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Lucifair Franchise Investment

Lucifair Franchise Investment

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Published by Panos Patronidis
Lucifair Franchise Investment
Lucifair Franchise Investment

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Published by: Panos Patronidis on Mar 30, 2011
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Founder’s Quote
“I would like to thank you for your time to read through our short company presentation. I am pleased to introduce you our company, our believes as well as our brand “Lucifair”. We are proud of designing and creating elegant clothes, which make all our beloved ones feel unique and desirable! And we are thrilled, passing over the “Lucifair” lifestyle to our new partners or franchisees. Adopting this lifestyle is part of the complete cooperation package we planned especially for you, our new partner. Looking back, we see the path through time, the success story which is the result of the personal investment made by Angloupas Family and all our associates. It is thanks to these people, that I promise substantial focused effort for further growth, that will make us all grateful to work for “Lucifair.”

Company’s Profile
Angloupas Group of Companies has been established in 1976 by Mr. Nick Angloupas, the current President & Managing Director of the group in Athens, which is still home of its headquarters. Our activities include the design, manufacture, wholesale as well as retail operations of ladies’ clothes, under the brand labels of “Lucifair”, “Mia” and Linea Imports SA, specialized in importing and distributing international brand clothes ( more than 30 brands) having gained a major share in the Greek market is also a substantial part of the Group. Lucifair has been leading the woman clothes industry with its creative and authentic collections and today it is meeting with fashion enthusiasts via its 25stores. Lucifair which has been the brand for stylish women, marks the difference with its high-quality designs.
Today, our stores can be found in prime locations in more than 10 cities in Europe and Middle East and our working team consists of more than 150 people, who constantly work on keeping us to the top of our customers’ mind and heart!

Company Key Facts Info
Country of Origin: Date established: Franchising since: Type of company: Company owned units: Franchise units: Soft shops/corners: Currently operating in countries: Greece - EU 1976 2008 S.A. 3 10 11


Cyprus, Russia, Netherlands, Lebanon, Albania Worldwide

Lucifair wants to be close to the modern woman all over the world, through a large organized network of stores and branded sales points.

Today, the Lucifair network includes: – 24 Lucifair stores in more than 10 cities in 2 different countries – 150 Wholesales Partners in more than 5 countries
Location of stores: – central high-end locations, malls, high volume street markets, shopping malls. In a few words, a sound network that guarantees the market visibility of the brand and the front side.

What we do…
We design, produce and distribute modern, luxurious, easy-to-wear, high quality and competitive priced women clothes and other ladies’ apparel for all women who have independent attitude and want to feel unique and desirable every second of the day. We dress women who want to feel comfortable in their clothes, which emphasize their beauty, making them an object of admiration by men. Fashion trends, as they are released by the most important leaders in the fashion industry, are applied to the stylistic needs of the Lucifair woman. Lucifair woman can express herself through her clothing, she can feel free, full of femininity, she can feel special!

Store Concept


Lucifair Store Concept

Lucifair Store Requirements
Location: Store type: Size: Storage Room: Style: Colors: Materials: central rectangle an average of 120 sq.m. 60sq.m. Luxury white, black, red, grey metallic silver marble, venge wood, glass, stainless metals

A luxurious and appealing concept, great entry for any street market, mall, or department store in the women’s fashion level dept.

Store Signance



Store Fronts Decorations

Investment Opportunities


The Investment
Term of Cooperation: Average Store Size: 5 years 120 sq. m. +

60 sq.m.
storage room

Est. Decoration Cost:
Projected Products:

800€ / per sqm
80-100.000€ / per season

Est. Total Investment:

80.000 €

Support Systems
• Using sophisticated procedures and highend technology, enables our qualified support team to be “Your Partner” lending you a hand whenever needed. Store Evaluation: Architectural Design: Initial Training: Personnel Training: Periodical Extra Training: Area Exclusiveness: provided provided provided provided provided provided

• • • • • •

Master Franchise
International expansion is not only a dream, but also a necessity in today's global economy. We are granting rights for the development of a specific territory, which in most cases would be a whole country. The master franchise differentiates itself from a single unit franchise in that our partner will actively take our place as a franchisor inside his market and will act as being the mother company himself, developing not only his own shops, but also a network of sub-franchised Lucifair! shops under his guidance and support.

