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A Quick Guide to. Basie Welly co a0 “The Waltz is the most popular an well-known basic ballroom dance in the world. The dance is set to songs that have three beats per measure. The pacing can be remembered by counting the beats “One, Two, Three" lke a carousels stereotypical musie would play. As with almost all other ballroom dances, the waltz starts with the male moving his left foot forward and the female moving her right foot backward. The upper portions oftheir bodies should resemble the picture above, as their feet imitate the steps below. The couple's right hands should be touching in the air while the male’s left hand is resting on the female’s upper back and the female's left hand is on the man's right shoulder. Below are presented the most common steps performed in the waltz. The male's steps are labeled with ‘Lad’ and the female's steps are labeled with ‘Lass’. The steps introduced in the first row are the basic steps to go through between all dancing gestures, It takes six beats to complete, The second row is the whisk, a brief in-between movement that helps the couple move quickly to the side. The final row presents how to turn with style, to move the couple around ‘obstacles to the left orto the right. The last row is presented in the male's steps, the female would mirror his steps CoE With the opposite foot. _ Sm, Qeis's Bate step ova wan tne step back wane tenor ret ot Ie ot tp on taro te te ‘Aways Sesto the Bring youre fot net 3 ingyur igh oc toyour tat oot ree url ot Sopbacewiibe dt 4 Step fcrmad withthe ‘ect ientoct Step back stevays Step forwar evays oath foot nh the ig ot Bring your ih fot Brg ore ot nent yo eh ok text 10 you ih ok Let oot forward ight foot back Lass; White Rt fot side Left fo side ting t topromenade poston Let fot crosses behind “ah fo. Fight foot comes Fromenate Poston ene ee i Made in WSUV by Louise Tollisen for ENGL 402