli.). Manipulation + lL1tirnidatioo etc. the red calm comes from System: Creating a pyresmne requires knowledge of both the Lore of Flame and the Lore of me 28 . That power belongs only to hwnan speakers. common bauble used by Devils thill[ looks like a ruby orpieceofred. she must obey the command.uistics roll (difficulty 8). and written words are meaningless sq u iggles (the First Tongue has no surviving written form). Their gifr for coordinating and modifying me evocarions uf other demons makes them eminently suited to develop. he brings [he flame back to life.anguage. The following rituals are unique to [he House of the Morning Star and are lIsually not known by members of adler Houses. A success provides an experience point that can em!)' be spent on learning the language.

in (he spirit realm.STLlf I~El'\NO This ritual allows a Devil [0 summon a raging lnferuo not In the mortal world. nf the roll fails the dem. they regain a point ofWTUpower (up to their maximum rating). such as vampires or other supernatural creatures. Variations: None GffO. Make a faith roll for every demon within the area ofeffect against a difficulty equal to their permanent Torment ratings. but the Ankida can vaguely perceive a pate::h. which is both physically and spiritually illuminating. the Heralds were light itself in the first da ys of Creation. the world of the dead.ius by a yar~ or moves the blaze a yard in :anYcOosel1 direction. Lore ofLight • Base Cost: 18 Restrictionsr 111e ritual must be performed at nigl''l. The light casts shadows away from the sigil. the si. wirh a difficulty equal to [be demon's permanent Faith. 1f llllensiry of die fire is enough to ignite objects (see page 177 of the Demon core rules formate details).s LIGJiT While 'the manipulation ofligb[ is the province glow of a dying star. Torments The high-Torment version of this ritual creates 8 dark. our. While the flames do not exist' in this world.Qf shimmering haze where the blaae lies.l\ny demons in me area ofeffecr can draw strength from the bloodvlight.t. so as (0 keep an edge nver the other Houses-e--and.rituals jealously. warm sunlight . Make a Eauh rol! for the Ankida each turn to control the flames. outtc a range equal to 10 times the Ankida's permanent F'aithin yards. me The flames are invisible to the normal eye. Physical armor does not add to the soak roll. for a radius in miles equal ro the Ankida's permanent Fakh. Characters who are immune to normaL fife are also immune [0 spiritual flame-. the fire bums ghosts and demons. and of the Neberu. for a number of minutes equal to the successes rolled. if they had less than their normal maxtmum number of points. Mortals touched by this corrupcglow are plagued by despair.rnd.on is too wracked with anguish and hare to gain dererminadon from the kiss of morning. will be fully affected by the dawn light created by the rttual.visible flames. me 29 . the characterregains a point of temporary Willpower and a point of temporary Torment. Most importanrlv. With this ritual. butonly ihhey give in (0 their inner darkness. When the ritual's effects end. as well as be ing the stars that shone in the sky. the N amaru can they lose a point of temporary Willpower. the first and most perfect of stars. so that they can feel prondlv superior about melt secret knowledge. brooding light the color of rust.'. with all the spiritual and physical properties of the sun. Within the area of the hlaze. like the D7\WJ'1'. the hems loseone structural level each rum until destroyed or until the fire dies. The Light created by this ritual is true sunlight. If the roll botches. The fire's intensity is equal to the number of successes rolled. madness and nightmares. For every success. locations within the radius of effect are Illuminated as if it were the first few minutes of dawn. the surrounding area is filled by bright (but not blinding) Primary Loree Lore of Flames • • Secondary Lore: Lore of the Realms Base Cost: 10 •• sunlight. They also heal a level of bashing damage if they were injured. far as long as the sigil shines or until they find shelter. All mortals within the area regain a poinr of temporary Willpower. The sunlight radiates from the ritual's sigii.objects and people in the area of effect are burned by cold. buta soft radiance thatstirs the souls ofboth mortals and demons alike. bu[ permeates the whole area :'lothat almost all Restrictions: The ritual requires mat a burnt offering of flesh be placed in the center of the slgil. The flames fill art area in the spirit world with a radius equal to the successes in yards. and he can attempt to control it while the ritual persists. eachCharacrerroll1s Wits instead ofSmtnina to soak. me Heralds governed the sun. and brought the divine spark of the Creator to humanity when morning first broke across Creation and stirred Adam and Eve from sleep. flooding an area with bright. Minimum Casting Time: 36 minutes System: Roll Charisma + Leadership. Make a Torment roll. Any creatures affected by sunlight in some way. Primary Lore: Lore of the Celestials • . iin. perhaps. re-create that first dawn in the middle of the night. Secondary Lore: Lore of Humanity •• . moving through. bllt ince it is--a spiritual flame Instead of a: physical one.nor a hot glare. Mortal thralls may try to resist this ·effect with a successful Willpower roll (difficulty 8). Bam mortals and demons within the ritual'sradius of effect may be revitalized and inspired by the dawn's light. Each success increases or decreases the blaze's . and it bums for a number of minutes equal to Ankida's Faith.gil ceases [0 shine and the light fades away. m(!)[tils and demons rake one heal rb level of lethal damage each round for each level "'Of the 'fik~sintensi . but in the spirit realm. For each success. theeffects of the blaze are still felt here . Minimum Casting Tirnee 25 minutes System: Roll Manipulation + Survival. the demon gains a permanent POinT of Torment. but the sigil does not becoming overly bright. This J~e can be soaked.

The Ankida can alter the human's personality any way she likes.Lf the roll fails. The effects of this ritual are permanent unless they are undone by another demon. she can implant post-hypnotic suggestions into his ubconscious. with a predetermined trigger and u tcorne ofthe Ankida' choosing. That requires a personaljournev for the mortal that cannot be tampered with by demonic powers . he ala lose' a palm of permanent Willpower (down to a minimum of one point). Make a Willpower roU (difficulty 7) for each mortal within the area of effect. add Lore of the Firmament •• to 'the secondary lore. the mortal will foll w his rders. when both angel and demons made u e of mortal worshippers or followers to strike at their enemies. such as. Devil are complex being with a 30 . When the trigger condition is activated. EvelY success gained on the evocation roll provides a uggestion that call be implanted. the target resists with a Willpower roil (difficulty 8).. For every 'ucces gained on the ritual after the first. "Kill Matthew WalLace. and he is doomed to madness. though. who can then question her freely or send her out to work for his purposes. which can only be determined through observation and deduction. ghastly moans and screams emanate from the affected region. mortal also gains a temporary derangement (sec page 260 of the Demon core rules for details).in die spirit:world. she must be re trained or incapacitated so that she cannot leave. System. fearless leaders and heartless manipulators. the demon must realize that the mortal has been affected by Reshape the Soul. Restrictions. Roll Manipulation + Subterfuge. demons would "reprogram' a morral's personality. make him loyal to the Ankida (or to someone else) and so on. the mortal gains a permanent derange men . ghosts (see page 54 of theDemon Storytellers Companion for derails) and demons in pirit fonn that are trapped in the flames take damage. Fur'melmore. fu '111\PETtIE ·OUL This powerful.Or weapon.but one with a nurnber ofsecretcommandsburied in her subconscious rhat can be activated as the Anbda sees fit._. TIle Storyteller is the final arbirer as to whether or [lot an implanted suggestion is reusable over a period of time. Variations: None me Variationss Some ver i 1 • fthi rirual allowthe creation f flames far from the sigil and performer. but they may soak with their Stamina and armor as normal. Most uses of thisritual focus on reprogramming a captured spy or mortal follower of [he demon's enemies. The ritual permanently reshapes the captive's personality and loyalty to suit the demon. Before this can be done. the morral hoses a point ofWiJlpower. The psyche :and very soul of the human are damaged. he will lose apoint oftemporary Willpower each time a post-hypnotic suggestion is activated. If the Ankida gains more successes. but at the cost of his sanity. The Revelation evocation of the Lore of Radiance can negate the programming. replacing his Nature and Demeanor with any Archetypes she wishes. "Report on wha Manishtusu has done in the last week. Minimum Casting Time: 144 minutes Heroes and destroyer. Torment: The high-Torment version of this ritual reprograms a mortal as normal. and the Ankida cannot control the movements of [he flames. Primary Lore: Lore of Radlanee •." will expire once completed and pass from the mortal's programming. Add half the number of succe se rolled (round down) to both the radius and the intensity of ehe blaze. 1£ the ritual succeeds. With this ritual. The ritual is occasionally used in the opposite way. feeding on dead souls and the malevolent energies of the realm. Base Co:st: 36 I •••• . such as. Torment: Thehigh-T ormenrversion of [his ritual sets the very substance of the spirit realm aflame. but they are more powerful and cover a greater area. then return to normal with no memory of what he has done. To perform this variation. She can also alter the mortal's memories ~ one significam memory or chain of memories for each success gained on the ritualchange h is opinions. though the difficulty of the evocation roll increases by two. The ritual cannot increase the mortal's Faith potential. the mortal's mind and soul can be remade as she sees fit. The flames of chis rima! cannot be controlled by the Ankida. shaping her inro a perfect spy . While the flames remain invisible. The mortal being affected by the ritual must rema1n1n the center of the igil throughout." Others.•••• Secondary Lore: Lore of HumanitY Lore of Longing . Some suggestions might be reusable on an ongoing basis. th ghostly blaze erupting around a chosen victim anywhere in the world. if the roll botches. the sigil must conrain a personal item belonging ro the target or a piece of her body. terrible rit ual is a product of the dark days of the Time of Atrocities. If the Ankida wishes to make the mortal into an undercover agent. making a loyal worshipper into a wholehearted upporter of his enemy's works . If she is an unwilling participant.

Since other demons are sometimes foolish. Thrill-Seeker or Tuck- ~. Suitable candidates might include SWAT team commanders. Gambler.usually physical combat. Gallant. directing their forces from the front and providing an example for their charges to follow. Heroic Devils are conflden t and prepared to go into battle . enough to reject this evident truth. Such Namaru tend to possess. then. Natures such as Bravo. Hero: The Devils were the paladins of the rebellion" noble souls who took it upon themselves to protect humanity from God's unfair punishments. Such personalities focu. social campaigners or leaders of street gangs. Such characters generally have Natures like Caregiver. Conniver. Perfecdnnist or Rogue reflect the personalities of these characters Devils rarel y possess the Addict. campaigners for fringe polidcal causes and battered wives who finally leave abusive husbands could all qua]ify. some demons are driven In commit acts of nobility and bravery. Most Devils have a Demeanor uwtt's notably different from their 'true Natures. These Devils might 'Possess mortals who practiced similar methods" using others through overt or subtle means.. awkward or nipu lating others. worldly distractions or an inabilirv to take charge of your own destiny ~ attitudes that rarely appeal to the sullied heroes of the fallen or the arrogance and pnde that drives them. ideas and advice on a character who's not only an appropriate of her House. Such mortals might include Mafia bosses.I .courage comes in many forms. bur. AULOcra t. cap ta iru ofprotessional sports realm. hut you can also come up with a unique concept for a Devil that isn't covered here. In the marta Lworld.s still consider themselves the best and brightest stars in Creation . Leader: As well as being heroes.\ f. the Devils were the generals of armies. controll Ling others through SU hterfuge. the better to confuse their enemies and keep their secrets.personality types that push them to evaluate the performance of others and direct them as Devil feels appropriate. ster Archetypes. Competitor. Bon Vivant. ones who work alongside their subordinates to reach their goals. Manipulator Dev ils migh [pursue noble or self-serving goals. politicians and cult leaders.Mascchlst. Devils with strong. Little &TUPiE 2\ND Def'\.CII\ PTEII (). confident Natures might act shy. Obvious candidates are soldiers. but is also an interesting and character to play.imperious princes of the universe who must be obeyed. Such characters usua y have the Archi teet. teachers of underprivileged you th. In the modem world" such characters m ight battle Earthbound monsters to save humanity or take on weak -rninded demons who would place mortals above their rightful demonic masters. to do whatever is necessary to reach their goals. charm and evocations. spies. that many Devils grow skin~d at rna- Arrogant Devil. but they do so by using pawns and allies in preference to endangering themselves. Conforarisr. mortals who displayed similar bravery. Such demons gravitate toward mortals who areusedto leading rather dum following.to reach their goals. ones who would stand and fighr for a cause rather [han run away. and as they degenerate into Torment" [he vicious dictators and rampaging killers of the damned.Judge. whether morral or demon. but also social confrontation . risking everything Ira do what they feel is right.CANOR Many Devils are used [0 being in a position of command. Manipulator: Devlls possess immense force of personaltrv and are perceptive enough to easily learn what those around them want to see . Pedagogue or Visionary Archetypes as their Nature . directing mortals and even other demons so as ro bring a plan to fruition. such demons play the puppeteer.md hear. such Devils attempt to rule in secret. Director . . w ide variety of abili ties and powers. cite bright lights of Crearion. creating member effective This section offers [ips. corrupt police officers. The N amaru are CONCEPT The followi ng concepts are the most common for Devil characters. Cb lid. Befitting their position as the heroes of Hell. police officers and other combat-oriented persons. Survivor or even Fanatic at the extreme end the sea le personalities that encourage them. Martyr.s too much on inseam gratification.rhe standard-bearers of the rebellion. Firefighters. n me or wonder. Many Devilsmainrainthismlndset. manipulating others into doing their bidding. leading their followers against the legionsofthe Creator. Rebel.

ltmle for heroic 7\. Primary lore and visage have a significant effect upon the character's abilities and style. Those Devils beset: by dou brs about their place (or lack thereof) in the modem world rnalntain. The LOFe of Flame iii 3gJ'eat choice for heroic. as well as mortal foJlower . Nor all Devils keep a mask overtheir true face.5 Ptru'IQ\L For heroic Devil. While the visage offers a few combat- related benefits. the lore provides Devils that fight without mortal backup.. . Phy i al Attri ute are very important. manipulators or characters who prefer to avoid combat. bold paragon and heroes who refuse to how fear O[ weakness. and some character concepts will suit particular lore more than others.strong.lTftll)UTE. Lore of Radiances This lore primarily affects mortals. Itdoesn't offerrnuch benefit a a primary lore to leaders. plus improved sensory benefit. banle. inspiring loyalty and valor in me soul of human followers. Physical Attributes should be YOUI[ second priority. WhiLeg ad Social Attributes will probably be a little more useful in the chronicle. This is a good primary lore for leaders. Lore of Flame: This is a destructive lore. S imilady. It's worth thinking about the character's primary lore before you assign other traits. u:ch Namaru are usually supremely confident. or controlling mortals rather than other demons. even as a disguise. The Bel visage provides both social and physical benefits. Some maintain Demeanors similar or even identical to their true Natures. while the Qingu visage improves Social Attributes. ramer than mortals. organized. the N usku visage providesonlv combat-related advantages. Lore of the Celestialse This lore primarily affect the evocations and abilitie of o her demons. however . 'one that appliespriruarilyto combat. after choosing Attributes and Abihties. PRIJV\J\Rll La You usually choose the primary lore (and rhe visage) of your character toward the end of the character-generation process. which off'eiES grearbenefirs for Devils who focus on manipulating. combat-oriented Devils. Leaders won't get as much benefit out of taking this as -heir primary lore.una suming to keep opponen off their guard. unles they are commanding demons. invul- nerable exteriors so that no one will know their true weakness. there's also some potentia! for manipulator Devils who want an edge over their rival in i infernal politics. This makes the Lore of the Celestials well suited to heroic Devils who take on Earthbound and high-Torment demons in.

certainly. in other words. Manipulation is the most IlIsefu1 for Dev ils . Social Attributes are extremely useful toa]! Devils and should probably be your first priority when assigning dots. Charisma is nearly as useful as Manipulation i. For heroic characters. especially for warriors and heroes. It also plays a useful part in combat. as it controls skill with weapons. and almost as important for the Bel. Heroic Devils wi II benefi t moot from good ratings in Athletics and Dodge for combat purposes. diplomacy. Manipulation. Dexterity is almost as important. Such characters should probably make Mental Attributes their second priority. Appearance is the least important of the three Social Attributes for Devils .. If you're playing a Be I. Strength is useful. SkiLns are best taken as (he secondary Ability gr.especially for the Nu. because these are the Abi Iities that will be most useful.r. skms provide not only combat Abilities such as Melee and Firearms. up. Awareness and Intuition for detectlngand tracking down enemies.11" Cl mrroll i ng mortals.gage in combat . HI 1111bllJil'S 111" lore are extremely useful for :liding . and they qmgain a lot from lntirnirlation and Streetwise. Devils who fight with ranged weapons or evocations don't really need to be. ' . of course. which illum tnaresand elevates rhe minds find souls nr humans. Mani pu Iarors will find Etiquette and Performance useful (or be- guilmg potential pawns. who must stand alone and SUI' vive terrible opposition . 50CIl\L MILITIE5 Ti\Lf. SKll.ills than let you endure hardship and inHltrate the redoubt of your enemies. [ill:"Y are not masters J( the L 1ft' If Liuht: that ilhility IV:b the province of rhe House! If ::.hciJL'illll·jltuminatillll -.Security you if things and Technology wi U protect go wrong. strong. This is because rhc Iigh! [he Dev iIsconrn II is not tlh)' ~icallighr .. inspire others and eo.lgt·. but also Security. Intelligence is also useful. so they can commandtheir followers and pawns in the most effective way. troops to the from Ihles. Leaders get less benefit from Shllls. Radiance. and good ratings in Empathy and Expression wii. Empathy and Leadership for inspiring others to follow their lead and Alertness. Even thosecharacrers who focus on their own heroic deeds benefit from high Socia! Attributes.NTS Most of the strengths and abilities ofthe Namaru are things that all characters can do.. Devi lscommnnd the spiritual ! ! leaders. bur !i/Jiritua/ light. while Devils of the Qingt.plll'n:'s. but nor vital unless your character focuses on melee combat.["C( Hi rse. as it controls most of the evocations. The first three evocations of the Lore of Radiance are all based on Leadership. need to balance action and thought. Fiends command photons und ilium inatc thcphvsical w( IrlLl. till' Fiends. Most Devils should have Talents as their primary Ability group. and Wits is the most useful Mental Attribute fOT 'them. Expression and Leadership will make your evocations stronger. especially for developing tactical plans or interpreting useful informarion. but good ratings in Erique fe will help with.'l visage need as much Leadership as possible. The Namaru focus on being active.-\I)I-\[. while Firearms or Mcleecoge in hanaywhen.sku. practical f\em7. then g~Tatings in Alertness. und many Deyil:.Talents. as it forms the basis for most evocations of these tore paths. Itt's more useful for mortals to be inspired by your words and deeds than for them to desire you for your beauty. is vital for N amaru of the Qingu visage.LS Learned Skills are Abilities for Devils.Llalso help in working with others.L Devils aren't stupid. but they should have good ratings' Awareness and Alertness for protection.lhlc in hpth. Leaders will want to max out the Leadership Talent. Perception is the least important Mental substance tlflighr . Manipulators need Suhterfuge. Whi le the Narnnru were Anl. What good are your actions tf you can't inspire others co stand up for themselves and emulate your example? Of the Social Attributes.!l'ls t llighl.(:I'.> are kn'llVlel.. Devils are masters !If the Lore Ill" Attribute for Devils. . Therefore. of the Lore of Flame.l'l'I). providing me next most useful set of hands-on. you Lead yOll!.it allows them to control and inf uence the behavior of others. though. Manipulators and benefits for day-to-day tasks.f you want to inspire instead of fool your followers or you waut to be respected and loved rather than feared.Ll'nl'.nul USc it to illuminate rhe souls of mankind. Stamina is perhaps the most useful of me Physical Attributes for Devils. like persuade. but they aren't overly intellectual either.. Stealth and Surviv<!fLI-Sk. while Fiends must content thelnsd\il"~ with s['c<lking unl)' to the eYL'" and sight of mortals. not on spending time thinking over all the possible options and making plans. Devils need to be able to think on their feet and react to changes quickly. while.

I'I. If you haven't already decided on your character's primary lore.. you need to assign dots to that lore. but they find Contacts and Allies useful for occasional assistance. making this a dangerous lore to take as your primary. but is als good for modifying the environment (i. Once you've decided.S Heroic devils [end to have strong ratings in all three Virtues. Manipulators can find the Lore of [he Ce. Such elfsufficient characters generally don' have entourages offollowers. their primary lore.:S {)1\CKGROUfID5 All of the Backgrounds available to character are useful. which can be used to trap enemies. Leaders who focus on working with other demons should definitely rake this as their primary lore and sink all three initial dots into it. Heroes gain much benefit from Paragon. Since you only know three evocations to tan: with.NOWLEDGE:5 Knowledges are perhaps the least useful Ability group for most Dev i Is. He manipulates others for good reasons. for a manipulator to have strong Conscience or Conviction ratings. ami it might be worth using all three dots to gain Command the Flame.or fLi\1'1E This is a worthy lore for heroic characters. Manipulators need strong social connections and powers. and [hey find Resources incredibly useful for conaoUing' mortals. Leaders should know the basics of Finance and Law 1£ thev run a formal organ izati nn. three dots will be tbe most useful. bur Devil characters will find some Backgrounds more useful and effective than others. Such characters perform heroic deeds out of a ense of dmy. Manipulator Devils often have [ow values in all three Virtues. Leaders work from plans and discipline. That said. and they draw on Resources to buy equipment. Increasing the lore to four dots with freebie points will allow the character to inflict aggravated damage with the Fire of Heaven. part ic ularl y when dealing with mortal society. Influence and perhaps Fame. the Narnaru till benefit from formal Knowledge . but especially Courage.TaE. weapons and information. Again. taking more than three dots at this rime is probably a waste of freebie points. Heroic N usku bou ld rake at least two dots in the lore to gain Ignite. Wi th freebie points. since Ere of Heaven and Hand of Faith will only occasionally be useful.Devils of the Nusku visage should have as high a rating inSurvival as possible. now is the time (0 do so. Heroic characters of [he Bel visage should certainly take two dots in this. Contacts ~ provide them with information and Resources to outfit their fol1owers with equipment. who need trusted compatriots to aid them in the field. but only if they plan to control other demons. For heroic Devils. loRE LoR. rather than morality. It' not uncommon.EOFTtlEC LE. but leaves few points for improving the character's ocher traits. and possibly others.. combat-oriented character. you can gain Holocaust.STll\L. Lamp of Faith is useful for detecting hidden enemies. Vrn. to gain evocations for the character. Leaders also tend co have good rating in all three Virtues.c . Leaders also need Followers [Q carry out their plans. Lont. And all characters in the modem world can benefit from a few dots in Computer or Linguistics . making their evocations far more relia bLe in battle. Allies are vital for leaders. and a strong sense of Convicdon aids in keeping them focused. It's not unheard of for heroic N atnaru to have low Consc ience rating.. which 3-1 . and for the sake of at greater good.lesrials useful. If any ooe Virtue is strongest. and Pillar of Faith to aid demonic allies (or block the evocations of enemy demons). it's normally Conviction. represented by high ratings in Emin nee. Investigation and Occult can provide useful clues for tracking down enemies. As with leaders. as it has u e in direct combat. and Medicine is invaluable for aid ing wounded followers. as Survival factor' into aU the evocations of the Lore of Flame'. Some evocarlon are more useful than others for particular character. Doing so give you end Vision for coordinating the efforts of YOill forces. Manipulators wirb good ratings in Politics and Religion will have a better idea of where to spread their influence through mortal society. it's worth as igning your lore dots where they will do the most good. however. but manipulator risk gaining Tonnem when they use Send Vision and Pillar of Faith against their enemies. These Devils tend to also be surrounded by Followers. who focus more on getting out and working on their goals [han n book learn ing and scholastic pursuits.• setting the place on fire) to weaken your opponents. especially for a less. Further improvement with freebie p ints probably isn't necessary at this stage. while Send Vision allows for communication with allies and (with a point of Torment) attacking enemie a range.

. and invest all three lore dots in it. n [be other hand" should definitely be pendlng freebie points to gain two datos in the Lore of Humanity. and manipulacors will have almost no 1I e for the lore. which increases battlefield mobility (and allows for very cool-l eking stunts). l'layen. Such characters are probably be t served with only two dots in the I re. These characters are best served putting their dots into Other lore. Since demons can't e affected by mind-controlling powers. While not combat-related. On the whole.Leaders should consider pumping up Leadership. They don't need as much cornba t power as heme or the a bili ry to forcibl y enlist mortals to their cause. but it's not essential. Such a character should have this as his primary lore. which will greatly enhance the effe t of Manipulation-based rolls on mortals for an entire scene.is a risky bur powerful combat evocation. which gives further options for controlling human pawns. Manipulate Adhesion can also be u eful when fighting in enclosed environments. the real action come from the Insinuate evocation. Phvsical Attributes and possibl y the Paragon Background. but at the risk of the fire turning upon their own troops. Mark of the Celestials and Revelation are best left untillater in the chronicle. highly skilled servants for a short time. Such charac . Doing so gives the character the Manjpulste Gravity evocation. ifrhey have the evocations neede [0 enhance their followers and allies. Manipulator: who focus on influencing . WiJllpower is mostly u eful for enhancing mundane actions with automatic successes. as well as improving the Subterfuge Ability and the Eminence and Influence Backgrounds. and characters focused on controlling mortals should have this as primary. Taking Rid the Flames i probably best left for later in the chronicle. high-dot evocations. and they become much more u eful when backed up with automatic successes. C t'V\O Loan Heroic Devils might find it worthwhile to take a dot in Lore of the Fundament. bur wiU require spending freebie points to acquire and might not be as useful as mother evocation of your primary Ime. The other evocati ns of this lore have little use to heroic warrior. such mundane Ab ilitie as Subterfisge and Politics are v ital.er are u ually better of{ focusing on their primary lore and gaining more powerful. Acharacter with two dots in the Lore of Radiance and wo in the Lore of Humanity can easily tum a room full of strangers into obedient. ther dem ns will definitely benefir f['Om a high WilLpower_ Since they can't directly control other demons. gaining the Voice of Heaven evocation.but most Namaru won't need to spend Faith on a regular basis . Manipularors alsofind this a very useful lore. Leaders don't need much in way of Wi llpower. and Aura of Legend helps cement the loyalty of the troops. While Translate is useful. Charisma and Manipuladon. Leaders who work with mortal followers will find this an invaluable lore. Leaders can use it in battle. it's worth spending freebies on Faith if you expect to spend a lot of time in combat. when the character' Willpower and Fa irh ratings are higher. Heroic Devils will find a decent WiHpower score useful in combat to improve attack and damage rolls. ters should think nard about-the beneffts-offive dots . but even then a single point will usually be enough. Leader gain le benefit from the common lore paths than other Devils do. while spending the other dots on the Lore of Humanity. who may bum a lot of Faith [0 heal wounds quickly in combat. and the character's lore dots should go elsewhere. as well:as gaining more Followers.the exception being warriors. Voice of Heaven allows for effective communication on the battlefield or in the boardroom. however.RCE Heroic Devils can find it useful to have one d tin 'this lore. me me Hemic Devils with spare freebie points should look at pumping up combat AbUjtie . 0 rnanipularor chatac- in the Manipulation Attribute. when the character has amassed more influence and has a more extensi ve army of followers. Increasing Faith will impr ve the range and effect of evocations and make it' easier to assume the character's visage. Loaner fu\DI?\. Exalr inspires greater competence from one's followers. Leaders and manipulators get little or no benefit from the Lore of Flames. Further points are probably better spent on other traits. Allies and Conrac Manipulators who plan to work with human. it's a llseful evocation for communicating with the mortals the Devil may be trying to protect. rREEBIEPOINT5 A higher Faith rating is useful for a Devil.


the Firmarnentrejoiced intheir role as guardians andsurrogateparents. The lord who by his holy incantation m.necLwlth a angels totheir charges with irrevoGable and unconditional love. the Angels of the Firmamem gave it all meaning with the sparks of life [hey bestowed.been inextricahlvlinked with rhe mortal beings they awakened. a second time ehey nameLl"t.ilile. angel of the S&ond l:3. god of life. one they have never forgorten even in me (ace of corruption and despair.. unitLDi the mundane into a synergy that j::lorified Where other Houses were responsible for creating the physical matter of [he world.o. I~V(~~:nlrlP live on Earth as qllid{e. Angels of me a sacred and vim} dury.campanion" . The Scourges' ties to humanity have brought them joy and sorrow in equal measures and have shaped them into the fallen angels rhev are today.. charting its path through Fate or reclaiming it for the Maker when its course was spent.The god Asharu. TheJrnge~Qftb. [he gods <who were perishing .wte-. as though his offspring. a gift issuingfrom God and carried by His del igbted servants They carried the intangible mystery of lffe to every plant.Such Intunare IDvDlvement with the :first moments of every lifej tied every living thing. Who. goo·e life to us.eRisil1g:Wind werecharged with down BBForm tim and then [0 humanity FaLL elements of Creation itself. as austere guides or awkward reachers. In the first days ef Creation.he~exalted. ~Enuma Elish. the good. Where other angelic Houses watched from a distance. the fate of the Scourges has always.~div. and their faithfUl. [he Babylonian Creation Epic Envied by countless Hohim. They were the angels responsible for carrying theJ3reath of Life [Q the worlds of Creation.ade the dead gods [/Ale. every animal.adherence me to their other .

For the Guardians.II (WS 1:'. the G liard ian Angels knew sadness and dissatisfaction. the Ang 1 of the Rising Wind were still anonymous and unappreciated.with almost no thought for hernselves. Unseen and unsuspected.ment. responsible for carefully guarding every moment of their lives. Every failure brought despondency and frustration. some of the Second House could nor help burquietlv question God's commands. Ti reless and devoted in their duties. u was a Guardian who ha rene to a vert even the smallest harm. by the beings they most sought to inspire and excite. and it is no surprise that marlY of them grew even more. shielding the beingsthey awakened froro the dangers of a young world. me life of Earth. So near to humanity. "W'e art" commanded to love humanity as we love Him.uuconscicusly grasp ing for the enlightenment they needed .and dumbly failing every irne. and they gloried in their responsibilities. The Angels of dJC Firmament could have borne their own pain and learned to forget every care and question were it n tfor the pain of the humans. Eventually. The watching Guardians were heartbroken by humanity's' truggles. Their secondary role as guardians allowed thern to indulge every protective and loving instinct humanity inspired. the Guardian Angels stor d watch over their bel ved children. To be forced to conceal themselves from humanity.Angels of the Firmament.\ I. saving them from every hurt . It was said thar rhe presence of an angel of the Second House was enough ro still fury and abate suffering.DBTI r GOD With that love and parental custodianship in their hearts. Where the Larnrnasu excited and cimulated and provoked." the argument ran. Next to these tdbu lations. At God's behest. and their gentle compassion brought tranquility to a IIwho knew them. yet with a spa:rkofGod's own essence within them-awakened child[im with the capacity to love the angels in rerum. Every step Adam took was watched by an attentive Guardian Angel. the pain of their constant failure to grow and learn and awaken ro the glories of the me :J8 .OlII)LEINP2\I\1\D1 ~E me Hurnaniry'sproblernscaused conflict in rhe hearts of many of the Angels of the Rising Wind. Their intimacy with the living things of Earth gave the Angels of the Firmarnenr warning when their charges were endangered. and they cursed their own impotence. The Angels of Firmament devoted them 'elves to their charges human and otherwise . Unlike the seer of imply to love it. the physical wounds and discomfort spared Adam and Eve by the toils of the G uard ian Angels seemed tri vial aile! their successes meaningless. "We are also charged to express tha Love in watching over the humans. God's second command to me angels struck the Angels of the Firmament hard. When any misfortune befell a creature of Earth. their significance utterly unrealized.And yet [he greare r pain they suffer is one we cannot avert. Every plant and animal on Earth lived because of the breath of an Angel of the Firma. me TR. the Angels of the Firmament bestowed serenity and calm. chey did not feel the urge to understand it. Those forrunare angels of the Second House who were.L£N major task was no chore at all. it was enough the Elohim dtd. The wellbeing of the lives in their care was paramount. nurturers and guardians inevirablv cast the willing Angels of the Firmament as Loving patents of all life.t of the Fourth Ham e. God' children labored every day to become what heir Father wanted them to be. they might have said it felt like wanton cruelty.. both to humans and the angels watching over them.They saw [heir children stretching to grasp something out of reach and failing time and again. obeying G d' first command abouthumanitv-c-m love the humans as much as chef 1 ved Godwas no hard hip at all. itwas a Guardian who was there to mend the hurt. Had they been wilting to criticize God. attached to their charge than the re ·.chosen 1:0 give Life to God's ultimate children were envied by all their "peers and exalted by heir task. When any threatarose to the wellbeing of a living thing. every piece of fruit Eve plucked was carefully inspected by a Guardian before her glance lit upon it.e. For th.. None of the Elohim could have dreamed otherwise. the life-givers became protectors and guardians as well. Their tireless efforts to smooth humanity' path were numblvaccepred. co be hidden from the beings whom they most desired to know? For the first time. and they were tireless in their teadfast defense. the angels of the Second House watched every life On Earth intimately. how much more wondrous did the Angels of the Flrmarnent find the humans? Here were ltvtng beings quickened by their breath. As awakeners and guardians of the Angel of the Firmament loved it and all its wonders without question. and Angels of rhe Firmament were the most devoted of all. Their role as life-givers. TtIE (lm. ment Ilke the ~gd of the Wi_ld. knowing every one as a treasured blessing. They did not manipulate it as did the Fundamentals or shepherd irs develop.'1 or Til E F. Unsurpri ingly. They simply radiated safety and peace. protecting and guarding them .

