Modified Einstein¶s Relativity Theory Ref. No.

HVAC/Pub (999)/ 09/ 2007
To The President Royal Society of Canada Academy III (Science)

Dated: Sep. 02, 2007

Subject: Modified Einstein¶s Relativity Theory and Formula for inclusion in the
Academy¶s Magazine/ Journal Sir, I want to draw your kind attention to the fact that I have extended the Einstein¶s Relativity Theory and Formula in the year of 1996 and devised a modified theory i.e. Hyper photogenic Theory. This theory deals with natural world as well as supernatural world. For instance, the very first assumption (result) made by Einstein i.e. no particle in the natural world can attend a speed more than that of light (or any other electro-magnetic wave), is a barrier(curtain) which isolates the natural world from the supernatural one. If we expand our minds more and more with the help of knowledge, we can remove the barrier. The theory leads to modify many old concepts, ideas, theories related to the both worlds e. g. (a) Any particle can achieve speed less or greater than that of light but mass and energy are interchangeable while doing so. (b) There is another world beyond this world (radius of this world is about 10**26 meters. (c) This world will be re- organized after bursting (entropy of the universe is increasing continuously). (d) The latest advancements and achievements in the field of science and technology shall be the beginning of the same in the re-organized world. (e) The modified Einstein¶s formula for relativistic mass is M=m/(v²/c²-1)¹² for v>c. Law of conservation of energy reveals that each and every soul can never be destroyed. Where do souls go after death? Answer of this question reveals that there is another world in the supernatural region (consider the electro-magnetic radiation while an electron jumps from a lower energy level into the higher energy level or vice versa). The constitution of the nature has imposed upon us certain limits. For example, we can see upto certain span of wave length (0.3 to 0.7 µ m), we can hear upto a certain span of frequency (20 to 20,000 Hz) etc. But we can extend our limits by changing or replacing certain required conditions for a particular achievement. Thanks, Yours truly, Er. Moinullah Khan,


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