Product: Bluetooth translator Three types: - Translator for Asian languages to Arabic and vice versa (model:T109A) - Translator for European and Latin languages to Arabic and vice versa (model:T109E) *model can be modified to have a soft ware for teaching a certain language - Translator for African languages to Arabic and vice versa (model:T109F) - Translator for all languages in the three continents to Arabic (model:T109X) Name: Bluetooth T109 Distribution areas: - Virgin mega store city stars - City escape mall six october - Radio shack - Arabian mall six October - Carfour Alexandria - Cairo Air port (free market) Target customer: Business men Travelers Multinational companies Conferences. Travel agents Organizations

A lot cheaper than getting a personal translator for business men 3. ABB } as for targeting business men and high class employees. FedEx . «. P&G . UTI . Sheraton. UN . AUC . Company name: Blue-tech cooperation Benefits of Bluetooth T109: 1. It gives you discounts on language courses in education centers 4. It can be used as normal Bluetooth device for cell-phones landyspace@hotmail. Italian cultural council . Provides easier communication between different language speakers as it translates both speakers· language immediately while both are speaking.Also we will target well known hotels like {Helton. UNISCO . etc} When fulfilling these markets and making them absorb our new product this will let us cover a large scope of segments { age from 18-40 . schinker .Our market plan will start with NGO·s (non-governmental organizations).Then we will target the multinational companies { Maersk . Kuhne & Nagel .com . { AIESEC. DHL .com melmasry3@gmail. . Slogan : Boosting Communication Product name in the Market: Professional-Language Translator (PLT). and different income levels }. Marriot «etc}. both genders . 2.. CMA . ARAMX .Market plan: . . WOY .Finally we will target education centers { British Council . } as for targeting youth and strong politicians. PTP . .

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