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Published by: Kyle Eriksen on Mar 30, 2011
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Nietzsche 3/10/2011 Named after the king. Dad died before he was born. Was super religious.

His nickname was saint freidrich. Couldn t go to army too sickly. Rejected mom and aunt when he went to university and rejected Christianity. Drafted and sent home early for being too sickly. Will to power comes from this. Got tenure at 24, studied rhetoric and literature. Sick all of his life traveled a lot. Trashed on his influences, criticized philosophers and religious scholars. Trashed Darwin and Schopenhauer. And Hagel. 1. Perspectivism: the doctrine that truth is not univocal. 2. Influences 3. A. Schopenhauer s Nihilism the doctrine that life has no meaning and/or purpose. B. Darwin s evolutionary theory. C. The intellectual tradition of suspicion the rebellion against tradition and authority (includes Freud) Ubermensche = the over man. The revaluation of all values. Nihilism is born from Christian metaphysics remove the afterlife and belief in god and we are left with the here and now, fallen from grace, in the domain of satan. Life Affirming: rather than life denying. The Eternal Return P1. The universe is infinite in time P2: The universe is finite in matter C: All combinations of matter must repeat infinitely. Essay One: Aristocratic class: the noble, powerful, high-stationed, highminded. Bad: Low, low minded, common, plebian Essay 2: what is the origin of promise keeping? Or better: what are the conditions for the possibility of promise keeping.

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