By, Hassan Gilani

Receives priority in schooling .IS A AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE? y Language with special status over the native mother tongue y Special status conferred in two ways: WHAT 1. Government making it as official 2.

ENGLISH AS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE Does not compel the speaker to have a perfect command of the culture it expresses Is de-nationalized Communication of the ideas and culture Functions as a bridge between speakers with different linguistic backgrounds .

KINDS OF ENGLISH English as a Native Language (ENL) English as a Second Language (ESL) English as a Foreign Language (EFL) .

WHY ONLY ENGLISH? y Half of the world's scientific journals written in English y Three quarters of the world's mail written in English y Three fifth of the radio stations of the world beam their messages in English y Spoken as a first language by 300million people around the world more than y One in five people speak English competently .

there was a rise in economic influence from the United States .SPREAD OF ENGLISH AS A LANGUAGE Industrial Revolution. the British economic predominance in the 19th century paved the way for colonialism of large geographical reach Displacement of French from the sphere of diplomacy After World War 2.

ENGLISH ACROSS THE GLOBE English is fast gaining status as an international language leaving other languages quite behind in the race to the top. .

Showing the relative numbers of native English speakers in the major English-speaking countries of the world .

Countries in Which English Is an Official Language .

Provides competitive advantage example outsourcing by many developed countries. .USE OF ENGLISH IN BUSINESS Knowledge of English as a language facilitates trade To upgrade workers¶ skills Participate in workplace flexibility and multiskill initiatives.

Governments are now providing for English language training programs for potential overseas workers and immigrants. Important vehicle to promote development and IT transfer improvement.English language training useful for the successful participation of non. .English speaking jobseekers abroad .

Global internet statistics show that English shares around 36% of the total online language. .COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE The internet is widely regarded as a tool for strengthening trade and investment.

they would have made a date.UNDERSTANDING AND NOT JUST KNOWING ENGLISH Your friendly new British neighbor you¶ve met in the corridor said that you should come over for a coffee some time ± so why did they look surprised when you turned up at their doorstep the next afternoon Your friendly British neighbor was just being polite ± ³let¶s do something some time´ is a just an expression. If they really did want to invite you for a coffee. bearing as much weight and actual intention behind it as the notorious ³hi. how are you´. .

TIPS TO LEARN ENGLISH Developing contextualized language courses Encouraging interaction between the native and non-native English speaking people Supporting continuous language tuition on all levels. including local languages ± making an effort to understand the local culture .

ATTITUDE TOWARDS VARIETIES OF ENGLISH & POSSIBLE DRAWBACKS Linguistic power: Are those who speak the global language as a mother tongue automatically have more power than those who learn it as a second or foreign language? Linguistic complacency: Will a global language eliminate motivation to learn other languages? .

We become lazy about learning other languages. . . but it is not the world¶s only language and if we are to be good global neighbors we shall have to be less condescending to the languages of the world² more assiduous in cultivating acquaintance with them. former secretary general of the British Commonwealth . . . . .A WARNING ABOUT COMPLACENCY € ³It is all too easy to make your way in the world with English as your mother tongue . English may be the world language. We all have to make a greater effort.´ € Sir Siddrath Ramphal.

WHAT ABOUT LINGUISTIC DEATH? Emergence of a global language leads to the disappearance of minority languages A unfounded fear for now: English as a global language seems to have the opposite effect²stimulating a stronger support for local languages .

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