Despite the persuasion of the Morningstar himself. andelllighooned defiance with their angelic friends. the Angels of the Flrmameut were stunned and battered. incapable of shielding Adam and Eve from the darkness that surely awaited them. she eventually chose obedience [0 God over helping humanity grow. Many flocked eagerly to the banner of rebellion.. she did not speak for all theGuardians. it was perhaps inevitable thar one day a worried Seer should have called his friends to him to talk about a dark cloud on the horizon. Host . was present at the beginning of the Great Debate. the Scourges. by Michael'::. many Angels of the Finnamenc chose the path that would allow them 'to stand by me side of man and woman. without transgressing against God's other command to leave the humans in darkness and ignorance. and the Huuse produced many of the greatest stalwarts of the rebel. She epitomized the gentleness and compassion of the Asharu. fate being what it is. Newly named the Asharu. In re rrospect. Respected as Lailah was. He was the Alpha and the Omega. protecting and ntllfturing humanity proudly. They had chosen an or . she was the only Angel of the Firmament that Ahrima 1 called. It was the possibsliry of such a fate that had impelled the Angels of the Firmament to rebel in the first place. Here was the cursemey feared more thananvothet-ethat humanity would face harm and pain from which the Guardian Angels simply could nor protect rhem. it seems inevi table thae the 0 mudian Angels were destined to fall.universe. On the adler hand. 'can tell [he course the Guardian Angels would have chosen had events not transpiredas they did. Like every Guardian Angel. how can we know which one to choose ?" Each Angel of the Firmament struggled in his own heart with the Task of reconciling their contradictory commands. Thus even in decisiveness the Guardian Angels were tom. N or even the seers of the Fourth House. In vain the MhambeggedMichae1 to reverse the sentence uttered upon the humans they knew tq be innocent and good. Like the rebels of every House. and every angel of her House struggled with [he same conflicting obI iga ti ens. and she radiated comfort and safety that unconsciously warmed all around her.yesopen. Despite the efforts of the GuariHan:s to protect rhern from harm both accidental· and malicious. to flout God's will was inconceivable. from which all began and to which all aspired. WaR fhlL rnOf\ GRACE TIle gentle and lovely Lailah. every child the human nationiwQwd one day cease to live. But. Every angel was torn between God's two commands . In such dire straits. Throne of Unbounded Benevolence. the tribes of mankind had chosell to remain with their e. proclamationson the first morning aftei: the Fan. The lamentarions of the Asharu knew 1&0 bounds. led her fel lows into defiance of God. though. or whether they saw the light but were cut off from Gad. such negligence seemed agross dereliction of their duty to the humanity they protected. indeed.In the face of two conflicting imperatives. the thought of leaving the humans to suffer and struggle was equally alien to the Elohim .to love humanity and to keep them ignorant-bur the Angels of the Rising Wind had the additional goad of their role as guardians to prompt them into dissent. Angels of Succor and comfort that they we re. l THB·House aT They could no longer stand mutely and watch humanirv's pain without acting. as we have been ordered to do. either path would result in pain for the Allmother and Allfarher. Offered the cho. We cannot ease this pain. Willful def IDCe of H is Word was simp Iy not in their na tures. On one hand. Even once the inevitability of the Fall became apparent. Her own choice of fealty to God could not slow scores of other angels of the Second House in their desire to aid their beloved charges directly. Whether humans remained ignorant and unconscious. while those: who remained with the Host despaired of the future that faced humanity.Ir was Nazrlel who bore the responsibility for introducing the Angels of the Firmament to the awakening Allfarher and Allmother. the onceAngels ofthe Firmament were stricken wi eh the news that the humanity for whom they rebelled would be cursed to a short and inglorious life.to the Angels of the Second House most of all.hers was not an easy choice. il: seemed humankind faced a thorny path regardless of the outcome. and then an argument about the wisdom or hubris of pre empting God's plan.Ibut the {orces of Heaven were unrelenting. The Guardi ans who chose to rebel began their path with shame and misery at disobeying their Lord. and it was now pronounced as face The realiration that this fate was due ro the angels'rrebelllon merely added to the bitterness of the wound. the Defender.ice betweerr ignorant obedience to Heaven. What began as a cautious expression of concern and dismay became a debate about the nature of inevitability. N azriel.

. and they would be pun ished as [he rebelli ous angels were. the Scourges were horrified. So much else had been done for love of the humans. They formed me core of the Asharu who eventually joined the Ebon legion under the leadership of Devourer Abaddon. found LI: hard to see the matter so. There was no rime to waste on mediocrity or waiting. a few score of years is an infinitesimal ·pan. Their motives were noble. These fallen angel felt mat if a human' life span was to be so painfully limited. To an ageless and eternal creature. and in clinging to their function as Guardians they found justification for their continued existence. every m ment had to be perfect.as pass ible. Grimly. however. many Asharu needed motivation ro continue in rebell ion. many of the grieving Asharu resolved to double: their vigilance .If a human's sojourn on Earth was ro be limited by necessity. every error man made. the quality of that life hardly mattered. it was more important than ever to ensure that that life was as perfect and joyous . Faced with such a blow to their fundamental natures. of course. Thei rfierce re-dedication to their roles as guardians and nurturers gave them a reason to go 00. these Scourges became harshly critical of hurnanlty and irs action. they conceded. but few wavered in their resolve. Perhaps exceptions could be made for exemplary men and women. they reasoned. and those Asharu who had devoted themselves to renewed guardianship ofhumanilty found themselves drawn to many of the other legions. char the price of rebellion must surely be compensated or by the love and trust of the humans who would finally know their parents. Each failing by a human. and even in exis renee. became a piece of evidence that humanity was flawed and weak. and their own ares seemed far less important by comparison. Other Scourges. but how could a being with but a century Co live distinguish itself in any notable wav? What difference did (r make if any human suffered or knew bliss. The wellbeing of humanity was at the forefront of (heir minds. The Iron Legion me -to . For their own part.as untroubled . Michael said." Many of these Scourges sought to eradicate the errors they saw in humanity'S behavior and [0 make man worthy of the sacriflce the Asharu had made. ifeithersrate were only to persist tor such a short time? Over time. Such proof reinforced the Scourges' bitter belief that they had been created poorly by Heaven and ill u ed by humanity. Such allegiances were not universal. with no reward but the atisfaction of "erving.their lot. and they justified their dedication to their self-imposed task of making humanity "right.

It Wa5 the Second House's duty as de facto parents [0 help the human nation i11[O maturity and blossoming. although she avoided the military activities ofhis inner circle of lieutenants. Legion reasoned. legion's forces. and her mere presence blew away oppressive fear in the Crimson. sw ife and careful wi th eyes that SaW [0 theeqges of the 'World.although she did not admit as much even to herself-she had begun to Lose some faith in the rightness 0 their activities. the most senior of [he rebel Second House. His constant sense of "rightness" removed me possi biUty of disbelief. and he T'tlER on their gifr of the Breath ofl. Nazriel. comforting blaze of his confidence and assurance.their fierc resolve to give theirutmost to the r helllon and thCj. her heart . to know him was to feel the warming. and by his side she represented the greatest virtues of the Asharu. a-nd ind ed in his presence she was constantly reassured that heir path. Before fall causes of peace and protectien. war effort. and rumor whispered tha her passion for him was more than ideological. and they devoted them elves to the protection of humanity as deeply as. N azriel represen ed the greatest of rh e. The Silver Legion drew those Asharu who were.RlJ When factional conflicts began to tear apart the previously unified rebels. here they cou ld be of most USe. In truth this wa somewhat ironic. however.particularly in [he later years of the war . Even in the midst of strife Nazriel was a model of peace and protection. manyfoUowed her. As he followed the Morningstar. followed his cause [0 the Crimson Legion and attracted more of her fellows in doing o. Their mastery over the air and the wind made them ideal scou t and pies. She b lieved. the possibilities for their accomplishments would be staggering. any of [heir comrades did. If these sadly limited creatures could rise above their brief tenure on Earth and exploit the spark of Goa's OWTl life within them. instead.orders to the Scourges' hierarchy was contrary to the spirit of enlightened choice thar led the Asharu into rebellion in the first place. was the titular head of [he Scourges. who brought ease to heartsick and resolve to the wavering. fascinated by just what humanity's potentia! might be. prorec rs and battlefield. Those Scourges who bad Ji. their cause andstarted belleving in their leader. For many of the House. instead. lore.She wa one of his closest advisors and confidantes.and other abiltties. me The Crimson Legion numbered many of the highest ranking Asharu. she was widely lauded as a model of erenirv and compassion.a healers. and many Scourges gaee everything they had to the A N azriel mosr grieved by the fact of mankind's OLEOf TtIE2\ ~1l\. Without realizing it" she stopped believing in. who quickly found niches". None was more passionately dedicated to Lucifer and his action than Nasriel. to the Asharu mortality.lCJJ. Despite th~ir differ noes in philosophies and! perspectives. In spire of her reservations. as . end emulated by most Asharu of the Dagan visage who had not fallen inro spire resentment aud bitterness. Humans had the capability to become so much more than what" they were. theirrolewas clear by virtue of their predilections. to lead by example and encouraged her fellow Scourges ro act as she acted. The Scourges who joined Lucifer's own legion were usually those motivated to push humans to the limits of theirpotenrial for [heir own good. the Scourges of the Crimson. and the quality of those beings lives. She chose.stead.lfe. She remained true to the leader of the rebellion and followed lucifer into the Crunson Legion. however. And Nazriel certainly knew him . If humans had to die" they felt. Her compassionate touch soothed [he most feverish ills. drawn by lucifer' impressive presence and hi in piriJ"Ig tatement of love for humanity. was the right one.. that dictating House-wide pallde and giving strict.of the Archduke Dagon was particularly attractive to the Asharu who chose a pathof nurture and guardianship. ]n. she shored up her doubts and uncertainty with a blinding and sincere faith in the Morningstar. the Asharu should be there to lease the ir hurts and mend their wounds. The shield wall of the Iron legion was supported by mi nistering Asharu. the A haru were united in. The y found solace in working with the Slayers. The Scourges who followed Asmodeus sought to improve the quality of the beings to whom they brought life. The atrocities of war grieved her.she found it hard to [ustifvorderingher underlings [Q act without reservation in 'the name of a cause she doubted herself. The Alabaster Legion appealed found i hard to j us(ify such harm and suffering even in the name of good in enrions. offe:ring succor and support to human and demon alike as the Slayers soberly carried out their grim duties. In. She tried her hardest to avoid burdening him with her own doubts. highest of the econd H USe to join Lucifer.SedOn their original role as bringers of'llfe r01:lnd themselves in great dernand. medic . 0 it was for the A ham. Where other angel of the Second H use focu ed me 41 . Manclala-gor and his kind were made for noth i~g 0 earthly. Nazriel tried to forge a dear path for her divided House.

Many Augels of Firmam nt who were less enamored of humanity chose 0 place their trust in Heaven' plans and reject Ahrimal's heresy.songs of mxicity and poison instead of those of healing RDd nurturing. disease and other similar perversions of their originalgifts of life. Commended by Lucifer as the Overlord of Clear Horizons. al- gentle. He e caped with his life.lally ·provoked mise.h was known as Mandalagor Empyrean' s Virtue. assi dog AU2.-adl. He began the war with the ame. the anti thesis of the stalwartS of the Choir of Dagan. Eventually Mandalagor ucceeded to a po Iti n as a baron within me Alabaster LegIon. which became arguments. and a war leader accepts the necessity of harm co a certain portion ufher troops in exchange for a greaH~rvictmy. One sad effect of the war was thari t destroyed the innocence and purl ty of the Angels of the Firmament. Riyazgor became one of the most notable Scourges and a stalwart of he Ebon L zion. planners or strateglsts. Most pted for roles as advisors. The new awareness of hare roiled within hlm. and . until the battlefield Sagur. whose nature insisted that all harm to the living things of Eartl. rides of venom an disease. dreams uf hop and redemption as herest. hould be mitigated and minimized. Mand'alagor was another angel of the Second House who brought ease to all around him.the opposition with illnesse tharweakened the hearts and wills of the human tribes ~tillloY<ll to Heaven. l1Il. he found hlrnself on the flanks of Abaddori's army marching LIpan Sagun. After Sagun' fall. He wa rapidly promoted up the ranks to verlord for his unwavering dedication. he eluded all the attempts against him lIL11:U a fellow ()f me servers in their ta ks. bur the suffering of the mortals troubled his spirit. As a consequence. he me tepped forward to join the M rningstar with head unbc wed. This sort of tradeoff wasalien t. scion of the caught him in the act of pc i ning a upplv. He did so clear-eyed and confident.did the same. His was 110t the warm comfort of 11 nurturing parent. Throughout the war Mandalagor served a' one of dee most Doble and eminent members of [he econd House. Riyazg r of the: Black Cloud was. not embraced in pur UiI of some bigger 70aL.of Scourg made him a fearsome enemy to Michael's force. reveling in thelr newfound "abilities. war is all about sacrifices and compro- They blasted rh land of (he angelic h st with corruption. These di. so Mandalagor was one of the mosr highly ranked angels of the Anabar visage [0 choose Lucifer' side. spies and defenders.cfhis House. unable to see any better course even with his rodlgiou vlsic n. H IJIs. shining up with the plighr of th human a hi fellow Scourges wer ) he tillfelt keenly the inju tice frnanklnd's siruarion Although hewa sky. om o in unatelv boun and the apparent conflict in God' diem. which grew into silent schism within the ow:e·uulted. who were frustrated at their fellow Scourges' misuse of their powers and sic kened by the results. but ramer the serenity of a peaceful.T amariel of the weet Breath.fferenc. and hi was rhe joy of the open skies and a dear day when one couldsee &om one edge of t1u' world ro lrhf' orher. h wed [he econd House how devastating ir powers could be and how quickly heal th cr uld he tu rned [0 rna lady.e of the Rising Wina. but all bur the rna t extremist courges stepped carefully around him.o ruost disagreements. and as he raised hi hand ro call wind terms agalnsr Sagun defender. No concrete evidence was ever found. Chillingly. Rlyazgor was battered and transfigured by the tide af chaos mat rolled around the world. was awash wid.sorries to blight enemy territory and 'trike down their ofees. the winds Were streaked with hili US toxins and urrenrs despair.they spared no effort to capture or destroy him.el faithfully in serving ou those human who needed the Alabaster Legion' Iron Legion village's water th ugh barely. and there were rumors of him taking direct action against the Scourges he consid- ered traitorous. 0 thers fa Hawed him. By irs nature. His was one of [be loudest voices calling or sanctions agal nsr me Scourge~ who preferred [('I focu on rheir love ofhumanlrv rather than their obligationsro their comrades. gentler A haru courge-v.lUY u( til.·es g. Such demons as thenarur1Qus Rlvasgor of the Black Cloud found satlsfaerion in demoralizing . WHy anti experienced. L was Riyazgor who unwittingly . . and bled parties f scorchers in. an he nursed a grudge again t all [he from that day ~ rth. where they could employ their gif[ in a fashion they could morally accept. he trained many of the House's most succes ful and famous SpiC5 and ob- commirted the first arrocitv in slaying his brother Abel. joy that many -f hi p eer and the lesser Ang Is of the Firmameminspired hV his example-s. The talents and predilection . and the powers of the winds were at his fingertips. As sanity returned. mournful attend n. perhaps. Unable to way his master. few courges ever wished to serveas leaders. When Caine of the Asharu.!!: ~dmme[ Scourges perfected awful shadows of these powers . and he found to hi. Their actions often drew the ire of the orher A$haru.

Even after the Asharu accepted the necessity [hat war involved compromise and sacrifice. In [he first periods of the war ir was not unheard-offer an. Rather than operating in large. As a consequence. whether in the gathering of intelligence or in the infliction of terrible plagues.~ thrived in individual roles as shepherds.Cnwn:lITI\O On the other hand. forces.whose numbers swelled Lucifer's host more than any other House but the First .j\. Therefore.strJ\ RU7\T {]JAn With [heir new roles before them. it became harder for the: Asharu 'to maintain their sereniry and positive outlook. the Asharu . rather clean according to House policy. not many of them relished the job of bringing such devastation themselves. As they met.or one of Hea veri 's faichful. Humanity was the reason the Morningstar and his a Hies rebelled in the first place. organized groups. they talked and conferred. Many of the Asharu were "kept ignorant of tactical activities involving the human tribes loyal to the Heavenly Host. [he more ru thless Asharu were perfectly willing to exchange the short and pointless lives of humans for some advantage in the rides of war. For the first time. the Asharu set themsejves to serving the war effort: with devotion and dedication . who needed no central aurhonrv to carry out their missions in life. guardians and spies. and many Asharu felt it would make a' mockery of their proudly espoused beliefs to condene harm to humans j ust because they were on the other side. many of them were in regular contact with at least a few other demons of their House. 'Whether gentle prorectors orcursed plague-carriers. the cohesiveness of the: Second House was stretched taut. and their mastery of the winds gave them unmatched speed. They unnerved many angels of the other Houses with their casual indifference to [he fate of the creatures for whose sake they originally fell. meeting one here ro pass on a message and another there to pick up a new missive. whether mat human was a rebet mortal. 'f·11E.usually approached [he ir tasks in the same fundamental ways. Those Asharu who followed other demons in choosing the warrior's path usually employed their talents in defense ofhLlman~ lty. the demons understood nate and ven- gels themselves how to hate. they usually chose to leave the crowns to their Devil brethren and instead served as elite agents of detecaion and disruprion in the rebels' war forces. even the most venal and violent of the Scourges preferred to exert their abilities from a safe distance. As a consequence. The Asharu were premier spies of Lucifer's forces.action. Each Scourge operated as her hear!': dictated and as her leader commanded. and the humans who fought with and agalnssthe-rebel angels displayed savagery and brutality that taught the aninconceivable until one man slew his brother out of jealousy. that did! not meanthat the House of the Rising Windceasecl to exist 35 an enti ty and became rnerel y a loose collection of ind ividual agents. their allie5 deemed [hem unreliable in such matters. Along wi th those angels who had mastered [he mystical paths of the wor ld. they wert'! constantly relaying messages to and fro with other Asharu. as time went on. and the news and events of the House of [he Firmamenr would spread out across the world in a wave as Scourge messengers came and went.. The world was littered with the corpses of once-loved humans. The Asharu were heartbroken at the horrors they learned to perpetrate. It took a long rime for most of the Asharu to forget these scruples or learn to set them aside. Narurally. Only the most lost of the Scourges found satisfaction in aggression against other demons. Their powers focused around observation. and the world trembled with his. in a network of messenger-demons spread out across the lands of Lucifer's. the Asharu preferred to leave the brutality of personal combat to others of more appropriate Houses. . Asharu as a whole were not a violent House. the myriad and powerful Scourges .who were often as human-centric as [he l.even ifdoing so tnvelvedpirnng themselves against fellow demons of other Houses. movement and healing. The: casual and chaotic nature of these communications were pe rfect for the Asharu. the Asharu avoided direct fightlngrhernselves. Although the Asharu met in large groups infrequently. Still. the twisted shadows of these powers brought pain and misery. taught by their OW)!) children. but direct combat applications were few. They carried messages (0 places where [he: supernatural speech of the demons could not go. Their powers were best suited for use at a distance. Although their conrribut ions were critical to the successes of Lucifer's armies.Despire an ever-widening ideological gulf within the House. Asharu to fly to aid a human at risk. me me l\furrrtIER fALLfnof\_ Gnl\ce Sadly. gone and forgotten. the Asharu served as messengers from bastion to stronghold to human village. Arroeitv-was geance and violence. lacking the remperarnenrfor leadership. andas accnseqisence.arnmasu and the Halaku -. Accustomed to aeons of surreptitious and unnoticed activity. healers. It was rare for the Asharu to operate as a group or [Q seek conclave with theirpeers.

Only the highes standard of perfecrioncould rn ve him [0 admiration. No longer willing to risk his life for flawed and in ignificant mortals. Sadly. They replaced disease wirh health and deended their human charges ferociously. In ofat as the Second House ever had lieutenants Dr a forrnalhieearchv of power i\1.twisted into bitterness and resentment. those who had committed evil or lived worthless and wasted lives.second in eminence only [0 Naznel amon~ the Scourges . as [hey had always done. primarily those who bad followed Dagon into the Iron Legion. healer . and he commanded conslderahle respect from his fellowSoourges . and he decided upon Abaddon' Eben Legion as more suited to his goals. As he began to regret his decision. me the Psidiel's decision to rebel was based in a deeprooted faith in Naztiel.. Psidiel's outlook on humanity changed. he began to blame his superior for misleading him and drawing into a pointless rebellion that served onlv to damn everyone concerned. Ulrimatelv. many followed his lead. and the 10' of beloved comrades.. Even Psidiel. an Angel 0f Visage of Awakening and a devoted healer. The pain humanity endured during the r bellion. What was there to mourn ill the loss of such a short. his passion for Nazriel which was rumored to be more than the devotion of a loyal subordinate to his superior . His darkening temperament made him unwelcome in [he Crimson Legion where he had originally followed Nazriel. Few were as d voted t the Asharu cause. guardians. fueled by the whispers of her liaison with [he Morningstar and by what he perceived as the futility of his FaLL A resolve turned to resignation and joy to bitterness. Psidiel r. Psidle] saw the original decision to rebel as futile and frustrating. Lord of R. All too oon. when. Psidiel was Nazriel's firsr lieutenant and assistant. At first thl eemed just punishment for humans who were not worthy of protection. This group. anyway? Even the sweetest and gentle t of the angels began to fall prey to th same passions and ugly crimes hat tainted the world after the First Murder and the fall of Sagun. Everuually the corruption of the war turned his dispassion into enmity. working tireless Iy for a thankless humanirv. practice.They clung t theirmis ions as protectors. They mended the wounds their fellows Intllcred along with those caused by Heaven' forces. and devotion turned to obsession just as inevitably as the sea ons passed. perhaps more so th n in an informed choice about the issue of the Fall itself.all the angels could do was watch their eloved humans' uccumb to me rtality after short and grim lives. and fought the war as savagely as any Rabi u. they brought diseas and pain. wal . the distinction began to blur and the Scourges ceased to eli criminate among their po enrial targe 5. and many angel f the econd House began to resent the humans forevervthing they had cost the fallen angels.usred In the Wisdom of his superior and chose as she did. playing pieces to be hoarded an pro eeted merely for their value as a measure ofsucces or failure in the war. Where once they healed. seeds ofbitterness planted deep in the heart ofthe rebellion's cause bloomed within Psidlel as mey did in 50 many other demons. though. an P idiel frequently led danger us rnis ions to bring succor to needy mortals trapped in disputed territory.but many courges found it hard to maintain their dedication in the face of uch casual evil. however. triggered doubts and uncer . Generosity turned to greed. Opposing e Scourges were fellow Asharu. chose to honor it responsibilitie as Guardians and Asharu above it duties r ) legion and rum me ·It . In time.alma t II of them . More and more of [he Scourges began to rurn their powers against [he humans they once staunchly protected. he became a strict and compa sionless judge of human excellence. The Scou-rges learned to see humans as pa wns. The Choir of Dagan exemplified such unselfish devotion. The fact mat it wa committed bv the humans for whom they had rebelled seemed an ungrateful repaymenr fOT the sacrifices they had made.r. Marry of the Scourges cast aside their former devotion to the humans who led them to Fall. The spreading malaise touched the Second House at every level.fell to its corruption. and he actively sought ut [hose human he judged unworthy f existence . Even in the face of atrocity and despair. He faithfully followed her into rebellion and became ne of her most trusted allies. The human tribes loyal (0 Heaven were targets to prove the superiority of the rebel angels. When Ahrirnal instigated the Great Debate and the an. aintv.el l~ad to decide where their ~oyaltielllay. unrernarkable life.to dispense the death his power b stowed. He was Nazrll31' underling before the Fall. one of [he most closely knit within the Second House. they poisoned the land and set death creeping among me human tribes. he wa a harsh taskmaster whose attention was feared and avoided. these former angels never forgot how to loveuntil they were bani hed to the Aby and lost to the forces of nothingness. from the lowliest fallen angels to the highest ranked Asharu. to anyone who could nor meet those standards.

lert to fe. When the walls of the Abyss cracked ppen and freed the lowliest of the denmns. the Seeurges began to asktherasel ves . Gadnel became the Lord of Unbounded. and as the war descended tntn a morass of spite and atrocity. No longer con tent to live solely (Q embody their noble and pure love for humans. The Choi r of Dagan carried its missions of mercy deep into lands conrrolled by Michael and the forces of Heaven. however.. Unsurprisinglv. everymil'l.g changed again. bur tt had small involvement with the affairs of the rest of the legion. and collected a group ofliketo OuTer TfmGklNSs TI1e modem world represents joy and [error for the newly released Scourges. No word returned [0 the survivors of the Cholr of his fate or the fates of the three angels lost with him.wore myay all hope on the part of [he srdl-genrle Asharu mar me me their COlJtSewas a wise one. they would cleanse the nations of man. On one handv their freedom is unexpected ecstasy after millennia of imprisonment.umity has sunk is profoundly depressing for former angels whQ gave up everything to exalr and nurture these frail rnorrals.l1and the subsequent punishment of Lucifer and his allies. sadistic pain. and eventually he was taken prisoner on one of his missions by the angel Scuriel.igj:p.interference cou ld not: last forever.whether. Everywhere Scourges look. the abrasive hatred of the Abyssthe rejection by God that it symlbo~iled .!I'1'\\ 11 commander. where war had blasted the land. the work of the Cho ir of Dagan raised doubts in the heartsof a number of loyalist angels. humaniry wastruly wonhv of sacrifices they had made.and each other . th is policy of non.. and they were tireless in. and that the only meaning [hey can bring is in winnowing the few grains of wheal from the overwhelming human chaff? The Abyss profoundly changed every fallen ange I cast into it and made them worthy or their sobriquets of "demon. Grimly [hey continued their tasks as before. their efforts. few angels could take issue with actions so purely good.$cterin . They could think of nothing more than sharing theirpain and misery with the humans -who had innocr::nt~v lured rhern into damnallon. Instead these Asharu preferred to concern themselves with the health of mankind. thevwould breathe Life back into it.bitterness and doubt. The warmth . Few found the srrength-te argue with their more embittered Housemates. By default the group joined the hun legion under mighty Dagon. Indeed. Gadriel refused [Q cut back his efforts [Q heal aU of humamrv. once the Virtueof Sunllght's Kiss and dubbed a lord in Lucifer's new order. under the leadership of Nexalgor of Dancing light." The Asharu were changed just as much M [he demons of any nrher How. Panacea After the FaU. and they grieved for the lost humans ever after. and they did their best to mitigate the intluenceof such spiteful demons.The:yer. seeing the depths ofrnundanirv to which glorious hup. Virtue of the Fifth House. After the Fa. and the simple act of living again is pleasure undreamed of.aiIyfe II for love of humanity and ilie destre to [Jlanifes[ [hat love in every way. however. there is wasted potential and needless. they often dashed with the more destructive Scourges and Devourers even on their own side. Instead. and in the new world order there is so much more to frighten and pain humans and so few allies to protect them. modern technology has nOI: SLlP~ serve humanity with him. Over time. minded Asharu planted their supernatural skill with healing or rendered them superfluous as guardians and protectors. After the first confrontations with angels still loyal to Heaven. The Asharu are needed in the World of Darkness. Thousands of years in void and darkness. On the other hand. finished the job of breaking the Scourges that the atroc ities of the war had begun.c. Sadly. TI1e Choir was led by Gadriel.ell \1 "I·P. although it rarely acted to directly undo the works of its allies. it was largely able to continue its work unmolested -although the group was eyed very suspiciously. and eventually most of the Scourges adopted an attitude that made their House's epithet all too accurate. those angels with doubts were not eager to speak them loudly. butthe closure of the enemy borders [0 them saddened them beyond measure. who saw caring and compassionate ministers in the form of their former brethren ~ an image at odds with the portrayal of the rebel angelsas pddeful fanatics motivated by hubris and greed.. How can they feel anything other than that the world is broken beyond repair. damna ble mortals rem inded the Scourges of j usr why they had once loved humaniry so rnueh. they made themselves content with not harrying chose forces of the opposition who were bringlng riurrure and peace with them. Where malicious Scourges had spread plague. The simple act of possessing these wretched. [he members of the Choir of Dagan found themselves far less able togo where they would.

die Scourge were weU placed to rake dvantazeof d1~relute to freedom. most et about establishing their own power in the world to better pave the way for their masters to return. most examine mankind with a critical ese. however. many angels of the Second Hou e are d sperately trying t reassure rhernsel ve that there is still some goo salvageable in humanity-that the flawed creatures before: them can be remade to achieve the glory of their earliest kin. and neither did they forger their ultimate rni sian. which gave them 21 significant head -start. and many other priorities were forgotten in the first flush of renewing Asharu acquainrance with that strange. As a consequence. A few fragmenrarv memories ofhuman existence and the flickering remnants of humanity's burning fa ith were n t sufficien t to erase thousands of years of learning to hate and re 'em. Unforturutt~ly fo[' them. quixotic beast called humanity.II'1G ANEw Hn:rm. putting U1e. and their situations in life usually improved rapidly. 1:0 focus on mankind. fon. Countless Scourges were struck anew with theirfasclnarton with humans that they'd managed ro put aside during exile. earching out the merits and porentlsl that they once deemed worthy of any sacrifice to protect.G. Wl1en the cracks in rheir prison walls began to appear.in this most dismayed by the wreck of the Paradise rhey built and the bovine contentment of [he humans who have fallen so far from the grea mess of the ir ancestors. Despite instincts 'tclLing them. many of them were Scourges. In many cases.and in many ways. and support in a way that many had [lever done before.who were naturally drawn ro people of power and importance. Compelled with the lash of their True Name. It raised the possibillrv that perhaps the rewards had been worth . however. me In [he rn dern World of Darkness. the Scourges were nor the most palitica1ly motivated angels. and therefore stronger for the novelty of it. Admittedly. and they did nor capitalize on their early advantage as other Houses did. In the World of Darkness.derling hesitant to leave comparative a:fety were ordered OLl[ en masse y their demon masters. few Scourges are capable of the uncomplicated and unconditional love they once felt or humanity. me me . the hierarchies of the Asharu now carry much more prestige and exercise more power than they did during the war. Many of the other Houses have always been as focused on [heir brethren s on humanity. bu it i a new phenomenon for the Scourges. so [hey turned to their own kind for reassurance. and still bearing the scars of their torment in the Abyss. It us hard nor to resent: the waste the humans have made of the gifts Lucifer and hi' kind gave them a such a cot to themselves. As a result. each acti ng from his own consc ience and focusing on humanity rather (han acting as part of a cohesive House force. the Second Hall e underwent profound change during the first period of adjustment to life on new earth. It is hard for them to look at humanity and see mortals who were truly worthy of the price mat the (alien angels paid for their sake. Previously the courges had been iod pendent and dec enrra lized . however. 111e major problem faced by many Scourges ill preparing for a full-scale demonic return ro Earth was that of their own hosts. demons quickly found that humans were differenttbey lacked [he wonder and joy and so many other traits oftheir ancienrpredecessor . The mortals who called most strongly to Scourge desperately seeking a host were also often the mortals most battered by modem soderv and those least able CO provide morral resources ~O[ the newly born demon to use.House in a good posicion to build a olid power base right from the first days.. unexpected of race . On an organizational level.the costs that Asharu had t had to pay. and most Scourg had r tart from scratch in building a potent and u eful existence for themselves. in fact. fuw WORLD As First demons broke through the barriers of me the Abyss and streamed toward 'the mortal world. and those crh.particularly the Devils . they are stronger. with a confident and powerful derncn nowin the: driver's seat pointless terror' that plagued the mortal were usually of little consequence 1:0 the new entity. many of the newly freed demon [n the first exodus 1:0 the modem World of Darknes were Scourges. With the sobering experience of the war behind them.of being needed was enough out of the deepe t reaches shock many Scourge of their bitterness and hatred. House affiliations are now at least as strong for many Scourges as they are for other demons.n ~N TRi'\NGf'. Even those Scourges who were the most gentle and forgiving of their House are me The Scourge (lid not ink completely into witless obsession. This fact contrasted sharply with demons of other Houses . nor [he most unified. Instead. many c urges found themselves disconcerted and uncomfortable with these almost-strangers. The mortal hosts brought little advantage f their own to the demon's new life. they were complete stranger to [he Asharu.

