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Find User’s E-mail Addresses in SAP Tables

1.In transaction SUIM - Get the list of the UserIDs you wish to obtain the e-mails for.

2. Execute Transaction SE16n and enter Table USR21 then execute. This gives you
an interim data of userIDs, Person number, Address number, Cost Ctr and Start
3. Take the User name and Person Number data

4. Goto Table ADR6 where you can use the Person number to obtain the E-mail

Find User’s Fax numbers and extensions in SAP Tables

Follow Steps 1-3 above and use Table ADR3 for step 4.

A use of query can facilitate the joins to link all the necessary data as desired.

Bonus - Inconsistent Post Code field in systems error message
The Postcode field of one country requires different postcode field length from the
others in SUCOMP.

Goto SPRO > F5 > SAP Netweaver > General Settings > Set Countries > & Execute
Set Country-Specific Codes. Match field length to the other systems, Done.