DAY 1: 9th Saturday, April, 2011

08.00-08.35 Session : I 8.35-09.00

Registration /Breakfast

Introduction and overview on orthopaedic Rheumatology : Evidence based approach to Chondroprotection : Past, Present and the emerging trend: Dr Bhaskar Borgohain, NEIGRIHMS, OrganizingSecy.IORACON 2011 Rheumatological orthopaedic management: The current Indian Scenario: Dr. Manish Khanna, Secy Gen. IORA (Moderators: Brig.Dr. A.P.Mohanty VSM, Commandant M.H., Shillong, Dr. E.K.Singh Sr. Orthopaedic Surgeon, Shillong) IORA Oration: Prof P.K.Dave, Professor of Orthopaedics & Former Director, AIIMS




Surgical options in Orthopaedic Rheumatology: Prof. Santanu Lahkar, Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh Role of Tribology lab and engineering principles in understanding Joint Disorders: Dr.S.Kanagaraj, IIT,Guwahati Metabolism in health and disease: Dr. Bipul Borthakur, Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh Newer modes of therapy in RA: Brig.Dr. A.P.Mohanty, VSM, MH,Shillong Moderators: Dr. B.Borgohain, Dr.Manish Khanna, Dr. W. Sutnga)Cartilage

10.00-10.20 10-20-10.30

10.30-10.50 Session : II 10.50-11.10

Interactive session with Break CME Lectures Management of arthritic disorders in remote areas: the Challenges and Pitfalls: Prof.S.S.Jha, President IORA. (Moderators: Dr.Ashok Tyagi, Dr. Gyaneswar Tonk) Practice of Rheumatology: the North-East Scenario: Dr Molly Thabah, NEIGRIHMS Red flags in connective tissue disorders : Dr Mahendra Kudchadkar ( Moderator: Dr Rashna Dass, Dr. Sharat Agarwal, Dr. K.G.Lynrah) Interactive session with participants: Dr. E.K.Singh, Kamber Clinic(Shillong)

11.10-11.35 11.35-12.00


12:20-13.00 13.00-13.10 13.10- 13-50

LUNCH The Role of Imaging technology in Rheumatology: Prof.R.Bhalla, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital ,Delhi Panel Discussion Assimilating Medical & Surgical Rheumatology :Both sides of the coin Moderators: Prof. Kabul Ch. Saikia, Dr. E.K.Singh Panelists: Prof. R Bhalla, Brig. A.P.Mohanty, Prof Anil Mahanta, Dr Rashna Dass,

13.50-14.10 14-10-14-20

Surgical Management of Spine Problems in Ankylosing Spondilitis:

Dr. K.L.Kalra, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital ,Delhi
"Multimodal approach to OA Knee-An Overview": Dr Manish Khanna, SGPGI.Lucknow ( Moderators: Dr. M. Kudchadkar & Prof. R. Bhalla)

14.20-14.40 14.40-15.00

Problems of decision making in management of arthritis: Prof. S.S.Jha, Patna Joint restoration surgeries in arthritic disorders: An overview: Prof.A.K.Singh, RIMS,Imphal (Moderators : Dr A.C.Bordoloi, Dr.S.K.Bhuyan) Interactive session with participants: Facilitator Dr. M. Kudchadkar, President, Goa Orthopaedic association Break Formulating the Best therapeutic approach in RA as the primary provider: Prof. Anil Mahanta, Gauhati Medical College Trends in Management of Juvenile RA: The Indian Scenario: Dr.Rashna Dass, NEIGRIHMS (Moderators: Dr. D.Phanbuh, Dr. Valencia Myrboh)
Parasitic infestations and its significance in the etiopathogenesis and management of Rheumatoid arthritis: Prof. G. N.Khare, IMS-BHU,Varanasi Management of early RA - G.K.MChand. ( Moderators: Prof K.C.Saikia, Prof. G. N.Khare, Brig. A.P.Mohanty)

15.00-15.15 15.15-15-45 15-45-16.00 16.00-16.15

16.15-16.30 16.30-17.00

DAY 2: April 10th , 2011 Session : I


IORA Gold Medal Session


25 years of Personal experience on tuberculosis of foot bone: Dr Vijay Khariwal - Feasibility study on carbon nanotubes and UHMWPE nanocomposite for acetabular cup in THR. P.S.Ramasrikanth, IIT(G) - MOWO of tibia using AO device in varus knee in an adolescent girl: A case study on the first case in the NER: its planning and outcome: Dr B.Borgohain - A curious case of CRMO: Dr Jerrison Bareh - How do we diagnose & manage RA on OPD basis: Dr Nasim Akhtar - SONK of Knee: A case report & Review of literature: Dr Tashi Khongla