A. the Scourges are still TOO deeply obsessed with humanity to just forget about them overnight. In the World of Darkness she no longer exudes me the comfort that endeared her to all. It was for love of. Au resul t he was able [0 supply aid to all manner of newly released demons . the ties that bind Asharu to humans are what make them what they are. N azathor began her existence as a Throne of Heaven and The nascent power bloc of the Second House carries compl ications far many Scourges. e ven if the Scourges are busy sorting our how important those mortal bonds are to them. have realized that this new dependence on . the easy comfert of interacting with humans. distant and detached scours and spies who were the most objective and least attached to humanity. Defilers. abraded away only to show the force. He promptly set about capitalizing on his early advantage with a: political flair worthy of a. Her softness has been. a consequence.g they are to abandon their me leader now.m. so they are acting now to secure longterm lovalrvand service from subordinate Asharu. as. money. lI. devoted followers. ofher personali [y wait i ng beneath.the Second House could dissipate over time as the Asharu become accustomed rorhe new order of things. As much. ignores the new claims upon her allegiance and continues to devote herself (0 her faction's existing agendas. which is evident from thelr behavior in the mortal world. These strategies have ranged from personal-s. the Abyss. Several high-ranked Scourges have concentratedon inserting themselves into the hierarchies of other power blocs not just for the advantage [0 themselves but for the political power over their Asharu under lings that it gi ves them. of the various power blocs would be 'Jess than happy with the Asharu should they discover that the Scourges have been diverting factional or court resources to advance the agendas of the Second House. Now she does it as Nazathor. So many Scourges accepted her as [heir political superior due 10 her factional power that she {OUM she had a considerable cadre of allies and subordinates within the House of the Firmament itself. who found me Luciferan faction the most appealing during the long years of strife and argument ill. in facr. Those who choose to do so me usually of [he Ellil visage. and she is very d ift:erem from thecloubcful and repentant creature she was before Lucifer's defeat at' Michael's hands. While she might not have plunged as far into savagery as such demons as Belial and Abaddon. Very few Scourges are w illing to cut themselves off from mortals entirely. contacts.:. Despite the new focus on the Second House as an entity unto ir:seif. most Asharu have strong connections with the mortal world .including some of the most powerful-c- .~S Nazriel stil] leads the House of the Rising Wind. nor yet irresistible tempters like. Where Nazarher leads me Second House most v isib lv. and one ef the mest powerful of the first wave.to political. any other demons. Whether each Scourge chooses to throw in her lot with her earliest peers and give her loyal ty to the House of the Rising Wind. In addition to existing allegiances to their legions.Senior Scourges. a faustian Scourge of some power. or tries to walk a carefulliine between any number of masters" the rise of the Second House as a concrete entity has had an impact on every modern Scourge. She remains as one of [he workl's most powerful fallen angels and has risen to greatness within rhe Lucifetan faction. he was one of the fi. most ha ve not lost rhe knack of endea ri ng thernsel ves where they wish to. as it tangles their loyalties even further.rsrdemons ro escape his Abyssal prison. and in emulation of.power. Princess of Majestic Liberation. debts and informacion on individual Scourges to ensure their continued allegiance . Her quest to recover their fallen leadet is shared by many Scourges. POWEH PLi\I.:would be a mockery of everyd1. 'While not the astute politicians the Devils are. in the World of Darkness. factions and infernal Second retains as much majesty and power as any demon. other members. Gent le or no. and he built himself a significant power base of mortal followers and secularinfluence long before the more pC'lwerrfu\ fallen breached [he bounds of [he Ahyss'. The majority of the Second House has developed. and [he Second House fell in the beginn:1ng. the Morningstar that 003rtY' Angels of courts. Hertime in the Abyss scoured away much of the sweet gentleness of her persona Hty and taught her [he truths of necessity. Nazather's eminence within the Luciferans helped her secure her power within the Second House.and loyalty to . the new power implicit in the unity of the House requires every Scourge to have an opinion on it. Although he never advanced much beyond the rankoffell knight' during [he war. Need less to say.accumulating favors. Devil. the Scourges have never forgotten. she learned the lessons of the Abyss well and discovered that she was capa b le of tn uch more harsh practical ity than she had ever suspected. she has found an unexpectedajl y inYesh iniel. dose ties to humans.

and measuredacrion would indicate that he had joined me Crvptics. unaligned and unaware Asharu power in the Wodd IOf Darkness.. as the Scourge once kncwnas Nazriel DOW calls herself. who has nod1.. Equally.ing to lose ifpowershtfts from.near-obsessive search for the Morningstar. it's unlikely [hat Nazarbor and Yeshlniel will be ab~e 1:0 continue their program of consolidation with no interruptions. snmply because the Morningstar is very important 1:.n angels" missing leader.0 her personally rather than just a figurehead. Although many of rhe world's "big names" ~TtlQ8 The PrinceBsof'Mfijesrk. the faction of the Laciferans. Yeshlniel and his followers are cUITent11' the main seekers of bst Scourges. other power players indemonic polldes have noticed rise of this new competitor for their subordinates' loyalty. factional alliances to House-based loyalties. the old power srrucruresowere.s. Yeshiniel holds some power in the Infernal Court of Boston. Most of its House members have had their uncondirional love and compassion flayed away. 'they are no longer wining to give themselves so selflessly to the human race. belief m rile falle. As a consequence. His morral identity is known looking hungrily at the aurhori ty ofa baron. lowllesr me me who can be recruited at his discretion. faithless world .He is aided by Princess ·cllJail it did during the ancient times of paradise and war that the demons tmdetilmnd best. The. an aggressive young Boston businessman whose exile te the Abyss are fame or technology company has made leaps and bounds of late. and he has carefully used his position and wealth (0 gazher information. Yeshlniel does his best to inculcate IQy. me lover. T urned from gentleness [0 bitterness by millennia of excommuntcatlon in the Abyss. Released she l~ risen to power within.and inspiration. Yeshin ie I is the primary proponent of the Second House as an independent political entity .she is most srrongly motivated by her. Rumors tell that she was lucifer's Yeshinlel and Nazathor have been working together to secure the fortunes of the Second House in the modem world. the Second House has a cohesion and identity in modern times that it never enjoyed . r1V\OU5~ The modem world operates under different rules Nazarhor.or needed--indte ancient agesof war. and he uses it to track down undiscovered. and his reputation for careful observation. favors and other political treats.pended 8Gwrdingly. Yeshinlel was The Archangel of Skyborne Contemplation. amassing a considerable fortune. Traveling frequently between Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro.shHkeo up REidremade anew. His earliest days in the modern world provided this quietly cakulating Fll11litbm with ihe bllilding blocks (1f personal pnwer. Yeshinlel has a great deal of infoemarion at his fingertips. she uses every resource available 'to her in ber search for Lucifer. Ulrimatelv. so they are much more inclined 1:0 associate with their like-minded House brethren. and Darkness. Risi ng W ind second.reborn stronger than ever In this cold. the House of the Rising Wind is a very different entity reborn in the modern World of ll:e5J1INIEL In M first incarnation as an Angel of the Firmament. Yet (bat is nor so.selffirstID1d the House of the n vel! exalted by prcmodonor recognlrion in the ofd . and although no one has taken active steps Ver. Ouesrucarl ts a shining light among the peaceful . is one of the most powerful dremonsfnthe modem war Id. and he exploited his every advantage to become one of the most powerful Scourges in the modern world. demons. in rush to establish power bases and :elme holdings in the new world. bur there is still an opporrmiiry fat [hose who understand ebb and flow of the mndem wodd to distinguish themselves. Apart frorn her loyalty to the Second House . Narurallv. Luciferans. they have been able to draw on their power ill other spheres of faHen N azathor is more devoted ro her cause than most society ro promote the Second House's agendas as well. and it would be almost unrecognizable to the earliest Angels of the Firmament.and he rapidly developed a healthy stock of debts. Liberation. The traitsthat made -for greatness before the not necessarily qualitie thar will lead [0 as Isaac Baker. Formerlv the Archangel of the Ocean Wind.'rd(!r~suddenly found themselves with an oppormniqr 1:0 seize greatness for themselves and ha verm. Nazathot [IIUSt: delegate manv of her most important tasks 1:0 underlings as she simply has no time co spare frornher constanr search. and her behavior certainlv doesn't belie that. a nd 01IV ing OUI: a niche for himself in the factional system is more of an uphill battle than in a new power structure he can help to forge. The Scourges are far more tempered by self-interest and calculation than they once were. The Second House as a poll tical entiry is Yeshiniel's best hope for wide-scale power of his own. OlIT'. Currently claiming a position as overlord.)iU i'L11 Abys. When he does find a prodigal Scourge. and with Nazathor's influence over me Luciferan faction. as befi~ her still-passionate from the owe him favon" he 's st ill a weak fish in a pond fulJ of strong ones.alty to hiJ:lJ.

Scourges were.seek (0 emulate her calm serenity. The in!11\Sto be enchanted were always hand-m. 't appears only a suit of armor in protecting him from damage. she blamed humanity and the rebellion's leaders for her punishment. and in grief and anger. relles with angelic spirits within. amper the wearer. This meant healing. In the war she served as Lady Inarorh. After the defeat of Lucifer's :forces. Ouestucati hopes rnoststrongly that the hard work of the Reconcilers can absolve humanity of its sins. Other Scourges of the Elljl visage have pleaded with her to clean their skies. The captured spirjr of demon at. Without the logistic genius Later they were also created with. and their relics were designed '(0 harm. Her venomous zephyrs and clouds of pollution wend their way across various parts of northern Europe. On rare occasions the enchanrnient WaS" also applied to shields and suits of armor. her powers buoying the combatants likewise. For others. Originally these relics were ImBued with the spirits of vanquished angels. It is far more h discreet than an outfit of solid metal hu:~ (or. a ho~eless ymmg srreer thiefin London's East Eod" but quickly discarded her in favor of a far more useful host. of the Fiends or [he creative instincts of the Male~ factors. Greatest of all. par- mnOTti Once Inaroth was an ethereal and remote angel whose cool breezes freshened the minds andspirirs of all [hey touched. Many demons . Kevlar vests).e of predlcting harm before it happened. Asharu ofren created these precious and valuable items expressly (or their mortal charges.n it: is atrivated. however. however. She was recruited earlyfor the Raveners and became one of their most dedicated members.Unlike most Houses. the venom implicit in the "scourge" sobriquet ruled their lives. seems lost to moderation and reason. With [he focus on humanity so many Asharu possessed.the armor protects the wearer from attacks both near and far. At her heart. to further their primary roles. [heir relics were often centered around mortals . that the sacrifice of the fallen angels can win forgiveness for their beloved humans if not for themselves.Reconciler faction . For many Scourges. and the Second House seeks its legacies as eagerly as any other. She qu lerl y encourages many of the junior faction adherents in this goal. It has when required. for she has managed to purge many of her negative emotions and is one of the fallen ijeast scarred by the torment ofthe Abyss. Whe. or 2\m Although anyone can use the item. and she sees little hope of any meaningful repair. serving to intensify an already-grim atmosphere and make the world just that little bit bleaker. me i\n1'\OI\ signed The Armor of Air is a rar. It is light and does neil:. for only in their defense could the Asharu justify the com of creating this artifact [Q themselves. the Scourges are not at the forefront of the push to rediscover or reinvent old glories. and a small corps of Reconcilers has formed who believe that martyrdom may be me only way to undo the damage thev have caused. these days. protecting and nurturing roles.can repair [he damage they have caused and perhaps win redemption for themselves. the Principality ofT rade Winds. the of fallen angels.aae of the finest materials. Those few that e$ca~ed destruction ~ and -w .. advantages over munaal"l'e·ru:mor lIS well. splrirs Like every House's ancient history. often a brooch or a buckle.1 angel or trapped inside makes Sure 0 ~lnar. She currently uses the idenriryofone Rebecca Windsor. Thatdoes not mean. It generates a shell of near-solid air around the wearer that acts Itke several.. She is constantly heartbroken at the wreckage of Paradise that the world has become. such relics were usually only bestowed au beloved humans. On her freedom from the Abyss she initially inhabited Dinah Masterson. the lost artifacts and arcane knowledge of the Scourges are of paramount importance in these strange new times of chaos and upheaval. not befoul them futther.e and cunningly dedevice. RELICS The relics of the. usually designed ticularly focused upon humanity. She remains hopeful that the Reconcilers and the fallen angels as a whole . The Armor of Air is enchanted into a small symbolic adornment. a!l a poorer vessel would not serve ro hold the pnweiful enchantments theartif'aGt requires. built fat protection and defense. the better to protectthem. they're prepared to sit idly by. w ~ther giving a fallen comrade a chance to serve In one last way or q u ietl y disposing of ideological orpo1r~jcal rivals. to act as a messenger and emissary of [he Raveners.Reconcilers or no . but she. the Heavltnly H05t found and retrieved the. the Seen's andthese of other Houses capllhl. a travelerbackpacking and working her way around the world. The banishment' of the fallen angels to the Abyss hit her very hard.

to allow the spirit to activate the artifact's powers at the correct times. The armor d e not provide any defense against attacks that are not normally mitigated by armor.. Like regular armor.. if the user i mortal).. the Armor of Air is acti vated by the spiri t bound into it. Relics of . The air shell is quite resi rant to force.. These spirits usually have access to Foresee (Parterns ••• ) and two or three ocher evocations from other lore paths. The spirits trapped within these relics were u ually those f the Fourth Hou e. they acquire restorative properties that are applied ro the first person r take a dri nk. The owner can choose to activate it if he wishes. (he Armor of Air provides the wearer with a dice pool. is not sufftcienr to cushion the beneficiary from It can I e activated an unlimited number of times per day.. -are all empowered with System.. although it: fall ing damage or the like. If the indjvidual demon in the relic has Manipulate Gravity. the relic' wearer can use the annat' dice p o[ to resist fallin damage and the Wee as well a damage from combat. or . When the armor is protecting against melee or hand-to-hand attacks in close combat.' those created since demonic presences. USll!ally. pirirual Infusi n)... and the player must make a Faith roll to do so (or WlHpower. (0J1D17\LOr Dl\G.1l0lil~nF1'IIl~ F e\LLY". the relic actually takes the form of a flask.i\J The Cord ial of Dagan d raws on the power of the Lore of Awakening to hea] the sick and wounded.. re pectively). In that case the attacker may make a resisted Strength + A rhletics roll (difficulty 7) against the armor's dice pool to touch the wearer. Mastery of the Lore of Pattern I invaluable in predicting incoming attacks. Empowerment •• (Vessel Control. The Cord ial of Dagan was fi:r: t develope 0 ea e the !burden n Scourges stretched to their limits after major barrles and drsa ters during the war. This spirit uses its own powers to detect or predict incipient attack and activate the shell of air j u st in time to protect the wearer from harm. Evocations from the Lore of the Fundament are common for strengthening the shield of air. of six with which to soak ranged attacks. The Entrapped Spirit: Binding •• (may only resist orders directly contrary to it nature). or others wirh similar lore. the attacker must succeed ina resisted roll against it. 'however. Manipulate Inertia or Manipulate Cohesion (Fundament .. When warerororher potable llquld are placed within it. Desp ite the name. unless [he attack requires physical contact with the victim. carafe or other device far storing liquid.

Each use of the Crystal Ballrequhe. she must reactivate the ball to l09k again. B~n Two successes show a five-yard (@ius -areund the 'target. If [he user is unsarisfied with the vislob. activation. The:difficulry for the roll is. unless they are caused by other supernatural sources. Activation requlres . Obviously. he cotlkl ha. she sees.a faith roB or expending a Faith po in t for de mons. bue he wotAd then have been left. relative to her.sohas three levels of lethal damage from a figk His p.. The relic will nor cleanse liquid Itself if it is poisoned or contaminated. The Crystal Ball isrransparent. These artifacts were invaluable for aiding the Asharu in their guardianship of humanity. the difficulty will always he 8.. me (Hll.in good health despite.so looking through it shows outlandish dtsroruons of what's on the other side. (~ne: success shows an image of the target and his surroundings.tJi~ used one of those successes to heal all of his bashing damage . Example: Za. whatever they may be. One success (against difficul~y 7) is sufficient [0 cure the drinker of diseases and maladies.chariah is afflicted with cancer and hru three levels of ba. and any residue of a dose that affects someone wjll cease to have any special properties of its own. but sweeter liquids were often used [0 produce medications for children. and therefore a drinker will suffer any ill effects caused by the liquid. Lf she's mortal.s. Doses cannot be split to affect several people. The elixir has a dice pool of 8 to affect the physical maladies of whoever drinks it.. Drawing on the Lore of the Firmament. the player males a Willpower roll or spends a Willpower point. but converting each dose requires a minute.8 if the user has the targe ['S possessions or mortal name.the demands on the Second House. The artifact can be activated an unlimited number of times per scene. we ighing several pounds. System: Activating the.this nature were developed and lent to mortal aides who would minister to the wounded aftera battle. or a W illpowe r roll or poi n t for mortals. Most are three to four inches in diameter. In [he case of the target's name. and getS fOLir successes. '7 if she's targeting a. the user must inscribe it in angelic script and rest the !BaHon the writing: for tangible possessions the Crystal Ball can be placed upon them or held just above. it shows her visions. AJ.and such power requires a strong vessel to hold it. A CrYSTal Ball is a round. Celestial Name a(ld 6 for a True Name.imbued elixir that will cure the UL Someone who drinks the liquid must consume all of it to be affected (although leaving a few drops behind does not pose a problem). The relic takes one minute [0 convert half a pint of liquid into the power. then It is imbued with the Lore of Awakening as the artifact's power rushes into it. the user must fill it with half a pint of dean and potable liquid.eelixir has no effect on aggravated damage.)ALL The myths of crvs ta 1 balls possessing marvelous clairvoyant powers had to stem from somewhere \ and the Crystal Ball relics of theScourges are the probable cause. Every additional success will heal one level of the drinker's lethal damage.properties. [he user calls on the power of the relic. Cry$tan Ball requlres the user's player to make a Faith ro~l or s-pend a Fa ith pain r if the chsracter is one of the fallen. To use the Crystal BaH. if the user seeks a mortal.. TI'1. with either [he cancer. He chooses to use one success ro cure the cancer within him. Once it has been activated. Three successes allow {he user t<l hear as well as see the proceedings. The artifact is powerful in that it combines two evocations to produce its effects. The: dose remains completely normal until the end of that minute. they allow the user to see the location and situa tion of any target she chooses. the ball has a peel fjf seven dice to produce irs effects. to rna lln~ rain the popu ladon.5Ti\. The physical objects used for the Cordial of Dagan have always been of exquisite manufacture. Note that nobody other thanthe user can see 'the images or hear the sounds of the Crystal Ball's revelations. but it reflects and refracts light at crazy angles. The artifact must be activated every time a dose of elixir is imbued with healing. Some few were bestowed permanently on human leaders and healersftorn isolated settlements.shing damage.at once.L 1. and applies [he three remaining successes to heal his lethal damage. heavy sphere of dense crystal.the charac tel"' s various maladies. Water ns of course the most common. an. System: To produce the healing effects of the Cordial of Dagan. She must merely know the target's name or have one of his possessions. He al./ayer roUS eight dice after he drinks a draft from the Cordial of Dagan against difficulty 7. One success is also sufficient to heal all of rhe drinker's bashing damage.of (he target. Hall he wished. Four successes give d1e user a sense of the direction the target is in. 51 . [he user rests it over the target's name or possessions. The number of successes determines the amount of information the Crystal will show. or an one /eval of lethal damage. He can allocate them wherever he chooses among .

System: Eagle Ey. their powers constantly in effe:c. contact lenses and are often colored OJ styled to suit Jars of Winds were rradlrlcnally day receptacles strengthened wi th willow. to safeguard the mortal lives so central to the Asharu's role in Creation.eves.EcIE. good idea to have tame wi nels available even. The lenseS come ali a pair. Scourgeschosero focus on their roles ali. (Consider [he jar's Strength to be 8. and the first Eagle Eyes were created.g~i'll5t d. the user's player must 012ke a Faith roll or expend a Faith point (for demons). more powerful relics that produced winds with enough power to batter down doors and walls of that disguise. with tlglitl y firting lids wedged i.the relic's user can take the indirect approach and cause damage ro a target by pushing lr over. and fortified buildings. Opening a door with the jar uses the system found on page 233 of the Demon core rules. [QO. They have been updated in rhetr construction in rhe modem world. [he usennustmakea$rtlllli. were envied by all whosoughrto watch the world. although they are used for much more than corrective or cosmetlcpurposes. They me crystal lenses tharfic over the eyes. none were capable of forgetting [heir dtvine associarinn wirh the air and skies.E7\GLr. and it was often. breaking or affecting other physical objects is covered by the Feats of Strength table on page 232 of the Demon rulebook. they are made. The relic has eighrdice (or irs orher uses and its effects in general. These relics supercede the usual 8biliry of the f<lillento detect someone uttering their name. in the modem. If the winds are used to blow aW2 y noxious gases. When the lenses are first worn. Even so. Indeed. Each activation requires a Faith roll or an power roil or point for mortals. lu the days of the war.t's pow~r:. They can be used as a pool ro exert force against people rather than abeating wlllJ. a strong gust of air streams out continuously. the jarcanclear iii cubic foot of aia every five seconds. After wearing the lenses fora week.. They were valued. co look.es bestow more-than-perfect Sight on the wearer. Ir is forceful enough to knock people down. but as it's a steady pressure remain them. lnevirablv. Failing a Stamina check lnfliets a level afbashingdamage on the wearer.) Similarly.for everything fromclearing miasmas and polluted air to keeping hostile bodles at bay. or off a surface. Narurallv .ey can. System: Using the Jar of Wtnds merely requires When the lid ofaJruofWinds is opened.as her eyes become a character to remove lid. The jar expenditure of a Faith point (elf demons. for the incredible perceptive abilities they bestowed upon the Asharu scouts who were 50 invaluable to Lucifer's hosts. still be used. The Ml1IIu were tJ[ iginall y created as pan of the Rouse of the Rising Wind. raklng the form cf anvrhtng from a thermos flask to a kitchen srorage jar.while the maximum range of her sight is extended literally ten-fold.5 TI1e eyes of the Anshar. relic-makers decided that that abilicy should be shared with other demons. . and although many &r:D'S l)rJ\CON Need's Beacon ill one ofthe relics must commonly given to mortals. The winds.rI place.t': mey have been activated. j[ will push targets around or over rather than inflicting damage directly upon or objects. healers and protectors. of the marta 1using the arti fact. and the only work when worn as 11 pair. considered a.ifficulty 7) until she has taken the lenses outand left them our ftlr a whole day without wearing them. much like. in much the same way that modem contact lenses do. The winds trapped within will roll forth._ so easily by Asharu of the Ellil visage WeT13mv:aluablec for tasks hig and small. Oru?.L1<1 check every day (a. Mortal. Ji\R Of' WII'ID'· to do d1e rest. and allow the fallen a quick and accurate glimpse. were aot designed to have lenses over them all tlie rime. Rumors persist of older. The swift gUSts co~ed. make an opposed roll using the jar's dice pool against the target's Strength. and allowing gravity unbearably imitated from the lenses.mey were crafted from the finesr crystal with honed evocarions. as we II as the peril threatenLng them. world.. but th. The jars of Winds known in [he modern world do not approach [his power. however. their lids are tight-Iitting very sturdy. me will blow for a full scene before petering out. these beacons were designed and enchanted forthat purpose. or~ Willpower roll or po Lot (fm mortals) to activate the attifac. Eagle Eyes draw upon the power of the Anshar v isage to improve the wearer's sight beyond measure.t until the lenses are next removed. or a Will· must then be capped and re-opened to reactivate its powers. To knock over an opponent. in a cons tam stream. At norma! viewing rangearhe relic's wearer can see derails she'd [lever normally notice ~ the difficulty of all Perception rolls decreases hy three . which could see ITom one horizon tothe other. when the Angels of the Wimds were otherwise occupied. The lenses do nor bestow any other enhanced senses on me wearer.

this is represented by a breakage of the relic's physical form as well. such enemies.. System: Activating me item involves System: Activating the infernal powers of a Plague-Knife requires the player to make a Faith or spend a point of Faith. . Three successes tell her how far away the morral is.LO dice for its effects 1 to he raUed against a difficulty of 7. black-bladed weapons with hooks l\mre me RITUALS Rituals were developed by the fallen angels in a ti me of need. TIle number of successes determines how much information the demon receives about the mortal. in her place. Once it's activated. This must be done during the enchaertment procedure.one level of damage. The. and four successes indicate in. PlagueKn ives bestow a horrible sickness upon their victims. In addition. butthe disease requires a difficulty of 9 to C1U(:.the player rol . the creator of the relic can sense that a mortal is trying to attract her artention. The mortal user of this relic does not have to be a thra 11ofthe demon who receives the message. The PlagueKnives Were ostensibly designed with this end in mi n I. it sends a cry of distress [0 me demon who created rhe relic. but it weakens any suFferers not immediatelydispatched by the blade. and cuts deeply. for which the replacement demon must be present. I'll most cases. TheV are the size of a large dagger. When the item is activated. the victim loses a ~emporlP"Y.the Plague-Knife's dice pee l. with a blade no more than 8 foot long. On a successful strike against an opponent . but once the wielder has called on its enchantments. Each beacon can be activated only once. be used only once. although few other demons wished to question the Scourges who gloried in their use. and ircannot be cured by ordinary medicine. and each activation lasts until one successful blow has been struck. or any number of sujrernenrral csearures. p. One success tells the demon who it is and what he looks like. though most were destroyed after the vanquished clemons. it has a pool of . Willpower point each day after the artac . [he Plague-Knife acts as an ordinary dagger in com bar. depending on the Torment of the demon who wields it. The demon rolls the relic's pool of t 2 dice. It can be activated lip to three. just as ifher Celestial or True Name had been spoken (see Demon.f:nW1'IiR f" 0 Need's Beacons are usually small glass tu bes with ornaments within.one t~t mfllet. 171). however. Plague-Knives are usually vicious. This inc ludes the walkiqgclead created by o~e[fallen·powers. ron Once thedagger has been activated. The disease is not usually contagious. desperate ran advanrage over their 53 . The Oleanse evocation of the Lore of Awakening can be efficaci. the Plague-Knife is just a knife. were banished ro the Abyss. Although theenchantment does not strictly require this condition. snagging his attention and indicating that the bearer of theitem needs him._s at least . make a Willpower roll or spend a point of Willpower. it was usually incorporated by the creators of these relics to discourage trivial or casual use by the mortals who bore them. for mortals. Once the enchantment is finalized.. A Plague-Knife cuts. breaking it open and making a Willpower roll or spending a point of Willpower. Note that the use of B Plague-Knife could count as an offense on the Hierarchy of Sins (see page 159 of the Demon core rules). It rakes the Asharu lore of healing and succor and evokes a twisted reflection to inflict pain and misery on a victlm. Wirnout activation.. Each success'infhcts a level of bash ing damage to the victim.This effect is not blocked by distance or [he barrier between dimensions. The beacons can. ar Storyteller's discretion. instead ofher Faith score (olifficulrv 6). times per scene. spun crystal balloons as pendants or other similar fragile body omaments. and ridges that hint of torture. the demon who enchants the relic can nominate another one of the fanIen to be the target of the cry fur help. The d~easp lingers for a number of daysequal to the wielder's Faith score. A number of variations of this weapon exist. [he new recipient counts as the creator for the purpose of the relic's powers. including any physical threat or people surrounding him. Note that the-Plague-Knife's powers donotwork against nonliving-but-animate opponents. crushing the bauble or otherwise breaking open the item.tldsuffers another level of basbing damage as the Plague-Knife's disease lakes effect in his body. Furthermore. target of the message cannot be changed. The enchantment is activated by snapping the reed. me PL]\GUE~ The Plague-Knife is a sad result of [he war's distortion of [he Asharu's proud purpose. but the worsrof its damage is in what II[leaves behind. what direction .oLls. and are then rendered inert. In [his case. more brutal Scourges realized early in the war that a wounded or sickened enemy was better than a dead one.8. ~gaiIlS_t. ancient and sturdy reeds. in addition to the levels of le1:1)ru damage done by the knife itself. Two successes show the mortal's surroundings. [he effects are far greater. for he required resources and effort from 11is allies to tend to him while he healed.

Secondary Lore: Lore of the Fundament • Base Cost: 10 Restriction· : The ritual must b cast under open ky. The higb. rhey would can serve their energies and extend theirabi li ies with ritual 'whenever they could.ious and coherenr. ties. The chariot is fanned pf douds of itter ac id and bilious air. Greenery wilts and bird drop our of the sky at its pass mg. Including the Lore of Awakening •••• allows the vessel to move without the direction of tine Ankida. he can perceive the group normally (though such perception does not magically reveal the group to alllY viewer other man that mortal). It's capable 0'£ full rhree-dimensronal movement.s OF'I'm: F \I. plus one extra person fot every dot of the . Variations: Storms More of the rituals of the Asharu can be found in Chapter Six of the Demon Players Guide.she does need to he COOSG. A demon can see the concealed group if 'he succeed on a score in miles. the chariot demareriaiizes and gravity reasserts irs hold over the former passengers. Many other fallen had no uch advantage and neither did any of their beloved mortalso the Cloud Chariot was developed. 11[8 speed is reduced to a quarter of normal. but 0 a much smaller degree.. making fast travel trivial. but passengers suffer level of 'bashing damage every hour from the vile air that surrounds it. and it emits a. providing breathable air for the passengers a long as the Chariot remains below water. Primary Lore: Lore of the Winds •••• Wirh rhe addition of the Lore of •• . w re invaluable. If the ritual is rn dified to increase the Lore of the Wincll to ••• '•• . The ritual summons evanescent wirls of fine cloud and mist thatsubrly billow around the Ankidaandl his companions. and it can only go to a dep h of 10 times the Ankida's Faith 'core in yards. maintaining their human charges - me health could me functions as usual. Torment. the group is hidden from mortal sight.onjures up a clear. Otherwise. and it can r ach an altitude of half the Ankida's Faith vessel like a chariot. TIle chariot can hold the ritual's .fast and maneuverable . The chariot is. glassy carriage or sleigh. and itt allowed safe and easy travel in an age of war when such advantages. - The courges were well S lilted CO rituals. The vessel moves at the-Ankida's will. Primary Lore: Lore of the Winds '••• Secondary Lore: Lore of Humanity ••• Base Cost: 12 Restrictions: The area of the sigil must be overlaid with maiden I veil soaked in tears. While Asharu were nor averse to immediate ac ion when circumranees warranted it. Each uccess gives me Cloud Minimum Casting Time: 36 minutes System: The ritual conceals the Ankida and his allies from '[he sight of mortals.11()uu. the conjured chariot can safely be ubmerged without fear of dissipation. [f he achieve more successes than the ritual casting did. .FOG or {JJi\I\ The Fog of War was developed to hide groups of demons and their morral allies from enemy troop . Minimum Casting Time: 25 minutes System: The ritual .noxiou tench of decay. but she can merely give the craft orders and then sleep. The fog automatically conceals the Ankida and a number of additional people-demons or ruortals==equal to the Anklda's Faith score. The ritual does affect the erceptions 0 other fallen. the group vanishes from morral sight and even becomes hard to spot by other demons. + urvlval.If for some reason she passes out. The ve el can travel below water with no problems. ince so many of their most important responsibiliand protection of be exercised at a distance orr over a period of time. She must still be aboard. Roll tarnina Chariot one hour of existence. CLOUD Cftf\Jl nOT Demons with mastery over the Lore of the Fundamenr Of the L re of Winds found that their powers added easy strength and speed [Q their wings.Ll!' opponents. The vessel will c ntinue with its predefined orders as long as [he ritual lasts. It 5-1 . I [8 top speed (in mille's per hour) is equal to the Ankida's Faith score multiplied by 50. the vessel takes its own air supply with it. pass om or become as incoherent as she likes. It destroys small creatures and plants in its wake. It shapes air into a solid vessel for the Ankida and her friends and allies to ride. or until the Anlkida gives new commands.Ankida. although its progress is far slower. in an area of at least 60 percent humidity. though it cannot be subrnergec] in watee wlthout dissipating. is incapable of rarional mental thought (such as being drugged) or leaves the vessel.~Torrnent effect of this ritual create a vessel shaped of the very essence of corrup[ion. WIth nothing so vulgar as a puff of smoke. The players of each rnorta I who should see the hidden group may make a Willpower test against difficulty 8. Although she doe n't need to concentrate onttfigidl y .Anldda's permanent Faith score.

