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Sandip Foundation's

Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Centre

Mahiravani, Nashik- 422 213
Internal Exam – Mar/ Apr- 2011

Sub:Marketing Management Subject Code : 201

Time- 03Hr. Max. Marks: 70

i. Q.1. & Q. 7 is compulsory.
ii. Solve any four question from Q.2 to Q.6
iii. Figures to right indicates full credits

Q.1) The overall objective of promotion is to stimulate demand

for a product. Through the television advertisement, Govt. of
India promotes the benefits of sanitization, of hands to stay
away from various diseases which is aimed at stimulating
primary demand. Advertisements of various sanitizers are
aimed at stimulating specific demand. Identify any 2 television
commercials of one aim at stimulating primary demand & one
aimed at stimulating selective demand. Discuss how each
attempts to achieve its objective.
(15 marks)

Q.2) Explain the product life cycle of your choice? (10


Q.3)Discuss various stages involved in New Product

Development Process.
(10 marks)
Q.4)Importance of selection of marketing channel for an
organization. (10

Q.5) Define marketing mix? Discuss various components of the

marketing mix? (10 marks)
Q.6) ‘Pricing decision is a dynamic decision & not a static one’
Comment. Describe various factors considered while taking &
revising the pricing decision. (10 marks)

Q.7) Short Notes(solve any three)

1. Benefits & disadvantages of Test marketing

2. Public Relations
3. Personal Selling Process
4. New trends in packaging
5. Extended P’s of marketing