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Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board Chancellor Hal Dengerink

Washington State University Vancouver Mason O’Lennick, ASWSUV President
Meeting Agenda Audrey Miller, ASWSUV DAA

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2011, Noon

ADM 236

I. Call to Order, Welcome

II. Campus Update
i. Interim Chancellor, Lynn Valenter: Campus Affairs
ii. ASWSUV President, Mason O’Lennick: ASWSUV
III. Updates on Past Topics
i. Diversity Awareness: Diversity Event Updates
IV. New Topics
i. OSI Events and Opening Leadership Positions: Karin
ii. MyWSU transition to Zzusis: Nancy Youlden
V. What’s on the Student Mind?
i. FSC Usage: Extended Hours?: Audrey Miller
ii. Mother’s Room: Audrey Miller & Mason O’Lennick
VI. Open Floor
VII. Adjourn