Shot through with angry gra y and red streaks.f is. A ml'lr'tal can resist this effect with a successful W illpower [0 U (difficuI ry 8}! bur if the roll achieves more' successes than the Ankida's Willpower.he humans on whose beh. setting plans in Primary Lore. [he fact to protect the hmnans when it was necessary and the Asharu could !lOt be there. Demons and others with supernatural awareness register the cloud as a supernatural presence or source of supernatural energy (sec:Demon. culty for viewers to see through the cloud by one. flock of gulls. it looks Like a thundercloud in miniature.an vthi ng but d iscreet. • • Base Cost. but the cloud itse l. fought Even. they saw something else entirelyparticularly innocuous something and appropriate. Each success gives the fog an hour of dunn ion. After which it dissipates immediately. like a grazing herd of deer. p. ally the: Asharu motion before. turned to preventative medicine.lll'\\O Perception + Alertnessroll to the Ankida's Fauh. Lore otA..mr's bose to exercise restraint and Care fi:l>H. 172). then the entire effect of the cloud..alf ci\e.voidab le in the poor living cond i. a group of toddling children or anything else that would lull the mortals into inattention. tions of a war-torn land and supernatural maladies that spread as fast as breath thanks to m. a. [he characters within the cloud become invisible to animals as well. 10 55 .wakening·· Secondary Lore: Lore of Partems. Including Humanity •• suggests to mortals affected by the concealment that they didn't just see Adding the Lore of Light • increases the diffi- nothing at all.:illdous Or hard-hearted members of the Secoll-d House on b~th sides of the conflict. T ormennWhen T ormenr affects th is ritual. the fogir creates is ominous and menacing . Enemies who come into contact with the fog are scalded by its venom.both n atural diseases ull'3. rnOCUU\TE The Inoculate ritual Was developed by desperate Asharu who wearied ~ seeing the Jill-man tribes ravaged agai n and again by thed iseases of war . is negated for that mortal only. with a difficulty equal Roll Dexterity + Manipularion. Variationse With the addition of the Lore of the Beast •• .. It inflicts the Ankida's Faith score in levels oflethal damage 0[1 any non-concealed person touched by the cloud..Gil WTP.\.The figures wi ch in are obscured by the lJi llows. concealment and all. Their patience wore thin with Constant intercessions to the rest of the Motnings.

though the Inoculate effects may mirlgare the fO[eolgn power in some way CONCEPT Most Scourges are focused on one of several core motivations. nurturing parents or distant airborne watchers. Faith score over the duration of the ritual's effects. described here. The protection is unspecific and unalterable. The version ef thls ritual affected y T rment make the reeipien immune to disbut turns [bern with whom they come. so the subject cannot choose to voluntarily lift his resistance to a contaminating factor. as the ritual's lingering effects counteract the alcohol byproducts before they render him intoxicated. and they are bitterly disappointed at the rna es who Let them down. The Asharu are the sweet breath of rhe morning breeze that lifts and invigorates. A Scourge with his mindset rnight gravi tate to such mortal hosts as] udges. Roll the Ankida's Willpower [difficultv 7). but most belong to one of the following archetypes. in contact. though Scourges are me at the Storyteller" discnetion.nOlISESOFTIIEF·lliE~ Restriction : The sigil must be drawn in quicksilver. The-high. each net success on the Ankida' roll Inflicts a level of ashing damage on everyone who camel into physical contact with the infected character. these characters will never be idle. Players of demons and other creatures attempting to inflict supernatural diseases on the character may make a Willpower roll (or the equivalent for tha creature) with a difficulty of the Ankida's Willpower. In the World of Darkness .medical workers are the mo t common candidates. and who seek 0 'remold mankind in a better. for example. many Scourges till feel that humans could do SQ much more with heir pc tential. and me wife and observant Asharu were alway in demand as cours. OrmaTION me CHaRacr. as the deadly plagues and horrific violence of the modem world wound more mortals than they can heal. protective. and many Scourges held humanirv to very high standards of behavior. parental impulses toward humanity often developed into a conviction that the demons knew what: was be t for their mortal charges.Torment version of thisritual ea e anti similar harm them elve and even loving parents. During casting of the ritual. The number of successes indicates die. Healer: The Breath ofUfe wa the purview f the Second Hou e and Scourges could never turn their backs on the helpless mortals ro whom they'd brought life. resisted by the highe to he vienms' Willpower ratings. demons.whether that someone wishes it or not. during the course of the protection.mR Whether loving. roll Stamina + Medicine (difficulty 6). If the ritual rakes effect. brighter irnag . animals and indeed all Iiv ing things. The protection of the ritual lasts for a number of weeks equal to the Ankida's Faith score. Scourges' fare has always been intimardyinvolvedwiththatofrheirhumancharges. There are many other possible concepts for members of the Second House. In the modern world. he cannot be afflicted with any disea 'e. when tainted enough. Minimum Casting Time: 25 minutes System: The Inoculate ritual protects all the beneficiaries from future infection. Anklda' . number of people the rlrual can protect. political activists and vigilantes. me While a subject is protected from harm by [hi ritual. Although it is equally efficadolls on mortals. pie and Judge: The Asharu's 5(i . Variation: Increasing-die Awakening level to • • • allows the proteC!!IDn [Q heal minor wounds [he beneflc. Each subject can smug off <I number ofba5hlng or lethal health levels of damage equal [Q ilie. disease and ill health for a given period of time. the breeze carries bi tterness and ash as the Scourge can bear her pain no longer and descends into madness. Scout: The vision of [he Second House stretched for leagues. though an insensitive or hard streak allows him to act for someone's own good . suffer any infections or be poisoned. Torment: into "plague rats" who infect everyone lasts for one week. Healers are drawn to possess mortals with the same prot ctive and nurturing urges.ies sustain. schoolteachers less mishap. the Inoculate ritual is usually used to protect. An Asharu healer is usually compassionate and gentle. Note that thl ti tua] does not prevent a recipient from simple harm sustained through combat or care- al 0 attracted to volunteer workers. morals campaigners. lawmakers. Yet.iar. Success indicates that the power takes effect. This section offers suggestions for ereating unique and interesting Asharu who fir [he precepts and principles of the Second House.group of mortals to whom the Asharu do not have easy or frequent access. he cannot become drunk.. These demons are drawn to human host who similarly expect bumanity to live by the codes they feel are important.

mary lore was his "profession.1'1"10]'. such as those embodied by the scout concept.." and he will almost certainly have skills and aptitudes related to his role as a part of Creation.. Judge. ~IClny Scourges . Finally.HllWl'fl'llWcriru. angel' pri.'-'"1'0 TI1t. Instead of .attructcd III rhc mortal as .1 the Firmament. and Loners. Child.1:\(1 '.lraWl1l11 (l'adlll and m. The Asharu were crcarcd (u nurture and protect... t hc Ash. Curmudgeon.. In ndditinn. who are loath to put artificia] obstacles between themselves and their beloved children. Natures such as Architect" Autocrat. Demons with these aptitudes often choose mortal hosts with a similar love of knowledge and data. and it i me obvious choice for healers. Deviant. In particular.arderred Scourges who feel compelled La realize humani y's potential by measuring them against com 57 . Nature and Demeanor.information-gatherers.f nld were the Angels olthc Winds nn . sometimes astrunnuts or aeronautic scientists. Consider he likely lore choices for your character as you d sign h is concept. The Demeanors of rnanv Scourges are relatively similar to their Natures. Dir. hackers or anyone else with a yearning for knowledge and the freedom to acquire it in their own way.. PRJ11]\p&rLolre Although ~evisage and primary lore of the character are cho en.w he ther hu maul ty wishes (0 be pus h ed or not. . however. an healing and love rhev have III ()ff(·r. near the end of character creation. hut they can simply he disappoi nred pl'llpll. Lore of Awakening: Tlais is the [are ofhea. the Scourges who are unstable -and disoriented as they learn about the modem world are often off balance enough that their behavior ls llttle indication of their trueN1lrure. The demon I::. The Visage of Aw. SlIch hosts are lIsually pilots.ikening does r physical bonuses and improved Stealthcapabiliti s. 1'111'..\ replacement. Conformist. Those who have followed this pam and been wounded by it often have Natures such as Addict. Thrill-Seeker or Trickster Natures.111d these fundnrncnml impulses often drive them toward morral husts who uccd the chllnsill. The hedonism of some of these lifestyles ami the thoughtless carelessness of others does not suit driven Asharu who were always made for devorion to a cause .whatever that cause might be. or iII: might be a deliberate attempt to keep the secrets tbey learn dose to their chest'. me these A~11<Inl :Irl' ln. Most Scourges are individualistic rather than focused on organizations.111)' '.I morral hasl'd on how f'Hn il inr (he host's menta Ii tv is. rhc healer Ivpc is 11ften . The more reflective and cautious of the. This approach (1!~~1 means [11. 111. spl'f<ltt: Cur k prorcctinn.. and its lower-levelevoeation are invaluable fOi'\tiolent and cornbar-interu ive groups who cannot afford to be put out of action for long. Gambler or Masochist as they lose themselves in [he experiences of Life to avoid having to think about it. love or !lying and the open skies.ector.part icula rlv t hose ott hc Ell i I visagl' -me sirup] y . It's well sulted for characters in supportive roles. HOLt.n h LU discard the IUI- man elements (II' their new selves. Those who have lost hope and despair of the world sometimes became Monsters. Conniver.11 Few Scourges have Bon Vivant. nUL .ling and the Breath oflife.L! exacting standards and pushing them as hard a possib le .."l'dy mortal» . as few have an interest in the kind of decep tion and secretiveness implicit in hiding their true selves from the world. ofcen have a stronger fa~ade" This might be an unconscio us result of their objective and di 'passionate observations. data analysts.1niffectsmorta±s-cancil demons equally.Asharu.' wi th f<li led arnbi nuns for [he skies. they're inti arelv connected With your character's focu and personality.they are beings driven to provide care and succor to others without rhought:for themselves. This is particularly true of the more compassionate Asharu. Martyr or Pedagogue .i Sconrges are drawn to their Iwsb hy the mortal's need of I hem.which might &TURE7\ND D'Ef1Ei\NOR Those Scourges wh are focused on their gift f life usually have N ture uch as Caregiver.lruwn tl I mortals with . and lU\1 late rhe Scourge finds himse lt in (he boJ)' uf ~l hvpuc houdriac or stlf-absorhl'J coward. and they often have Traditionalist Natures that reflect the importance of status ill their lives. and while you make choices about other traits. Gallant. Tho e Scourges who loved this work often love it still. Perfectionist and Visionary are more appropriate for the more h. Fanaric. because {he SC(lur1L1' is not t he same as the human.Ull l. A number of Scourges still focus on the status of the Asharu as the Second House of angels. An. Rebels and Rogues are more common.1 complemem. Bravo. and they are happiest when they're well informed.lll't hl"arll'. A scout might find herself possessing spies.

Healers should have high Stamina. That said. The lore of the Winds has little relevance to healers. 50 [hey can meet the demands of their roles. consider these few general rules when determining an Asharu character's Attributes. Judges. it allows for the creation of "unnatural" life. Like most Asharu evocations.appeal [0 scouts. judges can find ir useful for information-gathering purposes. The Lore of the Finnarnent is ideal for scouts. and the high-Torm. the most v iolent of the Scourge's lore. 1\TTRI5UTE5 The Scourges have a relatively wide variety of stereotypes. Stamina is the most important of the three. particularly those who don't wish to use the high-Torment Awakening evocations. the powers of the LOTe of the Winds will work on mortals and demons alike. but the lore as a whole is most useful for judges who wish to caU dlown the punitive fury of the heavens upon those they've deemed unworthy. if they . to avoid the refrain of "physician. Combat-oriented Scourges might find this the most effective primary lore. It's vital for Scourges of the Ell ll and Dagan visages. but healers may be dismayed by the detachment from other people ir implies. as i[ forms the core of most of their evocations. and they can be used to very destructive ends. At higher levels. Scours might appreciate the powers of the visage. there are no obvious choices when allocating Ami bute priorities. heal thyselL" Scouts are likely to be relatively physically active and should put Physical Attributes as their second prionry tf not [heir first. The EUil visage improves sensory and athletic abi lities. The Anshar visage improves sensory and evasive abilities.they are optimized for effective spying and at higher levels (hey allow the character [Q use the if other powers a e greater distances [han usual. representing vi rality and wholeness as they do. PrnSlCt\L The Physical Attributes are important for the Angels ofUfe. and unlike some other Houses.enc effects of the evocations inf ict corruption and disease. if not other Physical Attributes. Scourges who ha vechosen the pam of the judge might find It appropriate if their punishments are intended to be particularly cruel. might choose to favor other Attributes over the physical. as it covers the bodily health integral to the concept of healing. Lore of the Firmament: The evocations of this lore are focused on power at a distance . although there are no improvements to interacting with others in combat or social situations. Lore of the Winds: Th is is ane lemental power of air and storms.

The other visages can choose where they may. but one Know ledge stands out . The more physical of the scouts should allocate good ratings [Q Alertness. Every single evocation of the Lore-of the Winds uses that Skill. Perception. Scourges of the Firrnamenr should focus on.sO([?\L Social Attributes are less important [0 a Scourge than to a Devil or Defiler. . fuflThL Mental Attributes are of varying importance to Scourges. to reflect their long years of interacting with mortals. Survival is ~iiaf for demons of the Ellil visage. none are of overriding importance. TIle other A nributes are best" allocated [0 suit the.ano KNOW LEDGM Many Asharu are not particularly learned. In this case. as Mental Attributes are not essenrial to the ir lore. alrbough some are essential. reflects the l\. Social Attributes are paramount for demons of the Anshar visage. wh He judges who've chosen their path through sheer spiritual despair and anger might dispense with intellectual pursuits altogether. Physical Attributes if they've chosen the Lore of the Winds as their primary lore. and they might wish to make Mental A ttrtbu zes their lowest priority. Modem-day scams should also take high ratings In Securirv and Technology to represent mastery over the modem world's [Dais of informacion -gathering. Those who do their inrelligence-gathering up close and personal will need high Wits scores to negotiate the treacherous reefs of modem spy-craft. bur Mental Attributes are very important for scouts. such as the aforementioned combat medics ~pies. so of the three Attributes. Demons of the Ansharvisage might wish to make Talents the first priority of their Abilities. Judges of a contemplative and philosophical nature might have developed a high Intelligence as they've pondered [he state of the world. however. and: demons of the Dagan visage in general. they're spread fairly evenly across the AbiHry groups. but few Scourges wish to dissociate themselves from society completely. who just excel ar things that everyone can do to some extent. nipulation scores if [hey hope to shape humanity's course by any means except punishment.f not their primary. . OF the three Mem81 Attributes. with reference [Q his Nature. and! ir. Several of the Ansharvtsage's evocations rely on Perception. but most are less use fut to the Asharu. Some healers mi_ghl: wish [0 follow suit. while a:ffecting thralls at a distance is based on Leadership. As for [he apritudes of the Asharu as a House. It's also useful for any other Asharu who might find themselves without the comforts of horne. should have excellent ratings in Medicine. and Talents are. Judges should at least have high Ma- '1"'l\LI::NT5 Unlike other Houses. Healers should put Social Attributes as their secondary priority.Abilitygl"oups 1:0 [he' Asharu as a whole. They provide combat effectiveness in the form of Melee and Firearms SkiUs. 5T~LS Ski lls are the most llsefulofrhe.igh a rating as they can justify for theircharacter. they might wish [:0 focus only 0111. Cha risrna is the most accurate reflection of their gifts. me Of the other Skills. most have little need for focusing on their Talents. in valuable in the process. a good bedside manner or any number of other soorhtng characteristics for which the Asharu were always known. and specialized Sk\lls slUch:as Stealth are essential for SCOUltS. you allocate points into each trait.BILITIE5 to Your character's Abilities are often augmented by the mortal host's life before [hem. i. scouts. the Scourges tend [0 focus on doing what no one else can. so they might prefer to excel in other Attributes. if their characters have combat experience. Three Lore of Awakening evocations are based on it. and Rltil demons should take as h.intend to exact their requirements without direcr combat and violence. The other Asharu v isages do not focus on Talents at all. Healers tend to be less cerebral than their fellows. and all scouts rely on excellent Perception. Red Cross workers and similar healers have their work em out for them just staying alive. result. Athletics. High ratings in Empathy and Awareness are invaluable for using (be Lore of the Firmament for gathering infermarion. The focus depends on the character's visage. so give thought where you r character's Abili ties have come from as 5f) . Many military medics. Crafts is used by one. and Streerwise is useful for all. Awareness and Dodge. As >lI. fu the judges' choice of primary lore is less clear-cut than for healers or scouts. Scouts are the' most detached of the Scourges. many of their higher-rated evocations depend on Man ipulation. as all of their primary lore's evocations use Talents.Medicine. character's individual personafitv. eyocarion of [he Dagan visage. Healers.

. others might find caking an.e. toxic In that case. morral host before possessicn.. [han healers. the lore would be appropriate.and perhaps even Occult .eal~and polson-c-ss well as affecting diseases. giving him rhe ablliryte ll.ded. Healers tend to be relatively self-sufflclenc and often don't need rhe extensive web of connections that I'::Imer eharactersrely upon. at least two dots in ()O . hut it's probably not worth their while taking it any further than that during character erearion and the early stages ofcharacter development . and the Cleanse evocation at second dot is 1'1 useful supplement to the character's abilities as fI medic. dar provides. and any hea lercharacrers of [he Dagan v isage should allocate aU three dots to it at character creation. vlgilantes find! Resources useful S. Pacts are very common. and it would use mostcf character's freebtes that could be better spen elsewhere. Paragon mignr. to gain access to the high-Toemene effectsoiflleanse. Characters who follow tlus path.crusaders among Judges might choose co focus Awakenings QO if they'vechosen the Lore of focus me judges. ref1. Research and Science . although [he harsh and critic. although the risky and Several other Knowledges areparticularly useful for scouts who do t:heir informatiou-gathenng 1'1. lrnproving the rating to four dots isn't neces- to do his job. SCOll tsmight fLnd ODe dot in Lore of l\ wakening useful. judges find a variety of Backgrounds helpful.g mission. Allies.rr any. and there are several that are particularly appropriate for Scourges.Hve.are also common. Allies and Contacts can sdllbe useful <15 morral resources to draw upon in carrying aUl: charncrer'shealiIl. Knowledge such as Academics. but. 1't'S not essential. \7IRT~ Asharu strong Here. judges are 1t:S~ concerned with Knowledge». Healers tend [Q have: ratings uutl [he Virtues and exemplary ra rings path of vengeance. Their Virtues are more evenly balanced. though. Even jud!:ll.ndmg a network of inteUigel:lc:e. for the detective properties hnplicit in. usuallv have fairly low Conscience ratings. Computer Knowledge is vital in [he modern world of intelligence.-g·theting in the mo~ral world. An addirional dot for the Heal evocanon markedly increases the character's effecrlveness. risk BCqU iring a the poisonous. win have at least for Conscience. Lone or ?\'Wl\J<. and Coneacrs is probably I:nglem. High ratings in these Knowledges should be ubiquitous for scout Scourges. The Scourge's heallng gifts draw eager [lfl9ITalsto supply Faith.ENlNG This is the quintessentiai lore for healers. however.al Judges rarely form ponds strong enough to justify Allies. evocation from another lore useful in supporting their character's abilities . a healer me essenna Ifor a healer. InflueRtle-'m'e all also useful far ext. Contacts and Fot1owerc. but it's the first evocation of rhe tore. Scouts tend to be less emotional and more dear- II: exemp llfies the compassion of passing familiadty with medicine. except me most detached of the scours.. Wimout the will flnd it hard Heal evocation that the third. abLy decided the character's primary lore. dependmgen the way they choose to act.ect an aspect of their and d. Find [he Faithful. Some concepts will wam to devote all their starting dors of tore [0 one path. In many ways they are the antithesis ofrhe healers that most of them used to be. the differehce between the stereotypes of is made most plain.S. Judges are focused primanly on Conviction and LoRE change the world often choose solid ratings in Law and Politics. you stlll have to decide how far your characrer will speclelize inir and which other lore to take .lit useful Backfor tbe:~e characters.[ a distance. lot of what modern-day scoursdc. Many are tied to the Iife of the. which con ram inate with disease.are appropriate for scouts who were once morral researchers obsessed with knowledge.:~who use the ir powers to poison rather than heal must know what tney're poisoning.Q they . [heir nature and their desire eyed and dlspasstonare [0 help at any OOS[. Most Asharu. Those who ground me- sary as Animate is our of sync with the stereotvpical healer concept.as rogue. me By thiastage of character generation you've: proh- l)J\CXGI10UNDS All of the available Backgrounds can be helpful and 'relevant fOT Asharu characters. Find the Faichful is nor me SCOuts find inforraatlou resources invaluable. 011theugh those who seek to work within system to solitary nature of their role as. and the Invesugation and Research Knowledges cover 3.spies and intelligencegatherers often indicates a hlg11 rating in Courage. and it's not uncommon to see a strongCourage rating reflectmg' [he character's willingness to pur himselfon the line for his convictions. POrthe s ingle-min. Courage ratings can vary. Followers and me a~t.general focus: on health and healing that is 50 stereotypical otthe ASfu'lI"U as a whole.can 1Il8Lmctin an independent lifestyle.

judges and healers are better served by specializing in their primary lore. A scout who has put two dots into the Lore of the Firmament is wise to put his third dot into the Lore of the Fundament. find little utility in the Lore of the Winds and are better served by allocating their dots of lore [0 other evocations.and Fist of Air for direct damage in violent situations. bUE most Asharu are not corubat-intensive characters. since they ate 'usually !the most combat-oriented of the Ashasu. but most can flnd more important places to spend their dOES. although the higherrated evocations in the lore focUls on using demonic powers at a distance and are. scouts may find it useful to put a dot into the Lore of Humanity for the Translate evocation. and judges might find the points better spent elsewhere. Scouts might a180 find it useful for improving [he Ability rolls for: g-aIDeri1\§ information. particularly in conjunction with Summon Wind or Command the Wind. Willp-oweTIs most useful for (Of\/10rq LORE The Lore of [he Fundament is useful for almost every character. The Lore of the Firmament is less vital for SOOLI rges with other priorities. but particularly so for scouts. who find the advantages of Manipulate Gravity and Manipulate Adhesion undeniable. however. can be very useful for judges who understand the value of vision. Spending another dot fm Command the Wind improves the character's mobility further and pu ts him in a good position to move on [Q Wall of Ai r and Cyclone later in the chronicle. since they often have a notable weak point when ir comes to Eorncience. when the character's rating in his primary lore is more impressive. Judges can avoid this. however. although Command the Wind at three dots extends the advantage provided by Summon Wind. The easy comprehension of any language is in valuable. It does affect [he range and duration ora number of evocations. or 61 . Empathy ami various Knowledges. so they are better served by saving the points for other uses. Most of the later evocarions are less useful [Q them. Scouts may also choose to put a dot into the Lore of the Winds.a~ ment or HumanIty. Alternatively. which ls Llseful for rnobilirv . With wings . therefore. This is not essential. Spending freebie Healer Scourges shou Id focus 01) ilnprov ingtb:eir Medicine. mostly from the Lore of the Firmament. for Remote Viewing. so of all the Asharu. Ir's worth improving Faith by a point or so if you expect a lot of combat. Healers. which makes it a risky proposition as a primary lore. 1I'HE {}JINDS The Ellil visage is most appropriate for judges who wish to direct the storm's fury at the unworthy. Since WiUpQwerhas. Judges m igot find a dot in the Lore of the Fundament useful for Manipulate Gravity. TIlLS level of mastery of the lore is better left for later in the chronicle.OrTI1ErlI\~rIT This lore is the obvious choice for scours among the Asharu.entl the ff~ebie pelrus 0 impro ing combat ability. and! they should put at leasttwo dots into it. and probably more useful to more sedentary scouts than the Lore of the Fundament. although combat-oriented] udges will ga in some benef~t. Mas [A:l?haru don't need a significantly improved WiUpower. simply for the mobility advantage that Summon Wind can provide. by contrast. Scours ace best served by improving Perception. although spare ffieebie pohus are invajuahle for extra dots LO the Lore [be Futl(l. and they should put at least two dots into tr. btu in general. Lonzor immune me to mind centro I. which is very LoRE'. judg'esnave a variety of aptitudes and might wish. and since demonsare automatic successes on ordinary actions.. Healers an(ll SCOl1[S might wish to spend spare' freebie points on improving their Virtue ratings. Doing so win provide Summon Wind. the Anshar visage is the best suited for improving Faithas a starting character.so improv ing Faith atcharacter creation isn't essential. Remote Viewing and Scry form the core of the scout's arsenal of evocacions. since both stereotjpes often have higb overall Virrues. with an eye to improving the rating in it once his primary lore improves as well. tsp. no lnvolvemenrwith hardly any of Asharu evocations. an information-gatherer. since Asharn can't manipu~ate mortal mjnds and souls with their House [ore [he way othtI~ell1ons can. less relevant [0 useful for stealthy spies.CUAI'1'I:1it TIII() lot of Torment falrly quickly. however. points EO ger a second dot in the Lore of the Fundamem provides Manipulate Adhesion.especially in the apocalyptic form. A dot in it. Stamina and Charisma. however. rREE5IEPOINTS The Asharu Lore paths don't require expenditure of Fa ith points until higher levels .


.50 He created the Artificers. Moulding inw a vast Globe his tvrath. In (he long project ing. celesrialcarninakand outlawsfor [he hu mans they adored. tool and Wc. the Creator knew He needed a reality of more chan just emotion and spirit. to remain apart from monflls. raw stone and dancing electrons. He needed sp~ce and dimension to build upon.gures of even the But the Artificers failed Him. on a dwrio:t iron~wing'd.burnings . .w~tillno1: enough to gain the love of humanity.for. But the Annuaaktlearned that rebellion . by being too dedicated and too loyalby caring roo much about the universe they had constructed and the humans that they had crafted.nia. to bring His grand plan into reality. Fair love of build a universe fram the absolute eamriness of the void.FUZ01l. solid matter to form Creation on that platform and physical laws to govern it.. Son of Uriz. The best of them dedicated themselves to serving humanity from afar with their inventions. As the thun&r~stone Is-moulded. So the Malefaensrs rette.d fUrious: sparHes his hair and beard Shot down his wide bosom aM shoulders.re~:tu-ited love .They had the respect. And his right hand bums red in its cloud. humanity the Artificers fell and became Malefactors.en' 5 silent . [0 to create something rrom noth- Creator to continue HiE tyrannical rule. On spiked flames rose. He needed Creation to be 'Inar.. They were still doomed worship of humanity ~ but not its love. The Hook of_Aha.erial.:3 on.. as did all the other angels ofCreatioil. -WiUiam Blake. angels of substance and form.ated [0 tlie things they understcod->stone and metal. his hor visage Flam". On douds of smoke rages his chariot. always distant U!ITor and auchority .saking the Loveof God Himself. to allow the nurturing thel:r:lJl'l.

Others drowned in their own bitterness and hate. a perfect engine that exists to sing hosannas [0 the builders and artisans of Creation. blinding them to other issues . it is the elevation ofbumanity to the status of godhood.and it exploded. They will rework this realiry no matter what it takes . that infinitely dense point of being they had crafted over aeons . For while this creation of yours eoneains aU potential. For an eternity. the notion of matter. the Angels of the Fundament . bursting open (Q fill the entire boundary wid. For nothing can be made without something to build widl. Go now.the pain of rejection poisoning their souls with spite. Atoms of hydrogen and motes of elemental substance were spread over space. bu t the vision of a new tomorrow.l t must exist separately from Me. The void was not.absence of the void.~h.not an absolute negation of existence. but not destroy. And the Artificers reached out and brought two Single atoms together into first molecule. and they can do no less. Thus the process began.For some.TIley are the Annunaki.rhe Artificers.and they bent themselves to this task. and spin substance from the absence oftbe void. if only so mat He could actually exisr H ifuself. they mined substance from the BBForus ·nw FaLL In the beginning.strength of the Artiiicer-a. a point of inflnitelv dense matter accrued before the Creator. God created the House of the Dawn and the House of [he Firmament. TMEfrnST 5TONE 15 LAID As HLS first angels. could not be power. and made it from. All the obstacles are cleared away. while the massed choirs of the-Elohirn watched and waited for their opportuniryto join in the great work. light not substance .wtath and were cast into the Pit. Nothing is the opposite of something. Such things were necessary to design Creation.the boundaryofexistence. if that power could not fiad subscanceand existence. Both camps let their obsession with humanity define their actions. [Q become the equals of mortals and not their betters. To vou. bur it is not yet dom'!. The crippled wreckage of Crear ion is a terrible burning pain in the soul of every Malefactor. . the Artificers gathered again and workedfor another eternity. a broken mechanism that cries out [0 be repaired. and the substance from which to build it. breadth and volume. expressed. a total absence inro a SI mple nothingness . tools to degrade and destroy the blessed potential of humanity in an act of pathetic revenge. who could mold nothingness into the building blocks of Creation. we 6·4. falls the duty of creating a place in which Crear ion coo be built. atoms and stone. a ball of absolute substance and definition. "You have begun this great work. an even layer of matter. it cannot be realized while It exists here with Me. and! the opportunity to repair Creation is finally here.and hlinded. He knew. and you rnustcreate a place fOort (Q exist. mat spirit and idea would only go so far. not £I. the harbinger of the rich and complex Creation that waited to be brought intoexistence. so unlike thespirirual evanescence that were the other Elohim." The Artificers gathered. they fell to the force of Heaven's. angels of spirit and word. He created the Artificers. of spirit. The Artificers gave this boundary length. there was not nothing. an infinite expense of potential waiting to be explored. God needed agents to do His bi. . the very idea of substance and solidity. but a mere lack af substance. He created the angels. though.space . it is the chance to shape reality into what it always shouM have been. no thing. They crafted machines of torture and pain. tools of spirit and power that could craft a universe without overwhelming it with His direct tiny fragments of His own power given minds and wills of their own. The angels were being~. the utter negation of the void was balanced theinfinite power . so God needed to bring Creation into being.. but not sufficient to build Creation. So as His Third House of Elohirn. the Creator said." i Therefore. To the Artiflcers.. To create all of reality. Through their efforts.ddingand §hape Creation from d1le edges ofrhe void. Agams. in which all possibilities and potential existed. His enforcer angels with Him. The: tyrant God is gone.and potential ofGod. and iliey called it . Into [his space they brought matter. the void simply wasn't. Abyss. the first stone.. no spirit can underpin'Creanon tfncsubsrance exists [0 surround it. the potential that has always cried out to be realized.bue SOOllI they would need substance to shape Creation" and such required the.and forever working to raise humanity to their own level. Then the Creator said.angels of matter and substance. creatures that channeled the least pan: of His strengtb 1'. The Artificers ventured again into the void and surrounded part of it with their own spirits. nothing is an absence that impl ies a presence. a new and perfect work of art. a zone in which the very concept of existence could flnallv be expressed.. Go now and fashion existence itself. beingsof smooth darkness and immense so tidity. the Elohira. Therefore. bending and molding this total absence into matrer-s-or rather.0 create. That could not happen withinthe. soothes that pain and drives [he Annunakr to new goals . but that power meant ll(}[hililg if ir. For others. "Of all My servants. Nowthe Annunaki have returned 1:0 a Creation of rust and decay. yours is the most important task.