Master Franchise – The Opportunity
• The Lucifair Master Franchisee has the option to develop:
– A solid company-owned and operated network of Lucifair concept stores. – A wholesale network of exclusive distribution sales points inside the territory. – Soft shops, corners or shop in shops inside major department stores. – A strong franchise network of subfranchised shops owned and operated by motivated franchisees.

Master Franchising in Action!
Lucifair grants the master rights for a given territory to a partner, Franchisee. This Master Franchisee has the right to exploit and develop his own market. Lucifair and the Master Franchisee sign a master franchise agreement which regulates the terms and conditions of the cooperation. Part of this agreement is also a mutual agreed development plan. This development plan quotes the estimated progress of development regarding new sales points inside the Master Franchisee’s territory in a given timeframe.

Master Franchise
In general, the following master franchise key terms apply:
– Term of master franchise agreement is normally between 9-12 years (with an option of renewal). The term may vary from country to country depending mainly on the real estate lease terms and on other factors of the local market. – Master franchise rights: In order to activate the right of master franchising, thus granting licenses to sub franchisees, it is mandatory to operate a successful pilot shop for a reasonable period of time inside the territory, before starting to develop a network of franchises. – Territory: Normally a whole country, but this varies depending on the size as well as on other factors that may characterize a territory or a geographical region.

Direct or Single Unit Franchise
A business relationship directly with the mother company. Our new partner has the right to operate one Lucifair store inside the territory. The majority of franchisees start out by owning one Lucifair store

Direct or Single Unit Franchise
In general, the following direct franchise key terms apply:
– Term of franchise agreement is normally between 9-12 years (with an option of renewal). The term may vary from country to country depending mainly on the real estate lease terms and conditions as well as on other factors of the local market. – Territory: Normally a city, but this varies depending on the size as well as on other factors that may characterize the city. – Exclusivity: exclusivity is guaranteed from the beginning.

The typical Lucifair shop
The pilot shop is normally positioned inside a shopping mall in the capital city or on a central shopping or pedestrian road, which means that our partner has to secure a strategic location-placement in shopping malls, on high-end streets and in close proximity to other international fashion brands.

The size of a typical Lucifair store should be approx. 120 sq.m. with a storage area of about 30% of the total shop area.

Our Partners
Experience in a similar business field is preferable. Our new partner has to convince us with a structured and well thought-out plan to penetrate the new market, setting up his store. We do not need to stress that we do value personal qualities, managerial capabilities in addition to a reasonable liquidity, which is needed to finance the Lucifair Franchise project.

Direct or Single Unit Franchise – 11 Steps to Success
1. Get to know the Lucifair concept, philosophy, products. 2. Do you believe you are the right franchisee for Lucifair? Come and visit us at our head offices and discuss with all of our key managers. 3. Find the right location for the Lucifair pilot shop in your market. 4. If we like the shop you propose we visit your territory and approve the proposed location. 5. The franchise agreement is signed. 6. We issue the detailed architectural plans for usage by our franchisee. 7. Construction of the first pilot store begins. 8. Training of our franchisees and his key- personnel is being held at our premises in Athens, Greece 9. Lucifair local marketing plan is issued 10. Grand opening of Lucifair store 11. Lucifair store starts to operate!

Information easyfranchise 108 Kountouriotou Str, 185 32, Piraeus Tel: 0030 210 4225424, Fax: 0030 210 4128382 E-Mail: international@easyfranchise.gr, Web: www.easyfranchise.gr

Head Office Angloupas Group 6 Kefallinias Str, 163 42 Helioupolis, Tel: 0030 210 9963010, Fax: 0030 210 9963017, E-Mail: imports@angloupas.gr, Web: www.angloupas.gr

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