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ubuntu for non-geeks (2nd ed)

ubuntu for non-geeks (2nd ed)

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Published by: marconetwo on Mar 30, 2011
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SoundConverter (shown in Figure 16-10) makes it easy to convert MP3 files
to Ogg Vorbis format or vice versa. Because SoundConverter does not come
bundled with Ubuntu, you will have to install it if you haven’t already done
so. To do so, just run Synaptic, search for soundconverter, and install the

To use SoundConverter, just select Applications

Sound & Video

SoundConverter. Once SoundConverter starts up, add the songs you want
toconvert to the main pane by clicking either the Add File or Add Folder
buttons. You can also drag audio files from your Music folder (or wherever
else you store them).

Figure 16-10: Converting audio file formats with SoundConverter

Once you’ve chosen the files to convert, you need to choose which
format to convert them to. You can do this by selecting Edit


and then making your choice in the Preferences window (Figure 16-11).
While you’re there, it is also a good idea to tell SoundConverter to place
your converted files in a location other than the folder where the original
files are stored. Doing this prevents having to deal with duplicates in Linux
audio playback applications that automatically scan your Music folder, such
as Rhythmbox. (This is not an issue in either gtkpod or YamiPod, as they will
not allow you to add Ogg Vorbis files to their library lists.) You might also
want to check the box next to the words Create subfolders in order to keep
things organized.

Once you have set things up and are ready to convert, click Close in
thePreferences window, and then click Convert in the main window. Sound-
Converter will then begin doing its stuff.

280Chapter 16

Figure 16-11: Setting conversion preferences in

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