They cooled the molten lava into stone. Knowing that the other Elohim would also need to use these forces to perform their tasks. They still worked with the [her Elohim. The Artificers became private and withdrawn. such as Angels of the WUd. that a more perfect Creation could have been built if they had but been allowed. the Artificer returned to their . "It is even more beautiful than it was before! Now we shall work our powers upon Paradise and l rearhe life into it. and pulverized me clay to create rich and fertile soil. "This is ufficient. "Now we shall bring our kills to bear on this world. of Creation. Bu t for [he Art ificers. If allowed. t\Qd again Elohim celebrated and said ." And so the Artificers stood aside and watched as the Host descended to Creation to carry our their tasks. While the ther Elohim w rked Inthe plrituai realms. roe ethereal layers of realltv. focused on both the material and the pirimal. Give us m re time to make it better. They spun 'the planet' heart into fiery life and let it heat and flex through tectonic plate and volcanoes.which led to rhe construction of the law of phy ics. acceleration. molding atoms and planets.SS]\!'ID me me Of all Elohim. and the Artificers continued to work on Paradise. others.thespiritual. What you have aCCOIDpi ished is already perfect. and they inlaid rhe sea bed with irregularities that pelt out hosannas ro the Creator.eArtificer found themselves left in !:he company of each t1er and f the earth and stone that they shaped. TI1. were concerned with onlv the material and the concrete. More can still be done. stones and gases. the Artificers were me ones most involve with the actual building of Creation. To achieve their ends. they taught thi Lore of the Fundamen to all the Houses of Heaven. the Artificers stayed in material realm. like the Angels of the Second World. of electron and molecule. They pinched mountains from [he soil to touch the clouds and valley that reached deep to touch the world' liquid core. Artificers would feel that Paradise was not truly complete." And the Artificer replied. hunting a perfection that only you feel to be necessary. a world of searing beauty to beat as Creation' heart. Some. 'Not yet. "Please. the material was everythin C1 an all chat concerned [hem. Working in unison. and more than sufficient." And! the increasingly impatientfilohim waited. not yet. and the Artificers worked their miracles upon the fabric. then planets. The House became increasingly insular. me More and morev thev found rhemselve separated from the other angels. 'me La euNC. crafting he pirits [nat would inhabit bodies. They simply me Losr LoVE me allowed them to torm narurally around the material.i\TI <12\ Urrr\7En :e Creation remained unformed.CIHlYI'£lI TIIHEE CnE. matter and make something with it. still a vas cloud of undifferentiated atoms and potential. This wa because they. and carved sea beds and dry rivers intra Earth's crust. the ranks of the Artificers pulled matter together to form a planer of molten rock and noble gases. they did n t crea~ those spirits. rn re chance to perfect their work and bring our the planet'S potential. Aeons wore on. Though none would ever admit it. They compres ed raw tone into diamonds and crystals. the Artificers rnanipulared these laws at will through their intuitive can trol of the fundamental forces of Creation. While they did sp ak with [he pirirs ef the stone and earth. The Artificers immersed them 'elves in the stuff ofCreat:ion. still a germ of pam and dissatisfaction remained in their souls. they aU felt a miniscule flame of resentment toward the Lighthringer for keeping them from finishing (heir work. But Lucifer himself denied them '<lying. who focused their attentions on. this Paradise. space and physics to create new and impossibly beautiful works. they needed 'to develop and codify phy leal rules . to fashion the ruff of Creatlon. Yet while they were proud of what they had wrought and were eager to see what the other Elohim could work on the canvas rhey had created. concerned themselves solely with the spiritual. and they seeded the earth withgems of impossible beauty. unlike all of the other angels. building stars. The other Houses devoted at least some of their attentions to developing the spiritual aspects of Creation. and we rnu t begin our work. Now allow the rest of us to perform out work. of flesh and matter within the universe that was being built. For all eternity. The mas ed choir of Heaven celebrated and said. To keep weir new creations together." And once more the Artificers begged for more time. Now lt was rime to bring out that limitless potential and put ix into concrete ~ rrn. "Now it is complete.graviry. of coursegluing together hydrogen and oxyg~l1[0 provide the Angels of the Deep with oceans and rivers. They wove a layer of magnetic fields around the plane to dissipate the sunlight. while the Artificers continued theu work. cohesion and attraction . And the Elohimsatd. They smoothed out deserts flat and clean. turning upon itself. you would spend an eternity on this task. to perfect i and bring our its potential. talking mostly to each other and rarely communicating with the other ang Is. Now was the time to rake this. not the spiritual and ethereal." So the Elohim drew back. n But again the Artificers said. then moons from drifting matter. or shaping bodies of day to be quickened into 'ving flesh by me Angels of the Wild -but when those apge1s turned their attentions away.

of shaping day into 31 body. the power to take Creation beyond the limits of what irs angelic makers had conceived to be J. And then God handed down His edict. everything changed. No member of the House ofthe Fundament participated 66 . But even the Artificers. but Artificers were more deeply affected than the others.ng fI r God' divine power. of every House came together to work on this ultimate expresi n of the Divine Plan.lity of crafting the human form.own kind. Then. to take [hem by the hand and Ie.ad them to absolute perfection. Thev could find companionship and understanding only from other Artificers and from the stone they shaped. vast store of untapped love and motion withi:n them. Already separated from the other Elohlm. The Artificers gave [heir all to the project. 3 body.and saw the incredible potential that these creatures possessed. respect became tainted with re entment. a love thatwas [Q have been lavished upon humanirv vet now would forever be unrequited. And something vital inside the Artificers died. the Artificers were satisfied that they had done a worthy job of uilding h 1I i. In that moment.hrimal had a vision of a great darkness somewhere in mankind's future. never to rise again. Ali of the E~ohim were hurt and confused by the Creator's rule of separation. unable to truly relate [Q their own kind. The angels. though God and the Elnhlm Once aga in had to rein in their urge to keep working onrthe project in finer and finer derail. perfectionist and idealists all. of utter perfection.A. building what they hoped would be an o:bject.bi. Then the angel. were taken a back by the glory and splendor of hu manirv. the Artificers had a. that the Elohim could not reveal themselves to humanity or do anything to open their minds and souls to Crearion. Confu ion Doursr N'tD D eo ~IOl"I me turned into a pain iliac could not be expressed.lossibIe. But when God commanded the creation of humanity. The Angels of the Fundament became private. quiet creatures who kept their ernoti n co themselves. the insular Artificers were filled with a boundles love for humanlrv. In the s uls of many Artificers.left their love for the Creator damaged and weakened. a coming disaster that might till be averted if the angels broke God's edict and touched the lives f humanity. To the Artificers feU the re ponsi. God's edict left the Artificers confused and hurt -and worse. of mapping out the surfaces of the brain and the twist of the: centra] nervous system. The Angel of the Material were already lonely. The Artificers looked upon the two humansthe ultimate marriageof j)hysical spiritual and divine perfection . a desire to [each and as ist the e being ill every way possible. of j Wit how perfect thefj rst man and woman were.


iII the Great Debate that followed that vision, the argurnen (among the grear leaders of the Elohim as to what should be done ~ but they listened ana wept
pain of rejection in their souls, all of them felt the compelling need to nurture and teach humanity, to allow them to reach their true potential. Bur at the

FollOWing in. Lucifer's footsteps, T oguieland the other renegade Artificers had revealed themselves to humanity and helped open their eyes. to their own potential and the potential of Creation, Now it was rime to prepare and teach humanity, in a single night that lasted a thousand years - before the orces of Heaven came to punish the rebels for the crime of loving ton much,

and argued among themselves. AH of them felt the

same rime, all of them felt thei r own love of God, no

matter how weakened it might have become, and knew the terrible impossibility of rejecting [he orders of He who created them,

Before the Fall, the angels had no need of 1:0015. They seemed to use tools, true ~ Usiel's scythe and M ichae l's sword were but two of [he legendary artifacts wielded byrne Elohim, but these creations were not true tools, not devices constructed and built by a maker's hand. They were simply extensions of an angel's will, an external manifestation of his own abilities and powers, Michael's sword was not something forg,ed from metal It was pan of him that had been by his side since God had willed him into existence, And while ir could exist apart from hlm, given permanence by the will of the Creator, ir was not something built or invented, nor a true tool,

the end. if was Toguiel, the Ruby Dominion, who ended the secret debate of the Artificers, his
In words cascading through the earth as

vein of pre-

cious red stones, "When the Creator fashioned us from his own soul, He told us to build and to work
reward making a Paradise that was perfect in all respects, If we do not act now and take humanity in hand, they will never become perfect. and we will have failed to follow the Creator's decree. It is our duty to teach and guide humanity, to let [hem fulfill their destiny ~ and if that requires us to defy God's edict, [hen by God's command we must do so."

And with those words, T oguiel unfurled his wings of rubies and silver and flew co join Lucifer and his fellows, Behind him followed just over half of the

Artificers, the love in thetrsouls too strong to deny any longer, TIle rebe IArtificers turned against the Creator and the Hose of Heaven, and for chis crime ~ for the

TfmHousB aT WaR

elevation of need over duty ~ were condemn~d case down, labeled forever as the Annunakl.


The renegades of the Host had turned against God Heaven, and Creation would never be the same. The rebellious Artificers had rurned the rejecrionthev had felt upon their maker, and rejected Htm and His decree. It was the dawn of a new era, a time when the Annunaki would attempt to unlock the potential of humani ry, [Q perfect the mortal race as if it were a stone
that could be carved lntoa perfect tool or work of art. 111e renegade builders saw Creation and humanity as works in progress and attempted to bring those works (0 fruttion, butthev succeeded only in delaying humanity's development by aeons, and pethapseven preventing it entirely, TIle Age of Wrath was a time of

Tin. P)n01.;e:"! ':){V0nl) Fragments d IIAicl1,le1';;SIVNJ still exist, :IS Jo H small number of other <lngdic "tools" and items, These arrihrcrs wuuld have vanished with the Elohim and rhe Creator long ago, if it" were nor !~lr tbe fa.ith and helief ufhumanily, St'parated (rnm the Ivil! of (JoJ and their "owners,' these nearrelics, pieces of an angel made sllliJ, are kept 5,11 id by human faith, But human (~ith is nuid and changeable, ;mJ many 11f these original angelic relicshave ch,lI1geJ as well, while those artifact" made by demonic h.mds have smyed much <IS they
were when first created.
The fU"sttrul': tool was, instead, created in the first ti:mt mfllennia-Icng night. Not wishing to return to the bower given to them by the Creator to sleep, Adam and Eve needed new shelter, Toguiel announced he would builda shelter for them, mold a house (TOrn the earth itself, But Adam scayed the angel'shand and asked instead, "Please, let me create my own domicile, for my shelter should be my own responslbi Itty:" So T ogujsl, proud beyond words of Adam's desire to build and create, instead did no more than bring a number of stones to the earth's surfaceso that Adam could use them to build a hut,



great invention and terrible disasters, of the discovery of amas ing wonders and the destruction of all hope.
And the Malefactors, the renegade bu ilders of Heaven, fought and studied and worked and died, until doors of Hell swung shut after them.


shelter with only one stone tOC) heavy and embedded in the earth to move. T oguiel was ready to move it himself"

Adam managed


assemble the stones'lnOO

a crude


bur again Adam asked tor the chance.to make h is Own
way ..Yet the stone was
too heavy

for h im [.0 move.

forward Nernere the lron Crafter> ShaperofOre, whodrew from the earth a simple length of mew. He


ofT ears, the banners the five:legions were lifted, and the Annunakl flocked to each of them. Over the: coming years, the Malefactors would
playa part in the actions of all [he legions. They would also become humanity's greatest teachers and most depraved torturers. Each legi on has its legends of the Annunaki, and its stories of hope and terrorstories that continued [0 be told untilthe last Malefactor descended intothe depths of Hell.


gave it to Adam and said, "This tool, though simple, will give you the aid you need. And though it is a gift of my
craft, the power it gives comes from you alone ,SOVOLI will srill be fLllflOiug vour own destiny." So Adam took the metal rod; <lindinserted it LInder [be large stone, and by pushing down on the other end, he forcedthesronefrom theearth, and rolled itinm place. So was created the first lever, the first toot, and with his gift; Nernere became the first toolmaker, (he first relicsmith, and his legacy lives on to thi.s dOll" As the night went on, Adam and Eve slept, while


or WOrmER.

theirchildren rnulriplied and multlplied again, mUng Paradise with their families. Nemere aru:I [he other
Artiflcers toiled on, creating new rools.new devices
rogive control of Creation into the hands of humantry. Some were simple dungs, applications of principles laid down when Creation was still young, such as the wheel, the pulley and the hammer. Others were more complex, intricate knotsof power designed by Nernere to manipulate the very building blocks of Creation. He and his fellows created wands that could split the earth asunder to reveal diamonds and iron, and orbs of crystal that co ntai necl.the secrets oHire and energy. Humanity embraced the sunpler tools but was as yet unable 1:0 take command of the greater tools the angels had invented, "Surely," said the re'bels,"we will have time yer to reach them of the wonders, and show them how to unlock these relics of power."
fat then the armies of the Lord descended upon the rebels and Lucifer was forced to defend human and rebel angel. alike against Michael's wrath. Then Carne Miehael's condemnation of the rebels, and God unleashed His anger upon Paradise, desttoving it utterly. Eden was no more, and the newly christened Sebetfii had to Lead humani~ from the. rubb le qlJiddy. Rejected now and forever by the one they had once served, the

As the other legions left the Valley of Tears, the Crimson Legion set upon itsmission to bring enlightenment and. perfection ro human beings, ro litt them up to [he heavens and give them "the bin:hri.glu God blld attempted to deny them. This was an ideal close to the souls of many Malefactors, and almost half of
the Annunaki Relicsmiths. Annunaki rel ics and flockedro lucifer's banner. Chief

among them was Nernere, now named

Lard of

He broughr with him many of his fellow. who had devoted themselves to creating tools for mankind's use. These demons would create wonders of unsurpassed glory in humani ty's service, but they would ·150 dri ve humanill' further away from their guardians and Sow the

seeds for the downfall of the Sebettu, Not all the Aanunaki joined the Crimson Legion"
though. Most, In fact. joined the Iron Legion, go vemed

actions of the Heavenly Host. These Malefactors took on [he responsibiftrv of being the shield of the rebelHan, standing in the way of Heaven's vengeance.

hy Dagon the: lmperaror, He 111ar: Withstands the: Lightning, in oidc'[ to defend humanity from me

DENJ1\L7\.:R]) Dl,sPEI'\,s!\L But in truth, there WaS no more lime,

Annunaki collected their new tools and followed Lucifer, ready to begin their teaching anew.
When the Sebetru reached the Valley of Tears, Lucifer called a halt and spoke to the demons gathered
to teach

before him. He called for anew beginning, and fonhe
Sebeuu his calleudproclalmed lnsreadthat humanity was to 00 conquered, not loved, Still others went their own way to learruncceof'Creerlon's secrets or to ponder their siruatlonand COI;n;eo their own, truth. Across the Valley t


demons, [hough, especially the bestial Abaddon, re-

lUlTnaniry irs




Others joined the Silver Legion, hoping to learn more abour the possibilities of Creation and potential of humanity. While the Annunaki had little ability to understandltumanemotion and activltv, the Malefactors of the. Silver Legion left that task to their allies, the Fiends and Defilers who dominated it. I nstead, they focused on interpreting the information that their fellows garnered: devising relics and experiments that might elevate human potential. They also set out [Q physicallyexplore Creation and discover 'What effects the destruction of Paradise had had on Ilealiry. Chief among the explorers was Befana, Sapphire Mistress of Distance, Lady of Seven Mil es, whose command of space itself was unparalleled. Only a few Malefactors joined the Ebon Legion, at first. The bulk of the House felt too much regard for


humanity, even after the disaster of the Fal], to tum against it. Yet some, tom and hurt by God's L1ttN rejection, rejecredhurnanitv in turn. Only thus could they soothe their own pain, 'by projecting it onto the

mortals that they still lover]. These: few, emotionally wounded demons enlisted in Abaddon's EbonLegion

The relicsmiths of the other legions also crafted fantastic tools, mostly for their own use. The inven-

and lent their stony fists to the armies of the Rabisu and Asharu. A scam handful joined the Alabaster
Legion to pittheir skills and knowledge of the material against the problems of the spiritual and the safeguardingofhurnanirv's souls. These few Anmmaki would nonetheless make a major contribution toward humanity's defense, and one of their number would become one of the House's greatest monsters. BUILDING Throughout [he legions, the Annunaki spli t into two major groups, while a few stayed separate from their fellows to follow their own path. The stonesrmthsdevoted themselves to building cities, bastions and redoubts across Creation, shaping towers and citadels from the earth wi rh but a thought, The greatest of these fortresses was, of course, Genhinnom, the Black Ca rhedral-s- a citadel of such beauty and perfection that it took even Kishar and her stonesmiths centuries to finish its construction. Even from irs firstdesign, Genhinnorn was perfection manifest in obsidian, the ultimate work of architecture, and a place holy to all Annunaki, Even those Malefacrozs that defied Lucifer and actively fought h is legion stilt revered artistry of the Black Cathe-

tors of the Ebon Legion created weapons+- although, before the Time of Atrocities, such relics did little
more than emphasize the skins and abilities of the relics for use in defense. The relicsmirhs of the Silver Legion created engines of calculation [0 help them understand humanity's potential, as well as methods of transport and exploration [0 assist those pushing back Creation's boundaries. In the Alabaster Legion, the Annuna.ki inventors worked hand in hand with the Slayers to develop relics

wielder ~ while [he Iron Legion produced


1\ 'T'[f"EOF

that could protect human souls from oblivion or hollow
out the substance of the spirit realms to create a hiding space.. The process was. slow and difficult, for the


had only me vaguest knowledge of the spirit

and the worlds beyond the material, while their Slayer allies snuggled to communicate. with the prosaic and pragmatic Malefactors .. One of these Annunaki Schatenkoj i, 3 former pupi I ofNemere - gai ned a rapid understanding of the spirit, and his devices became an integral part of the Alabaster Legion's Haven project.

1\ TI!'\Eor Sormo{J)
WhHe the Age of Wonders was, in many ways, a golden time before the honors of the Time of Atrocities, it was also a bitter time of defeat for the Annunaki, a real izat ion tha t there were hmi ts to their arts - and
to humanity's

dral. No Annuneki-c-not


even the mad Scharenkoji

- would blaspheme by attacking it Dr fight beneath its shadow except in self-defense. As (he smiths of the Crimson Legton built G enhi nnom, Annunaki in. the other legions bu nit the great citadels of DGda.el, Taba'et' and Kasdeja. Only [he members of the Ebon Legion eschewed the buildtug of a central bastion .. They preferred [Q base themselves in Genhinnorn, the better to defend the teachers of the Crimson Legion, or to stay mobile and patrol Creation for signs of the Heavenly Host. Other stonesrniths spread across Creation, building bastions of all design:sand purposes, and a few devoted themselves to building cities and villages for humanity.


The relicsmirhs of the Crimson Legion produced relics that could have made mankind's existence a paradise, but humanity coeld nor learn.how to use these gifts.
Nemere and his fellows built plows that could till all a

?\. TlI'\.EOf' m\7E TION
Meanwhile, the second group of Malefactors, [he: relicsmiths, devoted themselves to creatmg new tools for humanity. Nemere and his brethren worked ceaselessly in the depths of Genhinnorn, building new and ever more sophisticated relics .. Some of these items were created not for human hands but for demonic use. to assist in the work of the Crimson Legion. Others were made for the simple joy of invention. nor for any planned project or use. For [he most part, though, these relicsmnhs created tools meant for humans to use, [Q give them [he keys w unlock Creation and manipulate it with ease.

tribe's fields in ali. bour and OOWB that could unerringly seek out the: heart ofabear, but in mortal hands, these relics were nOUlOJ:"ethan normal tools. Humans had not yetie'al:rted to hatness !herr own wills, their own faith, and WithoUl:thaqJOwer, the relics would not respond to their touch, Thspet"dteto aid t:h~ircllID'ges, me.Anmmakiused the relics thsmselves, doing the work of dozens of mortal farmers and miners, butsuch actsdid norpleasehumaniry, Instead, mortals were confused and frightened by the angels and their incemprehensible toolS. TIley carne [0 resent the betngs who seemed so much better than thev were and bestowed use~ess gifts that could nor be made to function. Mortal hearts hardened against Malefactors, and rille Anounaki, who had thrown. HW3yaLL of Creation alit of love.for mortals, felt again the pain of


rejection and loneliness. It was not nnlvthe



Legion who found disappeinrmens dttting

thiS time. The



researchers of the Silver Legion failed in their attempts to understand the human race. Even the assiFt;(lnce of


the Defilers, who knew the ways ofhuman ity better than any other House, could not provide the- Malefactors with the insight they craved. AI> rhe Age of Wonders

from the destruction

drew to a close, the Annunakidespaired

of ever knowing

humanirvto the extent cheydesir,ed-orofeverhaving their love for humanity reciprocated.

TtIE Tll1.Eor]\ TRO(ITIE5
Everything changed when Caine ki lied his brother Abel, Th is First Murder un leashed new and appa lllng
changes upon Creation .. Hatted and anger, violence and sin - all of these were now possible. and they consumed (he imaginations IOf demon and morral alike. The souls of the Annunaki were awakened ro the te mptations of anger and atrocity. For many of these demons, hurt and rejected by humanitv, the

of human souls. Naming himself Schatenkoji the Ghostsrnith, he laid Waste to the citadel of Kasdeja,. maiming and destroying marty of his fanner allies before fleeing to the waiting arms of Asmodeusand the Silver Legion. To this Jay, the Slavers revile his name, calling him the Greatest Abomination, and wi I! never fully trust the Anrumaki, In the armories of Dfidael and. the laboratories of Taba'et', [he renegade Annunaki continued to hone
their arts of rellcsmlthlng, A new world of pain, destruction anti possibilities was open before them, and the Malefactors - still aching from therejection of humanity - sought to explore all of these new possibilities upon the bodies and souls of humankind. The Annunakl created new and powerful weapons,



or PUl"llSM I'\ENT

for revenge was all consuming.

DEFee-nO fLi\RD 5ETl\i\(IJ\L.'5 In the wake of Caine's sin. many Malefactors carne to reject the law s ufLucifer. The Lightbrtnger, after ali, had been the first to stay their hand during
[he forming of Creation, the first to reject their wisdom. "No longer," said the malcon tent Annunaki.

from swords of fire to cannon [hat threw bolts of rom space-time, They developed lnstrumenis of torture and murder to unleash upon helpless hurnaniw. In the bowels of Taha'et', Schatenkojl the Ghostsmith perfected his techniques ofenslaving human souls to
the engines of relics. He created items of utter horror that hadno purpose except the spreading of fear and moral corruption ..The Soulforge, the Window That WhiSpers, the Copper Heart, rhe Seven Canticles, the Book of Black Mirrors -..- the legends of these wicked artifacts still exist in human and demon society alike, eons after they were destroyed.

,. hall we be controlled and blocked by others. We are
free [Q remake Creation as we decide, and we will use humanity as we see fir to the process." On the field of battle, next (0 the ruins of the Holy City of Sagun, H smattering ofMalefacwrs of the Crimson and [ron Legions threw clown their banners and left the ranks of the loyalists, crossing the rubble to join the Ebon. and Silver Legions, While muy a handful of Annunaki left the loyalist legions,rhey took great riches with them, relics and tools of great power. These defectors joined ·the rebellious legions

the bitter relicsmiths also made relics for mortals to use, harnessing souls through the discoveries of Schatenkoii, Why create tools for the creatures !they wlshed to harm? Because these tools could only brillg harm to the mortals mat used [hem. Some were
cursed, destined co turn upon [he user and destroy his


well as making items for [heir own use, though,

and usedthe, wisdom and diseoveties of their former
allies against

Crimson and Iron Legions wept to find th,e:ms.d.ve.li pitted aga insrtheir brothers and sisters. The gre"'teBt betrayal of all, though, was in die ranks of the Alabaster Legion. The Malefactor Schatenkoj i, inspi red by Ca.ine's sin, devisee! a way to crap human sou Is in physical chains - to harness the. power of human ity even after they,tlad died. He kept this discovery secret from the Slayers, who would 'have considered it the ultimate blasphemy. In his buried workshop on. the edge of the spirit world, he waylaid mortal souls bound for oblivion or the Haven created by tlhe Alabaster Legion and usedthem as components in his-expetimenrs. By the time the

them, while the lo aJ Mal~factors of me

soul. Others were designed to destroy the lives and souls of others, and it amused the Malefactors [0 watch 11l1U1..ans rum upon their own kind. And some of these rei ics bore no curse, no taste for blood, but still held the potential to ruin lives. In their
hubris, meiremotional 'Pain, rebel Armunaki cast themselves into the role of judges. Masters of the material world, they decided It was their righ t to assess the worth of humanity, given that the mortal race seemed unable to transcend its physical nature and embrace its spiritual destiny. If humans were creatures of matter, then the former Angels of Matter could judge their merits - and they often did so by providinga mortal witha relic that she could use ..Ifshe could withstand the temptations of power and nor misuse the relic, valuable data was garnered; if she tore herself apa.rr in her desires to use the dey ice. t1ien such




discovered what he. was doing.

Scharenkoji had perfected his techniques, learning to enslave souls and hamessthem in his devices. Now his only thought was eo gain more and more power

was [he appropriate punishment for her weakness.


PROTECToRS 7\l'ID EJ\PLOfiERS While it was an era of horrors and excess. and far rome costly to the armies of the Morningstar.)ed free and drawn into tlte light. YOllT knowledge. The walls shook and crumbled. many yet remained in the Crimson and Iron Legions and still worked for the betterment" of human and demon alike. He gathered to him the Crimson and Iron Legions. when all seemed lost for Crimson Legion. made her legendary Diamond Map ofCreation and discovered all the hidden byways and runnels in the fabric of space-time. The demon lBefana. anchored into place with obsidian sreles and menhirs. boctornless chests of gold and scepters of infernal might. an Ghostsmlth mocked the loyalists and daT~d them to face him in combat.nunaki always retained a strong bond to their House.demons who could gain true understanding and companionship only from each other . a stony peak so tall its tip drew asteroids and comets in its wake. the crusade: to bring the wastrels and monsters of (he rebel Legions hack intothe fold. the armies of the Crimson Legion iay siege to rhe Ebon citadel of DLid:M~I.and from all legions. Borh sides encased their hearts in stone to stifle pain of -fighting their brethren. are as me nothing to me. home of the Sillvet Legion. now named Mistress of Roads. unable to harm their former comrades. hound and enslaved by his relics. and a time when the loyalists of Lucifer continued to protect and teach the morral race. and the renegades fell back. the demons of stone met and parleyed in the mountain 's caverns.and Schatenko] ileapt down todestrov him. criumph.LoHG t\_i\I\CrI The excesses of the Time of Atrocities went unchecked for man yye ars. stood alone before the walls ofT aba'et' . last one was drawn into the . Then.M brass. In the shadows of (he infernal citadels. Annunaki fought Annunaki. where all Annunaki . and when the. building relics that could repair [he harm caused by God's destruction of Paradise. and set off on the Long March. Theshieldsof the Iron Legion placed their steel and granite bodies between the humans and their demonic attackers. the hghrofhls own perfect soul. and they were armed with weapons and relics unmatched by those of the attackers. holdiJl&in one hand a small cube of 'syir and silver. holiest site of the Annunaki . Nemere. The ghosts chained to Schatenkojj'srelics were ripf."T-o this Nemere said nothing. By mutual consent. the Time of Arrocities was also a golden age for game. TIle siege ofT aba' er'. Wh. At the center of the network was the First Mountain. for the stones to cease lying atop each other. their oniy friends. Workingwith the wisest of thestonesmiths.now carne not fromthe Host of Heaven. and Lucifer's forces rushed in to overpower dill! Ebon Legion.\il soli tal. The Malefactors of the Silver Legion had learned black and mysterious secrets. Kishar and her sronesmirhs called out to the walls of the citadel to returnto the earth.le many Malefactors had defected to the Eben and Silver Legions. the An. aIL sides.)' figure. "for no trinket you wield can have atenth the power of my slaved ghosts. bur merely opened the cube he held. from the ragged ranks of the Crimson Legion. Love! ofReliEsmlths.mer ro retain friendships and soothe old hurts. Around his black swordsand armor floated a cloud of mortal spirits...the highest mountain ever pulled from the earth. their loyalty co their legion first and House second. In rhe desert. the Arcbitecrurare. and no weapon you can create can cut through their pratection. was far more difficult. and when the mortals succumbed [0 [he lure of the relics' powers. the Arinunaki laughed as they observed the carnage. butthe marauders and warlords ofthe Ebon and Silver Legions. While Iron legionnaires shielded them from the attacks of the Ebon army. On the borders of Creation) Malefactors conducted experiments into the Iaws and substance of this damaged reality. [0 exchange ideas and to forget the hurts and torments of the outside. They flooded from [be Ghostsmhh's weapons and streamed into the cube. This made the pain of fighting their siblingsand brethren of the House of the Material so much more painful when the Long March was finally declared. The warriors ofthe iron Legion continued to protect mortal towns and villages. a four-armed horror of metal and fire. to talk of stone and relic design. she and her allies connected these tunnels into a system ofley lines that crisscrossed Creation.The renegades tempted mortals with magic swords and talking mirrors. Schatenko] i the Ghosrsrnith appeared on T aba'et's battlements. revwling an emprv nothingness with a single bright light at its heart. LI nt il finaJl y. though the threat. While many other demons gave. srepp¢d.The First Mountain was a place. c'Yourskill. Thala-rn 'kudan's central position and revered status made it the perfect meeting place fOTrhe Annunaki . the cannon of the defenders breathed molten lead into the bones of the Crimson arrnies and unleashed vortices of spiritual energy that drew entire battalions into emptiness of the spirit world." saidthe Ghosrsmlrh. TI1"E.i. armed with the most powerful and lethal of his inventions. Lucifer would me me me Screaming in. screaming in torment and bolsrerlng his power ill hundredfold. Thalam'kudan. Ar [he battle's height. Powered by mortals souls and unending pain. countenance no more. all enmities and hatreds were forgotten in the sacred caves I politics and lovalries left outside . a being cf blaek iron 3.

