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The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena

The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena

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Published by: klaudiastan6963 on Mar 30, 2011
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How this soul, growing in amorous heat, yearned to sweat blood ;

and, accusing herself, made a

particular prayer for the


father of her soul.

THEN that

soul, as if dumb and beside herself

through the

increasing fire of her

holy desire, remained both blessed and


She was blessed

through the union which she had with

God, tasting joy and

goodness, being wholly immersed in


mercy. And she was sorrowful, seeing such



; and she rendered thanks to the Divine


knowing that God had manifested to her the defects of His

creatures, in order that she should be constrained to exert

herself with

greater desire and

anxiety for their


and this

feeling for souls was so renewed in

her, and this

holy and amorous fire

grew to such a

pitch, that she desired

that the sweat of

water, cast out of

her, by the violence

done to her

body by her

soul, should be a sweat of blood.

She thus

sweated, through the force and heat of


because the union which her soul had with God was more

perfect than the union of her soul with her

body ; but she

despised it

through the

great desire which she had to see a



sweat of blood issue from her

body, saying to herself:


Oh, my soul ! thou hast lost all the time of

thy life, and

yet so

many evils and troubles have come upon the


and the

Holy Church, both in

general and in

particular ;

and I

will, therefore, that thou bear

remedy to these evils

with a sweat of blood."

In truth this soul had well taken to heart the doctrine

which the Truth had

taught her, namely, ever to know her

self and the

goodness of God in

her, and the

remedy with

which she should

try and heal the whole world, and


the wrath of God and His divine

justice, that

is, humble,

continuous and

holy prayer.

Then, this

soul, cast

prone by holy desire, arose, opening

far wider the

eye of the

intellect, gazing on herself in the


love, when she saw and tasted how we~are bound

by love to seek the

glory and the

praise of God in the

salvation of souls.

And she saw the servants of God to be called to

this, and

that the Eternal Truth

particularly called and elected the

spiritual father of her soul. This

spiritual father she

carried before the Divine Goodness, praying that It would

shed on him a

ray of

grace, so that he

might truly follow

the Truth Itself.

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