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March 29,2011

The Honorable Kevin Kamenetz

Baltimore County Executive
Old Courthouse
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204

Dear County Executive Kamenetz,

We appreciate your commitment to education and to working with the House Delegation
to address the issues that are important to us and our constituents.

Baltimore County's public education system is one of our biggest assets. It is due, in
large part, to the quality of the teachers that we have and the commitment to keeping
class sizes reasonable. Without good teachers, our children will not receive the education
they need and deserve, and our communities and economy will deteriorate.

As you know, the Board of Education now proposes to eliminate nearly 200 teaching
positions. In our opinion, this is an unacceptable way to ensure that we have quality
education in our public schools.

At the same time, there is no indication that the BCPS will be taking similar steps to
reduce the number of managers, administrators and personnel outside of the classrooms
and school buildings. This does not strike us as being the right balance or right set of
priorities in budgeting for the coming year. Personnel in the buildings and classrooms
should be the priority.

This year's Maryland General Assembly has worked hard to add funding for public
education that was not in the Governor's budget. We are pleased that additional funds
have been proposed for Baltimore County. Therefore, we request that any and all
additional funding in the budget be directed at retaining and hiring teachers first. This is
the most beneficial way to meet the needs of our schools.
We look forward to working with you on this and other issues. And, as always, we are
available to discuss this with you further.


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Baltimore County Delegation Baltimore Co ty Delegation


Jon S. Cardin

Joseph J. Minnick

GtAjNl) ~~
- ul¥\m Dana M. Stein ") /~
'----f+-.::~._...,""'......... L{)~ ~~c!;B~
Michael H. Weir, Jr. Joseph C. Boteler

Cc: Dr. Joe Hairston

The Honorable John Olszewski, Sr.
The Honorable Vicki Almond
The Honorable Cathy Bevins
The Honorable Todd Huff
The Honorable David Marks
The Honorable Kenneth Oliver
The Honorable Tom Quirk
Yolanda Winkler
Cheryl Bost