- Osteochondral talar /ankle lesions: Dr Parag Gogoi
- Ocular manifestation in Rheumatoid diseases : Dr.Gitupom Bordoloi Chair: Dr. Manish Khanna, Secy. Gen IORA Judges: Prof K.C.Saikia, Brig. A.P.Mohanty, Prof. Sudhir Kumar &

Dr. K.L.Kalra 9.30-9.45 9.45-10.00 10:00-10:20 10.20-10.30 10-30-10-50 10.50-11.10 11.10-11.20 11.20-11.30 11.30-12.10 12.10-12.30 Session : II 12.30-13.00 13.00-13.20 Lunch Rehabilitation challenges in RA: Dr.Valencia Myrboh, Civil Hospital, Shillong Ankylosing Spondylitis- Limitations of current treatment and future directions: Prof. Sudhir Kumar,Delhi Prevention of deformity in Arthritic disorders: Dr.Madhu Chandra (Moderators: Dr Sanjay Keshkar, Dr Sudhir Warrier) Break Managing Ankylosing Spondylitis from orthopaedic perspective: Dr. K.L.Kalra, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi Scope of Nanotechnology in Joint and Cartilage restoration: Dr.Utpal Borah, IIT(G) Hand surgery options in RA: Dr. Sudhir Warrier, Lilavati Hosp. Mumbai Joint replacement in arthritic disorders -Triumph & Challenges: Dr. S.K.Bhuyan , GMC,Guwahati Minimally invasive surgeries in arthritic disorders: Dr. Bhaskar Borgohain (Moderators:Prof. G. N.Khare, Dr.Madhu Chandra, Dr.Rashna Dass) Myths and realities in Management of Gout : Dr.K.G.Lynrah, NEIGRIHMS (Moderator: Brig. A.P.Mohanty, Dr. E.K.Singh) Interactive session with the participants: Dr. Sudhir Warrier, Lilavati Mumbai


Brainstorming Session/Focused Group Discussion Minimally Invasive Techniques in joint disorders: Facilitator: Prof Sudhir kumar , Dr.G.S.Borgohain Experts :Prof R.Bhalla, Dr. Sudhir Warrier, Prof.S.S.Jha, Prof A.K.Singh, Prof. Anil Mahanta

14.00-14.20 14.20-14.40

Surgical options for Chondroprotection: Dr. G.S.Borgohain, Jorhat Medical College Analgesia Challenges in arthritis associated pain: Dr. B.K.Biswas, NEIGRIHMS (Moderators: Dr.S.K.Bhuyan, Dr. K.G.Lynrah, Dr. W. Sutnga) Valedictory function


INVITATION Inaugural function of IORACON-2011 The 3rd National Congress on Orthopaedic Rheumatology Organized by NEIGRIHMS, Deptt. of Orthopaedics Date: 9th April 2011 Venue: NEIGRIHMS Auditorium (Near administrative block) Time: 6.00 pm - 7.45 pm Dignitaries
• •

• • • •

Member (Planning Commission): Chief Guest Prof Dr P.K.Dave, Padmashree Former Director AIIMS, IORA Oration High Dignitary Sri U.K.Sangma, IAS : Secretary, North East Council, Guest of Honour Dr. Ratnesh Kumar, Director, NIOH (Kolkata): Special Guest Prof Dr M.E.Yeolekar, Director NEIGIHMS, Chief Patron Prof Dr S S Jha President IORA

The Programme
6.00 pm: Introduction and welcoming of the Guests by organizing committee 6-16pm: Opening remarks by Dr.M.E.Yeolekar, Director NEIGRIHMS 6-26 pm: Welcome address by Organizing Secy. 6.36 pm: Welcome song by MBBS Students 6-46 pm: Formal inauguration by Chief Guest: Lighting of the lamps 6-56 pm: Words from IORA President 7-10 pm: Words from the Guest of Honour 7-20 pm: Release of the Souvenir by Prof. P.K.Dave & Speech 7.35 pm: Speech by the Chief Guest 7.45 pm: Vote of thanks by organizing committee 7.45-8.15 pm: Short cultural programme representing The North-East

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Sir/Madam, You are most cordially invited to join us during the inauguration, cultural programme & the Dinner, Sincerely,

Prof. Sanatanu Lahkar Organizing Chairman

Dr. Bhaskar Borgohain Organizing Secretary

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8.15-8-30 pm: Interaction with media for Advocacy: President & Secretary IORA 8.30pm onwards: Inaugural Dinner at Institute Guest House
Attention: attendance strictly by invitation

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