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Please mark corrections, if any, alongside respective item and submit this document along with supporting documentary evidence for updation. In case we do not receive supporting documents, correction required will not be considered. The documents are to be sent at following address : Registrar of Companies RoC-Delhi (CGO) 4th Floor, IFCI Tower, 61, Nehru Place New Delhi Delhi-110019 INDIA The envelope containing physical documents should be superscribed as "Application for Company Master Data Correction Request" Com pany Maste r De tails Subject CIN Company Name ROC Code Company Details/Particulars : U72200DL2009PTC189525 : C G MANTRA DIGITAL MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED : RoC-Delhi (CGO) Verification/Corrections,if any

Registration Number : 189525 Company Category Company Subcategory Class of Company : Company limited by shares : Indian Non-Government Company : Private

Authorised Capital(in :2,500,000.00 Rs.) Paid up capital(in :1,000,000.00 Rs.) Number of Members(Applicable only in case of :0 company without Share Capital) Date of Incorporation : 20/04/2009 Address of registered office : C -6, MEEZMINI FLOOR , COMMUNITY CENTRE, SAFDARGANJ DEVELOPMENT AREA DELHI Delhi-110014 INDIA :

Email Id

Whether listed or not : Unlisted Date of Last AGM Date of Balance sheet Company Status(for efiling) : 28/09/2010 : 31-03-2010 : Active

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11-12-2010 11:49

mca. I also confirm that the required documents for the correction suggested was filed earlier and evidence for the same is attached to the document..Company Master Details http://www. Date: Place (Signature) 2 of 2 11-12-2010 11:49 .gov.. I have been authorized by the board of directors’ resolution dated ___________ to sign and submit this application. I ___________________________________________ son/daughter of _________________________________________ on behalf of the company _____________________________________________ confirm that I have gone through the above details and correction suggested is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and

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