And for the relicsrnlrhs. And with that. While the inventors of Annunaki toiled in their workshops. me me me Now. it was rheir own love for humanity. Lucifer "elected two members ofthe House to join Ten. bur it could be done. who was later taken before Lucifer for punishment.his essence consumed utterly in imbuing the cube with the nothlngnes of void. Yet in end. It wa still nor a trivial matter for a morral to activate the power a these relics. and they me take control of Crear ion.1101SFEOf' Til d~ \I~LE" box. Celestial me rushed forward to overthrow T ab!'et' and rake the Ghosrsmith prisoner. at last. Soul of [he World' Core. by binding their own power and awareness into the relics to dire t the u er's will. it clicked 'hUL Then Nemere fell to his knees. that helped usher in the end of the rebel! ion and the final triumph of the Host. With the taking of DOdaeJ and Tab§'er". the light of his soul f rever extinguished. coupled with their Inabilirv ro understand the human soul.tself through tools and science. The Archirecturare lay dead. edicared to one goalto bring humanity's potential to full fruition and make Creation perfect now and forever. forever lost .al. a mighty bout arose from the Crimson and Iron Legions. the Long March ended. the relicsrniths of the Crimson Legion shaped new artifacts for mortal use. of creating towers and viaducts. Rock of Ages. Giriel. the rebelIion was back on track. TI1e Mafefac ors bent all their knowledge and skill to teaching humanity how [0 72 . Drawing on [he techniq ues developed by the inventors of [he Silver Legion. ow was the hance to finish wnat was stm so long ago. ut neither was h imprisoned in Hell at the end of the War. His brother in the Ten was Gamael. the elite band of the wisest and greatest teacher of the Sebertu.the perfection of humani ty) TUE Tlt\lEor BABEL me perfection of Creation. the acrifice of a small measure of their own strength and power was worth the cost. the other members of House also did their parr 1:0 bolster human society. TIle layers swear mat he was not de- stroyed or killed. the Annunaki could dedicate themselves to one go. the chance to build a me me new and berter world. and of shaping the land i. At ltmg last. was chosen [Q teach mortals ways of stone. No one knows what became of Schatenkojl. TOOL-SOf'D TLRlT Energized by Lucifer's vision. but charenkojl too was powerless. Ir was he who instructed humans in the secrets of masonry and building. his relics inert and Ll eless. and the legions once more united under banner of Lucifer. the Ann un aki were able (0 finally craft relics that could be used by mortals.

hopelessly trying to.the lust . IX/hatfollowed was the great sham e of the Annunaki . but with [hat he destroyed the Eden dream. and in their desire and foil y. her wisdom blinded by unrequited love. Of all [he Houses. redeem the sin f their fellows. The creatures me TI1ESl. could allow the spirit of a demon to rake morral flesh. bur it would also be an act of love. crafting the forms of anima! from clay. Garnael taught humanity to make its own tools. Never thinking of consequences.the renegades who whispered that humanity was doomed to forever stop short of its potential. TI1. rliis blasphemous notion held grea tattraction. The Sebetru were spirit. While they had bodies. copper and bronze. The love. and [Q the rest of Ten. But the notion was an impossible one. imparting all the wisdom of the Annunaki to those who would listen. "but we can. no more than a pearl of singular beauty. not ffesh. In the service of the Crimson Legion she built reli to heal the wound ofhumanlrv. sothanheir children. they had doomed humanity. The two humble and wise Malefactors joined the other members of the Ten and walked among humans. For the children of the forbidden union were the terrible nephilim.ell ~PTER TIlREE Master of Cobalt. With our aid. It was the culmination of the dreams of the Annunaki.1:?\fTERING Her name was Zipacna. who frnd long loved humanity without being able ro express mat-love. humanity. a demon could father and mother children and finally know Loveofhumaniity. to forge steel and iron. Zipacna crafted several score of the stones and distributed them to eager demons who had succumbed to the lies of the betrayers. Under influence of stone. and she was neither the greatest nor the least of [he Crimson Legion's relicsruiths." For the Annunaki. and gave them the power to destroy the wisest of the Sebettu. the final realization of their diesire [ bring humanity to its fun potential An it wa a Malefactor who destroyed it all. me OUf children. She cared deeply for humanity. they helped destroy me me me me me . the Annunaki were perhaps [he most vulnerable to the lies of the betrayers . The act would be sin. TIle flesh of demons was spiritual. such things were manifestations of theirwlll.of the Annunski had turned upon them. though she had nevertrulvdealt with mortals. the Anvil of Stars. He showed people 'how to make hammer and anvil.that in their love for humanity. and they could not j oin with mortals to cr te children. and worse than sin. smelter and refinery. It could clothe her in mortal bones and blood and anchor her immortal essence to mortal seed. "Humans cannot rca h divine. not breathing organisms. Let us mate with mortais. may inherit creati n.Zipacna. the d cendants of humanity can fulfill the dream their parents cannot. Nor until. and their rampages crippled morral society and threw it dawn into dust and ruin.is tiny relic." the e corrupted nes whispered. not physical. she had learned ome Mug of the Lore of Sml\ND me [he Flesh. Having worked alongside Angels of the Wild before the Fall. The Annunaki fought desperately a1 ngside the rest of the Sebettu against the nephilirn. invented the Stone of Fecundity and Limitarioa. Their hate drew them to Giriel and Gamael. Her only crime was naivete. plough and sword.

reasons ale still a my tery! but rhe gates of the are free once more . For most of the Annunaki. that they had crafted from th bare I:: at m . there.[0 b forever exile Seberru. rhe only comfort to be had in the face of judgment was with their own kind. and the Sebettu an attitude was the niy way to 0 the the pain of The. wh se incredible social skills allowed [hem [0 control most of the infernal court. Now the Annunaki fO!illd themselves in a position to gain power in me hierarchy of HeLl. The sting of rejection.free [0 take their revenge on Creation. me In the wake of the Shattering and the destruction of the Babel Experiment. using their intelligence as a weapon. And when thevcould watch ne mere. Creation is in ruins. degenera ted far beyond the ta e it had reached ar the time of the Shattering. there was always pain.is hope .aki were granted their greatest wish . wielding relics and artifacts a am It the armies of God and from the earth and il.to return tu Creation and feel the touch of stone and earth ullon their flesh again. though. and reduced them to dust and ashes. But as me final War wore on. The Annunaki remembered the arrogance f the Narnaru. hoping [0 fall inbattle and pass from this flawed Creation forever. The pain in thei r souls became too strong. and the Annun. rhey watched as the H t destroved the rell and wonders they had made. Some threw wi U to themselves with fanatical vigor against the forces of Heaven. rheir abilitv to learn and analyze was strong.any longer. the Anrnmaki grew inured to [he absence of earth and srone. For some. everything that d'ley had builtto honor the Creation they loved. becoming creatures of cold calculation and lntelligence. The Annunaki moved to place themselves into the factions and power groups. but for Malefactors. and with earth denied them. and both humanity and Annunaki might final] y be able to ful fill the it destin ies. The Ann unak i defined them elve a the compani ns of the earth. offallure. Such Tim 3aaNSS Abyss have opened. They dominated the ineellecrual aspects of demonic society and made alliances as necessary to gain ocial power. Some demons stood with their remains of their legion or with allies they had made in the.and perhaps love of humanity . always the outsiders. the loss of Creation. This placed them at odds with the Namaru. the weapons and works of art that had crystallized the beauty and potential of Creation. But then Hen broke open. what mad it even worse was the loss of Creation . It was a wish that gave th m far less joy than they would ever have suspected. and when lucifer was chained in Links of fire and lighr. It was time to take advantage of wh at was available.for d"le Malefactors are builder . As for hose 74 . but it could be rolerared. They watched as the Host wiped away everything thar Oley had ever created. before and after [he FaU. too sad and too broken to continue fighting. While they lacked social skills and instincts. knowing that the perfection of Creation was unattainable now and forever. polluted.humanity had been cast down. When the walls of Genhinnorn finalily fell. They had al ways eschewed such power games in the past.Final War.it can be perfected. preferring their own studiesand me company of stone. The earth i desecrated. No. There was still pain. analytical monsters. or Tt1l:J\I'J)ELLlON for the Armunaki. TliEERD Creation cries out to be repaired and rebuilt once more. wounded. Annunaki drew together in the rubble of the Black Cathedral to await their punishment.were de rroved. starting with Lucifer's usurplng of the perfection of Creation. simply surrendered. glad to have an enemy they could Identify and fight. the jewels and fruits of the earth ripped from irs womb by rapacious and greedy mortals. the tone and fire. free to unleash the pain of their torment UPOEl the world. And the Malefactors wept tears of copper and basalt. fir t and foremost. and they worked [0 hone their octal p wers and skills. of hopelessness. their desire for rebellion. They pined themselves against the Devils with vigor. though. the Devils. and the Malefactors were prepared to spend all of eternity as unfeeling. Slowly. Malefactor were 'Used co eing alone. After all. and rejection. the jov of freedom i overwhelmed by th herr r f seeing what Creation has been reduced 00 and theem tiona] scarring that drives them t punt h humanity for never loving r:hem enough. They watched as the Host dragged down the towers of obsidian and copper they bad erected. at first. Massed together. the Annunak:i pushed away rhelr em rl ns. and the dream of Eden wou ld never be realized. Hell was worse than simple nothingness" simple olirude. they had no way to know themselve . though. Most. The Malefactors fought fiercely. they walked into the Pit and embraced the oblivion oFHeU. figlu. the Annunaki lost their me me me OuT OF To survive rhe vacant horror of Hell. Creation lies in ruin. but the cost was enormous . became too much to bear. but that was denied them now. the Host of Heaven retumed to Creation and lav siege to the heartbroken armies of the shielding their allies with their bod ies of stone and iron. bur with dedication and skin .

and they have been ever since they were created. not a birduight to be loved and honored.unaki rnusrgenerallv satisfy themselves WLcil.a a Malefactor's loyalty to h!s legion. Now Anmmaki will rake what they want. so no House or faction had access to relics. Humanity is moreseparated from Creation than ever before. the beings who rejectedthe love cfthe Anmmaki they have changed (00. the mastery of relicsrnithing. most Annunaki were focused elsewhere. the Anp. Most of these Malefactors became distracted by the indescribable pleasures . who worked with their hands and minds -. their emotions kept in check.the role of advisor or consultant to an infernal ruler ~ viziers and counselors . Malefactors had been drawn to mortals who were also inventors and builders.Houses mat had become theirpolitical rivals in Hen . dominance of mortal and demon society requires more than enchant-ed weapons and jury-rigged relics. [he Annunaki are: perhaps the most unified.Annunaki who were (in theory) mortal enemies would trade rehc des ign . and only they ha ve the righr to decide Crea tion and mankind's fate. and few Malefactors remained distracted by their surroundings for long. The MalemGtOI:s had done [heir best [Q forget Creation. BUE this drive to invent has been at the cost of their souls. most Malefactors found themselves on the low end of the mortal social order. So in the first days of the great escape from Hell. and to the Annunaki who were banished from Creation for daring to love ixso completely. To survive the Abyss.mortals. who either possessed hosts with tempera] influence or were able to quieklv gain such through their abilities. power and influence.•net kings and princes.the human host whose soulless bodies they now possessed. rhey desire and rework Creation as they see fit.e advantage. expendable followers who would nor be missed if the promise of freedom turned into some new torture of the Creator's. loyalty 10 House often transcende. the Malefactors became thinkers and planners. TI1ey have become a race of makers. Humansuse theworld instead ofrespecting it. the Sebettu quickly realized that mundane -power was just as useful in some cases as mystical ability. ·\Xfll.and agonies . unencumbered by obligations within Hell. and theyremain such now [hat [hey have escaped. With chis edge.the Annunakiwere a small minority of the demons loose on Earth.not mortals with supplies of money. who have created tools and technology so incredible as [Q make a Malefactor weep. (nMTlNG 1\ NEw ORDER Of all the Houses of [he Sebertu. te block out rhelr pain and discract themselves with the working of infernal politics instead. in this new world. But now. Now their eyes are dry and [heir hearts stony. the Annunaki were able ro exercise considerable influence over their fdlow demons and leverage rhemsel yes into positions of influence in infernal courts and power groups that formed in the first days of freedom. me me Rr:ri\KIl"Kl Losr GnOUJ'ID force The Anrsmakl were are] ative Iy small pa rt of (he of demons who first streamed forth from the broken walls of the Abyss. their hearts are cold. seeing the wodd as a resource to be exploited. ready ro use any resource to their advantage. In the Age of Wrath.and while [hat shou Ido\ have been a factor in in reracrion with other demons. While their mystical abilities were strong. and . and the legions maintained large armories of enchanted weapons and tools. achieve the goals. Those few Malefactorswhowerepartohbe firs!: wave of escapees were rnosdv demons of little power or influence. of being in contact with earth and stone and matter after so Long alone in oblivion.the Annunaki quicHy set to Unfortunately. this is the worst of blasphemies. for only they are me true judges of the material. they possessed a major advantage over their rivals: their ability ta create relics. When the gates of Oblivion opened! a crack. But aeons of suffering and soli rude had i nstilled discipline and willpower in the Anaunaki. These Annul1aki found it hard to marshal resources and :influence -. separate from themherElohim. During the Age of Wrath.of being manifest in Creation once more. of builders.ile only a few Annunaki were loose On Earth at first. to while demons of the other I-louses flooded forth Creation. In the Pit. the Annunaki had tb. and Creation lies spread before them. their potential. For the most part. Outnumbered by the ocher Houses tJf the Sehettu on Earth . Others were ordered forth by their roasters and superiors in me courts. establishing political power over their rivals and spiritual power over mortals. While the Annunaki had a major advantage over their rivals. with mystical devices and tools that their rival de- monscould not match. artifacts and enhanced devices. - work. With less mundane influence and less abili'L] tQ gain followers and worshippers. The highest positions of power in the newly fanning demonie society tended to be claimed by Devils and Defilers. but that was before they survived Hell. they also tended to have a notable disadvantage -. blue collar workers or bard-working engineers rather than politicians ortycoons. Their minds are keen. no objects or physical devices could even exist. the Artificers hewed together. and soon they were armed Once the Annunaki would have thrown themselves to the ground and wept at this desecration. for better and for far worse. Even before the Eall. alldemons had access to relics.

though. Some rare Malefactors stand apartfromtheir brethren. unfortunately. though. knowing the Annunaki almost always speak with one voice. the sole: leader of the dominant House of Creation. this closeness and loyalty gave me Annunaki strength ro survive the emptiness oftheirprtson and the purpose to become a powerful force in demonic pojitics. me me me me 7. will do their best to win alone Malefactor to their cause. hop ing lihat:she will bring with her the politIcal weight of her House. \XIh. is to be reached. Given the respect the majority of Malefactors pav rhe Cryptic leader. Gipontel is the only Malefactor to command a major [merna] Faction. trades information and favors and gives sizable rewards [0 those who advance the Cryptics' quest for knowledge.something must be done. he forges connections with other demons and other groups. and that only by ga iningthe faith and devotion clfhuffi'oIDity can Creation be reshaped (or even perhaps redeemed). the camps of the Narnaru. Another.c· tors do exist. One prominent rival is Hirguan. The most effective rivals to Gipontel's dominance are those who choose to develop their influence outside the House itself. is Fell Knigh I: Guanli. Now that they have been released onto Earth. and he does so in the same way he influences his own House. In return for thiscooperation. the Annunaki remainaclose. Such disagreements rarely become dangerous. Malefactors still argue and disagree over what to do with Creation and humanity. for example. perhaps the most politically powerful and Influential of the Annunaki. he appliesthe same artitude to arbirrating disagreements within the House of Ere and Stone! preaching unity. Some wish co chain the power of humanity and use it: to elevate the Sebettu.. to the guidance and relentless work of Gipontel. as he's carefu 1not to advance the needs of his own faction over "those of his flouse. [Q stone and steel and the comforts of the earth. and some of them are starring to chafe under Giponrel's dominance. Only then will the Annunaki retire in private. The factional inflghring is far less severe [han ill. But as well ascontrolllng or inflluehcing humanity.often become key players in demonic poll ti. faction. They all agree. to Gipomel as a clear-headed. They also agree that humanity is key to whatever goal. The Malefactors make up an almost monolithic bloc in infernal society.. CUU!ling loners use this ({) their advantage.a or personal the deciding voice indemonic society. such rival groups are still small. Caacrinoias. But mdependent M~lera. temporal and mundane influence. a powerful group that ismore unified and coherent than:my other House. cooperation and advancing [he cause of the Annunaki. gaining These power through [he pmrni~e oftheir House's supportwhich can backfire. These senior Annunaki are attempting to develop their own power~. some hope to cleanse Creation of rhe scars of centuries and make it the perfect universe LC was meant to be. Perhaps th. it remains vital for the Annunaki to retain theirintluence in demonic society.g to a faction.6 . This does nor guarantee them dominance in infernal politics. a~though it's almost unheard of for an Annunald to work against her House. social power and access to mortal faith mat other Houses benefit from.ideas on the slopes of Thala-m'kudan.ilemost Malefactors belon. They g<l in power in morral societv or within the laJ)"gerdemoniccommunil:y. has been enough [Q alter the balance of power on many occasions. to their own House. whose personal wealth and financial power gives him ~everage. clue. is usually monger than that of mere ideology. Behind closed doors. the bond. A rurmberof other senior Annunaki have influence within the House's affairs.e most visible rival to Giponte I. mostly objective judge of disputes and d lsagreements. as do those who placefactio. is making inroads into influencing the British government to gain political and military powell. that. an influential bloc philosophy ahead of the needs of their House. Bur the Annunaki are otten whose allegiance. They also wish to rebuild the human race. "Where the Annunaki differ and argue is over JUSt what that potentialts and what Creanon should become. (ringe dwellers never complete outsiders. While few doubt that he is sincere in his desire to gain power :for the Annunaki. greater influence overdemonic politics or access to lost relics. The behind-the-scenes leader of the Cryptlc. in order to challenge Olpontel should he attempt to seize power within House.s. differences and clashes arise within the Malefactor ranks. especially now that other Houses are gaining a powerful hold Over Creation. In Hell. POCIJERPu\llS The ultimare goal for most Annunaki is to remake Crearion. senior Malefactors lIsuaay demand favors. Other demons. Most Malefactors look. some Malefactors believe that his true reason fnr doing so is to make himself more powerful.-simpiy by virtue of their House. though. and it can throw the House into a disarray that it tries desperately to hide from rest of demonic society.cs. In the service ofh!::. but it does exist. so these rewards can be argued over by members ofopposing factions and courts. ifthe House decides not Ira back up a greec!y Oli uncontrollable Ma lefactor. as they still lack the numbers. to reshape it into its perfect form. arenas where Gipontel has far less power.'WhiIe the House presents a unified from to rest of Sebettu. never completely estranged from their fellows . of course. though.knit House. [Q allow it to fulfill its paten rial. and that only they are truly qualified to take control of the material world.

world for the t. an innocuous name for a far more complex. Guanli aggressively seeks out power and influence over demonic society. he remains respected. G tporuel is one of the most politically powerful demons in the world. and power. due to his secret alliance with one of [he terrible Earthbound. trusting family most: Annunaki have ever lcnown.ining influence quickly through both trading favors and eliminating rivals. the next step is to dominate demonic politics rhroughour North America. From mere. he might be able to bend the Earthbound t~1:lh1swJ1l. a shining wonder with himself as ruler.os Angeles.ish(usu. politics. and G iponrel has a great deal of both. it would be the destruction of the only loving.a master relicsmith who has gained great influence in the infernal Courtofl. Many look [0 the long-term for their ultlmate goals. more pertecrthing. always pragmatic. Influencing the infernal court of a single city. He's not yet sure what needs to be done to Creation in order to improve it. the horrific Earthbound Lord of Murder. for the Annunaki are predisposed to work rogether rather than fight among themselves. A renegade Cryptic. Most disagreements are resolved evert without within the Annunaki Gipontel's input. and he has gained significant influence in demonic politics ~ in no small part. By not appearing to actively seek the power man and responsibil ities ofleadership.r. of course. GIPO TEl__. assigned with a team offellow d!emons to monitor Los Angeles after Lucifer's appearance there.The mat me 77 . Gipontel isn't officially a leader of his House any more so he's officially the leader of the Crvptics. IBm as more Malefactors continue to escape Hell and come to Earth. not its equal. The BRC is d~VcOl:edto advising the British government on policy ramifications.i'\€l'UNOLJ\. and to make himself equal valuable to all parties." Guart1! has his own servants searshing the. though. openly for the ir goals. the Annunaki seek to gain power and advance their goals in a concrete manner. Hiding his plans from his "master. If he. he presents himself as a collator and controller of information. say some rumormongers. His secret amy in this is Man. A House of thinkers and builders. using their v isible projects to distract rivals from any hidd'en agendas. rather than actingon impulse. he abandoned his allies and inserted himself into the LIpper ranks of LA' s infernal court. though. Currently bissights are set on mking control of bath of l. has always been his aim. building power bases and amassing both temporal and spiritual influence.e1iquary containing Manishtusn's soul.his own private. While these rivalries and tensions exist. The following are only some of the major Annunakl loose in Creation. C1\. working slowly and steadily to build their empires and perfect their creations. Malefactors develop strucurred plans. Many more are working quietly and calmly toward their goals. Such a development would not just threaten the House's position in demonic. loyal think tank. Seeing a chance to gain power for himself. relations are strong for [he most parr. some worry that the House's unity might begin to ft:ay and that more Annunaki ~ tempted by the prospect of personal power and their is the hope that [he other Annunaki will be able to devise a plan for Creation that meets hrs needs . Its reo searchers and analysts buildprojections and mine data to gi VI:: the ~overnmenr the information it needs before making decisions. an objective third party prepared to share his insights and wisdom. By staying seemingly objective and notfavoring even his 0\.. Guanli turned his back on his former leader to amass his own power base. though. and that's something demon is stili Hying co determine. Instead. isnotenough-notenough to ~atisfyGuanli's dream of a Creation that is the bloody plaything of himself and his lover Rsvana. the group's function has Sli btl y changed . Some shun the limelight and build in secret. This. Guanli curr-endy acts as the Earthbound's servant.His main aim is to keep the House running smoothly. 111e best thing about this image is that it's true . he ensures that other Malefactors will give him such when the rime is right. of course.. trying to avoid unwanted attention: others work. Knowledge is power. Originally he was a loyal Cryptic. organization.'11 faction.Since Caacrinolas rook possession of BRE Chairperson Adelaide Mammon. away from their House and seek to make their own paths. As a leaderotborhthe.:at 1:00 will change as soon as the Malefactor rmcls a wealenes fn the monster's defenses and can steal away irs powe. Giponrel wants to make Creation a finer. StIj\PER5 or THE EMTtI Always practical.Crvptlcs and the influential Malefactor Ibloc. but t[. ga. can find it. choking clown their sorrow and waiting for a chance (0 remake reality in their O'Wl] image.os Angeles' demonic courts. becoming sole ruler of the multitude of demons in the city. Gtu\NU own cult of mortals to supply faith ~ will turn. The only question now is what 10 do with power. One reason he's worked (0 assume power within his House In absolute contrast to Gipontel. Caacrinolas is the head of the British Research Council.

a bea:ory:md they are fighting his takeoverarternptsevervwas power of the rock. meeting sdemifk consortiums and mega-corporations to discuss her research and parents.:na is determined to redeem her great Sill. all Annunaki were equal..Mount Everest is actually about 200 meters higher. re Iics. a serpentme of energy coiled rney creative powers adapting to the new conditions of this weakened Creatlon. Many Malefactors have already made dozens of new as the trusted advisor and arblrra- of the HOlH."as many of Probst's experiments seem inm tmusLiUil. a place to make deals and broker influence. though. hut it's better to have too many optionsthan too few. its peak a bombs. there will be [to nephllirn. the HOllse might have more t{:)OI." read "etbicallysha~ . once called Ayers Rock. and publishing In his guise as Australian business Darryl Sykes. Probst. Most others know thar. The largesr mountain. in London. as wdl as the wound [hat the loss of the Grandfather Mountain still causes his It takes more than skill and determination to remake or repair Crearion. has several Ministers and Members of Parliament as til ra H5 . He's already arranged the purchase of illegal guns and other weapons.. ifnotdowudght deming aredemandlnga ZLP1\C~_1\ BiolbgiS[ Emily P1'Ohsr bUISt Dora the lorernanonal science scene recently wim new and! startling research me. me R-BLiCSaNl> Hlf\GU . human fertility and cloning. The: Annunaki. What he didn't takeinro account was the mystic river tools and relics upon rheirescape {rom Hell. both new andold . rarely shown to other demons. I t requires mols. he hoped ro gain more dominance over the Anmmaki by magnate replacing Giponrel [(II' RELfCS No other House can boast the vase stockpile of relics and ill')''Stk:artifacts that tine Annunaki possess. combine them with ~l reduction in Social Security and welfare. In 50 doing. Opponenrs of human UN inquiry inro her methods. she'l] get it right.HUDlES (J FTil io: F \!LE!\ information it feeds to the government is not ull'ong exactlv. know that Thala-rn'kudan is the highesrmOlmmin in Creation. No mortal has ever seen Thala-m'kudan.f other rdie-s.N LosTLorm Uluru. it's just slanted in a particular toward a particular purpose. Grandfather Mountain. protected can. lnrhecavems me of the mega!. nc matter what cost.Indeed. These wise men see through Hirguan's mortal seeming to the demon withir». that ever existed. relics and helpers tQ nuK~ his dream a reality. me 'None suspec t the truth orreahze that the realreason Probst fled America was to avoid the attention of her fellow demons. he planned to take control ofrhe lJ luru tourist park and make U luru tnro 11 new neutral ground for Malefactors. direction Right to' I\O\Vj the BRe is advising the governmeur and to institute tough and the US government is assembling <L task fowe [Q investigate herfunding and alleged connections with organizedcrime. new security measures. and he '[I stop at nothing to. the power w [thin. will bring forth a new human race.indeed. rituals. a towering behemoth of stone so rail that its peak scrapes ozone layer. TI1e folluwing relics are secrets possessed only by the Annunakl. Csacrinolas wants to see what happens when. For Zipa.. and '78 . kept safe in buried fortresses or pockets of space. Others are searching for any lost rreasu res mat survived Heaven's pmges. [heir ltv its traditional Aboriginal inhahitanrs. Thala-rn'kcdan was the home of many Malefactors d!u[Lng Age of Wrath. but Malefactors can possess allY' number ·e. She wants to know which set of conditiorrs will do more to unlock human potential. combining me best features of mortal and demon. grandeur [hat's eating Into his soul.. and the wars and vendettas between legions were forgotten. however. powers and tools at their d isposa I. meanwhile. an area where drugs and prostitution are legalized and taxed. feHow Anrurnaki. Thederaon desperately n~eds to come to Uluru to immerse himself in its aepths and touch. The fact that she's gaining influence over British government . and deep wid-lin the stone. This time. Now he's looking for TIIEI1IDDE! J'\OUf'lT:t\'-R Some mortals believethat K2 is the highest mouncain in the world. MalefactorS ha ve awide arra y of weapons. is inVienna.. It's also advising [be creation of a controlled autonomous zone. and none are. For "startling. And thts time.5 than its members can actually use.e. Hirguan also didn't figure en the incredible attraction the scene holds for him . some hmnanS9rl:' given Iess freedom and others more freedom. lying immense and sullen in rhe Australian desert. Hirguan knows full well the appeal of stone.she cellsherselftn herrnadness. Their onJy limits are their own imaginati:ons and resources.is a welcome side benefit that she might use as a weapon against Gipoutel. sacred place to the demons of scone. is the largest single piece of stone in the world. With morral science and demonic magic" she. greater users and makers of tools than the Armunaki. gain access and destroy the stone's guardians.

Others posit that :somerhing lives in no-space around the mountain.To an observer the demon simply vanishes. If another demon enters the box. still meet in its ca verns. Malefactor second-in-command of the Cryptic faction. and Malefactors.. then again walk along the path. Not all is calm and peaceful inside the mountain.. who uses the Find Path evocation of the Lore of Pa ths . Visiting me demons have reported hearing strange sounds or seeing mysterious figures or creatures. Thala-rc'kudan is sacred to the Annunaki. These mortal ·5mm:s -: I kabbnld 79 . and some Annunski have never returned from the mountain . the demon must use Find Path again [0 see [he exit. the demon finds himself arrhe foot of Thala-m'kudan. a black power alien to Creation. until the mountain existed entirely outside universe -the only connection remaining inside [he mouth of an ornate casket. Once inside. PIilILOOOPt1ER' Medieval and Renaissance alchemists were obsessed with the prob lem of crea ring the Philosopher's Stone . though.Some say [hat afew nephilimhid frornLucifer's wrath in the cavemsof Thala-m'kndan and remain there still. A force (hac hungers . it exists inside a platinum casket. no bigger clean a shoebox. To leave. severed the First Mountain from me rest of Creation. who are forbidden [0 fight or harm even mortal enemies while in its sacred caverns. while to the demon's eye the mouth of the box expands DO swallow him whole. It's now in the possession of Giporuel. A demon.. Befana. Only Malefactors are permitted to come to the First Mountam. and any Malefactor who breaks this pact will be destroyed by his Celtows. [he. even if the box has been dosed. He then appears beside the empty casket. and it has only just been reclaimed. Gipontel usually fills it with something innocuous like tobacco. she will be hunted to the end of the earth and punished for her blasphemy. Thala-rn'kudan exists still. which towers impossibly huge inside an infinite gray radiance. the single largest piece of solid stone that ever existed. for Thala-m'kudan has secrets.. The Anramaki know differently. The box. hidden far from angelic eyes. reduced to dust and rubble by the forces of Heaven. In the dying days of the war. Instead. though. Thala-rn'kudan is a meeting place for the Annunaki. But the mountain no longer towers over the Himalayas. me System: \Xlhen the box is open. it looks com- me pletely normal. folding and refolding the-space around it.most demons believe [he mountain crumbled and disintegrated during Shattering. base matter into pure spirit. space outside space. Queen of Roads. was.a magical tool that could transform lead into gold. can see the pinch of space-time insidethe box's mouth and can set foot inside .

a\ though doing so is wasteful. but such an item is almost trivial to was physically crude. such fulfilling d1elr needs. well.st s. and those who control 'the supply of irexacc a high price in favors and influence from those who wish to lise it. iterns made from itt attract the attention of mortal and demon alike. the Annunaki. but it still needs to be cut and polished befor. but there are legal steps to doing so thar wili attract attention. Anything more complex or profit-oriented is generally too much. but some are more powerfal.m. It appears more like coal or carbon than metal. to Lilt though ts and will of irs users in a way no mundane metal could. The metal was nor alive otsentie:nt~at least.jr is an unusual looking substance. Converting lead into gold. The ilifficulry of me evocation decreases by one. ~fyou prefer the simplersvsremfor Enchant Object in Demon rulebook. To use acrucible. but Hill doable. the difficulty of the Enchant Object evocation decreases by one. [f you're u. thefh:. There's also a growing suspicion among Annunaki that long aeons of being unused has affected syir in me System: A crucible usually possesses a pool of six dice. rod or other item. people will think it's a fake due [Q irs shape. Can vetting affected meta I. The question is not whether you ern rum a metal hubcap in to gold or mercuryor emerald. It's also possible co craft· objects direcdy fro III $)!ir. a Malefactor can form a lump of syir mro whatever she wants. for while oilier metals existed during the me Tlme orAb'ociti:es. Convening the meta! into a simple material such as steel or glass requires a dliffkuhy 6 rolL Convernng lt in [Q a more camp lex substance raises d:u:l diffkulry by one to three at cltmSrorytel1et'S discretion .. and.of marenat to the successes generaeed by the [OU.. bur spiritually pure ~ a metal with an awakened spirit that responded. of a headache. it's whar you do with lc afterward . The crucible can be used cnlveaee per scene. but lt can just as easily be. The metal's spiritual nature such Infernal. Syi'T 80 ..into a more complex material. You might be able to tum a lump of lead into diamond. powers can also set off a makes it ideal for containing.ash from the syir. syir always counts as a material of Superb suitabiUty. Most of [he rebellion's supplies of s:tir were deStrayed in the Shattering.e~y valuable to the Annunakl.sin. and tolled for yean to no avail. the su bstance touched into any other metal or stone of the demon's choosing.uyir and knew it to be valuable beyond words.asthe Lore of r. Malefacxor must know the Lore of. If i tsucceeds. nor in ways that made sense to mortals . dispeesed into atoms by the hosr of Heaven. changed a desk cmamenrinro pure ruby. Make a Faith roll to acrivatethe relic.sorcerers slaved to the Anaunaki.the obj. as no vein of metalleft in Creation has a spiri r mat could be quickened into awareness.! can sell the gold. if all you want is short-term profit.anvthing. you berter have somewhere safe to store it and [usc hope govemrnenr agents don't come crashing through the windows 1'0 confiscate it. made from a por. as well. and devoted all of its essence to create. after all. Any relic that contains a reasonable amount of the metal can ehaunel Stronger. This transformation is permanent. And if you've. is more difficult. more powerful effects.. more than gold or diamonds. a me 5qm It was the black ur-metal. A Philosopher's Stone (sometimes called a crucible) is sometimes anactual stone. which strikes out at me demon wl ih waves of unfflrmed anger and emotional darkness.it's <Ill just metal. . at one time. MDst Malefactors use these relics to simply change lowquallrv stone into useful steel. Syir is eX"tte.iimpleores and alloys forged bv mortals (with Seberru assistance). It's qui te easy [0 make a large amounr of any metal with this relic.ing no normal metal possessed ~ a soul.tuple. The demons called i. rough metal shaped by the bare hand5 of the Annunaki. me better to build with.bur ir knew its masters. As for plutonium. That time isnow. Yet some stockpiles of 5yir remain hidden from the Host. To make a crucible. focusing and channeling the win and power of a demon's evocations. Using the Shape Object evocation. held against the day that they could be reclaimed. the demon merely touches lr to asupplv of metal or stone. the evocation simply (ails. While it's easy co affect the metal with evocations. the Earth and me Lore of the Fundament. First Qre-a crude. System: The main use of syir is as a component In the creation of relics. as long as it's a purely meralllc item (swords are a popular oprionl.b~ Forge.e_it's worth.ec[ thanean be affected will aff~ct only a discrete amoul"~t. using syir reduces the l\urnbeTof successes needed to create an item. S). sllver or steel is quite 5 i. asplutonium me or diamond. YO!.ryir had somern. and [he resulting of material. No more couldever be mined or forged. If you we more syir in therel!c~ to the point where half or more of me artifact is made from the metal ~ then. and Malefactors are moving to dig upthe buried caches of black ore and put [hem under lock and key.g the relic-creation system fromtbe Demon Players Golde.. as does the d iflkulty of the Faith or Willpower roll needed to activate the finished relic. The rellc can affe·ctoglv a number of cubic yards player rolls the rei ic's own dice pool to men convert the some way ~ rhar the roll I of the metal has grown petulant art being ignored and corrupted by rhestresses of solitude.. me haclJ.equal and it if mere's more material in.

