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Published by: msbantel6541 on Mar 30, 2011
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Any time two or more people are brought to work together, the stage is set for
potential conflict. If conflict does occur, the results may be positive or negative,
depending on how those involved choose to approach it.

Conflict should not be taken as another word for not working together. It is
possible to cooperate with conflict arising. Conflict is not a necessary component
of human behavior, but unfortunately does occur a great deal.

What is important when conflict does occur is that the issue is resolved and that
safety is not compromised. Conflict is usually present because of:

Differences in needs, objectives and values.

Differences in perceiving motives, words, actions and situations.

Differing expectations of outcomes - favorable versus unfavorable.

Unwillingness to work through issues, collaborate or compromise.

Resolving conflict requires an analysis of the root cause of the conflict. Reference
to the Action-Centred Leadership model1 can assist in probing

sources of differences. Conflict becomes unhealthy when it is avoided or
approached on a win/ lose basis. Animosities can develop, communications may
breakdown, trust and support will deteriorate. When sides are chosen,
productivity will diminish or stop, and the damage is usually difficult to repair.

Conflict resolution can be achieved on a win/win basis and this produces
the best results.

Conflict is healthy when it causes the parties to explore new ideas, test their
position and beliefs, and stretch their imagination. When conflict is dealt with
constructively, people can be stimulated to greater creativity, which will lead to
better results.

The two key learning points in resolving a conflict are:

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