Dear Friends; Team Haiti-4-Jesus will be traveling to Haiti again soon.

Our team works to relieve suffering, knowing that survival and hope must come before self-reliance. TH4J offers orphan support, feeding programs, medical clinics and crusades to spread the word, love and hope of Jesus Christ. While in Haiti, TH4J will feed the children and provide medical clinics along with Haitian and American doctors, working together to meet the medical needs of these desperate people. The cost of the trip per person is $2000 plus the cost of immunizations, passports, visa, list of personal supplies along with medical supplies to host the clinics. Prayer has had a central place in our decision to HELP those in need in Haiti. God said without Him we can do nothing and we are very much aware of how true this is. Prayer is the power behind the people and programs that make up Team Haiti-4-Jesus, and prayer is the power that will enable you to observe God working in our own life and in the lives of those around you. Please prayerfully consider how you can HELP. Working for the Kingdom, Team Haiti-4-Jesus

Team Haiti-4-Jesus's Mission
We are a Multi-mission ministry, supporting the needs in Haiti.

Originally Founded by 10 year veteran missionary Daniel Quinta, Team Haiti-4-Jesus has expanded both in the USA and Haiti. An amazing group from a variety of fields has joined forces to help fill this urgent need. Team Haiti-4-Jesus is a New York non-profit foundation and a U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Dr. Loretta Scott

For more information please visit or call Daniel Quinta at 232-2271
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Donations can be made online through our website at or by check, (please make checks payable to Team Haiti-4-Jesus and send to PO Box 39, Mannsville, NY, 13661)