botch inflicts a point of temporary T ormenr upon the character using the black metal. she was also being hunted by a pack of angtf Raveners who 'were wholeheartedly in favor of violence and weren't prepared 1:0 stop and! debate principles with her. It has a rating of 1 in intelligence. It was invented by Adrarnelech.In the Creation of today. A rapacious monster with a love of bloodshed. leaving the ground beneath them broken and tom apart. ffO'm one point to a maximum amount equal to the successes generated by the Faith. Oriax came to believe that violence was a trap.50r games. for the demons of 'to may are weaker. If crafted be.item is of exceptional qualtry and may have other advantages at the Storyteller's discretion. Activating it requires a successful Faith roll and then all. the. statues of naked humans. but with an effect that she could avoi1d. When Adrarnelech was destroyed by Kinklrsi Gf the Crimson Legion during the Long Maroh" few Annunakt mourned his passing. them. What she created Was a Tesseract HI . the owner must place it on an expanse of soil or stone (natural stone. orher Malefactors have re-created the Warriors of the Broken Ground. System: 'The relic rakes the form of a metal cube. The warrior soaks lethal damage with its fun Stamina pool. crude intelligence suited for nothing except combar. (For exarnple.Increase the difficulty of any mundane Crafts or Technology roll for working with s'jir by two. Each warrior is an independent automaron with a simple.emons back [0 Hell. lmpassi ve warriors W 0 would butcher [he hapless humans where they stood. It: attacks with in.a sword made from syir does aggrava ted damage. improved 2. Warriors look like crude. up to. and it suffers no penalties for wounds. (Mon.t'and the warrior'S will follow mat command until given new orders.) For each point of Faith spent. Enhance Object evocation. a warrior forms from the cube. and the warriors will return ttl the earth once mere are no more opponent'> for nhem to attack.al users require a successful Willpower roll and must spend Willpower points. The warriors rise from the earth.en he grew bored with that. six inches OIl each side. [he difficulty of rhm evocation also decreases by one. it's actually less useful than simple steel. me TE.. too weak to be useful against the forces of Heaven."d tmmobilize her attackers without harming them omethin~ mat would affect multiple demons. Unfbrtunately. Unflinching warriors ofstone are a worthy defense against any foe. but some may have larger pools at the Storyteller'S discretion. If a warrior suffers enough damage to destroy it. Any evocation roll made to affect syir (suchas Enchant Object) will botch on a 1 f/I" by modern forging methods.. he developed the Warriors of the Broken Ground. which then pulls in [he surrounding earth and stone to flesh it out. only to see armed warriors arise from the soil itself to attack. roll.ors of a Malefacrcr must have knowledge of the Lore of the Fundament" Lore of Awakening. as well as the Lore of the Forge. expenditure of Faith points. with. stones and pieces of metal protrudingat random from theirearthen flesh. me Broken Ground.) If the object is further improved wid. TtIE BROKEN fuourm Few Malefactors like to dweJl on how this relic was firsr created or how it was used. but the relic can re-create ie the next time it: is activated.. during the Time of Atrocities. When he became bored with seeing mortals murder each other.S5Eru\CT<lErmnJ\T01. and it has no Social Amibutes or Willpower raring. If all of the warriors created at one time are destroyed. or bury it a few inches deep in the earth. "Artackthe manwith the gun. Adramelech took mortals prisoner and made them fight for his amusement in gladiatorial TH:E (][JAR flJOH. The wires and rods of the cube connect ro form a crude humanoid framework. an immor-al practice that could only draw l:J. It gave him no end of slckamusemene to See mortals stumble into an arena rhat seemed empty. rather than letnal. To builds set ofWarr.. there are drawbacks to syir as well. stony fists. To use therelic.ciler. Oriax needed a tool tffu. however. he put wild animals into the pits to [ear them apart. Wh. A Recon. For all its useful qualities. The ur-rnetal is crude and GUillot in a mundane fashion. an Annunaki of the Ebon Legion. Htsflghdngautoma[ems. and each.111e Storyteller then rolls the relic's pool and acids the successes ro each of the Physical Attributes. The warrior also has a rating in the Brawl Ability equal to me successes of the roll and a number of health levels equal to the successes plus the warrior's Stamina rating.) The warriors have a base rating of 1 in each Attribute . Wits and Perception. it falls apart into a heap of dirt and rocks. though.:r could slow'lm. the relic is ruinedand cannot be used again. The aeeivazor of the relic can command each warrior verbally. The cube can be aetivated oruy once per scene. roughhewn. (Most have a pool offive or six dice. were dismissed M a novelty andforgorten. a limit of 5. and tbe mortals more dangerous.\j These unusual relics were invented by the Malefactor Oriax shordv after she returned from the Abyss. but can give only simple commands such as. not concrete). The Physical Attributes of the warriors are based on the relic's dice pool. which inflict Strength + 1 lethal damage. He laughed and laughed as (be ffiOlioolsflailed ineffectually against the stony. that is composed of dozens of metal wires and rods.and the Lore of the Earth.

The character can move an additional yard in the direction she wishes to go for each success gained.' I Generacor-e.Hyou'recaught inside the area of effect .move more. for QOlITLe of themknow the Lore of Paths. [he Artificers invented their own language.but some may be more powerfirl. space isn'tsimplv bent or ripp ted." With.a device that temporarily scrambles the fabric of space in the surrounding area. the space in front of you connects to the space beside you. Th. Thosefew Reconcilerswhn possess generators [end to use them as. To me radius equal 1. WeLl. in what they came to call the crvsralcode or "sronespeech. Aeons later. and the. shifting the electrons of [he crystal's atoms and the flavors of iIS spirit to ccrnrnunicate ideas. to an area across the mum. a Tesseract Generator warps space all. but it did the job and protected her from her pursuers.random in the immediate area. [be Anmmaki continued to communicate through stones. but simply because it didn't seem necessary . Out to a 0-rOI"re0CIUDTURJ:' Even before fall.still use the crystal codes [Q communicate wi tb other Annunaki. moving in a different direction. and characters may 'mov:e only one yard each tum without considerable effort. the generator breaks the puzzle up and scatters the pieces at random. The only way to avoid the effects of [he generator is to move out of [he area. Across Creation. Anomer Artificer could come across at'). While loy aIry to her House has. She's continued perfecting the design and reachingfriendlv Annunaki how [(I create the relics . Imagine space as 8i. tt'll suddenly veer me successes rolled for the generator's effects). Artificers encoded stones and crystals with their essence. After the Fan. the Malefactors.Insread. which is very difficultunless [he character can perform the Find Path evocation. they developed a variation on their original language. as the path of lus gun's buller curves back to him or be throws hunself bodilv to the ground when trying to run. completed jigsaw puzzle. and they keep watch for stones that still contain information fl'OIU [he Age of Wratb that have lain Quietly for centuries.0 the acti vating charac tefs E'. and "read" the variations wi thin as a gl yph of information . T o counter this effect. Oriax's first Tesseract Generator was a shoddy thing cobbled together from copper wire and old physics textbooks. System: Stonespeech is a languageknown only [0 Malefactors. or wait until the fabric of space settles down again. of the Lore of Paths. not a spoken tongue or a written one exactly .. Evocation mils do not suffer an increase in diffi.SUF ·TUf~FALLE. ir's completely broken.to crystals and gemstones. Botches become very dangerous within the area of effect Most botches will involve the character's actions tunning back on himself.yJre just as vulnerable to me generator's power as their e:ne:mfl'.most generators have a pool of six ~1"t:e. While space within an object or person is unaffected -organs don't suddenly exist in a separate space from the.g thrown arourrder random. Try to walk toward something.walS. space becomes an incomprehensible puzzle. but any e vocation that has.not out of secrecy. culty. This happens after a number of minutes equal to [he successes on the relic's dice pool. rest of [he body every ~ew feet of space outside those objects becomes disconnected from the space surrounding it and connected to. as wen as the Lore of the Forge. making it impossible to HIOVe normally Within that area. Normally. and it must be purchased like any other using the Linguistics Ability.ey never shared it with the ower angels .. Any attempt to move into [he space in frOnt of vou will throw you across rhe room instead. System: When activated.UO[SI!. great effort.a meansof last resort. diagrams and instructions.. but now it connects. [0 encode stones in a way their estranged cousins could nor understand. A character can try re. Malefactors encoded tnforrnatiorr in. aphysicaleffect (such as movement or targeting an opponent with a ph ysical attack) muse gain more successes on evocation roll than [he successes of the relic's dice pool or else fail. a Perception roB (difficulty of 6 + assist in their efforts and better communicate about projects. leaving information orwarnlngsfcr their brethren and maintaining the privacy of'their own personaltongue. Everyone.S. shooting a gun" il!ggling. she has made a number of generators and given [hem [Q fellow Reconcilers as a rion-vtolentmeans of defense. This language. but she will find herselfb:em. Movement is also cu rtai led.a random area of space somewhere else in the area. encoded stone. else will have to slowly struggle free. [he Artificers made up the most insular House. dodgin_ga blow-·· has its djfficulty increased by the number of successes rolled. and you find voursejf walking in a differenr direction. The Storyteller rolls a dice pool for the Tesseract Generator's effects . me sideways or vanish and reappear across the room.a burst of data tha r communicated ideas. The scripture IE only a mruce . If you throw an object at your target. hitting an invisible wall of inert space or being thrown in a random direction .a process that requires knowledge of the Lore of Paths and the Lore of the Fundament. and they worked with their own brethren far more than they did with other angels. stayed her from teaching demons of ocher Houses the secret. Every physical action ~mempted within [he area of effect ~dm)wing a punch.a:itb rating In yards (wmpower rating for mortal users).

) To impress a message or glyph into a stone. and! other demons are unaware that the crystal code even exists. Even if they discovered it. moves slowly in an ever-expanding radius and causes great damage 1:0 the surrounding area. me 'loLCi\.e. (Creation has degenerated [Q the point where simp Ie stone cannot be ericoded. a massive cone of earth [hat spouts molten lava for a number of hours equal to the successes gained.: Roll Strength + Survival.but they will-not understand the significance. to erupt. rituals are complex evocarions that combine multiple bodies of Lore to produce new and powerful effects. Primary Lore: tore of [he Earth ••••• Seconda'ry Lore: Lore of Harne '. Minimum Casting Time': 49 minutes System. touch and a successful Faith roll. travel quiclcly through the spirit world and appear behind her QUarry in a matter "of minutes. Other demons might notice something odd about the stone . brittle stone about an hour later. either earth or natural stone (not concrete). Any character in contact with the lava stlffers a number of lethal damage levels each tum equal to the successes rolled.a favorite shin and so on. me. This ritual.Perception + Awareness (difficulty 9) . they could never encode or read messages. the lava stays hot and will take severa l davs to cool. leaving behind a lake of coarse. Each hour. When the ritual ends. crafting me lava underpinnings and 'molten heartoftheeanh." Three successes allow for a series of paragraphs. rarely sharing them with allies in other Houses.ir. such as a photograph or schematic that will uafold in the mind ofrhe reader. "Sepnidor is. The ritualis forused on an isemthat belongs to the pesson I:)eipgsought and that has a degree of stgnificance-s. no matter where he mightb. the. RITUM. the lava would spread out another 300 yards each hour. Five successes allow the demon to encode detailed pictorial information. (So with three successes.ayers Guide. radius affected increases by a number of yards equal to 100 times the successes of the ritual. With this ritual. a volcano grows from the ritual's sigil.r"!O The Malefactors were not created to control fire.) Almost all objects in the area will be destroyed. the information is unpacked into the Malefactor's mind. blotting out all Hght for a number of miles around equal tothe successes rolled. hiding in Los Angeles. Any Malefactor who sees an encoded crystal may attempt to recognize with a Perception + Awareness roll (difficulty 6). its corrupt nature poisons the earth be' neath. such as a detailed breakdown of a skyscraper's security codes and systems. once they come into contact with [he lava. Furthermore. a lock ofhair. spewing molten lava and rivers of fire our onto the surface. which cannot be soaked by armor. regardless of successes rolled for the evocation. The lava. bypassing the physicaJ world and exiting bad< into reality lust behind the person being hunted. The Annunaki have always focused more on physical tools and relics.Lore . since they lack the intrinsic spiritual connection with stone that allows the Malefactors to write their scripture. bringing ina [he earth's face-there. the more inforrnat ion cam be encoded into the stone.If successful. and demons can only encode messages into crystals and gemstones. P I. like. The Ankida cannot control [he spread of lava once the volcano begins to erupt. The ritual creates a path through the spirit realms. rendering it permanently toxic and polluted" Variationse One version of this ritual also produces a cloud of smoke and ash that jets from the volcano. [he House possesses knowledge of some secret rituals. last days of the Age of Wrath as a weapon to use against the Host of Heaven. the Malefactor must !hold it in his hand and the player must make a Faith roll. Restrictions: The sigil for this ritual must be carved into solid ground.s~qW?\ll Base Cost: 14 Primary Lore: Lore of Paths •• Secondary Lore: Lore of [he Firmarnent'" of [he Realms • II .{~II\ I'TEIIr l'n II tJ: written language.S As all tl ined in Chapter Six of the Demoo. Still. is used to track down missing persons or demons=-whether they are sim:ply lost or actively hiding tlcmTrn'. The corrupt lava expands much faster than normal The radius affected increases by a mile each hour. One success allows for a simple sentence. Add Lore of [he Winds ••• '[Orne secondary lore requirements.car keys. the Ankida and her assistants can rekindle the planet's burning blood. The Ankida Gill step onto the path. The more successes gained on this roll. and they had little to do with the invention ordevelopment of ritual evocations. Rituals were developed during the. The Annunaki jealously guard their secret language. Decoding a crystal message requires a. • from the Ankida. jetting from the volcano high into the air. If the roU succeeds. Torment: The high-Torment version of-this ritual produces Iava stearning with corruption and radioactive toxins. including buildings and vehicles. When the rirua l's effect ends. the volcano crumbles in on itself and the lava cools unnaturally quickly. Encoded stones have a slightly abnormal spiritual shape that Malefactors know bow to recognize. but they worked hand in hand with the Heralds before the Fall.

The Malefactors. The traveler appears just behind the. The followingconcepts me build. and she must find her own way back to the ritual site if she wishes to return. demons believe. The urge ro ace for Malefactors.0 CONCEPT are particularly appropriBuilder: Every Malefactor is a being created to create -3 former angel given life by God in order co build. tujtive knowledge of physical matter with fantastic supernatural power and a persistent difficulty in urrderstanding human beings. Variations: None TIle Annanakt crafted an entire planet with their bare hands. None CtL~UCEorr7\IT!1 Faith is the lifeblood of the fallen. it collapses.BUl SEll OF 'I'll Ii: F \. the wielder observers appears leading from the sigil. misty tun- nel surrounded by darkness" Movement along the path is not instan taneous. but the observer me will only know what the item actuallvdces by gaining five successes on a detection roll.success draws a point from the chalice into character's pool. To place Faith into a chalice. person being hunted. The pathway actually stays open fora number of hours equal to the successes rolled . From the outside. she simply fades from view. If someone :follows [he path. but they no longeI have a say in how that world operates. tools or other concrete artifacts. so this section offers ideas and advice on designing an Annunaki who's flln and effective in play.or so most mortal worshippers. Tormenrs The higb. These demons think about little other building and creating new relics. to make something new from me Miri:imum Casting Time: 100 minutes many ofrhe Annunaki. to Restrictions: The item to be affected must be placedln. Minimum Casting Time: 36 minutes but not System: Roll Wits + Survival. to teach the other end and exit back into reality.T orment version appears to work as norma l. and facitng from view a few yards away. minus one minute for each success on the ritual roll. nature "sttckv. Such mortals man . but mey can never truly know huw mortals think and feel. Malefacrors are multifaceted beings who mix an ~. Withdrawing Faith works in a similar fashion." Faidl is attracted to the cha lice and remains trapped in i-:rs gravity until drawn out by a demon.LlEl'. for [hey made an lncredible discovery in the dosing hours of the Shattering . Once the traveler exits the path. Chalices ean be any kind of small item {some are CLIpS but jewelry is also common) • and the ir existence is a secret known 'to few. she' passes into the spirit realm.Crafts (difficulty 7). making it a storehouse for Faith. by making its spiritual. or storage vessel. though. Success means that the item 's spiritual nature is permanently altered. Torment: The high. one withdrawal). Creating a Malefactor character is not always an easy task. object! The ritualtums iii specially prepared item into a r:halice. a relic that taints whatever Faith it conta i ns . up to his normal limir. know differently. a pathway visible to ali the participants to System: Roll Charisma + . building blocks of the world is a drive chat consumes craft. The chalice can only be used once in each fashion per scene (one deposit. who will probably be taken by surprise" He must gain more successes Oil a Perception + Awareness roll than the successes of the ritual to notice his pursuer arrive. Chalices have a very unusual spiritual nature. Primary Lore: lore of the Forge '.. The chalice can hold a maximum number of temporary Faith points equal to the successes gained on the evocation.Whenever a demon dra \'IS Faith from a tainted chalice. Variations.Torment version of this ritual creates a poisoned chalice.can be improved and perfected.. but it is actually far more dangerous. 18 Restrictions: The item used as a focus must be placed in the center of the ritual's sigil. 1l'\1! user makes a Faith roU (difflculrv 7). Base Cost. and they stand out to a demon's supematurai awareness (difficulty 7 [IiJ detect). If the ritual sueceeds. They see the human race as a creation tha . item must be specially prepared byrne Ankicla ahead of time.hours in which anvghostor spiru rhathappens LIpan thepath through the realms can exit at either-end and wreak havoc .a ritual that could store Faith in an. she moves down a Luminous.1:h~ Center of the ritual's slgiLTl"LL<. Each success transfers a point from her temporary pool to chalice. preserved or channeled to another demon . and each. makes a Fai th roll (difficulty 7). '"'"• • Secondary Loees Late of Celesttals ••• '•• Base Cost: 2. a precious commodity that becomes even mote valuable because of its scarcity. craft and give form co Creation. and they gravitate toward mortal hosts with the same mindset. while from her' perspective. he gains a point of temporary Torment for each Faith point he takes. It takes a 'base 0[10 minutes. Faith can only be generated by and it cannot be stored.

but only if that information can be u. [he mortal soul enlightened. artists. Some Annunaki. Builders are particularly interested :in methods ~ the way you build a tool can be as inrerestinga procedure as what you do with it when it's done. Judge or Visionary N arure . Whi~e [he pragmatic Annunaki have little interest inan. guerrilla leaders. engine that was once perfect but is now corroded and faulty. Perfectionist or Survivor. and too afraid of their own feelings.seful outcomes. Pedagogue or Survivor Natures . motivational speakers. but also curious . med icais~ientists. both methods and outcomes. data and experimental results. lnvesngators rend to be practical.. Reality is a great machine. Maletactors tend to have strong. of course. forensic scientists. but also chit! sergeants. They also care about resul £S. For every teacher with a Caregi ver. protection and punishment. auto mechanics. Only by learning as m uch as possible about Creation. doctors.but the difference is their need to work with marta Is. workingwirh mortals-s.atefactors tend to have Conniver. humanity andthe plans of the Creator can the problems be isolated. architects. Bravo.personalities interested ln.there's also one with a Nature of Autocrat. Understanding of humans comes hard to Malefactors. insurance investigators.personalities that focus on.spdaI skills or MaJefacrar. to contemplate.consranrl y working 1:0 gain more and more information. These Arc he tvpesare DOO frivolous and dangerous for most Annunaki.CU·IJYf Ell Tnlll£E might include carpenters. CllrIDlildgelM\1 J uege. Teacher: Whi]e many Malefactors prefer to work with solid. With words and lessons. Loner. the better to understand Creation. even among those who teach mortals. These M.. inventors. Annenakl investigators want results and hard dacafrom rhelrquesring. Human beings were the greatest creation of the angels. Annunaki with this mindset feel an affin ity with humans who IOoOk for answers and concern themselves with [he practical question of "How?" rather than the theoretical question of "Why?" Possible hosts include engineers. Borr Vivant. and those who choose to work toward perfecting the human race tend to be more SOcially focused than their fellows. Gallant. Thrill-Seeker or Trickster Nature. reflecting (heir interest ill hard work and u. me they tMnk they are. Or at least Addiet. dependable Stolid and practical. even when consumedby the personalities. these demons seek to make humanity benet (whatever that means). like all Male- factors. reflecting someone who tries to work OLl mortals as if they were recalcirrant machines. Pedagogue or Perfecrionlst. but producing sound work is even more so.lti . it matches their personality. social reformers or prophets. archeologists or journalists. dependable substances like stone or metal. Teacher Annunaki come from a similar angle ~ a desire to build and perfect. these demons are drawn to the bodies of mortals who work~ ro tmRrove~hetr fellow humans. an. and they will only keep hunting down inform. toward sculptors or artists who work in "practical" media.smay have any kind of Demesne». gunsmiths or junkyard proprietors. n until they have enough to work with. When they escape He II. Director. Experimentation is impertanr. especially those with faw. comprehended and fixed. The Annunaki are roo level-headed.se)iin some way.imrnediare answers and how to apply those answers. whether or nor. N2\TURE1\ND DEt\E1\NOn dark urges of Torment. These characters often have such N atures as Architect. have the same (or 2 very sirn:llar) Demeanor . to indulgethat aspect ofrheir personalities" For that reason. others dedicate themselves ro forging humanity itself. but these Annunaki think that mortals are not yet finished. that focus on imme- diate goals and sensible methods. Com- It's rare to f'md a Malefactor who becomes irnmersed in mortal emotions and interactions.nor just schoolteachers. they might find themsel ves drawn. They believe that human condition can be surpassed. aptitudes. Investigator: Some Malefactors are consumed with the need [0 gather informacion.J. . Unlike the dreamers of the Neberu. Direc tor. with interest in. it's very rare to find a Malefactor with an petitor.

The powers of the Antu visage are also somewhat focused on travel and stealth . after choosing Attributes and Abilities.particularly teachers or others who work closely with mortals .-_~ __ 6 . especially bu ilders.it allows movement and the shaping of raw stone. The Kishar visage is primarily combar-oriented. Only a few Annunaki maintain a radically different Demeanor from their Nature.the Antu can pass through a crowded room without being een and conceal a t len item while under floodlights.ILoRE You usually choose the primary lore (and mus. Lore of Paths: The subtlest lore of the Annunaki. bur it also allows for fears of strength. Inlbll . All of the evoca- of this lore revolve around making and perfecting mundane or supernatural tools.-. such 1Ui teachers who need to protect their students.. It's also great for teachers who wish to give PRlf\J\_Rl. Primary lore and visage have a significant effect upon the character's abilities and style. This. simply because it's so much work for the demons of this emotionally scarred House. Those whod tend to have a definite need to rnaintaina strong disguise. perhap to avoid enemies or backlash over their experiments. These plain-speaking demon have Little truck with rna ks. and it has combat applications as well. lore for builders. primary lore before yol. visage) of your character toward the end of characret-generation proces . movement or stealth. especially tho e wailing in stone. This lore is ldealfor anv Malefactor. who rely on fine manipulation. is a good primary tools and relics to their followers. This is a perfect primary lore £ r investigators.find it useful [0 disguise their true elves under a more socially acceptable (or simply more likeable) seeming. however.1I10USJoii OF rUE F UtE\ to their Nature. Lore of the Forge: Most demons mink o:f the Annunaki tions primarily as relic-builders even though only a few have mastered this lore. TTIUBUTE:5 P]itI 5K1\L Physical Attributes are very useful (Q Malefactors. More socially adroi t Annunaki . but especi ally builders.. who can use it to gain access to ecrets no matter how they're hidden. and some character COIlcepts will suit particular lore paths more than others.1 assign a ther traits._III . while the M urnrnu visage gives combat powers and advantages for building. me me ]\. It's worth thinking about character. It:' also good for combat-oriented character. Lore of the Earth: This lore has :3 number of applications . it still gives the user almost limitless options for travel. It has less potential for builders or reachers. and they expect others [Q be as up-from as themselves.

Teachers. Builders need to be aware of supernatural forcesrhat can be tapped and used in the ir creat ions. Teachers use Btiguette and Pertormatlcepo communicate with ties they're trying to teach. who gain increased Stamina and defenses in their apocalyptic form. because these Abilities will be the moot useful ones for the character in the chronicle. Most Malefactors have Men tal Attrlbu res as theirprimary group. the Annunaki care deeply about beauty {as long as it's useful). Practical. although not as much as Skills. especially in combat. but most of all they need good ratings in Leadership. Expression and Subterfuge to deal with their Followers.5 T alents are practical Abilities that get used often in day~[Q-day life. Teachers rely on Empathy. Awareness and Intuition are also both important . Willie builders usually have at least three dots (if nor more).helps your character gather and sift through information. Mal1lpulation tends to be the highest for AmlUna. ?\5ILITIES Ti\LERT. is the fane (')f the Annunaki. if they wane to d iscern as much information as possi hie. Few Malefactors have high Social Attributes. Ooviously. Of the Mental Attributes. who need to process and analyze information of all kinds. Perception and Wits are of roughly equal use [Q the character. and'need goodraringa in whatever Abili- . and their drive to understand all the engines of Creation (including humanity}. whether building a relic or deconsrrucring a business plan. (rick 0[.. High ratings In Charisma are urxornrnon.particularly for the Kishar and MlI. having high ratings in Technology. The Kishar also become capable of great feats of streogrh in their apocalyptic form. as Dexterity playsa part in [he major evocations of the Lore of the Forge. but it's easier to lie. as itmodifies two of (he evocations of [he Lore of Paths. fashion or even personal hygiene. sensible Annunaki.mIDu. Bunders benefit from a good racing in Expression. They might also benefit from ratings in Streetwise and Subterfuge if they're dealing with mortal sources of dam. Of the Social Attributes. Builders also benefit from. bur also in Alertness. and even of other demons. the Attribute can end up dropping. the Annunaki focus heavily on their intellectual capabilities. as will investigators who comb 10:. Wi th their need to gather knowledge and apply that knowledge. as.[ tombs or crime scenes for informaticn.!<i characters.. unless the demon is possessing an atrracti ve humanhcst-s-and even then.Such characters will benefit from taking Physical Attributes as their second priority. almost all characters w illhave at leasr a dot or tWo. while a high W its keeps her quick on the uptake and enhances the artistic perfection of her creations. Malefactor characters almost always have Skijls as their primary Ability group. bur social interaction is a confusing and unknowable thing for most Annunaki. most Malefactors have a high rating in Crafts. allowing them to understand and repair mundane devices. who need to be able to communicate effectively with their pupils. It's difficult to inspire trust or friendship. hands-on knowledge. They're very usefu! to 'the pragmatic. 5KILLS f\ErqT7\L Malefactors are perhaps not the wisest of the Sebettu . and those Invesngarors who seek inforrnation from witnesses and experimental suO-jeers. A high Perception.this especiall y appll es to the Mummu. and will probably have Physical Attributes as their third priority. Strength is key co the Kishar. Investigators can LIse Security and St:ealth tn gain access to p1"Otected irummation. Stamina benefits all characters. since that trait requires a degree of empathy and force of personalitvtew A nnu 11ak i can master. need stronger social skills. but is less necessary than the other fWO . Dexterity is vital for builders. practical ones). as the Malefactor ignores pointless mortal distractions like makeup. and possibl y Etiquette to convlnee others to provide data. They were warrlors and SOCI1\L Since the dawn of Crear ion.The exceptions are teachers. Perception is particularly useful to the Anru.that honor probably goes to the Fiendsbut they are among the smartest of the demons. Intelligence is almost always the most usefu L Malefactors are th inkers (albei t theirpl'lptls.. as many have learned the tricks of using mortals like tools. many Malefactors have good ratings in MeLee·and often gain dots in Firearms as well. intimidate humans into doing what you Want. and that's what Skills represent in Demon. the Annunaki have been plagued by their dlfficulty in understanding the minds and personalities of mortals. ramer than theory. Regardless a ooflcept. on the ather hand. their students. Appearance is rarely high. and it's the third priority for most characters . who need to keep a steady hand when working (he inrricare derails oftheir creations-s. since it helps them make their creations more beautiful and for all their practicality. Malefactors understand stone and metal perfecriy. itgoverns all the eVOC3[Lons of the Lore of the Earth. Talents should be the secondary Ability group for most Malefactor characters. Investigators toO need good ratings in Awareness and Intuition.

