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ubuntu for non-geeks (2nd ed)

ubuntu for non-geeks (2nd ed)

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Published by: marconetwo on Mar 30, 2011
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To get started, you will first have to download the Xmahjongg source code. You
can get this from the Xmahjongg project page at www.lcdf.org/xmahjongg.
Download the tarball xmahjongg-3.7.tar.gz or a newer version if there is one.
Do not download any of the other file types available on that page.
If you prefer, you can instead download the Xmahjongg tarball by using
the wget command that you learned in Chapter 8. Just open a Terminal win-
dow, type the following command, and then press ENTER.

wget http://www.lcdf.org/xmahjongg/xmahjongg-3.7.tar.gz

Once you have the file on your hard disk, untar the xmahjongg-3.7.tar.gz
file either via the command line, as you learned to do in Chapter 8, or via the
simple double-click method. To make it easier for you to follow along with the
directions I’ll be giving you, be sure to place the untarred Xmahjongg folder
in your home folder. Then you will be ready to roll.
Normally at this point, you would look through the folder to find some
instructions for dealing with the package, just as you did in Chapter 8 for
Briscola. In most source code packages, this information is included in
anINSTALL file like that in the xmahjongg-3.7 folder (Figure 9-7). To
read the INSTALL file, just double-click it, and it will open in Gedit.

Figure 9-7: Identifying a package’s INSTALL file

In this case, you can simply close the INSTALL file, as it prescribes
thesame steps as I’ve listed below. However, in the future, when you install
other programs from source, you will need to follow the instructions in the
INSTALL files that come with the source files for those programs. With
most INSTALL files, the instructions will match those that follow, though
Iwould suggest using the alternative method I’ll be presenting as a substitute
for the make install step.

164Chapter 9

Of course, it may well occur that you take a look at the contents of the
INSTALL file and start wondering what alien tongue it is written in. In such
cases when you have no idea what the INSTALL file is going on about, which
sometimes happens, just look for a configure file in the package folder. If you
find one, then just try doing things the way you will learn in this project.

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