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Published by: Jonny Sandlund on Mar 29, 2011
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Honors Business Group

September 14, 2010

Accounting ‡ Chief Compliance Officer (CCO): Kristen Hohenadel ± Senior. Corporate Finance . Accounting ‡ VP of Marketing: Max Arnold ± Senior. Corporate Finance ‡ Chief Financial Officer(CFO): Mike Wallar ± Senior.Officer Introduction ‡ President: Jonathan Sandlund ± Senior. Corporate Finance ‡ VP of Operations: Nathan Lieb ± Senior.

The Importance of Professional Networking .

who knows you.85 percent of all jobs are filled through contacts and personal references.Networking Quotes ‡ ³It isn't just what you know.´ ± Bob Burg ‡ ³Network continually . It's actually who you know.´ ± Brian Tracy ‡ ³The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.´ ± Robert Kiyosaki .´ ± Keith Ferrazzi ‡ ³The richest people in the world look for and build networks. and what you do for a living. everyone else looks for work. and it isn't just who you know.

Networking 101 ‡ Why should I network? ± People in your network can help you find a job ‡ The hidden job market ‡ The visible job market ± People in your network may be able to offer you advice and information about a particular company or industry ± People in your network may be able to introduce you to other people to expand your network .

Networking 101 ‡ Who should I add to my network? ± Everyone! You never know how someone can help you. ‡ Where do I find these people? ± Family ± Friends ± Alumni ± And« ANYONE! .

Try to play to your major! ³Mr. I¶m at a pivotal point and major career decisions are just around the turn :S! I¶m reaching out to experienced professionals. Thanks so much for your time! Jonathan Sandlund ´ . ‡ Tips ± Keep it short! Readable in under 30 seconds ± Be personable. My goal ² confidently knowing which direction I want to go before my Senior year. majoring in Marketing. Jones. Don¶t come off as complete stranger« even though you are. ‡ Justifies sending out ³cold´ emails. ± Being a student gives you a huge advantage. I¶m a Junior at the University of Akron. trying to learn as much as I can about the marketing roadmap. I would love to grab lunch or dinner and hear about your experiences in marketing! Any advice would be tremendously helpful.Networking 101 ‡ How should I add someone to my network? ± Simple. ± Be creative. If you have the time. It starts by reaching out. such as yourself.

Didn¶t find time last semester so I reached out again when I returned. Contacts helped me land two out-of-state internship interviews last Spring. Told him I would love to meet up. And he¶s now coming in to speak. She was. I then contacted him again this year via his personal email about speaking at an HBG meeting. He replied that his secretary would be in contact. Asked for his business card and sent a brief follow up email afterword. ‡ Met the CEO of FirstMerit (Paul Greig) at the GoodYear Leadership Forum last year. and I am meeting him for dinner next week. . ‡ ³Coldly´ reached out to CEO of Elizabeth Park Capital Mgmt last Spring.Personal Examples ‡ Networked extensively with Alumni networks via Linkedin. highly successful $30 million hedge fund based out of Cleveland.

It works best. give and take." ± Bob Burg . "Networking is simply the cultivating of mutually beneficial.´ Being sincere is key. when emphasizing the 'give' part. however. win-win relationships.Maintaining your network ‡ Communicate ‡ Be Sincere! ‡ Develop a system and: ± Follow-up ± Follow-up ± Follow-up DO NOT just reach out at ³opportune times.

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