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ubuntu for non-geeks (2nd ed)

ubuntu for non-geeks (2nd ed)

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Published by: marconetwo on Mar 30, 2011
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Based on the instructions I just gave, you can pretty well imagine the methods
for copying files and folders, as they are essentially a variation on the same
theme. Just right-click the file you want to copy, select Copy from the popup
menu, right-click any open space within the target location, and then select
Paste. Keystroke-wise, that would be CTRL-C to copy and, as before, CTRL-V

It is also possible to copy folders and files via the wonders of drag-and-
drop, though this involves more hands than required for a simple drag-and-
drop move; fortunately, the two you have will do nicely. Just press and hold
the CTRL key while you drag the file or folder you want to copy to the target
location. Be sure to release the mouse button and then the CTRL key (releasing
in the opposite order will not work), and you will find a copy of the file in its
new location.

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