Don't shortchange the e Skills unless doing so is absolutely vital to your character concept" I<. gaining rhe incrediblv useful Enchanr Object evocation . he also need to know other bodies of lore- abilltvneeded to mainrainpowerm mortal society. pupils and worshippers. as itsComputer.! haven't already decidedon vourcharacter's primary lore.Malefactors.Ir's possible ItO gain four dots in the lorewith freebie points. suong memories of the Age of Wrath can provide vi al dues to under randing events in the modem world. good ratings in Fame or Influence ..Malefactors can benefit from access to ready casli. Whlte not always burdened by morality. LoRE LoI\ e. bur nor necessarily learned.Of Tl1r. This gives you Earth Meld. so builders will gain alot of benefit from this Background. but they won' aid in creating or building things. but mar's about it.soldiers in the Age of Wrath. Many Malefactors have posirtons of influence and power in the infernal court. LoREOrTtr f'OrlliE This is the lure most assoc lated with the Malefactors. their curlosi ty usuall 'i overrides any timidity or caution.>fthejr'thralls.bur what can you do with id Before your character can make enchanted items. Kishar investigators probably don't need to go thar far. Once you've decided. They make choices and mainly on what's usefu. Many of the Annunaki Skills . Ofthe three Virtues. which gains YOLI tl'lie Mold Eard'l evocation. now is me time to do so. nor what's This pragmatism can be helpful. which provides protection and enhanced movement (at the cost of T onnenr). Contacts: Builders use their contacts 11. so tl_1at they Can channellFaiIDlnto impro:ving the abilities .Thev care much more abourinformarionthar has immediate and practical applications than about book [earning and theory. Paragon: One bungled evocation can destroy or irrevocably corm r a relic. They can use the evocations to fight for themselves or their students. Pew of them. Even [he most moral teacher might perform dark experiments on her students in the cause of perfecting the human race. especially at character creation. and instead should jut take two dots of [he lore. using their knowledge of Occult.5 Knowledges make up the lea t important Ability groupfcrrnost. while Linguistics opens access to new libraries of information. finding housing and equipment for followers or sfungly bri bing sources Qftnfurmarion~ all. the following are generatly those most useful to Malefac ors. but Iirtle protec don from the dangers ofT are nor overly burdened decisions based right or mora]. Politics or Religion. Unfortunately. The Annunakiare intelligent and killed. For builders who work with technological devices. and possibly others. Characters who don't have good ratings [n Survival or Crafts will be very limited in their evocations.specifically Crafts (for the Mummu) and Survival (for the Aruu and Kishar). and too many Malefactors succumb to their inner darkness while in pursuit of knowledge. me 131\CKGROUrIDS While all Backgrounds can be useful in play.f'IO{JJLED Ge. Science is very useful. and it's one of the most flexible and useful bodies of lore available.) Further dots are useful for self-defense. which is a grea twa y of turning up buried secrets. Resources: Whether it's buying pans for a erearion. whi le investiga tors draw on them as a source of information. however. (This ev arion all w you to creat Or remake a st ne structure. rare. Teachersdon'rgain a lor of useful abilities from [he Lore of the Earth. Yet several Knowledges are still useful co Malefactors. Followers: Teachers will usually be surrounded by their students. the lnvestigarion and Research Abilities ar vital. to gam evocations for the character. while builders and investigators can both benefit from having assistants. All the evocations of the Annunaki revolve around VmTUES by Virtues. Teachers can gather new students and followers. it also provides ormen t and sin. the Annunaki rarely lack for dedication or an understanding of the workings of Creation. and they invented the very idea of weap my. Conviction tends to be the highest for Malefactors.l. wh can become oblivious to the painofo hers when focused nag al. And for investigators. and bu ilders desperately need to establish I?'!Ct5 to rovide that Faith. so are.EMTtI For builders of the Kishar vi age" it's worthwhile putting all three dots into the Lore of the Earth. Creators also 'need pacts. Courage is usuaHy next highest. Conscience is most often the weakest Virtue for Malefactors. While Annunaki are rarely fearless. and Roil the Earth. possess the social If yo I. Legacy: Fur investigators. represented by Eminence.0 find new materials and tools. Pacts: It takes a great deal of Fai to creat a relk. you need to assign clot ro that lore. it's als a difficult lore to get the most advantage from.

enough Faith rating 1:.spedlally for but lders who wanr to perfect their luundanc creanons . since it improves their communication skills and ability to gain infcrmarionfrom mortals. and he might not be able to spare the Faith points to create the relics he now knows how to make.d. Teachers and investigators sheulddeflnitelv consider putting dots-into the Lore of Humanity.ich is particularly useful for characters when Creation nitely improve their Crafts oped the core of the Lore of the Fundament They are the Malefactors most likely to ger [he informatIon they need. By and large. posslblv irnpr e their Dexterity :md consider buying more dots in Paragun. which is useful but not essentia I. givin them the Lay Path evocation. Such relics require large quantities also puts your eharacrer in a good position for learning Enchant Object later in the chronicle.If you're playing SUdl a character. but his Farrh rating wit! stiLl be' . since rheireforrs are focused on working With their chosen material (human or inanimate). Teachers and builders get less benefit from the Lore of Paths. and if the characrer's Faith is low.. Putting an extra dot into the lore grants the Conceal Path evocation. reach bUTied redoubts or even walk tl. thenenhance it into a perfectly suited tool. r-eshape It i. Manipulate Gravity increases battlefield mobthry. Lf your character doesn't have Enhance Objeer.T ranslate ~suseful for invesrigarors.llpower raring W ::1[ COi"\J'iofiLor~E It was the House of the Fundament thas develback was young and passed thar knowledge to the rest oftlne Heavenly Host. Faith is also useful to characters who get into fights" since it can be spent to heal wounds. Act! vate Object and Shape Object.otherwise aU he. Teachersrnight wane to Improve welr Manipulation or Charisma Attributes. especiallvthose who rake if as their primarv.any character a significant edge. This. because it can he spent to permanently enhance mundane objects via the Enhance Object evocation.ors in.ey can probablybe gained later with expeaierice points instead. while other characters can place that thirdlore dot elsewhere. You can gain one dot from another Lore with the rest of your freebie points ~ which allows yOU! character to make relics that use that lore -. Willpower is stili Llseful as a source of automatic suCG. which can go a kmgway roward alleviarmg the weaker social skills of most A:rmunaki .:rmunaki still retain knowledge of this lore.prov ing Ieasnsix. can produce: are relics that produce [he effects of the Lore of [he Forge. wh. rather than moving about efficiently. fREEBLEPOll'qT5 Faith is exrremely useful to Malefactors. If your character has that evocation (and it's worth pickigg 'UP)" it's definitely worm spending irn. it's probably best [Q forg. 0]" P7\TtlS This unusual lore offers strong posslbilides to investigator Malefactors. many A. which can grleady improve the character's Manipulationbased rollsagainst her mortal followers. It's best: for stealth y characters who place a premium on nor being followed. Antu investlgarors shouldriefinitelv put two dO[8 into the.low. Non-Mummu Annunakl characters should still consider taking one doc in this torero gain Enhance ObjeclL1l1e minor rei lcs created by this evocation can give . especially in combar. giving him [he Enhance Object.e. vual [or characters who want to make enchanted be spent during the enchantment process. Save it for a hit later in the chronicle.eSSe5.uough walls by manipulating space. It's certainly worth considering buying an extra. 00 endup and:r echnology Abilities. fr·eebie poirus left over should defi- some freebies on her W i. TI1ar's a combination of evocations thar l1!UOW who fight with enhanced or enchanted melee weapons. she may nor be able to afford ro create the relics she deslres.but it probably doesn't need to be:improved by more than a peinr or [WOo Butlders with. Teach. point of Faith for YOlIT character. lnvestigarors should consider increasing Wirs and Perception andpcsstblv increasing rheircombar-relared Abilities. any character who takes this as his primary lore should definitely sink all three lore dotsinto ir. [ore. MfluipulateAdheSRon isn't as immediarely useful. yOll should probably choose ad:ifferem primary lore. l. arion. ers ni.Insurprisingly. and it would require freebie points to acquire that could better be spent elsewhere. More points might not be rhar useful at character ererelics. which allows them toaccess tocltedroams.tQ a useful item. With mat said.11. Willpower is very useful to the Annunaki. o-fraith to Lear. taking her total to a more flexible fGur points. when your character has a grounding in other bodies of lore and a high. and th. which can be usefu! fOT any Malefactor who enters combat. and him to take any object.0 create fun and useful relics.er about gaining Enchant Objeci: at character creation. Like Faith. fightitJt .Followers. increase their tatings in LeadellShipor Empatbyor simply gain more students ~ buying more.ight want to consider the benefits of spending freebie points to gain (he Insinuate evocation.


" the Creator their number 'the angels of the Second House. "Let there be light.S. and the worlds hung like jewels in the emptiness.ltTonomy. But norto reUof good or evil luck.s. They considered the stars. harnessing the fires of the FirSt Howe and thevitalitv ofme Second House to flU the emptiness wlm shape and substance.osrnoswere set.God Then. and the FOImh House stood at:the Creator's slde and saw all the wonders rheirpredecessers had wrought. said.No. The angels of the First House would bear God's vision in their souls and harness the energies of the Host to fulfilling their Creator's plan . And then. proclaiming His glory.They kindled the fires of Creation and lunned the boundaries of the unformed cosmos. Godcalled forth the a\lgels of the Thlrd House and commanded them God moved across the blackness of the void and said. From their number He named His Heralds. Sonner XIV Aftel' the firmament was formed. -WiHiam Shakespeare.tplatnslili.. inviting canvases." With those words the angels were born. Of plague. and the Host surrounded the Creator.and smoothing out grea. . or seasons' quality. ana commanded them to breathe life into every comer of the universe. and the heavens separated fromtheearth . God turned to the Host and called fIl:!)m turned to die Host and piCked from their number the angels of the rmm:h Hoose. from the srar3 do I my judgment pluck And ye~ meminks Ihave a. :fbeir hands molded eM planets in ali their varied forms. They stirred the primordial gases with the bearing of their great wings and laid me foundations of the firmament. carving mountains: and vaUey.e blank. "Behold. [0 make form out of formlessness. of dearths.. terthe boundaries Ofthec. and the Creator revealed co them the Grand Design of the cosmos.

Their t. Finally. cause and effect. Events in one epocb. By creattng a system that allowed an outside observer to tr-ace the relationships between disparate..arkiog the morions of the cosmos as GQd intended and tes.. The reverberations rippled through the fabric of reality. They were. their gh~ryrefleoeed in the seamless or:detr of the ualverse. pure musical note. cll. The Eternal Record created by the edict was far from staric. The-iJ( 5Ulc~esa was measured b1 :inactLon.soccUliIed (be way they did and what that meant to rcaHIJIiI as ra whale. They were the firstscholars .rls1:5 and pb IloJiophers. observing. The angels of the Fourth House cried our in wonder. was more than just . growing ill ever more complex irerarions of cause and effect." God said again. the angels of Fourth House joined in its dance.be outside. and the angels of the Fourth House looked deeper still. events. command as au tarchofhis House was to focus each angel of his House art maintaining only a per- me rion of the cosmic record rather man have each the fil!5C'sc:ie(l. Conscious of '[he implications of their every ac[ion. T yriel's fin.gle>:rruiwer:. "Set their mo[ions and mark the workings of all mac I have made. scattered throughout but with silent contemplation. T yriel. Therefore. before ~ong as the iterarions increased in speed and complexiryand showed no signs of abating. saw the web of re lationshlps rhar bound [hemal! rogerher. In a sense. d~putie. after every ou tcome had been considered and [he precise result formulated.:lbillty into elegant certainty. Ol))ECT51N t\. dispatched his brothers and sisters to predetermined points across the breadth of the cosmos. recording and calculating. Viewed from t.House was nor one first iteration of a complex formula.rpose. And little by little. angels me of House. the Angels of the Spheres became masters of life. the Fourth House appeared to be a collection of silent observers. of creation. and Creator commanded.OTION As the cosmos spuni nto motion. They the inert cosmos. the Grand DeSign came to other angels saw the universe as a collection of elements] [he angels of the Fourth House. Tyriel took hold of the restive forces underlying me TfIE 'fL"\ND5 Or" 12U'E.3: feat of organizanon."Behold . They were artists who wove symphonies of prob. The stars were made to act upon the wealds that surrounded them. <IS ir was called. They altered seasonal patterns with the beat of a hummingbird's wings half a world away or timed the now ofions from the sun to. When the last angel reached her appointed place.is." The angels of the Fourth House bern themse lves to the task the Creator had given them ~ nor with Fireand thunder. and saw how each aspen of Creation was made to Ref upon all those surrounding it. The seeds of their falllfty In the certainty rhar every question individual struggle to reme mher the enrirerv. from the wild gyra[ionsofsubaromic panicles to the stately whirlof me ~Heave11.Where added their weight behind it and amplified it further.·eaI:ion and ask why rhing. on another 3: single.ting each actina for it5·effecum thewhole. 711e· Angels of the Spheres watched Iwm'rhfng. On one level it was the co conform to the design God made . The Edler oiMemo!). Beneath the light of me ever-watchful Heralds. The angeb were amazed ar first. Throne of the lodtgo Expanse and greatest among [he. They studied the untapped forces inherent in the fabric of Creation and calibrated them according to the needs of the Grand Design.. Their werk was performed patienrlv and subtly. gathering momentum with each successive step. who me cosmos and pH-shed. the Angels of the Spheres commandments remembered the of their Creator and ncted each and every interaction that occurred. the Fourth House laid rhe fouadarions of time ieself. but of regulation. [bey calibrated the inreraerions of [he cosmos The mandate of the. w-as [1'1IC. in (I sense. indirecr influence. The universe was more than mere existence. touching each angel in rum. the pent-up groan of a machine tau vast for anyone: angel [('I ever fuUV comprehend. working tirelessly to ensure that thecounrless elements ofrhe uni verse worked in harmony with one another.1yHo~t d1d tln'e work of the Creator. A function. but the-ir sense of wonder turned to apprehens ion. rn. Fourth. On yet another.a sk was rosee beneath the surface of C. it was the sound of metal on metal. They saw beyond the works of their brethren. The Eramewm:k T vriel and his had but '8 sin. and discovered the relationships that knit [hem ro ge rher in an ever-expanding web of acricnand reaction. watching from the side ltne 5 as the' res!': qf the vast galaxies. alter the orbit of a distant moon. It bad a pu.creared causal fJ2 . Action spawned reaction. which in tum allowed the worlds to alter their fearures arid act upon everything that rested upon their surfaces. the engineers of the cosmos.s creseed to record the histerv of [he cosmos had (II consequential impact on the universe j tself. From the orbits of [he planets 1:0 the decay of isotopes.

erules. . Their f:iilun! was a matter of mathematical. The causal storm that Tvriel and the Vigil once wrestled into submission returned with renewed force. coordinated by T vriel and his chosen deputies. Tyrie] drafted the Edict of lnstanoe. realizing how desperate the situation was. some aspects of Creation seemed to encourage re-invencion or evolution. however. fueled by the chimerical Oceanites. The control of information instituted by the Vigil kept the vast majority af the House from. They defied easy description . ensured the constant flow of information along the Gyre and dictated the protocols of communication to maintain accuracv and elarity.ITgethea~and ~esign of'ertors and exGeslilve vanables . it also consequently ensured that no one member of the House had access [0 the entire record save [he members of the Vigil itself.animal life lnttoduced a vastnew'ser into the Pounh Hou&e's calculations. It was effic.. mec~aniSjID.EJwli'iGTltESl@5. a command that ordered a third of the House to assume the role of keeping the clockwork order of the cosmos intact. and revealed over time that the cosmos was built with a substantial tolerance for alteration. Ysriel. As a result. Together mey formed the Vigil. of variables taxing the efforts of the Bivinel!6 to their utmost. Tyriel and the Vigil were left [0 consider the implicmions of (hell" newfound knowledge. Ty. the moment the Fifth House was born. it wouldsoon outstrip their abil ity to manage them. and this time the winds of change showed no signs of abating.in fact. The laws of me Vigil governed a volatile web of correspondence between Sources that came to be known as the Gyre. The change in tactics made the Diviners far more effective. or Source. labor of Host had been to shape order from chaos. a single creation or concept spa wned reactions [hat reverberated in vast. spawning ever more refined patterns (hat benefited the cosmos as a whole. Despite the me me me me me newfound order. and [he Gyre continued to grow. Now Angels of the Deep seemed poised 'to upset everything their elders had bulle. Reluctantly. As the Oceanites upset the old order with [heir dance of dreams. often unpredictable ways. was constanrl y employed updating elements of the record to reflect the links to both past and current events These updates demanded constant communication between Sources. Then God turned to the Hose and called from their number the angels of the Fiftb House. At first the Diviners hurled themselves into the teeth of the Fifth House's mercurial storm. Almost immediately the angels of the Fourth House detected signs of strain in the Grand Design. riding out the ripples spawned by me Fifth House under the watchful eyes of the Diviners. Tyriel and the Vigil did no have IOl1g to cootemplate [he implications of a dynamic universe. Osir and Asmodeus .of variables centinued. SeIZING THE t\Oi"\E.rIT Until. battling to turn back the tide of creativity and restore the universe to its former precision.But the inclUSIOn of ettltapy and death on1vcoIil1lpliitatedmatters further. The universe 8$ they understood it was not static. Even in death" a sparrow . cetl:aimy. BefOTe long. and while it kept the integrity of the Eternal Record perfect.sometlung that the Angels of rheSpheres regarded w ith horror.tieJ and cite Vlgll dared [0 hope that at th'e: last 'the. Kusiel. settling down into a predictable routine of orbits. the Fifth House was born to create connections where ones never existed before. the Oceanires would break connecwas tions when it suited thern. constants and seasons. and the: V igil found their fragile web pu t to its first test. In time. Indeed. In an age of layered realities. When Ood:created the Seventh House. they defied any sort of description at aiL Where the Fourth House charted the myriad relattonshtps inherent to Creation.Gemmnor. Conferring with the Vigil. Tyriel and the Vigil ordered the Diviners to conserve their energies and focus on actual disruptions of me Grand Design instead of chasing down every little alteration. Diviners were focused on securing the present in accordance with Creator's plan. Crearer hadlncluded Q.ient and ruthlessly autocratic. each angelic historian. and for a brief time. It was meant to change.relationships [hat reverberated through adjoining ages. The rise (if the Sixth House and tbe spread of plant and. acouncil regulating communications among Sources.. I\. the storm of correspondences abated. the cosmos settled once more into a stead 'f equilibrium. . Nothing was certain anymore.or a star -left a mark ot: its passing behind. T yrid and his chosen lieutenants l{newsomething akin to"despair. but for every tiny restoration they made. If the i_ndusien.Abishai. The problem with [he Oceamtes was that they broke Irh. a hundred other alterations Tippled through Creation. Where the Sources labored to record the events of the past. the Vigil maintained the Grand Design with metronomic precision. periods. The Vigil governed the assignment of new Sources. \">Vbat worse. Tyriel and the Fourth House were forced [0 take act ion in order to uphold their mandate from God. creating mew eausal relationships .topl.

and Vigil assigned a hal)dfu Ioflesser llkellest course of action lnadvance of me actual event? Ifso. to build. the "Fourth House could test the relationhips spawned by each evenr well in advance and have ample warnip. and in them the F urth House aw the future of the universe made manifest ~ and the ultimate threat to the stability of Vigil was able to focus on relatively small set of behaviors presented by mankind and learn to project their effects farther and farther into the future. me me the cosmos. Had the humans been anything bur ignorant of the universe. If mous power and uncertain purpose. lnnoeence bred habitual behavior. the Vigil would review the acti ns taken and the final outcome and pre ent the data to the S me ' for inclusion into the Gyre. The notion offered a glimmer of hope to the hardpressed Fourth House and suggested a radical new approach. behaved in habitual patterns of existence. At first. Even the clumsy. The Edict of Momentum created the Oracles. mainrained a certain degree of secrecy and separation from their peers. The ability to peer into the unfonned future caused the Angels of [he Sphere to retreat: even further from the company of their feHow Elahim. man and woman returned again andagain to.g when aetion was required Q maintain. was it nottherefore possible to predict their by STOI\f\ {J)1\RffiNG Of the three edicts. mankind was meant to be the mechanism's guiding hand . the Fourth was least troubled humanitv's innocence. People were meant to hape the corm of ideas according 1:0 their will. The potential invested in mankind was limitless. Humanitv was made EO harness the relationships wrought by God and the angels. Later. by the Oracles were presented to the Vigil for review. ultimate act of creation. the me .the cosmic balance. a' the efficient management of information became para- of their divine mandate. whose duties allowed them to relare best with their fellow angels. potentials of Paradise. Then came the breaking point.mat rippled throughout Creation. the angels would have bad no chance to perfect-their techniqu . Faced with a world of lirnitless possibility.took reps to head off he impending imbalance. limited ways mankind interacted with the world touched off enormous surges of causal interaction that made Tyriel and the Vigil tremble. angels whose sole function was to see into the future and look for threats to [he Grand Design. was certain. the better. At first the indications were more a source of curiosity than real concern. me cosmos wa a vast mechanism of enor- The creation of the Ora le further broadened the authority of the Vigil and the lssemination of data between the three aspects of the House. As the Oracles grew increasingly adept at-predicting [he cour e of the future. as the Fourth House saw it. When a prediction required mount to the succe me mat action. It was Asmodeus who fi:rsr proposed the idea: If human !ieings. The implications were awesome.around them. Still. T yriel issued the third and final edict that would shape identity of the Fourth House. M it was. of the minutiae at-existence. and the House became increasingly removed from the dsv-ro-day course of cosmic existence.and the ultimate product of its use.to clte:it OWrI tole \n the cosmic order. the signs were small and scattered. to dream. and they watched humanity with unblinking intensity. to conceive. Predictions made. patterns emerged. To some extent [his attitude was an outgrowth of the tigh rl y defined lnrerre lations with in the House. introspective lot. Thus was human i ty born. They were actually disinclined to ontinually invent and challenge the accepted arder. reinforcing the image of the Fourth House as an introverted. God commanded the Host to combine their potent lore in a final. After the final House had been named and the cycle of existence completed. the Edicr of Mornentum was the single most influential decision [0 shape the character of the Fourtl House as a whole. Failure. Death wa not an end. the number of interventions required by the Diviners dwindled. As a result the majority of the Heavenly Hosr went about their duties unaware as the FOUTrh House saw the ftrst signs of an approaching catacly m. laying new pathways of causality in accordance with their de ire. Numerous Oracles reported to the Vigil that the number 00£ causal threads wa tarting to dwindle ~ som thing the Fourth House had never seen before. juhilam. marking their every rep and testing its effects on the surrounding equilibrium. who constantly consulted with Sources for past precedents supported the Oracles' conclusion. Of all the Houses. Even the Diviners. the angels of the Fourth House were determined to see their duty to the bitter end. The Less that man and woman interacted with the rich. Over time. order were j ued to the Diviners. their meager store of acquired knowledge for happiness and survival. bur merely a new iteration of variables. wh . but a certain degree of distance was also required In order for the agents co maintain their focus on the "bigger picture" instead.

The small cadre of Oracles studying the problem concluded that causal pressures were building throughout the Grand Design and causing a relentless contraction to a single. As. even their fet10\\Vs. The onlvconclusion rhar made sense was that mankind's ignorance was causing the cosmos. expressly forbidding the discussion of-future events with members of the other six Houses. specifically Archangel Asrnodeus. rhev only played into the hands of the face they had sought to avoid. The Vigil's interest changed from curiosity to deep concern. thus maintaining the House's honor and its holy mandate. But (he more [hey saw" [he less they 'knew of the source the pressures pushing [he Grand Design to the breaking point. Tyriel and the Vigil recoiled in horror at the revelation. the Oracles were better able to predict possible futures emanating beyond the event. To further strengthen the Vigil's control of the flow of information T ytiel del ivered the Edict of Silence. and nearly all of them were visions ofheart-wrenchmgdestrucnon. the C31l1Sai threads were dwindling with increasing speed. [he time of the decision point loomed closer.LIOfl As [he Vigil concealed the knowledge of irnpendmg disaster in an iron fisl: of secrecy. and see what could Time passed. The Oracles were forbidden to discuss the matter with anyone. By damping down. and the reports mounted. The evidence was impossible to deny" yet no matter how intently they questioned the Sources. climactic decision point. The very possibility of such a contraction went against everything they believed about the Grand Design. As it happened. only Asmodeus and a handful of Oracles knew the TNEfmST me full extent of [be approaching catastrophe. {u COntract. Instead' all information was to be shared with the Vigil alone. humanity was forcing the energies of [he Grand Design into. Though still measured in nearcuunrless minions.Oracles to stud y the phenomenon be learned from it. they could not discover the source of the mounting pressu reo Did the fault lie with them! Had they somehow erred in their oversight of the Grand Design? The thought drove the Vigil to acts of even greater secrecy. fiEl)El. The moment was fast approaching when the entire cosmos would hinge on the outcome of a single question. ruthless! y on the d ire warnings of the Oracles. the Vigil hoped to unravel the mystery and avert the looming disaster. By falllng to make connections with the concepts surrounding them and hamessing the power of the ideas inherent In Paradise. an oe .

regardless of the reasons Involved. With the greatest care. the die had been cast. but always an wet' wa the ame. the more desperate me me me 96 .became. Hatlc no Despite its secretive beginnings. Ahrimal touched off the Great Debate. All i:s as tilt: Creator wishes .sho k the angel t the core of their being. Isolated not only from.as he Ahrimal Th mrme time passed. Ahrirnal slowly and methodically presented [he crisis chat threatened them all. Ahrimal carefully chose a small number of influential Elohim to whom In reveal his secrets. Lailah [he Defender and Usiel. Throne of the Sundered. ev~ntuaIly rebounding back upon the Fourth House itself. Virtue of the Boundless Deeps. and finallytheOracles themselves. His revelations served to crystallize the secret doubts and fears that many of the angels experienced since the birth of mankind. Mo:re and more) Ahrlmal believed thar humanity's ignorance was source of the building causa! . Ahrimal knew. a rank-and file angel named Ahrimal even went so far as to condude (hat the only way out of the impending crisis hinged on manipulating humanity itself rather man wasting time and energy tracing causal rhreadr . The realization of how the angels of the Vigil had deceived [heir peers. the angel had no idea how to address the problem. but when and how many. "My friends. The Oracles passed their urgent re ornrnendations to Asmodeus.ar. Man y of the assembled luminaries had never spoken directly to Ahrimal before. Despite its scholarly beginnings. Ahnrnal's dectsion cculd be seen as the tim: true rebellion. hoping to arrive at a solution with a minimum of impact on the Host. Be calm. the seen. I t was the fir r pontaneous deci ion they ever made. me and the other Oracles. spurred many members of the House to make their decision ba ed on feelings of anger and errayal rather than cold. From Sources to Diviners. but the cholcewas disobedience to an angelic edict in the service of his mandate from the Creator. N evertheless. "What can we do?" Ahrimal's hopes for a qu lck and decisi ve solu tion were short-lived. fALLING STARS iI):creasingiy limited future that was never intended to exist. who conveyed [hem to the Vigil. The only hope was to bring the mat er to [he other Elohirn in hopes that their insight and experience would suggest an answer.rhe rest of Elohim but even the ir peers within House. Now faced by such powerful figures as Belial. Instead of a clear and obvi us answer. TI1e passions of [he Great Debate split the House in two. hard 1 gic. the full scope of the crisis ~ and how it had been hidden from them .saw it. though the number of defections fe. the Great ebat left little time for the angels of the Host to decide between loyalty and revolt. When Lucifer raised the banner of rebellion. he summoned the angels to his citadel on the lunar surface. unleashing passions that would plit the Host of Heaven and change the universe forever. but having been ISO hued from humanity almost from its creation. grew increasingly desperate for a solution. the Great Debate sent reverberations throughout the Host. The question was not a matter of if. an act of courage tha few if any faUen would later recall. One Oracle in particular. A true angel of his House despite his rebellious convictions." he whispered into the silence that followed. leading them to a deep cavern lill with lamps of captured star light. Such an act would violate the Edict of Silence.pressure.

angels to the last. Still others.varied between members of the three disciplines. horrifted at the havoc his rebellion had spawned and determined to submit himself to the Vigil for punishmen of his crime. me among [he fallen quickly studied the causal web to see what was about to transpire. What was discussed .ulition an gave tHe Fiel1Q. Many more would have cause (Q wonder about his motives in the war to come. realization that would haunt the Neberu throughout Age of Wrath. "'Much has been lost. and it helped shape the character of the fallen House afterward. It was.l~on and Alabaster. an I the glorious machinery of Creation was broken beyond their ability to repair. uncovering the enemy's secrets Fiends scattered ra serve under the banners of the Crunson. When f}.tced w~h a choice of rel in the 97 .many gaUr-stricken Ftends. Asmodeus. 8. it was true. and dley balked at the idea of rerurning to the intrigue and confounding practice of the Fou House. the Fiends se . Bur as terri le a this knowledg was. mg God's me O]\TtI8 O~fE2\LTtI Asrnodeus was not idle in the wake of God's vengeful blow. Slightly more than a third ofthe seers chose to rebel. many Diviners chose the course of rebellion because their disposition drove them to take action for the sake of the cosmic balance. N ne kn ws for certain what later changed his mind. Save one: Ami mal. th bulk f th Home gravirated to the one legion who e mi ion mad more sense than. Guilt and shame caused them to withdraw deep inside themselves rather than face wreckage of Paradise . no time to beg forgivenes of the Most High before. their time in He U began the day the cosmos started [0 die.if the meeting occurred at all . including all of those whohad studied the crisis from the beginning. For them. It was nor for them to say what course universe took. The nightmare the Fourth House had 1 ng feared had now finally came to pass. but Luctfer's call to disobedience was Its root cause." The anehangel's wards struck a chord in the hearts of . TIle Oracles fell between [he two extremes. bu legend hints at a secret meeting between Ahrimal and the Morningstar in the hours before the Fall. took his place in the ranks of the rebels without a single word to his fellows. The solution to the dilemma eemed to present itself in Lucuefs new. Even before the Morningstar set the fallen on the path of war. however. egailtarlan order. firm in their conviction that the Elohim were commanded by God to remain impartial and remere. Ebon. remembers with awful clarity the moment Micha I and the wrathful Host of Heaven filled the sky above Paradise. but their instincnve need fq:r: structure and unity was tempered by feelings of henay. brothers andsisters.[role they would play in the battles to eorne. The cataclv m they bad so feared was finallv upon them. There was no rime to act. The universe changed forever in that moment. the w rsr was yet to come. only to watch and record what came to pass. from the lowltest angel 0 the highest of dukes. watched the fabric of reality begin to come undone and swore that they would somehow set it right again. Ahrirnal has never explained his change of heart to anyone. Slightly lest. and the Oracles me rebel host.Legions. quickly securing positions f rank 3S st11ltegists. Many Fiends were never the same after witnessretribution. only a bare handful of Sources chose the pam of defiance. Many Fiends still febha t [hey hadbee. lieutenant to Tyriel and Navigator of (he Stars." he said.s the opporrunity 00 decide wh11.remains a matter for speculation. scours and advisors. Lucifer rail ed the Sil ver Legion to act as his eyes and ears. architect of the rebellion. Many were amazed at his sudden defection. They had failed in their dury to Heaven. bur there is much more still that may be spared if our hearts are true and we dedicate ourselves wholly to the task. ed the movement of the Holy Host. '[han half of the The last of the House to Fall was one of its brightest lights. Each and every Fiend. and the delicate working of the Grand Design were twisted and bent beneath His awful hand.n deceived by the iron-fisted leadership ofthe Vigil. The ereati n of the legions irnpo ed a new trueture free F hidebound House IT'. Layers of reality shattered beneath the blow. decided to remain. The greatest Dumber of defections came from the Diviners. and they were the instruments of irs creation _ The disaster revolved around humanity. Hi fury smote the cosmos. "There is no turning back now. What [hey saw shriveled their souls. By contrast. Part] y a result of the outrage they fel t at the Vigil for letting the crisis fester secretly for so long.any other. the faHen archangel spoke to his fellow Neberu. In the wake of the confrontanon between Luci er and Michael. Let us come together as before and restore our broken House.a! and suspL 10 .

and they now took steps [Q create 8 new method of recordkeepmg that didn't exclusively depend on the memories of the fallen . spreading dire warnings and twisted chains of prophecy meant to spare men and angels from tragedies of war and protect the fabric of reality as best they could. Asmodeus. fleeing from the presence of man and fallen alike. while the warriors of Heaven referred to them fearfully as the ashen seers. symphonies of song and ephemeral patterns of light. these efforts would lead to me development of the Lore ofLighr and the great Library of Genhinnorn. providing the rebel and defeat.Ifafallen leader knew his opponents' dispositions beforehand. The rebel host took to calling these mad prophets stormcrows. he could attempt to counter them in unexpected ways and tilt the contest in his favor. The clash of armies resonated as complex formulae. The early battles of the war were complex. the Diviners foundmemselves tasked with developing military applications of their talents. the Morningstar instructed all ofh is commanders [0 make the best possible use of the Fiends and their abilities at prescience and mobility [Q gain warning of the enemy's strength and intentkms. Like the Sources. The few Sources who joined the rebel cause {all of whom found themselves part of Lucifer's personal Staff) were enjoined to lise their abilities to record the course of the war in every possible detail.5IT-S]'J'qD 5TMT]\GEf\5 Lucifer wasted little time purring' the skills of me Neberu to work. highest of the Fourth House [Q side with the (a Hen. including the fallen angel Ahrirnal. arguments and decided who had the commanding position. In addition ro (his new responsibility. To this end..and spoiling Michael's many plans. was logical choice to command this legion of spies. and their instincts for influencing events Led them to deiruelllgence on me host with a valuable tool [Q learn from both victory G]\t\. often esoteric affairs that were fought on myriad levels of meaning . me A handful ofFiencls chose 1:0 side with none of the legions. refusing to contribute further to the suffering of the cosmos and devoting themselves wholeheartedly to the task of repairing what they had inadvertenrlv broken.grief and shame over the breaking of Creation. Many were practically maddened by .. 'VVhen they weren't gathering moment-to-moment . In time. These lonely souls would come [Q haunt the camps of both armies through the course of [he war. The demands of the war effort forced a number of changes on members of all three disciplines. chose [Q follow the dictates of their own conscience. Often a battle was decided in moments as the two generals calculatedthe strength of their position and the passion of their velop tactics of espionage and provocation. the Sources were keenly aware of the vast store of know 1edge now lost to them by their defection. A few. The~r mastery ·of the Lore of Portals provided them with a powerful degree of mobility and stealth.

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