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Product specification Metro 120e Slim Line

Name Metro 120e Slim Line
Description Electrical Slim Line build in fire. No visible metal parts.
Heating possibility of 1kW or 2kW with integrated convection fan.
Purpose Decorative electric fire
Type of appliance Build in fire
Connection 230VAC
Flame picture Imitation fire with either twigs or pebbles
Input 15W for the fire; 1015/2015W with heater on.
Output Heating element 1kW or 2kW, as you wish
Sizes Engine: WxHxD: 1277x625…675x268mm
Depth excluding build in frame
Build in frame: WxH: 1150x350mm
Controls Infra red remote control with 2 batteries AAA.
Functions: Standby/on, control of flame pitch, heating element off/1kW/2kW
Weight 50kg
Special features Supplied including batteries and mains cable and plug NL/BE/UK. Appliance
has adjustable legs (adjustable from 25-75mm).
Cold air inlet/hot air outlet hidden.
Dynamic software controlled glowing bed. Control of flame pitch in steps.
Flame picture based on patented LED-technology. (Vario Flame®).
- Very low energy consumption (14Watt)
- Very long life expectancy of the LED’s. No replacement of bulbs.
- Very realistic multi colour software controlled flame picture. Flames vary in
colour and intensity.
- Flame picture has no recognizable repeat pattern.

N.B.: First two production runs with heater 750W/1500W

Modification overview
Date Nature of modification
21-11-2007 New specification