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CMA Syllabus

CMA Syllabus

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Published by: Chandan Chauhan on Mar 29, 2011
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Syllabus for CMA 1.

Introduction- basic concepts of cost and management accounting, cost centre and cost unit, classification of cost, behavior of cost, cost sheet. 2. Materials- how much to purchase (EOQ), when to purchase (different levels of stock), bill of material, ABC system, JIT, bin card stores ledgers (reason behind different methods of pricing of material). 3. Labour- methods of calculating wages, labour turnover. 4. Overheads- meaning, classification, distribution (primary and secondary) of overheads, absorption, apportionment, recovery (including under and over) of overheads.

Job, batch, process and contract costing- meaning and application, need, escalation and de-escalation, calculation of profit in incomplete contract.

6. Marginal costing- meaning of contribution, angle of incidence, marginal of safety etc., CVP analysis, profit planning and production planning, relevant cost, decision making. 7. Budgetary control- budget vs budgetary control, types of budget, master budget, cash budget and flexible budget. 8. Standard costing- variance analysis (material cost variance and labour cost variance). 9. Recent development in cost and management accountingtarget costing, ABC method of costing etc.

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